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tv   News 6 at Noon  CBS  January 21, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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first, a double shooting leaves a man dad and a woman hurt and seminal county. on right now. we will have the stories in just a moment. after a week of cold temperatures, we see a warm-ups before that could change. troy burgess is pinpointing everything. >> we will see a new front move-in. at the head of that front and we are warming nicely. it's all we up to st. louis and this cold front will move in tomorrow. the timeline is from 10:00 a.m. b five in the afternoon. today, out ahead of that is high-pressure dominating to send in the south wind. that's a warming wind bringing in some moisture in the form of cloud cover. you could see it out there as we see the citrus bowl in downtown orlando. 60b0 the temperature and the
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68b0 in ocala and 69 and daytona beach. we take it through the rest of today and we will see the thin clouds and lower clouds but for the most part we won't see rain today. only a 10% chance with a little bit of moisture moving in. will be the high by 3:00. we talk about the chance for stronger storms and when you can expect a cooldown. breaking in, after a deadly shooting, we are told that a man hunt is over. mark lehman spoke to some neighbors who could not believe what happened. >> police mounted a large scale search overnight for gunmen and it turned up empty. we do have him in custody.
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22-year-old connie mccants. investigators say he turned himself into them this morning nearly 8 hours after a deadly shooting. >> that happened and i can't believe it. wow! >> that was the reaction after learning a man was murdered next door. called police after hearing the commotion >> you heard someone say that they got shot or someone was dead . after that, he was looking and he saw . when officers arrived, they found whitney macleod shot in the hand in the body of marquise grams. he was shot several times. it was a house full of kids. it's horrible. if anyone else witnessed the shooting, they are not saying and they are not revealing the relationship between him and the . neighbors are thankful for arrest but they are still shaken >> kids of my own their sleeping.
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more towards anything. on our side, it wouldn't have been good. testimony continues at the trial of a pedicab driver accused of raping a women. the defense team could start presenting its case as early as later on this afternoon. the woman said bernard threatened to leave her in the woods. she did not give him what he wanted. if convicted, he faced up to 15 years in prison. >> knew at noon, we are hearing the 9-1-1 call that came in minutes after a man says he killed his friend during a hunting accident. he made a panic call to
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having trouble locating him. i just killed my friend in a hunting accident >> they say he was firing a 12gauge shotgun. he hit his friends . detectives call the shooting a tragedy and they say they are looking into how it happened. >> knew at noon, a big problem with the water. it actually tested positive for the respiratory germ, legionella. florida hospital is flushing the system out after checks done by the florida department tested positive for a jam that could cause pneumonia. florida hospital officials say a critically ill patient tested positive for legionella. the hospital called the department of
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investigate and just last week , the hospital water test came back positive . it was not the same strain of the bacteria found. even so, the doctor with the florida hospital says they are taking extra precaution. it prompted us to take a good look at the water supply. they will really make sure that they are safe and to deal with any issues that he may need to deal with. sh she is breathing and water vapor or drinking water. the firm is flushing the system right now. they say the tests show the hospital water is safe to drink. >> after just a few days, the disinfectant level is now
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>> the hospitals taking extra measures to protect anyone with a high risk. even prohibiting showers for some. florida hospital orlando says flushing a water system is a process that takes several days of sampling and testing. they are working with the department of health for a water management plan. we found out they contacted seven years ago. they say they did not find anything during the investigation. we told you what the accused teacher did. now, the district is talking about an internal investigation into donald sharp. they say they need to know if there is any other big comes . we are asking why this was not investigated and they say more paperwork could be released this afternoon. we will let you know as soon as
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breaking now, stocks are back in the green after being in the red most of the day. it's been a rough week. this is welcome news. the tao is sitting over 16,000 points. gaining 61. the s&p 500 is climbing 28 points.jessica is remaining fr free until the sentence. victim of the attack sat in court this morning while the 219-year-old women admitted their part in the crowbar attack on the 17-year-old. the women were arrested with dylan thomas last february. they are charged with first-degree attempted murder. they pled guilty to aggravated battery and could face 15 years in prison.
