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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 6  CBS  February 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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rough weather. it will be quiet through the rest of the day. it's colder as we step outside, we're in the 30s at most spots. look at this massive storm system taking shape across the united states, heavy snow stretching through nebraska, iowa, and rain forming ahead of this storm system. some of that gets ahead. and nothing on radar and as i mentioned 30s, 40s, 20s across the airport. we're 8 degrees colder than we were at this time yesterday. mainly cloudy throughout the day. today. we're going to be in the mid-50s later this afternoon with a few scattered showers coming in by the end of the day. the better chance for rain and storms comes tonight as temperatures rise, with will hit 50s by this evening, but along with that, could come a slight to marginal risk of severe weather. could be storms, and i will have
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right now let's get to jen with the morning drive. >> reporter: we have had a couple earlier problems, they're out of the way. as you can see on the map, we're accident-free at this time. we will show you a couple of incidents where volume of traffic is picking up. this doesn't look to bad near loveland madeira, and 275 at coal rain moving along just fine. and 75 near the ronald reagan highway, we have no reports of problems and involve traffic, it looks light, we're trying to see some congestion out there, for now let's send it over to john. cbs news is declaring hillary clinton the democratic winner of the iowa caucus. >> hillary clinton, and bernie sanders were tied. and clinton was declared the winner with 23 delegate. and martin o'malley took the
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he was suspended his bid but not ending the fight. >> breathing a big sigh of relief, thank you, iowa. join melet go win the nomination. >> iowa, thank you. i believe we're going it to do so well in new hampshire, and in the other states that follow. >> now the new hampshire primary is a week from today, and sanders, a senator from vermont is seen as having the advantage there. and a big surprise on the republican side of the iowa caucus. republican ted cruz got an unexpected win over donald trump who came in second place. marco rubio out performed in the polls, coming in a third. and chris christie also skipped iowa and went on to his new hampshire bus tour. when the sun rises tomorrow this campaign will take the next step returning to the great state of new hampshire.
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nomination and we will go on to easley beat hillary or bernie or whoever the hell they throw up there. now mike huckabee side decided to drop out of the race after his low returns in iowa. and we will hear from the democratic and republican side there, we will hope you will join us on star. a local group is putting together a suicide prevention forum. >> this ises a several teenagers took their lives including a 12-year-old boy. they suggested suicide as the answer to life challenges. teenagers are talking about a challenge called will they miss me when i'm gone. >> it hit when somebody you know. it's a sad situation seeing his parents grieving because of something they think they could have gotten control of, but you know, i told them, don't blame
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the cause of what happened? the suicide prevention forum is at rose lawn, at celebrity's hall, it's on sunday on february 6th, and we have a at our forum if you are planning on attending. the death of a beloved cyclist who was hit by a car. michael was riding on u.s. 50 when melinda hit her him with her jeep and they later found woodall with five syringes, for michael to be placed at the location where he was hit. it will serve as a reminder that cyclists are on the road. we do a lot of advocacy for bicycles, and this is something that we just kind of took on as our responsibility, and it kind of became personal with us. >> michael was an organ donor so he will help others. there's a go fund me page set up
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link to it at a court gives class action status drive for speeding. it applies for automatic camera enforcement in new miami. attorneys for the drivers plan to ask a judge to order new miami to pay $2 million collected in less than two years. they started using handheld speeding cameras to comply with ohio law. barbecue chicken, pulled pork, ribs, and an entire week dedicated to celebrating barbecued meats. dozens of restaurant are taking part. today it's just qn. and there's an official pit stop special for the tour de barbecue on >> it looks like religious -- >> the way they were spreading that out. >> i went on facebook for the list. it made me so hungry. it really did.
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>> i heard just q is very good. >> how it i not know about a place called the butt check. >> i don't know. >> how do you think i would know that. >> the magic box will reveal all.
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>> a play from the coming up on 6:09. this morning in cincinnati refine, wayne ter winter oasis for you and your kids. the winter cafe, it's a place where you can spend time with your kiddos, but it's also a coffee place where you can get a coffee with your friends. they got classes for moms and the little ones. you can buy and eat and play combo for kids. it's $10 for food, and unlimited play. you can find out what is going on cincinnati thanks, sheila. 36 right now. about 8 degrees colder than yesterday, be sure to grab the jacket or the light coat as you go outdoors.
