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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 24, 2013 7:00am-9:00am EST

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funding for arthur with captioning is provided by... ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] fun for everyone makes a family strong. chuck e. cheese's proudly supports pbs kids. and by contributions to your pbs station from... ♪ every day when you're walking down the street ♪ ♪ everybody that you meet has an original point of view. ♪ ( laughs ) ♪ and i say hey! ♪ hey! ♪ what a wonderful kind of day ♪ ♪ if we could learn to work and play ♪ ♪ and get along with each other ♪ ♪ you got to listen to your heart ♪ ♪ listen to the beat ♪ ♪ listen to the rhythm, the rhythm of the street ♪ ♪ open up your eyes open up your
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ears ♪ ♪ get together and make things better by working together ♪ ♪ it's a simple message and it comes from the heart ♪ ♪ believe in yourself ♪ ♪ for that's the place to start ♪ ♪ and i say hey! ♪ hey! ♪ what a wonderful kind of day ♪ ♪ if we could learn to work and play ♪ ♪ and get along with each other. ♪ hey! ♪ what a wonderful kind of day ♪ ♪ hey! what a wonderful kind of day. ♪ hey! arthur: hey, d.w. hey! whoa! ( crash ) arthur: albert einstein was a famous scientist but before he was famous he was just a kid with a lot of questions. i have a question. d.w., can't you see i'm busy? ( clears throat ) when einstein was just three years old he wanted to know things...
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like when his baby sister was born... it is nice but where are its wheels? ( wailing ) as he got older, he asked questions that nobody could answer. could i ever catch up to a beam of light? as an adult, he kept on asking questions that changed the way we think about the universe. oh, and... d.w.: can i ask my question now? what, d.w.?! what's so important that you have to interrupt me? when's the show going to start? you've been talking forever. ( groans ) ta-dah! teacher: all right, everyone, let's line up to go outside. i go first! i'm the line leader. d.w., why don't we give emily a chance to be line leader. you were line leader at lunch. remember, class, only a few more days
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till career day. you should be thinking about your presentation on what you want to be when you grow up. i already know what i want to be: a ballerina. i've wanted to be one all my life. tommy and i want to be cowboys when we grow up. no, we don't. we want to be policemen. cowboys! policemen! ( both grunting ) how about you, d.w.? what are you going to be? first! d.w.: mary moo cow! i called it! d.w.! it's my tv time! tv narrator: launched in 1990 from the space shuttle discovery... dad: i'm watching a fascinating program on space exploration. tv narrator: ...700,000 photos of the cosmos. the images have astounded and even confounded astronomers. ( groans ): it's just news. look! it's footage of neil armstrong walking on the moon. i was arthur's age when this was shown live on tv. everyone i knew wanted to be an astronaut.
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imagine what it felt like to be the first person to set foot on the moon. neil armstrong: it's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. who knows? maybe one day, you kids will get to see someone walk on mars. you mean that no one has ever done that? not yet. good! then i'll be the first. ( laughs ) ( laughing ): d.w.? an astronaut? now, there's a crazy idea. what's so crazy about it? i'm only four and i can already count to ten. d.w. is right, arthur-- there's no reason why she couldn't be the first person on mars. see? so there. now, if you'll excuse me i have to start preparing. let's see. juice, cookies... what else should i bring? oh, yeah! a co-pilot. where to, captain?
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mars. oh, goody. are we spending the night? i didn't bring my toothbrush. nah, this is just a test mission to see what it might be like. i won't really be going till i'm a little older. now, let's see: there must be a light switch in here somewhere. load the pinkulator. set the gigatron to ten. start the caliopilops. check, check check. ready for blastoff. ( deep rumbling ) we did it. we're the first people ever to land on mars. i couldn't have done it without you, nadine. now for the best part. this is one small step for me, and one big leap for everyone else. whoa! ( grunts ) that wasn't such a small step.
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it's beautiful. do you think anybody lives on mars? i don't know but if someone is here they should be throwing us a parade. it's not every day that someone from earth comes to visit them. ( heavy footfalls ) what's that sound? the... the welcoming committee? where's it coming from? i don't know. ( both scream ) pal! ( growling ) let go of my space hatch, you dumb dog. ( grunts ) great-- now i have to build a whole new spaceship. ( growling ) ( whimpers ) tommy: nice job, timmy. read him his rights. stinky pete, you're under arrest for not wearing a hat. you have the right to sit in this wagon. what are you doing? practicing for career day. we've decided to be cowboy policemen when we grow up.
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hey, she's not wearing a hat. you're under arrest. ( groaning ): fine, i'm under arrest. do you have something i could use as a spaceship like a big box? i've decided to be the first person to go to mars. ( both gasp ) don't do it, d.w. you don't want to go to mars. martians live there. we saw a science show on tv all about it. really? well, what are martians like? they're big lizards. timmy: some are as big as skyscrapers. tommy: they never sleep but they have to eat all the time. timmy: sometimes they even try to eat each other. ( roaring ) tommy: and you know why mars is called "the red planet?" no. because martian blood glows red in the dark. wait here-- i'll go get you that box. uh, actually i don't need it. thanks. ( squeaks ) ( gasps ) dad: d.w., we're going to do some star gazing.
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it's a beautiful night. who knows? we may even be able to see mars. come on. uh... okay. whoa! the moon looks so big. isn't it beautiful? here, let me see if i can find mars for you. it must be tiny if you need a telescope to see it better. it's actually a lot bigger than the moon. it's just a lot farther away. there it is. take a look. i'll go in and get us something to munch on. where is it? all i can see is a small dot that's sort of... ( gasps ): it really is red. of course it is. that's why they call it the "red planet." the tibbles were right. i can see the martian blood. martian blood? from the big lizards who are as tall as skyscrapers and... and... and never sleep, right? but they have to eat all the time and sometimes they attack each other?
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right. how come everyone knows about this but me? d.w., that's from a silly movie called attack of the sleepless martian dinosaurs. buster made me watch it. tibbles! i should've known better. but wait! if there are no martian dinosaurs then who lives... up there? arthur: no one knows for sure if anything lives on mars. but even if there is life, it wouldn't be something as big as a skyscraper. hello! anybody home? ow! ( chittering ) ( grunts ) so, you still want to go to mars? you know, you're not the first person to be afraid of mars and martians. i'm not? look at this. it's called war of the worlds, and it was written by h.g. wells. in the story aliens take over our planet. but... but it's not true, right?
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nope. but in 1938, a man named orson welles did a radio broadcast of the story. a lot of people heard it and thought it was really happening. they're here! we're being attacked by aliens! ( screams ) were they scared? you bet. but the more you know about something, the less scary it is. here's a picture of the real mars. it looks like a big rusty desert. how can anything live there? good question. and i know just where we can do a little research.
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d.w.: okay, so i know that it'll take me over two years to get to mars and that i'd weigh almost nothing there but i still don't know whether there's any life on it. dad: scientists haven't answered that question yet. d.w.: well, someone has to do it. it might as well be me. okay, children, it's time for our career day presentations. who would like to go first? okay, d.w. you can start. when i grow up, i'm going to be the first person to set foot on mars. and the first person to be eaten by a giant martian lizard. timmy, shh. mars is called the red planet because... the martian blood glows red in the dark. giant lizards? blood? i don't want to hear this. children, please settle down. are they coming here? are they going to get us? ( whistle blows ) do you want to hear about the real mars or just a made-up story?
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as i was saying, mars is called the red planet because the rocks there have lots of iron in them. when the iron gets rusty it turns red. ( children ooh ) pretty! now, people used to think this was a big face, but if you look closely, you can see that it's just a bunch of holes. d.w.: finally, there's one thing everyone wants to know: is there any life on mars? well, i'm sorry to say but we just don't know. all: aw! but the good news is i'm going to find out for you all and i'll be the first to do it. thank you. ( cheering ) that was a wonderful presentation, d.w. absolutely fascinating. so tommy and timmy would you like to go next? um, i think we need more time, ms. morgan. we're changing what we want to be. yeah. we want to be astronauts, too.
