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tv   The Early Show  CBS  December 22, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EST

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the corporation for public broadcasting, by a cooperative agreement from the u.s. department of education's ready-to-learn grant, by: and by: was an average dog ♪ ♪ she went... and... and... (barking, growls) ♪ when she ate some alphabet soup ♪ ♪ then what happened was bizarre... ♪ on the way to martha's stomach, the letters lost their way. they traveled to her brain and now... ♪ she's got a lot to say ♪ now she speaks... how now, brown cow? ♪ martha speaks, yeah, she speaks and speaks ♪ ♪ and speaks and speaks and speaks... ♪ what's a caboose? when are we eating again? ♪ martha speaks... hey, joe, what do you know? my name's not joe. ♪ she's not always right, but still that martha speaks. ♪ hi, there! ♪ she's got a voice, she's ready to shout ♪ ♪ martha will tell you what it's all about ♪ ♪ sometimes wrong but seldom in doubt ♪ ♪ martha will tell you what it's all about ♪ ♪ that dog's unique... testing, one, two! ♪ hear her speak ♪ martha speaks and speaks ♪ and speaks and speaks and... ♪
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♪ communicates, enumerates ♪ elucidates, exaggerates ♪ indicates and explicates ♪ bloviates and overstates and... ♪ (panting) ♪ ...hyperventilates! ♪ martha, to reiterate martha speaks! ♪ martha speaks. td: in today's headlines, there's a lot of news. martha? later on, our investigator uncovers some information. td? then, in a special health report, a doctor does a checkup and observes some symptoms. martha? well... td? as you've probably observed, we don't actually have any news. but we did use a lot of the words from today's show. so watch for words about observing and reporting, and we'll see you at the end of the show. (whines) why is skits so nervous? i mean, it's not like he's never had a checkup before. (teeth chattering): that's why he's nervous. he's had a checkup before.
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huh? he knows what's coming. what? what's coming? (gulps) a vaccine. helen: a vaccine? what's a vaccine? martha: (yelps) ow! that's a vaccine! (worried woof) it's a shot that keeps you from getting sick. they should make a vaccine against vaccines. vet: okay, all done. you're a very good girl. you are a very good veterinarian. and your biscuits are excellent! okay, skits, your turn. (whines) martha: go on, skits. the sooner you get the vaccine, the sooner you get your biscuit. whoa! i wish i had an assistant like you. my job would be a whole lot easier. would you pay me in biscuits? sure. i'm all yours! thanks for getting me this dog anatomy book. i thought it'd be neat to see how my insides look.
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well? what do you think? martha: i'm glad the insides are on the inside, because the outsideslook much b. (barks) not outside, outsides. (confused woof) never mind. what's that? helen: that's your stomach. that's where this popcorn is going to go once you're done chewing it. chewing? hey, what's that? helen: that's your intestines. that's where your food goes once your stomach is done with it. (barks) you sure are doing a lot of research for this job. research? you know, studying, finding out facts or learning about something. oops. right now i want to research where that popcorn went. aha! my research has produced results. you know, you probably don't need to know all this stuff. the vet's not going to test you on it. i know. but it might come in handy. just think, a vet's assistant.
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what's your diagnosis, nurse martha? (whimpers) a parasitic infection is causing an irritation of the epidermis. (worried bark) relax, pops. that just means you have fleas. and boy do they itch. helen: fleas aren't exactly... life-threatening. no, but they sure are annoying. ready, martha? ready! (yips) oh, is this your first checkup? don't be frightened. the examination is really simple. (yips) oh, no, it's not an examination like a test. well, actually it is. but this test isn't to see what you know; it's just a checkup to see if you're healthy. (yips) what now? she says your examination is making her uncomfortable.
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it's that thing around your neck, it's really cold. oh, i beg your pardon. (barks) his food makes his stomach hurt. well, the treatment for that is easy. let's get him on a new kind of food. (barks) i can't translate. i'm not allowed to say words like that. do you have a treatment that'll turn him into a dog? no.! (hisses) hey! that's no way to treat the assistant! (beeping) all done. but we'll have to observe him to see whether the treatment worked or not. observe? you mean we'll have to watch him carefully, doctor? yes, nurse. that's exactly what observe means.
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it was very observant of you to figure that out. ugh, this movie makes me sick. because of all the blood? no, because of all the bad acting. it reminds me of that pickle movie. observe while i change the channel. (game show music on tv) no. (laser beam sound effects on tv) theme song plays )e carlo ah! (whimpers) have you noticed any other symptoms? you'd have to ask my niece. butterscotch is her dog. symptom? what's a symptom? a symptom is something that tells you someone might be sick. like having a fever or a runny nose. butterscotch hasn't been eating much, and he hasn't been going to the bathroom, either. and how long has this been going on? mrs. clusky: hmm, since yesterday. just a little while after the triplets came over to show me their new puppies. (barks) he says "gabba goo goo gah gah."
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he is just a puppy. i'm going to need to keep him under observation for a few days to run some tests. vet: okay? don't worry, butterscotch. i'll be back to get you real soon. (yips) (yips) (yips)! hey! hmm. thanks, martha. anything for medical science. (woofs) vet: see? there's something right there. in the intestine? uh-huh. it could be something he ate, or... hey! how do you know about intestines?
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oh, research. so what's his treatment? he'll probably need surgery. i need to find out what that is. it could be a whole laundry list of things. a laundry list? you don't need to do surgery for that. i've eaten tons of paper in my day, and it didn't make me sick at all. no, "laundry list" is an expression. it's another way of saying you've got a lot of things you need to do. or, in this case, that butterscotch has symptoms that could mean a lot of different things. i'll need to do an exploratory surgery to sniff it out. you're going to smell his insides? no, "sniff it out" is an expression, too. it means you're looking for something, but you're not sure what. (little girl crying) oh, there there. as soon as butterscotch is healthy again, he'll come home. i wish there was something i could do to help. (sniffs)
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vet (echoing): sniff it out. sniff it out. that's it! wake up, skits. we've got research to do. (skits barks) we need noses. lots and lots of noses. (martha barks) (barking) (barks) (barks) (barks) martha: was butterscotch sick before your niece brought him to visit? no, he was healthy before he came here. so he got sick while he was in your yard? that's correct. okay, gang, you heard the lady. that made him sick, it was in this yard. so get those noses to work. (barking)
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examine everything. leave no blade of grass unsniffed. (barks) it's just regular old grass. (barks) just rainwater. (barks) it's just a moldy, old dog biscuit. i just wanted to give it a more careful examination. you know, just in case. well? did your examination turn up anything? it's like the vet said: it could be a whole laundry list of things. oh! my laundry! it's been hanging up ever since butterscotch got sick. i completely forgot about it.
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hmm. that's it! he ate a sock! butterscotch likes to jump up and grab things. remember? he jumped up at my ears, at your stethoscope, at the x-ray machine. here's what happened... martha: mrs. clusky hung the laundry out to dry. the laundry basket was sitting on the ground. butterscotch knocked the basket over, climbed on top of it, and grabbed the sock. the sock went into his stomach, and then to his intestines. and that's what's stuck down there. well that would certainly explain all the symptoms. good work, martha! your research may save that puppy's life. so what do we do now? i guess we bring in the laundry. uh-huh...
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here he is, healthy as a horse. i'll need to see him in three weeks to take the stitches out. in the meantime, you'll have to keep him from roughhousing with the other pups. so, what was wrong with him? vet: well, martha was right. it wasn't a whole laundry list of things, it was just one piece of laundry-- a sock. >from now one, i think i'll do my laundry on days when the triplets aren't visiting. that sounds like an excellent course of treatment. martha, i don't know how i could ever thank you. well, you could give me another biscuit. martha: now, before you put anything in your mouth, it's important to make some observations.
