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tv   News 6 at 4p  CBS  February 1, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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[r [real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> now at 4:00, a local daycare director, accused of child abuse on the job and police say this cell phone captures her in the act. >> and news 6 investigates the school threat that triggered more than a thousand empty seats at a local high school. >> good afternoon, everyone. this is news 6 at 4:00, getting results. i'm ginger gadsden. >> i'm in for julie and lisa who are off. >> and fashion and football. the hot pants in question,
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>> but first, caught on camera. video showing what appears to be a daycare worker hitting one of the kids on the head with toys. then dropping him face-first on to a mat. this cell phone video was released today from clermont police. children children's palace daycare center along east highway 50. news 6 reporter troy campbell is digging to find out more on the woman who was arrested. troy, what have you been able to find out? >> well, this is the daycare center behind me where the center's director was arrested on friday, not her first run-in with police. however, when you show up, there's a sign on the door saying the center's closed and it will be reopened with the new owner. we want to warn you the video you're about to see is very graphic. >> it's very sad and disturbing when you watch it. >> this video captured on the cell phone of a worker at the children's palace learning center in clermont.
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41-year-old kimberly reed, repeatedly striking the 4-year-old boy with stuffed animals and lifting him several feet off the ground and dropping him. >> that's very disturbing. they decided to make the arrest for child abuse. >> clermont police arresting reed at the daycare center. the boy's father wants someone to be held responsible after seeing the video. he says the director's behavior has been going on for weeks. >> it's uncomfortable to view the video, me as a parent. this is a 4-year-old child. chances are it could have happened to another child, possibly younger and we weren't able to catch it on video or the child was not able to let anybody know about it. >> now, we also asked investigators if the center closed on their own or if they were forced to close. they tell us at this point, they're closed on their own. we also asked questions about the suspect's criminal
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have ever been called to the center before. we'll have those answers, coming up a little later at 5:00. >> just so shocking to see that child being dropped like that. troy campbell reporting live for us this afternoon. thank you, troy. we posted more information about this story on, powered by news 6. you'll find it under the top stories on the home page. >> the threat of a possible mass shooting at an ocala high school kept more than 1,000 students home from school today. school officials say the threats were unfounded but it still made for a lot of empty desks at west port high school, the largest high school in the marion county school district. many parents are angry they weren't told about the threat. news 6 reporter eric sandoval is getting answers from school leaders about why parents weren't told. what are they saying? >> well, you know, i found out this actually started as a fight between some white students and black students last thursday here at the school.
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with them to school and video festered over social media over the weekend which resulted in an unfounded threat of a mass shooting. why were parents not notified about this? we took this question to the district today. marion county school district leaders say the trouble at westpoint high school started with this fight caught on cell phone video last thursday. they say the fight was caused by three students who brought a confederate flag to school. they say over the weekend, the video went viral and the stories surrounding it got out of hand. >> because nobody is telling anybody anything. >> cindy carrier says she kept her teens home from school today to keep them safe. after she saw postings online and even got this text message warning of a mass shooting planned for today. >> when you saw this on social media, what went through your mind? >> i was pissed. honestly, i was really pissed. >> carrier says she was angry because she didn't hear anything about it from the school. no call home, no e-mails, nothing.
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district spokesman kevin christian who says carrier wasn't alone. >> can you understand why parents are a little irritated today that they didn't get a call from the school district? >> sure, i can understand that. you have to consider the fact that we want to share factual information. >> now, our interview with the school district did not end there. we pressed them why they didn't alert parents of anything, even if there was no found threat here. see what the district said, coming up at 5:00. for now, we're live in ocala, eric sandoval, news 6. >> thank you, eric. also developing, the first of february -- gosh, can you believe the temperatures are warming up into the 80's? >> it felt nice out there, though. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is pinpointing the changes for the start of a new month and our workweek. we don't need a stinking out there. >> i was saying on friday, how do you like me now. now.