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and now, a word from us kids. ( with students ): mercury, venus earth, mars... francesca's mom came and told us about planets. ...jupiter, saturn, uranus neptune and pluto. francesca's mom is an astronomer-- someone who studies stars and planets. and she's talking to us about the new planet... which i don't really know the name of. okay, well, in 2003, astronomers found an object that is bigger than pluto and farther away from the sun. if we should call it a planet, what name should we give it? casey two. ubdee bubdee. zix one. boy: today we're making imaginary planets. astronomer: you are going to make up your own planet. what would it be like if you could
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go to these planets? my planet is called cupsqprezbm. and it has banana-shaped creatures. my planet's name is chrykuoarasim. it is very icy. there's a legend about this planet, but nobody really knows it. and this is my planet, and it's called truckabyupu. and it's a carnival, and it has a workout place. and that's it. the name of my planet is purple 123. this is the queen right here. they're taking a ballet class. and they roast green marshmallows. ( children oohing )
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and now, back to arthur. ( piano playing dramatically ) ( thunder ) i suppose you're wondering why we've called you all here. you said there was cake, old boy. mmm... and it's delicious. yes, i suppose it is. but that's not the main reason. oh, right. the main reason is we know who done it. arthur: could it be the professor? or maybe the heiress? ( gasps ) ( whimpers ) or perhaps the ne'er-do-well gadabout. the what? he means you old bean. oh. ( gasps ) and the culprit is... ( buster screams ) what happened? who screamed?
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oh, sorry. that was me. i dropped my cake. oh... hey! all i'm saying is, a rocket-powered baseball bat would be cool. ( mr. read screams ) what happened? ms. perske just delivered this cake plate an hour ago and now it has a huge chip in it, and the johnson wedding is this weekend. can't you just use another one? no, they specifically requested this one. d.w.: well, it wasn't me. i was never near that table. mr. read: arthur, do you have any idea how this happened? uh, we were just outside playing baseball. arthur's not telling you everything. what... what do you mean? i've got it all on tape with my secret spy cam. where'd you get that? oh, that's mine.
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i told d.w. she could use it while i was here. tv announcer: you're really dancing now. we sure are. who knew competitive dancing could be so much fun? ( d.w. giggles ) ( doorbell rings, door opens ) mrs. read: oh, thank you. this should be safe here. arthur: buster, i've had enough. let's play outside. uh-oh. ( barks ) pal! pal, shoo! arthur: hey, buster, let's play some ball. here, catch. ( glass breaks ) arthur, i'm very disappointed in you. why didn't you tell me you'd been in the living room? we were playing outside, but i guess we were in the living room first.
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but we didn't break it. that's not what it sounds like on the tape. i have to get back to work now but tonight, i want you to tell me what really happened. i can't believe you videotaped us. well, i'm glad i did since it proves i didn't do it. which reminds me... you boys dance divinely. have fun with your talk tonight. my dad doesn't believe us. we've got to prove we're telling the truth. but how? by finding out who did break that plate. hmm. who's the most likely person to have broken something? what would i be doing in your house? besides, i had a clarinet lesson this morning. aha! if you weren't there then how did you know the plate was broken in the morning? arthur: buster we told him that when we came in. oh, yeah. aw... that always works on tv. ha!
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you two need detective lessons. now, if you'll excuse me... detective lessons would be helpful. where do you get detective lessons? this book, the complete sherlock holmes will teach you everything i know. ( groans ): oh! i can't read this now. i'm having a talk with my dad tonight. as holmes once said, "the world is full of obvious things which nobody by chance ever observes." you're best bet is to go back to the scene of the crime and examine the evidence. mom, you have to believe me. we didn't break the plate. i want to believe you, but your dad showed me the tape. ( groans ): oh! mrs. read, are you sure the plate wasn't broken when you put it on the piano? yes, buster. i checked it when ms. perske delivered it. it was fine. we've got two pieces of evidence-- the plate and the videotape.
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we need to examine them as thoroughly as possible, but how? hmm, the way they do it in those crime labs on tv. i think you'll want to see this. i've studied the plate chip under a magnifying glass and compared it to the break patterns as found in the authoritative work on the subject, dr. grant's crystal breaks chips and shards. here-- take a look for yourself. here's your chipped plate, and here's a picture of standard damage caused by a baseball. they're totally different. that's correct. i'd say your dad's plate was broken by something metallic about the size of a coin. that means it couldn't have been us. brain: but wait. there's more. i ran the audio from your tape through some sound-enhancing software. let's listen to the regular tape first. arthur ( on tape ): hey, buster, let's play some ball. here, catch. ( glass breaks )
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aw, that doesn't help. it still sounds like we broke it. ah, this time through my software. listen, just before the smash. ( tape rewinds ) arthur ( on tape ): hey, buster, let's play some ball. here, catch. ( metallic clattering, glass breaks ) but... what was that sound? ( metallic clattering ) find that sound, and i'd say you'll find what broke that plate. so there has to be something in this room that made that sound and could break a plate. like this dried-up jelly bean? could this break a plate? no-- the brain said something small and metallic like a coin or a bolt, or maybe a... a watch. yeah, i guess it could be a watch. no. i found a watch. hmm. i've never seen this before. hey, look at this. "to ms. perske, a great boss." isn't perske the name of the shop
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where your dad got the cake plate? that's right. mom said ms. perske delivered it to our house. but how could she have broken the plate with her watch? but i told you boys i never set foot in your house. i must have lost my watch outside. but we found it in my living room. and now my watch is broken. it must have broken when it hit the cake plate. that's a pretty unlikely explanation. are you sure you didn't break it? just because we can't prove it doesn't mean it isn't true. ms. perske doesn't believe me. my own dad doesn't believe me. even i'm starting not to believe me. we need more help. so, the question is, how could the watch have gotten on the inside? oh, we have no idea.
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holmes says that "there is nothing more stimulating "than a case where everything goes against you." maybe it flew through the window. that's impossible. i suggest you check to see if the window was open. according to holmes, "when every possibility is explored, "whatever remains, no matter how unlikely must be the truth." see? something could have flown through this window. ms. perske said she pulled out of our driveway and headed that way. she said she had her arm out of her car window, and the watch slipped off and landed on the street. but when she stopped to look for it it was gone. ( metallic clattering ) ouch! that was it! that was the sound! no, it wasn't. that was just me saying "ouch." something just hit me in the arm. ( metallic clattering ) get your video camera, buster. sherlock holmes may believe in impossible
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things, but my dad is going to need proof. ( video static ) thank you all for coming. what are you talking about? i'm here all the time. mom! d.w., quiet. your brother is solving a mystery. anyway this should clear up the mystery of who broke the cake plate. buster? arthur: at first, all signs pointed to buster and me. ( barking ) arthur: hey, buster, let's play some ball. here, catch. ( glass breaks ) but the brain showed us that it wasn't a baseball that broke the plate. and then there was that sound. ( metallic clattering ) that led us to ms. perske's watch, which led us outside to the biggest clue of all. when this manhole cover is run over, it shifts, causing the sound and launching anything on the cover like, say, a stone or a watch, into the air.
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( static ) buster: seemingly impossible and yet true. i tested all the trajectories, mr. read. it was ms. perske's watch, launched from that street, which flew through this living room window and broke your cake plate, which was sitting right here. i guess i owe arthur and buster an apology. that's okay, dad. i'm sorry, too. i should have admitted i was playing catch inside. unfortunately, i'm still short one expensive cake plate. ms. perske: actually you're not. ms. perske? i hope you don't mind. i invited ms. perske to join us. i apologize for my dramatic entrance, but the chance to lurk in the wings until the big moment was just too good to pass up. i do so love a good mystery. yeah, if you're not the prime suspect. i must say though i had no idea the trouble my watch had caused. well, it was no trouble exactly.
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nonsense. of course it was. and seeing as your son found my watch which has great sentimental value, i'm replacing your plate for free. mr. read: wow. that's very kind of you. now, we just have to call the city to fix the manhole cover. ( metallic rattling ) kids: oh, no! adults: oh, no! ( metallic clattering ) hi, everyone, it's me, buster. if you love the great food we get to eat in elwood city you won't believe all the great food i'm trying on my trip with my dad. mmm... don't you just want to eat some? i'm tasting everything and i'm sending it all back to my friends in elwood city on my very own video postcards. they're postcards from buster.
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visit us online at you can find arthur books and lots of other books, too at your local library. now it's t ♪ and everybody that you meet ♪ ♪ has an original point of view ♪ ♪ and i say hey! ♪ hey! ♪ what a wonderful kind of day ♪ ♪ if we could learn to work and play ♪ ♪ and get along with each other. ♪ hey! ♪ what a wonderful kind of day. ♪ hey! ♪ what a wonderful kind of day. ♪ hey! funding for arthur is provided by... chuck e. cheese's, proud supporter of pbs ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] fun for everyone makes a family strong. chuck e. cheese's proudly supports pbs kids.