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(squeaks) you want to examine it carefully and make sure it's safe to eat. first i examine the smell. (sniffs) then, i examine how it looks. and finally, i examine the flavor. whoo, that was tasty. wait. just to be safe, observe me again. now you try. (barks) you're right, the food is all gone. good observation. maybe we should try it again. helen? helen: martha! quit eating the puppy's food. (kids chatting excitedly) (martha grunting as she jumps) ta-da! (all exclaiming) you've got your own copy machine? uh-huh. my dad got the newer model,
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so he said i could have his old one. (machine whirring) (sniffing) aah! it's alive! (barking) (growling) watch it! (barking and growling) (laughing weakly) dogs aren't big on technology. wow! imagine all the neat things you could do with this! (copy machine humming) (kids laughing with delight) (grunting excitedly) (machine hums) (kids continue laughing) okay, that was fun. now what? (gasps) i've got an idea! i'll make a newspaper. a newspaper? yeah, for the neighborhood. i'll call it carolina's town crier. of course i'll need a team of ace reporters
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to sniff out the news. ooh, skits and i can do that. we're great sniffers. a dog reporter? you've got to be kidding. (barking) no, really. in the past three blocks, we sniffed out a half a dinner roll and a piece of lint-covered butterscotch candy and i smelled a really big bone buried in the park back there. that's not news-- that's garbage. i need a scoop. a scoop? you want us to sniff out ice cream? (laughing) not an ice cream scoop. there's another kind of scoop. when carolina says she wants a scoop, she means a news story no one else knows about. exactly-- something sensational that makes a great headline. "dog bites man" is not a scoop. "man bites dog"-- now, that's a scoop. (gasps) that sounds like an awful story. sí, es cierto. it's been done. "man bites man who bit dog" would be much better. we'll print the first edition on friday.
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now, who wants to do what? i'll cover arts and entertainment. td, want a granny flo super sucker? yeah, sure. i'll cover sports. i'll make the crossword puzzle. why don't you do a fun puzzle, like connect-the-dots? where's the challenge in that? who cares? when you're done, you've got a cute picture to hang on your fridge. see? hmm. (sniffing) oh, hey! hey, td, what kind of news are you going to cover? something that will use my keen powers of observation. helen: uh, science? even better. i'm going to be an investigative reporter. what do they do? investigate things. investigate? it's when you dig around to find out what's really going on. see? i could so be a reporter.
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i'm always digging around. in fact, i think i'm going to do some right now. it's an expression. both "dig around" and "investigate" mean you try to find out more about something. yeah, well, i want to investigate this smell. i think there could be a story here. (grunting) who wants to read about smells? i mean, while we're at it, why don't we write about what the neighbors have in their garbage and where you can find dead stuff to roll in? sounds like a page turner. i'm hanging on every word. i'm not going to print a story about a bone in my first edition. a bone is not news. what are you going to investigate? i don't know. i need a story to grab people-- some secret everyone's been dying to know. well, i've always wanted to know how granny flo gets the bubble gum into her super suckers. that's it! that's my scoop! how will you get granny to tell? corporations don't like to give out their secret information. easy. i'll go by the factory, see...
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(thunder) (beeping) granny: it's that investigative reporter again. still trying to find out how i get the bubble gum in my super suckers. well, if he wants that information, he'll have to catch me first! hold it, granny! the people have a right to know. sorry, sonny, that's top secret information. (panting) whoo! (grunts) whoa! aah!
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(gasps) (grunts) (laughing evilly) so long, kid! hee-hee-hee! can't catch me! so, granny, for the record, how do you get the bubble gum into the center of your super suckers? rats! what are you sitting around for? go get that scoop. (barking) hey, why are you guys going with td? martha: we're dogs. we like to chase things with wheels. super suckers aren't made here? factory's in alaska.
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looks like my sucker scoop has hit a snag. because it would be impossible to ride your bike to alaska? no, because my mom would never let me miss that many days of school. i'll just have to uncover another big story. uncover? like when you find out something secret or hidden? exactly. you can have the bone story i uncovered. i can't write it; dogs can't type. thanks, but i think carolina's right. a bone isn't really news. i've got it! the police. maybe they've uncovered a story that's fit to print. want to come? (barks) nah, we're going to work on that bone. it may not be news, but... sure smells good. so then what happened? the detective inspected the checks again, see? inspected? when you inspect, it means you look at things more closely. so he inspects the checks, and it turns out they're phony.
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no kidding! it was all a big money-making scam. wow! so what did he do? i don't know. i haven't finished reading the book yet. oh, but it's a real page-turner. (groans in frustration) hey, td, did you uncover a scoop yet? no, but i heard about a good book. (horn honking, dogs barking) whoa! where are they all going? over to the park. they're going to help me dig up the bone. want to come? nah. i'm still looking for information on a scoop-worthy story. alice: my piece on the new seats for the hockey rink is going to make for great headlines. hard seats are not hard news. (rustling) what is td doing? is this another question for your crossword puzzle? no, look. hey, td! (whispering): shh! do you want to blow my cover?
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are you doing some investigative reporting? yeah. see that guy there? i think he's up to something. i've seen him on this street before. every day it's the same thing. he walks up and down, up and down. he stops at all the doors, and he's always got that bag with him. he's a mailman. he has to walk this street every day. it's his route. he doesn't look like my mailman. my mailman has a moustache. aha! where's his moustache? he's a fake mailman! he may not be a fake mailman. maybe someone stole his moustache. another scoop! that's not a scoop. there's more than one mailman in town, and you know it. maybe, but i think this guy's a fake. all i need to do is inspect his bag. how are you going to do that? i mean, won't he catch you? not if he's wearing finger handcuffs. i've got a bad feeling about this. carolina: "local boy caught by mailman's bag"?!
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you were supposed to get a headline, not be the headline. (skits barking) martha: hey, did you print the first edition yet? we've got a really big story. front-page headline stuff. tell me this is not about a bone. oh, no, of course not. (laughs) (whimpering) well, sort of, yes. for the last time, let go of the bone. nobody's interested in the bone. you haven't seen it. it's enormous. (carolina groans) your dog has no nose for news. you guys want to come see our bone? um... i kind of agree with carolina. it doesn't sound like much of a story. (sighs) hey, td, did you find your scoop? no, i ended up being one instead. i'm a lousy investigative reporter. oh... hey, you want to see our bone? it's not news, but it might cheer you up. oh... why not? (dogs panting)
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jumping jujubes! yeah, i know. too bad it's not headline material. are you kidding? martha, you've uncovered the biggest scoop this town has ever seen! (flashes popping) this report just in. two dogs investigating a smell today uncovered a large dinosaur bone. scientists need to inspect further, but early observations indicate this is a very important find. my scoop, and i missed it! and now, let's hear all about it, straight from the pooch's mouth. uh, i'm sorry, i can't tell. i promised the story to another reporter. but don't worry, folks. you can read all about it in the first edition of... carolina's town crier. (carolina squeals) (giggles) so i guess martha has a nose for news after all. whoa! martha, i'm trying to work here.
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please. no. you're just trying to get more information on this bone, aren't you? (sighs) mm-hmm. and when you want information, it means you want to know more facts about something, right? mm-hmm. i can give you all the information you need. i'll give you information on what it tastes like, information on how it feels on my tongue and, most importantly, information about how it feels in my belly. wait, wait! all you have to do is let me eat it! just one little bite! (sighs) i wish i had some information about how that dog keeps getting into my laboratory. now to recap tonight's top headlines and to test your powers of observation, let's go to the clips. you sure are doing a lot of research for this job. research? you know, studying, finding out facts or learning about something. i'll just have to uncover another big story. uncover? like when you find out something secret or hidden?
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that's the news. good night. all aboard! it's adventure time! announcer: join the adventure with all your pbs kids pals. [chattering] doesn't that sound great? weekdays on pbs kids, or any time you want at martha speaks is funded in part by: >> chuck e. cheese's, proud supporter of pbs kids, who know when it comes to learning how to be fit for your life, you're never too young to start. pbs kids, where a kid can be a kid. kiddie academy child care learning centers... proud supporter of pbs kids.
