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tv   The Early Show  CBS  December 26, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EST

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ready-to-learn grant, and by contributions to your pbs station from: man: ♪ martha was an average dog ♪ she went... and... and... (barking, growls) ♪ when she ate some alphabet soup ♪ ♪ then what happened was bizarre... ♪ on the way to martha's stomach, the letters lost their way. they traveled to her brain, and w... ♪ she's got a lot to say ♪ now she speaks... how now, brown cow? ♪ martha speaks ♪ yeah, she speaks and speaks and speaks ♪ ♪ and speaks and speaks... what's a caboose? ♪ martha speaks... hey, joe, what do you know? my name not j. ♪ she's not always right, but still that martha speaks... ♪ hi, there. ♪ she's got the voice, shs ready to shout ♪ ♪ martha will tell you what it's all about ♪ ♪ sometimes wrong, but seldom in doubt ♪ ♪ martha will tell you what it's all about ♪ ♪ that dog's unique... testing, one, two. ♪ hear her speak ♪ martha speaks and speaks and speaks and speaks and... ♪ ♪ communicates, enumerate elucidates, exaggerates ♪ ♪ indicates and explicates ♪ bloviates and overstates and... ♪
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(panting) ♪ hyperventilates! ♪ martha-- to reiterate-- martha speaks.♪ martha: do not be alarmed. we're the ones dng this to your television. td: we can adjust e contrast. we can py around with the ve. into the realmof the im. mart .. unpredictle and the unforesee helen: knock it off. stopessi with the tv today's words have to do with things at a mystio and peculiar. listen for them all, and we'll see you at the end of the show. td: hey! where'd that bird go? nowhat? hey! da dog. i did a dog. i did a whole pack of dogs. and an ostrich a a crab... (sighs) it's official. we've done every hand-shadow known to kid.
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now what do we do? i don't know. we ate all the s'mores. if we play go fish one more tim i'gointo be seasick. skits has already gone to sleep. but m not tired yet. i know! we can make up science fiction stories! great. "i had this hypothesis, "and my experiment pred i wasorre. the end." yawn. well, it might help make us sleepy. no, science fiction stories aren't about science. i mean, they are, sort of. but mostly they're made-up stories that take place in space or the future. a lot of times they have aliens or space ships. aliens? we might give ourselves nightmares. cool! cool! we'll see who can tell thegive best science fiction i've got one. martha? you do? yeah, it's a mystery full of really strange and mysterious things. great. i'getting in my sleing ba just in case it getscary.
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okay. my story starts with td. lemonade! geyouremonade! voice: i'll take one. whoa. (glugging) ahwow! soun great! you aren't from ound her are you uh... no. we're here to data abur town. data? data is information, like facts you gatr data, you find out abo somethi. you collect fas. so wn yosay yowant to gather ta abo ourown, you mean you just want to know all about it? yes. you've come to the right guy wh! (pins mbling) (camera clicks) (camera icks)
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martin and sylvia. t venus. okay if they look around? they're gathering data. something weird is going on here. there's sothing peculiar about those two aliens. i get the feeling they aren't just gathering data. think they're moving in! (all gasp) what did i tell you? look, they're already planting a garden! well, i guess it wouldn't hurt to ask what they're doing. u go ahead. they're your friends, td. i'm not going to do it. maha, you go. (sighs)
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why is it always up to the dog? , hi, um... we wante ask you, . you aren't, by any chance, invading our planet, are you? holy hamburgers! (whirring) okay, listen. let's discuss this, shall we? (skits barking) skits! now the tables have turned. the hunted becomes the hunter. i'm warning u: this dog is mean. skits is meaand he's... uh... okay, he's just putting onn act now to fool you-- ha-ha!-- but you watch. he's going to... (barking) he's going to dig bone... (hesity): to givyou. grt. , well, you mit as wel turn us into alien or wtever. sorrabout th, guys (aliens screaming) huh. what was that about?
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alien: we've concluded that we can't invade, your highness. those earth people are scary. we just witnessed the meanest thing we've ever seen. you would nevebe safe there, your highness. we must leave! quickly! td: now that was science fiction! i give ifour stars. that wasn't too scary. okay, who's next? i have a story. martha's alien plant gave me the idea. the story starts with td in space. i'm in space! (stomach grumbles) helen: suddenly he gets hungry. 's when he spots.. a farmer's market on the moon. at the moon farmer's market, there are these really delicious grapes. wow! that's amazing! do you have some seeds so i could grow my own? (helen's voice): take all the grapes you like helen: ...said e space farmer. but not the seeds.
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if you plant moon grape seeds on earth, something unpredictable might happen. unpredictable? if i drop this banana peel, you know what's going to happen. it falls. but... these moon seeds a and peculiar. they are different from normal seeds. if you try to plant them on earth, no onean guess whight happen. it's unpredictable. (spits) (thinking): these grapes are so delicious! helen: ...thought td. td: what could it hurt if i just took one seed? helen: d that's just what he did. bye! whoa! well, that was predictable. helen: as soon as he got home, td planted the mysterious seed in his backyard. the farmer said what would happen was unpredictable. "unpredictable" means u don't know what ll happen.
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you can't even make a good guess. itld be bad or good. but it might even be great! (crickets chirping) helen: that night, td went to sleep. then somhing peculiar hpened. td thoug he heard sothing. but the moon vine was very tricky. the mysterious vine snooped around. the vine was having a good time until... td: hey! ever tnk of asking? hen: tdasn't at upset, thgh. in fact, it gave him an idea. td got the vine to do all his chores for him. td: when you'rdoneusting, make suryou do my math homework. helen: everytng w goi gre. but the was e thin thadn'tredicted. and don'forget to c therass.
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and trim the hedges. anwhile you're at it, pullhe wds. an.. wt? hey! helen: the vine told td... (helen's voice): you can't eat plants like that! yohaveo be nice plas. yohaveo give them sunshine and water, too. oh. but. i didn'water you. uh-oh! helen: and wi tt, the vine withered. i gus it pays to be lazy... (laughs) sometimes. whoa. i was really worried about for a secon i've beewoied about u nger thathat. well, worry no more. i have a science fiction story. great! it starts with martha. td one day martha was sitting in her yard, when she got an invitation. we're going to visit our new neighbors, the fenes. they just moved in down the block. wee going to stop by and say hi me with . td: all the way there, martha kept saying to herself.
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"feline." hmm, i feel like i have heard that name before. but where? td: the felines seemed nice enough. (td's ice): it so nice to mt yo we just love wagstaff cit... (chirping) td: but there was something peculiar about them. um, you were saying? wha...? oh! just that we love it here. would you care to join us for lunch? and how! (laughs, then clears her throat) speaking for the group, that is. mmm. smells delicious. what is it? it's an old family recipe. it's called mouse soup. (whimpers) ... m. i'll go get more spoons. hmm... td there was definitely something mysterious about the feline family. (chirping) (meows) (hissing) we have to get out of here!
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why? i just remembered what "feline" means! it means... yes? td: ...said mrs. feline. both: what does "feline" mean? a feline is a... a... cat! td: mart was right the felines were actually cat people from another planet! meow. meow. aw... cute. cute?! they're cats! run!?! all right. (yelling) (panting) cats! i should have known it! td: the felines were catching up. martha had to think fast. martha: this way! the lake? cats hate water. quick. dive in. drat. (meows td: they all made it home, safe and sound. that was a close one! i'll say. if those cat people had caught us,
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they'd probably turn us into cats, too! i hope you two are hungry after all that. oh, m starving. what have you got? some delicious... mouse soup! (both scream) meow! truman: that's the end? you're ending it with them being cats? yeah, scary, right? but that couldn't really happen, could it? maybe. don't frighten her. it's just science fiction, martha. the fiction part means it's made up. alice: what's that? something's climbing on the tent! alice: (everyone screams)t's that? aw, i hate to-be-continueds. things that are unforeseen are things that you didn't know would happen. (yelling): pelican! see? i bet you didn't know i was going to say "pelin."
