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tv   Channel 3 News Today  NBC  January 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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@ @ good morning, everyone, @right now it's at 6:00, nice to @have you with us, we got the @local news, big headlines, @really the story this weekend @is going to be the weather, so @we are going to change, going @to change again and then @probably change again after @that. @>> several wardrobe changes. @>> here we go. @>> over the coming days. @ it's mild as you are waking @up this morning, it's breezy so @chilly enough for the kids, @upper 30s to low 40s. @>> where we were earlier this @week.
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@expect through friday and get @to all the changes that john @was talking about, in the @meantime today, breezy, mild @most of the day is going to be @dry i think we'll see some @sunshine, i really do, if you @see enough it we could pass up @that 47, it might end up 48, 49 @degrees. @have i got a small chance of a @shower in there at 5:00, most @of you will still be dry, it @should be more like 6:00-l @tonight that the rain moves in @for all of you west to east. @look at these temperatures @right now, upper 30s to near 40 @degrees, so super mild for this @time of the day, right now @satellite and radar is super @cry quiet there is nothing @going on, it is breezy, you @still need your winter jackets @it is going to feel better than @we did earlier this week, @windchills were 10 below zero, @so it's a roller coaster ride. @ it's a roller coaster ride, @but it's not a roller coaster @ride on the roads, normal drive
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@have this one issue in north @royal ton where traffic lyings @are not working, state road so @treat that as a four way stop, @a little bit of slow traffic @heading north on state, but @again it's not adding too much @time on your commute, since we @are in the area take a look at @71-28, everyone getting by does @fine, normal drive times, john. @>> all right, that is good on a @friday here. @ new overnight police are @investigating a shooting at @east 139th near miles avenue, @that is on the cleveland, @garfield heights border, one @person was shot while sitting @the hospital. @so far no word on his condition @custody. @ update on two stories we've @been following for you, the man @accused of killing a canton k-9 @officer will be arraigned @today. @per field is accused of @shooting and killing jethro @last weekend, yesterday police @officers and the community @honored jethro during a
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@memorial civic is center mr. a @vigil will be held this evening @for the family killed in a @house explosion in northfield @center township, jeff mather, @his wife cindy and two @daughters died in a crash on @upon day. @investigators say they believe @the explosion was a murder- @suicide. @ it's her first local @interview since the grand jury @decided not to charge two @cleveland police officers in @connection with the death of @her is it-year-old son. @tiffany joins us live with a @look at what tamaria rice wants @now. @>> john there is not over, @there so much that she wants, @one of the first things is she @is hoping that the naacp @succeeds in its attempt to get @the grand jury transcripts to @the public, she wants to see @what this process was like, @what happen behind closed @doors, she won't be satisfied @with anything less than a @criminal charge coming from the
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@review of this case. @i really want them to go to @jail for the rest of their @life, i mean what else am i @supposed to say, and they @should never be police officers @again, neither one of them much @and coming up at 6:50, i am @going to let you know how she @says her daughter doing, if you @remember, john, her daughter @ran there at the recreation @center was tackle today the @grown and put in the back of a @squad car while her brother @tamir laid there daying. @>> thank you. @ the grids are in, the ohio @department of education handed @out a's including by village, @soul loan and rocky river for @high graduation rates but @cleveland municipal school @students continue to struggle @and struggle graduating, but @it's 66% graduation rate is an @improvement, the highest in @four years. @ a success story in @cleveland schools is that test @tech high school, the @graduation rate there jumped
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@year, east tech is one of the @district schools working to @raise low in performance rate, @find out how your districts @scored we have all the @information on you are our @website @ good news for all you @drivers, gas prices are staying @low, live picture in groan @where gas prices this morning @are is .69 dollars a gallon, @less than both the ohio and @national averages, some @stations in cleveland selling @gas for 1.59, the only place @place in the country well over @2-dollar is the west coast, @traditionally higher california @has very high state taxes on @gas lien. @ topping the morning news @feed here at 6:05, three people @suspected of plotting a terror @attack have been arrested in @indonesia, in donation @television says so far there no @indication the men linked to @yesterday's deadly attack in
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@for that attack which killed 7 @and injured more than 20 other. @ an announcement is @suspected today, took over a @federal wildlife refuge, @hosting a community meeting @tonight to explain why it took @over the building and announced @when they will leave. @this comes as resentment toward @the group grows among the @people who live in burns, @oregon. @ as the 2015 filing season @is just about to get under way, @the irs is delivering a double @dose of good knew toss @taxpayers, the agency says @people won't have to wait as @long to get questions answered @on its phone hotline, irs hired @more customer service reps @after getting a bigger budget @from congress. @ fewer taxpayers will get an @audit and the irs says they are @not going to replace them. @ health i can't hurt for dog @owners, a new strain of dog flu
