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tv   Channel 3 News at 7  NBC  January 27, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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@reason they wanted to, you @know, discard him. @>> how the community is @stepping up to help a dog @abandoned by his own family @because they were sick and @tired of his shedding. @ hi, betsy. @>> hi there, jimmy. @northern ohio has yet another @january day. @i mean cloudy, cool, it's @pretty much par for the course @but things do get more exciting @in the seven-day forecast. @ and the fact that hot dog @and -- doesn't get more @american or cleveland than @that. @>> but these are not your @average hot dogs. @this indians baseball season @you will find a whole new level @of ballpark food thanks to a @popular local restaurant. @ from the station that sees @the possible, this is the @channel 3 news, brought to you @by universal windows direct, @windows. @and now channel 3 news at 7:00. @>> good evening, everyone. @more trouble tonight when it @comes to fresh water.
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@strict new standard when it @comes to lead, one that could @end up costing a lot of money. @channel 3's andrew horansky is @in sebring tonight which is @about 70 miles southeast of @cleveland to explain the @change. @>> reporter: students here in @sebring returned to the @classroom today for the first @time since high levels of led @shut down their schools late @last week. @things certainly looked a lot @different and will likely @continue to. @just hours before the school @they started sebring's @superintendent said she got a @call from the state telling her @the building's lead levels had @to be better and what would @have been okay just a week ago @wasn't anymore so the tape that @was supposed to come off the @fountains stayed amid strict @new guidelines from the ohio @department of health forcing @the school to now tape off 23 @fountains in two of its @buildings because of a threat @they could possibly still pose @to pregnant women and very @young children. @until now, just two were taped. @the superintendent says it's
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@districts across the state will @be forced to adopt the same @standard or if they are being @singled out. @while residents scratch their @heads and others hope the @village can turn things around. @>> i feel like they can. @out. @>> out here, people mistrust @our government. @they don't care about it. @i said i can understand why. @>> reporter: the superintendent @says each fountain costs about @$750 to replace, leaving them @scrambling for cheaper options @such as filters, while wishing @they could have known about @this a long time ago. @and we learned that today @officials from the state @department of health were here @in sebring as it turns out, @there were less greetings here @at this school over this past @weekend and five children @tested positive for lead. @what officials want to know @here tonight is whether that @came possibly from the water or @something else like lead paint. @in sebring, i'm andrew @horansky, channel 3 news.
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@today because of a deadly house @explosion last night. @the village is about 100 miles @south of cleveland. @authorities say one person died @in a house explosion on beaver @street last night. @it not only destroyed that @home, but it damaged @neighboring homes as well, @columbia gas officials believe @natural gas was a factor. @the newcomers town school @district cancelled classes @today because it's so close to @the site of that explosion. @ it has been a big week for @ohio governor john kasich. @he is surging in new hampshire @presidential polls and picking @up several big endorsements. @senior political correspondent @tom beres has the latest on our @governor's campaign and his @strategy. @good evening, tom. @>> good evening, jim. @governor john kasich could be @an honorary citizen of new @hampshire. @he's spending so much time @there. @now, the iowa caucuses are @monday and he's in iowa taking @a couple of days to be there @but mainly for thursday night's @debate esprit indicting what -- @he is predicting what @republicans will decide on a @candidate before conventions
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@campaign finds a way to make @that him. @governor john kasich declaring @he thinks republicans will @decide on a candidate before @the convention. @he's working hard hoping it's @him. @focusing on new hampshire, @striving to hold 100 town hall @meetings there, he's had three @in iowa. @>> you know, there's only so @many resources to go around for @us and we are very comfortable @here. @>> reporter: kasich basking in @the glow of his big boston @globe endorsement. @>> honestly like little old me, @the you know, the boston globe? @were he and other republican @candidates hoping to get a @boost from thursday night's fox @news debate, donald trump will @be a no show. @he thinks moderator megyn kelly @would be unfair. @>> let's see how much money fox @is going to make on the debate @without me. @okay? @>> reporter: kasich backed @campaigning -- back campaigning @in new hampshire on saturday. @he will be all in until the @february 9th primary. @what happens february 10th? @>> see where we are and make an @assessment as to whether we @should move on and i expect we
