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tv   Channel 3 News at 7  NBC  February 1, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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@we are live from iowa where the @voting and caucuses will begin @hi betsy. @>> hi there jimmy. @the temperatures will be @warming up in the next couple @days. @don't worry. @it's not going to last. @too. @drama continues. @i will give you my take of the @future of the browns @quarterback here in cleveland. @ good evening everyone. @we begin with breaking news @tonight. @this comes out of star county. @authorities are on the scene of @a train derailment. @we know the fire department is @at the scene and they have @notified a hazmat team. @we have a crew in route right @now to the scene. @stay with us at for @the latest on this story.
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@lead in the water after epa @tests discovered elevated @levels of lead in some samples. @hillary is live in sebring @about 70 miles southeast of @cleveland where a clinic just @wrapped up. @good evening. @>> reporter: good evening @jimmy. @ohio's epa director is calling @for criminal investigation into @what happened at the water @plant because the public wasn't @notified about these high @levels of lead. @that's led a lot of parents to @come here. @they say they had to come so @they could get their kids @tested and have peace of mind. @we just got the most recent @numbers in. @the board of health workers @tell me they tested 32 people @and one person had high levels @of lead. @two sundays ago they did the @same testing and out of 176 @levels of lead. @the test targeted kids under @six and pregnant or nursing @women. @they're the most at risk for
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@lead can negatively impact the @brain and nervous system. @>> you haven't gotten the @results of the test. @what's going through your mind? @>> i am just hoping he is okay. @it's scary thinking it might be @high, you know. @i just want some answers. @>> i already got one before. @i already knew what it was @like. @>> reporter: so it wasn't too @bad, worth it, just a little @prick, right? @>> yeah. @>> reporter: another thing @that's providing a little bit @of peace of mind, mahoney @health officials said they @provided 600 home test bottles. @that allows people to take the @bottles home, test for high @levels, bring them to the @authorities and know whether or @not they have a problem in @their home. @jimmy. @>> thanks very much. @ there were some big steps @taken in the direction of big @change at the cleveland police @department. @today the so called new consent
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@andrew is live with the details @and the questions surrounding @it. @good evening andrew. @>> reporter: good evening @jimmy. @the important word is step. @this is just one step. @the next step is for a federal @judge to agree to the @suggestions. @i can tell you already we are @hearing there may be push back. @blame the allegations of @officer abuse which have given @the city a new national @reputation. @by the end of this year, @cleveland police department @will have to adhere to a new @consent decree ordered by the @justice department aimed at @having a positive impact on @civil rights. @it will set new rules when it @comes to an officer's use of @force and establish new layers @of oversight. @yet some police have their @doubts. @on one hand they're not sure it @can cut down on crime while on @the other, some worry it will @bring too much oversight from @the public and not enough from @police. @>> whatever they think they're @accomplishing, they're not. @it is just making it more and
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@people that really need us the @most. @>> reporter: recommendations in @other cities have been drastic @with officers in dallas @learning to move backward @during target practice and some @given sponge projectiles @instead of guns. @none of that has been suggested @though for cleveland. @those drafting this say this @plan has come about through a @great deal of public input. @clearly it is challenging the @way things have been done for @decades. @back to you. @>> thanks very much. @ the beginning of a new era @for a canton k-9 police @officer. @his if you partner began @training today, a bittersweet @time, considering the officer's @previous dog was lost in the @line of duty. @remember that happened last @month. @monica robbins has the story on @the new recruit. @>> reporter: this is canton's @police dog boot camp and this k- @9 is the new recruit. @he began day one of three @months of training to learn to @track, catch criminals, detect @narcotics.
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@but he is a bit rusty on @obedience. @the bond is already forming @between the two. @>> there will never be a @replacement but it's a new @partner. @we are moving forward with @training. @hopefully in seven or eight @years when he is ready to @retire, i can walk out the door @with him and say we did jethro @proud. @>> reporter: jethro's death @brought national attention to @the department and aided in k- @9s for cops in houston to @provide tuko. @>> people have embraced him. @they're seeing him and want to @follow him. @they want to see what he does. @he is going to be a good one. @ here we go. @people across iowa will cast @the first votes in the country @for president and they do that @today as they gather for the @iowa caucuses. @what is a caucus and how does
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@white house? @a caucus is not like the @primaries like we do in ohio. @there are no voting booths. @instead a caucus is a local @political party meeting where @they discuss the party's @platform and vote for their @favorite candidate but the two @major parties caucus @differently. @republicans vote by secret @ballot or a raised hand. @democrats divide into groups @based on which candidate they @support. @during the caucus they can try @and convince one another to @change sides or candidates. @it's one of the reasons that a @caucus can take up to two @hours. @a candidate doesn't have to win @iowa to become the president @but no candidate who finished @worse than third has got onto @win the white house. @those are the rules of the @game. @tonight, iowa voters get to @decide who they think should @become president. @that is where we go right now. @we find steve handelsman. @he joins me live from destroy @computers moans. @candidates were out in full @force campaigning.