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it was totally unforeseen. something else that was unforeseen was yesterday's pop quiz. one thing was foreseeable, though. d groans that was foreseeable. if something is foreseeable, that means you know what is going to happen. and what happened next should have been totally foreseeable. now i hope you understand the difference between things that are foreseeable and things that are unforeseen. (knock at door) beuse i'll be doing mework for thforeeab fute. helen: you saw something climbing the tent? what is it? there it is! that's what you saw? helen: one puny ant? she didn't sayhe saw mething enormous. it'smazi w ants
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walk up things without lling off. d you ever wonder what life would be like if you were an ant? nope. uh, no. every day! but e i'm e only one. t gives me an idea for a story. it's called "the adventures of ant alice and ant hel." and it starts one day in this very yard. alice: alice and helen were doing a school report about ants, using a flashlight and a magnifying glass-- that's a special glass that magnifies things. "magnify" means to make things bigger. when you look throh a magn glass, things are magnified so easier to see. hewhich could to anyone, trust me-- and dropped her dad's flashlight. when she put it back together, she did something wrong. (switch clicks on and off)
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(high-pitched aming) aryou okay? what happened? (high-pitched): i'm puny! you turned the flashlight into a shrinking ray! how did i do that? (screaming) you shrunk us both to puny ant size. see? what can we do? we neeto talk to acienti. a scientist? y woulwe nd a scientist? because scientists are people who study science. that mea thefigu out hothin happen. mayba scientist could fire th out alice: the ant-sized mini girls could walk up things, just like ants. they wento helen's dog, martha, for help. martha! we need your help! (gasps) ic professoscntist! we need help! who's there?
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where are you? i'm on the phone. well, i didn't hear the phone ring. it didn't ring. i didn't call you on the phone, i'm standing on thehone. look in your magnifying glass. you girls have miniaturized. yes, we have miniature eyes. we have miniature ears and noses, too. he didn't say "miniature eyes," he said "miniaturized." pressor: yes, miniaturized. to miniaturize sometng is to make it mh smler. can you revers the miaturization so they're big again? let me think. hm.. nope. alice: thshrunken mini girl had toarry on eir norm lives, but wasn't sy. hele eat all your soup it's goofor you. but this is like eating a swimming pl full of giant vegetables. alice: yeahoray! i never ew shrinking could be so much fun.
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alice: theyere unbeatable at hide-and-seek. ve up. you win again. (girls giggling) alice: nobody had more fun kite flying than these shrunken mi-girls did. and they lived happily ever after. that's the end? they stay miniaturized forever? well, sure. truman: that's not the end. here's what happens next. you were drawing instead of paying attention to me? the minis were outside when it started to snow. alice: enormous snowflakes! run! (loud thuds, girls yelling) girls, stand still. no thank you! both: whoa! ah! the baby's sleeping!k you!
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truman: the scientist d invented a reverse rink ray. i it the huge maker. tran: normal sizedgain, they invited the scientist in for thank yocookie. they didn't know that part of the huge maker ray had also shined on an ordinary ant, making it enormous. well, it was kid-sized, but that's enormous for an ant. truman, the brilliant, brave boy next door, watrying tt his ple out of a tree en... thank you, giant ant. no problem, buy. that's a puny tree to an enormous ant like me. truman: truman asked the huge ant to retrieve some oer hd-to-rch items. noally, truman didn't like bugs-- they were small and crawly-- but having a friend who was a huge ant was nice. and the huge ant liked having someone as hugely cool
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asruman for hifriend. trum discovered that besides being good climbers, ants could lift many times their own weight. so a huge ant could lift even huger things. hey, look at this huge toy i found in the street! you want to play with it? no, huge ant, it's not right to take things that an't yos. ohi didn't know. i was living in a hole in the ground until this morning. (kids cheering) truman: the huge ant became everyone's friend. martha: this is the most fun i've ever had with only one ant! and he's my size, so he can wear my old clothes! a little to the left. perfect! put it down there. anks. i always wanted a bigger yard. trum: but whether tiny or enormous, an ant was still an ant. where did all thsugar go? uhh... (clears throat, whistles unassumingly)
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truman: he missed havingnt friends, so he borrowed thecientist's ray. hell it's cled the ge maker. and they lived happily ever after. martha that's the end enormous ants everywhere? they're happy ants. oh, that can't be the last story. doesn't anyone have a story that won't make me feel weird? dad: i do. yodo? yup, andore s'mores. thisimwithout chocate, so martha n have some. forget the food, tell the ory! (gasps) i never thought i'd say that. okay. it's about us, camping. a dad, a dog, and some kids were camping in a tent. the dog needed to go outside. i need to go outside.
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i'll be right back. (gasps, stammers) i thought you were going in the house. the house isn't there! what?! (gasping) helen: the earth-- it's been miniaturized. it's like a mini-earth. truman: the earth isn't shrinking. we're floating away from it. (screaming) pull your heads in. there's no air in space. it's improbable, but we're floating away from earth. improbable? "improbable" means it seems like it couldn't happen. like me getting my homework in on time? exactly. or an ant the size of a person. or a tent flying into space. it's my fault. i didn't hammer the stakes into the ground all the way. the directions say, "if you don't hammer your stakes in, there's a chance your tent will fly away." let me see. improbable. unpredictable. unforeseeable.
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yeah, but here we are. oh! oh! all: what? the tent is also waterproof! it's if you're someplace wet? well, there's water on mars, you know! martha: how can we ever get home? none of us knows anything about space science. there's an address on here if you have complaints. alice: great. what's our return address, pup tent, outer space? dad: don't worry, kids. i didn't want to tell you this, but i am... (grunts) crash action, space ranger! you know, like the tv show? those old dvds i have? oh, sure. that explains why we're in black and white. and like i always say, it's time for... crash action! you mean you have superpowers and can fly us home? well, no. crash action just knows a lot about space.
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(kids groan) like knowledge ever solved anything. don't worry, i have an idea. here. we have to act fast before we're too far away to return. that's your plan? drinking soda? . shakup your bottles. now stick the bottles out and aim a little up. open your bottles on three. one... two... three! (soda fizzing) truman: aha, i see! thforce ofhearbon dioxid gas escapi from the bubbles in the soda isropellinus like a rocket eine. helen: that's it, the bottles are empty. (yelling) we're entering the earth's atmosphere d gravity will take us from here! but how do we stop? i have a plan. i tied a the sleing bags into a lasso.
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all: whoa! helen: you're our hero! look! helen: someone else forgot to properly stake their tent. let this be a lesson to all of you-- always read anfollow directions. don't let something completely improbable happen to you. and we lived happily ever after, because here we are! (groans) what's wrong, mart? that was a happy ending. i'm never gointo be able to sleep. because of the stories? nobecause i at all the s're all: martha! hey, check out this song! (rock music playing) ♪ it could snown july, swflakes from t sky♪
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♪ but it's improbable. ♪ andy teacr could say ♪ "let's ad com books all day" ♪ ♪ it's probabl ♪ wn a thing might happen but probably not ♪ ♪ you want to win the game buyou don't have a shot ♪ ♪ it's improbable. ♪ my sier might not talk about boys ♪ ♪ my little brother might she all his toys ♪ ♪ut that's ally, rely, really, really ♪ ♪ really,eally, really, it's improble... ♪ did you catch all of today words let's sesome oem again. "unpredictable" means yodon't know what will hapn. you can't evenake a gooduess. something iforeseeable, that meansou know what is going to happen. "improbable" means it seems it couldn't happen. td: that's our show for today. see yonee. helen: td, knock i. see yonee. what? t doing anng. ng)
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announcer: look who's coming your way every weekday. hot diggity! wonderific! isn't that amazing? perfect! [ruff ruff ruff] announcer: catch all your pbs kids friends weekdays and anytime you want at martha speaks is funded in part by: kiddie academy child care learning centers... proud supporter of pbs kids. providing educationally focused child care, preparing children for school and for life. kiddie academy... >> chuck e. cheese's, proud supporter of pbs kids. helping children discover the fun of developing their bodies
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and their minds. pbs kids, where a kid can be a kid. the corporation for public broadcasting, a cooperative agreement from the u.s. department of education's ready-to-learn grant, and by contributions to your pbs station from: to dig up some more fun words and games, visit or check out your local library for the "martha speaks" books. captioned by media access group at wgbh
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"word girl" is made possible by... >> ♪ i'm a whirlibird... >> chuck e. cheese's, proud supporter of pbs kids, solutes all the parents who know staying active with their kids is fun and healthy for them. >> ♪ i'm a whirlibird. >> pbs kids, where a kid can be a kid. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. ♪ word up, it's word girl ♪ ♪ word up, it's word girl ♪ ♪ flying at the speed of sound, vocabulary that astounds ♪ ♪ from the planet lexicon, watch out, villains, here she comes! ♪ ♪ faced with a catastrophe, we need the living dictionary ♪
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♪ her superior intellect keeps the crime world in check ♪ go, girl! ♪ huggy face is by her side ♪ ♪ vocabulary a mile wide ♪ she'll make sure that crime won't pay ♪ ♪ and throw some mighty words your way ♪ ♪ word up, it's word girl ♪ word up! ♪ from the planet lexicon ♪ watch out, villains ♪ here she comes! ♪ word girl narrator: today's featured words are "curmudgeon" and "festivity." it's the holiday season, and the city is shining from all the bright, festive lights. ah, i love this time of year. uh-oh. who invited the energy monster? everybody loves a little snow for the holidays.
