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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 12, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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family gang into custody. rochelle ritchie has how it all went down. >> reporter: baltimore city police say these raids will continue, until every suspect, every criminal is behind bars and convicted. it's 4:00 a.m. chghts and wjz is there, as dozens of officers and the baltimore county s.w.a.t. team gear up and load up to break down. the doors of unsuspecting bgf gang members and those allegedly working for them. >> police, search warrant. >> reporter: wjz rides along, as search warrants are carried out on 11 homes in east baltimore, just after 5:00 this morning. >> all of these search warrants are being carried out at the same time. the suspects are all convicted felons. of the 11, two of them are wanted for murder. >> reporter: undercover officers quietly approached the home. we are there, cameras rolling, as police go into action. [ gunshots ]
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>> residents living on rutland avenue wake up to the commotion. one of the intended targets is found inside the home. he is quickly handcuffed and taken to jail. just one of the six taken into custody. >> this is part of our continued effort to dismantle the black guerrilla family. using drug conspiracy and related charges. >> reporter: the numerous raids across the city are all in response to the blood bath on city streets. police say is at the hands of bgf gang members. and the last five days, the state's attorney's office, has indicted 68 alleged members on federal charges. police say they will search every crevice of the city, arresting and prosecuting the black guerrilla family. until they are all behind bars. >> we will not stop these efortsdzs. >> reporter: during these raids, police did find heroin and cocaine. i'm rochelle ritchie, wjz eyewitness news. >> suspected gang members were arrested as part of today's raids. but what happens when they go to prison?
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tonight, at 11:00, a wjz exclusive. i speak with the former security chief who reveals how gangs control the baltimore city detention center. it was a story of sex, smuggling and power. that's tonight at 11:00, on wjz. >> well, winter may still be more than a month away. we're already feeling the chill. wjz finds people waiting for the bus downtown today, piled on the layers. hooded jackets, heavy coats, gloves if you have them. at wisp in central maryland, there are several inches of heavy snow, covering these tables and chairs. wjz was sent these pictures. and here's another look at all of the white stuff, just as the sun started to go down. taking a live look outside now. here, mostly cloudy skies. temperatures are dropping. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. meteorologist chelsea ingram is live at quarry lake, with the wjz mobile weather lab. but we'll start with bob turk who is updating temperatures. must be very happy. maybe a little skiing going on next day or so. picked up between 2 and 4
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inches of snow in those high elevations. here we saw a few flurries in a few spots. that's about it. temperature-wise, we have been stuck here in the upper 30s. last several hours. but only 21 now out in oakland. 34 in cumberland. freezing now west of us. cold air is going to start filtering in. it's kind of banged up against the mountain. later tonight, temperatures will start to tumble. look at dew points, down to 11 degrees. this is very, very dry air. temperature now, running 16 degrees colder than yesterday at this time. 20 degrees colder in oakland. and 23 degrees colder in cumberland. our current wind chill, right around freezing. 32 degrees. but it feels like 15 out in oakland. with more on these temperatures, chelsea ingram live at quarry lake, with the wjz mobile weather lab. chelsea? >> hey, thanks, bob. temps are only going to continue to go down as we head into the overnight. we'll talk about that in a second. but first, we'll get to what is going on out here with the wjz
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mobile weather lab. take a look at some of our numbers. we're now at 37.7 degrees. we were up at 39 not too long ago, just about a little over an hour ago. temps are going to drop. wind chill, not going to make a big impact out here. a lot of these buildings are actually blocking the wind from our weather station. as i mentioned, temps are going down. take a look at this graphic. we're looking at lows tonight in the low to mid-20s. and then the record for tonight, actually, 22 degrees, set back in 1911. so we may get very close to that, record low temps. average this time of year, around 37 degrees. if you check out this next graphic, we're going to keep this cold air in place, courtesy of canadian high pressure, as yet into wednesday and even wednesday night. how cold will it get tomorrow? and how cold will it get wednesday night? bob will have those details coming up in your exclusive first warning forecast. for now, i'm live with the wjz mobile weather lab at quarry lakes, back to you guys on tv hill. >> thank you very much, chelsea and bob. check in with wjz for first
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warning weather coverage. we'll keep you updated on the threat of severe weather and bring you any information on closings or delays. >> we need help. thrtsz the plea from the philippines tonight, as desperation grows, following the massive typhoon there. almost 2,000 are dead. and that number is certain to rise. wjz has complete coverage of the aftermath of typhoon haiyan. mike hellgren has more on how local organizations are helping out. but first, let's go to tina kraus for the latest on the devastation. >> reporter: the typhoon damaged or destroyed more than 23,000 homes. displacing 600,000 people. many of the dead remain unburied. this woman says rescuers have not come back in days and asks, why haven't they returned to recover the bodies? severe food and water shortages are adding to the crisis. aid organizations, like the red cross, and team rubiconare beginning to arrive. local doctors say they're running low on medicine. and more u.s. military help is coming. >> we're going to go as fast as
