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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  November 7, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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and many miami dolphin players stand behind the suspended lineman as the case against him widens. good afternoon, this what people are talking about. the dolphins players are coming forward to say the bullying allegations do not make sense. on another front, the nfl hired a well-respected lawyer to investigate the possible misconduct inside the locker room and organization. we have the latest for wjz. >> reporter: the lineman and jonathan martin played side by side. by all accounts the players say they seemed to get along. >> he said he is like my brother. i think that's an accurate depiction, he gave him a hard time and messed with him but he was the first one to have his back in any situation. >> reporter: martin left last week saying that he was threatened and voices with
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racial slurs. and he was suspended without pay the nfl appointed ted wells to investigate. he is one of the most powerful trial lawyers. >> if it reveals anything that needs to be corrected, we will take measures to fix it and it does not happen again. >> reporter: and james brown said the nfl locker rooms are not chapels but what happened in miami went too far. >> let me be clear the use of racial slurs, language about the man and his mother is not to be condoned. >> reporter: martin's father said he is strong and doing fine. >> he has only said he wants to clear his name. the team's coach said they will focus on monday's game in tampa bay. here, a judge declares a mistrial in the second phase of the malpractice case of a
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former coordage mike midei. >> reporter: after deliberating for four days, the jury said it was deadlocked on what to award the plaintiff who received an unnecessary heart stent. and the jury said he breached care by implanting the device in the patient. the patient, partner in a company, sued for $50 million. he contends he had to retire early to recover. now his attorney says that he is disappointed about the mistrial and said he is not sure if his client will seek a retrial. don, back to you. >> thank you. 250 patients settled their cases out of court. a naval academy graduate wants to change the way that sexual assault complaints are handled. and they want military prosecutors not commanders to decide if sex assault cases should go forward. clay left the marines after she was gang raped by fellow
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officers. and democratic congressman dutch runnersbergers is opting out of running for governor. he said he would announce a decision running by thanksgiving. know he is saying that he has not had time to think about making a run and doubts he will have a decision by then. there is a primary in june. the lieutenant governor and the attorney-general and delegate are all raising money for their campaigns already. and a sprinkle of rain, on again and off again, showers are starting again. let's look outside now at a gloomy afternoon. i have not seen that in hours. and we're live with coverage, marty bass in the outback with an umbrella and tim williams in the weather center. >> good afternoon, that rain is moving through as you can see with the rain coming through on our cameras and marty there. you can see the front pushing
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across the state and the rain associated is trying to make its way through. the rain is not really heavy in any one location but for north of the area near york. we have an area near towson where they may be heavier. it is steady. and the warmer air is on the other side. the temperatures will drop. we're at 60 degrees near a high for the day, 64 in ocean city and you can see the warmer temperatures to the east. you can see the drop out to oakland, 36-degrees there. 24 degrees in oakland and colder today than it was this time yesterday about 2 degrees colder in maryland. as you can see the change is underway for more on how it will play out, out to marty bass. >> good afternoon it's not impossible to have a beautiful sunset this evening. how about that sunset last night. you may see another one tonight as you sue in the doppler radar. and the western edge is not all that far away and be your own
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weather man you feel the breeze. tomorrow will be a blustery and colder day. and not necessarily here but certainly in the northeastern quadrant of the united states neighborhood. there are lines of 30, 40, 5 0 degrees. we will be in the milder end of what we're calling it chilli temperatures. but do understand it is a what is coming. we have opened up the door to central canada that's apparent for the third time midweek we open up the door to that chilly air. wait until you see the forecast coming up and see the temperatures midweek next week. it will make this look like speedo weather. there is a hint for you inside. twitter stock is now off and running. the ipo debuted it is up over
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the starting price. that puts the value at $31 billion. the tech company has yet to turn a profit but experts predict it will make money in the coming years as it accesses the users. twitter's trading symbol is twtr. the 911 call from people in a new jersey mall when a man opened fire this week. it is kathryn brown reporting from new jersey. >> i work here and i'm in the storeroom. i'm scared i want to get out of the mall. >> reporter: the calls ca imin from shoppers and employees, scared for their lives as gunman opened fire at the garden state mall on monday. >> someone is shooting up the mall. >> someone is shooting up garden state plaza. i'm in the bathroom. stay on the phone with me.