7:32 am
narrator: back at the botsfords' house, they're getting ready for a party. oh! here it is! i found it! the botsford family cheese platter, the centerpiece of the whole festivity! and i got the gouda. your idea for making cheese the theme of our holiday party is sure going to make it one doozy of a celebration. hey, t.j. what are you looking at? nothing. that's the problem. i wanted it to snow for the holiday party. well, we may not have snow, but we do have cheese. [sighs] cheese isn't snow, dad. oh, don't be such a curmudgeon, t.j. we all would love it to snow for the holidays, but you can't force it to snow. now, help your sister and bob make festive shapes. we have a lot to do before our party guests arrive. oh, i hope i didn't forget to invite anyone.
7:33 am
narrator: meanwhile, at dr. two-brains' lair, a certain villain is on the lookout for some holiday mischief. you henchmen are so thoughtful. i absolutely love the giant periscope! best present you ever bought for me. how did you know? we bought you a giant periscope? well, i know how hard it is to buy me presents, so i bought the periscope for myself, but i used your money to pay for it, so it's your gift to me. thank you! so...did you get charlie and me a gift? uh, let's see what the citizens of this fine city are doing this holiday season. up, periscope! [gasps] a party. and it's-- it's full of delicious holiday cheese! gee, boss, why don't we have our own cheese party? it would be a good chance for you to give charlie and me our holiday presents.
7:34 am
that's it! we'll have our own cheese festivity! oh, what do we serve? oh, cheese balls? cheese dip? and presents? um, i'll make my special punch. it's a mix of liquid cheese and a very special ingredient. love? no! more cheese! now to come up with a way to steal the holiday cheese supply. ha ha ha ha! what a curmudgeon. narrator: later that evening at the botsfords'... who wants to sing a holiday carol? whoo! i do! i don't. i want it to snow. t.j., are you still being a curmudgeon? huh? i'll take it from here. ahem. a curmudgeon is someone who acts grouchy, like you're acting right now. a curmudgeon's attitude takes the fun out of everything. i just don't think the party's going to be any good without snow. bingo! i have an idea. why don't you sing with us, t.j.? come on. oh, yes!
7:35 am
ah! ok, but i won't like it. ok, everyone. on 3. a one and a two and a 4 and a 3. ha ha ha ha! oh! it worked! my curmudgeonliness is totally gone! that just warms the cockles of my heart. it makes me think we should go on the road as a singing group. let's tour! yeah! whoo! narrator: woo hoo hoo! ha ha! ooh, yay. ahem. meanwhile, back at dr. two-brains' lair... now it's time to execute my plan to swipe all the holiday cheese in the city. ha ha!
7:36 am
no one could ever guess what this plan is in a million years. well, it looks like you just took your old transport ray and attached it to the periscope so you'll be able to transport what you see in the periscope right back here to headquarters. oh! that was a lucky guess! let's see if it works. uh-huh. oh, happy holidays, mr. mayor. allow me to help you with that magnificent cheese sculpture of city hall. huh? what? i just-- [stammers] it works! it really, really works! like i knew it would. narrator: back at the botsfords', the par-tay is getting star-ted. ok, cheese dishes. say "people." ha ha! i just--i just-- [chuckles] i just told the cheese to say "people" because when you take a picture of people, you tell them to say "cheese." get it?
7:37 am
ha ha ha! oh, you-- oh, good one, honey. your sense of humor is one of my favorite parts of any festivity. festivity? i thought this was a party. "festivity" means a party or happy celebration, as in the botsfords are hosting a super fun holiday festivity. well, thank you, young lady. hmm. now, go, go and place my priceless cheese diamond with the other dishes so it can appear in the photograph. sweet vanishing roquefort! what just happened? our cheese table. it's gone! [gasps] we've been robbed! what kind of curmudgeon would do such a thing? fainting! no, got it. i don't understand! who would want to ruin our festivity so much that they'd take our cheese? i have a pretty good idea. let's go, bob. dr. two-brains: ha ha ha! ooh! ooh! all the cheese is mine! mine!
7:38 am
this is the greatest holiday ever! ooh, i'm merry as a schoolboy. narrator: will dr. two-brains' periscope ray ruin the festivities? will word girl arrive in time to save the day? will it be a cheeseless holiday? not for me, it won't! [laughing maniacally] come on, guys, laugh. [all laughing] put your backs into it. ooh. ha ha ha. i declare this party officially ruined. ain't that the truth? [all murmuring] now, wait a second. we're not going to let a curmudgeonly cheese thief turn us into a group of curmudgeons, are we? [all murmuring] ahem. don't you see? elegant cheese sculptures don't make the holiday special. people are what really make the holiday special. he's right. we can't let this ruin our holiday spirit. what should we do? i'm going to start roasting nuts, and i'm going to do it on an open fire! good idea. maybe we should sing a song.
7:39 am
t.j., you are now the opposite of a curmudgeon. this party is back on! narrator: back at dr. two-brains' festivity... ah! oh, politics. interesting, don't you think? oh, yeah. and, uh, sports, too. oh, i know. i'm not much of a sport, but i love athletics. heh! what about the weather? uh, i like that. yeah. some party, eh? not so fast, two-brains! well, that was a real ice-breaker. sorry to break up how nice of you to drop in on my very own cheese festivity. you can't just steal someone's holiday party and make it your own, two-brains. really? looks like i already have. henchmen? oh! oh! what is this stuff? from the makers of string cheese, rope cheese-- 99% stronger than string cheese and delicious, too.
7:40 am
[screeches] ha ha ha ha! a little nip of cheese punch? i think i'll pass. little thick for me. good. more for me. uh, i--i'm sorry. i might have been too quick to judge your punch. i'd love to hear the recipe. well, it's a tangy blend of cheddar, mozzarella, swiss, and my special ingredient. love? no. eww. more cheese! ha! hey! you didn't really care about my punch recipe! you just used it as a diversion! and at this time of year. well played, word girl. thanks. you know, now that i think of it, i will have some punch. ha! ooh! the reverse button on my transport ray will send you out of here.
