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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  November 8, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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surprise winner. annapolis has a new mayor after three tense days of counting and recounting ballots. >> one of the youngest ever to lead the state's capitol city wins by just a few votes. >> i am denise koch. >> i am vic carter. >> an upset in annapolis the city officially has a new mayor. he is a republican in a city dominated by democrats. wjz live just back from annapolis. megan went one on one with the mayor elect. >> reporter: with one of the
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tightest races ever in the city of annapolis. the votes separated candidates by less than 1%. a nail biter in analis. >> the voter is not in the city limits. >> reporter: more than 25 hours over two days, reviewing and counting absentee and provisional ballots. >> this count is over. >> reporter: three days after election day it is official. republican beats the democratic ] by just 59 votes. >> voters have spoken. >> reporter: we caught up with him after the big win. >> did you ever think it was going to come down to 59 votes. >> not at all i thought i would win by a lot or lose by a lot. >> reporter: challenges may be just beginning he is the first republican mayor in more than a dekate in a democrat dominated city. at just 30 years old he will be
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one of the youngest mayors in the city's history. annapolis residents tell wjz they hope that makes the city better. >> i really look forward to our new mayor really being open minded 13 working with every -- and working with everyone and seeing annapolis for what it has been, what it is and can be. >> annapolis trying to make things look nicer and bring businesses back. >> reporter: he says he is ready to get started. the mayor elect says some of his biggest goals include lowering taxes and water bills. megan mccorkle, wjz eyewitness news. >> candidates have 10 days to file a petition for a recount. new details about a deadly crash in hunt valley, police say a car crossed the center line colliding head on with another car and went into the path of a third car. 85-year-old driver and his wife, 84 were killed they were
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in the car hit head on. the drivers of the two other cars were cited for dui. man hunt still on for more members of the notorious baltimore gang the black guerilla family. a major police strike has tracked down members. 13 are still on the run. the latest in the crackdown. >> reporter: murders, shootings, drug trafficking and witness intimidation, green mount areas black guerilla family gang did it all. thursday, police raided the neighbourhood, arresting people with ties to the gang. one managed to escape still wearing handcuffs. >> i promise we are going to find them. we are working around the clock to track them down. they are very good at it. >> reporter: this man, david hunter had become the de facto leader of the criminal
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organization, responsible for numerous murders and shootings in green mount corridor, dating back to 2005. one of those had opened a drug rehab center on their turf and angered the gang. he has spent his law enforcement career, investigating the gang. in fact earlier this year federal authorities charged gang member white with essentially, running the baltimore city detention center. recorrupted female correctional officers, a sign of their power. >> some body going to take over another gang maybe, no one really knows. >> reporter: police vow they will continue their crackdown of the black guerilla family or any other gang operating in
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baltimore. >> mrs. prosecutors arrested members, under the maryland 2007 gang statute carry maximum 20 year prison sentence. federal investigation into abuse. the fbi is investigating a former civilian employee at fort meade youth center. officials are co-operating with investigators and have ordered a full review of all youth programs. the family of the victim, is suing two federal agencies for negligence. they are seeking $37.5 million from navy and department of veterans affairs. he shot and killed two people before he was killed by police during the rampage. one of the strongest storms on record is on a path for southeast asia. we have just learned that when it slams into the philippines
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it killed more than 100 people. more on the death and destruction left behind by typhoon haiyan. >> reporter: typhoon haiyan unleashed 22-foot high waves and 200-mile per hour winds it forced more than a million people out of their homes the massive typhoon known as a hurricane in the western hemisphere measures 300 miles wide and may be the most powerful storm to ever hit land. philippine officials are blaming haiyan for many deaths and say it has put 12 million people at risk. >> this man says i saw those big waves and immediately told my neighbors to flee. we thought it was a tsunami. roaring winds and downpours, knocked out power and telephone service. villages have been buried.
