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tv   Local 12 News at 6  CBS  February 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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good evening, we begin with breaking news. united states supreme court justice has died. he was visiting a resort. his body was found after he failed to show up for breakfast. he was a staunch conservative.
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celebrate valentine's detente for the this evening we will just have clouds around, gradually increasing. tomorrow our attention turns to snow. a winter advisory is in effect from noon sunday to 10:00 in the morning on monday. just to the east of those county, a winter weather advisory has also been posted. so areas closer to and west the cincinnati will likely see impacts from the winter weather event begins tomorrow. areas east the cincinnati will wait a big longer.
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the area. temperature into the single digit over night. ten degrees by 6:00 in the morning. no snow so track right now on live precision doppler 12 hd. we will have to wait until around lunch time tomorrow initially west of cincinnati. snow develops tomorrow, we will go through amounts and times generallily 1 to 3 inches of snow. thank you, scott. cincinnati police are investigating a homicide. they were called to westwood just after nine in morning. officers found the 23-year-old in a vehicle. call crime stoppers if you can help crack the case.
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investigation, crews were called to madson road and woodland avenue. the flames were contained to a second floor apartment. no one was hurt. five people are dead following a head on crash in downtown dayton. four people in the suv and the driver of the wrong way car died early this morning. investigator suspect that the wrong way driver was drunk. he was just arrest two days ago on i dui charge. the republican debate will take place right here on local 12. it is in south carolina.
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take the stage. >> reporter: before tonight's debate, john kasich and jeb bush continue to work the campaign trail sgroop i hope you will vote for me he next saturday. >> reporter: this state has been good to the bush family. but bush and the rest are all trailing donald trump in the polls. trump and cruz ton to attack each other. bho has the most pressure on thoem perform? >> i think it is rubio. >> reporter: florida senator mar -- >> it is.
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not just on rubio. >> what is the impact of this debate? >> great, four years ago, newt gingrich won the debate. >> reporter: candidated with a poor showing maying forced to drop out. >> the republican national convention is brings local republicans together to watch the debate this evening. brad underwood continues our coverage tonight in studio. >> reporter: the watch party, two things to watch ought for shg the battle between donald trump and ted cruz. tonight's debate will certainly look a little different than the
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hampshire. tonight trump, cruz, bush, casic and rubio and carson. this evening, local republicans will share a meal, talk the issues and the candidates and watch the debate. how will govern john kasich do tonight? he is riding on some momentum. >> but if you like me give me a chance to take this message to america. give me the votes that have you, and call three people and get them to vote. you know what you see right here? there is all there is. there is no secret. this is no secret plan there is no difference it is all the same. you treat people with respect and have you big dreams change
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>> reporter: i did sfeek with ham ill town republican party chairman a short time ago, he expected some tense moments from the candidates. >> thank you. you can watch the republican date right here on local 12 tonight 59 h 59. flint, michigan residents are still dealing with the con tamenated water. >> stount students started collecting donations on monday.
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aleadership group. they saw the crisis on the news and stied decided that they wants to do something about it. they collected water and cash. >> it is great knowing can help people. >> such a passion for us because the kids in flint are really effected. when the watch what the schools are going to go through for an entire generation, and having children of my own it is powerful to see. >> reporter: now they will also be collected donations on tuesday at any of the schools.
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been donated. >> and another group of students spent the day doing something good. three middle school students call themselves soul bros. they met on the seven hills school basketball team, now they are collecting shoes for children in need. their mission to collect a thousand pairs of sneakers. your valentine might have four legs this year. my if you ary valentine is the largest pet adoption event and it is this weekend. it is at the share onville convention center.