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@>> hi steve. @turn out, turn out, turn out. @is that the mainline tonight? @>> reporter: absolutely and @more so than most elections. @here is why. @the turn out in iowa frankly is @usually terrible. @when barack obama famously beat @hillary clinton in 2008, a @humiliating defeat for this @year's nationally topped @polling democratic candidate, @again tonight. @he won because he got a lot @more eye wants who never @caucused before to turn out. @that's the formula bernie @sanders will try to use to beat @hillary clinton and that's also @the formula that donald trump @will try to use to beat ted @cruz because ted cruz's @supporters tend to be crit khan @conservatives, evangelicals, @who among all the voters in @iowa are the most reliable @people to turn out, even when @snow might be predicted as it @is in parts of iowa tonight, @jimmy. @>> i know it's only the first @of a long line of primaries
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@is it make or break for some @candidates tonight? @>> reporter: i think it could @be make more than break. @if bernie sanders wins here and @he is way ahead in the polls in @new hampshire which is next to @his home state of vermont, @that's going to be a bomb shell @going off in the democratic @party. @if donald trump wins, it won't @be so much of a surprise but it @will be confirmation, jimmy, @that this guy is the real deal. @he has never run for anything. @you remember six months, ten @months ago people said forget @trump. @if trump wins on his first try, @in his own words, he says he @could run the table. @he could, because he is polling @way better in new hampshire, @south carolina, nevada, the @next states to vote than he is @in iowa. @big turn out tonight or @surprising support for trump @and he wins, that will be a @bomb shell on the republican @side. @sanders wins, a bomb shell on @the democratic side. @>> steve, thanks for setting @the table for us in iowa.
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@ ohio governor john kasich @is looking ahead. @he is moving past the iowa @caucuses and campaigning in new @hampshire where he is polling @very well. @that's where our senior @political correspondent is @tonight. @>> reporter: i am in the town @of louden, new hampshire. @all eyes are on the iowa @caucuses or almost all eyes. @governor john kasich is @spending the day in new @hampshire sticking with his all @in strategy here trying to sell @himself as the parties' most @pragmatic choice. @the political world is focused @on tonight's iowa caucuses but @not governor john kasich. @the governor is sticking with @his all in new hampshire game @plan. @if he has impressive showing in @next tuesday's he hopes he will @launch as the positive @pragmatic choice to trump or @cruz. @if he flops he may have to @reevaluate things, see how much @money he has to continue.
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@times. @some conservatives say who @would want that? @also today kasich is urging @rivals super pacs to stop @negative campaigning. @tonight, i will have a report @on kasich's town hall meeting @here and a one on one interview @with him tomorrow. @>> thanks very much, tom. @we'll have much more on that @interview tomorrow night. @ when we come back on the @news at 7:00, we deal again as @we almost do every week at this @time with johnny manziel as the @soap opera never ends. @i will give you the particulars @of what the browns can do, when @they can trade him, when they @can cut him and what they @pick. @>> donations are flooding in @after a retired officer is told @he has to give up his k-9 @partner. @what city officials are saying
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@ @ johnny manziel is spending @his off season in his home @state of texas and continuing @to make headlines down south. @more problems with johnny @manziel, i have done that more @than i have talked about browns @wins over the past two seasons. @i look forward to the day this @nonsense ends. @>> welcome back everybody. @those were clips from channel 3 @news saturday evening upon the @hearing of the story coming out @of texas that johnny manziel @was once again involved in some @kind of a domestic situation @which is still ongoing police @investigation going on between @fort worth police in texas and @dallas police in texas. @it's a situation involving his @girlfriend or ex girlfriend. @i don't know the state of that @relationship right now. @i do know the state of the @relationship between the browns @and johnny manziel and it is @not even shaky. @it looks as though it is over.
