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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  October 10, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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but you don't have to struggle alone. the state of maryland has helped thousands of families avoid foreclosure. >> you are watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, latebreaking. this is 11 news at noon. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> plenty of rain passing area.h our viewing
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it has been following all morning long and we could still have a long way to go. i am sarah caldwell. meteorologist mary marshall joins us now. more rain on the way? at thes take a look radar. steady rainfall all morning, as sarah has mentioned. we have a way to go because of the low pressure system is a slow mover, not in a hurry to move out of here. we have a line of moderate to heavy rain across the western portion of baltimore at this time. if we zoom in weekend sees a moderate to light showers across the towson area moving into cockeysville as well. if you take a look out to the west, we have light showers and maybe a break just south of the frederick area and clarksville as well. columbia getting in on the moderate rain. more than an inch of rain in some areas. we will look at more rainfall amounts and let you know how much to expect as this is expected to last the next few
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days. >> we have reached double digits as the government shutdown continues for a 10th day. in exactly one week the u.s. could default on its loans. in washington is where president obama is gearing up for an afternoon meeting with republicans in the hopes of ending the standoff over spending. >> there are high-stakes meetings between the president and lawmakers. the treasury secretary is warning congress of dire consequences to the economy if they don't copper my soon. -- if they don't compromise soon. treasury secretary jack lew laid out the tough charges had for congress, like picking between veterans benefits or social security checks come medicare, or food assistance if lawmakers don't raise the debt limit. >> it could be very dangerous. theommerce does not act and united states suddenly cannot pay its bills, the repercussions would be serious. >> business leaders are
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increasing pressure on lawmakers, warning of economic consequences if the government defaults. >> that has the potential to throw the recovery into reverse. theepublican leaders spend morning discussing the possibility of a short-term measure to extend the debt limit. they will head to the white house and the hopes of ending the current showdown. so far they are continuing to drive a hard bargain. >> there are real problems with the affordable care act. >> house speaker john boehner laid out his hopes for the meeting. >> we will offer the president the ability to move temporary increase in the debt ceiling and an agreement to go to conference on the budget. >> both sides are talking, and that could mean progress. the standoff is hurting both sides' approval ratings but republicans are ticking the biggest hit, at an all-time low, just 28%. danielle leigh, to wbal tv 11 news. >> as government gridlock in dniester and agencies across the erans in nation's vet
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particular have a lot to lose. in a for franciotti continues our team coverage from the newsroom. . payments to more than 5 million veterans could be affected if the shutdown continues. that word came from the head of the v.a. on wednesday. at age 91, he has plenty to laugh about, but these days he is not laughing at what he sees on the news. >> arguments to and fro, nobody is getting anywhere. >> the world war ii veteran is among the veterans who could feel the effects of a government shutdown. an action by washington could delay his november benefit check. >> if they compromise, it would be better off for all of us. >> he says the delay won't hurt him greatly but other vets won't be so lucky. veteran is an army living in virginia. he spoke to 11 news by skype.
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recently discharged for medical purposes, he says his part-time job is not enough to live on. >> i am angry. it makes me feel my service was really -- it didn't matter. >> these other real-life consequences for millions of veterans and the focus of testimony wednesday by the head of veterans affairs. secretary eric shinseki warns that payments could be in jeopardy if the shutdown lingers. >> i didn't know there was going to be a shutdown. i had no idea that this was intended. >> officials say the shutdown has also affected backlog disability claims through the v.a. jennifer franciotti, to wbal tv 11 news. >> the superintendent of the u.s. naval academy in annapolis confirms 2 of three midshipmen accused of sexually assaulting a classmate should face a court- martial.