7:41 am
no! my cheese! my beautiful cheese is gone! where'd that giant cheese ball go? [gasps] goodness to fruitcake! it's a holiday miracle! let's eat! narrator: as one holiday party starts, another festivity comes to an end. since all the jails are closed for the holidays, your punishment will be watching the botsford family enjoy that giant cheese ball. oh, rats! i mean mice! come on, huggy. we've got festivities to get to. word up! here's your holiday present. i hope you like it. look, charlie. two tickets to the big football game. i'm going to hug you. no, that's all right. that was one delicious cheese ball. everyone gather round. we're all going to sing. ♪ oh, holiday cheese, oh, holiday cheese ♪ ♪ you are so very yummy ♪ oh, holiday cheese, oh, holiday cheese ♪ ♪ please get inside my tummy
7:42 am
♪ we like you cubed or in a bowl ♪ ♪ fry it up, we like it all ♪ ♪ oh, holiday cheese, oh, holiday cheese ♪ ♪ it's the theme of our festivity ♪ hey, everybody! it's snowing! narrator: and so, once again, the holiday festivities were saved, thanks to word girl, captain huggy face, and a whole lot of cheese. now, don't be a curmudgeon. watch the next amazing adventure of ♪ word girl! ♪ word girl hello. i'm beau handsome, and this is... all: "may i have a word!" as usual, the player who correctly defines today's featured word will win a fabulous prize. let's play... "may i have a word!" yes, you may. today's featured word is "petrified." to give you a clue, here are some clips from "word girl"
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that show the meaning of the word. [ding] phil! uh-huh? you buzzed in. do you want to answer? uh-huh. uh, i'm going to need you to answer. i have a feeling the definition is right on the tip of your tongue. [ding] tommy! all the clips showed people almost frozen from fear, so "petrified" must mean "so scared you can't move." they were almost as petrified as him. that is correct, tommy. "petrified" means "so scared you can't move," and phil is indeed petrified. uh-huh. congratulations! you are today's winner. huggy, show him what he's won. it's an official word girl microphone. [gasps] phil, what's the matter now? i'm scared of public speaking. but you speak into a microphone every time you're on this show. oh, my goodness! you're right! that's it for today's episode.
7:44 am
see you next time on... "may i have a word!" ♪ word girl narrator: psst! listen for the words "quandary" and "fidget." one fine day at the botsford home... t.j.: ladies and gentlemen, as you can see, i hold in my amazing hand an ordinary coin. mr. coin, we have never met before, correct? thank you. now, bob, if you will say the magic word... [screeches] [screeches] good trick, t.j. where's the coin? if bob will stop fidgeting, i'll show you where the coin is. the coin was in bob's ear! [screeches] bob, bob, don't worry. it was just a trick. that's right, because the coin is in becky's ear! t.j., that's the same coin you pulled out of bob's ear. is it, becky? is it? yes. mr. botsford: ok, penny pinchers! let's get our coins counted, stacked, and rolled. today is loose change day at the national national bank.
7:45 am
why does the bank care about our coins anyway? it's not very much money. well, becky, loose change day is a way for the bank to teach young people how saving a little money can add up to a lot of money over time. i don't know. it's kind of a quandary. i would like to save enough money to buy a pretty princess bike, but i also like to have my money close by so i can see it whenever i want. well, becky, maybe this will help you with your quandary. every person who makes a bank deposit gets a free word girl coin purse/key chain! well, i guess i wouldn't mind having one-- a word girl coin purse/key chain? bank, here we come! [crash] hmm. narrator: later, at the national national bank, becky, a.k.a. word girl, is really, really bored because she and her family have to stand in a very long line. thanks for telling us. narrator: not a problem. it looks like bob can make coins disappear, too, as long as it's made of chocolate. [both laughing]
7:46 am
yeah. that's what i call putting your money where your mouth is. ha ha ha ha! what? loose change day? oh, man. of all the days to rob a bank! i'm sorry. were you talking to me? uh, yeah. i was just saying i picked a bad day to, uh, cash my, uh, meat tax rebate check. oh, i know exactly how you feel, friend. long lines can really make me fidget. heh heh! but luckily, i never go to the bank without my trusty banking survival kit. ♪ da da da! i added the song. it's not part of the-- let me see. what do we have in here? ah, yes. here we go. "fun coin facts that will help pass the time while you wait in a long bank line." hmm. seems appropriate enough. ha ha ha! let's see here. what kind of metal is used to make a nickel? wood? what? ha ha! no. no, wood isn't a metal. the nickel is made of a metal called nickel. ha ha ha! huh. i was not aware of that fact.
7:47 am
how about bologna? any bologna in there? hmm. as far as i know, the nickel is mostly nickel. no bologna. hey, bob. do you recognize that man? [screeches i know that i know him, but i don't know from where. and did you know that the word "dime" comes from the latin word "decima," which means "tenth part"? oh, yeah. that's, uh, interesting, yeah. i know! oh, uh, pardon me, sir, but your fake mustache appears to be slipping. oh! uh, heh heh! thanks for that. uh-- excuse me, sir. you seem to be really fidgety. is something wrong? well, if i knew what "fidgety" meant, then maybe i could answer your question. to fidget means to make small movements with your hands or feet when you're feeling nervous. you know, to be kind of wiggly. ok. i was fidgeting because i'm in a hurry and i don't like waiting in a long line! oh! [gasps] i do know you! you're the butcher! ok, there's my deposit. thank you very much, and here's
7:48 am
your word girl coin purse/key chain. oh, yes! my very own word girl coin purse/key-- hey, buddy! you're lucky i don't know karate. pardon my impoliteness, kind sir, but i have important business. "to home it may confirm, this is a hold-up." i presume you mean "to whom it may concern." it's a standard business-letter greeting. this is a robbery! now give me all your money! that's a standard bank-robber greeting! nyah! oh, so this is a robbery? there you go. oh, yeah, and throw in one of those key chains. oh, this thing's a coin purse, too? [alarm blaring] aw, come on! you didn't read the p.s. part of the note! uh, ok. "p.s.--no alarms." i really have a quandary. our rules say i have to press the alarm when we're being robbed, but you say you don't want me to, and at national national bank, we really care about our customers' wishes. oh. so you'll turn off the alarm? no.
7:49 am
come on, bob. we have to stop him. word--oh, wait. we need a place to change. [screeches] no, bob, not that kind of change. we need to change into word girl and captain huggy face. [sirens] [blows whistle] wienerschnitzel shackle! sweetbread barricade! all right, everyone into the vault! let's go! come on now. in you go. let's go. hey, you, too, little girl, and bring that pet beaver in with you. let's go. all right. now, somebody will come let you out after i make my getaway. don't worry. wow! the bank's vault! see, kids? here's where they keep all the money. we sure are getting our money's worth out of this visit to the bank. "money's worth." good one, dad. oh! ha ha ha ha! i don't get it. hey, what's with all the fidgeting, becky? well, the butcher is out there robbing the bank, and we can't do anything to stop him because we're stuck in a bank vault.
7:50 am
there's nothing to worry about. word girl will save us. not if i'm stuck in a vault and can't transform. what's that, becky? nothing. ta da! while we're waiting for word girl to show up and save the day, let's learn some more coin facts. ok. did you know the first coins were used over 2,500 years ago in a place called lydia, which is now in turkey? whoa! huh? don't worry, dad. i brought my own banking survival kit. now who likes coin tricks? yeah! ha ha ha! thank you. oh, well, maybe the police can save the day. [police radio, indistinct] hey, sarge, what do we do now? usually word girl shows up and saves the day by now, but i'm the police sergeant, so i should probably do something. problem is, i don't know what. wow, that's quite a quandary. maybe you should talk into that thing. yeah. good idea. ok, butcher. we have you surrounded. butcher: yeah? so? oh. uh, well, you better come out now. or what? or i'll...ask you to come out again.
7:51 am
gee, when is word girl going to get here? uh, sarge? your finger's still on the talk button. whoops. ok, butcher. forget that last thing i said-- the part about word girl. i was nervous and fidgety, forgot to take my finger off the talk button. ah, don't worry about it. i've been fidgety lately, too. understanding villain. yeah. this business has taught me that most villains aren't all bad. interesting theory, deputy, but if it's true, does that mean we're not all good? is your finger still off that talk button? [both laughing] narrator: meanwhile, inside the bank vault... oh, what should i do? i'm in an awful quandary, bob. [screeches] oh. a person is in a quandary when they have to make a hard decision about something and they don't know what they should do, like in this situation. if i decide to turn into word girl and stop the butcher, everyone will know my secret identity. but if i don't, we're all going to be stuck in here and the butcher is going to get away. [screeches] i think you're right, bob. we have no choice.
