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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 5  CBS  March 10, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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3 good morning.we'll get to those top stories in just a moment.but first we want to start with a first check of your's meterologist john gumm.
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3 a man accused of "jay walking" on a downtown street returns to court today to face a new judge in his controversial case. charles harrell shot video of the arrest with his phone on february 6th and posted it on facebook. from there the case has gotten more and more bizarre. local 12's perry schaible joins us *live* with more on what's expected
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3 this is the second time the case against charles harrell will be heard by a hamilton county judge. the first time ended with a mistrial after judge heather russell recused herself. today, all the charges will be heard by judge richard bernat, who is known for being tough. harrell is charged with obstruction of justice, resisting arrest, contempt of court and misdemeanor drug possession. all of those charges stem from the february incident, where harrell was allegedly jay walking while his cell phone was rolling. in court friday, harrell or someone with him, violated courthouse rules by taking a picture of officers and posting it on facebook. there were also some unpleasant comments made on the page about judge russell. harrell's defense attorney asked judge russell to recuse herself and she agreed. so today, they start fresh. harrell's attorney told local 12 he looks forward to getting
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arresting officer back on the stand. 3 harrell has been in jail since friday. local 12 will be in court today and bring you the latest information on this case as soon as it becomes available. 3 one person is dead after a shooting in over- the- rhine last happened around 10 o' clock at vine and green. police have identified the victim as 31- year- old james person is in custody and is being questioned. but so far there are no charges.. and officers aren't searching for additional suspects. cincinnati police say the shooter claims that mixon tried to rob him. 3 lt. steve saunders/cincinnati police department: (26:25:45) "we need to look at all the factors and take into consideration the information that person gives us as well as information from people who have observed the scene. and we'll go from there." (26:37:03)if you know anything about the shooting.. call crimestoppers at 513- 352- 3040. 3 a local mom who turned to medical marijuana to help her sick daughter is going to the statehouse today to push for its legalization.scarlett leisure's 14- month- old
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condition that causes epilepsy. doctors prescribed several medications that didn't help... instead scarlett says they just made her baby girl seem lifeless.she weaned her off of the prescriptions with the help of cannabis she's trying to clear up misconceptions and push for change. 3 (scarlett leisure)17:22:59 "it's just lack of education is why it's not legal. because if someone would have asked me a year and a half ago to legalize medical marijuana, i probably would have said no. :07 because i didn't know all the benefits that it has." 17:23:11leisure says she's able to use legal hemp oil to regulate her daughter's seizures now.. but she traveled to colorado to get cannabis oil with a higher level of t- h- c to wean her off of the medications.leisure will testify today in front of an ohio house task force.. looking into possible medical marijuana legislation. 3 officers from the tristate are training and gearing up for a bicycle ride that ends in washington d.c.the police unity tour honors officers who've been killed in the line of duty.roughly 25 officers from our area are making the
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15- hundred will participate nationwide.this year cincinnati police are riding in honor of sonny was ambushed, shot, and killed last year. 3 sgt. bryan ton police dept: 38:59 "it's a true honor. it's a true honor to ride for my brothers and sister who have paid the ultimate sacrafice and been killed in the line of duty. when you're riding, sometimes it gets hard. you're tired. it's at the end of the day you look down at that bracelet and you remember that officer and you remember that officer's family, you remember why you're out there." 39:19 each rider has to raise 18- hundred dollars to participate.we have information on how you can help on local 12 dot- com. 3 an old brewery will be transformed into an entertainment space for art and music.the mockbee sits on a hillside between mcmicken avenue and central parkway. it was built in 18- 80 and was the home of a brewery until it closed during prohibition. the lager tunnels inside will be used as a space for artists to display their work. on the