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announcer: "word girl" was made possible by contributions to your pbs station from... >> chuck e. cheese's, proud supporter of pbs kids, who know for safe fun, you need to make this cool move before you can make these cool moves. pbs kids, where a kid can be a kid. it's word girl ♪ ♪ word up, it's word girl ♪ ♪ flying at the speed of sound, vocabulary that astounds ♪ ♪ from the planet lexicon, watch out, villains, here she comes! ♪
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♪ faced with a catastrophe, we need the living dictionary ♪ ♪ her superior intellect keeps the crime world in check ♪ go, girl! ♪ huggy face is by her side ♪ ♪ vocabulary a mile wide ♪ she'll make sure that crime won't pay ♪ ♪ and throw some mighty words your way ♪ ♪ word up, it's word girl ♪ word up! ♪ from the planet lexicon ♪ watch out, villains ♪ here she comes! ♪ word girl narrator: hey, kids. today's featured words are dupe and hoist. school newspaper editor todd "scoops" ming is interviewing word girl for a local news segment, and he's asking her the question on everyone's mind. do you think doing tv will hurt my repution as a serious journalist? huh? maybe just his mind. eh, forget it.
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superheroes--they're just like me and you. hi. i'm todd "scoops" ming, here to prove that word girl has more in common with regular people than you might think. for example, word girl, what's your favorite hobby? flying. oh. ta-da! ha ha ha! i guess some people out there in television land can relate to that. oh! can you transform into your secret identity so i can interview her? really, scoops? you think i'm gonna fall for that? sorry. guess i should know better than to try and dupe a superhero. yep. um, listen. i have to be somewhere. any more questions? several. what job, other than superhero, would you like to try? oh, that's easy. i would want to be the star of my favorite tv show "pretty princess and magic pony power hour"! i know it's a cartoon, so technically that's impossible, but a girl can dream, can't she? ok, this is great stuff. now-- i actually have to get home right away to watch it. i never miss an episode as long as i don't have a crime to stop! bye!
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so what's it like being a-- um, what kind of animal are you again? [screeches] [high-pitched tone] watch it. i never miss an episode as long as i don't have a crime to stop! bye! or to not stop, once i use my brand-new mind control setting on you! hee hee hee! sir, do you plan on turning word girl into a horse? no! that's not a bad idea, though. write it down. actually, make it a pony. you were saying about this plan... yes! i'm making word girl believe she's part of her "princess and pony" show by controlling her mind through television! mmm. and then what? oh. well, um, i'll--i'll control her. her mind. and then make her do what? uh, capture every citizen in town in--in giant pet carriers--
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yes, yes, pet carriers, that's perfect! and the--then she'll hoist them up in the air and fly them all out of the city! mu ha! oh, mu ha! mu ha! and ha ha! why do you want word girl to take everyone out of the city? because then the city, you see-- the city--stay with me here-- the city will be mine! i mean, who else-- who else's would it be? heh heh. ye-- everyone else will be out of the city! brilliant as usual, sir. thank yo lesl-- wait are you being sarcastic? i can't tell anymore, sir. no matter because once word girl is duped into thinking she's inside her favorite show, i'll send my orders to her through this microphone. maybe you should try to make sure the message only goes to word girl so you don't ruin the show for anyone else who might be watching.
7:35 am
oh, what a coincidence. it's time for my break. i'll be in the tv room, eating my lunch and not watching "pretty princess magic pony power hour". just make sure you punch your time card, leslie. i don't pay you to eat. ahh. finally a little peace, a little quiet, and some "p.p.m.p."! it's just nice to lose yourself in the magical world of princesses and magic ponies and dragons and mr. big's face. [soothing voice] hello, word girl! welcome to "pretty princess magic mind control." i'm going to empty out the city, thanks to viewers like you! mu ha ha ha! mu ha ha ha! mu ha ha ha! mu ha ha ha! oh, welcome, word girl. [neigh] pretty princess? magic pony?
7:36 am
is this really happening? mr. big and pretty princess: yes, it is. this is not mind control. wow! the enchanted city! amaaazing. ok, just a few questions. is sparkletopia really just a place in your imaginations, or was that just another one of count cloudy's tricks? what? also if the pretty flower mobile runs on sunshine, how did the wondertown elves ever get out of darkness mountain? i mean, come on. what? [normal voice] i--listen. just... [soothing voice] save your questions for later. [normal voice] word girl thinks she's in a tv show. how ridiculous! i totally duped her! mu ha ha! mu ha ha ha! oh, this really isn't as fun by yourself. leslie, get in here! you interrupted, sir? yes. initiate phase two of my plan. the button right next to your hand, sir?
7:37 am
that's the one! word girl will think she's doing good things for that princess when really she'll be doing bad things for this princess! i mean prince. of course you do, sir. i'll just press this button and get back to my show-- i mean, lunch. i need your--i-- [soothing voice] i need your help, word girl. i need your help, word girl. that evil bad guy-- count cloudy? that's the one. he's threatening to invade the enchanted city! this is amazing. it's up to you to fly everyone out of the city before it's too late! you can hoist them up in these giant pet carriers. wait. why do you have pet carriers? won't you help us, word girl? won't you pretty please with cherries and gum drops and kittens with mittens... and oodles of noodles and carts full of hearts and... snowflakes and cream cakes and-- yes! yes, a thousand times yes, i'll help you!
7:38 am
i've been waiting for this my whole life. are you kidding me? come on, everyone! into these giant pet carriers! free pet carrier ride from word girl. awesome! we must leave the enchanted city before count cloudy arrives! yeah, ok. hoist us up, word girl! all: hoist! hoist! hoist! hoist! wait, wait, wait. why are we saying, "hoist"? hoist means lift up or raise. ohh. well, hoist! hoist! hoist! [screeches] scoops: and so the superhero word girl and her trusted sidekick colonel koala head are revealed to be ordinary, run-of-the mill-- hey, what's happening over there? cool! this is todd "scoops" ming with the best ending to a report ever. yeah! wait for me! wait for me! [eeeh] [aaah] your work here is almost done.
7:39 am
soon, the city will be completely empty! can i just say what a huge fan i am? i mean, seriously, i don't normally get star-struck, but-- [distant squeaking] hmm. that's weird. does anyone hear a squeaking? it's just sounding really familiar. whoa! free pet carrier ride and a jumping bear? could this day be better?! [squeaking] do you hear that squeaking, pretty princess? uh, uh, what squeaking? there's no squeaking. there's no squeaking at all! oh, there's squeaking. definitely squeaking happening. oh, right, that squeaking. there's a loose pipe, in the...rainbow sprinkler system. mu heh heh. hmm. the enchanted city rainbows are made by a sprinkler system? uh, yes, it's all powered by mr. big water supply! oh, that's just not true!
7:40 am
the rainbows are made by magic sunbeams that shine over the valley of unicorns, and their power grows stronger whenever someone buys a pretty princess magic pony accessory! everyone knows that! [soothing voice] leslie, what are you what are you-- [normal voice] what are you doing?! i'm a superfan, sir. leslie? mr. big water supply? wait a minute. no, word girl, don't go. stay here with us! it's what you've wanted! it's what you've always wanted. come on, more hoisting! hoist! hoist! hoist! holy cow! mr. big? he duped me using my favorite show?! hey. i want my money back! but it was a free ride. let's go, huggy. he doesn't know what superhero team he's messing with.
7:41 am
[squeaking] that's right. us. word up! freeze! uh, uh, you... [soothing voice] you want to go home... and leave mr. big alone. game over, mr. big. [normal voice] ok. but you admit i--i totally duped you, right? well, dupe means trick, and you definitely tricked me. so... so...duped you! say it. yes, but it won't happen again! ha ha ha! we'll see about that! [aah] [screaming] mm-hmm. haven't you tried that one before? yes. but not this one! [yawns] or this one! or, uh, this one! or this one! or this one! ugh. terrific. i know you were being sarcastic that time! great. that time, too! uh, uh-oh.
