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tv   Local 12 News at 11  CBS  February 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> rob: he threatened to cut his ex girlfriends head off. the snow is almost out completely but the cold is here to stay. >> cammy: good evening everyone, we begin tonight with a breaking news alert. the fbi has moved in on the last occupiers of the wide life he refuge inneror.
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left in the refuge. those left have demanded a guarantee that they won't face any charges before they surrender. the protesters have occupied the wildlife refuge since january 2nd. unfortunately domestic violence is all too common. >> reporter: well this is certainly not something we hear about especially with the weapon that was used. it was the topic of the conversation here today.
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as a verbal argument. >> i didn't see anything, i just heard the scream. a neighbor heard the yelling and screaming. >> she shied couldn't move her arm. >> reporter: he stopped arguing pulled out a sword. >> when police arrives, phillips was no longer there. >> it was the worst kind of crimes. we searched high and low for him. >> reporter: they took him into custody in leks xington lexington.
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we spoke to didn't know phillips phillips. reporting live tonight. >> cammy: such a bizarre story. phillips was caught in lexington and spending the night in jail there are. >> rob: the search is on for a killer who shot a mother in the head with her baby in the back seat. she was found in her car in an apartment complex. >> reporter: the baby's father spent hours worrying about his baeb . baby is all smiles. her mother was found shot and
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>> just mourning when i heard, praising god my kid is home safe unharmed >> reporter: his has custody of haven. she she would bring haven back but never returned. she was found in her car. a neighbor can you the kar and heard is running. >> the people this come in the parking lot knows someone here or live here. i don't know if she was connected to anybody here or not but it is bizarre and scary. >> reporter: edwards spent the night worrying is relieved. >> when ever i didn't hear from
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out because i didn't know what was going on with her or my kid. i got the call this morning saying they found my baby. >> reporter: the car's heater kept haven warm. no one has been arrested. >> rob: thanks very much. a neighbor says russells car has been in the area over the past few months. >> cammy: the snow is pretty much gone but it is going to be very cold. >> rob: we are already pretty cold. erica is in for tim tonight. >> it is going to be really cold it is already cold out there now. tomorrow morning it is going to feel below 0. still tracking some flurry that just don't move out. the rest of us are snow free and
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clear out. these clouds are shifting out of cincinnati. we will still have partly cloudy skies but starting to clear out and the snow goes away as well. 13 degrees in hamilton. just a little bit of wind. we have wind chill values in the single digits in hamilton. tole morning's for cast looks like this, start off in the single digits but we see at return to sunshine. way. >> cammy: law makers are trying
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they are looking for the maximum punishment for heroin deal rers right now they must have 250 grams under the bill that would fall to hundred grams. >> cammy: governor john kasich plans to stripped planned parenthood funding. >> rob: the passage of the bill comes at interesting time for john kasich who is trying to win over conservatives in south carolina. he south carolina he sent 0 advertising dollars so far.
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he made his case by referencing a fairy tale. >> i believe that i can get the spirit back and the economic the back. >> rob: tonight he has less competition as well. carly fiorina and chris christie both called it quits today. cyclists say they are gets crowded on the roads. so crowded that the results are deadly. local 12 -- >> reporter: tim burns like to work most days from his home in north side to his home in spring daily.
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countless drivers. he has sh some close calls but says it is mostly enjoyable. >> having time to yourself. you can't let yourself waiver. >> reporter: with the addition of red bikes they are perhaps more bikes and the streets. tt city has i three foot law in places to protect bicyclists but it could be expand. >> it is a patchwork quilt that doesn't. everyone cyclist what asbeen on the road has had the situation where someone tries to pass you too close. and the person in the car doesn't realize what the risk is. >> the risk is very real to the
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the cycling community is still morning a loss of one of their members. >> bha i will do is place the order. >> reporter: the risk is why the onner of spun bicycles says they get territorial of what little space she has. >> my thing is respecting cyclists. >> cammy: and the three foot passing bill has made it through the house. >> rob: visitation and funeral arangments have been set for long time clubhouse amonger for the reds bernie stowe. still to come it was arguably the most talked about
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the search for andy dalton luggage.
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>> i hit may the department of justice is filing a lawsuit in federal district court against the city of ferguson, missouri. >> there is now the fill blown show down. there is a pattern the policing in ferguson that violates the constitution and it has done
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of reform. . >> what we did last night was take out some things we felt were immaterial sto constitutional policing. >> the mayors says it it will be less expense ittive to implement the changes. >> rob: u.s. senators believe north korea should be punished bafshgly the legislation would pin ish those who knowingly give the country the things it needs to create nuclear weapons. it is in response to its recent tests. but intelligence officials believe the satellite is a cover
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>> cammy: two officers were killed today in maryland. the suspect ran to a senior center a few yarsd away. the suspect was also killed. the two deputies had almost 50 years of service between them. >> rob: and did you remember this guy? we showed you his picture earlier this week. they believes the same man behind a heist this morning in fort mitchell. no gun just a note but if you notice the red goatee it is now gone.