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this warm and hot? come on now, 80 degrees in february is kind of nutty. we have broken cloud cover but the flavor of the day today was a whole lot of sunshine. very mixed in -- varied with the clouds at times sunshine, at times, clouds and sunshine. temperatures right now, 81 degrees in orlando. high. 79 in leesburg and 81 in ocala and 81 in the villages. by 6 p.m. tonight we're dialing it back to 75 degrees. 73. neighborhood. where would you rather be when you want to be beachside, yeah, we sent meteorologist candace campos out there. what's happening? >> oh, man, i just really don't like my job today. it's so rough. it's so rough. but, yes, we're here pinpointing
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temperatures in the upper 70's to the lower 80's. we're starting in cocoa beach at the beautiful cocoa beach pier and we're going to be driving all the way up through daytona. of course, i have our pinpoint weather app, it's telling me 78 degrees, clear skies, winds 10 miles per hour from the east. it is just gorgeous out there. but if you weren't able to sit back and enjoy maybe the beach today, not to worry. we have another great day right here in cocoa beach. so let's look at the forecast as we head into tonight and even into tomorrow. temperatures are going to be dropping into the mid-60's and then by tuesday, man, another gorgeous day. temperatures back into the upper 70's to low 80's, plenty of that sunshine. but, yes, we're the first day of february. i have to say it, make sure to lather on the sunscreen. the sun is beating but it's certainly a beautiful day. if you're planning to head to the beach right now, the rip current risk is pretty low so you're pretty much good to go. >> thank you, candace and tom.
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pretty awesome. we'll check in with you in a few minutes. until then, get your pinpoint forecast anytime on powered by news 6. >> thousands of hours and countless of miles and millions of campaign dollars boil down to this. tonight, people in iowa kick off the presidential nominating process with caucuses, starting at 8:00 eastern time. right now, the races for both parties are extremely close. a new quinnipiac poll shows democratic frontrunner hillary clinton and bernie sanders in a virtual try. and donald trump's lead has grown, beating ted cruz for the top spot in the hawkeye state. >> they've got people pouring in buses and trucks and i've spent the less money than anyone else and i've got the best results. >> republican party officials say they expect a record
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we'll have the results on news 6 at 11:00. you can also get alerts sent straight to your smartphone with the winner. just download our news 6 app by searching wkmg in your app store students at an orange county elementary school were let back in after a gas leak caused an evacuation. sky 6 flew over the scene as the students were escorted out of the building because of the leak. we don't know if anybody needed medical treatment but they say staff members used an emergency valve to shut off the gas. >> brevard county schools want to snuff out smoking completely. >> the district announced it's eliminating all forms of tobacco by everyone anywhere on school grounds. the new policy includes parents, vendors, students and employees anywhere on campus, including parking lots. plus, off campus district events. the brevard county school employee wellness manager points
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electronic smoking devices. she says it's the next generation of harmful nicotine delivery. >> therefore, they're going tobacco free period. >> it's incredible to see they're doing it school-wide instead of just taking this group or that group and a lot of people are sounding off about this on the news 6 facebook page. for example, we asked you, do you think more school districts should go tobacco-free? here's what the viewers say. [reading postings] >> if you want to share your opinion about this story, leave a comment on our facebook page at 6. >> coming up next at 4:00, wild surf sends a pro plummeting 40 feet into this giant wave.
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what he compares to the terrifying fall. plus -- >> the reason i pulled you over today and i'm asking you to come over and have a conversation is because -- >> did you hear that? a woman pulled over a marked patrol car in south florida. her reason in 20 minutes. >> then, super bowl media day begins tonight. but instead of football, everyone's talking about one particular player's fashion. that story is next. getting results on news 6 at
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>> well, the countdown is on. we are less than a week away from the kickoff of super bowl 50. you can see our clock is
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we're also excited and so are the teams. the denver broncos and carolina panthers are making their first official super bowl week appearance tonight. >> matt austin is joining us now. this is usually an unpredictable media event. >> this thing can get pretty wild we've seen in years past. remember some of the off the wall responses from last year's players? this year, newton made a fashion statement as he got off the plane. what is he wearing, man? >> it's a tiger print zebra ser versace pants. they run about $900. meanwhile, security is tight at all the events. officers with long guns dressed in s.w.a.t. gear, you can see them everywhere, but it didn't stop thousands of people from
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>> we expect tens of thousands every day, a million or people or more to the entire region over the course of super bowl week. >> the annual super bowl spectacle known as media day is this evening at night for the very first time. hundreds of reporters from around the world get their chance to ask players and coaches just about anything they want. so that's always fun. >> it is a lot of fun. it's unpredictable. >> crazy characters show up. >> in crazy pants. >> how about those pants, though? he's got the legs for it. >> he's got the right idea because they're not thinking of the game, it's such a serious event. he wants people to have fun, and those are just skinny jeans, more skin than anything else. >> i've never seen zebra and tiger mixed together. >> charlie rose and gayle king had a bet going that he would not wear those pants. he's supposed to wear a pants like that tomorrow. >> i'm going to be sleeping in tomorrow morning.