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we possibly can and get there as soon as we can to help people in need. >> reporter: the george washington strike group is on its way from hong hong kong. and at tacloban's airport, c130 cargo planes are flying in food, water and other supplies. but with tacloban in ruins, many are still waiting for help. tina kraus, wjz eyewitness news. >> and wjz complete coverage of the devastation in the philippines continues right now. investigator mike hellgren is live in whitemarsh with more on maryland's filipino community and how they're coping and helping. mike? >> reporter: vic, those images are heartbreaking. and there is a real need. we're talking about 2 million people without basic necessities. 300,000 of them are expectant mothers. and you can see here how many marylanders have opened their hearts. these are just some of the donations that have come hear f here to whitemarsh. and so many people have been personally touched by this tragedy.
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. >> reporter: sonya newmyer now find its hard to sleep, after typhoon haiyan, destroyed her hometown. her mom, almost 90 years old is in a shelter. >> the home was leveled to the ground. there was no infrastructure left. except part of the school. the more i watch attach and look at the damages, the worse off i get. >> she's one of many in maryland's large filipino community who is -- turning agency and fear into action. >> you feel helpless. you cannot control what is happening. you can only control what you can do. and the only way i could really affect them is to do this fundraising event. >> boxes and bags of donations are filling the river of life church in white mash, -- whitemarsh, where one lost several loved ones in the storm. >> the responsibility is amazing, tremendous.
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many filipinos are here for the jobs and to send money back home. and knows that this calamity happened is really a big thing. it's horrendous. we don't know the very purpose of why this happened to us. but we know that there is -- there's a blessing coming. >> they're trying to stay upbeat. you can see a live look here at some of the people who are sorting through some of the donations here. much needed donations. we have all of the information on how you can donate on our website, and aid is just slowly trickling into those rural areas. this is a story that will have legs for months, even years to come. reporting live from whitemarsh, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> mike, thank you. and of course, you can help the victims of the philippine's typhoon. catholic relief services is taking your donations right now. you may call 1-877-help-crs, or log onto their website,
6:09 pm the recent crime wave in towson is showing no signs of slowing down after another theft this afternoon. >> denise, this was the fourth incident that has happened in the area in little over a week. police say just before 3:00 this afternoon, a female victim was approached by three suspects on york road and chesapeake avenue. they asked to use her phone. and when she gave it to them, they took off. in the last week, two of the victims have been targeted across from the university. and another one closer to the mall. no arrests have been made yet in this latest incident. denise? >> all right. thank you very much, mary. and if you think you have information on this latest incident, you are asked to call baltimore county police. drugs and guns. a shocking discovery is made inside an anne arundel county home that also serves as a day care. wjz is live. christie ileto has more on what was confiscated and who police took into custody. >> reporter: police arrest rosemary tuck and douglas
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woods, both of whom they say are not employees of the day care but are residents of that home. >> reporter: anne arundel county police say 30-year-old rosemary tuck and 49-year-old douglas woods are facing drug charges tuesday, after police find drugs and weapons while searching a gambrills residence, that also serves as a local day care. >> it was happening alt this residence, which is concerning for us because it happened in close prox iments of -- proximity of children. but we know the weapons were not in close proximity to children. >> drug partner, six rifles and a ford explorer were seized from the home. not the day care. >> reporter: it all started when undercover investigators were purchasing marijuana from a female from this residence. that led to a search warrant. >> undercover officers did make narcotic transactions at that house. and during that time, through our investigation, children were present at the home. >> reporter: police say the pair are not day care
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employees, nor child care providers, just residents of the home. [ knocking ] >> reporter: we stopped by the house plisay -- police say doubled as gambrills day care nursery. the man said -- >> there's no guns here. there's a shed 500 feet back. >> what about the drugs? >> drugs weren't here that i know of. >> reporter: some of the charges include possession of marijuana, possession with the intent to distribute. and police say the day care had nothing to do with this incident. vic, back to you. >> christie, thank you. the day care remained open today. the day care said parents are being notified. police are investigating an overturned truck crash. just after 4:00 at caroline and biddle street. the truck flipped on its side. do not appear to be any injuries. the truck was unloaded, uprighted and towed from the scene. well, an all-time ravens'