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at noon. getting warmer by late afternoon. we're in the mid-50s. there will be a few scattered showers possible. a better chance tor for rain, widespread rain or a possibility of a storm or two. it could come into play and some of those could be strong. we will have more in just a minute. jen. we have one problem that hasn't made it our maps, but it's an active issue and that is the left-hand lane is blocked, i-75 northbound right before the western hill viaduct, so right as you are approaching the western ramp to harrison. there's a couple of emergency crews on the scene. i think it's a broken down truck, but it's blocking the left-hand lane, adjusting things as you pass, but you can get off the exit ramp there. no other major issues to report at this time. if we see any problems, we will let you know about it. over to john. more than a beating heart, why a stuffed bear is making a
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>> tonight is the night we will be putting tonight tonight [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything.
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[turkey] gobble. [butcher] i'm sorry! (burke) covered march fourth,2014. talk to farmers. we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost
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the world health organization is calling the zika
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emergency. the virus is spreading rapidly throughout south america and at caribbean. brazil has any access to home or buildings and allowed to destroy mosquito preceding ground. they have seen 4 million cases of zika over the next eight years. the national transportation board is asking states to lower the limit from .08 to .05. they say it's a way to reduce alcohol related road wrecks. in the last 15 years one-third of all highway deaths involved alcohol. a an emotional meeting between two mothers is going viral. heather clark lost we are baby boy who is only 7 years old, but his heart saved a little girl. she got a recording of the heartbeating inside of the little girl named jordan. >> that is my heartbeat. >> she also got to hear the
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little girl with the new heart. she is thriving, she is 7 years old and both families have been communicating since that surgery. they just met in person. >> it's hard to describe that she would be so self less to be able to think of another family while she is going through her grief. >> the only thing i can't save my own son, why not save somebody else's child. >> donate life has more than 22,000 people across the country are saving for a life saving transplant right now. that's an incredible story. >> happening today, will the groundhog see his shad low. that is when the little rodent will make his jewel weather prediction. now if phil sees his shadow. the legend says that that means six more weeks of win winter. if he doesn't, since 1988, you can do the math, phil has been times.
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>> we will have a live interview at the 5:00 from punxsutawney. there's 8,000 people there. go figure. >> you might remember that i was in once in a boy band. with the gummer, adams clement, and our good video grapher. there's hope for a new band and it's the world's youngest boy band. that ken it would be tonight tonight you will be partying tonight tonight >> how cute! >> no more one direction. say hello to baby boys, that is boiz, the group was assembled to hopefully be a world of guinness record breaker.
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there's joy who is 9 years old, and gavin. he is pretty much over the hill. for some reason there's a new name jake. he is 23. we think he serves as part-time manager of the band. or something like that. >> i'm signing christopher up. >> seriously. >> he could totally do it. >> he can break a leg. christopher could have his own solo career. >> why haven't i thought of that in his 19 months. >> he could have his news conference and say, hey, look. >> i'm retiring. >> i'm too big for these other guys. these are just children. >> i got to move on. >> christopher can join 12 degrees. we can bring him. it will be the new gimmick. >> but you guys would need to get the band back together. can you promise people that. >> i can't make that promise. >> i've been working on it, but bob just doesn't want to do it.