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charlie rose in tights. it's not a good tease. >> our coverage begins at 6 a.m. super bowl morning with a show. at 8:00, featuring julie broughton, justin warmoth, meteorologist tom sorrells and candace campos and myself. and then check out super bowl 50 >> the orange county school district is holding an emergency meeting for parents. it all comes after one big relief school is being delayed another year. the new audubon k-8 school is not opening until august of 2018. ocps says tests indicated the soil on the proposed site would need substantial work before it planned. tonight's meeting is set for 6 p.m. in the cafeteria of audubon park elementary. >> well, incredible video of a pro-surfer's 40-foot free fall. >> he was trying to hang 10 on a giant wave in maui.
4:18 pm
like being in a car crash. look at this. he told the surfing magazine he was actually blinded for a few seconds because of the strong sea spray before falling. the video was posted and put on his instagram account. he just drops right off that board and then the wave is so strong, it snapped his board. >> can you imagine that? >> no, no, i cannot imagine that. you would have to throw me from a cruise ship into something like that and then i'm taking you with me. >> i have a hard time surfing anything over 3 or 4 feet on a super long board. >> this is something i'm going to learn. >> you're online all the time. we all surf. we all do it. >> yes, you're right. >> that's the best surfing. >> it's not the same thing. welcome back. it's good to see you. >> thank you. it's good to be seen. chief meteorologist tom sorrells look at what a lovely day we have.
4:19 pm
day. it. >> you're a newbie. i can't believe this shot. it's beautiful at jetty park. they're surfing light water, totally different than aloha. >> our man elliot sent this one in with the front and the clouds, what we've been fighting throughout the day today. beach. cloud cover. a wonderful shot in storm pins. storm pins available in your app free. please download it and send me your photos. i'd love to see what you're seeing. today is some kind of beautiful out there. there's no radar echoes to track. i'm not looking for any rain. the big story of the day for everyone, all across the eastern half of the u.s.a. is how warm it is. new york city right now, 53 degrees. they can't believe it's this hot either.
4:20 pm
come a little closer to home, 69 in atlanta, 75 in pensacola and 79 in jacksonville, still 81 degrees at o.i.a. sanford, you are at 80. as far as gainesville, 78. 81 from ocala to the villages. 78 at the cape. 73 in cocoa beach and 76 does it in melbourne. >> during the night tonight we're going to cool off just enough, have enough low-level moisture that patchy to dense fog is going to be an issue for you tomorrow morning. otherwise, i don't have much to scream and shout about except for the heat. wait until you see the daytime high for tomorrow. a big cold front is rolling our way by thursday. right now, the big system that's going to push it our way has days to get here. we're talking about tonight, tomorrow, wednesday, we'll cloud back over with maybe a shot of rain late wednesday, but thursday the real rain chance starts to kick in. tomorrow morning, 5 a.m., a lot of patchy to dense fog out there in central florida.
4:21 pm
be here to track this stuff. it likes to burn off. anytime we get wind coming off the ocean, there's a chance we'll get squeezed out a little spritz but i don't think so. wednesday at 4:00, this is what satellite and looks like together. we have to hang on until thursday before widespread rain chances can make a comeback. overnight lows tonight, 50's and 60's everywhere. 61 in the villages. i'm calling the overnight low in orlando 62. light wnds from the east at 5 miles per hour. partly cloudy early, fog late. here's tomorrow. >> first thing tomorrow morning, 66 degrees at 8 a.m. with patchy fog. by noon tomorrow, 78. daytime high, 85. the record on the day tomorrow is 87. so i went ahead and jumped this to 85. we're going to scare the record, probably not going to get it. 85 is the daytime high tomorrow. it's groundhog day tomorrow. yeah, i'm all excited about that. >> he won't listen to you.
