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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  February 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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@ @ betsy is tracking snow and @frigid temperatures. @first we are tracking @news where police are searching @for suspects after a car was @stolen from a gas station with @a toddler inside. @>> it happened downtown pick at the scene @with details. @dewon, giddy thing. @>> reporter: that girl, the safe and @unharmed. @it happened here at the shell @station at east 30th and @carnegie. the surveillance @video. @this man goes out with the keys @in the ignition and his three-
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@in a matter of secondsis man @wastes no time and takes off. @the three-year-old girl was @found dumped but unharmed on @broadway. urce says the girl @told them the three men were in @the car. @ohio license plate gml still missing. @again, gml 9618. @the only rest made so far is @that of that child's unclethe child in the car with @the keys. @police tell us he was arrested @for child endangering. @again, the child is unharmed. @ we're getting ready for @another round of february @weather. @>> snow and cold is this time of year but it can @cause headaches especially when
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@betsy joins us. @ the temperatures and @overnight tonight and morning @commute are hovering in the low @30s. @down. @heavier snow in the darker s. @the widespread snow is breaking @up nicely. @taking you to the camera at @state route to 37 near the @airport.can see a murky picture. @that is snow coming down. @it is wet snowflakes and not @even very flaky at times but @random bits of moisture. @about 7:30 am tomorrow you can @see most of northern ohio to be @dry but scattered snow showers @can't be ruled out. @temperatures will be around 833 @mark. r round of snow @potentially starting around @midday and even more snow
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@wednesday. he next 12 hours, @temperatures stay steady. @we will have hit or miss snow @showers. @the morning commute will be @trouble-free. @ @at least weatherwise. updates throughout @the morning tomorrow. @ we are hours away from the @firstg cast in the @new hampshire primary. @>> channel 3 chris tye is @joining us with developing news.@>> reporter: tomorrow could be @the day john kasich rises @faster than anything in his @political life. sted more in new @hampshire than almost any other @candidate this year. @on the flipside, if 24 hours @from now, he is not seeing a uld be on the @next flight home to columbus. @as governor was drunk snowballs @at reporters this weekend but @it was
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@>> [ cheering ] @>> reporter: case it s saying steph curry is @my favorite basketball player. @no word from lebron james on @the ohio executive snow. on the expect @>> reporter: back in new @hampshire, voters taking the @time picking candidates. @>> i am a gut instinct kind of @person. @i am trying to figure that @uptick @>> reporter: case against @former governor bush staging at @the right time. @case it has put all of his eggs @practically in the new @tonight. @if he falls much lower, he may @have to bail after tomorrow. @as for today, candidates still @standing are crisscrossing the @state with 30 different events. @on the democratic side bernie @sanders with a 16 point lead @over hillary clinton was @surprised barack obama in 2008 @from a big come from behind win. @wildcard. @democrats may think sanders has
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@after the last minute could @declare themselves a republican @. then hop over to the other @team and play spoiler. @in most states, you can do that. @here in new hampshire, you can. @it makes poling like this @unreliable. @for a republican who is @considered moderate, a @candidate like john kasich may @prove appealing to democrats @looking to flip. @back to you. @ new details tonight on the @alleged assault involving @johnny manziel and his ex- @girlfriend. @an affidavit states colleen @crowley alleged manziel hitter @so hard in the year that he @ruptured her eardrum. @crowley also stated as she told @police she feared for her life. @details released as part of her @protection order against @manziel. @dallas police are still @investigating possible criminal @charges. @ the investigation into the @kent state students murder @continues tonight.