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@coast. @vet mayors confirmed two cases @of k-9 flu in washington state, @experts say the cases stem from @a doggy day care where 90 dogs @came down with respiratory @problem, sneezing, coughing and @acting let average i can, the @dog flu is rarely fatal. @ time right now 6:07, why @parents spend so much more time @on facebook than those without @kids, we'll tell you what is @going on there. @ plus if you have been wait @to go try amazon prime, matt @granite talks about this all @the time, price drops this @weekend, online giant is @offering the savings and how @long you can take advantage of @this dole. @ the deal is well, a little @lacking as we get into the @weekend, it's warming up so we @are mild and breezy as you are @tgif by the way, temperatures @30s, to near 40 degrees this
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@skies, sunshine, we'll end 40s @to near 50, shower with a @question mark for the early @evening rush i think we'll get @into better chances for rain @later than that, we are going @to track hour by hour, those @are always instant, so you @never have to worry about a @thing, we've had a week of busy @days, it is friday, the 15th of @january, hard to believe we are
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@ @ a little money news at @6:11, if you think about trying @amazon prime, the price for @annual membership is dropping @from $100 to $93, -- $73. @the sale is to celebrate @amazon's two golden globe @awards for series, mozart in
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@midnight tonight and ends late @sunday night. @ chipotle is closing its @restaurants for one day, all @part of the plan to win back @customers after their e. coli @outbreak, on february 8th now, @february 8th is the date, all @chipotle locations are closed @to talk about employees, new @marking plans, chipotle has @implemented new food safety @measures but still haven't @found the initial cause of the @outbreak. @i don't know about you, but the @one by my house, there is @parking spots now. @>> same thing with the one by @my house. @ 6:12 right now, a lot of @you waking up the first thing @you do you probably reach for @your phone, in are smart phone @users check facebook 13 times a @day. @>> how do you measure up with @that, we are learning parents @spend more time on than non- @parents, i don't think there is @a surprise to that. @>> no, of course not.
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@children, they check up on @their teens, they share their @kids milestones, study also @says it's because parents are @on their smart phones more for @things like checking schedules @or online shopping, so you are @already on there and thinking @like, maybe i should check @facebook to see if hollie has @put a picture out there. @>> we are in search of a gummy @pizza right now, he is not on @social media. @>> he had the drawing the other @day of a gummy pizza,. @>> it does exist. @>> that is your weekend. @>> right,. @ we will throw in a couple @basketball games and call it a @day. @ it's a long one for the @kids, some are off today, all @off on monday, temperatures are @mild, pro 30s to near 40s @degrees at the bus stop, we've @been talking about those winds, @you know, sustained 15-20 miles
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@milder weather for tgit, @tracking rain and pulled again, @up and down we continue to go. @the plan is going to be highs @well into the 40s today, i do @think we are going to see some @sunshine which will be @fabulous, low 40s by lunch, 47 @or so for the high today, if we @hold on to that sunshine long @enough, it could be 48-49 @degrees, chance of shower at 5, @mainly west i think a lot of @you will still be dry at that @point in time. @as you are waking up it's 37 in @ashtabula, 39 in akron, canton, @this is feeling pretty nice. @the winds. @and thankfully with as mild as @it is, you don't seem to mind @it as much, all across the @region we have the warmup, the @cold air isn't too far away @behind the front pushing @through, quiet, it's gettingity @act together, we see some @moisture to the west and @southwest, but like i said it @is really going to take until
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@we track on future view, 1:30 @morning, at 6:00 tonight, we @are seeing some rain to the @west of points, sandusky south @into mansfield will have the @rain, 7:00-9:00 further @eastward from downtown @cleveland, if you going to see @annie to night, plans to come @downtown, have some dinner, @it's going to be wet roads for @your commute so make sure you @are aware that, front pushes @through and behind it it will @be colder again. @here is your window nation @seven day forecast. @scattered snow showers for your @saturday, temperatures will be @in the 30s. @could see some light @accumulation, 20s and scattered @snow sunday, kids are off for @mlk on monday, it is going to @20s on tuesday. @ how about a check on the @drive with danny. @ we are good, no problems @out on the highway, those of
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@typically a light traffic day, @a number of kids are out of @school today, .7 north between @480, 97 and 490 interchange @your normal 5 minute commute a @okay. @ it is 6:16 time for bigger @winners and biggest losers @today, biggest loser i don't @think this is one of the worse @passes i have ever seen, it @might be up there add one of @the painful, the guy taking it @to the face he is showing why @he is a winner when it comes to @toughest, so the warriors @andrew was passed, and it will @hit right square in the face of @nuggets, we have a close-up of @this, he puts his arms up but @wow that is playing good @defense by putting your face in @front of the ball, was it a bad @pass or was that done on @purpose? @just asking the question. @i will give the loser award for @the pass. @stayed in the game.