4:22 pm
wednesday. thursday, there's the turn around day. thursday's high is 73 with rain chances at least 50%. rain checks out friday and leaves the cold behind. friday's high, 63. as weird as it is to have these 81, 82-degree days, go live it because it's going to get much cooler. >> thank you, tom. >> don't forget, you can get breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app store. >> all right. so this is cool. new ads for the soda aisle about to get a splash of color. coca-cola is printing up with hp for one-of-a-kind 12-ounce bottles. the marketing campaign is "it's mine." >> well, still ahead, toll road changes for orange county drivers. >> what you need to know for the
4:23 pm
>> then a woman turns the table on a police officer in south florida. >> it scared the daylights out of me. he woke me up. >> how she ended up pulling over a police officer. that's right. and their conversation all while cameras were rolling. keep it here. we'll be right back. selling mattresses the traditional way isn't the best way. tmost are made in a large factory, p and shipped hundreds of miles p to a retailers warehouse, p where they're marked up and up p before finally selling and delivering them pat the original mattress factory p we take a straightforward approach. r we have eliminated
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>> >> trending now, a south florida woman reverses courses and pulls over a miami-dade police officer she accused of speeding. >> a lot of nerve, right? she even made sure to catch the whole thing on camera. this is a pretty bizarre one. >> she says even when driving 80 miles per hour, she still couldn't keep pace with this officer. in fact, she says he went by so fast it shook her car. so she put her cell phone on the dashboard and following the officer before finally getting his answer on i-95. >> the reason i pulled you over today and i'm asking you to come over and have a conversation i saw you since miller drive since you first jumped on the palmetto and you were pushing 90 miles per hour.
4:27 pm
are held to certain principles. >> the officer later apologizes and the two come to a somewhat solution. the miami-dade police department says it is investigating. i have to say obviously never try that, but it is hilarious how she started out. you're probably wondering why i pulled you over. it's something poetic about that. >> i can't believe he played along, not even played along but was a good sport about it. >> he probably didn't expect that. >> i think it's safe to say he was shocked about what happened. he did seem to handle it professionally. >> a great lesson for all of us but don't try that at home. you can see more of the video on facebook at 6. >> a traffic alert ahead at 4:30, big changes on the beachline. what drivers need to know about
4:28 pm
shut down. >> then this plane is carrying special cargo. what it's delivering to the international space station today. >> and we returned to the homeless camp in daytona beach.
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>> now at 4:30, the zika outbreak now declared a global health emergency. what's being done to stop it from spreading. >> it was the first day of work for the volusia workers. >> some of the people who were kicked out tried to return. mark lehman searches for a permanent fix to the problem. >> as the building opened for business today, workers arrived to something they haven't seen in weeks, empty sidewalks. while the homeless are no longer here, many admit the problem requires a more permanent solution. >> employees returned to the property appraiser's office with boxes in hand. they say their location in daytona beach is once again safe enough to open its doors. >> it was rather devastating to be around that particular environment. >> marty sims was one of many who watched over the last month as a growing number of homeless outside got out of control. >> i even had a -- was
4:31 pm
the point it made me feel unsafe. >> the situation coming to a head on friday when the police chief michael chitwood says his undercover officers found a breeding ground for crime. >> an ultimatum was given as the salvation army freed up more than 80 beds for those here but officials admit it's just a temporary fix. the county says it's offered $4 million toward a 24-hour homeless facility but the plans are stalled until the city can coming up with operating costs. >> the salvation army is working on finding more permanent housing for everyone they're helping. meanwhile, the daytona beach police department says they're going to be releasing undercover video on tuesday to show the conditions out here. >> thank you, mark. breaking right now, the world health organization just declared an international
4:32 pm
of the zika virus in the americas. >> they call it an extraordinary event. the agency held an emergency meeting with experts today to discuss the outbreak of the mosquito-borne virus. they noted the suspicious link between zika's arrival in brazil last year and the surge of the number of babies born with birth defects with abnormally small heads. the world health organization director general says there are no proof the birth defects but high. >> a good samaritan was struck and killed while helping a motorcyclist who lost control on his bike. state troopers say around 3:30 sunday morning, a 33-year-old woman stopped near port orange to help a 23-year-old who was thrown off his bike and on to the northbound lanes of u.s. 1. we're told both were hit by a car. then a second car also hit the motorcyclist.
