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tv   Local 12 News at 11  CBS  March 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:20pm EST

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>> rob: protests inside and protests outside force donald trump to cancel a rally tonight. police say he resisted arrest and when they found much more than they were expecting. >> rain moves back in for the weekend. forecast coming up >> rob: good evening everybody, almost every night for the past few months donald trump has about in front of a crowd. the trouble started when
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started clashing with trump supporters. >> mr. trump just arrived in chicago and has determined for the safety of all the tens of thousands of people that have gathered, tonight's rally will be postponed until another day. thank you very much for your attendance. >> rob: peace was in short supply. one person rushed the stage. whether donald trump is coming to cincinnati this weekend is up in the air. the trump campaign won't be visited sunday at least at this point. >> reporter: the spokesman tells us that the energy center won't work fort rally.
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schedule a last minute stop here. he is stocking up and donald trump signs. >> i like the fact that he is an out sider. he is abyss -- a business person what is going to get things done. >> reporter: it remains to be seen it trump will still try to squeeze in the stop at the queen city. >> my name is scott, i volunteer with hillary clinton. >> reporter: president clinton continues to stump for his wife. he says tone will be different than what you see at other
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>> you are seeing a lot of rhetoric. i think hillary has the substance to go the distance. >> reporter: we will find out if ohio governor john kasich can go the distance in his home state. he and trump are neck and neck in the polls this weekend. what happens next is anyone's guess. >> political experts and minute scientists as well as people in the media are absolutely flummoxed. >> reporter: in four days there could be less confusion. two things are certains it is up to the voters whatever happens it will take more primaries to get closer to rallying around
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>> rob: we will have the live speech from john kasich tomorrow on if you will be 18 by time the voting comes in november, you will be able to vote in the election if you are 17. >> the fundamental right that i it. >> rob: secretary of state issued a statement tonight saying there will not be enough time to appeal the decision, so he directing all county boards of elections to allow 17-year-old who will turn on or 18 before november 8th to be allowed to vote on tuesday.
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dealing with another setback to backers of medical marijuana. he says there were problems with the language in the proposed amendment. it wasn't the arrest itself that has police concerned, it is what police found after the arrest, explosives and the materials to make more. >> reporter: with their guns drawn, kenton county officers ordered the 38-year-old to the ground. he didn't comply and then charged at the officers but. but that was just the beginning for police. hours later the bomb squad was called. >> the driveway is still ate
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spent hours inside and outside the home. he was charged with menacing andry sifting arrest. officers went inside. they found drug supplies. it is unclear what the materials are for, but a detectivive did say they were no recreational explosives or fireworks. one man said his kids did play with his children all the explosives and drugs were found
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madison junior senior high school is not wasting any time beefing up security. students will be checked in at random as he enter the building. saint patrick's is coming to downtown cincinnati earlier. the route runs along the river front port. organizer say the change is way to highlight the development all along the river. one of the biggest races for the year for runners from the
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27,000 people attend. local 12 is asponsor of the event. the first race starts at 730 :30 sunday morning good evening to you we are going to see a little bit of the wet weekend but the saint patrick's day parade looks drier than the run. best chances for rain are in the afternoon and early evening. the temperatures stay mild all day long. temperatures will be in the lower 60s. the 2k kids run starts at noon. temperatures will be in the mid-60s by then but we will see
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lower 40s for wilmington. we are dry and quiet right now but clouds are on the increase. we will track the hour by hour coming up. >> rob: thanks very much. she was known for gla more and style as the world said goodbye to nancy reagan many people were in the crowd. the service was held at the reagan presidential library. and the love that she and president reagan had was part of every tribute. she was laid to rest next to her husband. what had given instruction that they be bury side by side with
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mch more to come, includuding >> rob: this is why it is a very nervous night in louisiana. the water may top the levy. the water is being diverted but that raising flood risk elsewhere. some parent insist louisville got a troubles phone
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into their child's daycare. the driver told paramedics that he had low blood sugar that made him pass out. the director did a wonderful job of going to emergency mode. a new nature trail it open just in time for spring. the ribbon cutting was held in afternoon. he was rebuilt and cleared to make is easier to access and prevent flooding. indiana law makers say they will be able to fix state roads and bridges without raising taxes. it will tap in the states it two million dollars budget reserve. the bill now goes the governor for his signature.
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rebuild rebuild. that's the goal of the rabbit hash general store. tomorrow's event will feature a pig roast and live music. and they are probably glad they have the tent because it is going to rain. >> yeah we are going to see slight chances for rain tomorrow. i don't think saturday is going to be that bad of a day. sunday we are most likely going to have more widespread rain. take a look at this. this is around the thomas moore college. it was a beautiful night. i have the sunset an the moon
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twitter and my facebook page. you can check it out. take a look at this, we topped out in the upper 50s today right now quiet, taking a live look at downtown cincinnati from the atrium medical center weather camera. we will have these clouds stick around for a while longer. the northeasterly wind has helped keep the airport warm. we are still in the 50s now. still 8 degrees above the norm for this time of year. some of us falling into the upper 40s. soshgs we will continue to stay quiet for a little while longer.
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probably later on saturday. tomorrow morning we will be tracking whatever it close to us but most the saturday morning should remain dry. if we do see anything tomorrow morning it will be very isolated sprinkles but the better chance move in for the afternoon. this is what is bringing our better chances for sunday. more moisture coming up there mississippi and that moisture rides north ward through the weekend continues to bring us scattered showers chance. for the next 48 hours, dry overnight. we will have mostly cloudy skies if not cloudy skies, they will thicken up, by the time we get to noon a sprinkle or isolated shower.
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very widely scattered at best. so they will be few and far between. not going rule out some heavier downpours. better dhans chances for storms on sunday. after 10:00 more widespread rain. sunday morning a good chance for rain. at heart mini starts at 10:30. the afternoon we will gain some moisture, warmth and some energy and that will trigger some heavier downpours and some thunderstorms sunday late
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we may catch the break sunday night. the rain sticks around through early workweek. temperatures still, despite the clouds and rain get up to about 60 degrees. don't forget we spring forward this weekend. upper 60s for monday with scattered showers so you are still going to needed umbrella. catch a break on tuesday. but thursday, it looks like just a mix of sun and clouds temperatures gradually fall into the 50s. but 53 by the end of the seven day forecast. >> rob: sunday seems like a wash out.
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to deal with some heavy downpours but more widespread definitely. >> rob: thanks very much have a good week pd. what a good day in college basketball. miss can he tiers takes on he iston american workers brought us back from the crash. now, let's move forward. we need jobs that provide dignity and a bright future. new penalties to stop companies from moving profits and jobs overseas. for businesses that create
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a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term. we've gotta create new jobs and industries of the future. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> rob: the friday night final it next with brad, lots of basketball to talk about. have a good weekend everybody,
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>> brad: well hey there it is time to tip off the friday night final if college basketball is be. we start with the biggest get together in the big apple. tonight second seat thes xavier takes center stage against the pirates of seton hall. at the break the muskies why down 11. they didn't shoot very well and had the lot of turnovers.


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