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@under 13 twins berg ac girls @soccer team, hey they won their @last five tournaments, playing @soccer together, they become @quite the power house, great @job ladies and good luck @keeping this winning streak @going, my thanks to nichole for @sending in the picture. @5 tournaments in a row they @have won, hollie, that is @against great competition, if @you would like to nominate your @champ jan or all star e-mail @them to me or tweet them to me @at john wkyc, we get to @building about your kids. @>> we love bragging about them. @>> yes. @>> they deserve it. @>> they do. @ 6:17, travel warnings, @specifically for women, a look @at what -- a look at the virus @caused by mosquitoes some are @worried could be brought to the @u.s. @ the republican debate had @candidates going after each
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@mind, everything you need to @know coming up in a live @report. @ it's weather out your @window, 6:18, we are calling @this one pretty pink skies. @>> i like that. @>> isn't that? @joe dee from canton sent this @one in, we have a ton of @pictures from last night much @spectacular. @but thank you for them. @keep them coming, we show them @every morning about this time. @hope you are having a great
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@ @ welcome back, 6:21 the @gloves came off between donald @trump and ted cruz in the last @night rubble dan presidential @debit, if you missed any of it @hire is tracy pots live from @washington with the recap, @tracy. @ and we are topping this @recap with donald trump and ted
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@i can't for months they got @into it on a number of issues @last night, attacking each @other, it looks like so called @bromance is over. @the seven candidates left on @stage tried to focus on @president obama. @>> this could guy with a pet @loan child. @>> and hillary clinton. @>> hillary clinton would be a @national security disaster. @>> at times they turned on each @ott, donald trump questioned @ted cruz's birth. @>> there is a big question mark @on your head and you can't do @that to the party. @>> accused cruz of flip @flopping on immigration. @>> that is not consistent @conservativism. @>> ben carson tried to be the @umpire. @>> the 2012 election, you know, @we, and when i say we, @republicans tore themselves
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@>> cruz explained not @disclosing a half million @dollars loan. @>> i made a paperwork error. @>> there were differences on @iran, syria, beening muslims @and whether to tax chinese @imports. @>> i think we should be for @free trade but fair trade. @>> there is one republican @debate left before the iowa @caucuses. @>> that one is happening @january 28th. @just a few days above the @people in iowa go to vote and @actually is happening in iowa, @if you want to see the @democrats they will be on nbc @on sunday happening in south @carolina. @>> tracy, before you go, they @have been.having these under @card debates where a lot of @people haven't been able to @watch those, anything come out @of that? @>> right. @well, the fact that rand paul @just decided not to show up @because he couldn't be on the @main stage. @but also carly fiorina who was @there spend a lot of her time @targeting hillary clinton @including at least one not @personal attack, i like
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@other like the female candidate @in this case, clearly there is @only one. @>> you know where that @direction is going, tracy, @thank you. @ it is 62:00, the cdc could @issue a travel warning as soon @as today not to travel to car @rib bone and central and south @america, in those regions the @zeika virus is being blamed, @transmitted by mosts but not @deadly, symptoms include, a @fever, rash, joint pain and red @eyes, they rarely last longer @than a week, however because @the virus was previously so @rare, the community says they @have to lot to learn. @ brides to be looking for a @personalized one of a kind @experience can now get it @through brides magazine for a @price. @the publication launched a @private access program that @gives brides to be an @experience private style @consultation and breakfast with @an editor, the magazine will @post photos of experience to