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3 keith allen: "there's plenty of opportunities for artists around here but this is another area where people can show their art, come down have a drink, show their art and i think people will come because it's such an old building, it's a classic cincinnati building." the first art shows will be held in april. sound artists from the contemporary arts center will perform in the lager tunnels. 3 if you've ever dreamed of being scott kelly, you might soon get your chance.the private space company *blue origins* says it will launch its first test flights with people into space next year. *blue origins* founder jeff bezos says thousands of people have expressed interest in eventually paying to take a trip.the company has launched a ship twice so far, and each one has landed successfully,
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3 the two democratic presidential candidates are back on the debate stage.we'll show you the highlights from last night's debate in miami. plus, saying thank you to a local living legend.we'll show you how a civil rights pioneer
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3 a local civil rights pioneer is getting a big honor from the city of cincinnati. city council renamed the 100 block of walnut street at the banks as *marian spencer way.* spencer was the first african- american woman elected to council ... but that's far from all. she was also the first female president of the local n-double-a-c-p chapter.. and led the fight to desegregate coney island in the 1950s.. and the cincinnati public school system 20 years later.spencer thanked council for the honor ... and also thanked her late husband. 3 we were married for 70 yeras and i can only say thoe were the most fruitful, fulfilng and happiest times of my life. if he returned i'd marry him
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laugherunlike many street re- namings.. this one is not simply honorary. the portion of walnut street in question will actually have the name changed, and new signs will be posted. 3 if you love italian food.. we're tracking a shortage you need to hear about.we'll tell you why one staple item is in short supply.(1:21) i love it too. good for him. what a talent that is. chainsaw mania. (1:26)turning storm damage into artwork.we'll show you just how crafty one artist
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3 3 the day after a major primary surprise in michigan the democratic presidential candidates hit the debate stage for the second time this week. this time, it was in
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contest in just six days. hillary clinton and bernie sanders discussed her email controversy and the auto industry... and with the location of the debate in miami, issues of importance to the latino community were front and center -- especially, immigration. 3 (hillary clinton, (d) presidential candidate): 35-50 "we had republican support. we had a president willing to sign it. i voted for that bill. senator sanders voted against it. just think, imagine where we would be today if we had achieved comprehensive immigration reform nine years ago."(sen. bernie sanders, (d) presidential candidate): 50- 1:07 "secretary clinton prevailed upon the governor of new york, eliot spitzer, who wanted to do the right thing. and provide driver license to those who are undocumented. she said don't do it, and new york state still does not do it."florida will award 214 delegates on tuesday.ohio will also go to the polls that day. 3 a newly released report says
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drones to spy over u- s territory for non- military missions over the past decade. but it also says there have been less than 20 flights in that time -- and they were in compliance with existing law. the information from a pentagon inspector general came through a public records request. 3 chipotle's new food safety rules shut down a location in the boston area, after four workers called in sick.several of them tested positive for customers are infected at this point. employees get paid sick leave, under changes the restaurant chain made after a series of illness outbreaks nationwide. 3 a favorite condiment is getting more expensive.the cost of olive oil spiked 20- percent last year.drought and disease devastated a big part of europe's olive crop.that's what to blame for the jump in's prompting shoppers to switch to alternative oils. global olive oil consumption dropped seven- percent last year. 3 we see storms take down trees all the time...but when an oak tree in a front yard in iowa came down.. the