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@the rules of the game of what @the browns can do in regards to @johnny manziel. @in other words can they cut @him? @yes, they can. @they can do it right after the @super bowl is over sunday @night. @as soon as sunday turns into @monday, they can cut johnny @manziel and he would become a @free agent. @some people would think that's @what he wants to become anyway @and that's why he is behaving @this way. @i don't believe that. @i think it's more systemic than @that and that he has a big @problem. @the next date would come to the @beginning of march when nfl @starts the new business @calendar. @the browns could trade johnny @manziel. @they can still cut him but can @trade him in the beginning of @march. @that trademark, who would take @this on right now? @i don't even know if the dallas @cowboys are as automatic a @landing spot for manziel as we @all think. @i don't know that there is a @trade market at all for @manziel. @who would take this on with the
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@field and the pay off so far on @the field, at least here in @cleveland, barely anything at @all, just a couple wins, a lot @of injuries and a lot of late @tardiness on showing up to @practices and the facility. @here is the thing that has to @happen. @new coach, new team, new @offense, new chapter, time to @move on. @let him be someone else's @problem. @he is his own biggest problem @now. @here is the other thing we have @to do. @i am a victim of this too. @we have to get this situation @in our minds that we can't @worry about what happens with @johnny manziel once he leaves @cleveland. @too many times we worry about a @player leaving cleveland and we @say oh he is going to be great @somewhere else. @if he is great somewhere else, @good luck to the someone else @that turned him around and good @for him that he turned his life @around. @there is a quarterback out @there somewhere and the browns @just need to keep throwing that @dart at the dart board and @maybe sometime soon, they'll @hit the bulls eye and find a
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@but he is obviously not the @guy. @i was so excited when he was @drafted by browns coming out of @texas a&m, i couldn't get @enough of him, watching him @play in college. @maybe he is just going to be an @all time high school legend and @college football legend who was @a bust in the pros. @that's what it looks like. @but it looks like right now the @browns must move away and move @on from johnny manziel. @when we come back on the news @at 7:00, ohio community @rallying around a police @officer and his k-9 partner. @what city officials are doing @to keep the team together. @>> the weather roller coaster @ride continues. @betsy's got a look at big
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@ @ a retired police officer in @marietta won't have to worry @about losing his k-9 partner @after their story went viral @and he raised more than @$65,000. @matt hickey will become an @auxiliary police officer so he @can keep the k-9. hickey @retired but under state law he @could not keep his partner ajax @since the police pup is @considered city property. @ajax was set to be auctioned
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@page and the national @attention, city leaders worked @out a deal so the team remains @together. @ chipotle nightmare appears @to be over. @centers for disease control @says the cause of the e coli @outbreak is still unknown. @since last year 55 customers in @over 11 states got sick in a @first outbreak with additional @five in three states affected @in a second outbreak. @it's been two months since @anyone has gotten sick. @cdc added it cannot say with @100% certainty that there will @be no more illnesses associated @with the outbreak because the @cause still has not been @identified. @ there are lots of story @lines leading to super bowl 50 @and now cam newton's fashion @sense is one of them. @carolina panthers arrived in @california sunday afternoon, @one week ahead of super bowl @50. @all the players got off the @airplane dressed up in suits @and ties but the quarterback @cam newton's outfit took the
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@versachi printed jeans caused a @stir on social media and the @online. @>> i can't wait to see jimmy @i can't wait. @>> now, $850. @i am a little bit shorter. @be? @$100? @i saw that yesterday when he @went and i went "wow"! @that is wild. @>> and you want the versachi. @>> you know how they always do @the oscars and then they have @the knock off versions of the @>> guaranteed. @>> who wore it best? @we'll let you know. @speaking of letting you know, @it will be a nice night, partly @cloudy, seasonably cool, wind @light and variable and @temperatures will fall to the @upper 20s. @that's pretty normal for this @time of year. @here is our storm system. @it's what everybody has been @or so.
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@talking about it for the next @few days. @it is expected to drop a lot of @snow and bring a lot of wind to @portions of the plain states. @not only that but the deep @south, tennessee valley into @northern portions of our gulf @coast states are expecting to @see severe weather tomorrow. @it's kind of a two sided storm @system. @the main part of the storm @stays to the west of us. @that means all the wintry @weather stays to the west. @we are going to be receiving @warmer air in coming days. @temperatures tomorrow should be @around 50. @we may hit 60 for wednesday. @it's a possibility. @but it would be early wednesday @morning so we don't even get to @enjoy it because it will be @windy with falling temperatures @in the afternoon. @at 8:00 am we are expecting @temperatures around the @freezing mark, partly cloudy @skies. @we'll see clouds on the @increase as we head through the @day tomorrow. @midday temperatures will be in @the mid 40s. @we'll be upper 40s to around 50 @by evening. @you see the rain chances that @start. @rain chances will continue @tuesday night as we get into @wednesday.
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@and take you to 40 by midday @and top out around 50 in @northern ohio. @as far as rain chances, they'll @wednesday. @window nation seven-day @forecast does showcase 50s, @very early wednesday, and then @falling back to the 40s. @we'll be in the 30s to around @40 to wrap up the week and head @to the weekend. @>> remember she's stressing @very early for the 60s and 50s. @>> we don't even get to enjoy @it. @>> then it's going to drop. @ it's super bowl 50 week. @there a lot of questions. @a lot of them will be answered @tonight. @peyton manning is front and @center. @is this his last game of his
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(singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
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@ well, super bowl media day @used to be in the morning every @year at the super bowl but it @has changed. @so tonight it begins and it is @in primetime. @that's a spot where you get @plenty questions, questions @about everything that's going @on under the sun. @but the main question this year @will be about peyton manning. @he is in the super bowl again, @super bowl 50. @but because of all the @injuries, is this his last game @in the nfl? @>> we have done a great job @staying in the moment, you @know. @peyton -- i can't speak for @peyton. @that's not my job. @i know this, he has really @worked hard for this @opportunity to get back to @where he's at to lead this @football team. @we made a promise to each other @that we will enjoy each and @everyday, the preparation and @the football game. @we'll go from there. @that's not going to change. @>> if he wins that would be @like a movie if he wins the
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@underdog going into super bowl @50 against carolina panthers @who have only lost one game @thanks for watching. @entertainment tonight is next. @russ and sara are back tonight @at 11:00, results on the iowa @caucuses, constant updates on @our app, @have a great night everybody. @>> thanks for watching channel @3 news. @take channel 3 news and weather @with you wherever you go. @text wkyc to download our free
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