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@you a digital book of all that, @the cost it's just over @$12,000. @$12,000. @>> i say go to a beach. @>> that is with you did. @>> yes. @>> easy. @ 6:25 right now. @we are tracking milder weather @today, hope you are having a @great start to your friday, it @is going to end up close to 50, @upper 30s to near 40, but it's @breeze yes, so a lot of you @have been commenting on that, i @know some schools are out @today, they are all out on @monday for part in luther king @and on the travel map @everything is quiet around here @for now, we are tracking rain, @and it looks like that is going @to arrive later on this @evening, as far as exact @timing, stick around, i am @going to take you hour by hour @coming up in just minutes so @that you can plan your friday @night, and know exactly what to @expect. @but in the meantime, it's @looking a lot milder i can'ts @consider the country today in @general, lots of 40s, lots of @of 50s.
6:22 am
@and rain in atlanta today, @detroit is in the low 40s, will @be mid to upper 40s, if we keep @enough sunshine around, john, @it's eye possible, for a high @today. @>> how about that. @>> remember the beginning of @the week. @ still ahead at 6:30, hours @after the center of the ebola @crisis was declared ebola pre, @a new case was company firmed @that story coming into the @morning news feed, will. @ john, annie the mice i call @comes to playoff square heave @in cleveland why one of the
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master
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@ @ right now 6:30 welcome back @every win, hollie has your @forecast coming up for the @weekend and it's worth checking @out, there is changing and then @more changes she'll figure it @all out for us. @ today one of the men @accused of assaulting and @robbing a local police will be @arraigned in court, john jay @phillips robbed the priest at @gun point in the parking lot of @holy rosary church in little @italy, no word on the other two @suspects in case. @ a reward is being offered @who catched a woman who @assaulted an akron woman with a @hammer, they say attacked a 65- @year-old woman and stole her @purse, it happened on dodge
6:25 am
@suspect is in her 40s, 5'5", @5'7", a $4000 reward is being @offered. @ lebron james has a new @reality tv series in the works, @maverick carter launching a new @show called cleveland hustle, @it will be on cnbc, james and @carter will give four local @people the chance to start @their own businesses which will @provide jobs and services for @donees in need, the show is set @to day bow sometime this year. @cavs lose at 10, 99-95, they @are at houston tonight. @ and you've got a lot to @tell us. @>> i know, i can write a book @about this weekend, it's like @the weather really moody. @ right and then we are going @to get cold again, before that @we've got rain, so we are going @to -- i will be right back, @john. @ we are going to forecast @much milder weather, upper 30s @to nearly 40 degrees, it is
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@biggest thing is still bundling @up the kids at the bus stop, @some kids are out today and @monday, some monday for part in @louter king day, 49, 43 at @noontime and 47 at 5:00, some @of you may well end up 48-49 @degrees today, partly cloudy @sky, holding off on rain @chances i think after dinner @time for most of you. @these are current temperatures, @and you're already above where @you should be for highs, upper @30s to near 40 degrees. @what a difference from earlier @this week, it's like john was @saying, the weather is just all @over the place. @typical of january during an el @nino year that is for sure. @now on satellite and radar @there is really nothing going @on at this point, so the storm @system is still way out there @and organizing itself. @and we will track hour by hour, @i will let you know exactly @when to expect the rain an @eventually the snow, yes, there @is more of that.