7:42 am
i can fly, remember? i also have super strength! let's leave those two for the police. i guess i was so obsessed with my favorite tv show, i completely lost sight of-- you know, actually, if we hurry we can probably catch the last 5 minutes of the episode. [huggy squeaks] narrator: and so word girl and captain huggy face save the day. well, mainly captain huggy face since word girl was duped. well, you were, but maybe she won't be next time, on another colossal, stupendous, fantastic episode of-- hoist! hoist! hoist-- "word girl"! "may i have a word?" as usual, the player who correctly defines today's featured word will win a fabulous prize! let's play... "may i have a word?" yes, you may! today's featured word is shatter.
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to give you a clue, here are some clips from "word girl" that show the meaning of the word. [screech] uh, huggy! what are you doing? i'd like to answer the question, but huggy shattered my buzzer. i mean, it's totally broken into pieces. hmm. you're right about the definition. shatter does mean to break into pieces, but, uh, well, you didn't buzz in. how could i have? with your buzzer. oh, right. sorry. judges, emily did correctly define the word. can we accept her answer? we can?! ok. huh? oh, this tie? no, it's not new. well, i like your tie, too. sure you can borrow it. congratulations, emily! you are today's winner! huggy, show her what she's won!
7:44 am
an official "word girl" rope swing! that's it for today's episode. see you next time on... "may i have a word?" narrator: pssst, listen for the words debate and substitute. one afternoon at the botsfords'... isn't this fun, bob?! the school debate club is having a special debate today. we're deciding on a club mascot! i can't wait to explain to everyone why i think we should be the unicorns. how is this not fascinating for you? supermarket superheroes! word girl is making an appearance at the grocery store ribbon cutting ceremony today! wow! i've got to leave. oh, no! how could i have forgotten?! i mean, i wrote it down in my calendar! aw, but i was so looking forward to the big debate! i always have to miss fun stuff because i'm word girl. i wish i could send a substitute in my place.
7:45 am
i've got an idea! perfect! i'll tell you what's going on. you, bob, are going to be word girl's substitute at the ribbon cutting ceremony! [awk] substitute. you know, my replacement! we'll dress you up like word girl, and you can go to the ribbon cutting instead of me. [whimpers] you won't have to say or do anything. just show up, smile for the cameras, and come home. everyone will think you're really word girl! i think. [squeaks] hmm. good point. you are very small. here! just hand them this note, and you'll be fine. [squeaks] ok. fine. here's an emergency distress button. only press it if there's an emergency. [squeak] a real emergency. have fun being my substitute! i've got a debate to get to!
7:46 am
[whimpers] ok. well, there she is! you know, we were just about to replace you with someone else. replace me? i don't need a substitute. i'm here, and i'm prepared to debate. greetings, ms. botsford. it is indeed an honor. likewise, mr. ming. may the best argument win. okey dokey! let's get this meeting of the woodview elementary debate club underway. now is anyone here for the very first time? anyone? well, i'm not a mind reader, but i bet some of you are wondering, "ms. davis, why is your skin so smooth, and what exactly is a debate?" what does the word debate even mean? i'll inform them! of course you will. when two people with different ideas explain why their idea is the best, it's called a debate. today, scoops and i will each try and convince you that our animal would make the best mascot for the debate club. at the end, we'll take a vote,
7:47 am
and the animal with the most votes will be our new mascot! becky botsford, you make my job so easy. now let's begin! becky, which animal do you want to be the new club mascot? i think our new mascot should be the majestic unicorn. and scoops? i have chosen a different animal, the industrious armadillo. ok. we'll start with... becky. ahem. fellow debate club members, allow me to tell you why i believe the unicorn would be the best mascot for the debate club. narrator: over at the grocery store, word girl's... substitute arrives for the ribbon cutting ceremony. word girl? you look a little... different. oh. a letter. well, i'll read it. "dear everybody, please forgive me "for being so quiet and tiny. "i seem to have lost my voice while shouting at evildoers, "and i am, for some reason, feeling short today. sincerely, i am really word girl and not just a substitute."
7:48 am
that letter put me at ease! thanks for the explanation, word girl. so glad you could be here to celebrate the grand opening of aisle 11! narrator: meanwhile, across town, all the city's villains have gathered for their annual villain convention. and so let there be no debate, discussion, or argument that i, lady redundant woman, am the best, greatest, and supreme choice for villain association president! um, can anyone tell me what's missing from this year's villain convention? could it be there's no snacks?! yeah! no snacks! what's up with that?! why no snacks? whose job was it to bring the snacks? [indistinct chatter] oh. heh. my bad! my fault! i am to blame! i completely forgot i was on snack duty this year. won't happen again. i guarantee. i vow.
7:49 am
ha! a promise is no substitute for snacks! ohh! well, are you gonna go get some snacks or what?! i'll be back in a flash, in the blink of an eye, in no time flat! narrator: back at the ribbon cutting... so let me welcome you to aisle 11, featuring ice cream and pickles! and a special thanks to word girl for lending some of her super-celebrity for today's event! lady redundant woman: ok, everybody, this is a robbery! a stickup! a heist! get ready to give me all your snack food! the villains are hungry! bring me 3 of everything! word girl! help me! they're about to steal all of my food! [customers screaming] [beep beep beep] narrator: back at school, the debate is heating up! furthermore, they are special, one-of-a-kind creatures that cannot be replaced.
7:50 am
there is no substitute for the unicorn. therefore, it must be our new mascot! thank you. [applause] ha ha ha! becky, i am afraid i must disagree. the armadillo is by far the better choice. did you know that, when threatened, armadillos roll into a ball to protect themselves? armadillos are clearly better. are armadillos magical, and do they have princesses for friends? i don't think so. well, maybe not, but they do have armored shells, which are awesome! i-- oh, no! not now! the debate's not finished! [screaming] here's another reason armadillos should be our mascot. they make funny sounds when they eat. what am i hearing? um, wow. that electric pencil sharpener i was holding sure did just suddenly and dramatically malfunction, didn't it? maybe i should go find a substitute so we can all keep our pencils sharp!
7:51 am
ugh. got to work on my excuses. carry on with the debate! should i keep going? i'm shrugging. why aren't you doing anything, word girl?! this is criminally ridiculous! what's that you were saying? you got your voice back! wait a minute. did you just get taller? i was just about to ask you how you got shorter. how could i have suddenly gotten shorter? you were just a tiny, little-- there's no time to debate the issue. i've got crime to fight. huggy! [squeaks] look at you-- you changed outfits! [squeak] that's right! you did substitute one costume for another. nice vocabulary. now let's get to work! you stop the copies from leaving the store. i'll deal with lady redundant woman! hmm. do i want lemon-lime, or lime-lemon? oh, i'll treat myself and get both! you'll get neither, lady redundant woman! word girl! did you get taller? bigger? larger? uh, that--that's not important. what is important is you putting all this food back.
7:52 am
no can do, sister. i've got a convention hall filled with villains who are hungry for snacks, and no pint-sized pontificator is going to stand in my way, block my path, or interrupt my progress! huggy! arms of steel! like me, you're probably wondering how long can my monkey sidekick hold on to those automatic doors? not long, i hope. go, girls! keep pushing. do you hear that siren, lady redundant woman? it sounds like the police, the cops, the local law enforcement. what do you want from me? wish from me? desire from me? what do you want? i want you to pay for the food you're taking. oh! is that all? well, here's some money, cash, moolah. why, this is exactly enough to pay for all the food! no problem, officers.
