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tv   News 6 at 6 pm  CBS  January 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:29pm EST

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[real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> new details at 6:00, the arrest of a convicted sexual predator now accused of assaulting a girl at knifepoint. >> first, though, a former teacher accused of molestation. news 6 is getting answers about why similar accusations made against this guy were not criminally investigated. that teacher is in jail tonight, accused of molesting a third grade student years ago. this is news 6 at 6:00, i'm matt austin. >> i'm lisa bell. now news 6 has learned of similar accusations made years ago. the department of children and families just told us they looked into those accusations which is not what they said last night. d.c.f. and apopka police told us they had never been contacted about any allegations against 66-year-old donald sharp. news 6 reporter eric sandoval is getting answers about what investigators did know. how many possible other victims
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>> well, you know, i found out at least two other students at least made allegations. they were students here at apopka elementary school. orange county public schools tells me they told the department of children and families about the allegations, but i found out today no investigation was ever conducted. >> the allegations leveled against former apopka elementary school teacher don sharp are too graphic to describe on television. which is why when news 6 found out more allegations surfaced around the same time that this student claims her abuse happened, we wanted to know why they weren't investigated. orange county public schools tells us they reported those allegations to the department of children and families in 2009. d.c.f. confirms the call involved two students of sharp's. but the call was screened out or declared not worthy of investigation. why? they say there was no claim of
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there was no claim of neglect. orange county public schools tells us the complaint was about children feeling uncomfortable sitting on sharp's last, which is where sharp's current abuser says the abuse started. >> the person who was arrested has not worked for orange county public schools since 2009. >> parents at apopka elementary got this recorded phone call from the principal last night, explaining sharp's arrest. >> we went to sharp's home near mount dora today to see what his family might have to say about the allegations, but they weren't home. neighbors tell us they always saw sharp walking his pet cat and he seemed like a real nice guy. they say they were shocked at the allegations against him. >> now, i talked with apopka police this afternoon. they tell me no more parents have come forward, claiming their children may have been victims of sharp's, but they're sounding the call yet again. if you think your child may have been a victim, give apopka police a call immediately.
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eric sandoval, news 6. >> thank you. a 3-year-old boy died this evening after being found in a backyard pool. orange county deputies say he was found alive but unresponsive in the pool. around 4:00 this evening we learned he died at arnold palmer hospital. sky 6 flew over the scene along elderwood court near silver star road. it's not known how the 3-year-old ended up in the water. when we learn more, we'll let you know. >> tonight we're learning more information about a registered sexual predator now accused of raping a girl. longwood police arrested walter ambrose yesterday. they say he threatened and assaulted a girl inside a friend's home. troy campbell spoke with police about this case. what are they telling you about this guy, ambrose? >> well, they're saying he's no stranger to law enforcement. this is the stretch of springwood court where police say the assault on the teenage girl happened. you can see signs in the area for neighborhood watch. we've also seen several kids in
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slow down for all the children who live on the street. >> 40-year-old walter ambrose appearing before a seminole county judge charged with sexual battery on a minor and aggravated assault with a weapon, allegedly using a knife to threaten his victim. >> he used a knife to force her to do these acts. it's very disturbing for us to even have to investigate this kind of crime, but after using the knife, he forced her to commit these acts on him. >> longwood police say a girl called 911 on wednesday morning, saying ambrose had assaulted her a few hours prior, forcing her to commit sex acts. >> on arrival, this at the realized the suspect had left and fled the scene. >> from there, longwood police department called in help for the u.s. marshal's office, fdle and seminole and brevard county sheriff until they were able to locate him in sebastian. >> i think we were able to get down there and get him before he was able to do this to someone else, another victim.
