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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  January 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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@he's looking at one count each @of tampering with evidence and @possessing criminal tools ructing official business, @three counts of forgery and two @counts of terries particular @threats and all of @official business are felonies. @we've watched agonizing @anniversaries pass each year. @today's indictment is a step in @the right direction. @>> every single day for us, we @miss her, we feel and @you know, it's good to hear @that things are moving in a @positive direction towards the @ultimate goal of getting @justice for the police investigation @revealed that on the day @sherman was killed moore sent @text messages to her cellphone @prior to and after her moore made false statements to @cleveland homicide police
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@about his whereabouts, more @tonight on channel 3 news at 7. a good step @dawn but it raises more @questions. @>> there's a lot more to be @told. @>> thank you. @ we're following breaking @news in cleveland's east side. @police are looking into a man whose body was @discovered in a backyard, @officers responded to a home on @they were investigating a @missing person's case. @a cadaver dog recovered the @body and no word yet on the @cause of death. @ was it a childish prank else. @a nine-year-old has been @charged with a felony after he @dumped boiling water on and re sods of juvenile @court. @>> reporter: parents will want @to listen up to this one, there @were signs that these kids were @up to trouble. @apparently they had a history r going back @months and on sunday that went @too far.
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@happened here, early sunday on reet in cleveland @heights. @>> were you here over the @weekend when this happened? @>> and according to the woman @who answered there today it was @just boys i think were these little @guys friends? @>> body cameras show what @police saw nce @rushed a 12-year-old boy to the @hospital with burns on his back @and kid was fast asleep @when a nine-year-old went in to @boil water in the kitchen and @dumped drops on said it was part of a packet @they had -- pac it. @they had, and he said the catch not do anything nasty.
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@felony charge of assault. @>> we understand when 12- @year-old was badly burned. @he simply ran back home to his @mother and told his mother and @she is the one who called. @>> the woman who lived nexthe boy is home @from the hospital and is doing @well. @the sense i got was that none @of the people involved never @wanted these charges, but @unfortunately at this point it le that @they can do about it. @>> of course. @thank you. @ the hunt is on for a teen ashley smith. @the 17-year-old seen here was @being held in a cleveland @juvenile detention center and off campus @supervised zumba case, she was @convicted in the role of the @2012 role of her stepfather. @if you see her don't approach @the teen, but @immediately.
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@been given an all clear by a @independent g @allegations of financial @impropriety. @he was put on unpaid @administrative leave. botox @injections and they are looking @into travel expenses. @the report found no evidence to @support the allegations in the shoppers rush in to get the wal-mart @prepares to close doors @tonight. @it's closing 269 stores @worldwide. @reaction from those who shop more than 300 people will be @out of a job when the store @closes at the end of the day @today. @the fact that it's happening as ers still in @shop. @>> i don't know why they're @closing, i don't see reasons
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@>> i don't know, it seemed like @it was doing good and ys crowded. @>> they don't understand why @are baffled. @>> we were notified at 8:15 on @friday @i'm sure their press release @went out at 9. @>> they purchased the land and @made an investment in the @they decided it didn't fit @their portfolio. @>> they did a regrand opening @last year. @to close in such a short amount a surprise. @>> many local stores are @closing their doors because wal- @mart moved in to take over. @this is not the first one up and go. @there were safety concerns
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@the severance location closed @only to open up in euclid. @>> there are a lot of people @over here that depends on this it's unfortunate @that it's closing, 350 one @people are without a job. @>> one of my friends works @here, she's going to lose her tting @relocated or anything like that @i'm sad to see the store go. @i love shopping here. @>> this is one of the @supercenters out of 269 stores @to be closed around the world. @we'll talk about this and we'll @talk about this as it's having @on the campus itself. @>> thank you. @ @ , now, to politics with @donald trump out of the mix, @those republicans running for @president, hope tonight's @debate in iowa will give them a
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@we have a mystery attack ad @against john kasich, this is a @political who done it. @the ad is aimed at discrediting @kasich with new hampshire @republicans and taking a bite @out of his number 2 spot in the @polls there. @>> barack obama, no john kasich @you, they called the american @future fund, bashing kasich in @new hampshire, they spent $1 @million. @they don't have to identify @donors. @the man who runs the group he @has gotten a free pass right @now. @marco rubio could be involved. @others are looking for coal @brothers fingerprints. @they didn't invite kasich last @year. @the ad is called who is he? @and the question is who are @they asking?