7:53 am
she's all paid up! well, if we're all done here, i should be getting back to my convention, my gathering, my meeting. not so fast, lady redundant woman. the food may be paid for, but the store is still a mess. oh, well no problem! i'll just make some copies-- whoa, whoa. hold up. you can send a substitute to the convention. you'll be here cleaning up this mess all by yourself. huggy, keep an eye on her. i've got important business to attend to. word up! am i too late?! is the debate over?! ok, now it's time to vote! everyone who agrees with scoops that our mascot should be the armadillo, raise your hand. yeah! wow, scoops. you must have given a convincing speech. armadillos are my passion. 18, 19...7! and everyone who agrees with becky that our mascot should be a unicorn, raise your hand. whoo! you have chosen wisely. two and two, subtract one.
7:54 am
that's 7! it's a tie! a tie? what does that mean? i don't know. i'll check the club rule book. let's see. "it should be chosen by the teacher in charge." who knew? i get to pick the new debate club mascot. well, what animal are you going to pick? unicorn. pick unicorn. armadillo. pick armadillo. ok, everybody. settle down. i've made my decision. the new debate club mascot is... the magic turtles. the magic turtles? what's a magic turtle? it happens to be a combination of a unicorn, which is magical, and an armadillo, which has a shell. magic turtle. that's a terrible mascot! there are so many reason why unicorns are better than magic turtles. i disagree with this decision, and here's why-- how do we know armadillos don't already have magical powers, huh? fine, but how do we know that unicorns don't also sometimes have a shell? but if they had a shell... narrator: and so with becky, scoops, and ms. davis
7:55 am
debating the substitute mascot, we come to the end of another fantastic episode of "word girl"! and this is the bonus round of... "may i have word?" our returning champion will have a chance to play for even greater prizes on the bonus round! emily, you correctly defined the word shatter. you ready to play the bonus round? you bet! great! take a look at these 3 pictures and tell me which one shows the definition for shatter. give it a shot, emily. i'm gonna go with number one. mr. big's golf club has clearly shattered a hole in the window. that's correct! you're our bonus round winner! show what she's won, huggy! an official "word girl" tub of chocolate pudding.
7:56 am
s-save some pudding for me! that's our show! see you next time on... "may i have a word?" she crushes villains' evil plans with one swift move. and she still has time to play with her unicorn collection! watch "word girl" only on pbs kids go! word up! i'm uncle larry, and i deliver the best prices, the best! the most variety... the most! and the biggest bargains on the furniture you want for you lair! we know you love sitting on your sofa in your mom's basement, but are you comfortable? those other guys might have comfortable sofas, but uncle larry's are the most comfortable!
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hi, everyone! today's sense of the day is smell, and we're gonna play a game. now in this box, i have 3 items. i'm gonna take each one out and see if you can guess what it is, so close your eyes! here you go. this smells sweet and chocolaty. a cookie! right! i think i know what it is. i'll give you a hint! it's green, and it grows outside. grass? right! and you? this has a weird smell, sort of stinky. cheese! mui bien! even though you couldn't see what i was holding, you were able to guess what it was by using your sense of smell. what great noses you have.
8:01 am
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8:03 am
narrator: in the city, all kinds of things make music in the spring. (chirping) birds... (buzzing) ...bees... (lively latin music playing) bands... and a certain monkey named george. ♪ (song ends) (applause) uh... thanks! (whispers): it was for the band! heh. oh, hi, guys. got to run. it's mother's day. (chatters) we're running to get aunt margaret a card. see ya! we forgot about mother's day! do you want to buy a card, too? yes. but mommy does so much for us-- i wish we could do something more for her. hmm. (giggles)
8:04 am
(george shouts, chatters) (gasps) a party! that's a great idea! oh, papi, could we? oh, yes! let's give mommy a party! we can make all her favorite foods! (laughs): okay! but... mommy will see us cooking, and then she'll want to do the cooking, and then it won't be mommy's party at all. we should cook another party at someone else's house. (excited chattering) oh, great idea, george. let's do it at our place. yes! then it will be a surprise! that is very nice of you. thank you. come on, let's get moving. but... while we are cooking, mommy will wonder where we are. so papi should say we're on a play date with george, and for her to come get us at 5:00. but... we may not be ready at 5:00. so papi should take mommy for a walk on an avenue. and then when we're ready,
8:05 am
we will signal from the window like this. (gibbering) and then she should come up and then we'll yell "surprise!" wow. only now, because there's no time, we should decorate while you go shopping. okay. (chuckles) i'm always thinking. mommy is going to be so surprised. (gasps) george. huh? we should make a piñata. (chatters) narrator: george had popped piñatas before, but he'd never built one. this was going to be fun. (excited hooting) i once helped my uncle make one. i think i remember how. first, you blow up a balloon. ooh. (chatters happily) second, you mix glue and water. then you dip strips of newspaper in it to make papier-mâché, like this.
8:06 am
ooh... ha. then you cover the balloon with the papier-mâché. (chatters happily) we have to make a donkey piñata because that's the only kind i know how to make. (chuckles) avocados, habanero chiles, onions, eggs, sugar, frijolesnegros, queso, tomatoes. we're done. oh, hot diggity. plenty of time to spare. maybe now our piñata is dry enough to decorate. ugh. (grunts) i forgot. it takes a long time for papier-mâché to dry, sometimes days. (panicked chattering) if the piñata isn't dry when we hang it, it will just fall apart. (whimpers sadly)
8:07 am
(gasps) all: surprise! (sighs) narrator: maybe there was another way to make a piñata. it had to be something you could put treats in and be made of paper that could burst open with a stick. (gasps) (grunts happily) (chattering excitedly) (chattering) for the piñata? oh, yes! but... huh? a raisin container doesn't look much like a piñata. oh... (chattering) oh, once it's decorated, it won't look like a raisin container at all.
8:08 am
(chatters "yeah!") but we won't be able to fit many treats in our piñata. oh. (hooting) good idea. we can use both. you are always thinking, too. (chattering happily) you know the best thing about your idea, george? uh-uh. our piñata is already stuffed. (chatters) okay, two hours left. we've got to get cooking. (barks) (puzzled grunt) (chomps) (howls)
8:09 am
this was a great idea, george. the cardboard rolls make good legs. hi, george. hola, marco. (hundley panting and whimpering) oh, no. hundley picked up a pepper. he needs water. oh, coming right up. george, our piñata doesn't look like a donkey. (whimpers) narrator: marco was right. a donkey didn't have an extra long body and short, stubby legs. but hundley did. ah! that's it. aha. thank you for posing for us, hundley. (barks) narrator: hundley was thrilled dachshunds were getting the attention they deserved. (hooting)
8:10 am
oops. (sniffing) and he was even happier to help in the kitchen. (excited barking) (hoots) oh, this looks great. now we just have to wait for everything to bake. yes. but... this would be even better if we had mommy's serving bowls and serapes. but how will you get them without mommy noticing? we think that since mommy loves walks, you could take her for a longer walk in the park before coming to an avenue.
8:11 am
ah... now everything looks just the way mommy likes it. we should have gotten her flowers. oh... we can make some. oops. aha. it won't be long now. (hundley panting) oh, everything smells so good. what's this tasty looking stuff? oh, glue water. i-i need something to get that taste out of my mouth. oh, maybe a pickle. (whines) (barking)
8:12 am
hmm... (grunts) oh, that... that, that was not a... a pickle! (gasping) aah! it's hot! oh, no, look. they'll think it's the signal. i... miss the kids. why don't we go get them now? we'll go to a nice restaurant. (gasps) they're coming! (excited shouting) (elevator bell dings) quick, everyone hide. george, wait... shh! oh, okay.
8:13 am
all: surprise! (gasps) oh, my, what a wonderful surprise. happy mother's day, mommy! and look, we made you a piñata. it is beautiful. narrator: it was a masterpiece. (fiesta music plays) nothing says party like a dachshund piñata. man: oh, to the left. oh, you just missed. just a little bit more. higher. marco: oh, you almost hit it. (excited shouting) cecilia: yay, mommy! yay, mommy! (all laughing) (sighs) this is the best mother's day ever. and i couldn't have done it without george.
