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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  January 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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@ @ now at 11 pm, see what @publication is throwing @support behind john kasich @tonight. @ one of a growing number of @homicides. how many we @have in the first 25 days of @the year. @ close to home, a member of @our channel 3 news familytravels to flint michigan to @see how bad this water crisis @is. @ before you file taxes this @year see what is new. this is channel 3 news at @11 pm. @ one week to go beforecandidates make their final
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@ the number of homicides, in the first 25 days @of 2016. @ we begin @busy day on the campaign trail. @and a huge boost for john @kasich. @>> there was a nouncement, our political @roundup, seven nights until @iowa, here is rld in 60 seconds.>> reporter: @the boston globe in new @hampshire endorses john kasich. he is the @republican hopeful, most likely @to be successful on the in new hampshire where he has @put his political eggs john @kasich is tied by a dominant @donald trump.
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@trump and ted cruz. @>> i demandboth @start paying their fair share @of taxes. @>> i am proud of the campaign and what we have @put out there for the american @people. @>> reporter: this picture is @making the rounds online. of the whole @field. @john kasich long before the @political run. have breaking news @tonight out of cleveland, fire @crews are looking into what @caused a fire in an apartment @building on 1/18 street arted in the back of the @building, on 118 street it @happened on the back of the not clear how a gentleman @was injured.
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@of january. @details of a planned and e violence. @>> reporter: sending me the and @twitter, that he will be giving @us some presentation at city @council kind of @idea what he wants to do. @you have to wonder how do you @solve a problem like this? @a big issue and on the smallest @>> he was -- she was my baby. dead @in the hospital -- five people @dead in the house.@a five-year-old killed in a @drive-by. @this is where two men were shot @to death in cleveland on hours earlier a man was @apparently beaten to death at a
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@like was @somebody's son, somebody's @friend, and somebody's father.>> @i know a lot of people that havevictim of a homicide in @family. @>> most people in cleveland. @>> reporter: across cleveland @this very broad problem is very @personal. @councilman zachary proposing a @plan as he has done in the past @-- surveillance cameras and all @areas of the city. @>> the same way we cameras @downtown, you put them in @strategic areas across the @never was. @>> reporter: 25 days into the @year last year, there were @three, this year there have
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@is not that alarming but when @you see what is attached to @every death. @he wants to increase the income @tax in cleveland by a half of @all percent to put more money @towards adding more police @officers and also buying @additional equipment. @we had a chance to speak to @mayor frank jackson, he says he @has a plan and working on @making changes to the police @department that he thinks will @make an impact. @>> thank you. @ there are more questions @tonight in the north east ohio @town where there have been led @found in the water. @we have now learned that the @person operating the water @system has been put on paid @leave while the state looks @into a. the water plant @operator was not doing his job
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@>> we are very afraid. @>> we take it one day at a @time.>> we are told that led @levels are falling. @>> in flint michigan, the @water crisis is more extensive. @he grew up in the town of flint @and he has been taking his mom @water for the past two years. @he visited a day care this @feeling the impact. @>> this child development @center is one of the places @affected by the tainted water. @the children, the precious @children. @>> and makes me angry and @disappointed. @>> reporter: the director has @40 kids in the center. @it makes her angry. @>> it makes me angry. @the kids jiggly when they're
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@play with plato, you need to @use water with it. @>> reporter: what could happen @to them? @>> there could be a higher @increase of learning @disabilities. @>> reporter: to the children @know what is going on? @>> the kids know not to drink @the water here. @and do not turn the tap water @on because of a safety issue. @we encourage them to drink the @bottled water. @>> i think i'm going to get a @hotel room in another city @right now. @just so that i can have a hot @bath and shower and let the @kids play in the back top with @her toys. @they have not been able to do @that in over a year. @>> reporter: she has a message. @>> let life matter in our @children matter you guys have @created this issue and you need
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@the water. @>> thank you. @ a man in custody tonight @following a standoff with @police. @he handcuffed the woman inside @a home on west 1/27 -- 127 @street and held her against her @will. @he allegedly threatened an @officer with a knife. @tonight. @ the former portage county @police chief, he has been @convicted of four misdemeanors. @the former, ex-brimfield chief @, he was fined $300 today @attempted theft in office and @involving a female officer who @harassment. @he must pay for cost and hand @police officer.
