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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  November 10, 2013 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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(vehicle approaching) hello! hey! (breathes unevenly)
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(inhales deeply) (exhales) (inhales deeply) (exhales) (footsteps retreat) (lock clicks) (lock clicks)
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(clicks switch) (pops) (vehicle approaching) hey! stop! please. (window whirs) my name is teresa lisbon. i am an agent with the california bureau of investigation, and i need to borrow your car. it's an emergency. what?! no way. get out. now. come on. come on. this is insane. i'm calling the police. good idea. thanks. wh--hey!
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(cell phone rings) (ring) (exhales) (ringing continues) (beeps) (lisbon) jane. hello, lisbon. jane, don't do this, not without me. listen, i'm sorry. jane, i am begging you. you're in danger! i-it's gonna be okay. i-i'm gonna be okay. no, you're not. you do this, and you're throwing your life away. bye, lisbon. jane... no. (line clicks) (beeps) (clicks switch) (cranking) (clicks latches)
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(clicks switch) (inhales and exhales deeply) (vehicle arriving) (vehicle door opens and closes) (footsteps approaching, man whistling) (footsteps and whistling continue) (exhales) (whistling stops) (door creaks) oh. hello, patrick.
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am i early? no, no. right on time. have a seat. (vehicles arriving)
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to be your partner.
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(engine roaring) (beeps) (woman) 9-1-1. what's your emergency? this is agent teresa lisbon with the california bureau of investigation. i need officers at 1309 cedar street in malibu. i have an agent who needs immediate assistance. i brought you five together for a reason.
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some of you may know that reason. some of you may have guessed. but one of you here... is red john. (smith chuckling) what?! one of us? (continues chuckling) (chuckling) one of us here is red john? well, that's very interesting. (chuckles) who is it? i don't know. and that's what we're gonna find out. wait, you're trying to say that one of us in this room... (sighs) is a serial killer? i know it. no, this is crazy. i can assure you it's not. well, i can assure you i'm not sticking around for this crap. (pumps shotgun) sit down. do not move toward the door. no one is leaving. take it easy, patrick. do i look distressed? don't.
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i will shoot you. that goes for the rest of you as well. take out your weapons slowly, place them on the floor, and push them toward me. (unfastening holster) (gun rests on ground) thank you. thank you. (kicking guns away softly) (gun clatters) okay, patrick. this is... this is enough. it's gone far enough. no, we're just getting started. i've waited ten years for this moment. all those years, red john has been smart. one of you has been smart. careful. but not this time. this time, you made a mistake. kira tinsley told me something before she passed. she told me that her killer-- red john--
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has a tattoo. three dots on his left arm. and you all... are gonna show me... now. let's go. come on. that's it. take it off. nonsense. very good. it's not what you think.
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you got it wrong. i'm not red john. patrick, wait. patrick! look... here. look. on your feet. over with those two. oh... god. (inhales sharply) you stay there. okay, you three... over against that wall-- now. (loud gunshot) (engine roaring)
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(tires screech, horn honks) jane! (explosion) aah! aah! (flames crackling)
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give me a second, pete. go. man's second best friend. brew the love. keurig. i got the tree, open the door!
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this is wjz tv, baltimore. >> from the city to the counties if your neighborhood, now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> utter devastation. new images reveal the damage left behind in the philippines by the typhoon. now called the nation's deadliest natural disaster. good evening. 10s of thousands of philippines are in need right now. all systems are down, that includes communications, power, and water. we have the latest were wjz. >> reporter: residents are picking through the rubble in coastal towns looking for victims. there's fear the typhoon killed as many as 10,000 people in one city alone. thousands more have no place to live and nothing left but the clothes on their backs. this victim says we need help.