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@>> back at you and back to all @of you, welcome to your friday. @ here is a picture on 77, @because we have a breakdown 97 @south, it's taking out the left @lane but as we look at the @traffic map we are not seeing @any big delays here, so we do @have normal drive times, also @in north royal ton, traffic @lights are not working at state @route 82 at state road. @so, just prepare for a little @bit of slow traffic in the @area, and remember to treat @that as a four way stop, other @than that we are looking great @on our highways, no accidents @to report and normal drive @times. @>> john back to you. @ time right now it is 6:33, @the man accused of killing a @police dog will be in court @this morning, hundreds of @people attended a special @memorial service to honor @jethro, it was an emotional @ceremony at the canton memorial @civic center, he was shot @during a confrontation with a @burglary suspect, he later dyed
6:28 am
@officers came from all over to @honor the fallen k-9 officer. @>> there is no greater love @than one laying his life down @for one's friends. @this type of sacrifice will @never be in vein, and this will @never be forgotten. @>> suspect charged in @connection with jethro's death @is in the stark county jail @facing several charges. @ you are looking for a job, @quicken loans arena is holding @a free job expose for veterans @and military spouses getting @career advice include resume @building, networking and @interview tips, keeping more @than 80 employers and being @held monday, january 25th from @9:00-2:00. @ 6:34, topping the morning @news feed, hours a west africa @being ebola free. @a woman died from the december @earlier this week, confirming @she was ebola positive.
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@this an isolated case, sierra @leone had been declared ebola @free back in november, @yesterday morning lie boar i @can't was declared ebola free. @ a teenage boy has died and @two others are in the hospital @after they were pulled from an @icy colorado pond, a person in @the neighborhood saw the boys @yesterday and called for help. @authorities say the teen who @died was the last one pulled @from the pond, it took crews 35 @minutes to locate that @teenager. @neighbors say trails there are @being used as a shortcut. @ the duck boats are @returning to seattle four @months after a deadly accident, @a crash between a duck bets and @a bus killed 5 and injured @dozens, the duck boats had been @shut down, they'll return today @but no longer use the same @bridge where the accident @occurred, and the tours will @now have two crew members on @board instead of just one like @it was before. @ parents you may want to @tell your kids to clean up @their social media sites before
6:30 am
@accord to go this @morning, 40% of admissions @officers say they will check @out an applicants social media @page to learn more about them @before accepting them. @it can be a positive thing too, @they go looking for leadership @qualities and community @involvement. @ it is 6:36, the broadway @musical annie has made its way @to play house squire in @cleveland, more than a show @about second chances but actual @second chances for some of the @stars, he is live now to tell @us more about this, hi, will. @>> yeah, good morning, john. @the story of annie is about an @orphan girl that gets a second @chance, a new lease on life, @what makes this extra special @is that her four legged costars @did get a second chance and new @leash on life. @there is a tomorrow for rescue
6:31 am
@to the role of annie, it isn't @played by a pup, sandy is @played by a pair of rescue @dogs, beth saved days away from @being put down. @>> this goes to show you when @you give one of these dogs a @chance, the sky is the limit. @they are so amazing and the @stuff they do on stage is mind @blowing. @. @>> the man responsible for only @uses rescue animals, the dogs @are put through a few months of @basic training, then finally @it's time to establish a true @one of a kind relationship with @their costar. @in this case, heidi gray, and @is 1-year-old red head who for @the moment goes by annie. @>> i was very nervous because i @didn't know what they were @going to do on stage, if like @they would get like nervous or @scaried. @but they don't get scared at @all, they are used to it, they @are pros. @>> that is the highlight of @their day, they love going on
6:32 am
@the girl because they know they @are about to have fun and be @around people they love. @>> just as annie goes from the @streets of new york to the high @life, these dogs have gone from @the cage to the stage. @>> it's so mind blowing to me @that these dogs were so close @to being put down, now they are @sandy on the national tour of @annie the musical. @>> they hope by seeing this @maybe if someone is thinking of @getting a dog they'll look for @a rescue. @>> what a great idea,. @that story. @ time right now 6:38 we @still have plenty to come on @the show will we do, matt @granite who has been talking @liquid gold. @ the most coveted culinary @ingredient in northeast ohio is @year. @if you like bitter, but you @want to benefit your health, @stick with me, i have something @amazing but let's stick with @hollie to figure out with is
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@ the weather is nice, very @mild this morning, upper 30s to @near 40 right now, forecast for @today, mild, breezy, late day @rain. @so that is kind of general. @>> yeah. @>> i will define it. @i am going to track it hour by @hour. @ hollie you will get cash at @the atm. @>> always. @>> do you pay the fee? @i hope not. @>> i hope not, too. @>> but the numbers that are in, @how much the banks are making @off you when it comes to those @little atm fees, they are not @little anymore.