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>> how many people in the bathroom with you. >> three. >> are they inner store? >> yes. >> some begged for the police to take them out. others whispered they would be the gunman's victim. >> how many people are inside. >> three of us. >> i need to you stay in the stock room, okay, don't leave. >> the store manager heard the shots and came face to face with the gunman. it is a moment he will never forget. >> to someone shoot like that it felt like wow. >> he manage he will have the flashbacks for a while especially when he hears loud noises. others echo that sentiment. it is hard. >> i know there was security before i never saw security like that. >> there is extra security in place and heading into the holiday season, they will be
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looking over their shoulders. >> he shoot and killed himself inside of the mall, he did not shoot anyone else. in sports the o's win the silver slugger awards for the first time. chris davis won a silver slugger and led with 138 r.b.i.s. adam skwroepbz and jj hardy are taking home silver bats. and first outfielder to get one. ravens are here at home taking on cincinnati. you can see them battling the bengals sunday at 1 here on wjz. still to come on the news at noon, more than a dozen shots are fired into a barber shop. the government is testing booster seats, which is higher. and it's now gray and wet
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outside. and the forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is raping and 59 degrees
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right nume. the forecast is still coming up. the palestinian leader was murdered that's the ruling of a expert. they determined that he ingested poison causing his death and it could not have been done by accident. palestinian leaders have said that israel poisoned him, a claim that israel denies. a shooting at a detroit barbershop leaves three people deed and six injured. it was last night on the east side. police say two cars were following each other shooting and they turned on to the street near the shop. eight people outside were shot and the bullets went through the windows and hit several people inside. here is what a witness saw and heard. >> and about 50 gunshots. what do you think? >> someone was killed, you know, it was obvious, that's all i heard. >> and the shop is known for holding illegal dice games and police say the motive could
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have been a bad debt on someone's part. picking the best booster seat is keep your children safe can be confusing. in the consumer watch, the institute for highway safety is out with ratings of all the newest seats. the best bets are bright tex, bubble bum. costco. studies show that those in booster seats are less likely to get hurt than those using a seatbelt. and still to come on wjz news at noon, we're seeing rain right now throughout the area, how long will it last? the forecast is coming up. first, we'll look at the midday stocks and last night's powerball numbers. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back, everyone. we look out at a gray thursday, we're at -- we're at our high for the day. when we checked at the top of the hour 60 at bwi the front is approaching parts of the area. temperature at 59. it is on the western side as the cooler air is settling in where it is yet to cross. we're sitting in the 60s and right now our temperature is on the decrease. we're at 59 degrees and look at the temperatures on the east
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side here. 63 and 61 down to dc. and 63 down in ocean city. move back to the west, 53 and 50 and 36 in oakland. we're looking at the temperatures starting to drop through the afternoon as that front is continuing to push across the region. 59 and 63 and on kent island. winds will pick up here. it is blustery around the corridor. 17 miles per hour from marshall to reagan national. calmer where the front has cleared and growth again push through. the impact has not been felt. it will be gusty when it gets out of here, things will quiet down t clears out quickly. we'll see partly cloudy skies. sunshine. the front will only bring with it a location .1 to a .25-inch. there has not been any downpours but it has been steady. the cooler air will filter in.
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and temperatures from the west and bring that air in from canada. milder air by the middle of the week. for now we're looking at fall and coming in quickly as this front gets out of here. 4:58. we're in the 5:00 hour for sunset. a small craft advisory because of those winds. today 62 degrees. clouds making. look for a shower throughout the afternoon. it will leave by rush hour and 39 degrees tonight. patchy clouds and sunny and breezy about a 10-degree differential from today. >> i cannot get over 4:58 for the sunset. last night's was pretty. still to come on the news, the fight against trans fats and what the food and drug administration is doing. remember we are always on for you. this is what we are following with updates of the news and weather.
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in the health watch the food and drug administration take as step to ban trans fats. the oils are considered worse than saturated fats and not in
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fatty foods but kp-pt the shelf life of foods. it could prevent # thousand death as year. cigarettes are threatening children the cdc said the e- cigarette use has doubled. the food and drug administration does not regulate them but will do so. three members have written to encourage the commissioner to quickly do so and come up with regulations. children who eat meals with their families are slimmer a study finds with everyone at the table and no tv, it is being linked to lower weight and body mass indexes for the youngest members of the family. talking to family eating and may keep them from overeating. it appears in the issue of the journal obesity. check in with wjz today at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. a player may be suffering from a brain disease that killed dozens of players.
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and tony dorset's symptoms. danger from deep space. why scientists say asteroids and meteors like the one that hit russia pose more of a danger than thought. join us for these and breaking news at 4:00. that's after dr. phil. the five-day forecast is coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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marty, looking ahead to raven's sunday. >> once this frontal boundary. this is the ugliest umbrella you have seen. we talk about take a small umbrella to school and work this is -- let me do it snoop. you severe seen it over snoop you just see him. >> let's look at the five-day forecast. once the weather passes by the skies clear out, it will be beautiful and chilly. and take a look at tuesday, 46 degrees. that is going to get your attention. again, give this a few hours. i think we may be poised for another beautiful sunset. not unlike last night but tonight. now i'll throw this away and back inside to you. >> thank you very much. >> don't miss the lineup this evening and it is a new episode
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of elementary and eyewitness news at 11. and i'm working over 4:58 for the sunset. >> and hopefully a nice sunset when it happens. >> thank you for ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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