8:14 am
(chuckles) child: george is a monkey. he used things he found to make a hundley piñata with marco. girl: today we're making decorations 'cause it's my dog's birthday. my dog's name is mousse. child: we're making decorations that look like dogs. this is my dog. and the legs are made of paper, and they're really fragile. it can't stand up. i made the legs out of a tube, so it can stand. girl: sophia is hanging the dogs up for the party. child: we're going to make a doggie piñata. sophia: what we need to do, guys, is we need to get all these treats and put them in the piñata, so that mousse can open it. girl: i don't think mousse can smell it very well. i think the kids have to open up the piñata for mousse. kids: happy birthday, mousse!
8:15 am
wow. narrator: george's friend allie, really flipped for flips, even when she wasn't doing the flipping. did you see that?! yeah. uh-huh. the annual gym-tastic tournament was right up allie's alley. next year, that's going to be me. (gasps) here comes another one. the gym-tastic tournament was for gymnasts of all ages. there were girl gymnasts and boy gymnasts. and... ...a bug gymnast? (chuckles) oh. next up, is that bundle of dynamite.... george?! (stammers) on the floor mat.
8:16 am
(grunting) well, uh, i mean, uh... balance beam...? (shouting) uh, well, i guess i mean the uneven parallel bars... all: ooh! or do i? i mean george on the-the rings there... (sighs) i give up. aha. (shouts) (applause) woman: you! huh? (stammers) he didn't mean to disrupt things. you are a natural born gymnast! you've got to come to my gymnastics class.
8:17 am
huh? oh. you teach gymnastics? i want to come, too! me, too. really? do you know how strong your arms have to be to do gymnastics? imagine how far a guy could throw a newspaper. oh, yeah. fantastic. see you at the community center tomorrow for an introduction to the class-- 3:00. see ya. bye-bye. (shouts) oh, i bet we'll be tumbling in no time. george: oh. quint: cool, look at all this gym equipment. (shouts) all right! (whistle blowing) narrator: but before you can tumble... you have to stretch... stretching is one of the three s's of gymnastics. (quint groaning) stretching-- s number one.
8:18 am
(chuckles) narrator: ...and stretch, and stretch. (grunting) (chuckles) (grunting) i got it. aha. i guess stretched muscles are more bendy. whoa... (grunts) narrator: and walking on a balance beam was tricky, too. whoops! find a spot to focus on. if you stare at something still... huh? helps you be still, too. oh, i'm doing it! i'm doing it!
8:19 am
ohh... whoop. (giggles) so, when do we start with these puppies? (chuckles) go ahead. give it a try. (grunting) ah, the rings take a lot of strength. we'll work our way up to it. you can practice with a bench, until your back, arms and chest are strong enough to pull you up. (grunting) (george chattering) uh, this is a good time to talk about our other two s's: safety... (grunts) and supervision. you should always have someone spotting you. (chatters) (chuckles) when someone spots you, they're there to catch you, and make sure you don't get hurt.
8:20 am
(chatters) (chatters "bye!") so, when is class tomorrow? yeah! we want to practice lots and get good. well, the space isn't available too often. once a week?! gymnastics class is only once a week?! (chatters sadly) yeah, how are we supposed to get gym-tastic if we can't practice? yeah, it took me a whole day just to touch my toes. i'll be 30 before i can do a flip. if i had a gym, i'd have it open every day. and i'd have mine open every night! huh? some kids can't go during the day. they have paper routes. i'd have a mat and a balance beam and rings and a pony. you mean a pommel horse? no, a pony. i've always wanted one.
8:21 am
giddy up, giddy up, giddy up. narrator: allie and bill gave george an idea. if they wanted to practice every day... (gasps, hooting) ...they needed a gym of their own. hey, it's a floor mat. (chatters) (grunting) hmm, it needs more squish. hmm. (chatters) if one sleeping bag was good, two were even better. because when you're somersaulting, you need a soft spot to land. aha! okay. we've got our mat. what do we make next? i know! hey, leslie, can we borrow some of your fence for our balance beam? (moos) aw, don't worry. we're gonna put it on the ground.
8:22 am
that way, you can do gymnastics, too. (moos) (sighs) narrator: a balance beam shouldn't tip. when george learned to ride a bike and it tipped over, the man put on training wheels. (laughs) maybe his beam needed training wheels, too... (grunting) (shouts) (wails) ...only without the wheels. uh-huh, uh-huh. now, if only we had some rings. (muttering) narrator: some rings were too small, and some were too big. (chatters)
8:23 am
(water running) ahh... but some rings were just right. (chuckles) (man grunting) huh... where did the towels go? (hooting) (grunts) maybe you should do abominable exercises. they make your muskles stronger. yeah... whoa! ...eight... nine... ten... one more than ten, two more than ten... now... we... need... a... (grunting) pommel horse!
8:24 am
(groans) narrator: that was gonna be a tough one. oh... it'd have to be the right height. uh-uh. too short. too tall. uh-uh. yeah! (chuckles) (exclaims) (gasps) and it shouldn't tilt. (grunting) uh-huh. (exclaims) once george had a handle on things... ...he added padding, because safety is one of the three s's. yes, way to go george!
8:25 am
(chatters happily) you guys built this yourselves? it was george's idea. he's pretty smart, for a city kid yeah, and wait'll mrs. somersault sees us next week! we're gonna be so gym-tastic! narrator: at the next class, george couldn't wait to show the teacher what they had learned. you guys are amazing! are we gym-tastic? you certainly are. but how?! (chuckles bashfully) we found another gym. yeah, and it's open every day. (gasps) every day?! do you think maybe we could have classes there? uh-huh. oh, yeah, we know the owner. and he's a natural at gym-tastics!
8:26 am
(laughs and shouts) girl: george is a monkey. he helped bill and allie make some equipment to practice gymnastics. we're raking leaves to make an area for our obstacle course. boy: an obstacle course is a course where you have to go through things. girl: we're trying to be creative. we don't want to just use stuff that's bought. girl 2: i see old tires. that was very easy. maybe we should put them apart and it will be more difficult. girl: i think when we redesigned it, it made it harder 'cause you have to jump further. boy: sometimes, when it's a little challenging, it can be a little more fun. you have to walk through the poles. we should make it wider, though. girl 2: the poles were too hard to walk through, so mateo re-designed them. girl: and then we put them in order to make an obstacle course. this is skills you're using. you have to jump from tire to tire. you're practicing balance going on the balance beam.
8:27 am
it's skills. it was awesome. (laughs) announcer: want to hear some dynamite dino news? we want to hear it! "dinosaur train" is on weekdays. really? you kidding? yeah! yeah! catch "dinosaur train" weekdays on pbs kids or watch anytime you want at (george chattering excitedly) this program was made possible by: rainforest cafe, proud sponsor of curious george, reminding you that anyone can make the world a brighter place by conserving our natural resources. when you're saving one can... both: you're saving toucans! (toucan squawks) for over 90 years, stride rite's been there, from the first wbly walk to the first day of school, helping you choose the right shoes. stride rite is a proud sponsor of curious george. >> chuck e. cheese's, proud supporter of pbs kids, who know
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kids should act their age, especially when they're having fun. pbs kids, where a kid can be a kid. funding for curious george is provided by contributions to your pbs station... ooh. ...and from: hola! curious george loves to play games, so let's play a matching game. ready? which hat belongs to the firefighter? is it the red hat or the yellow hat? the red hat! right! the red hat! this hat belongs to the man with the yellow hat, and you can play more games with him and curious george at now do you know who this hat belongs to? it's the cat in the hat, and "the cat in the hat knows a lot about that" is next!