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and by contributions to your pbs station from... every week... that's me! martha speaks is proof positive... do we love llamas, people? ...there's nothing like a talking dog. hello! (voices wobbling) you guys are really irritating. does "irritating" mean "fun"? on your mark, go! martha speaks on pbs kids. wow! (barking) (honks)
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they traveled to her brain and now... ♪ she's got a lot to say ♪ ♪ now she speaks... ♪ how now, brown cow? ♪ martha speaks, yeah, she speaks and speaks ♪ ♪ and speaks and speaks and speaks... ♪ what's a caboose? when are we eating again? ♪ martha speaks... ♪ hey, joe, what do you know? my name's not joe. ♪ she's not always right but still that martha speaks. ♪ hi there! ♪ she's got a voice, she's ready to shout ♪ ♪ martha will tell you what it's all about ♪ ♪ sometimes wrong but seldom in doubt ♪ ♪ martha will tell you what it's all about ♪ ♪ that dog's unique... ♪ testing, one, two! ♪ hear her speak ♪ ♪ martha speaks and speaks ♪ ♪ and speaks and speaks and... ♪ ♪ communicates, enumerates ♪ ♪ elucidates, exaggerates ♪ ♪ indicates and explicates ♪ ♪ bloviates and overstates and... ♪ (panting) ♪ ...hyperventilates! ♪ ♪ martha, to reiterate ♪ martha speaks! ♪ martha speaks. ♪ oh hi. today's show is all about construction and building. no it's not. today's words are all about outfits, patterns and styles. well actually, a dress pattern is just like a blueprint--
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which is one of today's words. but the really important words are the ones about fashion and apparel. buildings are way more important that clothes. would you rather walk around with no house or no clothes? watch for all the words about constructing buildings and clothing, and we'll see you at the end of the program. mmm... perfect. (vacuum cleaner running) (gasps) oh, brother. vacuums... throw them in the river. much better. mmm. (jake crying) i don't want it. tv announcer: and it's a high pop fly! (horn blowing) dad: it's going... it's going... whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!
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dad: yeah! wow, this batter is really thick. use the electric beaters. they're noisy. good idea, martha. hey, where's she going? (sighs contentedly) (barking playfully) (groans) (groans) (sighs) (thunder crashing) (barking excitedly) you have to wait, skits till these aren't so ouchy hot. where's martha? she's usually trying to steal cookies, too. martha: she's right here. helen: martha, you're all wet, and you look so tired. why don't you come inside and take a nap. ay-yi-yi. what? what did i say? if you have trouble sleeping, you should do what i do. just close your eyes and think about stuff. (snoring) helen: td?
7:34 am
shh, he's sleeping. maybe we should go in the other room. good idea. how come no one ever says "shh, martha's sleeping. let's go in the other room"? helen: shh! (sighs) martha: next to food, sleeping is the most important thing in a dog's life. all i'm asking for is a little quiet. no more than 16 or 17 hours, tops. i don't think we could be quiet for that long, martha. you just need to find your own quiet place. you should get a doghouse. what? you mean like dogs live in? sure. in the yard? exactly. a simple shelter. whoa whoa, whoa. you can't fool me. a shelter is a nice way of saying the dog pound. helen: that's true. a shelter can be another word for the pound. but it can also be a building that protects you from bad weather. like a house or an apartment. well that i could use. we'll build you one.
7:35 am
it'll be great. we'll build you the best doghouse ever. the best doghouse ever? yeah it would have... hang on, i'm trying to imagine it. (alarm ringing) talking alarm clock: good morning, martha. it's time for breakfast. oh... huh. nothing like 20 hours of sleep to really work up an appetite. ooh, i guess i'll just go for the garbage sampler plate. (chewing noisily) ah this is the life. we can all work together to construct the perfect doghouse. construct? "construct" means to build. yeah. we'll get some tools and some wood and we'll construct your doghouse just the way you want it. what do you say, martha? (loudly): great! huh?! what?! what did i miss? (hammering) huh? i brought a pencil and paper. maybe we should sketch some plans before we start building anything.
7:36 am
no need. we're almost done with construction. here help me move the roof. but you can't put it here. this is where the basement goes. oh, good, martha, you're here. you can tell us. is it okay for the pool to go here? i started digging over there, but there was a rock. coming through. you already started building? (yells) i'm okay. i'm okay. that's one deep pool. truman: guys! a little help? (chuckles nervously) sorry. uh-oh. wow, it looks just like a building. let's go in. por aqui no. you can't come in this way. this is the closet. how do you get in? try the window. what window? hmm, i don't know. look around, there must be one someplace.
7:37 am
but this is where the porch is going. sorry, this is where the pool goes. i dibs-ed it. where's the porch go? over there someplace. but a porch is supposed to be attached to the house. it's a part of the building. it can't be over there someplace. well, i'm not moving the pool again. i can't have a house over here and a... you can't put a porch over a pool. martha: quiet! i have a question. how do i get in? oh, easy. you, um... you just, uh... uh, you can't... get in? um, how do i get out? maybe we'd better discuss this. maybe we should have a plan before we go any further. martha means we should do what real architects do, right? yes, exactly. what's an architect? an architect is someone who makes plans for building things like houses. and doghouses? right. and before anyone picks up their tools to start building, an architect makes a plan. he draws a blueprint or makes a model
7:38 am
so that everyone can agree on what they're going to construct. that's what truman said we should do. hey, where did he go? (truman grunting) truman, hold on. we're coming. alice: so here's what we'll do: we'll all sketch or make a model of the kind of doghouse we want to build. and we'll let martha decide which design she likes best, all right? terrific! i'll work with truman till his arms come down. i think i feel them loosening already. (crowd cheering on tv) (wind whistling) (sniffing) i can't wait to see everyone's ideas. can i turn mine in tomorrow? it's not homework, td. we're starting the construction on martha's doghouse today. oh right. okay, go ahead. i'll sketch fast.
7:39 am
don't worry. i brought a modelo a model of the perfect house. (curious barking) martha: oh, a model is just a small version of something. it shows what it will look like. exactamente. and this is a model of the doghouse we should build for martha. voilà! it looks like your old britanny dream house. it is-- only better. everything is white. white curtains, rugs, pillows, everything. wow. not so close! quit breathing on it! it's just to look at. to look at? yes. it's for company. they come over. you say, "would you like to see my doghouse?" they say, "yes." you go outside, you look at your doghouse and then you go back in, that's all. hmm... don't talk on it. you can actually go into our house. truman and i made some sketches. we call it "the sound mind... the sound body doghouse." it's more than just shelter. inside the building there's a treadmill
7:40 am
so you can get your walk whether it's sunny or raining a bed that's also a trampoline you can jump on circular pool and a machine that pitches all the balls you can fetch. wow! and the mind part is that there's music and books on tape. martha: do i use those posts in the yard to...? no! that's the sculpture garden. they're statues for you to look at. oh, okay. still they're a pretty good height for... truman: no! done! you're going to love this. this is the perfect doghouse. martha: it looks like a haunted castle. exactly. that's how you keep the other dogs away so you'll have it all to yourself. you just speak the password to the pirate skull... alphabet soup! you cross the drawbridge, slide down the waterslide... and parachute into... the hidden underground lab full of crime-fighting equipment. (siren wails) there's a robbery over on main street!
7:41 am
you hit the button, your seat goes up and puts you right behind the seat of... the marthamobile! a complete crime-fighting machine on wheels! and fetch! but i can't drive. that's okay. i'll drive. but you're not old enough to drive. he will be by the time we finish building it. hey... oh, don't start fighting. i want to hear helen's idea. oh, my design isn't as fancy as those. i just put in a few things. a place to put your sticks you find in the park, a place to hide when there's thunder and lots of doggie doors to go in and out and in and out and in and out of. will there be room for everyone to visit? sure. we can make it nice and big. then i choose... hmm... that one. you really know what's important to a dog. fair enough. we have our blueprint. let's go get our tools and build it!
7:42 am
(all grunting) (sniffs, sighs) did i ever tell you what "td" stands for? it stands for "ta-daa!" how did you do that? i thought we ran out of nails and wood. i just used some tape a few boards from the tree house and my belt. ah! i'll go get some more nails. yeah, me,too. wow, it's pretty cool what you can do with some boards and tools. and plans. what do you think, martha? it's great!