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@>> reporter: kasich reports @laying groundwork for the next @primary state, south carolina. @not everything so cheery for @kasich. @the new york times reports a @conservative group spending $1 @million on attack ads in new @hampshire calling him out for @expanding medicaid and @supporting common core @education standards, labeling @him not a conservative, but an @obama republican. @live in the newsroom, tom @beres, channel 3 news. @>> before you go, have there @been any republican @presidential polls lately here @for ohio? @>> you know, there haven't been @for a while. @actually not since last october @or so where the republican @order was trump, carson, @kasich, i bet the next one @looks different. @ now a follow-up to a story @we first told you about last @night. @a member of cleveland's police @union has started a fund @raising for the six -- @fundraiser for the six police @officers who were fired @yesterday. @the online campaign seeks money @to help the officers raise @their families as the union @fights to get their jobs back. @so far people have donated
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@$100,000 goal. @ a local vet is giving an @abandoned dog a new leash on @life. @here's the story. @wiz is the dog's name. @his family wasn't a fan of his @shedding so they left him to be @euthanized. @but he is still in great health @so a group called secondhand @muts over in tremont took him @in. @they are working on getting him @to a family that wants him. @if you don't act now he could @be gone by the weekend. @stories like this one often @spread quickly on social media @and wiz's story is no @exception. @>> most people that adopt a dog @or rescue a dog or, you know, @even those that tend to buy @dogs, you know, these are dogs @that are brought into your @family, you take care of them, @they are not tied outside, and @so there's a human and @emotional connection with dogs @and that's probably why the @story is, you know -- stories, @you know, connect with people. @>> if you have any interest in @adopting this senior dog wiz or @any other dogs from secondhand
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@our website at @ whether you're going to go @to college or looking for a @career change, one industry @seeking qualified candidates is @information technology. @hundreds of i.t. @jobs are available across our @area. @channel 3's brandon simmons @visited a local software @company to see what you need to @know to get one of those jobs. @>> reporter: looking for a job @in i.t.? @well, now is the time. @it's an industry expected to @grow 20% over the next 10 @years. @>> we have a number of @physicians available that we @are looking to fill, more than @before. @>> reporter: here at highland, @creator of on base in westlake, @there are hundreds of i.t. @jobs to fill over the next year @from entry level to some that @are much more advanced. @>> what we are looking for from @an entry level candidate is @someone with a base @understanding of technologies, @the coding languages that we @use. @>> reporter: don't have that @kind of training? @month problem -- no problem.
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@universities exactly what they @are looking for. @>> ask us what type of @technologies we are using so @students with. @>> my role typically is @installation of our software @and getting it set up and @configured. @>> reporter: phil is a @technical consultant here at @highland but across northeast @ohio there are jobs similar to @his available at more than 200 @companies, including @progressive insurance, @cleveland clinic and highland. @>> there's general i.t., some @help desk studies as well that @various places here. @>> reporter: if you're looking @for a change of pace, now is a @good time to give i.t. @a shot. @for more information, be sure @to visit our website, @for links to useful @information. @in westlake, brandon simmons, @channel 3 news. @ time to talk baseball and @baseball food. @ballpark hot dogs are about to @get even tastier. @when the cleveland indians' @next season begins progressive @field is adding customizable @hot dog options from the
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@also on the menu, a burrito bar @designed by ohio city burrito @and a big selection of @sandwiches from cleveland @pickle. @and the great food options @aren't the only thing that will @look different over at the @ballpark. @renovations include a huge new @scoreboard. @ when we come back on the @news at 7:00, some of @cleveland's top athletes are @scoring big. @the big occasion that's @bringing them all together and @the cream of the crop will be @there all in one room. @ plus, wow, the strange @event that prompted dozens of @people to scream at the top of
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@ @ marijuana in ohio, what's @being done now to get medical @marijuana on the ballot? @ we are talking baseball. @the team's big plans for the
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@fan. @>> tomorrow on channel 3 news @today. @ well, past winners include @doug dekalben and the great @bernie kozar. @the sports awards banquet @tomorrow night at the @renaissance ballroom. @it is a who's who in northeast @ohio. @i think it's one of the great @nights not only in cleveland @sports but in cleveland, every @time it happens and this is its @16th year. @and it happens the awards are @presented from what went on @this past year. @nick vandomar joins us. @you're number 16. @i remember when this began and @david gilbert came over here, @said we are going to do this @awards program and it's going @to be a big thing in the middle @of winter and bob costas was @the emcee and boy it took off. @>> 16 years later, big names, @costas, dan patrick, roy