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>> all right, guys, looking at the roads this morning, we look pretty food out there. we to have an issue that may slow you down a tad if you're headed westbound past of the vie a hills via duct area. we have a broken down ramp in the northbound direction, but as you can see from the live look at area, it looks like traffic moving around just fine. we want to give you a quick reminder about some construction that is going to be going on for a while. piping road will be closed day daily. the water main work, that could last up to six weeks, keep in mind. here a live look at i-71-and 75 near kyle's lane. there. it's going to get warmer despite the fact that we're 8 degrees colder this morning. >> here is the view in downtown cincinnati. that is the atrium weather camera, clouds have rolled
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day on a quiet note, certainly a full note. i don't anticipate any rain until very late this afternoon, and even then it's going to be scattered showers late in the day. tonight that is when we expect the possibility of some thunderstorms. rain will be widespread at least but a few embedded thunderstorms with that rain is possible, and some of those could produce strong winds. 36 now, an east breeze at 13, so they're the winds that jen spoke of, that is making for a windchill of 28 degrees, a cold start and over the next 12 hours, we will see warmer temperatures than what we had yesterday. upper 30s, mainly cloudy and things becoming winty, it will be upper 40s at noon, no rain through the morning, but by late afternoon, scattered showers will begin to arrive. temperatures will be in the mid-50s late day and continue to rise into the evening as the chance for rain, and even thunderstorms starts to go up. there's nothing showing up on
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you can see cloud cover beginning to increase through the ohio valley from the west. this is a part of that huge storm system now making its way out of oklahoma. look at the heavy snow through colorado. kansas, nebraska, iowa, blizzard warnings throughout back here around the cold side of things, we're going to be on the warm side of things on this one. let's put everything in motions, low pressure this morning tracking through kansas, missouri, it's going to drag a powerful cold front through here tonight. first we get the surge of warm air by this evening temperatures are going up as the leading edge of that warm air comes in late this afternoon, that is when we shower. as the cold front approaches late it evening, that is when ourance chance for rain and storms will be at the highest. low pressure will track through chicago, and cold front, 11 if i 50:11:50, and -- 11:50, and we
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tomorrow instead of going up. a little sun through the middle part of the day, late day clouds return, and the colder weather sticks around on thursday, we're in the marginal to slight risk of, an enhanced risk, higher risk southern indiana, and western tennessee. that is where things could get really rough. we don't have the ingredient for severe weather, some of them, not all of them. there's a marginal slight risk. just be aware of rapidly changing weather conditions into the evening, especially late evening, the time frame for this. it's going to be between 8:00 p.m., and 2:00 a.m. the late frame would be damaging wind gusts. you can see the wind storms 8:00 through tonight. 11 30:00 tonight, and here comes the rain and storms starting to come out after midnight. by 2, 2:30 in the morning. and that is where everything
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60 your high today, expect scattered showers to develop late this afternoon, and we will see rain and storms many abouting more widespread tonight. temperatures rise in the low 60s this evening before falling to around 52 tomorrow morning. that is the high tomorrow, falling temperatures, low 40s late day. clearing, and again late day, we see a chance for a shower or perhaps even a flurry into thursday morning. thursday will be the coldest day of the next 7, 37, 40s return on friday and into saturday with quiet conditions into the weekend. 50s by sunday, and rain and snow showers back early next week. there's your weekend forecast looking good. 47 saturday, 51 much warmer as we get into the second half of the weekend. we got you covered all day long. our team of meteorologist keeping tracking of the possibility of severe weather later tonight, and you can also download the weather authority app. stay informed on the app store
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6:25 and trending, if you're
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like. the kitten bowl as the feline football league commissioner. all of these tiny players were rescue kittens when they were all adopted. the game airs on the hallmark channel on sunday night. i can't forget this evening your face and you were leaving but i guess that's just the way the story goes >> oh, up ser bowl ads are starting to pop up on socialial and this is from haines. cbs charges $5 million for a 30 second spot. >> that is funny. [ laughter ] >> it is canned food month. >> yeah, so on facebook we would love know what is your favorite canned food and why. a lot of responses, vb having trouble updating the page.
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don't worry. we still found some fun ones to share with you. >> greg likes the cashew and pecans and whatnot. >> and lisa says a brown sugar bake bean, give me some bushes, and roll that beautiful bean footage all day long. >> and campbell chicken noodle soup. >> love t buy it by the crate. >> there we go chili fixing, i can make a mean chili in arnon-our, using chili beans, i add my own hamburger and ba bam. and i got the opener that takes the whole lid on without those sharp edges, and that is so cool. >> yeah, because nobody likes a -- >> you know what else is cool? >> just a can of ready whip. >> and it involves adam clements. >> you don't have a picture of
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[ laughter ] we finished second, and i want to tell you something, i'm just honored. >> trump humbled. the republicans stunned in iowa, and the democrats headed for new hampshire with a win this morning. that's the hope with the city's riots and the change is still needed in cincinnati. a group of local musicians play for an unusual audience. their story is next. and good "good morning cincinnati." maybe somebody just waking up watching the returns come in from iowa. we will have that, call kinds of good things coming up this morning. we will need to tell you about the weather. >> it could get severe later.