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vice admiral michael miller says he has referred the cases to general court-martial, stemming from allegations they sexually abused a female midshipman during a drunken encounter last year. she says she does not remember the encounter and only learned about it when she woke up the following day. the latest man to be branded baltimore city public enemy number one is in police custody. city officials tell us christopher goode was apprehended by the u.s. marshal service in virginia this morning after being tracked by baltimore police officers. he faces charges of attempted murder and domestic violence. a baltimore man accused of leaving his 16-month-old granddaughter in a hot car is now facing charges of involuntary manslaughter. investigators say the 55-year- old, anthony towels, was supposed to take the child or a day care center in lansdowne but instead drove home and fell asleep. hours later, when he went to pick the child up from daycare, he only then realized she had
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been in his truck the whole time. that was back in july. the temperature reached 89 degrees that day. baltimore county authorities ruled the death accidental. city officials filed the charges. the i-team is following a case out of baltimore county where investigators are trying to figure out how an elderly patient fell out of benevolence. the accident -- fell out of an ambulance pick the accident happened last month outside of randallstown nursing home. when crews were loading the woman on the stretcher, it somehow fell. a statement from baltimore county says that the patient suffered minor injuries but the i-team learned she was actually fairly action -- actually placed on advanced life support and died two days later. an autopsy is under way. in hagerstown, the investigation continues into shots fired inside a shopping mall. it was breaking last night at 11:00. a movie theater was evacuated around 9:00 wednesday night after police say they received a call from inside the movie theater.
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no one was injured and investigators say that so far there was no evidence of gun was ever discharged. still to come, a well-known face in maryland is hitting the national spotlight. where you will be able to see former johns hopkins surgeon dr. ben carson. lydia'sia -- olivia'--
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>> libya's prime minister is reportedly said just hours after he was taken from a tripoli hotel by a gun man. the latest details as we cover the world. >> hours after a con man abducted the libyan prime minister from the hotel he was residing in, officials have confirmed his release. the rebels who claimed responsibility say it was because of corruption and bribery charges but some speculate it may have had to do with the u.s. amanda rate on saturday in which u.s. forces captured an al qaeda leader al- libi for his connection with the 1998 embassy bombings in kenya and tanzania. many libyan rebels as well as government officials were upset by the raid, saying that the u.s. violated libyan
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sovereignty, and they are also upset by the time mr. because he did not conduct -- by the prime minister conceded not condemn the raid -- because he did not condemn the rate. details are murky but one thing is clear, the continued chaos and turmoil inside libya 2 years after the revolution that ousted then leader muammar gaddafi. the government is trying to stabilize and secure the country but both rebels as well as islamist militants are gaining control. dr. kim hammond from falls road animal hospital is here to answer your questions . wait until you see the puppy with him. e-mail plus, vacationers on the edge. how long these thrill seekers spend dangling 17 stories off the ground. >> we have received more than half an inch of rain today. how much more is on the way? your insta-weather-plus forecast -- looking downtown, cloudy skies and still a few raindrops in the
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>> dr. ben carson has a new job in the public spotlight. after charring from johns hopkins, where he worked as an afterching, fox news -- retiring from johns hopkins, where he worked as a neurosurgeon, but she says hired him as -- fox news has hired him as an analyst. in our "commitment 2012" coverage, michael busch is endorsing anthony brown and the race to become maryland's next governor. we have a crew in annapolis for the announcement. he has received the endorsement of governor arjun o'malley and
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-- governor martin o'malley and senate president mike miller. attorney general doug gensler and heather mizeur are also in the running for the nomination. a retired police officer is dead, shot and killed by officers in west virginia. officials say that the 55-year- old was armed with an assault- style weapon and handgun when he fired more than a dozen shots into a federal courthouse. responding officers say they were forced to return fire, it killing him. the only other injuries, three on-duty security officers hurt by flying debris. awful moments for anyone afraid of heights. a roller coaster and universal studios got stuck at the top of the first incline. 10 people were trapped on board for nearly two hours before rescue crews could safely remove them. the themepark's website states that the ride reaches speeds of
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55 miles per hour and towers 17 stories about universal studios. park officials say a computer glitch caused it to going to safety mode, causing it to make an untimely stop. no one was hurt, but officials say the ride had to be closed for two days back in august after a similar malfunction. must have been scary. now your 11 insta-weather- plus forecast with meteorologist miri marshall. >> we have seen constant rain around the region and we are getting a nice dose of it as this low-pressure system works its way across the area. a nice little line of light to moderate rain across the western portion of the baltimore area. and is around clarksville moving into a loose brick momentarily. it should get there -- moving into eldersburg momentarily. it should get there and then it will push into was -- westminster at 1:09 p.m.