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great, out of a job tonight. ed reed, cut by his new team, the houston texans. sports director mark viviano joins us with details on reed's release. mark? >> reporter: well, denise. the texans made this move official. announcing they had let go safety ed reed, afterhe played just seven games for him last season. after the team's latest latest loss, he said houston was outcoached, as well as outplayed. he had clearly fallen out of favor, after so much fanfare upon his arrival. when he signed a 3-year contract worth $15 million. reed walked away with about $5 million from that contract. it is unclear if he will be on another team. it is unlikely the ravens will be interested in bringing him back. nine times named to the pro bowl. he is a future hall-of-famer and a lock to be one of the
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ravens all-time greats. >> remember, the ravens play their next game in chicago this coming sunday. you can see them take on the bears, live at 1:00 here on wjz. and stay here after the game for our special wjz game coverage. we will bring highlights, reaction and analysis. it's a full day of ravens football live here on wjz. and still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news. liquid explosives. it is one of the biggest threats to airlines. the new scanning technology. that may ease restrictions in the near future. dangerous activity behind the wheel. i'm monique griego. more coming up on drivers doing way more than just texting. i'm mary bubala. we are boarding one of the tall ships of the world. as it sets its sights. and grab a coat and some glofs if you're headed -- glove fist you're headed out. it's a cool, blustery evening
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outside. will we see any flurries as we go on? your complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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it mostly cloudy. 38 degrees in central maryland right now. the complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. a former maryland school of the
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deaf employee. the jury deliberating this case appears to be having trul reaching a unanimous verdict. >> reporter: the jury apparently sent a note to the judge, indicating they were having trouble reaching a consensus. at this point, the judge called each juror up individually, asking them a series of questions before sending them back for deliberations. >> 38-year-old clarence taylor, accused by seven adolescent girls who say he groped them outside of their clothing while they were students in 2011. taylor took the stands to deny the allegations and said any touching of the girls was accidental and not sexual in nature. some of the girls testified he not only groped them, kissed them, exchanged text messages with them, and even asked for topless photos. taylor and his attorney countered that the girls were making up the stories and that some of them had crushes on him. jurors deliberated briefly on
6:18 pm
friday and continued those deliberations all day tuesday. >> reporter: despite indicating they were having trouble reaching a unanimous verdict, the jury voted that they would continue their deliberations on wednesday morning. derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> reporter: now, if convicted, taylor faces a possibility of up to 175 years in prison. >> in baltimore city, the cause of a two-alarm building fire is under investigation. sky eye chopper 13 is over the scene in the 5900 block of bel air road in northeast baltimore. dozens of firefighters arrived and fire was quickly contained. no injuries are reported. spectacular sight at the inner harbor. mary joins us now with details. >> the oldest-working square rigged tall ship in the world is docked in baltimore now through saturday. and the public can board the ship for free. >> reporter: we spotted the tall ship near the key bridge. the norwegian ship, built in 1914 smaking its way to the
6:19 pm
inner harbor. she features 22 sails, reaching speeds of up to 17 knots or 20 miles per hour. the historic ship can hold 200 with a permanent crew of 20 and 60 cadets. >> we sail from norway to america and back again. we spend both three months at sea. >> reporter: cadets are doing a lot of training to know the rigging. to know the sailing. to handle the ship. when we leave baltimore on saturday, they should be prepared for the winter storms in the northern atlantic. and the north sea on our way back to 94 way. >> reporter: as the ship arrived in the inner har -- harbor, it is their crew. their ninth visit to baltimore. >> baltimore is a favorite port. it's a very nice port. nice people, great hospitality. and thanks to sail baltimore for hosting us every year. >> reporter: at 323-feet long, this is the largest sailing ship of the year for sail baltimore. the nonprofit that is responsible for bringing
6:20 pm
visiting ships to our ports since 1975. and it will be back next year as part of the city's continuing celebration to memorialize the war of 1812. >> if folks remember the sail a bration event of 2012. very similar. tall ships, naval ships from around the world, blue angels, fireworks. it's going to be one of the biggest celebrations this city has ever seen. >> reporter: and the tall ship is here through saturday, with public tours on wednesday and friday. vic? it's just beautiful. >> yes, it is. mary. thanks a lot. head to our website for a link to sail baltimore. for more information on tours and times. >> pretty quoald. >> cold on the bay. whoo. >> rough and cold. of course, they're from norway. they're used to this kind of weather. let's take a look at temps and conditions around the region now. we're still stuck at 38. has not come down. at least not at the airport. winds have come down. that's the good thing. barometer is on the way back up. dew point is way down. this is dry air.
