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tv   News 6 at Noon  CBS  January 20, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>>bridgett: a man is dead after a fire swept to his home. we are following the investigation into a workers that after he got stuck in the machinery. >>bridgett: part of a long-awaited highway opens up
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affected? i am bridget ellison >>david: and david hall. where bridges is here pinpointing the cold temperatures. what can we expect? >>troy: they warm up, finally, after the coldest day of the year. it's sunshine and blue skies. there's people out in about . you will need a big coat because it's in the 50s. we got out of the 50s at noon. we are at 60b0 now at daytona beach. we were in the 40s all morning long and the wind is calm. we continue with record temperatures that we gradually warm up . this is where he started. 27b0 in ocala and it's bright and early this morning at 34 and daytona beach. 38 orlando and 46 at coco beach.
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sanford. 57b0 in ocala in the villages at 57. all the sunshine as we plan the rest of today with the pinpoint accurate forecasts. we have are there in the mid-60s . it's still cool enough for the jacket. thunderstorms on friday and we will detail the changes in minutes. >>bridgett: fire marshals working to figure out what caused a house fire that killed a orange county man. a space heater was found inside. mark lehman spent the morning getting answers in learning more about the >>reporter: i spoke with the pastor and he says the victim
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man. a cold snap play role in the fire. >> he called 9-1-1 after spotting smoke . he captured the cell phone video as firefighters rushed in. >> as i came out back, i saw the smoke was more dense. >>reporter: as the rescuers made their way to the victim, it was too late. the backyard workshop caught fire investigators sifted through the debris with a space heater found inside. >> it's cold out and there is a chance they could have been in use. we just don't know. >> spoke with fire officials warning of the dangers of space heaters. >> keep a safety zone around the perimeter. 3 feet from people being able
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>> is not known what sparked the fire but they are urging caution. they are saying what happened here served as a tragic reminder for many. >> anyone using them, use them correctly. accidental, they will have to wait on lab results from samples collected in the backyard. it will be a couple of weeks before making a final ruling on what caused the fire. reporting in orlando, mark lehman, news 6. before breaking news on wall street. the stock market is plunging. the traffic. the dow has plunged 121. the s&p 500 has slipped 53 points. we will be sure to keep you updated on the stocks throughout the day on one person has died after getting trapped at a fresh produce facility.
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chancellor drive . deputy said taylor farm security worker got trapped in some equipment . not said when they would reopen. a woman accused of driver of sexually assaulting her outside the daytona international speedway. the woman told police he raped her after she attended a raise in february 2014. he appeared in court and he is free on bond right now. the woman says she doesn't remember how she ended up in the pedicab. she was drinking and smoking marijuana before the race. he could face 15 years in prison. the case led to the city of daytona revolt getting background checks. we are investigating and we
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4:00. did pit bulls attack some people in seminole county.two children are expected to be okay. the violent scene played outside of a unit at a stonebrook apartment outside airport boulevard in sanford after a frantic call to 911. they found a woman being attacked and she was rushed to the hospital for surgery. all but one of the dogs was killed by police. the woman knew the animals before they attacked her but haven't said whether the dogs live there. we will keep asking police for more information. >> six years after , the debbie say they made an arrest. the deputy will say a judge for those charges. awoke to find multiple men in her home. one of the men sexually assaulted her while the others made out with cash and atv. the case went cold until
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were able to tie fingerprints to this man, ahmed ross. we checked and he has a long history of arrest and he is now facing new charges. we will let you know happens today. milestone. >> this is big news. a 3 mile stretch is open and it will be in apopka to i-4 an seminal county. tristan o'connell has more on the long-awaited start to the
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there is a planning and design on this project to get to the stage. we have hundreds of public meetings. extends from state road 46 just east of camp challenge road to county road 435 , mount plymouth road >> it will relieve congestion. state road 46 and 441 b all of these local roads will see less traffic . after a push back , the state required the agencies to push for every 100 acres for land in conservation. it's something that had never been done. >> there's a lot of planning and engineering that goes into something like this. with this, there are environmental concerns that we have to do before you build something like this. the parkway is designed with all electronic tolling.