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8:30 am
hi, there! dash here! to reveal my secret treasure, find the people that match like these artists! ready? who is this? a police officer! and this? an astronaut! do we have a match? no! a police officer! a police officer! do we have a match? yes! a firefighter! a firefighter! do we have a match? yes! there's just one match left! kids: an astronaut! what is our secret treasure? a police badge! that's right! curious george has our secret treasure,
8:31 am
a police badge! now go to and see what happens when you find today's secret treasure. thanks for playing! got to dash! viewers like you, and you, and you, and you... ha, ha! thanks so much you're very kind. ♪ hey! ♪ what? ♪ come over here, ♪ the cat in the hat is about to appear. ♪ ♪ he's whizzing over to whisk you away ♪ ♪ on a fabulous journey today. ♪ ♪ he's coming! ♪ and now he's arrived in the thingamajigger ♪ ♪ the thing that he drives ♪ ♪ he's a cat and he's oodles of fun ♪ ♪ with his hairy helpers thing two and thing one ♪ ♪ instrumental ♪ instrumental
8:32 am
♪ it's the cat in the hat! ♪ ♪ all of our adventures start like that. ♪ ♪ wherever you're going where ever you're at ♪ ♪ the cat in the hat knows a lot about ... ♪ ♪ he knows a lot about, he knows a lot about, ♪ ♪ he knows a lot about ....that! ♪ (laughter) ♪ hi sally! what are you doing? i'm looking for something! that's my favorite game! let's look for... uh ... bears! no, nick. i'm looking for a flower... looking for bears is way more fun. yeah but i want to find a nice flower to cheer my mom up. she's got a cold. i'll help you. ahh... oh! found one!
8:33 am
oh! it's nice, but mom likes more colorful flowers. (blows) (laughs) hmmm. this is going to be harder than i thought. wow! look! over there! (laughs) that's not a flower! ta-da! it's the cat in the hat! yes, it's me, the cat! the cat in the hat! aren't i a pretty kitty? (purrs) (laughs) (laughs) what-ya doin? we're trying to find a flower for my mom. ooh, i know a lot about flowers. what kind do you need? large? extra large? stripy? spotty? or plastic? hmmm... i don't know, but it has to be really pretty. oh pretty is smart. but that's just the start. they can be exciting, amazing, spectacular. they can? oh they can, can, can! and i can show you just how special flowers can be.
8:34 am
a bear would be even more special! we can't give my mom a bear, nick. she's right, nick. believe me, you don't want to sniff a bear. but i know a place where fun flowers bloom, in the wonderful forest of flora-fah-zoom! can we go there? please! i thought you'd never ask! your mother will not mind at all if you do! mom, is it okay if we go with the cat to the forest of flora fah-zoom? (sniffle) well, okay! (sniffle) i hear it's beautiful this time of year! just don't catch a cold! ah...ah...achoo!! (giggles) we can go! we can go! we can go! we can go! i know! i know! to the thingamajigger! ♪ flowers, here we come! hey, guys. remember this isn't a flower bowl! buckle up! ♪
8:35 am
flick the jiggermawhizzer! (laughs) (laugh) isn't this fun? ya-hooooooo!!!!!! ♪ here we go, go, go go! ♪ on an adventure. ♪ the thingamajigger is up and away! ♪ ♪ go, go, go, go! ♪ on an adventure. ♪ we're flying with the cat in the hat today! ♪ ♪ we're off to the forest of flora fah-zoom... ♪ ♪ to find mom a flower to brighten her room. ♪ ♪ here we go, go, go, go! ♪ on an adventure. ♪ go, go, go, go go! ♪ ♪ wow! i've never seen so many flowers. they're all so pretty. i like this one, oh and this one, and this one!
8:36 am
how about the sniff sniff test, to see which flower smells the best? (sniff) oh, lovely. whoa, look what i found! sally, i've found the best flower ever for your mom! (sniff) wow! yes! i love this one. well done nick. we've found one to pick! ♪ what are you doing? ♪ hmmmm. ♪ drin-king-dinner- from-this-flower! ♪ ♪ hmmm. (slurp) you mean there's food in there? ♪ hmmm. ♪ it's-nectar-and- it-tastes-good. ♪ ♪ a hummmmmmmmmming bird's favourite drink. ♪ i don't see anything! hmm, neither do i. i guess we're too big! no problem. we'll all be small, in no time at all! to the thinga-ma-jigger! don't go away!
8:37 am
press the shrinkamadoodle! (laughs) ♪ (arpeggio) ♪ hmmm ♪ they-just-flew- in-to-my-food! ♪ ♪ fancy that! eugh! it's like walking on glue. that must be the nectar that the hummingbird drinks. cool! look at me! i'm like a spider! whoa...ergh! woo! nick! incoming! argh! i can't get out. not moving.... aarg... stuck. cat! we're all stuck.
8:38 am
when you're stuck in a flower and knee-deep in goo, who better to help than thing one and thing two? (goopy whistle) eee-yuck! (tastes nectar) ♪ (impact noise) (straining effort) (flying through air) (impact) uh, would this you know, be a good time to hit the unstickermaroo button? we have an unstickamaroo button? hold on to your hats! wha --ooh! yee-haww! ♪ ow stuck! o boy, i'm stuck ah! (pulled off noise) ♪ nice work, fish! i have my uses. ♪ bye, hummingbird!
8:39 am
(arpeggio) ♪ hmmm ♪ no-time-to-talk-now ♪ i-have-to-eat (slurps) that sure was sticky! sticky, but pretty. really pretty. but the hummingbird needs it for food. no, i can't take that one. if that's not the one to pick for your mother, then lets all fly off and find you another! ♪ (cat laughs) now this is one funny looking flower! hmmm. i've never seen one like this before. it's full of water! it is very special. mom will love it! it's like an umbrella, the wrong way up. catching the water in a flower shaped cup. cool. the petals have collected water like a little swimming pool! hey, now we can get all this sticky icky nectar off us. a swim in a flower! now that will be fun!
8:40 am must be the first time it's ever been done! and i brought enough floaters - to float everyone! last one in is a dirty rotten egg... weeeeeee!!! weeeeeee!!! weeeeeee!!! (hums as he swims) (clears throat) excuse me. oh, hello! you're swimming in my water cup! oh, sorry. we thought it was just a flower! oh, no, not just a flower! sometimes i drink from this pool. (sings) ♪ la-la-la... (clears throat) excuse me! oh, well, hello there. pleased to meet you. i'm the cat in the... ...rather wet hat. i'm a leaf litter frog. i live near this tree. and when i need to, the rain water in this flower is what i drink. but i can't if you're doing the backstroke in it. we're really sorry. excuse me....
8:41 am
i guess we can't pick this flower now. no, the frog needs it to drink from. and your mom wants a flower, not a drink! that's better! what if i told you there was another flower, an even more amazingly amazing flower? ooh, show me, show me! i will, i will!!! to the thinga-ma-jigger! if we're going to see it, we'll need to be bigger!!! bye frog! (slurps) goodbye. press the bigamaboodle! ♪ ah-ha! (sniffs) mmmm! doesn't it smell fantabulous? (sniff) oh, yes! look there's something wriggling and jiggling on this one! what could it be? just wait and see! (gasp - amazement)
8:42 am
it's a butterfly! you're so right! flutter by, butterfly. there's a whole bunch more here. ♪ (sigh) i just can't pick this flower, if it's the butterfly's home. you are so kind, sally. if i was a flower, i'd definitely pick you as a friend. it's just that every flower i like is needed by some other creature, like the hummingbird, the frog and the butterfly. don't worry sally, you're right to care. maybe nick's right, let's get mom a bear! yes! (laughing) no! but i have decided we must find something else for my mom. what, sally? wait and see! ♪ there we go - finished. it's all the flowers and friends we saw in the forest of flora fah-zoom! each flower was used by a creature or two, to not bring them home was the right thing to do.