6:21 pm
come back and look at a cold night and a cold day tomorrow, right after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,, tnññ w
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i'm meteorologist chelsea ingram, live with the mobile weather lab. temperatures sitting at 37 degrees here. how cold will we get tonight? let's get a look to bab with a
6:24 pm
look at your first warning weather update. >> 20s tonight. coldest night we've had so far this fall season. take a look at temps now. airport has been stuck at 38 for the last five hours, by the way. to the west of us, it has dropped down to 32. it is going to take a few more hours and that cold weather will be moving in our general direction. it's kind of banked up against the mountains and slowly headed towards our region. 39 in pax river and easton. 37 ocean city. but only 21 degrees out in oakland. 34 in westminster. getting close to freezing. and a lot warmer down by the bay. annapolis and kent island now, at 41. we do have a lighter wind now. earlier, we had wind gusts up to 20, 25 miles an hour. d.c. still has a breeze. winds will be tomorrow night. that will allow the temps. probably end up between 20 and 26 degrees overnight. this will make it close to the airport.
6:25 pm
probably predicting around 25 for the airport. this afternoon, early this afternoon, this morning, we had that front across the region. some flurries, in a few spots, mainly across the mountains is where they got the snow. and to the southeast of us, a little light rain activity. all off to the east now. a little lake-effect snow. we saw some in garrett county. picked up 4 inches of snow. still a little lake-effect snow. here in new york new york state. south of cleveland. buffalo. dunkirk, new york. one of those places that gets lake-effect snow. temperature-wise, just around the freezing mark. it's not super arctic cold. 28, 29, 30. it has moderated somewhat. as you head west, bismarck is up to 40 yesterday afternoon. they were down to 8 degrees. you can see things on the back side of this cold air. really going to warm up. denver, 58. sake, 60. and phoenix, 90 degrees. can you believe that? even cool miami for them. 79.
6:26 pm
now, for our region, cold weather tonight. cold into wednesday. but a warmup begins on thursday. friday into the weekend. much milder temps here for the weekend. gusty winds up to 20 knots on the bay. bay temp around 55 degrees. tonight, down to the mid-20s. record is 22. some spots could get to 22. then tomorrow, high of only 42. normal high tomorrow is only 57. big cold air mass. but it's not going to be here with us much longer. >> temporary rest. still to come on wjz eyewitness news. treating high cholesterol. new guidelines and who should be taking medication. no, i'm not a stalker. i haven't done anything wrong. >> courtroom face-off. alec baldwin gives emotional testimony against his accused stalker. her exclusive reaction. -- explosive reaction. out with the old. i'm pat warren, coming up on eyewitness news. demolition and renovation make
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way for ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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storeit's 6:29. 38 degrees and mostly cloudy. good evening, everyone. thanks for staying with wjz. here are some of the stories people ever talking about tonight. liquid explosives are considered one of the most serious threats to air travel. but can they track that? as renee marsh reports, some airports are trying. >> reporter: the power of a liquid bomb on display. it was the devious weapon of choice in the chilling 2006 plan to blow up as many as 10 u.s.-bound flights from the united kingdom. >> reporter: well, the 2006 plot foiled. but since then, for the past seven years, flyers have been restricted to this. no more than 3.4 ounces of liquids or gels, allowed in carry-ons in the u.s. or europe. >> now, it could allow airports around the country to ease the rules. london is taking the first step towards the goal of lifting
6:31 pm
restrictions on liquids by 2016. by installing new liquid scanning technology at heatho airport. >> the ohio-based company which developed the machine said it scans containers in less than 10 seconds. uses radio frequency in ultrasonic technology and alerts the company of suspicious substances. the company didn't specify, only saying it was very low and very nonfactor. such as the type of container. >> they say, developing scanners, quote, remains a long- term goal. >> i think as of today, it's not. ready for prime time. >> to be liquid, it must be less than 3.14 ounces and be carried in a clear, plastic
6:32 pm