7:52 am
i guess everyone will finally know who we really are. [draws deep breath] well, here we go. great t.j.'s ghost! you're making that coin float in mid-air! am i, dad? all right. thank you. i really thought it was magic. yeah, me, too. that kid is fabulous. that's it. i've got it! t.j., you and dad are going to resolve our quandary. music to my ears. heh heh heh heh! yeah! wow! whoa! huh? hey! what's going on in there? becky: there is a magic boy in here who can make money appear out of people's ears. yeah, right! really? mr. botsford: yeah. wow! you should come in here and see this for yourself, person out there. oh! you know, i could use a friend who makes money come out of my ears. that would be a real time saver.
7:53 am
whoa! that's amazing! now show me how you can make money come out of my ear! whoa! how'd you do that? maybe there's more in there! do it again! do it again! becky: word up! you do impressions, too? sorry, butcher. that was my little trick. word girl! word girl! thank goodness you're here! yeah, what took you so long? yeah, well, i was stuck somewhere. butcher: oh, yeah? well, i hope you remembered to bring your appetite. beef bouillon blitz! oh! oh! not a bouillon fan, eh? well, how about this? steak tip typhoon! yipe! huggy! t.j.: hey, butcher! want to see a magic trick? watch me catch all these coins in one hand. now, you'll never be able to do all that. oh, yeah? want to bet? a gentleman's bet. i don't believe in gambling. aw!
7:54 am
what? ha! now that's what you call throwing money around. t.j.: wish i'd said that. hyah! hey! oh! this is what i call throwing money around. narrator: heh! good one, sort of. hey. narrator: later... i can help you over here. can i have your deposit slip and bank book, please? sure thing. allow me to get it out of my trusty banking survival kit. ok. where is it? sweet saltwater taffy. where is my bankbook? heh! now i'm that guy at the front of the line who's not ready. i'm sorry, everybody. ha ha ha! i'm just now putting on my-- it's not in here. oh! narrator: and so, as loose change day resumes in full swing, mr. botsford finds himself in another quandary. but if you're looking for more nonstop action and fidgety fun, then join us next time for another exciting episode of "word girl."
7:55 am
♪ word girl hello. i'm beau handsome, and this is the bonus round of... "may i have a word!" our returning champion will have a chance to play for even greater prizes on the bonus round. tommy, you correctly defined the word "petrified." ready to play the bonus round? yep. great! take a look at these 3 pictures and tell me which one shows the definition for "petrified." what's your answer, tommy? violet looks petrified. she must be scared of talking in public. the answer is number 3. that's correct. you're our bonus round winner. show him what he's won, huggy. your very own stage to perform-- hey, where's phil? we better look for him.
7:56 am
see you next time on... "may i have a word!" see you next time on... narrator: small superhero. i look taller on tv. big words. amazingly brilliant idea, huggy. giant fun! [screech] come fly with "word girl" right here on pbs kids go! woooord up! captain huggy face, show us what "sheepish" means. that's right. "sheepish" means to feel a little embarrassed and bashful. congratulations, huggy! [needle setting down on scratchy record] [techno music playing] sheepish.
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(wind whistling) narrator: the coldest winter a monkey can ever spend is a summer vacation spent exploring the antarctic. ooh. man: hey, george, look. (chuckles) there's almost enough snow on deck to make an igloo. (hooting happily) wiseman (over p.a.): attention. will the antarctic research team please report to the conference room immediately. come on, george. duty calls. (chatters excitedly) here we are guys: the antarctic. ooh. ah. our objective is to observe and record the behavior of the region's flightless, native sea birds. (chatters inquisitively) we're here to take pictures of penguins. oh. uh-huh. see this small family of chinstrap penguins? uh-huh. well, this breed gets its name
8:04 am
from the unique marking on its head. oh. (chortles) we didn't see them on our last visit, and i'm worried. i need you to find them. (chortles excitedly) in your gear bags, you'll find a waterproof video camera... uh-huh. radio mics for talking to each other over short distances... check. ...and a photo of a chinstrap penguin to help you identify them. uh-huh. any questions? um... yes? on the left. um, were we chosen for this mission because of our fine work in outer space and under the sea? uh-huh. well, not exactly. my usual team is on assignment in the sahara desert. (groans) oh. but you lucky guys get to meet penguins! yes! penguins. (chortling excitedly) (chortling excitedly)
8:05 am
narrator: george couldn't wait to meet a real penguin. oh, this is great. okay. i'm moving on to the nesting grounds of the emperor penguins. you'll meet us at this spot at 9:00 a.m., right? right. remember, if you get lost, use the outpost beacon to find your way back. don't worry. if we get lost, we can always find an igloo for shelter. (laughs): no, you can't. igloos are found in the arctic, not in the antarctic. oh. (chuckles) that's right. good luck getting pictures of the penguin family. thanks. (chortles "good-bye") let's check this side of the outpost for the penguins. (chatters)
8:06 am
okay, but don't go too far, george. if you see penguins, call me using the radio mic. like this. ah, it's gonna be a great day. uh-huh. (chatters "good-bye") (grunts) (chirps) hi. uh... (clears throat) um... i found a penguin. well, it found me. but it's not a chinstrap. i think it's an adélie penguin. (squawks) ooh! (chuckles) (squealing) oh. narrator: that sounded close, like something on the other side of this snow. (snow crunching) (screaming)
8:07 am
(squawking) (squealing) (chuckles) (sputtering) (squawks) aha! narrator: george had found one of the chinstrap penguin family. (squawking) (camera beeping) narrator: george was so excited, he forgot to call the man with the yellow hat. (chuckles) he also forgot to look where he was going. (screams) uh-oh. narrator: the camera was waterproof. (chortles sadly) now george wished it would stay in one place. (panicked chattering) man: george. (over radio): george, where are you? (george chattering urgently)
8:08 am
okay, i'm coming! i'll find you! (squawking) oh! (straining) (gasps) (barking) whoa! (barking) (chortles inquisitively) man: george. oh! oh! oh! (screams) george? (george screaming) (snow crunching, screams) (grunting) whoa, oh! (grunts) (sighs) oh, hi. (chortles "hi") i followed your tracks. (chortling excitedly) you found the chinstrap penguins? (chortles affirmatively) wow. did you get pictures? uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh. great job, george! um, where's the camera, george?
8:09 am
uh... (chuckles nervously) oh, boy. (seal barking) (chatters urgently) that seal has the camera. we have to get it back. (grunts) oops. oh. oh! (barking) (gasping) uh-oh. (grunts) oh! (grunts) oh! (gasping) excuse me. seal. stop. please? uh-oh. we can't go back the way we came. oh. there's no way to steer an ice floe. ooh! hey! wow. that's a humpback whale. oh!
8:10 am
uh-oh. a snow storm. (shivering) george! we're headed for land! (chortles excitedly) (grunts) (chortling excitedly) we've got to get out of this blizzard! there's a cave! ah! we'll need more protection than this. hmm... (gasps) aha! (chortles) good thinking, george. we'll stack ice and snow just like we're making an igloo. (grunting) (wind whistling) (both sigh)
8:11 am
all we can do now is wait out the storm. (chattering quietly) wiseman (over radio): research vessel zebra to ice station alpha. a brief blizzard may hit your area. you should stay in the outpost. don't go out in the storm. is anyone there? (squawking) (man and george grunting) man: almost there, george. hey, the blizzard's over. (chortling) let's climb this hill and find out exactly where we are. (grunting, panting) (chuckling) (chattering)
8:12 am
there's the outpost! and look, we can walk back on the new snow and ice. (chatters in agreement) (penguins squawking) ooh. (chattering excitedly) man: wow, the chinstrap penguins. we found them! (chattering happily) (gasps) (chattering) (seal barking) (barking) the camera! (chattering excitedly) (screaming) wait for me! whoa! ooh! (laughs) (george screaming) (barking) whoa. ha ha! (barking) man: whoa!