8:43 am
this card shows it all, it's special indeed. what more than this could any mom need? yeah. mom likes flowers but she loves the cards we make even more. for you! oh sally, (sniffle) i love it! (sniffle) in fact, i feel better already! (blows kiss) a rainforest's quite a magical space, where so many animals live in one place. so let us look closely at one single tree. and you'll be amazed at all you will see! at the top of the tree there are bugs, birds and bats. things that have wings... but no ties and no hats. a rainforest is a great place to rest, and often a bird will build a big nest. down here in the middle where branches are thick,
8:44 am
we'll see howler monkeys, that is, if we're quick. here they find fruit and leaves that they eat, and even some bugs that they'll munch for a treat. a tortoise likes to stay near the ground, and an anteater licks up the ants he has found. and now my friends, i hope you've understood, this is not just a tree - it's a whole neighbourhood. ♪ (packing snow efforts) wow, sally! we're nearly done. (packing snow efforts) there! finished. it's just like the real cat. oh no, look, nick!
8:45 am
where's his hat? it's gone! ♪ weee! ♪ ta da! it's the cat! the cat the cat in the hat! in the hat! that's me! the cat! the cat in the hat! oh, and this is me too. two me's? how can that be? we made a snow cat in the hat. er, but we lost the hat. lost the hat? oh my. a snow cat with no hat? you can't have that! mmmm. where can it be? nope. nope. nope. let me see... okay it.... (mumbles) oh..... (laughter) ugh! is it just me or is it a little warm around here?
8:46 am
oh no! his arm's all drippy. he's drippy all over! we've got to do something, he's dripping away! this is one hot cat! can't we take him somewhere cold? i know a place that's colder than cold. it's the freeze-your-knees snowland. (laugh) snowland! snowland! ah! i see you're already sold! will our snow cat like it there? you bet! and you will too. let's go! your mother will not mind at all if we do! (calling) hey, mom! can we take our snow cat to freeze-your-knees snowland, to stop him from getting hot. (tongue in cheek:) snowland? okay. just watch out for the polar bears! we can go! we can go! we can go! we can go! i know! i know! to the thingamajigger! ♪ you too pussycat! (laugh) great. i hope we're off to the beach, i'm freezing.
8:47 am
(shiver noise....brrrr) (giggles) next stop: the freeze-your-knees snowland! are you kidding? it's even c-c-colder there! buckle up! ♪ flick the jigamawhizzer! (laughs) (giggles) isn't this fun? ya-hooooooo!!!!! ♪ here we go, go, go go! ♪ on an adventure. ♪ the thingamajigger is up and away! ♪ ♪ go, go, go, go! ♪ on an adventure. ♪ we're flying with the cat in the hat today! ♪ ♪ we're going up north, where the temperature's freezing, ♪ ♪ wrap up warm, i don't want you sneezing! ♪ ♪ here we go, go, go, go! ♪ on an adventure. ♪ go, go, go, go go! ♪
8:48 am
♪ oooj! it is cold here. brrrr.... i told you we should go to the beach! but it's great for our snow cat, fish. he loves the cold! he's stopped dripping! so he has! wait! the hat. mustn't forget the hat... hmm. we need to make him a new one! hey. how about this for a hat? yee haw! well howdoody doody there partner. whoops! (giggles) (laughs) i'm a princess. oh. (laugh) now lets try making a real snow cat hat! i'll help. me too! (effort sounds, laugh) ta-da! i thank you!
8:49 am
you are the cat.... it's beautiful. (cheers and applause) (skating; having fun noises) well would you look at that. i never knew i could skate! wheee! what fun! (push noise) ♪ so pleased to meet you. and i just lovvvve the hat! and i just love the ice! whooa! me too! but how do we stop? when we run out of ice of course. ♪ (laughter) great! it's snowing. hey, watch me, i'm going to catch snowflakes on my tongue!
8:50 am
me too! (muffled) hey! why dudn't the thnowflag thtay on my tund? i bleg dur ... i mean, i beg your pardon? my warm tongue turned the cold snowflakes to water see? oh my! (muffled) hey, nine doo! whhooah! uh, i mean, mine too. did you know that i know a lot about snow? no. you are going to love this. climb aboard - it's time for a snow show! ahhh! aw, there you go fish. i'm glad someone's enjoying this weather! press the shrink-a-ma-doodle! okay! ♪ wow.
8:51 am
they're so pretty close up! is that really snow, cat? it sure is. snowflakes, up close and pretty. cat, every snowflake looks different. everyone is different, sally. you never can win the snowflake game, of spotting two flakes that look the same. ooh, i like that one. nice choice! how about that one? i like all of them. me too! is it just me or is it getting a little chilly? time to press the biga-ma-boodle! ♪ (shivering) i f..f..feel really really cold now. (shivering) me is g..g..getting c..c..colder. w..w..what's that noise? (teeth chattering noises) it's my teeth chattering. brrrrrrrr! i don't want to be a fussy fish or anything. but it's so water is turning hard!
8:52 am
help him cat. oh my goodness! we nearly got a frozen fish! jump fish! (jumping noise) i hope you washed this hat. fish needs more water than that! yeah, i can hardly flip a fin in here. sorry, fish! the rest is all frozen into ice. poor fish! we need to turn that ice back to water! turning ice into water is easy to do! just the job for things one and two! (carrying; building noises) whoa... look at them go! (carrying; building noises) wow! it's a... it's a ... what is it? i have no idea, but it sure looks like fun! excellent job, thing two and thing one. (whistles) (jumping noises)
8:53 am
i think i know what it is. it's an ice warmer-upper! (whistles) the heat is turning the ice back to water. let me try! yeah! yahoo! yippee!!! it's working! it's fun too! whooo! come on! you betcha! yahoo! you're right, this is fun. (from inside hat) no, it's not! it's no fun at all! oh, what about fish! oh my! i forgot! hello! oh my... can we please go home before i freeze up all over again? good idea. but what about our snow cat in the hat! we can't leave him all alone.
8:54 am
but if we take him home, he'll get all hot and melt again. (sadly) yes. just like the water in fish's bowl. i have an idea! ♪ oh isn't this a good time? now he won't be all on his own. he's got lots of snow friends. he's even got a snow fish! excuse me, this is (s)no(w) place for a fish! (laughs at own joke) you're so right. it's colder than a walrus's whiskers. (laugh) goodbye, everyone. we'll come back and visit you soon! freeze-your-knees snowland is snowy but nice! it's so cold there that water just turns into ice. we changed ice back to water by adding some heat. now you have to admit that is a trick that is neat.
8:55 am
yeah, thanks guys. ♪ look. the snow is almost all gone. the hot sun must have melted it. that's okay. when it snows again we can build a new friend for the snow cat in the hat. yay! and we can take it to freeze-your-knees snowland if it starts to melt, right cat? you betcha-doodle we will! count me out. my next trip will be to the beach! (laugh) (laugh) (laugh) it's almost bedtime but first i have a tricky question for you. what time of day do fireflies come out? ha! try that one! hey...fireflies! they're calling to each other with their lights! you know what time of day fireflies come out? did some of you say at night?
8:56 am
yes! you got it this time... ♪ but next time i'll stump you for sure! today, we are interviewing queen priscilla bazzoo. your highness, you must be very busy making honey all the time. not at all. queens don't make the honey, other bees do that. oh, but you collect pollen from the flowers, right? me? never! um, do you build the hive? (giggles) don't be silly. i am a queen. oh, so you don't do anything. (bees) what? what? a queen bee is very busy. her job is to eat lots and lots and to lay all the eggs. all these bees you can see are my children. hi, mom. hi, mom. hi, mom. wow! and that ends our interview with queen priscilla bazzoo!
8:57 am
calling all super readers! announcer: want to go on a reading adventure? it's time to transform. then get ready for "super why!" join the super readers: alpha pig... lickety letters! wonder red... roll with me. princess presto. wands up! and super why. super job, super readers. the fun starts when the reading begins, weekdays on "super why!" only on pbs kids. announcer: clifford's sliding your way every weekday. i win, i win! hooray for me! it's clifford i see! and you won't want to miss him. amazing!
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look out for "clifford" weekdays on pbs kids or watch anytime you want at viewers like you, and you, and you, and you... ha, ha! thanks so much you're very kind.
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