carry-on bag. attorneys think so. >> one of the motions being discussed is the request to ease restrictions placed on dzokhar tsarnaev while he awaits trial. the attorneys say special administrative measures are impairing their ability to defend him. the measure is often used in terrorism cases, restrict access to the media, telephone and visitors. three people died. more than 260 were hurt by the twin bombings at the boston marathon bombing last april. >> attorney general eric holder should be deciding soon if tsarnaev will face the death penalty if convicted. breaking news about a suspected case of child sex abuse at fort meade in anne arundel county. 27-year-old anthony williams was arrested today on charges of sexually abusing a minor. he worked between 2010 and 2011. williams is accused of sexually abusing two minor males and
6:33 pm
exchanging sexually explicit photographs with the minors. williams is currently in custody. more disappointment surrounding the affordable care act. the number of people who enrolled so far is a lot lower than the obama care had hoped for. danielle nottingham reports. >> reporter: between 40,000 and 50,000 americans have been able to successfully enroll in private insurance through the website, according to the wall street journal. industry analysts have confirmed those numbers for cbs news, in the 36 states where the federal government is running the exchange. cbs news data from the states operating their own exchanges, shows another 50,000 enrollees. but those figures well short of the 500,000 the obama administration had initially hoped to have by this point. >> the fact that the website has been so challenging and so problematic in that first month, means that the enrollment numbers will be even lower than expected. >> reporter: the administration
6:34 pm
say its is counting on the numbers to climb as the website improves and the signup deadline gets closer. gail welinski, directed medicare and medicaid, under the first president bush. she said these low numbers were expected. what is key is that the administration is transparent about them so insurers can plan future offerings. >> it's not critical yet. but it's close to being extremely worrisome about what happens if people can't and aren't enrolling. >> reporter: the white house has promised to release its own figures this week. in washington, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> this week, the department of health and human services started sending e-mails to people who were able to create an account. inviting them to come back and try again. in today's account, wider guidelines urged cholesterol- lowering drugs. the guidelines called for twice as many adults to consider
6:35 pm
taking statens. there is a new formula for estimating a person's risk. it includes age, gender, race, and factors, such as whether someone smokes. doctors say the definition of high cholesterol is not changing but the treatment goal is. well, a dangerous trend behind the wheel picks up speed. and this time, it is not texting. monique griego has more on a new study that shows what else people are doing on the road. >> reporter: while texting and driving gets a lot of attention, this new city found that's just the beginning. more and more people are browsing the web, e-mailing behind the wheel. >> it's a dangerous trend most drivers have witnessed on the road. . >> i've seen people like with netflix on their phone, watching movies. >> i've seen people watching. >> web browsing and driving. and according to a new study by state farm, the amounts of americans that admit to doing it keeps rising. from 2009 to 2013, the number nearly doubled from 13 to 24%. and when it comes to drivers, ages 18 to 29, that percentage
6:36 pm
jumped from 29 to 49. >> it's crazy. >> it's a little shocking. but you're behind someone, swerving. you kind of know what is going on. >> reporter: the study classified it as checking e- mail, websites and directions to watching video. but it also looked at texting. and despite the national push for awareness and new laws. 35% of u.s. drivers admit to texting behind the wheel. and again, young drivers, 18 to 29, blow that number away with a whopping 70%. >> i guess it can wait. sometimes you feel like it's more important than it really is. i'm guilty. >> reporter: with the use of technology constantly growing, it will be up to drivers to play it safe. >> looking at your phone for a second can end up killing you or somebody else. >> reporter: a new study found texting and driving nearly doubles your chance of getting into a crash. monique griego. wjz eyewitness news remember. >> now, the biggest jumps in
6:37 pm
smart phone ownerships came between drivers ages 40 to 49. the percentage skyrocketed from 47 to 89%. actor alec baldwin dries on the witness stand in a new york courtroom today. baldwin testified at a trial of a new york woman accused of stalking him. she testified of her love and showed up at his homes in 2012. baldwin denies they ever had a relationship. severin yelled as baldwin testified, calling him a liar. she faces stalking and harassment charges. time for a look at the baltimore sun. coverage of tonight's local college basketball meeting between morgan state and towson. for those who don't want to work on a hot stove on thanksgiving day, a roundup of restaurants that the be open and ready to serve your thanksgiving day feast. and ravens star, released
6:38 pm