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@ @ let's talk money and how @quickly it goes at the atm, how @much banks are making up those @atm fees, bank of america, @wells fargo and chase pulled in @$6 billion from you, these @numbers are out in a new report @from the consumerist, capping @atm fees at $2 is a campaign
6:35 am
@presidential candidate bernie @sanders and hillary clinton, @we'll see if that takes off @will mr. all right. @matt granite, you keep pushing @this liquid gold. @>> and i will say this is one @deal i have featured that needs @no pushing, in fact all i need @to do is stand up here holding @two bottle the of this and i @will tell you right now, @thousands of our viewers are @buying and selling these out. @what do i have in my hand? @liquid geld, mack dame i can't @nut oil -- macadamia nut oil, @tastes like butter except this @stuff is amazing for you, take @a look at the ultimate butter @substitute. @now unlike olive oil which is @not safe to cook with at high @heat, macadamia nut oil is not @heat sensitive, it is better @for you than any oil out there, @it has tons of health heart @benefits, the deal today you @get two bottles for 24 bucks w @free shipping this is the best
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@boy one of those battles on @their own for about 25 bucks, i @am getting you two for under @that, this is not a paid @product, we done care whether @or not you buy it much 5:50 we @had tv's dr. derek weigh in, he @referred to this as the best @oil on earth that you will ever @use, last time i featured this, @it sold out in about 90 @minutes, it is almost gone. and john i want to @point out that our view @everybodies are buying on @average 18 bottles to per @order. @>> it's really good. @you were nice enough to give me @a battle to try the last time, @and it's delicious. @>> oh, make it happen. @make it happen. @i am going to buy one or two @just to try it, we are going to @buy 18. @>> boy 18, put the rest on e- @bay, make a killing. @>> not only save money but make @money.
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@>> yes and the weather is going @to be all over, it seems like @it was an eight day week. @ do you think maybe because @of the weather. @start. @days, sky alerts and things, @now we are warming back up, we @are going to get cold again, it @is a long weekend, so we'll be @probably feeling a little @strange next week, too. @as for many of i will be a @school today. @upper 30s to around 40 at the @bus stop, it's very mild. @its it is breezy so the kids @still need their coats on, @normal high is 34, everyone of @you is above that right now. @so, just to put it in @perspective, earlier in week we @had windchill advisories and @windchills 10-15 below zero. @mild rain, tracking rain, @colder for the weekend, today's @weather through the day and i @brought this up yesterday, i
6:38 am
@a great friday, partly sunny @skies at times, yes it's going @to be breezy, you are going to @have that oh, there is @something brewing, some kind of @front i think we stay dry this @afternoon and early evening, @we'll talk about when the rain @arrives, upper 30s to near 40s, @mild weather regionally, colder @weather pretty far to north and @west, that moves in for the @weekend, radar is quiet this @morning as we are waking up, @here is the track, and as we go @hour by hour this bridges us to @noontime -- brings us to @noontime, then 6:30 tonight is @when we start to see the rain @moving in from west to east, @still dry on the east side, but @those of you west are @definitely seeing that green @and it will continue to spread @eastward through midnight and @it looks like overnight showers @will start to mix with snow @showers and tomorrow with much @colder air moving in, we'll @have scattered snow for your @saturday.