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a rock star. pope fran is is spending his first full day in mexico. >> reporter: pope francis emerged saturday morning to the
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the holy father stopped time and time again to bless the sick and kiss babies. they travelled all the way from guatamala to see him on her mother's birth dpap >> it is a very excited experience. >> at the presidential pal ace, the leader delivered a message of tough love. he told them not to be seduced by privilege. for many this is the place to be. crowds are cramped outside of the pope residents. you feel his presence just by being close? yes of course >> the hope also met tonight
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>> the pope is a new nash vil inspired restaurant is now open in the tri-state. nashville hot. it is located in the butter milk shops. nash vit style hot chicken is one the this years hottest food trends. hundreds went for a run under wear. the fun run was about a mile long which here sure felt longer
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it is all for a good cause. they were raising awareness for the children tumor foundation. i was huddled under the covers all morning. i knew that as soon as i was coming in to work it was full throttle on the snow forecast but tonight we are quiet. awful the counties highlighted here including cincinnati, winter weather advisory goes into effect at noon tomorrow. and will be in effect through 10:00 in the morning on monday. in this area we are expected 1 to 3 inches of snow beginning tomorrow. just to the east of those
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adams, highland, brown and mason county also under a weather advisory but that will be in effect from 5:00 tomorrow afternoon. so areas near 7175 will see snow earlier tomorrow compared to these area the but generally speaks, 1-3 inches of snow. this evening just high clouds and temperatures falling through the teens an eventually in the single digits. you can get the hour by hour forecast on the weather authority app and you can track the snow. search for wkrc in the app store to get the app.
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medical center weather camera. wind chill is seven. winds 5-15 miles per hour. some cloud consist coming in from the northwest. cloudy with snow arriving tomorrow.coverage an the intensity of is the snow will increase tomorrow and decrease sunday night. temperatures range from the midteens to the low 20s but factor in the wind, wind is h chills down into the single digits. ten overnight in cincinnati then back up to ten tomorrow. there the disturbance that will give us clouds and snow tomorrow. no snow track right now but that will be the changed in the near future.
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most the day. clouds increasing tonight. lunch time tomorrow, flurry and snow will start to develop. starting in areas west of the city. so there will be some impacts through the monday morning commute but the biggest impacts will be tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. so plan and wet and snow covered roads beginning tomorrow afternoon continuing through sunday night and perhaps in spots early monday. a glancing blow from this system on monday. hour threat level is now be aware. we are going to add snow. plan for wet season snowry roads late tomorrow. visibility will be reduced.
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through 6:00 in the morning tomorrow. snows becomes likely tomorrow morning. ultimately we hit 26 tomorrow evening. slightly warmer monday and tuesday but with more rounds ever rain and snow. then we crank up the heat just in time for the back end of the week. how about a high of 57 on friday. i will take that 57. it looks great. thank you.
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plplayiyi (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already.
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realistic view is often in sight nor xavier basketball. some are saying they are a national championship team. they are facing a butler team playing their best basketball. they could not fall today. they had the highest shooting percentage. he had 12 x up 13. where is the foul? he finished with 13. heed monday sum ner to the he hole kid like that always get the role. xavier wins it 74-57. bearcats needed a win today. uc is out the turny outa win today.
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air, that's nice. beautiful proposal there. first half clark of 15 points. second half carolina staying in it. kevin johnson now the big three, this puts bearcats back up nine. he added 13 off ot bench. 75-60. one more time. didn't make too much sense, kentucky head basketball coach got tossed today in the first few minutes. maybe he was actually mad. maybe he wanted to send a message. they came in suicide south carolina and lsu, whatever it was it worked. it was the second time in three years he has been ejected.
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off the glass. uk up 49-29. the three wide open he had 27 points 12 assists today. the bench loving it. mury takes off one handed throw down. uk wins it 89-62. buckeyes coming off their win. that's easy. he tied the season high today.
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gets it to him. well if you are going out tonight you are going to need a coat.
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all the way down to seven early in the overnight then snow moves in tomorrow especially during the afternoon and evening.
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monday 1-3 inches >> axelrod: breaking news, supreme court justice antonin scalia dead at 79. the high court's conservative anchor found inside his room at a resort in texas. the stage is set in south carolina for tonight's cbs news republican debate. the final six candidates in their last face-to-face showdown before a crucial primary. a deadly pileup on an icy interstate as temperatures in the northeast plummet toward record lows. and why these kids from the class of 2032 have a million


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