7:43 am
both: yay! whoo-hoo! hello? is anyone listening? you guys? you're in my doghouse. hello? eh... martha's going to be so happy. (all chattering) can't even get into my own... hey! helen: hey, anyone seen martha? martha? (sighs, smacks lips) (snoring) people build all sorts of things to take shelter in from houses to skyscrapers. but before they build anything, they make a blueprint. a blueprint is a plan that shows how to build a building right down to the smallest detail. (barks) uh, yes, skits sometimes blueprints are blue but they don't have to be blue. the people who construct the buildings use the blueprint to tell them exactly how to put things together.
7:44 am
because without a plan you can end up with some pretty shaky designs. so, if anyone ever hands you some tools and asks you to build a skyscraper, be sure you ask for a blueprint! (barks) (mrs. clusky clears throat) first off, girls, i want to say last month's old-tyme picnic and horseshoe throwing contest was a resounding success. and alice walter middly wanted to assure you that his new toenail is coming in just fine. thank goodness. for our next big gopher event, the whole town is getting involved. i think you girls are going to love it. a dog parade? isn't that great? you know, i've always dreamed of something like that. announcer: and here it comes one of the favorites.
7:45 am
it's martha! she's over five-stories high and takes two-dozen people to operate. that's a lot of hot air. when do we start making the big balloon? it's not that kind of parade. it's just a "dogs walking down the street wearing funny outfits" kind of parade. outfits? yeah. it's another word for clothes. i'm against dogs in clothes. even if there's a prize for best outfit? is the prize food? maybe. i'm in. you are one lucky dog! i know. free food. not you. helen! i am? why? do you know who's judging all the outfits for the dog parade? who? who? ♪ mindy munchhausen mindy munchhausen ♪ ♪ mindy munchhausen. ♪ who? (applause) carolina: that's mindy munchhausen. welcome to operation catwalk! gah! cats?!
7:46 am
can't be good. shh! our mission? to make cutting-edge apparel. and by apparel i mean something to wear. clothing! today, our contestants will sew an outfit for our lumberjacks to model. talk about cutting edge! stay tuned! we're going to leave you in stitches. she's judging the costumes for our dog parade? uh-huh. i was hoping i could design a costume for françois, but mrs. clusky wants to do it herself. well you could stitch up something for skits. ¿de veras? you'd let me do that?! sure. why not? maybe we could work on something together! thanks, cuz! now we just have to figure out what kind of costumes to make. we have to make sure our design is the best. a style no one's ever seen on a dog before. hmm... a bee and a flower? hmm... how about...? romeo and juliet?
7:47 am
or... magician and rabbit? or... two peas in a pod? i know! sherlock bones and dog-tor watson? if you're doing that, how about hot dog-ula and frankfurterstein? both: yeah! good idea. i was just kidding you know. (groans) 22 inches from neck to tail. (grunts) (gasps) what are you doing? before we start sewing, we have to get your measurements. 12 inches. measurements? measurements tell you the size of a thing or how big it is. we're measuring your body so that your costume fits. cold! 28 inches. (whining) (sighs) i still don't see what difference... shh! if i'm going to get the right measurement, you have to stop talking.
7:48 am
wow, helen. this pattern is so cool. (barks) huh? huh? oh, a pattern is a plan you use to make clothes from. it's like a blueprint only for clothes. alice: we should sew some stitches in the forehead here so it looks like a scar. yeah. and use green fabric. hey, let's sew some cork thingies here so it looks like frankenstein bolts. great idea! did you finish martha's hot dogula pattern? it's over there. (barks) no my costume is going to be way cooler than yours. (barks): is not! is, too! is not! is, too! hey! (barking) i'm going to... martha, skits stop it! you're going to rip my... pattern. maybe the models should go outside while we make a new pattern. good thinking. (chuckles)
7:49 am
oh i thought you were done taking measurements. i am but we have to hem your costumes if they're going to fit right. your hems are so straight. mine are a mess. well, my model is being a little more cooperative than yours is. (barking) maybe we should take the booties off for his fitting. i feel ridiculous. (camera clicks) you two look great! qué estilo! very stylish apparel. does this hem look crooked to you? not if i tilt my head like this. let me re-hem this, and we'll get another picture. come in for a second, martha. (groans) you're such a great sewer. this prize is ours!
7:50 am
(barking) skits, where are you going?! come back! skits, come back! skits! (barking) (grunts) (barking) (panting) skits! mindy: is this your dog? his collar says "skits." uh i, uh, uh... i love his costume. it really fits him. you must be entering him in the dog fashion parade tomorrow, right? uh uh-huh. well you're a fabulous little fashion designer. and he's one cute model. see you at the show. she said that? can you believe it? can i take this off now?
7:51 am
all right, martha. carolina: i couldn't believe it. it was her, right here in our town! and she was so nice. (doorbell rings) (gasps) it couldn't be. oh. it's you. you'll never guess who i just saw. all: mindy munchhausen. i was standing behind her in line at the corner store. i wanted to say something but she was on her cell phone the whole time. she was talking about how she just met the youngest fashion designer ever. (girls gasp) she did? td: yeah, she said she wants her to come on her tv show with the apparel she designed. can i eat this? what? (shrieks) she said that?! on her tv show?! i can't believe it! (girls screaming, cheering) whoa. she had to be talking about me. of course, i'll tell her that we're a team. what do you say, martha? want to go to new york and be a big-time model? will i have to wear clothes? mm-hmm. mm-hmm.
7:52 am
count me out. well skits wants to be on tv. right, skits? (yawning) uh-uh-uh. get up! we have to get you ready! it's important to stay in shape. that way, your clothes always fit. (excited barking) skits, no! no playing in mud. you have to look your best for the parade. come on, keep running. (whimpers) remember, skits, posture and poise, a good model makes. show-off. if you're going to be a model you're going to have to learn how to do the model walk. now you try.
7:53 am
why would anyone walk like that? it looks like there's something wrong with your hips. hey, out of my chair! shh. he needs his beauty rest. tomorrow is his big day. what's the big deal? he's dressed like a giant frankfurter. he shouldn't be on tv he should be handing out flyers in front of a hot dog stand. shh! (groans) (with thick accent): hi! i want to drink your blood! what fun! look at all these costumes. is that little girl lost? she keeps going in a circle. (gasps) she's looking at me.
7:54 am
mindy, i just wanted you to know i'm all packed. i'm ready to go. i'm sorry? oh you don't have to pretend with me. i know all about your hip young designer. alexis tabouli?! are you friends with her? she's terrific. i can't wait to have her on my show. she's the youngest fashion designer ever. yeah. she's really something. i don't feel bad for me. i feel bad for skits and for america. they don't know what they're missing. helen, will you watch this for a minute? where are you going? to yell at td. sorry you're not going to be on operation catwalk skits. woof! woof! yeah, i can't wait to get this thing off, either. sorry it took so long but we had a tough decision to make. all you animals looked great. and the dogs looked cute, too.
7:55 am
(laughing) i'm pleased to announce we have a tie. well, you didn't get to be on tv, but at least you won a prize. (happy barking) can we eat them now? why not? you've earned it. who knew fashion could be so tasty? oh, hey, it's td. (screaming) td! style. (skits barking) (sniffing) that's not an agricultural tool. "agricultural" means having to do with farming. (skits barks) what are you doing? martha: playing "in the park with skits." all right! fun! hey, if you'd like to play the new game "in the park with skits," just go to "martha's stories" on the martha speaks website at help skits find things like vehicles or footwear. but watch out for cats. if you hit one, it's game over. look what we found!
7:56 am
martha, what have we said about borrowing tractors? no borrowing tractors. you know the rule. take it back. all right. come on, skits. "in the park with skits." check it out at did you catch all the words about construction measurements and so on? let's see some of them again. measurements tell you the size of a thing or how big it is. we're measuring your body so that your costume fits. an architect is someone who makes plans for building things, like houses. construct? "construct" means to build. see you next time. okay, that's a wrap! ♪ who's that dog? ♪ ♪ who's that dog? ♪ ♪ dog, d-d-dog, d-dog. ♪ that dog is casey. casey works for my dad. my dad's a farmer. she's a farmer's helper that's a dog. she catches mice... and rabbits.