8:13 am
(barking happily) (laughs, imitates seal barking) narrator: now that george had the camera back, he could get the pictures professor wiseman needed. (cawing) (twitters inquisitively) (squawking excitedly) (camera beeping) (george gasps in awe) wiseman: look, their nests! you found their breeding island. that's why we didn't see them earlier this year. amazing work. how did you find them? we'll do it the same way every time we come. well, first, have a monkey drop the camera in the water... (chattering in agreement) (both chuckling nervously)
8:14 am
boy: george is a monkey. he found a cave that he made into a great shelter. we are making a shelter, too. welcome to the norman bird sanctuary. girl: catherine is teaching us about shelter. we're gonna build a lean-to. a lean-to is called a lean-to because it kind of leans. we are collecting sticks. girl: we need different lengths because it gets taller on one side and lower on another. you have to choose the right stick for the right spot. we're not using nails, glue, anything that will have it stick together with help. this part is a y, and i like the y because i can lock it right into the branch. catherine: so another thing we can do is to take pieces of bark or sticks and weave them through what we already have. kids: the lean-to is done.
8:15 am
(birds chirping) (chortling happily) narrator: nothing makes a weekend in the country better than a chance to help feed bill's bunnies. (chattering excitedly) here you go. (munching loudly) george, you have a carrot for herbert nenninger? (gulps) uh-oh. none left? (chattering nervously) we'd better get more. (chattering excitedly) (chattering inquisitively) (chattering an explanation) george wanted to rush to renkins' farm for emergency carrots. we don't need to go anywhere. oh. (chattering)
8:16 am
i grew all this myself. it's easy. even a city kid like you could grow carrots. come here, i have a few seeds left. george: ooh. just plant them in the dirt, water them and watch them grow. (chattering excitedly) george couldn't wait. (george chatters "oh") (chatters "bye-bye") (chattering excitedly) (digging) (george grunting) george? is that you making that sound? it kind of sounds like... oh, oh! oh, boy. (grunting) (sighs) um, george, if you're digging a basement, we already have one. (grunts) uh-huh! (panting)
8:17 am
(grunting, panting) i... what are you... you wouldn't be planting those seeds, would you? uh-huh. (grunting, panting) yeah, o-okay, time-out! george, that's not how you plant seeds. huh? well, you-you have to take them out of the package. the instructions are written here. see? on the back. oh. (chatters quietly) well, let's see. first off, that hole's a little too deep. there we go. (chattering happily) (chortling) (chattering excitedly) great. narrator: planting carrots was easier than george expected. (chattering)
8:18 am
(crickets chirping) narrator: george was so excited, he dreamed of carrots all night. (grunting) (alarmed chattering) (chortling) (grunting) (grunting) phew. (chattering happily) (birds chirping) (yawning) (panicked chatter) (chattering excitedly) (sighs in disappointment) something wrong? (chatters inquisitively) (chuckles) but carrots don't grow overnight. it-it takes time... and watering. ah. (chortles)
8:19 am
(chattering nervously) narrator: bill watered the seeds while george was in the city, but george took good care of them every weekend. ugh! narrator: too bitter. this one better go back in the ground. (chortling) (panicked chattering) hmm. (chittering) (angry chattering) narrator: george explained that this was his garden, not a squirrel nut spot.
8:20 am
(grumbling) mm-hmm. ha. ooh. narrator: back in the city, george couldn't stop thinking about his carrots. (sighing) narrator: finally, after what felt like 66 days, because it was... george had three full-grown carrots. those look ready to pull, george. (chortling) (whining) (whines with regret) narrator: george wished he hadn't bitten this one when it was small. (chortling) wow!
8:21 am
that's a perfect carrot! uh-huh! narrator: george showed his carrot to mrs. renkins. now, this looks like a prize winner! let's find out if it tastes as good as it looks, huh? i'll go get a knife. (screams) (chatters in protest) his carrot was too perfect to eat. he planned to keep it forever. mmm. boy, that sure looks delicious. (screams in protest) narrator: george needed something he could put the carrot in for safekeeping. (gasps) nah-uh, nah-uh. narrator: a perfect carrot deserved something better than an old shoe. ah! ooh! uh-huh! um, george,
8:22 am
is that my telescope? uh-uh. hmm. oh. okay. (chortling) george wanted to show his carrot to bill. bill's mom: hi, george. bill's not here. his bunnies got loose two days ago and he hasn't been able to find them. (chatters "oh, no!") if you see them, tell bill right away. they won't stay in one place for very long. oh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh. brownie! spotty! herbert nenninger! (george chatters "brownie") (chatters "spotty") (chatters "herbert nenninger") whitey? (chatters "whitey") black ears?
8:23 am
(sighing) huh? narrator: those looked like bunny tracks! (george chatters "aha") (curious chattering) (chatters "black ears") (chatters "whitey") (startled gasp) narrator: george found them! (chattering excitedly) narrator: they were cold, afraid and very hungry. he had to tell bill. uh-oh. but bunnies won't stay in one place. what if they weren't here when he got back? huh. he couldn't carry them all... ah! ...but he could carry them home in this. (chuckling)
8:24 am
but it wasn't a five-bunny case. (alarmed chattering) (chattering "ooh, uh-uh, uh-uh" they needed to eat... and if they were eating... they might stay put. but it wasn't going to be easy to part with his carrot. (sighs) this was the hardest decision he ever had to make. (chattering "um... uh...") but it was for bunnies. (chatters hesitatingly) he had to get bill before they finished eating.
8:25 am
(george chatters "ta-dah!") they're all here! if you hadn't gotten them to stay still, i don't think i ever would have found them! (chuckles) the perfect carrot was gone, but it was a carrot-y hero. huh? ooh! george: huh. something new is growing. maybe a bird dropped some seeds there. (chortling): ooh! uh-huh. um, if it's more carrots, can we eat one this time? uh-huh!
8:26 am
(chatting happily) girl: george is a monkey. he grew some healthy vegetables right near his house. we are trying some food that came from near us. boy: today, we're at henrietta's table. peter davis-. he's the chef. he uses locally grown foods. now, these are parsnips. do you guys know where we got these parsnips? kids: verrill farm. boy: and it's just a few miles away from here. girl: we are picking parsnips today, and they've been in the ground all winter. it makes them sweeter. boy: if the food is locally grown, it doesn't have to travel a far distance, so there's not as much pollution from trucks and planes. some of those parsnips, i'm gonna mix them with the mashed potato. it tastes just like mashed potatoes, except a little bit sweeter. peter: see, when you buy things that are grown locally, they taste better. it's really good.
8:27 am
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8:29 am
8:30 am
hi. it's me hooper. can you guess where i am today? ♪ where is he going, what will he do? ♪ ♪ where in the world is hooper? ♪ for my first clue, i'm at a park where there's a big, green lawn but no trees, and here's another hint. there are lots of people here clapping and cheering, so it's kind of loud. that's why i use one of these. [loud] can i get a pretzel, please? and now for the final clue. you never, ever want to strike out here. just ask buster from "arthur." you always want to hit a home run. man: playman connects. so i'm at a park with a big, green lawn but no trees, where there are lots of people cheering and where you always want to hit a home run. so can you guess where i am? a baseball park.