4:33 pm
the motorcyclists name has not been released. the crash is still under investigation. >> developing now, temperatures are warming up for the start of a brand-new workweek. after pinpointing rain for several days, we're going to join in with candace campos who joins us from the road. but first, we're going to tom sorrells from the pinpoint accurate weather center with more. >> no rain this evening. we've been dry since about last thursday. everything has gone our way from daytona beach to orlando. visible satellite shot, not picking up much cloud cover of any significant note. we have a cloud deck out there. it's been partly to mostly cloudy throughout the day. sun beaming at times and the clouds roll back in. overnight tonight, fog is the next big issue. the next big system is way out there. it's going to crank up and be a
4:34 pm
the heat is the story right now. 75 in pensacola. 75 in jacksonville and 81 in orlando, the city beautiful. the on-the-town forecast for tonight, things are awesome. partly cloudy and warm, 76 degrees by 8:00 tonight and then 70. it's really, really nice. out and about today, here's meteorologist candace campos. >> hello, everybody. we are on the road on the 528 about to get on 95. you're going to be just cruising up and down the coast for today. we just finished leaving cocoa beach and we're heading to oak hill, new smyrna beach and finally finishing off in daytona beach. like tom's been saying, it's a gorgeous day. i really wish that we had a news 6 convertible because this is the best day to drive around, tops down, music up. the weather is just spectacular. the temperatures in the upper 70's to low 80's and we will continue to pinpoint your weather forecast right down to
4:35 pm
it looks like we're getting on 95 now and heading all the way up north throughout daytona beach by the 6:00 show. >> that is a beautiful shot. we want to point out that candace is not driving. the photojournalist is actually driving. so you can hold up on e-mails and phone calls, she's being very safe. >> don't forget, you can get breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app store. >> breaking new details on the teen at the center of a threat made to de land high school. investigators tell news 6 a 14-year-old student was baker acted. they say he told law enforcement he made threats to shoot up the school as a joke and, quote, "had not meant it." right now, the case is under investigation. >> now to a traffic alert on the beachline. a toll plaza that sees about 75,000 cars a day is now being demolished.
4:36 pm
use a new system with tolls that can cost more for some drivers. kirstin o'connor is joining us with more. >> the sign says no tolls but some are going to be paying for more to drive the beachline. >> the beachline, formally known as the beeline, is the expressway authority's oldest plaza and the only one without the high-speed toll lanes. the move is to help prevent frequent traffic jams. >> there's usually a good quarter mile to half-mile back-up in the toll roads. >> but a break from traffic does not mean a break from tolls. the authority added brand-new toll plazas at several locations. these new ramps will offer a small discount as an incentive
4:37 pm
road 528 for a short dance. without a pass, the cash charge is $2.25, more than what some drivers expected. >> i expect to pay tolls every day. >> others agree with the new system, saying it's about time all drivers get an e-pass. >> for people who live in florida, period, you need an e-pass, just in general, so you don't have to worry about traffic as much, especially with the new style of tolls. >> construction crews will be working on the old plaza for several months before drivers see it completely gone. in orlando, kirstin o'connor, news 6. >> in brevard county, federal investigators are looking into what caused a small plane to turn over at the merritt island airport. officials say the pilot was trying to land yesterday when something went wrong. it caused the plane to skid off the runway and overturn. the pilot was not seriously hurt and it's unclear what caused the
4:38 pm
crews with the national transportation safety board and the f.a.a. are now investigating. >> later tonight in volusia county, family and friends are expected to come together to mark a somber anniversary in the search for this missing woman. today marks six years since lowell rogers disappeared. the 28-year-old was last seen walking away from her port orange home on february 1st, 2010. there have been no activity on her cell phone or bank accounts since she vanished. the victim's mother holds a vigil every year. tonight's ceremony is scheduled for 5:30 at 1069 horizon view it's open to the public. >> firefighters have their work cut out for them this morning when a commercial building in los angeles became an inferno. you can see the massive flames right there, coming off the building in the glassell park neighborhood. propane cylinders and combustible materials stored in
4:39 pm