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stump...they called their friend gary keenan.. a chainsaw sculptor. 3 (1:11) many people are honking and waving as they drive by. when i drove by i was just so amazed i had to stop and take a couple pictures. they'll give me a thumbs up so that makes it more fun. (1:21)the tree is now a sculpture featuring two owls.. a cardinal.. a racoon.. and a squirrel.gary says all of his works are unique because the characters have to fit within the space of the tree trunk.he starts by spray painting symbols on to the wood and then traces them with the chainsaw.after the designs are cut.. they are torched to add shading. this art project will take about five days.gary says he's lucky to get paid for doing what he loves. 3 3 3
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3 slowly but surely getting in the selfie game.we'll show you why a tortoise is trending this morning.a popular beer brand is shaking things up. we'll tell you what's happening to the "most
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approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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3 "the most interesting man in the world" is apparently no longer interesting.mexican beer company "dos equis" is retiring his ad campaign.. at least for now.the campaign is being put on hiatus .. because 77-year old jonathan goldsmith is being replaced.he has played the character since 2007 -- and tripled dos equis sales.but the heineken company is giving him a big sendoff in his final ad.... with a one- way trip to mars.dos equis will reveal a *new* "most interesting man in the world"
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3 an 80- something- year- old tortoise is keeping up on the latest trends.. by posing for a selfie!this is "ali".. seen here with a doctor from the phoenix zoo.the doctor was documenting how often the aldabra tortoise was hiccuping when "ali" approached him and took a peak at the he took to opportunity to snap a picture.. and walked away with this memorable moment.zoo officials say "ali" weighs around 600- pounds. 3 ten thousand 3 books.coming up at five thirty.. local 12's megan moore joins us *live* from a local school with a *big* charity mission. 3 plus, suing to cast a vote. coming up at five thirty.. why 17- year- olds might have a chance to cast their ballot in
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3 3 now at five thirty.moving forward after a school shooting.parents and
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at madison jr/sr high school. 3 plus, the muskies are in the big apple.up next, we'll tell you what you need to know about tonight's marquette matchup in the big east 3 collecting 10,000 books for kids in need. that is the goal the goddard school hopes to reach. i'll tell you how you can help in just a moment. 3 good morning.we'll get to those top stories in just a moment.but first we want to start with a first check of your's meterologist john gumm.
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3 people are dying every day from heroin community members will come together to talk about tackling the epidemic. "focus on hope" will discuss how to intervene with heroin addiction and talk about expanding local's open to everyone and will feature a panel discussion. tonight's meeting will be at the colerain community center starting at 6:30. 3 students and parents are trying to move forward in madison township.last night.. parents got to hear from administrators about plans to keep students safe. this comes after last week's school shooting that injured four students. the accused shooter, 14-year-old austin hancock, is in jail. the district is taking suggestions from parents.. and working with the butler county sheriff's office. they'll hold a similar meeting tonight
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3 happening today.. an ohio judge is set to hear arguments in a dispute over whether the state's youngest voters can have their say in tuesday's presidential primary race.nine ohio teenagers are suing.they claim the state is preventing people who will turn 18 in november from helping pick presidential candidates. secretary of state jon husted says the law is clear: 17- year- olds can only nominate, not elect, because they are not 18. he says tha'ts been the case for thirty years. 3 the musketeers are taking on the marquette golden eagles tonight in madison square garden. one of the keys for the muskies this year has been their depth.. and balance. those important elements for any team looking to make a march madness run.xavier's first game in the big east tournament starts at 7 p- m. they're the number 2 seed in the tournament.if they win tonight.. they'll play either seton hall. 3 collecting 10 thousand books
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local preschools are trying to reach by next week, but they need your donations to get there. local 12's megan moore joins us *live* from the goddard school in mason to tell us how you can help.
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3 you can find more information about the adopt-a-book organization and how you can donate at local 12 dot com. 3 today is "pack your lunch day!" so we want to know -- what was your favorite school lunch?