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of the crime, longwood police say it's important that ambrose won't be able to harm anyone else. >> he won't be on the streets and able to victimize another person, especially since this one is a juvenile. that's unfortunate. we don't want this happening to anybody, but yet a juvenile, that's really unfortunate and disturbing. >> like we mentioned, ambrose is no stranger to law enforcement. get this, seminole county sheriff's office tells us that ambrose is currently under a 20-year probation with the county. they say this all goes back to a 1994 arrest and conviction for three different crimes that were all very similar to this one. he is a registered sexual predator, now behind bars with no bond. >> thank you, troy. >> today we got a break from the chilly temperatures, but don't get used to it. >> changes are acoming over the next couple of days. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is pinpointing your forecast. when does it get a little dicey for us? >> 11:00 tomorrow. 11 a.m.
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>> so we've got tonight to be >> warm? >> hang out. i'm worried a little bit about 11:00 tomorrow morning. right now, we're doing great. this is a fire where the smoke plumes showed up. that's a controlled burn. the big news is back out west. a pocket of low pressure is cranking and this pink you see mixed in there, that is freezing rain, just north of little rock. it's going to be a huge winter storm for everyone up north. what it's going to be for you is a cold front that drives in here tomorrow midday. right now, it's hard to beat. temperatures in the 60's. on-the-town forecast sliding to 58 by 11:00. i'll be right back to pinpoint the arrival of the storms for you. >> news 6 is on the road again, pinpointing weather down to the street level with meteorologist candace campos. candace is going around central florida tonight, started in titusville and headed west. now she's in gotha in orange county.
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it warmed up pretty nicely today, the sun. i can see behind you it's now going out since i'm in a windowless room. how does it feel out there at the moment? >> well, good for you two that don't have a window. the skies are nice and pink. it's just gorgeous. a lot of cars have their windows rolled down. like tom's been saying, it's a nice, mild night. not too cold, but just enough, maybe crank open the windows as you get home tonight. right now, we're in pretty much downtown gotha, the main intersection at least. you can hear some of the roosters. i see a lot of roosters. i don't know if that's the thing around here. i bet they're enjoying the weather as well. let's look at your forecast heading into tonight and tomorrow. we're going to stay mostly dry for tonight with the clouds slowly starting to roll in. it gets more dicey, though, by tomorrow, by the noontime as temperatures warm up.
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it will be cooling down heading into the weekend. right now, we're going to finally be going back to the news van and back to the station. >> hold on, are you right next to yellow dog eats? >> i am. it's right here. >> that's what i thought. you can get the barbecue nachos and bring them to go back to me at the station. okay? barbecue nachos? >> will i be your favorite reporter? >> sure. today. >> >> and a man says a woman sexually assaulted him. george branard says the woman made advances at him and offered him sex several times during the pedi-cab ride. this all took place almost two years ago in daytona beach after an event at the speedway. he says she unbuckled his pants and performed oral sex on him and he says they had consensual sex near trees and bushes.