7:57 am
she scares away birds. (casey barks) casey learned to not walk in the beds. sometimes she'll work and sometimes she'll play. ♪ she's that dog... ♪ ♪ dog, d-d-dog, d-dog. ♪ announcer: it's "sid the science kid." you have muscles all over your body. hmm. i think i'm gonna have to investigate this more at school! announcer: "it's sid the science kid," weekdays on pbs kids or watch anytime you want at martha speaks is funded in part by... kiddie academy child care learning centers... proud supporter of pbs kids. providing educationally focused child care preparing children for school and for life. kiddie academy...
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the corporation for public broadcasting, by a cooperative agreement from the u.s. department of education's ready-to-learn grant by: and by: to dig up some more fun words and games, visit or check out your local library for the "martha speaks" books. captioned by media access group at wgbh
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hi, there. dash here! i've got a great dancing game for you at let's dance along. ♪ come on it's time to dance ♪ ♪ get on your feet and dance ♪ ♪ it's a dance party ♪ ♪ dance, dance party ♪ ♪ it's a dance party ♪ ♪ dash's dance party ♪ are you ready? dance along and see if you can figure out the pattern. 1, 2, 3, 4. ♪ slide on the ice, slide ♪ ♪ jump in the snow, jump ♪ ♪ slide on the ice, slide ♪ ♪ jump in the snow, jump ♪ ♪ slide, ice, slide ♪ ♪ guess what's next ♪ ♪ 2 3, 4 ♪ ♪ jump in the snow jump, jump ♪ ♪ jump, jump, jump ♪ you can keep on dancing with your favorite pbs kids friends on the computer at thanks for dancing! got to dash!
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♪ well, every day ♪ ♪ every day ♪ ♪ is so glorious ♪ ♪ glorious ♪ george! ♪ and everything ♪ ♪ everything ♪ ♪ is so wondrous ♪ ♪ wondrous ♪ ♪ there's more to explore when you open the door ♪ ♪ and meet friends like this, you just can't miss ♪ ♪ i know you're curious ♪ ♪ curious ♪ ♪ and that's marvelous ♪ ♪ marvelous ♪ ♪ and that's your reward ♪ ♪ you'll never be bored ♪ ♪ if you ask yourself "what is this?" ♪ ♪ like curious... ♪ ♪ like curious... curious george. ♪ oh... captioning sponsored by nbc/universal narrator: it's no secret that monkeys like cars. all kinds of cars. (laughing) (chittering) (squealing) ready? uh-huh. get set and...
8:03 am
go! oh! (george laughing) (screams) george: oh! oops! (brakes squeak) nice wipeout. that reminds me. you should have seen me almost wipe out at the derby. i was coming down the hill accelerating into maximum gravitational pull, and then i lost a wheel. huh? man: i think bill is talking about a soapbox derby, george. it's where kids build and race their own cars. ah. and there's a derby today on boysenberry hill. (man laughs) check it out. george: ooh-ooh! man: bill, that is one nice-looking vehicle. did you build it yourself? i sure did. it's got rear-wheel steering caliper brakes and a parachute. you have a parachute in there?
8:04 am
it pays to be prepared. (chattering excitedly) me, too. i want to build a car like that and almost wipe out on a hill. uh-huh. you kids want to enter the soapbox derby? yes, yes, and double yes! (hooting) if you're serious, then you'll need the rule book. it pretty much tells you everything you need, and how to put it together. hey, you want some help? i was a pretty mean derby racer in my day. sorry, but that's against the rules. contestants have to build their own cars. oh, yeah. okay. well, you're welcome to borrow anything you see around the house. ooh. huh. ah. (giggles) you can keep that. i don't need it anymore. the race starts at 2:00 p.m. sharp. see you there! uh-huh. bye. narrator: bill was right. the book could tell them everything... huh? ...if only they knew how to read.
8:05 am
"the car..." uh, something, something "car..." something "car." oh. this book needs more pictures. uh-huh. hey! narrator: a picture! this looked like something they'd need. the part to sit in. (hoots) they also needed that-- a steering wheel. just like on the man's car. and wheels for the car to sit on. oh. hey, george, you see how that thingie there is stopping the wheel? i bet that's a brake. ah! narrator: a brake. maybe this book could show them how to build a car. (chattering) oh. yeah! let's just follow the pictures. one... two, three... and four. uh-huh. let's go look in our barn.
8:06 am
grandpa has all kinds of stuff in there. (chatters) (hooting excitedly) ooh. ah. oh, yeah, good idea. let's take the wagon. maybe we'll find car stuff on the way. uh-huh, uh-huh. (grunts) oops. wasn't the wagon right here? yup. these flowers will look beautiful in that old kayak. allie: hiya, mrs. quint! guess what? george and me-- we're building a car so we can race in a race. all we need are car parts. (chatters happily) well, if you see any car parts lying around just help yourself. uh-huh. aw. must have left my gloves inside. (hooting) george: oh. ha! (chatting happily)
8:07 am
narrator: the broken boat and the car body looked a lot alike. they're almost totally exactly the same! and-and-and-and look it! it already has two seats. one for you and one for me. uh-huh. (laughs) (chattering happily) (gasps) gee willakers! what on earth happened to that kayak? (george chattering excitedly) narrator: george and allie had found a car body. ah. narrator: now they just needed steering, wheels and brakes. if you're building a race car, an old barn is a great place to start. ooh! (chattering happily) oh, yeah!
8:08 am
narrator: this barn had wheels... tada! (grunts) ...and a steering wheel with a horn. (honking) at last, george and allie were ready to roll. yay! unfortunately, their car wasn't. (gasps) whoops. oh. (chattering) narrator: george got to thinking. if you want your car to roll the wheels had better roll too. oh. ooh. yeah. hey. aha. we should use the wagon wheels? uh. (grunts) (hooting) oh, yeah. we should use the whole wagon!
8:09 am
(shouts, chatters) aha! the handle is sort of like a steering wheel. (grunts) (chatters) narrator: if you want to ride in a race, maybe your wheels shouldn't ride off without you. george needed a way to keep the two car parts together. oh. (tapping) (chattering) he knew just how to do it. first, he put the steering handle through the hole in the bottom of the boat. then he nailed the boat to the wagon.
8:10 am
(chatters happily) (laughs) we did it! narrator: the car was almost ready. okay, we've got one, two and three, but we still need... oh. ...brakes! (shouts) (george hooting) oops. whew! (horse neighing) hey, kids. aren't you entering the derby race? it-it starts in ten minutes. oh, no. but we're missing a car part and we don't know where to find it! well, i'd offer to help you, but, um... we know, we know. no help allowed. well, if you see anything you need, you're welcome to it. thanks, grandpa. (horse neighs) george: uh-oh! whoa! forgot to put on the brake. (grandpa grunting)
8:11 am
hmm. did he say "brake"? narrator: george and allie had their brake. well, it looks okay. we can test it on the way to the race. uh-huh. (george and allie cheering) (laughing) (crowd cheering) are the racers ready? on your mark.
8:12 am
get set. it works! (chuckles) hey, guys, you made it. (chatters) go! (applause and cheering) and they're off. (cheering and applause) gracious, that's my kayak. man: and that's my wagon. go, george. that's my buggy! narrator: for a while, george and bill were neck and neck. come on, faster. (grunts) uh-oh. (grunting)
8:13 am
(crowd cheering) mr. renkins: phew. and now, let's meet the winner. farmer renkins' wagon. it was a rather unusual entry, but it met all the rules. and our runners-up george and allie... (both cheering) ...and bill. (both cheering) (sputtering) child: george is a monkey. he and allie made their own soapbox derby race car. girl: curious george made a car that went down a ramp, and so are we. child: it's a box with a stick through a straw for the axle and some wheels. go! girl: gravity is pulling our cars
8:14 am
towards the ground down the ramp. that's how gravity works. this is how far eli's car went. my car went even further. go! sasha's car didn't go as far as our cars did. sasha: i am going to give a banana a ride. zoe: when she gave the banana a ride, her car went off the racetrack. sasha's car is heavier. that's why it goes down so fast. weight and gravity are partners. narrator: saturday was a day when monkeys and men with yellow hats return books and get new ones. a whole building full of books. what could be better than that, huh, george? ah!
8:15 am
are you excited to get a new book, george? (grunts sadly) adventurous henry is one of my favorites, too. maybe you should check it out again. huh? it's called renewing a book. people do it all the time. (chatters excitedly) george was thrilled... oh. ...because the man with the yellow hat... whoa. ...had only read the book to him 18 times. that's strange. i don't see the librarian. mrs. dewey? huh. i'm right here. hey. oh, there you are. sorry for the mess. my work keeps stacking up. uh, george would like to renew a book, please. yeah, uh-huh. (chatters) (scanner beeps) i sure wish i had someone to help out today. (george sighs) oh.