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rob a convenience store. if he looks familiar to you call crime stop ers. >> cammy: come tomorrow, 60% of the fleet of streetcars will be in town. as were the last two, it will force some streets to close pf we are seven months way from being able to ride the streetcar. last we told you about the man who had the brush with death. his car was hit by a train twice. >> reporter: tim is home tonight, spending time with his family. he spent the night and university hospital after the jeep he was driving was hit by
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>> he is using a breathing treatment after suffering a punk tured lung. it. >> reporter: he hit a patch of highs. >> seeing the lights and the bars dropped down. i hit my brakes and started sliding forward. i just hit the train. >> reporter: she was trapped and in pain and sheriffs deputies came to the xrieps they said they got to get me out. >> reporter: a cruiser camera recorded as the deputies and another man helped him get into the back of a truck. less than i minute later, a second train came through hitting the jeep again. >> i'm definitely appreciate
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i would like to shake their hands. >> reporter: he says deputy moore has actually called him a couple of times. i did want to mention that tim also suffered not only the lung issue but some broken ribs too. >> cammy: and joe web did a story where he talked to deputies and they are both so humble. that's just their job. >> reporter: i think we will call them heros but if this didn't pull him out he may have died because that vehicle would have been hit. even after this slid into the train, the cars kept banging and sheering metal
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>> we to thank our first responders. the jeep was actually a loaner from a care dealer slip. >> rob: the snow has pushed on tonight. >> the 40s are in the forecast. we are going to continue to sigh a single digit night. you are looking at some video on north side. im i'm still tracking some flurries clearing takes place especially around downtown and westward. here is what we are the tracks
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tomorrow for our a lot of the day and then the cold sticks around with single digit lows. couple of flurries in clarksville. that's going to continue to move east through clinton county. snow free overnight period for the rest of us. take the look at this, the this cold air is dipping so for south that we are in the 30s in northern florida right now. 12 degrees in cincinnati. 13 in hamilton. we are at 14 for areas around wilmington. wind chill value is around 12
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will get winds chills in the single digits. single digit wind chills through much of the morning. tonight's low around eight degrees partly cloudy skies. let me take you through the next 48 hours. decreasing clouds later this evening. the good news is the sun does return tomorrow but snow doesn't maybe low 20s by the afternoon. thursday night we are still dry, but we start to build in some
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i don't think a lot of snow will fall early friday, i'm not going to rule it out but a little bit of accumulation by the morning hours. there is 8:00. better chances move in or the afternoon and evening commute. these darker shades of blue mean heavier snow showers. lower visibility so be careful. by friday night i'm still going to keep the chance in because saturday we still have the couple of lingering chances for flurry. if few snow showers on friday. saturday we will still have flurries season snow showers but
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19 for a high. 24 on sunday. snow moves in sunday evening and monday acalm akum of snow. we still have four days away for significant snow. >> rob: thanks very much. >> cammy: the strange saga of andy dalton lost luggage.
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dalton newews o of th well i'm pretty sure most the bengals nation watched super bowl sunday thinking what if, what if andy dalton didn't break his thumb. the only thing you can do now is look to the future. andy dalton said his thumb might have been healed enough for him to play. he has plenty of time to get back to 100%. his thumbs were works earlier
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to find a pair of suitcases that fell out of his truck. now tonight great news, his bags have been found. well now i've heard it all, former bengals receiver chad johnson always did thing a little differently. he used to collect urine from his teammates and then soak his joints in the urine. cyclones skating against kalamazoo. up by one in the second.
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net initially but that is agoal a piece. is the say clones win by the score of 4-1.
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the well for the past few years march madness got a little maddening. the playing games were called fir round, they are go back the
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of 32. so crisis averting ed. 5th ranks musketeers got blasted by the blue jays and they were never able to recover. >> it is not a hey we weren't troet play. there were speefk things that we talked about and went over. specifically not giving up transition threes early. and then settling for jump shots to start the game. we did those two things. it was almost as if we didn't talk about that which the disappointing. what wants some high school hoops. the three ball goal he led holy
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a loose ball, scooped up get the bucket and the foul. later on with the triple but he is going to be off the mark with the long lefty. gets follow-up to go and the indians would go on to win it. >> cammy: and by the way. ocho at humana, we know when you have your health... ...great things are ahead of you like seeing old friends or making new ones,
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or showing off your skills and being free to keep on ex ploring. choose a humana medicare plan for the care you need... to h elp you have better health for everything that's ahead.
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>> rob: it is going to be really cold in the morning.
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