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and said she was assaulted. she said branard threatened to leave him in the woods if he didn't give her what she wanted. he could face up to 15 years in prison. >> tonight we're hearing the 911 call made minutes after a man says he accidentally killed his friend during a hunting accident. he made a panicked call to emergency responders who were having trouble locating him. that's because he was so far back in the woods of volusia county. that's in the oak hill area. >> how long ago did it happen? >> it just happened. it just happened. i -- >> how can we get to you? >> i don't even know right now. >> you know he's dead because he's not breathing, correct? >> he's not breathing and blood is coming out of his mouth. >> that's terrible. deputies say the man fired a .12 gauge shotgun hitting his 65-year-old friend, bruce best. in the 911 call he said he thought he saw a deer. detectives are calling the shooting a tragic accident. they say they're still looking
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>> well, his goal is to end world hunger. >> tonight i get a chance to introduce you to a man who is working to change the world, one meal at a time. he is our getting results award winner this week. he's doing absolutely amazing things. how his charitable project is helping more than 17 million
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>> well, it is time again for our weekly getting results awards segment. this week's winner is certainly working on one of the most ambitious projects that you have feature yet. >> i would say that's safe to say. i was amazed at the results this guy is getting in his organization and what they're doing. he hopes to just end world hunger. that's what he's trying to do. >> it seems pretty simple, right? >> he's trying from a warehouse
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>> if you want to do one scoop of the -- >> the recipe for feeding the world starts with people. that's the message from feeding children everywhere. this longwood-based non-profit hosts packing events like this throughout the country. >> it's our hunger project model, so it's built on having people raise the funds. >> this is fun. >> and, yes, empower and mobilize their communities. >> it's a hands-on approach to charitable giving. >> you are doing something good. >> and a bargain at 25 cents a meal. >> it costs a quarter? >> a quarter. 25 cents, we can provide a healthy meal for a hungry kid or person. >> the brainchild of don campbell. he was feeding kids in his own
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the idea started. now his foundation feeds 17.5 million people a year. the meals packed here will find their way around the globe. >> they really believe that they can make a difference. >> what sets them apart is their passion and dedication for the cause. >> we do this thing called the getting results award where fine people -- actually people nominate other people in the community who are doing amazing things, and you, don campbell, have been nominated for the news 6 getting results award. congratulations, and thank you for all you do, man. >> thank you, guys. >> campbell and his team are proof that teamwork can change the world, just as it always has. >> if we can empower and mobilize people, we can pick any social issue and fix it. hunger just happens to be what we're tackling right now. >> many of the meals are shipped around the world. surprisingly they say the majority will stay here in the u.s. it takes a lot of volunteers to
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if you'd like to host a hunger project at your location, we've included a link on our website at, where you can also nominate someone you know for their own getting results award. just click the getting results tab at the top banner that will take you right to the nomination form. you do not have to be the daughter of a chief meteorologist at our station to nominate someone. you can tell that was tom sorrells' daughter right there. >> she volunteered there, right? >> worked like a dog all summer and loved every minute of it. >> it's really nutritious food they're shipping. >> and 25 cents? how do you feed someone for 25 cents? >> it's a wonderful organization. god bless them. >> chief meteorologist tom sorrells is joining us now. we've been noticing a gorgeous sunset behind our reporters. >> i've got pictures. i've got storm pins.
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>> wow. >> that's incredible right there. >> download storm pins right now so you can see all the photos. there's a lot of these on here. tomorrow it's going to be stormy and i'll use it to track storms across the area. what about this one from ben? this is awesome in western orange county. one good shot from melbourne beach earlier day. >> download storm pins right now in your app store. we'd like to see what you're seeing in central florida. >> radar tonight, we're not tracking any big showers. we had one lone echo in western volusia county. that was a fire. we were tracking the smoke plume. nothing doing. the daytime high today was 71. 70 in sanford and 69 did it in leesburg. 72 in ocala and 70 from palm coast to daytona beach. to 71 out at the cape. temperatures across the country, you're going to hear a lot about weather across the country in the next 24 to 48 hours. big pocket of low pressure
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this way into all this cold air and you know what that means. it's going to be a huge winter storm for those folks and a driving cold front for you. right now, we're talking about 36 in nashville, and 61 in pensacola. 45 in atlanta and 57 in jacksonville. in your backyard, here are the local temperatures. 63 in palm coast. 64 from leesburg to ocala. even in orlando, we're still doing great. it's 65 here at news time. 64 in melbourne. change in the last 24 hours, we were 4 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. 2 in palm coast and 5 in daytona beach. now, i'm going to stand here and you watch the cloud cover. peeling out of here, not doing much. the moisture is coming our way. here's panama city beach florida getting some rain right now. that right there on the edge of the screen is the cold front that's going to come flying across the gulf of mexico overnight tonight through the first half of the day tomorrow. timing is everything. let's do it.