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>> we don't have anything severe until tonight. much of the day is a-okay. clouds have rolled into the tick you are now, and we're sitting at 36 degrees, so it's a lot colder when you step out this morning than what you experienced yesterday morning. east winds at 13, making it feel even colder. the windchill now at 28 degrees. you're going to need the heavy jacket, the light coat as you step out. there's nothing on radar, nothing to show you around here, just clouds rolling in. those clouds are coming in ahead of this massive storm system which is now rolling out of oklahoma heading toward kansas and missouri. it's going to make a beeline toward chicago producing heavy snow and it's snow and rain and storms to the south through missouri and arkansas. it's the warm rain, and storm part that is coming our way for tomorrow night. for the kids going to the bus stop, make sure you got the coats and heavy jackets, by noon, upper 40s, skies mostly cloudy. as we take you to the late afternoon, low to mid-50s with
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beginning to develop by late afternoon, and but evening, it's rain and storms. some of those storms could potentially be strong or severe, we're sitting in a slight risk of severe weather in the cincinnati area. not all of the ingredients for severe weather, but some of them. we will have a time line of what we can expect in minutes. right now the let's check the morning drive with jen. >> reporter: one spot where we're having an issue, the left lane blocked 75 northbound, before the western hills viaduct at harrison there. it looks like we have a broken down truck block being the left-hand lane, several emergency crews on the scene, so i'm not exactly sure what we have to know from the traffic standpoint. things are bunched up as you head northbound, past the school viaduct. i will let you know if we have major issue. we developed an accident between river road on the south side and mount echo. that could cause problems for
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i will watch that area as well. as we look at interstates elsewhere. the traffic volume is picking up around town but no other major problems right now. back to the news desk. we're following breaking news at 6:32 from overnight. hillary clinton is declared the democratic winner. and ted cruz is the winner of the republican side. it may now shift to marco rubio who pulled away with a third place finish not far behind trump by 1%. >> it's going cruising, for trump after rubio, but it's going to be these guys, bush, christie and kasich. >> two candidates in the case called it quits, mike huckabee and martin o'malley suspended their presidential bid. and they head to new hampshire which holds the primary in the nation one week from today. we're tracking breaking news
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two pets at a house fire that started at, and two pets got out safely. the cause of the fire is under investigation, but firefighters think it started in the garage. more local news marking 15 years of progress. there's a town hall meeting tonight to tock focus on cincinnati rhys progress since riots. the city increased police training and citizen feedback, provided policies to reduce use of force, and former mayor will be among the panelists that start at 7:00 at the cintas center. cincinnati is preparing to host one the biggest convention in the country. local leaders are rolling out etred carpet for decision makers with lyons club international. it's the largest service club and its conference could bring 18,000 people here. that could generate more than $9 million in visitor spend being. the host city decision is expected by march first.
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adults. one group of local musicians played their tunes for children. local perry shibley joins us more with how this tram helps good morning, perry. >> reporter: the school house symphony doesn't play on a stage, typically it's the floor of the gym. this six member symphonic ensemble has kids, the mission is to promote a knowledge of music through live performances. they play 200 educational shows yearly. a little quick math, that is about 70 schools and thousands of students and i caught up with school house symphony at mont sorry
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like to keep their audience small and never playing before more than 130 student at a time. >> i like other groups that play at the same level with the children. we let them ask us questions, and we walk among them at the end of the show. it's really interactive show. school house symphony started in 1976. they play in preschools, el elementaryies and junior highs. the musicians visit 3 to 4 times each year presenting a different school. for more information the school house symfoney, their mission go to tell >> i'm a big supporter of the musicians. i think there's so much to be learned, even if you're not any food at it, just the discipline. sometimes the kids may not have an opportunity to see something like that. >> is there anything better when you're a kid than when somebody comes in and performs live at
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you get out of the classe little early. it's 6:36, 36 degrees outside. testing waters how ohio drents are feeling as lead is still discovered in their drinking water. i'm hoping to have enough oxygen to cry and run at the same time.