firefighters managed to get the flames under control, knocked down the fire just before 7:00 a.m. it's not clear how it started. the cause is still under investigation. >> well, if you've always wanted to get married with a sunset view while flying hundreds of miles or feet in the air, i should say, now is your chance. the orlando eye is hosting weddings this valentine's day weekend. they're allowing couples who already have an efficient and up to six guests ready to witness their nuptials 400 feet in the air. on saturday, the 13th 4th, 30 couples can use the capsules for wedding ceremonies. couples must submit a youtube video on why they deserve this type of ceremony. selected couples will be notified on february 8th. so they're running out of time. hopefully they have a back-up
4:40 pm
>> yeah. some people just do that for something cool to do. >> ahead at 4:30, a local police department announces security changes starting this month. where you will see more patrol cars on the streets. >> and then consumer reports revealed the best super bowl tvs for 2016. find out if yours makes the cut. >> but first, a souped-up cargo plane makes a special delivery today along the space coast. why today's journey will seem small compared to what really lies ahead. getting results for daytona beach, sanford and all of central florida on news 6 at 4:00 and the news 6 app.
4:41 pm
>> and lift-off at dawn, a new
4:42 pm
>> the next generation orion spacecraft made its final journey back to florida. it's been through months of upgrades and improvements, all for the next huge test flight. >> matt austin walks us through his special trip to the space coast. >> this is pretty cool stuff, guys. >> you're looking at a cargo plane dubbed the super guppy. it splits in half, especially made to carry the new orion spaceship from a fatality -- a facility in florida. this morning. the orion spacecraft is going to weather its final preps over the course of two years at the cape. it fared well during the last test flight in december of 2014. you might remember it or bitted the earth twice, went far into
4:43 pm
into earth four hours and change afterwards. mission managers are hoping to do that again. >> astronauts are pretty brilliant. >> cool stuff. >> thank you, matt. >> a health alert for those who love the mexican food restaurant chipotle. it appears the chain's e. coli outbreak is over. shares spiked over 5% today because of the news. dozens reported getting sick after eating at chipotle.
4:44 pm
>> the countdown is on. we're less than a week away from the super bowl kickoff which airs right here on news 6, this sunday. the super bowl is a great excuse not just to lounge out but also to buy a new television. prices have never been lower. retailers offer deep discounts this time of year as they clear shelves in time for new models. with all the options, do you know which one to buy. consumer reports shares some tips to help you find the right set before game day. >> big screens to watch the big game have never been cheaper. you can get a 65-inch 1080 p high definition tv or under a thousand dollars. >> a regular h.d. set is still a game choice and the game is not being broadcast in 4-k hg this year. >> for a super bowl party, a screen that's 50 inches or bigger is a good choice. also important, a wide viewing
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>> this is where an older tv comes in handy. everyone in the group gets a great view of the game, no matter where they're sitting. >> and you want to get a tv that handles fast motion without blurring. some tvs may be a great deal for the game, but if you want to invest in the latest and greatest, check out an ultra-h.d., which set costs $3,000 and one of consumer reports' highest rated tvs. >> it offers everything you need to make your super bowl party a hit. and it will future proof you for when more 4-k content becomes available. >> brand-new models are hitting store shelves in late february, early march. >> consumer reports has several recommendations for good deals on big screen tvs available right now.
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consider these h.d. models from samsung and sony, both $800. if you're looking for something bigger, there's a 65-inch sony for $1500 and an ultra-h.d. panasonic for $1700. you can get more information on buying the right big screen tv by going to our website. so many choices. what time are we showing up at your place for the party? >> we're all going to be here. >> oh. >> you didn't know that? >> i mean, i know you guys are going to be -- i'm going to be in earlier in the day. >> we're required to be here for the kickoff, the big party here. >> your wife is going to let us in the house. >> she's going to be here. you're not listening. >> everyone. so it's here? okay. >> the party is here, on that, on the jumbotron. i'm not kidding. >> i've been gone, tom. >> you've got to start reading your e-mails, girl. 82 degrees was the daytime high today in orlando. the overnight low this morning was 61. you look at that versus the averages, the average high is 72.