today by the houston texans. for these stories and more, read the baltimore sun. and remember to look for updated forecasts from wjz's first warning weather team. some baltimore landscapes are moving forward. political reporter pat warren reports, the plan is getting national attention. >> reporter: vacant homes, torn down from top to bottom. vacant homes, restored from the inside out. the battle against urban blight is taking initiative across the country. it was featured in today's new york times. >> we've also gotten international attention, we're the north american finalist for the financial times. and we're up for the international award. >> reporter: mayor rawlings- blake's goal is to add 100,000 families to the city in 10 years. and it starts with a place to live. teacher sinai cook is one of those success stories. >> it helped me by my house. >> im adjust a-- i'm just a
6:39 pm
country girl from texas. i didn't want to stay there long. i wanted to come and leave. but now, on not only is my heart here. but also my family is here. >> we have been coming together as a community for real. i like it. >> reporter: the city has 20,000 vacant buildings and lots. just one of many challenges businesses and residents face in a cash-strapped economy. >> i'm motivated to make baltimore get better. it's not always about the congratulations. sometimes you gotta hear the complaints, too. i'm fine with that. it's nice to see progress. >> reporter: most agree that what is more satisfying than watching vacant buildings come down is watching new residents move in. i'm pat warren. back to you on television hill. >> this is the third anniversary of vacants to value. >> that could be arranged. still to come on wjz eyewitness news.
6:40 pm
>> uh-oh. slam dunk stunt gone wrong. a hoop crashes down on a harlem globe trotter. how he's doing tonight. the towering structure named the nation's tallest building. i'm meteorologist chelsea ingram, live with the mobile weather lab here at cory lake. bob and i will have your updated five-day forecast in a bit. and wjz 13 is always on. here are the top stories on cbs at this hour. for updates on the day's news, and updated forecast any time, log onto cbs,, [ telephone rings ] good evening, this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7.
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terrifying accident. as a skilled globetrotter tries to move. whoa. and as you can see, bull bullard, tries to pull off an alley-oop and hoop crashes right down on top of him, spilling glass all over the court. bullard is okay. he walked off on his own. but it certainly was scary. the trotters were playing in honduras on the team's tour of central america. >> two companies, hoping to become the world's biggest airline get the okay from the justice department. as part of the deal. american airlines and u.s. airways will have to scale back the size of their merger at
6:44 pm
reagan national airport. and in other cities. the government sued to block the merger back in august, saying it would reduce competition and drive prices up for passengers. the deal must still be approved pie a federal judge. -- by a federal judge. one world trade center will soon be the tallest building in the u.s. right now, the willis tower, formerly known as the sears tower. but today, an organization announced one world trade center will be about 400-feet taller. the new building can claim title of tallest building, once work is finished early next year. and here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. we'll be right back. ♪
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a chill in the air. is a warmup coming up soon. bob is updating the five-day forecast. first, meteorologist chelsea ingram is at cory lake with the mobile weather lab. with what we can expect tomorrow. chelsea? >> thanks, vic. it's 36 degrees out here. we'll be even colder as we start out tomorrow. temperatures will be coming in in the mid-20s during the morning showers. partly cloudy skies. we'll see plenty of sunshine by the afternoon. but high temps will only be in
6:48 pm
the low 40s. by dinnertime, we're looking at 34 degrees. mostly clear skies. let's go to bob with a look at what you can expect for the next five days. bob? >> after tomorrow, start to warm up again. by thursday, back up to 52. still below average. but nighttime lows in the 30s. 59, above normal for friday, saturday, up to 62. a chance of some showers here. but 63, 50, by the time we reach sunday. mild weather coming from the weekend. week 11 of the nfl season is almost here. and the picks are in from the wjz pro football challenge. jessica kartalija is at to update this. >> we have coleaders atop the bobblehead leader board. notice tied at the top with 94 points. sports director mark viviano has 93. meteorologist chelsea ingram, with 91 points. then linh bui, with 89. the season may be under way, but you can still sign up for
6:49 pm