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@cool moments and a big night @for cleveland and cleveland @sports. @>> we are all hibernating and @it's the winter but we get out @and we honor top pro athletes, @top college athlete, high @school athlete, amateur @athlete, and there's a courage @award and i want to thank the @commission so much for giving @award. @that was one of the great phone @calls i got when they asked me @to accept the award. @>> we are certainly honored to @have you share a special night @for us every year and hopefully @it's a special night for you @too. @>> but it really is great when @you see the amateur athletes @and the high school athlete and @the college athlete and, of @course, the courage award is @always very gripping story. @>> everyone knows the pro @athletes in town and it's great @to recognize some of our other @outstanding high school @athletes, college athletes, @amateur athletes, we have a lot @of great olympians, college @athletes playing all over the @country that deserve @recognition and a lot of cool @kids that deserve recognition
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@through in terms of medical @hardships and that's what the @cleveland clinic courage award @is about. @>> if you emcee this event, the @bar is always high and imagine @this, this is when you know @you're getting old, nick, @desmond howard is the emcee @this year, he is the host. @he does a terrific job now on @espn on college day. @i remember covering desmond @howard when he was a basketball @and football player over at st. @joe's over on east 185th. @>> we are pumped to have @desmond here. @it's going to be an @entertaining night. @he definitely knows how to work @a room and work a mike and @that's what you need for this @event and we've been blessed to @have great e-mail sees over the @-- emcees over the years and we @think desmond is over the top. @the city. @it was a part of his life. @can people still get tickets? @>> a few tickets available if @you hurry to cleveland sports, we have a couple @individual seats here and there @in the room. @it's sold out. @we are expecting a crowd of @around 1200, 1250 to pack the
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@the sports commission so it @helps us do our job which is to @bring sporting events to @cleveland that impact the @economy and the quality of life @and image here in town. @>> if you have a ticket, you're @going to have a great time @tomorrow night. @i look forward to seeing you. @>> and thank you for being a @lifetime award winner and i @believe there are some people @here from the station that have @some congratulations as well. @>> he's probably one of the @most energetic people i have @ever met and besides that, he's @a consummate professional. @he always believes in getting @things right and doing the best @that anybody has ever done and @he's accomplished that in his @career. @i mean, cleveland is very @fortunate to have somebody of @his standard and while the @product is not -- has not @always been good on the @football field it's always been @in the booth with him. @>> he works much harder than @people realize he works and he @cares much more deeply than @perhaps that fun personality @would lend you to believe. @>> jimmy, congratulations, well @deserved. @about. @you're tough, you're honest, @you're professional and you are
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@>> jimmy, all i can say is we @are incredibly proud and happy @for you and excited for and @cheryl and megan. @this is well deserved and you @are awesome. @congratulations. @>> well, thank you so much. @that's great. @i thank you very, very much. @what a night tomorrow night. @>> absolutely. @>> all right. @nick, thanks for joining us. @>> thank you. @ still to come on the news @at 7:00, robots are taking over @at least one store. @the only job left for humans as @the software company begins @relying more on robots. @betsy is looking at when rain @will move in to northeast ohio @and when we will see a big
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@ @ the best woman says winning @was easy because she always
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@here's something you don't see @at home, a store run by robots. @telecom giant soft bank group @will open a one-of-a-kind store @in tokyo coming up in march. @the robots will greet and show @customers around using tablets @to run the store but don't @worry, human staff members will @help the robots handle cash, @credit cards or sensitive @information. @ back at home, ohioans are @drinking a record amount of @liquor. @in 2015 liquor sales topped $1 @billion, exceeding last year's @total by $70 million. @that's so you wonder what is @the most popular? @jack daniel's whiskey with @customers buying nearly 380,000 @gallons. @fireball whiskey comes in @second, followed by crown royal @canadian whiskey. @ohioans bought 13 million @gallons of liquor last year. @what a segue. @here's betsy. @>> you got to stay warm @somehow. @>> wow. @>> yeah.