4:47 pm
we missed the record by 5. only 5. tomorrow we get even warmer. so get used to it. the heat is on to start if february off. other daytime highs are up there, too. 81 in ocala, 82 in the villages. 78 in gainesville and 77 for the daytime high today in daytona beach. 80 at the cape. again, 82 in orlando. not a record, but really hot. radar right now, doing okay. we have no radar echoes to talk about. it is beautiful. if you like it warmer. satellite and radar together showing you the end of the rain down south. it's all peeling away from miami. we're waiting for the next system to build. right now, not much happening. look at this, just outside of omaha to wichita to denver, a big snowstorm is going on, rolling across the nation's interior and drag a cold front this way. we're going to get things to change as the workweek wears on, just not tomorrow. tomorrow the hits just keep on coming. this is the way it looks at midnight tonight.
4:48 pm
6 a.m., all the grayness is fog. patchy to dense fog. so i can't go so far to say it's going to be a true fog alert, but you need to check in with meteorologist troy bridges first thing in the morning at 5 a.m. to make sure it's not out of hand. by the afternoon tomorrow, sunshine beats through. we warm up. all the wind support from the south and southeast pushes us tomorrow to a daytime high of 85. overnight lows tonight are good, if you like it mild. 59 in ocala. 61 in the villages. 62 from leesburg to orlando. 60 in sanford and 58 in palm coast. in exact terms, the forecast for tonight, partly cloudy early on. patchy to dense fog sets up late night. the overnight low in the city beautiful, 62. here's tomorrow. first thing in the morning, about 66 degrees. we warm rapidly once we burn off really pretty. 78 at noon. 85 is the daytime high by 4:00 tomorrow afternoon.
4:49 pm
no reason we can't warm up two or three more degrees for tomorrow's daytime high of 85. again, the record is 87. i don't think we get the record. but it's going to be warm. 85 tomorrow. overnight low tomorrow night is 65. then on wednesday, still warm. 81. 65 is the low. thursday is our turnaround day. thursday's high, 73 with rain throughout the afternoon. by friday, the high is 63. saturday, 68. and sunday looks good for super bowl sunday. it's going to feel like football season. >> all right, tom. >> 56 is the daytime high. >> thank you. the death rate of pedestrians in florida is among the highest in the nation. but winter park police are hoping to change that. >> they hope spreading the word about safety and increasing patrols will make the roads a lot safer. metro plan orlando's 2015 crash data found 1 in every 4 fatal crashes involves a pedestrian. the winter park police department just renewed its partnership with the university
4:50 pm
urban transportation research and fdot to engage the public and share information about safe walking, riding and driving. they also want to increase patrols at high risk areas to prevent accidents. >> oh, my. next at 4:30, meet the deputy who is dancing his way to the door and internet stardom. >> and ahead, all new at 5:00, new developments of an excessive force case caught on camera. why the deputies involved will not face charges. >> getting results in lady lake, maitland and all of central florida on news 6 at 4:00 and
4:51 pm
when you order now you get a free pizza after super bowl 50! free pizza?
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bowl sunday at and get a free pizza starting monday. use promo code superbowl50. papa john' >> here's something to smile about this afternoon. these new emojis can make their way to your smartphone at the end of the year. the avocado, i guess the heart there, fingers crossed, the black heart and clinging glasses. 74% of americans use emojis every day.
4:53 pm
>> maybe i'll think of a reason to send an avocado to you. >> maybe when you're sick of chipotle. >> right. talk about lol, a viral video with a retiring deputy and his fancy foot work. >> the deputy is leaving the force after 29 years of service. so he danced his way out the elevator. up until some of his fellow officers arrived then they joined in the awkward elevator dance party. >> that's not good for anybody right there. it's not like going off in the sunset. >> no, not at all. matt austin is here with the news coming up at 6:00. >> more than a thousand kids stayed home today from school because of a threat at school.
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