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@task force looking for the @future. @he is the fugitive of the week. @he's 23 years old, 510 and @weighs 100 -- he is 5'10" tall @and weighs 150 pounds. @you can call the number and @stay anonymous. @there is reward money @available. @ he recently lost his k-9 @partner in a shooting and he @recently found a new partner. @k-9 for cops donated the @partner. @he will remain -- he will @rename the k-9 when he @introduces them to his family @back at home. @ the proposal to make @niagara falls just trickle @down. @why lawmakers say it has to be @done. @ and american airlines @flight forced to make an
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@find out what had several going
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@ @ you are watching channel 3 @news at 11 pm. @ the niagara falls could be @reduced to a trickle @temporarily. @lawmakers are holding a hearing @to discuss plans to replacing @the bridges. the two @replaced. @to do so, crews will need to @reduce the flow of the falls on @the american side. @ to the season for filing @your taxes. @this year a few changes. @>> something procrastinators
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@this year, you will have an @extra four days the deadline @now is april 18. @it is a leap year and april 15 @is a holiday in the nation's @capital. @$325 or 2% of taxable income. @ a scare for some @passengers aboard this american @airlines flight. @the pilot was forced to make an @emergency landing in canada. @they had the turbulence that it @passengers and crew members @were her. @the injuries were from a @concussion to a shoulder injury. @ that monster winter storm @that we have talked about the @last few days, they are still @having some effects in the @travel community. @>> airports are trying to get
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@12,000 flights canceled. @they're trying to dig out of @washington dc and clear the @runways. @some travelers will not get to @their destinations until @possibly wednesday or possibly @tuesday at this point. @>> the city is not making a @good enough effort to remove @the snow. @some places saw 30 inches of @snow and residents were @grabbing their shovels to dig @out of their little area. @they are angry because the @streets were not clear for the @monday morning commute. @>> i have not seen a plow. @>> two days we have not seen a @plow. @>> the city and new york is @increasing its effort to clear
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@ the roof of this church @collapsed. @no one was injured. @some parts of maryland received @20 inches of snow. @>> i remember when we got @snow, we had irate people saying @where are the plows for our @streets? @>> it is one of those things @you cannot comprehend when you @add 7 million more people to @the mix. @it is a huge problem. @>> rain showers for the @morning rush, they will be @scattered around the area and @it will be breezy. @the breezy conditions will be @slowing things down. @we may have isolated flurries @later in the day.
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@and -- we are going to start @warmer and and cooler. @-- and end cooler. @over 220, 90, out to madison on @the lake, you will have -- over @20, 90, out to madison on the @lake. @you will have showers, these @will pass through and you will @have a break and then we have @another round coming through. @we have a showers towards akron @to streetsboro, moving on over @to ravenna. @they then will travel south on @to mass when and catton --
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@catton canton --. in the @meantime, we have some brisk @southerly breezes and that is @helping to keep the @temperatures up. @we are sitting at 40 degrees at @a good part of the area. @most likely we will hold steady @through the night. @we are in the low 40s right now @and most of the area. @to start your day, we will be @in the 40s. @likely, mid-40s with scattered @rain showers in the morning and @then we will be in the 30s by @12 noon. @we will then have isolated snow @showers. @we will then continue with @flurry chances on into the @afternoon. @temperatures in the mid-40s,
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@along the front and around 8 am, @the 30s. @we have a chance of isolated @flurries through the afternoon, @it will be breezy and the @temperatures will be cooler. @temperatures will be going down @afternoon. @it will be a breezy day. @as far as your window nation @seven-day forecast, partly @sunny with temperatures in the @low 30s for thursday and we @will warm up as we head towards @the week. @>> i cannot believe it came @back up. @it is like magic.>> thank you. @ the cavaliers bouncing @back and trying to get a win
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@ @ the sports report.>> he @left with a smile. @>> and i think a little bit @beer shampoo. @the cavaliers struggled @tonight. @the timberwolves did not have @enough at the end, it was his @first win as a head coach. @much better than saturday night. @lebron with a layup and he got
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@lebron scored, ball movement is @what the new coach wants. @the cavaliers celebrating. @matthew dellavedova , @celebrating, david blatt a hot @topic around the nba. @they cannot believe that they @fired a coaching hero. @he is being linked to the knots @-- the mets head-coaching.
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@and he will leave for hawaii @tomorrow morning. after being @in the afc championship, he's @not going to be playing, he @joins thomas and alex, well done @for gary barnett's. @-- eight year running back in @the nfl, a running back, not bad @he played with the redskins, @49ers, super bowl 50 ready to @go, carolina, the rooting @interest in here, but again he
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@panthers, scoring on the 22 @yard run. @he had an electrifying return, @in the nfc locker room, his @proud dad joined us after being @at the game, tonight. @>> it was a big accomplishment @to see your kid on that level @of sports and football. @it is so amazing sometimes. @i expect him to continue to be @the example for everybody. @>> when you miss a little bit @of that show, you miss a @lot. he is now the @frontrunner, with the 49ers. @that shermer former browns had
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@browns head coach, ohio state @needed a win they lost two in a @row people -- state lost two in @a row. @leading the buckeyes with 22. @>> a geography lesson, israel, @australia, and hawaii. @>> it is the wide world of @sports.>> coming up next, a @couple of java. @transported by matthew @dellavedova -- see how it has @been inspired by matthew
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@ @ it is already australia day @and a cavaliers star, the @cleveland coffee company, @offering their new coffee. @>> this was created by matthew @dellavedova , a custom blend @of coffees, head to @for a list of where you can buy
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@ thank you for being with @us. @>> have a great night.
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