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rescue workers carried children to safety and distributed supplies including resorts home to world famous beaches. on one island, 90% of all building and infrastructure are destroyed. wjz eyewitness news. and the dangerous storm is churning toward the main land. bob is closely tracking its path. bob. >> well, philippines get approximately 20 of these storms a year, they really moved 700,000 people to safer ground hopefully we will not see much more in the way of fatalities, hopefully but it is headed into the south china sea. that is where it is sitting but it has weakened it was a strong category 5 storm. winds over 200 miles an hour down to about 125, 130 miles an hour. still a monster storm but here is where we thing it is headed over the next couple days, generally over the south china
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sea, northeast sections of north vietnam eventually heading into laos by monday it could still be a category 1 or 2 hurricane by then, tropical storm or they call them typhoons in that part of the world and hurricanes this part of the world. we will continue to track the storm's progress throughout the weekend. quiet weather for us. back to you. a gas leak forces evacuations downtown baltimore. sky chopper 13 over the north block of charles street. a contractor was working in a commercial building and hit a gas line. crews are working to repair the leak. firefighters evacuated a day care when it happened. well, a big night, the plead of baltimore 2 is celebrating -- pride of baltimore 2 is celebrating its anniversary. pride 1 sank and killed four crew members in the 80s. since then pride 2 has been all over the world representing
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baltimore. kai jackson has more on tonight's celebration. kai. >> reporter: yes, denise. this anniversary really commemorates triumph and tragedies in the pride sailing history. this majestic boat is a pride of baltimore 2, a replica of amazing vessels that sailed the globe in the 19th century. tonight crew and fans of the pride celebrating its 25th anniversary. >> i cannot believe it has been around 25 years. i have my son and nephew on the pride several years ago. we toured it here in the harbour. >> reporter: pride 2 is a schooner, nearly 100-foot long vessel, built for speed. it is the equivalent of beauty in the attar. most were used to steal freight from enemies. >> at the end of the second world war, baltimore built boats captured more than 50% of
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the private captures of the war. that is why the british came that is why we have our national anthem. >> reporter: over the past 25 years, the crew of the pride of baltimore 2 has navigated 250,000 nautical miles around the globe. educating the world about the maritime history of maryland, and america. the pride of baltimore 2 was launched in 1988, it was born out of the tragic loss of the first pride of baltimore, that ship capsized in a squall at sea, 250 miles north of puerto rico. four crew members died yet the horrible event gave birth to the pride 2. >> it cost a little more than a million dollars a year to operate the fundraiser held tonight in conjunction with the anniversary will go a long way to fund those efforts. >> people come down to the harbour and take a look? it is there for awhile. >> reporter: yes, they can. we are down here just off
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boston street the pride will be here throughout the weekend of course the event night was already over for the night but people can come down and see the pride and get a tour. >> as well they should. thank you. next year the pride will take part in numerous activities commemorating the war of 1812. coming up, ski resort under fire for making snow that ends up causing crashes. how it happened. >> social media, why a woman is banned from twitter, by a judge. coming up, why the odds of a dangerous hit have increased. that story as eyewitness news continues. >> frosty start but sunny weekend on tap. complete forecast coming up next ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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clear, 34 degrees in central maryland. complete first warning weather forecast coming up. icy roads lead to several accidents in was con son but the source of the snow -- wisconsin but the source of the snow came from a ski resort. the snow making cannons were the cause the snow that didn't land on ski runs was blown down wind and cloud cover -- lack of cloud cover, prevented it from
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evaporating. the nfl is about to talk with the people at the center of bullying investigations. jonathan martin will meet with the nfl special investigator in los angeles. ritchie incognito arrived in los angeles this afternoon and refused to talk to reporters. he was the subject of a police report in may for allegedly harassing a female volunteer at a charity golf tournament. he was not charged dolphins had no comment. >> one week ago, a tsa agent's life was taken at los angeles airport. a moment of silence was observed today in his memory. ♪ [ music ] >> taps was played and operations halted at lax. hernandez is the first tsa officer killed in the line of
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duty. a public memorial service will be held tuesday. a judge in suburban philadelphia, hands out a prison sentence for the digital age. she was banned from using twitter for five years. this is because they argued young used twitter as a weapon to threaten a judge and social workers. bizarre scene in las vegas, with a swarm of bees. the truck stopped and some became agitated and escaped. firefighters sprayed foam to scatter the foam. residents were advised to stay inside it took nearly four hours to clear the area. asteroid warning a new study finds meteor strikes like the one over russia are getting more and more common. >> reporter: they may only be
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pieces of the solar system but they are a threat to earth and life on it. >> nothing to be totally frightened about unless they are in the wrong place. what we are realizing there may be more small ones, and more flee consequently than -- frequently than we had anticipated. >> reporter: it hit home last february when a meet rite exploited over -- motor identity exploited over siberia. because it was made of compacted stone it exploded high up in an air burst. it was still powerful enough to injury 1600 people. if it had been an iron nickel asteroid. >> could have made a crater. >> reporter: they did a quiet table top drill where such a hit on dc was predicted to kill 78,000 people and an asteroid smaller than a football field might do it.