8:16 am
aha! (chatters excitedly) man: something tells me george is available. that's stupendous. thank you, george. george, i have some research to do. will you be all right here by yourself? uh-huh, uh-huh uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh. well, then i'll be back in a few hours. be a good little monkey librarian. (chatters "okay," chuckles) (chatters "bye") okay, george. would you mind going through this pile and separating out the dvds? oh... (chatters) narrator: george soon discovered that he was a superfast movie grabber... (scanner beeps, george grunts) ...and a superfast book scanner. (chattering) vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom! (chuckles) ah. (blows) and a superfast pencil sharpener. (exclaims)
8:17 am
(chiming) male voice (over p.a.): mrs. dewey please report to the main library immediately. five book clubs have arrived all at once. oh, dear. i'll be back as soon as i can, george. until then, it looks like you're in charge. huh? you're a terrific helper. ha! george was in charge of a library. hmm. george wondered if he should put the rest of the books away. (excited hooting) that seemed like something a monkey-in-charge would do. (grunting) oh! george had put the books away in record time. (humming) this librarian stuff was easy.
8:18 am
(chattering) doorman: hi, george. where's the librarian? ah! oh, i see. can you help me find hundley's favorite book? it's called dachshunds and dandelions. ah. it's a small, yellow book. it's usually on this shelf. narrator: a yellow book? uh-huh, uh-huh. no problem. george was very familiar with that color. aha! (chatters) nope, not it. hmm. (chatters) ha, ha, ha. uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh. nope and nope. (chattering quietly) (sighs) hmm. there were a lot of yellow books. (chattering excitedly)
8:19 am
huh, huh, huh? no, no, no. that's it-- dachshunds and dandelions. see? uh-huh. thanks, george. i'll check this out in the main library. good-bye. (friendly chattering) phew... finding books was hard. hmm. (chattering) but george had an idea. if books were sorted by color, they'd be much easier to find. (chattering) yeah. (chattering) ah. aha. (chuckling) (chattering) it took a lot of work, but the library was fixed.
8:20 am
it would be easy for people to find books now. aha! where did it go? hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm! ah, georgio, georgio you know, i can't find the book. ah...? yeah. it's gnocchi's favorite book, too. it's called mice everywhere. (chatters) narrator: hmm, no problem. george just had to find out what color it was. ah? huh? (chatters) ah? um... ah? oh, eh... ah? nuh... ah? uh, uh... wh-wh... are you asking me what color the book is? uh-uh. i don't know. but i do know one thing: it's very, very, very, very big! oh... narrator: big is not a color.
8:21 am
oh! aha! (excited chattering) uh... no, it's bigger than that. ah? uh, no. bigger still. (grunts) (quiet grunting) (loud grunt) (yells) that's it! phew! (laughing): oh, thank you, georgio! you know, i got to get some cookbooks, too, so i'll check this out up front. bye-bye, little buddy! (clears throat) (quietly): i mean, bye-bye, little buddy. bye! (groans): oh... eh. narrator: hmm. organizing books by color didn't seem to work.
8:22 am
maybe they should be organized by size, instead. uh-huh. aha! (chattering) (grunting) (tired sigh) whew, whew, whew! narrator: little books... medium books... big books... humongous books. george had fixed the library... again. whew! (snoring) steve: ah, george, what happened?! the books are all messed up! huh? come here, i-i'll show you. (tired groaning) this is where all the outer space books are supposed to be. but instead, you've got... uh, bunny books? train books, bug books... pink pony books? (groans) where are all the outer
8:23 am
space books? (chattering) ah. narrator: george tried to explain to steve how he had organized all the books. (chattering) (grunting) (chattering) did you arrange all the books by size? uh-huh. that's amazing! but i don't think that's the way libraries work. hah? oh-oh-oh! (chattering) (exhausted sigh) see... outer space books are supposed to go on this shelf, and books about dinosaurs go on that shelf, and all the other books... uh, i don't know where they go. hmm. narrator: george wondered-- if outer space books all go together, and dinosaur books all go together... well, then maybe train books go with other train books, no matter what size or color they are.
8:24 am
yeah! train books probably go together. aha! hey, i get it! maybe all the books are organized by subject! cool! ah. uh... (nervous groaning) yeah, you've got a lot of rearranging to do. but don't worry, i'll help. (chattering) (hooting) (excited chatter) we did it! the books are back in the right order! great job, you hairy librarian! (chuckles) (grunts) mrs. dewey: i'm back, george. my! it looks neat as a pin in here. all the books are back where they should be-- on the shelves according to their subject. uh... right? well, mostly right. books are typically arranged by subject, then by author alphabetically.
8:25 am
oh... uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh! except storybooks. they go together by author. ah. uh-huh. i'm sure i can put things right in no time. great. uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh! sounds like you did a great job, george. hey, maybe you'd like to help out at the library every saturday. hmm... nuh-uh, nuh-uh... narrator: helping mrs. dewey was fun but exhausting. mrs. dewey: yoo-hoo! george! you forgot your book! (happy shout) on the other hand, only a librarian would give you adventurous henry for another two weeks. what could be better than that? chil boy: george is a monkey. he didn't know the best way to sort the library books. my name is deb, and i work here at the building materials resource center. everything that you see in here was given to us
8:26 am
because it was something that somebody didn't need anymore. deb asked us to sort all this stuff over here. deb: and it's a little bit like curious george when he was organizing things. good luck. i think we can sort them maybe, by what they are. i'm sorting the doorknobs. they're two different shapes. why did i put two different doorknobs together? they're both the same color. you just have to do what you gotta do for the doorknob. josiah is sorting light switch covers. i am gonna sort them by shapes. this one has two circle things. this one is, like, square. sorting does help a lot of people. let's imagine we're wearing space suits. whoa! oh, cool! girl: it's a lot of fun to imagine things with elmo, being anything you want to be and going anywhere you want to go. shape ahoy! add a bunch of math... subtraction! and some silly song and dance... elmo: ♪ "elmo the musical" ♪
8:27 am
girl: you get... ♪ "elmo the musical" ♪ "elmo the musical"! this is elmo's story. anything can happen. announcer: weekdays on an all-new season of "sesame street," and watch anytime at announcer: pbs kids has your ticket for the "dinosaur train." we wanna go! announcer: join buddy on adventures from every dino era! let's do this! announcer: climb aboard "dinosaur train," weekdays on pbs kids or anytime you want at (george chattering excitedly) this program was made possible by: [ female announcer ] at we believe that learning and curiosity go hand in hand. early learning academy, proud sponsor of pbs kids and curious george. for more than 90 years stride rite's been there. helping you choose the right shoes. stride rite is a proud sponsor of curious george.
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funding for curious george is provided by contributions to your pbs station... ooh. ...and from: curious george loves to figure things out. help me figure out which animal doesn't belong. look closely. we have a dog, an elephant a whale, and a snake. which animal doesn't belong? the snake! right! the snake doesn't belong because all of the other animals are mammals just like us. you can play more games like this with curious george at now let's learn more about animals with "the cat in the hat knows a lot about that."
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hi. it's me coach hooper and i've got my special whistle which means it's time to get up and exercise! [boing] wow! it's also time to get a new whistle. ok, now. let's get moving because today we're going to exercise like surfers. ♪ go down the beach ♪ ♪ on the sand towards the shore ♪ ♪ keep on going ♪ ♪ the ocean looks great ♪ ♪ now swim towards the waves ♪ ♪ you're on your board, you're swimming out ♪ ♪ keep it up ♪ ♪ you're almost there ♪ ♪ to do your thing ♪ ♪ and ride that wave just like this ♪ ♪ you're a surfing champ, a surfing pro ♪ ♪ you go, whoo-hoo! ♪ awesome job! and if you want to try out more exercises with me just visit any time you want. see you soon!