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@high school senior in custody @in connection with the shooting @which happened inside the @freshman's apartment. @channel threes probably a @little has the chilling 911 @call back @>> keep your breathing keep @your eyes open. @>> reporter: when the 911 call @came sunday he was still @breathing. @>> my apartment got robbed. @>> reporter: his friend did @all the talking back @>> they ran away. @>> reporter: three teens @allegedly broke in less than a @mile from campus with faces @covered. @>> they came in and asked for @money. @they had guns on us and said @they were to. @>> reporter: and they did that @ @>> might roommate says he @knows who it was, his expect @>> reporter: that man now in @police custody facing @aggravated homicide. @>> it's scary. @i am keeping my door locked at @all times that @>> reporter: neither lived in @the apartment complex back @>> they have different friends
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@>> reporter: moffat graduated @from westlake high school @before coming to kent state. @he had just chosen his major, @managerial marketing. @>> i wish i would've talked to @him or. @it seemed like i was mad at him @the other day. @>> reporter: his friends say @they are still trying to figure @out how this happened. @>> i can't comprehend this pic @i was with him 12 hours before @this happened. @we hung out the night before. @i can't, like, i didn't even @text him the next day because i @didn't think anything of it. @>> the motive still is not @clear tonight. @police aren't saying the @fathers at the scene could face @charges that friends went to @hold a vigil tomorrow night. @ president obama is asking @congress for more than a $1.8 @billion in emergency funding to @help fight the zica virus. @the white house is the money @would be used to expand
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@speed development of vaccine and @provides support for low @income, pregnant women who are @at high risk. @the zica virus is mainly spread @by mosquitoes pick a @ coming up, stuck in a @career route? @a local woman explains the @steps she took to land her
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@ @ what can you do when you @find yourself in a career route? @we're helping you see the @possible and to get on stock on @the jobs front. @>> channel 3 john kendrick has @the story from the eyes of a @single mom who have done that @and come out ahead. @>> reporter: this woman had @two kids to raise so for 15 @years she paid the bills @marketing radio print and @television ads. @>> working in sales and living @upside down pickup working in @sales that means your
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@it's do or die. @i had to make a change. @>> reporter: smith knew she @had to get unstuck but how with @mouths to feed on bills to pay. @ @>> where am i now to where do @i want to be and how do i get @there? @>> reporter: doctor antwan @makes a career about making @other dream careers possible @for planned strategic @execution. @>> figure out where you are @where you want to go and how to @get there. @>> i knew i wanted to help @people. @>> reporter: the first step, @figuring out how to get from @sales to a career as a county @caseworker. @>> i knew i had to go back to @school. @>> reporter: she enrolled in @online classes and did step @two. @>> identify yourself as a @professional. @>> reporter: she found another @job as a mentor and a haskell. @>> i was able to network with @people attached to the program
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@help me get to the next point. @>> reporter: 56 hours of paid, @part-time and full-time jobs @and online classes. @those 18 months were tough. @family first. @>> the kids are my biggest @support system. @when i was in school and i got @good grades, we did a happy @dance. @>> reporter: she earned her @business administration degree @with a minor and marketing and @the criminal justice great with @a minor and -- and human @services but she was adopted @separate, execution was right @around quarterback @>> you have to be focused, @work hard and have self @empowerment. @>> i wanted something bigger @and better. @>> reporter: now super mom to @one smith represents the county @. @>> it was definitely worth it. @i am trying to build an empire.
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@to college and i son right @behind her. @i have to show them not to set @the bar low back @>> reporter: to one smith kids @are also following in the @austin mom's footsteps. @this is trey. @she is 18 years old. @she is homecoming queen and @graduating me with a full ride. @trey scored 870 on his psa and @this nationally ranked chess @player is just in the eighth @grade. @clearly, her example is @catching on. @want to follow her example and @jumpstart your new job? @click on and click on @the jobs tab. @>> inspiring family. @ a cruise ship ran into @rough seas on sunday.