6:39 am
@back in place, window nation @seven day forecast shows highs @in the 30s, i don't think the @snow tomorrow is a huge deal, @accumulation, sure. @20s on sunday so it gets cold @showers, mlk day, so thankful @that are the kids are off, a -- @we are back 20s tuesday, @week. @6:47 and we have weather. @ friends at the apl sent us @these pictures, start with this @morning and we have mia, mia is @111 years old who came to apl @in july, shy at first but will @warm up to you. @and is looking at a home, you @can see me at the adoption @center in tree month. @martha is had 9.5 years old, @kitty cat looking for a home, @you can find martha at the pet @smart in parma, martha does @well with cats and has been
6:40 am
@help out mia and martha, we @appreciate that, apl does a @great job. @>> yes, for sure. @ we have a lock at stories @trending online, a california @nurse is trying to come to @terms with the fact she did not @win the powerball jackpot. @ workers at park avenue @healthcare celebrated thursday @after hearing a coworker won @the massive $1.6 billion prize @but the party soon turned to @confusion when word came out @that the nurse's son as a joke @had sent his mother a picture @of of what he said was the @winning ticket. @it wasn't. @so far no one in california has @come forward to claim that @prize. @>> man oh, man. @ a popular lip baum company @facing a legal battle, you may @have seen this pop up on your @facebook feed. @evolution of smooth has been @hit with a class action lawsuit @that claims the company is @misleading consumers, while @ignoring serious adverse side
6:41 am
@summer fruit version of this @lip baum caused blisters and a @rash all over her face. @ several others have posted @pictures online complaining of @similar problems. @evolution of smooth tells nbc @news that all ingredients used @in its products are safe and @approved by the fda. @ check this video out, @remember the car in new york @who made headlines after it was @encased in ice? @it is now free. @it became frozen in ice after @waves crashed in from lake @erie, they then pulled the car @out of the shell of ice before @towing it away. @i'm serious, i thought we @wouldn't see this car still -- @>> ever again. @>> until mid summer at least. @>> like fireworks would be @going off with for the fourth @of july. @>> how expensive that towing @bill. @ after the break, your @morning rush. @ right now let's check in @with tiffany. @ it's first local interview
6:42 am
@not to charge two officers in @connection with her son's @death, coming up, i'll let you
6:43 am
@ @ welcome back, time for @today's top stories in your @morning rush, hollie has a wild @forecast coming up for the @weekend, danny has latest kick
6:44 am
@deal and tiffany with reaction @of the mother of tamir rice. @ investigating a shooting @east 39th and miles op the @cleveland garfield heights @border. @a man was rushed to the @hospital, no word on his @condition or police have any @suspects. @ in summit county a vigil @will be held this evening for @the family killed in a house @explosion, northfield township, @jeff mather and wife cindy and @two daughters died in the blast @on monday. @investigators now say they @believe the explosion was a @murder-suicide. @tiffany. @ tamari rice, mother of @tamir rice, she sat down for an @exclusive interslew, she talked @about how she is doing and what @she is hoping for next. @she talked a little bit about @her daughter as well, you might @remember it was her daughter @who actually was one of the @last people to see tamir alive, @she says her daughter is
6:45 am
@surveillance video shows her @running to tamir's side moments @after he was shot only to be @tackled to the ground and put @in a squad car less than 10 @feet from where her brother was @there dying, tamaria says her @daughter is still having a @difficult time, when you talk @about moving forward, she still @wants to see some sort of @federal criminal charges here. @john. @ tiffany, good news for @drivers, gas prices are staying @low, take a live look at bp in @groan where gas prices right @now $1.69 a gallon, less than @both ohio and national @averages, we found some @stations in the cleveland area @selling gas for $1.59s this @morning. @ right now we have some slow @traffic on 799 north trying to @get into downtown, it's @currently about 2-3 minute @delay, we have a crash reported @.11 south near no backup on 11
6:46 am
@take 97 at 480, that breakdown @97 south bound has cleared. @hollie. @ thank you, danny, we are @talking milder weather today @and breezy, highs near 47 or @so. @we are expecting some sunshine @with late day rain i think it @is going to move in more @towards this evening, so like @around 6:00 from west to east. @so this will have an impact on @your friday evening plans, be @aware that, wet roads. @tomorrow back to snow, @temperatures colder behind the @front, scattered snow showers @30. @scattered snow and 20s on @sunday, mlk day kids are out of @the snow be good thing, it's @cold. @ now it's time format's @bonus deal of the day. @>> amazon prime .73 dollars @beginning tonight, i @listed all the perks of of @prime membership as well as a @30 day free trial if you done @feel like you want commitment. @>> okay. @>> the mac nut oil selling on as we speak.
6:47 am
@>> hook your mom up. @>> mom, hear that? @ and whatever you do never @gets old. @ it really done. @>> i didn't realize i'm doing @that. @>> do it more. @>> bonus dole of the day. @>> you are good at that. @>> way to send you off to the @today show.
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