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funding for this adventure is brought to you in part by: viewers like you, and you, and you, and you... ha, ha! thanks so much you're very kind. ♪ ♪ hey! ♪ ♪ what? ♪ ♪ come over here, ♪ ♪ the cat in the hat is about to appear. ♪ ♪ he's whizzing over to whisk you away ♪ ♪ on a fabulous journey today. ♪ ♪ he's coming! ♪ ♪ and now he's arrived in the thingamajigger ♪ ♪ the thing that he drives ♪ ♪ he's a cat and he's oodles of fun ♪ ♪ with his hairy helpers thing two and thing one ♪ ♪ instrumental ♪ ♪ instrumental ♪ ♪ it's the cat in the hat! ♪
8:32 am
♪ all of our adventures start like that. ♪ ♪ wherever you're going where ever you're at ♪ ♪ the cat in the hat knows a lot about ... ♪ ♪ he knows a lot about he knows a lot about, ♪ ♪ he knows a lot about ....that! ♪ (laughter) ♪ yay! it's stopped raining, sally! last one in the tree house is a rotten egg! uh-oh! mud alert, nick! whoah! icky sticky mud! lucky we've got new super blue boots! let's try them out! [struggling sounds] this is hard... even with super blue boots! [struggling] i'm stuck! [struggling] i've lost my boot! whoa..whoa.. help...! on
8:33 am
its way! it's the cat! the cat in the hat! - the cat in the hat! don't be a stick in the mud! ♪ oh! when you can fly through the air. whoah! (laugh) nick! your boots! oh, oh! (giggle) allow me! ♪ thanks cat. that really is sticky icky mud. the stick-ickiest i've ever seen. we'll never get across it to the tree-house. not even with our super blue boots! the ground is too soggy, too floody, too muddy, we all need help from my blue-footed buddy! who's that? buster the blue-footed booby! what's a blue-footed booby! a booby's a bird with the bluest of feet. he lives at boogaloo beach and knows all about walking across mud. can we go and see him? please!
8:34 am
you can! your mother will not mind at all if you do. [laughs] mom! can we go to boogaloo beach to meet buster the blue-footed booby? a blue-footed booby at boogaloo beach? (giggles) he's going to show us how to walk across mud in our blue boots! oh! okay! now, i hope he reminds you to wipe them when you come indoors too! okay! [laughs] we can go! we can go! we can go! we can go! i know! i know! to the thingamajigger! ♪ buckle up! [honk] ♪ flick the jiggermawhizzer! [boing] [honk] [pop] ♪ isn't this fun? yahoo! ♪ here we go, go, go go, go on an adventure! ♪ ♪ the thingamajigger is up and away! ♪ ♪ go go go go
8:35 am
on an adventure ♪ ♪ we're flying with the cat in the hat today! ♪ ♪ we're off to find out how to walk when it's muddy. ♪ ♪ we're sure to get help from our blue-footed buddy! ♪ ♪ here we go go go go! on an adventure. ♪ ♪ go go go go go! ♪ ♪ boogaloo beach down below... and buster the blue-footed booby up above! helloeeee! oh no! i think we scared him. well, we're big and he is kinda small! we are! he is! why don't we shrink down to bird size? press the shrinkamadoodle, sally! [laughs] ♪ there he is again! follow that bird! what's he doing?
8:36 am
looking for a fish! hel-lo! to eat. - ugh! goodbye! wow! neat dive! (gasp) he's going into the sea! press the floatamaboater, sally! [alarm sound] - uh oh! ♪ aha! phew! the floatamaboater never did that before. uh, cat, that wasn't the floatamaboater! you're right! i have no idea what that button does. let's try again. press the floatamaboater, sally! [honk] ♪ why, hello buster! hey cat! you looking for me! we are! - great! meet me at the beach! buster! my blue-footed buddy! ah!
8:37 am
cat, my stripey-hatted pal. these are my friends sally and nick! hi! - hi buster. cool feet! thanks. they're our new super blue boots. can you show us how to walk across icky sticky mud in them? you sure you don't want to learn how to fly and dive? i'm great at flying and diving. we saw you! we love how you fly and dive. but we want to walk across mud without getting stuck. well, i'm good at that too but first things first. let me see your feet. hmmmm... alrighty, well... kind of funny shape. but they're a great colour. huh? blue feet are best! why thank you! now, follow me! do what i do! ♪ watch me waddle watch me go. ♪ ♪ blue feet! blue feet! ♪ ♪ not too fast. not too slow. ♪ ♪ blue feet! blue feet! ♪
8:38 am
fumbling, swaying> whoa! [giggling] oops! we're still sinking into the mud, buster. not like you. buster's feet aren't just blue. they're flat and wide too! yeah, that must help him not sink in. oh! buster! i can't move my feet! me neither! [struggling] strange. that never happens to me. er we're stuck! what can we do? stuck in some mud that's sticky as glue? it's time for a call to things one and two. [tries to whistle, but spits] oh dear, some mud on my pinky.'s time for a call to the things one and two. [whistles] hmm, hey fish? where are the things? hold on... hey! guys! [gasp] they've gone... we'll find those things wherever they are. cat to the rescue! whoa!
8:39 am
ah! er...could someone give me a hand? you don't need a hand. you need big wide blue feet like buster! that's why he can walk on top of the mud and we keep sinking in! big blue feet are best. hey, lucky i bought my big-wide-blue-foot-making kit with me! huh? [laughs] ♪ blue feet are neat. but big flat feet are better. [hammering] with wide, flat, blue feet you'll be a go-getter! look buster! we've got feet just like you now! let's go and find the things! [laughs] what about cat? right here! wow, excellent feet! the very biggest, widest and bluest that i could find in my hat! follow me! hmmm, i can't see them
8:40 am
anywhere! me neither. i spy with my little eye... the things! yoohoo! over here! yay! - yay! let's go get 'em. big blue feet to the rescue! this is so cool, we're walking like buster now! our big blue feet stop us sinking in the mud! oh it's easy! all you need are booby blue feet! ♪ blue feet! blue feet! ♪ ♪ big blue feet are neat, neat, neat! ♪ ♪ we thought we'd lost you. what in the world happened? ♪ (garbled explanation) ♪ you mean we pulled the get-out-quick-a-ma-boodle? uh huh! - uh huh, uh huh! now i know what that button does! (garbled question) cat: good question. how do we help you across the mud to the thingamajigger? we know! - we
8:41 am
know! ♪ blue feet! blue feet! ♪ ♪ big blue feet are neat! ♪ oh, i'm so proud of all my new blue-foot buddies! hi, buster! you having a party? more like a rescue party! this my special friend, brenda. why, what a pleasure to meet you. likewise. [clears throat] i'm waiting buster. not now, brenda... they don't want to see it. aw! come one! buster has a special dance he does for me. i'm his mate. you'd like to see it, wouldn't you? he's so talented! oh yes. - yeah! that would be cool. well, twist my wing, okay... [laugh] we didn't know you could dance, buster. isn't it hard with big blue feet? are you kidding? he's the best dancer i know! ♪ ♪ blue feet! blue feet!
8:42 am
♪ ♪ big blue feet are neat neat neat! ♪ ♪ blue feet! blue feet! ♪ ♪ big blue feet are neat! ♪ (laughs) thanks for showing us how to walk across mud, buster. and dance on it too! come back sometime and i'll teach you how to fish. bye now. thank you! can we please go home! sure! for now we all know a pair of flat feet. help you walk across mud, now isn't that neat. press the bigamaboodle nick! [laughs] [honk] ♪ now we can get across the mud to the treehouse like buster showed us... but do you know what would be more fun? yeah! the blue-footed booby dance! yay! - yay! woo woo woo! yeah! woohoo! yahoo! cha
8:43 am
cha chaa. ha ha. ♪ blue feet! blue feet! ♪ ♪ big blue feet are neat neat neat! ♪ ♪ blue feet! blue feet! ♪ ♪ big blue feet are neat! ♪ (laughter) oh isn't this a good time! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hi everybody. do you see this cocoon? it's called a chrysalis. there's a caterpillar inside. but when it comes out, it won't be a caterpillar anymore. so today's question is...