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@high as 30 the. @there was stops in florida and @the caribbean. @no one was hurt. @ that's a forecast that @didn't look good ahead of time. @ @>> there is discussion about @that if that ship should have @been there. @we are looking forward to a @polar plunge by the end of the @week. @it will be colder made week and @really cold next weekend. @just in time for valentine's @day. @find your sweetie and stock up. @temperatures tonight will be @back toward 30 degrees. @isolated snow in the morning and @scattered evening snow showers @will be hanging around. @not much accumulation, less @than 2 inches for tomorrow. @we do have snow coming down @right now. @especially in cuyahoga county @near the airport. @this will continue eastbound
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@that will continue east on i-4 @80. we will have these like @snow showers passing through. @the general snow is backing off. @as we head through the night, @it will become more isolated. @there is a large storm system @that is stock in a rut in the @upper just in. @you can see how these pieces of @snow showers are circulating. @there are zips of energy moving @through. it's called a four to @city maxima which helps surge @the energy for the snow showers @. you will continue to see snow @showers as long as the system @is over us and we are stuck in @the right. @we have cold air which is the @beginning of the two-step @process that will take us into
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@and jet stream pattern has us @in a rut. @that is allowing @ @cold air to flow southward. @keep an eye here. @the light pink is surging @southward. @that will set us up for a cold @day wednesday into thursday. @20s on wednesday and we won't @make it out of the teens on @thursday. @that's just around one. @look at friday and saturday. @now we get into the whites.. @temperatures fall back into the @single digits as we get into @the afternoon. @arctic air will get here @saturday and as each of these @blasts come in, snow is likely @plus lake effect as well. @
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@throughout your day tomorrow. @isolated to scattered snow @showers coming and going with a @burst of snow with a quick @accumulation. @isolated snow chances will link @on -- linger midday pick up @scattered snow showers will @persist and we will have @another round of snow wednesday @night. @that is the start of the cold @air. @temperatures will settle back @into the low 20s for wednesday. @accumulation for tomorrow, maybe @an inch or two. @it does not look like this will @be a big one for us, yet. @tomorrow, low 30s with @scattered snow showers. @wednesday, breezy and cool with @124 inches of snow. @lake effects are cranking with @temperatures in the teens on
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@back into 20s friday. @polar plunge comes and it will @be cold and we will have snow @and lake snow. @temperatures start in the teens @than a full into double digits. @by sunday morning around zero. @ coming up, big night for
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@ @ we have the cavs at the @queue again. @>> nice and easy, my friends. @if you need a lift,: the kings @to give you a lift. @lebron james didn't have to @play in the fourth quarter. @120, 100. @lebron led the way with a @triple-double. @first of the season. @cavaliers a win against the @pelicans and wanted to make it @two in a row. @lebron with the basket and a @foul. @curry irving has the big @scoring night, scoops and @scores with 32 points. @they were up by 16 at the half. @good to see kevin love back @crews by anil. @22.
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@when lebron gets the rebound, @that is the triple-double. @his 40th regular-season career, @triple-double. @they win by 20. @they will and the first half of @the season wednesday night @against the lakers back kobe @bryant last cleveland @appearance. @byron scott former cavs coach. @tough year pick he had 19 in @indianapolis against the pacers @pick indianapolis wins as the @pacers winner by 89-87 the @lakers are 11 and 43 with two @straight losses. @in denver, they are basking in @the glory of winning the super @bowl. @knocking off carolina in super @bowl 50. @they win and did it with @defense, 24-10 was the final @score. @defense was magnificent pick
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@back he was super bowl mvp with @2 1/2 sacks. @on the greatest night of his @pro career after winning the @super bowl mvp you offered a @message in the locker room to @his former texas a and m johnny @manziel. @>> keep pushing. @the media wasn't always my @friend. @it ain't my friend now pick the @messages were johnny. @i want to see you do good. @my heart goes out to you. @let's get it right. @the sky is the limit. @>> he continued and went on @instagram posting this message. @i love you, get back to johnny @all of the ags know and love. @i was suspended for the drug
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@can do this impact there was a @picture with von miller with @the word, champ underneath the. @peyton manning with a super @bowl championship and the @parade at disneyland in @california. @manning brought his all family @pet in denver tomorrow, the @parade for the super bowl @champions. @we shift our champion -- @attention to super bowl 50 will @pick las vegas has come out @with the odds pick the browns @are between 150 to 201 as they @look to the super bowl next to @pick hugh jackson staff has @been completed with the @announcement of age new @assistant coaches. @fleet will be the browns @secondary coach. @indians news today. @indians signed a relief pitcher @back craig stamm and from the
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@31 years old and gets a minor @league deal. @how about this? @pitchers and catchers report to @arizona next wednesday. @>> very nice. @>> jimmy the greek. @thanks a lot. @>> that giant rabbit is
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@ @ we want you to meet at @less back this for a, @continental giant rabbit is an @internet sensation. @>> according to the scottish @aspca is about the size of a @small dog and will keep @growing. @the aspca center in glasgow is @trying to find him a good home. @the new owner will need plenty @of space and ideally someone @who has cared for the spree @before. @>> easter bunny coming early. @>> who was the guy who used to
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@>> [ laughter ] @>> channel 3 news today begins @at 4:30 a.m.
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