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stph-z 6:39, coming up on 6:40, it's 36 degrees under mostly cloudy skies. colder this morning when you step out. make sure you got the heavy jacket or coat on. 40s by noon. upper 40s, mostly cloudy, late day, we can begin to see a few scattered showers, 54 by around 4:00 this afternoon. it gets warmer this evening. the warm up comes head of the powerful cold front, it will bring around of rain and even some embedded thunderstorms tonight, and a few of those storms could be strong or severe. i'm going to have more on that including the detailed time line coming up in minutes, jen. a couple of problems out there that may cause headaches for folks. just got in a water main break to watch for in the belleview area. taylor, look out for crews in that area. 75 northbound at harrison. there's been a broken down semi blocking left-hand lane. and it's starting to cause a bit of congestion as you go from essex charles, and river road,
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looking elsewhere, things are starting to look typical on the interstates. guys, back to you. trending now, a woman's running the boston marathon. >> adrian will be the first of the marathon bombing survivors amputees to run again in the race. >> what an inspiration, and she is running again for those who can't. >> running in a marathon to raise awareness for limbs for life. it's an organization that provides prose they prosthetics for a lifetime for those am mewties who can't afford them. >> it's a way to say a giant, who don't have legs, for insurance coverage who are on the leg. >> the boston marathon will take place on april 18th. her part. >> i mean, not just to overcome the injury, but to go back on that race after it happened. i can't even manage. >> typically that is really
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>> and to do the whole thing, unbelievable. 6:41 now. the chick-fil-a diet. how one restaurant says you can lose weight eating only their
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welcome back. ohio residents are testing their own water sample for safety. >> they found unsafe amounts of lead in their water. since early last week, the village has passed out nearly 800 of these testing kit and another will be delivered today. and 8,000 bottles of water have been passed around to resident. 100 year home where i live, so i know that i'm at that risk. i choose to be here. i still choose to be here. >> i will test the faucet that comes up to my sieve kitchen sink, which should show me if i have a lead problem. >> ohio's epa has put two employees on paid leave because of how they handled the crisis. chipotle ecoi outbreak is likely over.
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on monday, chipotle will close its restaurants for meetings with employees to talk about food safety. the restaurants are planning dig discounts for the super bowl weekend. trending now, more parent are playing video games with their kids. the recent survey shows parent like to easley control what they're kids are seeing. most parents console are easily monitor, computers and monitors, 75% of parent say they play the game to spend time with their children. >> the anticipation is still building for the super bowl. the denver broncos and caroline panthers, both answer media questions last night. peyton manning is still mum on his retirement after the big game. both teams get a day off today tomorrow. if you're still struggling to stick to your new year's resolution, maybe chick-fil-a can help you. they're printing life style tips on the take out bags. they include eating chick-fil-a food. people started tweeting out
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tips eat smaller meals. like an 8-ounce packed of grilled nuggets every three to four hours. but before you start the chick-fil-a diet, realize the diet would not be cheap. those nuggets cost $3.85 a serving. if you eat them every three hours, you will spend $700 a month. >> i am a big fan of grazing. >> but not all chicken all the time. >> can i lose weight eating their biscuits. >> how about the waffle fries. >> i can't go there without getting those. >> how about the milkshake. >> i think you can do it. a little milkshake with some of their biscuits. just thinking makes me happy. we look good out there, but we have a couple issues. broken down i-75. >> reporter: rate near the western hills viaduct.
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there on the ramp. the left-hand lane that takes you to harrison, the western hills viaduct. you can get off the ramp, but it's blocking a lane right before you get to that, so it's starting to back things up. 75 northbound, and you're going to pass the western hills viaduct. you will see a little bit of a breakdown. fairfield avenue, and taylor avenue in belleview. the road is open from what i know but you will see crews on the scene there. we have an accident with injuries causing slow downs along river road, between south side and mount echo, do watch for that. sper states are typical. near sharon road. i-71/i-75 is heave hey this morning as heavy as you headnorthbound. the left lane blocked. prepare for colder weather as you head out the door this morning, most spots are in the 30s, prepare for potentially stormy weather into the evening and the overnight. we want you to be aware later today especially between the
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2:00 a.m., and that is when we're looking as a threat for damaging wind gusts in the area. it doesn't look like it's going to be widespread. you know. like you need all the ingredients to take a cake. in this case you need all the ingredients to get severe weather and just don't have a single ingrid yent. yent. if -- ingredient, you bake a cake leave the yeast out. the same deal here with the weather. some areas may see damaging wind gusts, but it doesn't appear to be widespread. we anticipate scattered showers late this afternoon and come tonight, rain embedded thunderstorms and a few of those could tap some stronger winds, and produce some wind gusts. 36 now, east winds at 13, a windchill of 28, it's colder when you step out this morning, and a colder start to the day, but overall, today is going to be warmer than yesterday. upper 30s this morning, mainly cloudy skies. we will be in the upper 40s at noon.