8:44 am
what does a caterpillar turn into when it comes out of a chrysalis? you'll never guess! did i hear someone say a butterfly? you're right! next time i'll stump you for sure! ♪ ready sally? okay! watch this! abracadabra, alakazeer... panda bear panda bear. disappear! ♪ ah nick. why didn't your magic trick work? hm, maybe there's something wrong with the wand. ah, ah, ah! [laughs] a good magician never blames the wand. it's the cat! - the cat in the hat! [laughs] so, you're having trick trouble? we're trying
8:45 am
to make panda bear disappear but he won't go. hmm... you know, the last time i went diving in scoobamareen i met some sea creatures who could do amazing tricks. maybe they can help us learn magic. can we go cat? please! of course we can! your mother will not mind at all if you do. [laughs] mom! can we go to scoobamareen? some sea creatures are going to help us do magic oh! [laughs] scuba marine? sure why not? we can go! we can go! we can go! we can go! i know! i know! to the thingamajigger! ♪ buckle up! [honk] ♪ flick the jiggermawhizzer! [boing] [honk] [pop] ♪ isn't this
8:46 am
fun? yahooooooo! ♪ here we go, go, go, go! on an adventure! ♪ ♪ the thingamajigger is up and away! ♪ ♪ go, go, go, go! on an adventure! ♪ ♪ we're flying with the cat in the hat today! ♪ ♪ we're off to place called scuba marine ♪ ♪ where fish can do tricks like you've never seen! ♪ ♪ here we go, go, go, go! on an adventure! ♪ ♪ go, go, go, go! ♪ ♪ we're here! - yay! sally, pull the subber-e-blubber! (giggles) [ding ding] dive! dive! dive! whoo-hoo wheee! wow! blue fish! and yellow ones!
8:47 am
[gasp] cat! what's that? is it a mountain? no it's a coral reef. a coral reef? a reef is a city under the sea it's made up of shells, as small as can be it's just full of nooks and crannies that give, 'shelter' where all kinds of creatures can live. including my friends! nick press the shrinkamadoodle! [honk] ♪ let's go and meet them. ♪ wow. now we can see things really close up. like that cool rock! that's not a rock. (giggles) that's a sea cucumber. cucumber? like in salad? no no no no. a sea cucumber - he's not a vegetable he's my buddy! hey spot, mind if we drop in? huh? oh
8:48 am
boy! it's the cat! hey sid! puffy! cat's here! the cat in the hat? what a nice surprise! oh and he brought company. hello! indeed i did. nick, sally, meet three of the best tricksters in scoobamareen. this is spot the sea cucumber. and sid - he's a reef squid. and puffy... she's a balloonfish! hi! - nice to meet you! likewise! so, what brings you to the neighbourhood? well... we were hoping you could help us learn some magic. cat says you can do amazing tricks! oh, yeah! i have a great trick! i'm sure she was referring to my trick, which is clearly the best. no way! my trick's the best one in the whole reef! ♪ hello! little fishies! ♪ huh? oh great. here comes barry. ♪ hey little fishies, time for a munch. ♪ ♪ barry's out looking for a seafood lunch. ♪ ♪
8:49 am
come out, come out. wherever you are. ♪ ♪ i say, come out. come out! ♪ ♪ wherever you are! ♪ [laughs] oh no! he wants to eat you! now that's a barracuda for you. always thinking of his stomach. don't worry. if we hide he won't even know we're here. ah! - ah! waaa! [giggles] shhh... [growls] is everybody okay? oh sure, we're okay. this happens all the time. he almost never sees us. so, now that barry's gone who wants to see our tricks? yea! - yes! our tricks help us to avoid becoming barry barracuda's seafood lunch. watch. gulp, gulp, gulp! [laughter] whoa! you are huge! yes, and a tad prickly! [deflating balloon sound] that was amazing!
8:50 am
oh, making yourself big is easy. i can make myself small... watch. [struggling] hey, how did you do that? i make my body go all soft so i can squish into a tiny space. barry could never fit in there and that's why my trick is the best. please, my trick is so good i could out whip three barracudas. watch. ah! he's gone! form a search party. file a missing squid report. [giggles] cat, i'm still here. i get it. you can change colour. cool. it makes you really hard to see. precisely. ♪ hello little fishies! ♪ ahhhhhh! [growl] gulp, gulp, gulp! ew! i
8:51 am
hate prickly food. yuk! ewf! ugh! [laughs] ow! that hurt. whee! yoo hoo! ♪ oh, where'd he go, huh? ♪ here fishy fishy, fishy. [laughs] yikes! [gasp] not my beautiful subbereblubber! you two, hide in the reef. i'll handle this. ♪ i'm sorry sir, we're all out of fish today. perhaps you'd like to see our vegetarian menu? hu, oh okay. (chomps) - ahh! whoa! quick, hide sally! ♪ phew. you're safe. but what about cat? ♪ yiiikes!
8:52 am
(laughs) oh barry! ♪ come on! now you see us - now you don't! what? where? what happened? [laughs] yay, sid! that was amazing! yeah. that black stuff totally confused barry. what was it? my squid ink. if someone's chasing me i squirt ink so they can't see where i go. it's an excellent distraction. distraction? what's that? that's when you make someone pay attention over here so they don't see what's going on over here. ♪ hey, lil' fishies time for a munch ♪ ♪ barry's out lookin' for a seafood lunch! ♪ ♪ come out, come out wherever you are. ♪ ♪ i say come out, come out ♪ ♪ wherever you are! ♪ [gasp] he's back! we'll never get back
8:53 am
to the subber-eblubber with barry out there! maybe we could distract him? it would take something pretty special to get barry's mind off a fish dinner. hm, [gasp] i've got it! to get his attention we'll give him his wish, thing one and thing two can pretend to be fish! [whistles] hello! - hello! ah ha! (laughs) ah! ♪ here fishy fishy! wha? (laugh) ♪ go go go! ♪ na na na na nah nah. [laughs] ♪ owww! (giggling) nice work guys! very distracting. ♪ we made it! yay! alright! [laughing]
8:54 am
that does it. i'm outta here. i'm not that hungry. yes! oh aren't we clever. (giggles) ♪ it's time for us to go home. bye everyone! - bye! thanks for showing us your tricks. our pleasure. see you soon! ta ta! come back and see us real soon. a reef is a wonderful magical place where everyone has a good trick just in case. some creatures get big and some shrink 'til they're small but sometimes distraction's the best trick of all. their tricks gave me a great idea for how we can make panda bear disappear. and for our next trick we're going to make this panda disappear. ooooo! abracadabra alakazeer, panda bear panda bear disappear! ♪ ta-da!
8:55 am
[gasp] it's gone! how did you do that? with magic. and a little distraction. [laughing] ♪ welcome to hat chat. today we are interviewing our friend gecko! one of the greatest hiders in the world! i am the hiding master! tell me gecko, what makes you such a good hider. where did he go...? amazing speed, right. but watch this! watch what? he's gone again! yoo hoo... that's called camouflage! see, my colours match the tree so it makes me hard to find. any other hiding tricks - where did he go? i'll bet you want to know how i did that! well, ya see i have these tiny little hairs on the bottom of my feet and they stick to the tree and... hey? where
8:56 am
did everybody go. surprise! surprise! now that's good hiding. that's a wrap with our friend gecko one of the world's greatest hiders. i am the master! how do we know a bird is a bird? do we ask it politely and take the bird's word? do we know it's a bird when it crosses the sky? that sounds pretty good but some birds don't fly. do only bird's sing? is that how we tell? but whales are not birds and they sing songs as well. ahh! says the cat, i'm still ever so clever, for i know an answer that will last forever. what makes it a bird-- let's all say it together lies under my hat... ...yes, you're right it's a feather. all birdies have feathers, big ones and tiny, some feel so soft and some are quite spiny. they help a bird fly keeps it warm as can be... ...and some make the birds look as handsome as me. the mystery's solved by the
8:57 am
cat in the hat, all birds have feathers and that's simply that. let's imagine we're wearing space suits. whoa! oh, cool! girl: it's a lot of fun to imagine things with elmo, being anything you want to be and going anywhere you want to go. shape ahoy! add a bunch of math... subtraction! and some silly song and dance... elmo: ♪ "elmo the musical" ♪ girl: you get... ♪ "elmo the musical" ♪ "elmo the musical"! this is elmo's story. anything can happen. announcer: weekdays on an all-new season of "sesame street," and watch anytime at announcer: pbs kids has your ticket for the "dinosaur train." we wanna go! announcer: join buddy on adventures from every dino era! let's do this! announcer: climb aboard "dinosaur train," weekdays on pbs kids or anytime you want at funding for this adventure is brought
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to you in part by: viewers like you, and you, and you, and you... ha, ha! thanks so much you're very kind. ♪ the cat in the hat knows a lot about nature. do you? rainbows are a very special thing found in nature and the colors of the rainbow always line up in the very same way-- red, orange, yellow. what's next? green! green. blue, indigo, violet. i love rainbows. you can learn more about nature with the cat in the hat at and now calling all super readers! "super why!" is next.
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