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bridge, fencing and jump outs. >> the next step is to extend the road another 5 miles and build a bridge. this brings drivers into seminal county. the finished product will be in 2021 when this road connects with that road. >>bridgett: a monster truck for! 200 truckloads of dirt will be dumped in the stadium part of the preps for this weekend's monster jam show. crews are changing the turf in the stadium to a huge dirt racing obstacle course. the event is expected to draw 60,000 fans and it will take three days to construct this course as monster jam rolls into the citrus bowl . tickets start at $20 apiece. a familiar face is involved in the gop race . sarah palin announced that she is supporting donald trump. how other republican candidates
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big changes when it comes to the safety. it's being removed from the killer whale pool. how these baby otters are doing. being rescued from a titusville construction site. this is the best video of the day. you are watching news 6 at noon
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you deserve molina healthcare, your extended family. to learn more about our medicaid plan, visit or call (877) 385-3884 a big changes coming to see world. they are removing safety features that they put in place. according to the sentinel,
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world workers are removing the emergency fast floors . this is video you are seeing from back in 2012 with the floors. they say the emergency floors are not needed since trainers no longer perform in the water. they were purported installed in 2011. in org upholder under the water causing her to drown. donald trump with sarah palin at his side. the vice presidential candidate endorsed trump over cruz despite supporting the senator in the past. greg boswell explains. >> donald trump greeted a large crowd this morning looking for support two weeks before the state's caucus. if we win iowa, we will run the table. we may not lose one state. his campaign got a big boost on tuesday when sarah palin endorsed him along and she said, we love
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it's a movement. she supported ted cruz in 2012 and he says he will remain a big fan of the governor. crews without campaigning in new hampshire and he zeroed in on what he would do. >> the first thing i intend to do is resend every illegal and unconstitutional executive action taken by this president. >> on the democratic side, hillary clinton is spending a day fundraising and she holds a sizable lead in the polls over bernie sanders but the vermont senator is in the head . there is more controversy today surrounding the oscars. no controversy outsides. the only issue is the cold air and there's not many people out at the lake. >>troy: it's a little bit cold out there.
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parts of marion county. now, we rebound and we warm up throughout the day getting into the 70s soon enough. >> we have some storms with the new front end another cooldown. let me show you what we have. some areas of frost and this one is with the storm pinned off . you can see the frost they are in there is more on the grass. as oliver, the pomeranian. he is sitting on the couch watching television. he is about to fall asleep . he is comfortable! we had this guy wearing his hoodie before he went out in west melbourne. we have to go out, you have to be warm. pin your photos of your pets and kids trying to keep warm. search wkmg and download the
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it's all free. the good news is that the warming trend is on. we will be much warmer to and we warm up each day even more. 38 in orlando and 36 in sanford. 34 in daytona beach and 46 in cocoa beach. the wind is just enough to make it feel like it's freezing in daytona beach. it's close to freezing this morning in orlando and it felt like only 4b0. here is the rebound rest 61b0. there is daytona beach at 62b0. too cool to get in the water or even walk around. here is a look at your pinpoint accurate forecasts. temperatures getting below the average.
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hover there in the 60s through this evening by 60b0 with a few of the high thin clouds tonight trying to hold in the warmth. they will not do much good to keep us warm. it will be more comfortable than it was this morning. we'll be at 55 at 9:00 dropping to 50 x 11:00 tonight. it's a chilly night . maybe you're doing some shopping or head out with some friends. here's the clouds and rain forecast. hard to find a cloud with a high-pressure dominating. the light winds are they are drinking in bringing in the dry stable air. by friday , we have a front that brings in showers and maybe some thundershowers. cold but not in the 20s. 37b0 and dropping to 46 in orlando and 43 in daytona beach. what about the next few days?
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70s are back! high as 76. again, we are watching for thundershowers. getting up to 60b0. if you like the warm air , get out thursday and friday. fridays little bit wet . >> any chance we can move the rain? >> if i had the power, what could i do? >> now for the story. more controversy today surrounding the oscars. all sharpton is calling on a complete boycott.
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down 133 and losing 57.
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>>david: apples being asked to fix a bug that says how much battery is left.
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freeze when people change time zones or manually change the time. the battery icon may show 50% when it's about to die. representatives say 490 for now, they should check the date and time and set it to automatic. >>bridgett: the lack of diversity for oscar nominees is gaining more steam. he is calling on a complete boycott from all sharpton. >> we can change the bottom line and sometimes on people have profit touched, it leads to them turning around and changing their minds about institutional neglect and exclusion. >>bridgett: sharpton, among others, are upset about the academy awards mostly choosing
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the head is promised to address the diversity issue and spike ray and jay to pink it has said they will not attend this year's ceremony. >> acuteness alert coming up. a litter of otter pops is being cared for in titusville. they were found abandoned at a construction site .
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a fe a few siblings are getting love . five-week-old fluffy patients were found in titusville at a construction site. take a look. these little guys , the river otter pops were abandoned by their mom. she never came back for them. the situation could change any minute. no substitute for mom.
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they will be moved to an outdoor enclosure with a pool and live food. they think it could happen in july or august. we hope they get better. >> so cute! >> do it again. >> today we are warming up after starting off in the 20s , 30s and 40s. >>troy: we will all be happy and jumping for joy about the warm-up. 65b0 is the high. we will be pinpointing some storms but most of those are moving to the north. thank you, troy.
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