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3 we want you to join the conversation -- just *like* the local 12 page on facebook to share your thoughts. 3 listen up, extra tax on mountian dew.we'll tell you why sugary drinks could cost
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millions of good jobs lost. communities devastated. the jobs moved overseas. only one candidate for president has consistently fought trade deals that ship ohio jobs overseas. bernie sanders. sanders opposed the disastrous nafta trade deal. opposed special trade status with china. now he's opposing the trans-pacific trade deal. while others waffle, bernie is fighting hundreds of thousands of new job losses. for jobs. for us. bernie. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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3 from soda to juice to tea - the options for sugary drinks are endless... and they're not very a california lawmaker is proposing an extra tax for sugary drinks.. to fight obesity.assemblyman richard bloom is recommending a two- cent per fluid ounce tax added to the price of sugar sweetened drinks.that
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coke would cost 24 cents extra. 3 (:27) "this fee would be imposed on distributors and has the potential to generate $2 billion annually." (:35) that money would go to clinics and nonprofits that target obesity and diabetes.other lawmakers say a tax isn't needed -- because shoppers can make informed decisions by reading nutrition labels. 3 avoiding porch pirates.we'll show you the creative way one
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3 3 new this morning..five people are dead and three injured in pennsylvania ... after a incident at a home in wilkinsburg. a manhunt for multiple suspects is underway, but so far no one is in custody.authorities say a party was going on at the home when the shooting occurred. four of the people who were killed are women.two of the people injured are in critical condition. 3 wonderful pistachios announced that it is voluntarily recalling a limited number of flavors and sizes of in- shell and shelled pistachios due to a risk of salmonella contamination. salmonella can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, elderly, and people with weakened immune systems. 3
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learn if someone has the zika virus in texas.the houston health department laboratory is doing zika testing that offers results in just one day. previously, test samples had to be shipped to the centers for disease control and prevention to be checked.but now, patients in houston and several surrounding counties can learn quickly if they have zika. 3 :50-1:05(porfirio villareal/houston health department)"we are able to tell physicians rapidly that yes we can confirm that your patient does have the zika virus or no you have a patient that has another illness. so that's important so that the doctor can act appropriately." houston's health department says there have been six confirmed zika cases in the city this year.all of the patients visited countries that had zika outbreaks.zika has been linked to a birth defect that causes babies to be born with abnormally small heads. 3 a seattle man creates a new invention to avoid "porch pirates."they are the people who have been making headlines for stealing delivered packages. 3 mike grabham says a package was stolen from his porch during the holidays.he noticed
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security cameras.. so he developed "package guard." when packages are delivered -- they go on top of the guard. the package guard sends you a text -- and you respond by arming the guard from your phone.the package guard turns into a very loud alarm when the package is picked up -- and can only be turned off through the phone.mike says when they go to mass production, they'll sell for
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3 hello from the other side.. of the stage.coming up at six.. we'll show you the moment adele welcomes a pair of fans into stardom.super hero parking.up next, we'll tell you why clark kent and bruce wayne won't actually be
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this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing and we're going to make sure it is stopped. i'm hillary clinton and i
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3 in a matchup between man and machine -- who wins?well, so far, it's the seoul, south korea -- the artificially intelligent computer, "google deepmind" defeated the global champion in the ancient chinese board game "go".the computer win signifies a significant advancement in artificial intelligence.lee se-dol lost the first matchup... but he's got four more chances.if he
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3 foot golf is growing in popularity across the country. the sport is played on a golf course with a soccer etiquette is expected.. and there are pars on each hole. it takes a couple big kicks, and a putt, or pass into the hole.there are a lot of local courses.. like at reeves golf course in the east end.. woodland golf course on the west side.. and world of golf in florence. 3 superhero parking is popping up in florida. the city of cocoa was the first to create preferred parking privileges outside city hall. three spots have been reserved for veterans, active duty military members, police officers and firefighters. according to city officials.. there are plans to add two more at a busy municipal parking lot near the historic downtown shopping all, the sheriff's office will reserve about 15 spots for veterans. 3 extremely stressed.the two things worrying americans the
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overnight.also ahead at six-a life saving a teacher is giving beyond the classroom- it's next on good morning
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balt are battling for her child. listen tie mother's pleas as she goes to the court. details next. from an old tool company to the set of a new music video, the new plans for an old building in the try state. good morning, everybody, we have the top stories in just a moment. all day long, john gum. it's going to be a really wet day, we have rain right now,
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south to north, eastside of 275 loop, it's most concentrated there, and hillsborough through claremont county down to maysville. we are seeing rain moving through, a little break coming and more on the way after that. the rain is going to be scattered, morning drive, but look at what we got going on, all kind of rain coming out of texas, louisiana, out of the gulf of mexico, this rain leads into the ohio valley, the bottom line is we got more to come and it's going to be wet through the day. light rain out there, going to head into the low 60s, not much moving in the temperatures, 58, scattered showers at 8:00, widespread rain interest the an, the drive home is going to be wet with temperatures in the low 60s, we're going to let you know when the rain is going to move out of here and when it moves into the picture, that is coming up in the weather authority forecast. let's checkout the morning drive with jen dalton.


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