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decent amount of rain. the radar estimates more than ensure free and areas like lakeshore have all seen a nice dose of rain. there is more to go. we have days of this rain sticking around. here is that low-pressure system just off to the south and east of us. this finally pushes back down in the coming days. outside right now, feeling cool. 58 in downtown baltimore. -- winds are coming in at 11 miles per hour. in frederick, 16-mile-per-hour winds. expect highs between 56 and 61 degrees, a bit breezy.
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steady rains with winds out of the northeast at times 20 miles per hour. we will see temperatures around 59 at 3:00. 58 by 5:00 in the evening. 56 degrees by 7:00 this evening. for tonight, more rain in store. winds in the five to 10 mile-per-hour range. headlines showing we have the rain constant. temperatures below average. in the next several days and we will be but cooler next week. another front will make its way through but this week we deal with below average temperatures. we are still getting light to moderate rain. this is friday at 5:30 in the morning. still some light rain to the south of us.
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we still have rain chances in store. we could pick up another inch or so. another two inches between now and saturday. that is below where we should be by more than four inches. right around 59 today. 61 tomorrow. decent rain chances on all of those days. upper 60s on monday. low to mid 70s for tuesday and wednesday before our next cool off. dr. kim hammond from falls road animal hospital is here to answer questions -- answered the questions. i made a new friend. oh, my goodness. 11 week old yorkie. >> regard for an apartment or -- great dog for an apartment or condo or townhouse because they can get all the exercise in the living room. >> can i keep her? so cute. oh, wow. >> really is a sweet.
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>> sorry, totally distracted by the dog, not even paying attention to you. >> i want to say something early quickly -- when it rains like this, a lot of dogs won't go to the bathroom outside and you have to be careful about how is breaking right now. you'll get a lot of mistakes because dogs don't like to go outside. >> you got to get on that. ok. >> there are good veterinarians out there. the other thing is, what are you doing with fleas? we have products. we can stop them almost 100%. i think now.
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once they have had shots and they have been dewormed, the sooner the better. 4 months might be early. six month, you don't have to wait necessarily. priceare real differentials in spaying and neutering animals. if somebody is charging a fortune, call around. >> one more. >> a lot of dogs do that. there could be a lot of different reasons. some could be because this a hard palate. little clearing of the throat. reflux.these have >> is that an easy fix? >> the first thing i would try his put the water on a tiny bench or stool. your dog is not laying down drinking. >> good advice. thanks so much could coming up
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next, your maryland lottery numbers. we will get another check of the 11 insta-weather-plus forecast with miri. first, a look at wall street.
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[ telephone rings ] good evening, this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. >> a towson university graduate could be the nation's next millionaire thanks to the hit
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game show. chapleski answered the call when the show had an audition in towson bridge street says she loves watching game shows but appearing on one is a different story. home, you aree at question,"nswer this but when you are there with the bright lights, it is difficult -- different from what you think. >> she did not say how she did on the show but if she wins big she will use the money to move out of her mom's basement and pay for her wedding. you can watch "millionaire" right after the news on tv 11. and now for your pick three and pick four numbers. >> ♪ the maryland lottery, let yourself play ♪ >> your pick three numbers are
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in a moment, pick four, but first, play scratch offs and wind up to $100,000 instantly and double your lottery rewards points on all non-winning tickets. learn more at your pick four numbers are the maryland lottery -- let yourself play. >> miri is keeping track of the rain. >> study rainfall today. high temperatures around 59. 62 on saturday. 53 sunday. finally clears out monday and tuesday. wednesday, temperatures return to the low 70s. >> going to be a rainy run on
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saturday for the marathon. ask for joining us. >> watch tonight at 5:00. have a great day.
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