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we don't have anything to eat. the typhoon barreled through the philippines on friday with winds that gusted to 170 miles an hour. homes scattered a cross the eastern sea board didn't stand a chance. the president of the philippines toured a hard-hit area. >> we'll address the needs of those that are injured, the need for food, and the need for water. >> reporter: aid from around the world is starting to make its way to victims. a plane left germany on sunday. in japan, u.s. marines loaded a c-130 with humanitarian aid. official says the typhoon impacted up to 4 million people and call it the deadliest natural disaster in the nation's history. >> president obama issued a statement today promising significant aid. area organizations are
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organizing relief efforts already sending over much- needed items and volunteers. >> we're told that it's as big a disaster in terms of its impact as the earthquake in haiti and the indian ocean tsunami. the rest of the world will really have to step up and help. >> among the items sent over? 8000 tarps to provide temporary shelter. baltimore city police say a prank caller is responsible for shutting down under armor for hours as a swat team searched the building. the 911 call came in around 2:00 this afternoon leaving many people unable to go home. >> reporter: it is a joke that no one is laughing about. residents are back in their homes tonight after the city's swat team gives an all clear for the under armor building after a threat to employees
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came into 911. >> we came out, our swat teams cleared the facility, we evacuated employees that were inside. >> reporter: for five hours, streets were shut down leaving many people standing outside cold and frustrated. >> an officer come around and said we have to evacuate the area. we have a situation going on. >> reporter: after hours of searching and investigating, fear and turns to anger and annoyance. >> you had me come all the way down here to make sure my mother is okay. >> reporter: she couldn't be more disgusted in the caller. >> i think they ought to be ashamed of themselves, making other people suffer for nothing. >> reporter: police say a dozen people were evacuated from the building and the jokester will face justice. >> false calls put a lot of people in danger. they take resources from the
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city. >> reporter: though the call was a prank, they were glad it was taken seriously. >> i think it's great. a threat is called upon and they're doing what they're supposed to do. >> reporter: baltimore city police have not said who made that call, but they plan to file charges. >> under armor will be open as normal tomorrow. cold air makes a comeback. the temperatures are dropping, and it could get pretty chilly. we are in the weather center with a look at our current temperatures. >> temperatures are dropping, but they're not getting as low as they will. we're sitting at 44 degrees right now. the cool spots on the ma'am, that's 32 degrees in oakland. a lot of cold air right now locked up in northwestern canada. we're not going to get that cold, but as we head into tuesday morning, you're going to notice those temperatures
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significantly drop. it will be a cold front that brings all of that cold arctic air down to our neighborhood. we might even see a couple of snow flakes on the backside you of that system. ravens fans had reason to celebrate on sunday after a wild overtime victory. we are joined now with highlights and reaction. >> what a roller coaster ride with the ravens going from disaster to delighted in their win over the visiting cincinnati bengals. the disaster came at the end of regulation, 2 seconds left and the ravens up by 7 points. andy dalton with a desperation toss to the end zone. a stunning last-second score forced overtime. if overtime, the ravens get close enough to kick a game- winning field goal. justin tucker boots it through and the ravens breathe a sigh
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of relief bouncing back to beat the bengals 20-17 in overtime. >> i don't know if it was as much exciting as one of those ones where you wipe your forehead and say thank god we got out with this one. having said that, it is a big win. >> we have to go back to work. we have to go back and have great practice. we have to keep going. we're not where we want to be at right now, so that's why we have to go back to work. >> ravens next game on the road at chicago. much more on today's game coming up in sports. back to you. >> in sports news for the first time we're hearing from the player at the center of the nfl hazing controversy. accused of bullying and harassing former teammate jonathan martin. he has been suspended from the league while the nfl investigating the claims. in a televised interview, he says he regrets the language he used but that it came from a place of love. >> this isn't an issue of bullying. this is an issue of mine and
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john's relationship. i've taken stuff too far, and i didn't know it was hurting him. i can't sit here and tell you who overreacted, who did what, i can just be accountable for my actions. >> martin has not spoken publicly about the issue but is expected to discuss the case next week with the nfl special investigator. prince george's county fire crews investigate a deadly morning blaze. crews say they had a difficult time getting the fire under control because the house was filled with boxes from floor to ceiling. an 80-year-old woman was able to get out of the house. but an elderly man believed to be her husband did not survive. the cause is still under investigation. it's a long road to recovery from a state trooper hit by a car while helping another officer.