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in central florida. the driver was using heroin when he crashed on campus. william lopez crashed into the back entrance of the education building. he told officers he was taken to the hospital because she was having chest pains. after the crash, the woman jumped out. the officer says he admitted that he used heroin and was drinking earlier in the night. detectives say they found heroin and a gun. lopez is still in jail facing several charges. he and the women have no affiliation with ucf. >> a closure was set to begin
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caused a delay. cruiser repaving in the construction only means the rains are shut down all the way. they say they will have signs up to detour everyone around us.the 12 story hospital is complete. the center is designed especially for women and how many plan to treat. that shows donald trump enjoying a big lead here in florida. the obama administration could help them with islamic militants.
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a 12 minute ride back to the air force base. we will keep monitoring the flight tracker and keep you updated on how the storm will affect the area. the obama administration is now giving requirements that could protect the us from islamic militants. it will make it harder for people who fought for the state group to enter the country. the new requirements affect travelers with little citizenship in iran. she did give them the law back
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sources who have been working with the department of homeland security say they would be exceptions for those traveling for business or humanitarian work. donald trump is a big lead in florida! >> fresh off endorsement from sarah palin. a new poll out of the florida atlantic university shows trump has a 32 point lead over ted cruz. marco rubio came in third after jeb bush and ben carson route out time five. hillary clinton holds a commanding lead over vermont senator in the sunshine state. clinton has a 62/26 percent lead. florida's presidential primary will be held on march 15. >> a brand-new hospital designed for women will accept its firstpatient. news 6 is therefore the
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hospital for women located on downtown orlando. the first phase will focus on young women , cardiac care and breast cancer treatment. it's a up-close look at the big 399! drivers will appear at these locations ahead of the monster jam rally. 60,000 streaming fans will come to the show. they were flying high over the citrus bowl where they are covered with dirt. the monster truck track will take three days to complete. the rain in here will make it a little bit gloomy. we show you the live view of
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most of those are-clouds and more moisture is working into the atmosphere. you will see a lot more as we tomorrow. the good news is, the storm system is a quick mover so by the weekend, we will look good but cooler. here is how it all shapes up taking you into the afternoon with clouds increasing. temperatures are warming up in the 70s and it's a little bit above the average. yesterday we made it up to 66b0 and today in the mid-70s. the gradual warm-up continues for another warm day. a front comes in ankles us down into saturday and sunday. we will get to that in the planning forecast. storms. some of them could be strong 10 b four or 5:00. .
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friday. 32 in sanford and 40 in daytona beach. 46b0 in melbourne and the rebound is upon us. it's certainly a lot of sunshine mixed in with clouds. near 70b0 now and 68 in orlando. 68 in ocala. what about today? here is there pinpoint forecast. >> we see a mix of clouds and sun with temperatures warming into the 70s. we have or they are in the mid-b low 70s through the early evening where we are at 72b0. we can't rule out a 10% chance.
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clouds, temperatures are mild . here is the clouds and rain forecast. -clouds with mid-level acting as a blanket. the front will approach and we will take you to 10:00 am. even the thunderstorms would approach from the golf. we see a stronger wind gusts. it pushes out at 5:00 in the afternoon and six or 7:00 we
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possible. look at the cooldown be on the front at a high of 57. 38b0 on sunday morning and the codes are headed off to church. it will not be another boot morning. >> we now know who will be performing for the biggest night. the grammy awards are weeks away and we will show you the nominees . first, here is a look at the stocks. this is finally looking good. it's a slow start. the dow is up 243 points and nasdaq is in the green at 60
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welcome back. weeks away from the biggest night. we are talking about the grammys. we all know about the first batch of performers who will be there. the top nominee is kendra lamarr who will be in the house. he will be with little big town and the weekend. grammys will be hosted by ll cool j. you can catch all of the excitement on monday,
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we had bad news for star wars fans >> seems the force has been delayed a little bit . just hang tight! they announced the next film episode eight will be released in december 2017. that's seven months later. our coworker loves star wars and she is crying right now. disney did not give a delay. the current force awakens film will work out well in the movie is the highest roast in all time. it's another great photo and a one-of-a-kind view of the northern lights talking in space.
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got kelly captured an incredible image. this is of the northern lights. >> this is amazing. it's a unique image from the northern lights. it happens when a burst of the sons gas and magnetic field causes a wind that's the stream of energy specs from the sun. that stream hits the atmosphere and that's how you get the lights. >> you can see them from the ground. it's a very different view when you compare it to what the astronauts saw. they can't compare to the pictures >> that's what you get.
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