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@you're going to be here so @you're going to pop over there @for cocktails and hors @d'oeuvres, come back and do the @7:00 and then go back over @there and get your lifetime @achievement award, right? @>> absolutely, yes. @>> we are going to keep it real @for you. @>> absolutely. @i'll call uber to get me back @and forth? @>> maybe we will get somebody @to give you a little ride. @>> wisk me over there. @>> we will get you a bike. @that's it. @ take a look at what's going @on as far as the forecast goes. @>> it is tough to park there. @>> you're going to have to ride @fast, though, ride like the @wind, jimmy. @that will help you stay warm. @temperatures in the 20s @overnight tonight, snow showers @may start to sneak in as we get @toward daybreak and associated @with a clipper system that's @coming through the great lakes, @you can see the snow showers @now coming through chicago off @toward grand rapids, traverse @city and points north. @this will continue to move in @overnight, probably not going @to bring us a lot of snow, @maybe you will just see some @random snowflakes but @visibilities especially east of @cleveland could get dicey @tomorrow morning for some of @the commuters and then the @backside of this will stir up
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@afternoon, so it's a brisk @walking kind of day. @you like that graphic? @temperatures in the 20s to get @the day started and we will @move into the 30s for the @afternoon, very average once @again as we are anticipating @seeing a lot of cloud cover, @morning flurry chances passing @through and late morning, @midday temperatures peaking in @the mid-30s for the most part @across northern ohio. @sun peaks kind of -- peeks kind @of like today, can't be @completely ruled out, i did see @a few peeks of blue but gray @out there as well. @late afternoon into the evening @we will have snow showers @spreading across the area. @we are not looking for a lot of @accumulation, maybe a ground @coating or so on areas that @don't have any snow remaining @but it does look like it will @stay less than an inch as far @as the accumulations. @so mid and upper 30s for the @day tomorrow, a lot of cloud @cover around, maybe a few peeks @of sun and temperatures that @will only make it back to @around 30 degrees for the day @on friday in your window nation @seven-day forecast, snow @leaving, phi peeks of -- few @peeks of sun coming out by late @day.
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@40s, even a 50 by tuesday of @next week, and that means we @trade rain chances -- or excuse @me -- trade snow chances for @rain. @ when we come back, lebron @james fires back at the media @after some have called him a @coach killer. @here's his response to that @criticism, that's next. @ here's what's coming up @tonight on nbc brought to you @by mercedes-benz of bedford,
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@ @ well, there is breaking @browns news, the browns have @found their man to be their @vice president of player @personnel and there he is, @andrew better we -- berry, he @spent the last seven years in
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@the last four of the seven @years as their pro scouting @coordinator. @he's a harvard garage watt, @like sossi brown. @bachelors degree in economics @and master's degree in computer @science, he played football at @harvard, a four year starter @there. @he was a three time first team @all ivy league corner back and @he is now coming to the @cleveland browns. @so that's interesting. @ lebron james is not a happy @guy as the calves get ready to @take on the suns. @lebron being labeled a coach @killer. @he popped off about that @earlier today. @>> turn my brain off because i @have a huge basketball iq, @that's what they want me to do. @i'm not going to do it because @i've got so much to give to the @game. @no difference for me telling me @teammates or guys how to get @better with their game. @i feel like i've got something @that can help our team @ultimately, you know, i like to @get it, it helped me get two @titles. @>> there he is. @there's lebron james for you.
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@saying -- @>> thank you very much. @>> well, that too but for @harvard and not havad. @>> like a cheap boston accent? @yeah, right. @i could have immediately fallen @into that like pock my ca @there. @>> betsy and i are back at @11:00. @see you then. @>> thank you for watching
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