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through the afternoon, mid-50s late day, but temperatures continue on their way up into the evening. upper 50s at 7:00, scattered showers late afternoon, but the chance for rain and storms will grow into the evening. it's nothing on radar right now. the morning is going to be dry and quiet. clouds are rolling in from the west. these clouds are a part of the massive storm system which has prompted winter storm and blizzard warnings from colorado on up to parts of michigan. you can see the heavy snow lifting through nebraska, kansas to the northwest sections of wa watch the we're not going to get a cold part of this system at least not initially. what we will see a the rain, and breaking out through missouri. this is what eventual heads to the greater sin cincinnati area later today, and some of these storms could potentially be strong or severe. we don't have all the ingredient. where they do have all the ingredient, southern indiana, western kentucky into tennessee.
6:41 am
enhanced risk of severe wrct. here. we are at slight to moderate risk of severe weather, and this is the to peebles, it is a marginal risk, so you're sitting the fence here, greater chance for greater cincinnati back to the southwest. disajing winds will be the primary threat that we have seen. let's loop things into the future, late afternoon, scattered showers coming into play. not everyone sees them, but into the evening, widespread rain, embedded little segments of thunderstorms, you can see the model trying to pick up on the situation where you have widespread rain. a lot of this not severe at all. but these little embedded clusters of storms come into play here. when you get those, that is where the winds can get stronger, so we take you around 12:30 a.m. rain starting to push up, some
6:42 am
bring folks and damaging winds gusts, not terribly widespread, though. by tomorrow morning, everything is moving away. we get clearing tomorrow, so the sun returns tomorrow, but temperatures drop during the day tomorrow. and late tomorrow afternoon we get a little wraparound moisture, so the clouds roll back in. a few showers or flurries are possible late tomorrow, right on through early thursday morning. thursday we will clear out, but it's going to be the coldest day of the week. here is a view of vat scattered showers and the widespread activity. at 11:30 moving out after midnight. we will be watching that carefully as we take you through the late evening hours. 60 your high temperature today. mostly cloudy, some showers developing late day, and then some widespread rain and storms into the evening. rising temperatures into the 50s and the 60s this evening before temperatures fall again tomorrow morning. 52 your high, and that's the low tomorrow, down to 52, fall into
6:43 am
early rain, and late day shower flurry possible 37 your high temperature, that's the coldest day of the next 7, friday we're back in the 40s by sunshine, upper 40s, and low 50s, and rain and snow showers return early next week. nice weekend head of us, 47 saturday, 51 on sunday, if you had outdoor plans, it looks good for that, not quite as warm as the weekend we just came out of, but still well above-normal. you can track the severe weather threat later today and this evening with the free weather authority app. just search for the wkrc in the app store and google play. figuring out the do. with only a teaser of the clue.
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good morning, cincinnati, continues for two more hours on star 64, and local political leaders are here this morning with insight as you get the iowa caucus results are interesting. the super bowl are just a few days away, and they will recipes for how to you have a great super bowl spread and how america's biggest game has
6:45 am
na is huffies making something called castle of gold. i love the dew, mountain dew. i know i'm going to get e-mails, i know it's unhealthy for me. i still love it. mountain dew producing the first super bowl ad in 15 years. the only problem is they released this teaser fot the ad and no one knows what it means. they showed the commercials star, apparently some sort of creature. it looks like a mix of a baby, a monkey, a horse, and some kind of space alien. and mountain dew won't give away anymore. what does it all mean? >> i don't know. >> that is what your legs are going to look like. [ laughter ] >> and it means somebody is going to spend a lost money. >> think of how many millions of dollars they're going to spend for that. >> yes, just the teasers. and will that make you drink mountain dew. >> it will have no effect on me
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>> bob, and they're doing a big to do.
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