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they used to search out asteroids, 100 feet wide and larger but the one that hit siberia was just 62 feet. making it four to five times more likely the siberian blast was the equivalent of 40 a bombs. >> nasa plans to not only look for smaller asteroids but their goal is eventually catch one for study and learn the best way to some day redirect them away from a collision course with earth. all this means is the possibility of another air burst like that over russia goes from one every 150 years to one in every 30. the low key table top drill showed that a tsunami could be generated, 49 feet high. >> you will give us a warning. >> which will make berlin,
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maryland beach front property. clear and cold, no wind at all. we are down to 34 degrees, and humidity up to 62%, dew point 23. barometer rising, 30.32 inches. currently, 36 ocean city, 43 easton and dc 41. freezing in cumberland, down around 31, 32 degrees. 43 down by the bay. annapolis with a new mayor and rock hall 43. very light had good winds today, 20, 25 miles an hour. that is one of the reasons the temperatures will continue to drop. north and west of town mid- to upper 20s overnight. plenty of frost on the pumpkins, if there are any left tomorrow morning. light snow activity this morning around portions of pennsylvania, new york, lake- effect stuff and a little here
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in north dakota and minnesota. cleared late this evening we have more shower activity could still be warmer air moving into the upper midwest. we will get warmer sunday. tomorrow will be a day like today a lot of sunshine not much in the way of wind. sunday, same high pressure that brought us the cool temperatures today and tomorrow will eventually slide on the east coast. winds come back to the south and southwest e looks like sunday, football game, plenty of sunshine, breeze ahead of that front. temperatures near 60 degrees. turns colder next week. bay temp now around 56. overnight tonight clear, frosty, 29, 36 by inner harbour. tomorrow, 54, sunshine. a few clouds late in the day.
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58, breezy, 58 monday. colder tuesday and wednesday, 46, 42, wet snowflakes mixed in here some spots on wednesday afternoon or wednesday night. doesn't look like a lot. >> thank you bob. coming up in sports,. >> ravens need to get back on the winning track. a look at their battle with th ♪ hey, that's the last crescent! oh, did you want it? yeah. we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light, buttery and flakey. that's half. that's not half! guys, i have more. thanks, mom. [ female announcer ] do you have enough pillsbury crescents? so i should probably get the last roll... yeah but i practiced my bassoon. [ mom ] and i listened. [ brother ] i can do this. [ imitates robot ] everyone deserves ooey, gooey, pillsbury cinnamon rolls. make the weekend pop.
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in tonight's fan sports report ravens went through practice in preparation for sunday's game with the pep gals. the pre game -- bengals. the pregame losing streak >> ravens have talked about a sense of urgency and being defined by adversity. it all comes down to having to beat the bengals.
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cincinnati rolls into baltimore with a high powered offence that has them in first place in afc north. they need to counter by getting their own offence. they have been stuck in neutral a far cry from the high revving offence from the playoffs. >> we haven't been good enough across the board in terms of getting the game going. getting first downs which that leads to first downs. they all practiced friday after they missed work outs earlier this week with injuries back to you. >> thanks. ravenbengals kick it off, sunday at 1:00 p.m. see the game live here on wjz. this is the opening night for the college basketball season several local teams were in action including maryland. they were taking on 18th ranked connecticut in brooklyn. maryland trailed by 17 points second half but made a furious come back they cut the lead to
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3 and then wells would get in the lane and hit the jumper, maryland was pulled within a point, 40 seconds to go. they had a chance to win it, final seconds but wells jumper off the mark. connecticut gets the rebound and they lose their opener, 78- 77. nick faust lead maryland with 17 points. at towson they were taking on navy. he lays in as tigers race out to a 16 point half time lead and never looked back. a little later, harrison with a nice move, drive to hoop, he finishes off with a reverse lay up. rolls over navy, 72-46, in front of 4200 fans watching. they host morgan state tuesday.
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