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>> reporter: for one month now, state trooper jacquelyn kline has been on the mend. she was hit by a car when she helped another officer with a traffic stop. the impact left her with a serious brain injury. this weekend, more than 850 runners participated in the 5-k for j.k . showing their support for the wounded trooper. >> right now i would tell her you've got all these friends and family and support and motivation. enjoy it and take advantage of it. >> reporter: he won the three- mile run. you can't tell, but he too had a serious brain injury caused by a car accident six years ago. an avid runner, he came to the race to support another friend, but he decided to join in and finished first. >> i just really wanted to let jackie know what can come to
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fruition after your accident. >> reporter: the trooper is still recovering at the hospital. while insurance will pay for much of it, race organizers say it's the unexpected costs of getting well that will hit her family hard. >> she's progressing well in her rehab. we don't know what it's going to be like. the goal is that she returns to duty. if that doesn't happen, she's going to have the effect of this injury forever. anything we can do will help. >> trooper kline's accident sparked a statewide move to step up the move over law. some veterans from florida visited our nation's capital in honor of veteran's day. they call it the trip of a lifetime. 50 veterans flew from fort meyers, florida to washington, d.c. as part of the first ever honor flight. donations made this trip possible.
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in just six weeks, the group raised $65,000. >> 90 years old and one memorable scene of my life before i die. >> they're planned all across maryland for tomorrow. for a complete list, head to our website. coming up on wjz, ice rink chaos. gunfire erupts at a popular skating site in new york city. what police say spurred the violence. a horrifying crime. a couple accused of starving their own daughter to death. how this whole tragedy could have been prevented. talk about a short flight. a plane leaving from chicago has to hurry back. what key piece you have oh the plane went missing. online shopping has already kicked off for the holiday. we have more on what's driving the earlier than usual season coming up. the coldest air of the season is making a move into
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your neighborhood. i'll have the chilly details coming up in your exclusive first warning forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's partly cloudy and 44 degrees in central maryland right now. the complete forecast is coming up. a teenager is in police custody in new york after a shooting at a manhattan ice rink. early investigations show it started as an attempted robbery. when the victim refused to give
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up his belongings, the suspect left and returned with a gun. he opened fire and hit a 20 year old man and a 14-year-old boy. charges are now pending against the teen suspect. despite days of optimism, talks of a deal around iran's nuclear program fall through. both sides say they will meet again on november 20th. washington will use the time to take a closer look at where things now stand. the fall out is raising fears among u.s. allies who think it could be a false front by iran to continue to make weaponsful u.s. officials are getting closer to reaching a deal. education officials ban a book written by a teenage activist. the book is banned in private schools across the country claiming it does not respect islam. she made headlines when she was shot by the taliban after advocating for women's
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education. since then she has written a memoir. a georgia couple is charged with killing their 10-year-old daughter, starving her to death. they actually investigated at least six complaints about the family. the cases were closed after no evidence was found. her parents are accused of starving her and trying to dispose of her body. >> he leaned back in his chair and said i'm guilty, i killed my baby. >> despite several complaints about her treatment, the girl remained in that home. two other children were also living there. they are said to be in good health. a plane going from chicago to florida hurries back to the airport after part of the engine falls off. we have a snapshot from the flight. the right engine cover fell off as the plane was on its way to
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fort lauderdale. a passenger saw it who alerted the crew and it was declared an emergency. holiday shopping season has already gun, if you can believe it. the turkey has not even made it to the table yet. several major retailers have kicked off online holiday sales. there's a reason the sales are starting earlier than ever. >> reporter: it is becoming the new normal. the shopping season is starting earlier and earlier this year. this season, online sales are leading the charge. >> you can compare prices, they don't run out of sizes. >> reporter: expected to be up 15% from 2012. the early start gives retailers an edge. >> it's about market share, trying to capture that group of americans who like to get this work done in november. >> reporter: wal-mart has kicked off the online holiday


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