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@main event without trump, steve @handelsman, what's the @consensus there. @>> how big is a risk taking by @doing a no show, is he creating @doubts or is he stronger. @>> let me give you anecdotes, @talk to republicans here in @iowa today, the ones who say @they really are going to caucus @for trump. @they're not going to vote for @them. @they're peed. @a lot of people feel the same @for three reasons. @trump has the leaves. @if you think it's accurate, he @took this away from ted cruz. @he locked this up. @it's like playing four corners @basketball trying to prevent @opponents from scoring. @secondly, he's not going to @expose himself to attacks @tonight. @he's going to leave ted cruz
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@he'll take on marco rubio who @would like to have cruz's @position as the second @challenger to trump. @and trump is the tough guy, he @makes the rules. @who would drop out of the the @debate who has his own event @and others will attend the @trump event. @it's unprecedented and makes it @look like trump is a winner. @>> he has his own event at @9:00, and kasich is not going @to do well, it looks like, but @he needs to connect with a @national audience. @ how one of the crew members @who died in the challenger @explosion is still inspiring @northeast ohio kids today. @ well, northern ohio, we @have a little rain mix of snow @coming in. @we'll continue as we head
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@a little accumulation is @possible. @i'll have details next. @>> the heroin epidemic, they're @working to loosen the drugs @grip.
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@. @ coming up tonight at 7,
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@students are getting the @learning opportunity after @lifetime at the superbowl, but @they'll be doing much more than @watching the game when they get @there. @>> an unexpected partnership, @what is pope francis and actor @leonardo dicaprio are trying to @accomplish together. @>> the latest on trump's debate @gamut and the clinton sanders @race is up to a tie. @why they can draw a line here @with the explosive spread of @the virus elsewhere. @why does it seem like the hot @shows are sold out the minute @the tickets go on sale?
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@ @. @ 30 years ago today, the @challenger took off and @exploded two minutes after @takeover. @judith rest nick, the @elementary school named in her @honor has been commemorating it @all week long.
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@about her life and they sang @the judy rest nick song. @into space. @>> i'll describe her as a hero @because she's my inspiration. @>> they held a day of @remembrance, you can hear the @song. @lives were also lost and @honored. @. @ heroin is a deadly problem @in our community, and wkyc is @partnering with with the geauga @county to help handle the @crisis. @>> every year in geauga county @we can fill up the stadium who
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@the numbers who can switch over @to heroin abuse could fill up @the cue and the numbers that @die from an overdose can fill a @jet plane. @hundreds of local families have @experienced the tragedy of @losing a loved one to heroin @overdose. @cuyahoga a county sees these @depths firsthand. @that's why he's holding the @first student leadership summit @to help high schoolers. @>> when we look back at people @who have died in drug overdoses @it, it's high school education @and less. @>> this is what they break down @the medical examiner's office. @had it not been project don, @they would be overwhelmed, @county ems stats showed 600 @saves last year.
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@died, they would have many @people dying of heroin. @and it's not just drug @overdoses it's just heroin. @>> you can watch the student @leadership summit live tomorrow @at noon on @you can get involved with the @conversation on twitter at wkyc @and the hashtag heroin crisis. @ @ betsy is here, the @sunglasses had to come out for @a bit today. @not bad. @>> there is bonus time in the @sun. @ over the next 12 hours, @that's the way things are going @to do it. @we're down 40 degrees through @much of the area. @as' go through the night @tonight, we'll transition from @rain to snow showers, and those @snow showers are not likely to @add up to a lot of anything, @but we can get a ground coating
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@snow can pick up late tonight @and in areas east of cleveland @and have one to 3 inches of @accumulation, we are looking at @snow on the radar. @there's rain mixed in on that. @we'll go back to rain showers, @there is snow off to the @northwest of us. @let's get in here first, we can @see in northern sections of @cuyahoga a county and around @madison the snow showers are @coming down. @once we get back to the @lakeshore, we have rain in @downtown cleveland, scattered @rain and snow showers through @much of summit county, the @northern part of the county and @medina county and mansfield as @well. @this wave will come through as @we head out through the night @tonight. @this is off to the northwest @and we pull in the weather @service radars and through the @night, we'll see the scattered @snow showers continue, this is
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@rain snow mix, late opportunity @as the temperatures drop, we're @anticipating more snow showers, @they'll be scattered around. @look what's coming off of here @and lake michigan. @as winds begin to turn late @tonight, to the west and the @northwest, we are likely to @have a period of lake effect @especially in the morning and @and that's where our chances of @accumulation will come n as far @as the cold air, this is the @cold front coming in, this is @the temperatures in the teens @and north. @this will miss us, it will @swing close and in the make it @here. @our temperatures will hold in @the 20s which is a far cry from @where we are right now. @it's a bit breezy as well. @the wind chills are likely to @be colder. @we'll start the day in the 20s, @overnight temperatures will be @in the mid-20s. @one to three inches of @potential in the snow belt @areas. @they're picking up a little @lake effect out east.