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timing, just an increase in cloud cover. but watch the clock in the corner and watch the squall line. here it is at 10 a.m., edging into marion county and by 1:00 in the afternoon, so 10, 11, 12:00, it runs over atop of us with heavy thunderstorms to the north and to the south and east. another one in eastern orange county by 1:00 and a big line of activity south. by 2:00, it's east of orlando. watch it bow out in melbourne, all the way out to the open waters. it's going to bear a lot of watching tomorrow. we're in the marginal zone for severe weather to the north and west. we'll be tracking it for you through the day tomorrow. overnight lows tonight, 50's, pleasant. great evening. 57 in orlando. here is tomorrow. >> big cold front coming. storms are returning by noon tomorrow, 70. the high is 73. the showers roll between about 11 and 2:30 in the afternoon over orlando.
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and it gets cold, y'all, for saturday night. >> yeah, it does. >> yes, it does. thank you, tom. >> for years, it has given central florida's image a black eye, even reports on 60 minutes. >> homeless families living long-term in motels down by disney. coming up on news 6 at 7:00 -- >> some of the reviews have stretched beyond individual hotels where it's don't stay anywhere on this corridor. >> so osceola county is investing in a turnaround plan. at 7:00, how it aims to help those hotels clean up crime and bring a better life for homeless families. >> and it's an ice cream brand with a rabid following. now after a year from being yanked from store shelves, blue bell is coming back. when you'll be able to buy the first carton. >> that's nice to hear. certainly. not for my waistline. >> what's not nice to hear is the alarm button.
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there's lots of reasons to be worried for magic fans right now, right? scott skiles' disbelief look was in full force last night, after the magic lost to the 76ers, a
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>> all right. we're following more breaking news right now. you're looking at a crash on i-4 westbound at lee road. the traffic going away from you is headed westbound. the traffic coming toward you is headed eastbound. it's not known yet what happened. but it is causing a big traffic mess on i-4 right now. >> all right. jayme is in for ping tonight. the magic looked like the four of us were out there trying to throw the ball around. >> ping has been really positive saying believe in the magic. i'm going to be the wet blanket and say -- >> you don't believe? >> -- i kind of believe but they're in trouble. they're 41 games into the season and it's officially the halfway point. they're 20 and 21. below 500 for the first time since late november. there is still plenty of time to fix what's broken. the question is, can it be fixed? last night's loss to the 6ers has to be the low point.
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didn't have enough guys playing well. i mean, our lack of competitiveness is frightening, really. >> that is a look that's both vexed and perplexed. what has happened with this magic team that was 19 and 13 a couple weeks ago. last night, they were pushed around by a 6ers club that won all of five games this season. tomorrow they host charlotte. skiles said today after practice that a line-up change is more than likely going to happen. you've got to try something to fix this team. >> nobody is going to feel sorry for us. we can't feel sorry for ourselves. we've got to work this out. we have to keep working. we do not have a choice. hope we have a good practice and get some carryover to tomorrow night. >> positive news out of practice, though, victor
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he may actually play friday night. he participated in non-contact drills and practice today. whether he plays against the hornets tomorrow depends on how he feels tomorrow. one other positive, too, is the rest of the eastern conference in the nba is not exactly lighting it up right now. though the magic have lost eight of the last nine games, they're only a game out of the playoffs at this point which is amazing, and tomorrow's opponent, charlotte is only 19 and 23. magic need to win. in the meantime soccer is in the air in central florida again. tomorrow, a big day for orlando city. players are scheduled to report back to town, get physicals, training camp begins in just a matter of days and back to lead orlando city is mega-star kaka and brett shea and mls rookie of the year. >> last night in the nfl, history was made. a gender barrier was broken by a
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the buffalo bills promoted smith to quality control, special teams coach. she becomes the first female full-time assistant coach in the nfl. smith has spent more than a decade working in pro football, the last two years as an assistant to head coach rex ryan with the bills and with the jets and seven years as a player personnel assistant with new york. rex ryan who gave her the promotion released a statement last night saying "she's done an outstanding job and ." >> it's about time.
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