8:31 am
yay! viewers like you, and you, and you, and you... ha, ha! thanks so much you're very kind. ♪ hey! ♪ what? ♪ come over here, ♪ the cat in the hat is about to appear. ♪ ♪ he's whizzing over to whisk you away ♪ ♪ on a fabulous journey today. ♪ ♪ he's coming! ♪ and now he's arrived in the thingamajigger ♪ ♪ the thing that he drives ♪ ♪ he's a cat and he's oodles of fun ♪ ♪ with his hairy helpers thing two and thing one ♪ ♪ instrumental ♪ instrumental
8:32 am
♪ it's the cat in the hat! ♪ ♪ all of our adventures start like that. ♪ ♪ wherever you're going where ever you're at ♪ ♪ the cat in the hat knows a lot about ... ♪ ♪ he knows a lot about, he knows a lot about, ♪ ♪ he knows a lot about ....that! ♪ (laughter) hey nick do you like my party decorations? wow! they're great, sally. and look - i helped my mom bake a cake. mmmm yummy. i love it! fish is going to have a great birthday. now all we have to do is find a present for him. let's think... what would fish really like? for my birthday... i would want a jet pack! and i would want a toy pirate who says... argggggggg, matey. and i would want sparkly shoes
8:33 am
for dancing upside down! it's the cat! the cat in the hat! - the cat in the hat! yes! all wonderful ideas for birthday presents but we need something for fish! mmmmm. what do i have here? a hairbrush, a hammer, two ducks, a kazoo... a waffle, a raincoat in red, white and blue. fish doesn't need a raincoat! we want to get him a really, really special present! a really, really special present? hmm, i'm all out of those! hmm, what can we get him? if only there was someone we could ask. but there is! gary the garibaldi fish. neat idea! we ask another fish! let's go to the briny blue sea and find gary. your mother will not mind at all if you do. [giggles] mom, can you hear me? loud and clear. we need to find a birthday present for fish.
8:34 am
can we go and see gary the garibaldi fish in the briny blue sea? the briny blue sea? of course. you're sure to fish up something there! this is mom signing off. we can go! we can go! we can go! we can go! i know! i know! to the thingamajigger! ♪ where are we going today? i can't tell you - it's a bit of a surprise. oooooh! (giggles) buckle up! [honk] ♪ flick the jiggermwhizzer! (giggles) [boing] [honk] [pop] ♪ isn't this fun? ya-hoooo! ♪ here we go, go, go, on an adventure! ♪ ♪ the thingamajigger is up and away! ♪ ♪ go, go, go, go! on an adventure! ♪ ♪ we're flying with the cat in the hat today. ♪
8:35 am
♪ to a secret location we're going to fly, ♪ ♪ whatever you do, don't tell fish why! ♪ ♪ here we go, go, go, go on an adventure ♪ ♪ go, go, go, go, go! ♪ here we are! and where is "here" again? we're not going to tell you! that way it'll all be a big surprise! (laugh) [horn] that was a surprise. press the shrinkamadoodle! ♪ now press the floatamaboater! [giggles] ♪ time for a dip! oh i can't wait for my surprise! eugh... slippery, slimy seaweed! it's tickly on my legs! look! it's all around us. this isn't any old slippery seaweed.
8:36 am
oh no no no no. this is kelp! how deep down does it go? [gasp] kelp is a plant that grows in the sea. down under the water it's as tall as a tree. can we go and find gary now? well we have to ask bounce the sea otter first. no one goes into the forest of kelp without his say-so. oh there he is! hello! hel-lo! he's fast asleep! ho ho ho no.. no... i'm not. i'm ready for action at all times. why allow me. how did you get all tangled up? well whenever i wanna snooze, i wrap myself in kelp so i don't just- whoah.... float away. do you live here, bounce? well yes i do night and day. i have to - i'm the one who takes care
8:37 am
of the kelp forest. and who are you? i'm sally and this is my friend nick. we've come to see gary the garibaldi fish. oh well go right in. thanks, bounce. don't you just love this look? (laughs) wow, this really does looks like a forest! they are so tall. i can't see the bottom! hey, hey, hey! cat! gary garibaldi! good to see you. and a big kelp-forest welcome to you! so what brings you to the most beautiful spot in the en-tire ocean? we're looking for a present for our friend fish. you could not have come to a better place. right here, we have just everything a fish could want; everything! er oh and more. come and see! ♪ wow! you spot anything you like - anything at all.
8:38 am
anything! - just holler. beep beep! coming through, guys! ho ho ho man don't you love this place? these leaves can grow as long as me in just one day! can you believe that? you mean from here to here. wow. look! - cool! underwater jewels! they're so shiny! fish would love those. we'll take some. oh, oh can't. those are fish eggs! fish eggs? so they're not really jewels? no. there's no safer place for a fish to lay her eggs than right here in the kelp forest. fish eggs turn into baby fish. and they belong right here. absolutely. we'll find him something else. for sure, yea! excuse me, madam. so sorry i didn't see you there. it is getting kinda dark... the kelp's blocking out the sunlight.
8:39 am
that's right! deeper down there's less light but far more kelp. and i like it like that. hey, i found a shell! that's so pretty! it's the perfect present for fish... ahh? oh ho ho wait,wait,wait that's a sea-snail! oh my. we can't take that shell. someone's still using it. i'm most terribly sorry mr. sea snail. aw there must be something we can find. er...let's see what we got down below. ok? follow me, guys. okay! wow! there are so many fish down here! yeah well it's no big surprise. the kelp forest is such a great place to live. plenty of food and lots of places to hide, if one of those big fish start chasing you. (chuckles) yea, it's a nice place for the little guys.
8:40 am
i'm telling you there's nothing, nothing, nothing a fish likes more than kelp. that's it! let's give fish some kelp for his birthday! oh what a great idea! he'll love that! [gulp] huh? what's that? uh-oh. we got trouble! sea urchin attack! it's just eating a bit of kelp... yeah, but that's the part that holds on to the rock you see. oh, and if it bites through that, the kelp will just float away. you're right! the kelp needs our help! leave it to me! [chewing] excuse me, my prickly friend! ouch! are you all right, cat? yes. we can't just let him eat the kelp! we should get bounce the otter... right! he said he takes care of the kelp. when you need an otter - as sometimes you do - then put in a call to thing one and thing two. [sputters] hello! ta-da!
8:41 am
(giggles) hello! [silly sounds] [honking] [silly sounds] [struggling] (sputtering) wha-who-where? ♪ here's bounce! hey, watch him go! hey, you sea urchins. stay away from our kelp. thanks bounce! great job! anytime! bye! who who who who that was close. but hey we've got work to do! come on let's go! we need to find the perfect piece of kelp for your friend the fish. i don't think we should take any kelp. no. you and your friends need it all to live in. we can't be like sea-urchins and take it away. such a sweet thought! aaah ha ha.
8:42 am
you guys... what can i say? any time you want to come back and visit... just say the word! we will... because this is the most beautiful place in the... en-tire ocean! [giggles] by-eeee! bye! - bye! kelp is fantastic! kelp is the best! a place where fish live and otters can rest. too bad we still don't have a present for fish. (intake breath) we do! i have an idea. hello? hello? noooo peeking! how can i? there's a hat over my bowl ready? ready? one ...two... three... surprise! oh boy! it's just what i wanted! we couldn't bring back real kelp. so... we drew it for you. this is way better. kelp likes to be in salty sea water. and my bowl water is not salty.
8:43 am
not salty at all! there! i'll put it right next to your bowl. wow! my very own kelp forest! this is the best present ever. thanks guys. happy birthday, fish! (giggles) - yay! oh it looks pretty! (giggles) hi everybody. i've got a doozy of a question about giraffes! (sniff) oooohhhh. how does a giraffe clean its nose? with its tongue!? that's right! a giraffe's tongue is so long it can stick it inside its own nose! how did you know that!? you got it this time but next time i'll stump you for sure! (unhappy laugh) eeeeuuuuuu!
8:44 am
♪ [laughing] got it! great catch nick! thanks sally! ready for my sky ball? (giggle) ready! [effort grunt] whoa! oh no. the tree caught it! aw, we'll never reach that! i wish we were taller! as tall as me? huh? - huh? up here! [giggles] - it's the cat... the cat in the hat! that's me!