the 2013 pro football challenge. to compete, go to, and click on the link at the top of the home page. you must be over 18 to play. our contest runs through the regular football season. one entry per person. and you're competing with people nationally for prizes. come here to and sign up now. good luck, guys. back to you. >> all right. thank you, jessica. still to come on eyewitness news tonight. do you think the ravens miss ed reed? >> well, his replacement is doing just fine. mark has the latest coming up in sports. get blnow...iday pricing the h.h. gregg pre-black friday sale. save up to 35 percent on appliances. get this washer/dryer pair for only $499. frigidaire four piece stainless steel kitchen packages are only $1899. this 32 inch led tv is only $179. plus, this lg 47 inch led tv is just $499. hurry in to h.h. gregg for the pre-black friday sale
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6:52 pm
a lot of people talking with sadness today. >> reporter: it was said when he first left the ravens. ed reed is probably going to eventually be inducted into the ravens ring of honor. after that, the pro football hall of fame. his career will be remembered for 11 years in baltimore. not for the brief time in houston that ended today. reed was cut by the texans after he played just seven games for his new team. walks away, with $5 million from his new work. reed becomes a free agent, if he's not claimed off waivers by another team. teams rumored to be interested
6:53 pm
include patriots, colts ask sainltses. it would seem unlikely that the ravens would want reed back. how are the ravens doing at the safety position, after reed left? veteran james ahettabo is strong safety. and he intercepted two passes. the first two interceptions of his career. ahetabow was flourishing after five seasons as a part-time player. >> don't let your good get in the way of being great. and i look at myself as a great player. and that's what i, spire to be. >> i think he's great character. a tremendous guy. he's a big, strong, athletic guy. he's been fighting his whole career for an opportunity like this. and he's making the most of it. >> that's what it is all about. you gotta make plays. that's what people remember. >> rearchs -- ravens take their show on the road this sunday. kickoff at 1:00. and stay tuned for our special post game so. -- show.
6:54 pm
we'll have highlights. it is a full ravens sunday ahead. here on wjz. more baseball awards handed out tonight. pittsburgh pirate skipper voted national league manager of the year. after he got the pirates to their first play-off in 21 years. the american league manager of the year to be announced in a moment. boston's john ferrell ferrellir. baltimore blast are used to winning championships in the indoor soccer league. the team getting ready to kick off another season. they have been getting ready since last month. opener is this saturday night on the road at rochester. >> oh, yeah. we're ready, man. today was the first time we played 5-5 with the roster. real game, real scrimmage. and we looked good. i think we're ready to go. it's always that week of the first game energy and enthusiasm. so it's looking like everybody can't wait to get out there saturday night. >> first of 20 regular season
6:55 pm
games, saturday at rochester. first home game for the blast, one week later, against rival milwaukee at the baltimore arena. and there's college basketball tonight in town as towson. >> ,,,,,,
6:56 pm
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don't miss tonight's primetime lineup at 10:00. here on wjz. followed, of course, by eyewitness news at 11:00. a connecticut couple is being honored for their honesty, after they make a shocking find. the couple found $98,000 behind some drawers in a desk that they bought on craigslist. they immediately track down the owner. the husband is a rabbi and says the most important thing in life is to be honest. the seller says that money was her entire inheritance. >> wow. that is honest. >> that's tough for you, bob. >> crazy. that's it for us tonight at 11:00. back to you. >> thanks for watching wjz, maryland's news station. don't go away. there is much more ahead on the cbs eaching news with scott pelley. including inside the city, suffering the most behind the philippines' deadly typhoon. we,,
6:59 pm
>> pelley: tonight, u.s. ships and troops race to the philippines. the typhoon's death toll is soaring. americans among the dead. tens of thousands are homeless and hungry. seth doane is in the city suffering the most. bill whitaker found an american caught in the superstorm. >> when you see someone who's suffering like that who's like, they're gonna die if you don't do something, you don't think about it, you just go. >> pelley: there's a fundamental change coming in the way doctors prescribe statins to lower cholesterol. dr. jon lapook on what this means to patients. in a new poll tonight, the president's job approval hits an historic low. how many americans think he's honest and trustworthy? and caroline kennedy takes the oath near the 50th anniversary of her father's assassination, she answers his question. margaret bren fan on what she will do for her country. captioning sponsored by cbs


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