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@east of cleveland, the @temperatures are in the 20s, @single digit wind chill. @it will be a cold start to the @day. @as the day goes on, break up @the lake effect and @temperatures will get to the @mid to upper 20s, i mentioned @how much snow is coming. @most areas getting less than an @inch. @part of the primary snow belt @we could have 1 to 3 inches @tonight. @morning snow and leaving us and @your window nation. @it looks like it will be @warming up. @mid-40s for the day on @saturday. @then for sunday, we'll be in @the upper 40s to around 50. @we'll hold there, monday don't @freak out about that blue area. @we'll go from the upper 40s to @upper 30s, bouncing back to 50 @on tuesday, the next arrow @that's the one we'll get your @attention, we drop from the 40s @to the 20s through the day on @wednesday. @>> thanks betsy. @>> thank you. @don't freak out then.
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@salivating over the quarterback @at the senior bowl.
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@ @ and now, the sports report. @>> dave is with you, and we @start with the senior bowl, we @see many players make a name @and have serious momentum this
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@catching buzz, you have to love @the 6-foot 5 and 45 touchdowns @in four years. @many experts have them in the @top 10. @some think he's the guy number @1, he'll become the first @player from the fcs southern @division, we have that happen @since joe flacco. @they have him on the interest @and he met with coach hue @jackson yesterday trying to @impress. @>> i was trying to show that i @could play at a high level. @you can play ball, you can play @ball. @>> it's the most talked about, @and they're struggling to stay @with him. @one comment, he's making it @look easy. @he made it to quarterback wide @receiver. @they're coaching miller on the @north squad. @he's well advanced that the
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@the position to get drafted @pretty high. @it's the 16th annual cleveland. @jim donovan will receive the @lifetime achievement award. @check it out, no doubt about @it. @he's dedicated his career to @northeast ohio starting in @channel 3, 1985. @i've watched him every year. @he's the reason i chose this @career and it's an honor to sit @in this chair when he's not. @he's the voice of the browns @and he's been with you for 30 @years and nobody does it @better. @>> i've seen him to so many @incredible things without a @script, and me being an amateur @in this, i'm just amazed from a @distance, i'm sure, any true @professional would be mazed at @how well he does that. @>> let's talk superbowl now, @here is cam newton as we check @in on panthers practice, so @happy to have junior around in @the superbowl.
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@not everyone likes his style, @but he's been unbelievable. @now, he just needs to win it. @>> everybody says you want to @win a superbowl, and truth of @the matter is you don't win a @superbowl until you're in a @superbowl, and you got to get @to the playoffs, and it's a @whole process and the coach @said, don't necessarily look to @the light, you know, look to @the journey that's taking you @to the light. @>> we finish with this from the @nfl i think. @the defenseman dennis line @imagine -- lynam said he was @distracted after taking a hit, @and he went to the bench and he @leveled don anderson from @behind. @he couldn't avoid him. @no penalty, but he did @apologize, so there you have @it. @that is sports. @>> what a -- you know what @sarah said dave has never @looked better --
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@>> she didn't say that. @i'm just joking. @great honor for jimmy tonight. @>> that's great. @>> it's good to see. @>> he'll be unbelievable @tonight. @you know he'll have everyone @laughing. @he'll be on the game. @>> we're all coming back @tonight at 7:00. @>> we'll see you then.
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