8:45 am
only taller! hey, can you see our ball up there? hmmm... aha! there it is! aaaa! look out belowwwww! ouch! are you alright? guess i wibbled when i should've wobbled! if i was super tall i bet i could get my ball. i have a friend who's tree top tall! really? - who? treetop tom, the giraffe! he lives in the so sunny savannah! would you like to meet him? yeah! - yes please! your mother will not mind at all if you do. mom, can we go see treetop tom the giraffe, in the so sunny savannah? treetop tom the giraffe? sounds like a tall tale adventure! have fun! we can go! we can go! we can go! we can go! i know! i know! to the thingamajigger! ♪ buckle up! [honk] ♪
8:46 am
flick the jiggermawhizzer! [giggles] [boing] [honk] [pop] ♪ isn't this fun? ya-hooooooo! ♪ here we go go go on an adventure ♪ ♪ the thingamajigger is up and away. ♪ ♪ go, go, go, go! on and adventure. ♪ ♪ we're flying with the cat in the hat today! ♪ ♪ to so sunny savannah we'll go one and all! ♪ ♪ to meet a giraffe who is taller than tall! ♪ ♪ here we go, go, go, go! on an adventure. ♪ ♪ go, go, go, go go! ♪ here we are! the so sunny savannah! yea! ♪ hello! he's not here! boy, for someone so tall, he sure is hard to find.
8:47 am
perhaps he's behind this tree. whoaaaa! (giggles) you mean he is the tree! hellllooo down there! hi treetop tom! i'd like you to meet my friends nick and sally. wow! you are tall! how come we didn't see you? 'cause he looked like a tree. indeed! a tall giraffe is not easy to see, when his spots blend in with the colours of the tree! but i could see you! from up here i've got the perfect view! we want to be tall too! growing tall isn't hard to do, with a little help from thing one and thing two! hello! ♪ ta-da! - what is it? a talleriser! you start small, press the red button.... - and end up tall!
8:48 am
don't you just love it? cool! - cool! this is awesome! [giggles] whooooaa! whooooa! (wobble noises) careful! would you like to be super-sized too, fish? (shudders) no thanks. i like the view down here. whoa! being tall sure is wobbly! and wibbly! aaaaaaaahhhhh! phew! close one! thanks treetop tom! any time! how come you don't wobble? me? i teeter totter! wherever i go, my neck goes first! that's a teeter! now for my totter... to keep my balance i pull my neck back. (giggles) teeter, totter. teeter, totter. see? for every teeter there's a totter!
8:49 am
but we don't have long necks like you! but we do have long arms! whoa, whoa! i'm doing it. hey! i think i'm getting it too! wow! i'm so high up i can see the tops of the trees! and i can see more animals! wow! and i see my favourite apricot tree! mmmm-hum! last one there is a wart hog! teeter, totter.. teeter, totter... (giggles) huh? [giggling] [huffing, puffing] nick! look! i'm faster than a zebra! and i'm faster than you! a giraffe walks along nice and slow, but when they run, they go, go, go gooooo! hey! ouch!
8:50 am
i bet they know when to duck too. (giggles) hmmm? where are they now? i can't see them! ohhh... i wish i was taller! [silly sounds] hey, what're you doing? eeee! this is very... ...nice! i can see everything! hi nick! hi sally! hi cat! hi treetop tom! hi! yi...yi! is that the ground way down there? i think i've seen enough. going down! ♪ uh-oh! did you just break the handle? ah-huh. yikes! are we going to get down? apricots! but what happened to the apricots on the bottom branches?
8:51 am
nibbled away by smaller nibblers. most animals here are low to the ground, so they can't reach the fruits we have found! can we have one? yes, have all you want. i loooove eating the leaves. mmmm. being treetop tall means you get plenty to choose from. you start at the top and work your way down! mmmm, so sweet and juicy... yummy..... (clears throat) how 'bout us treetoppers get something to drink? i'm thirsty. last one to the watering hole is a crocodile egg! [giggles] [panting] [splash] [screams] cat! are you alright? i'm okay! your hat! i'll get it! ♪ oh no! i've got the www-wobbles again! whoa! gotcha!
8:52 am
whew! stand back! it's teeter totter time! teeter... teeter... teeter... (clenched teeth) totter! hurray! [applause] a tip of the hat to treetop tom! down and up without one wobble! 'cause every teeter has a... totter! you got it! now let's have that slurp! [slurps] i don't think mom would let me drink like that at the dinner table. we don't have to, we have straws! yea! - yea! heeeellllpppp! did you hear that? heeeelllpp! oh no! it sounds like fish! i'll use my treetop eyes to find him! whoa! whoa! [cries for help]
8:53 am
help! (intake breath) there he is! looks like he's in trouble! treetop nick and his super long legs to the rescue! ♪ boy am i glad to see you! we're stuck! we'll get you down! we've got treetop tall powers! careful! it's okay fish... 'cause when i teeter... aaaaiiyyyyee... he he. i totter! ♪ you did it! thanks treetop nick and treetop sally! yes! - yes! [giggles] and so another tall tale comes to a happy ending! time to go home! hmmm does per chance, this come in extra large? hey! we're too big to fit in the thingamajigger! how will we get home? i sure wish we were small again! just press the red button again! like this!
8:54 am
ta-da! yeah! yea! (giggles) looks like i'll be picking fruit from the bottom branches again! i'll always reach for the top for you! thanks for showing us how to be treetop tall tom! any time! bye treetop tom! bye! the giraffe is the tallest animal, it's true. wherever he is, he's got the best view. his long neck reaches the tops of trees, and keeps him balanced so he won't scrape his knees! (giggles) ♪ got it! yay! toss it over here, cat! whooaaa! don't forget, when you teeter... you've got to totter!
8:55 am
uh...that's better! now... get ready for my crazy cat curve ball! wooo! huh? uh oh. i'm too tall to get that! but we can... 'cos sometimes it's good to be small too! today we are interviewing our friend the kangaroo! tell us about yourself! i..... i'll tell you about me! i'm a joey. hi joey. ha, oh. my name's not joey... it's jonathan but a joey is what you call all baby kangaroos. so i'm... jonathan the joey. okay, jonathan... is that your mom? sure is! she carries me around in her in her pouch until i'm big enough to be on my own. hey mom, show them how you hop! wow! look at you two go! my mom can hop really far! and really fast! kangaroos are the biggest animals
8:56 am
that get around by hopping. well, that's a wrap with our friend joey. jonathan. jonathan the joey. see you next time! ♪ to keep your tootsies warm ♪ ♪ you need boots and woolly socks ♪ ♪ layers are the key ♪ hats and scarves for you and me ♪ ♪ penguins have a layer that's a lot of fat ♪ ♪ on top, fluffy down and feathers ♪ ♪ they keep warm like that ♪ my old friend, the polar bear ♪ ♪ two layers of fur, that's what he wears ♪ ♪ when it's cold outside, you'll never freeze ♪ ♪ put on your layers, it's a breeze ♪ ♪ when it's cold outside, you'll never freeze ♪ ♪ put on your layers, it's a breeze! ♪ ♪ seals are very plump ♪ their skin soaks up heat from the sun ♪
8:57 am
♪ on top their fur is waterproof ♪ ♪ and i swear, that is the truth ♪ ♪ it's the truth! ♪ when it's cold outside you'll never freeze ♪ ♪ put on your layers it's a breeze ♪ ♪ put on layers ♪ put on your layers it's a breeze ♪ calling all super readers! announcer: want to go on a reading adventure? it's time to transform. then get ready for "super why!" join the super readers: alpha pig... lickety letters! wonder red... roll with me. princess presto. wands up! and super why. super job, super readers. the fun starts when the reading begins, weekdays on "super why!" only on pbs kids. announcer: clifford's sliding your way every weekday. i win, i win! hooray for me! it's clifford i see! and you won't want to miss him. amazing! look out for "clifford" weekdays on pbs kids or watch anytime you want at
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viewers like you, and you, and you, and you... ha, ha! thanks so much you're very kind. hola! the cat in the hat sure knows a lot about that. hey. do you know the words for cat and hat in spanish? well, let's practice. in spanish, cat is gato. say it with me. gato! gato. and a spanish word for hat is sombrero. say it together. sombrero! sombrero! great job! you can have more fun with the cat in the hat at coming up next we'll go on a reading adventure with "super why!" announcer: see super why and the super readers... with my magnifying glass, i can find peter rabbit! announcer: use their powers to save the day.
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thanks, super readers. "super why!" weekdays on pbs kids or watch anytime you want at!


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