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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  December 20, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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y announcer: get ready to let your imagination... run wild. early learning academy. proud supporter of pbs kids and wild kratts. the corporation for public broadcasting and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. ♪ wild kratts hi, we're the kratt brothers. i'm martin. and i'm chris. and we love lizards. oh yeah. they're scaly. they have claws. they're cool. uhh, you mean cold-blooded. yeah, that too. but i mean cool. check out the attitude. whoa. a monitor lizard. all lizards have certain things in common: the claws, the scaly skin, the general body shape. plus, a lot of lizards do similar things.
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they prowl, like this guy, who walks around, shooting out his tongue to smell. they climb, like the green iguana who climbs trees, or me. they swim, like marine iguanas of the galapagos islands. but there are very, very few lizards that can glide, gliding lizards that can jump out of a tree, glide through the air like the-- flying gecko. this special lizard has skin between his toes that act like wings, so, when he jumps off a tree, those foot wings help him glide through the air. look at those flying feet. amazing. it even has skin around the sides of its body, perfect parachute-like features. imagine if we could fly through the rainforest
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with the gliding lizards. what if? what if? ♪ on adventure with the coolest creatures ♪ ♪ from the oceans to the trees ♪ ♪ the brothers kratt are going places you never get to see ♪ ♪ hanging with their creature friends ♪ ♪ get ready, it's the hour ♪ ♪ we're gonna save some animals today with ♪ ♪ creature power ♪ gonna go wild, wild kratts ♪ gonna go wild, wild, wild kratts ♪ ♪ gonna go wild, wild kratts ♪ gonna go wild, wild, wild ♪ cheetah speed and lizard glide ♪ ♪ falcon flight and lion pride ♪ ♪ gonna go wild, wild kratts ♪ gonna go wild, wild, wild kratts ♪ ♪ gonna go wild, wild kratts ♪ gonna go wild, wild, wild kratts ♪ ♪ go wild, wild, wild kratts
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woo-hoo! zip lining is one great way to get around up here. yeah, but we've been zipping around all day and we haven't found zip. where are you, draco lizards? whoa. no time for sightseeing, bro. you've got to keep up if we're-- what are you talking about? i was right behind you. yeah, but today, we've got to be at the top of our climbing game. like, can you do this? woo-hoo! so, what is this now? a "who's the best climbing brother" contest? i thought we were on a mission to find a rare lizard. we are. draco volans, one of the few species of gliding lizards in the world. there are other like the flying gecko, but the one we're looking for is the draco lizard. that's why you got to climb like me. it'll come down to a split second, whether we catch up with the draco and discover the secret
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of this mysterious flying lizard, or not. a draco lizard, zipping away! wait up, zip! zip? you named him already? well, he kind of named himself. look. does he zip or what? come on, now i'll show you how to climb. wait up, draco! they found one, a lizard that's mastered the secret of gliding flight. whoa! huh? woo-hoo! hang on, buddy. yeah! ♪ woo-hoo! woo-hoo! uh-oh! i've got no glide! whoa! i forgot one basic law of physics! if there's nothing holding on object up, it falls.
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it falls faster and faster until-- i grab something else to hold me up. martin's going to have to admit it. i really am the best climber. (creaking) wait, that's not fair. chris, bro! are you okay? pretty lizards, land on my finger. we better get him back to tortuga hq. we're there almost, donita. good. i want these pretty little reptiles. ooh, the colors and wings like this will make remarkable hanging earrings, big ones for a broach and, ooh-la-la, a belt buckle. this will be the new fall collection of donita donata's living jewels. (laughing)
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guys, i'm okay, i'm okay. but chris, that was some big fall. yeah, when i fall off my chair, i'm out for the day. yeah, you're lucky you touched down in that mud puddle. i'm absolutely fine, really. it was just a little fall. and i'm even better now! a draco! oh, it's zippy! let's go! let's go! come on, chris, we can't lose a step on this little speedster, remember? uhh, yeah, you go ahead. lizards are tricky. we'll need more climbing gear. i'll go get it and catch up. come on, chris, i'll help you collect the gear. (phone ringing) yes? we're here, donita. i activate vacuum now.
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well? oh, oh yeah. now the lizards will be mine. ♪ now, aren't they fabulous? zippy, come on, slow down. or at least don't take off until i catch up. i've got to see how you do it. what's your trick to being one of the only gliding lizards in the world? how's it going, mk? going up, but not as fast as zippy. tell chris to hurry. i could use some help. yeah, about that-- okay, i got ropes, boots. yeah, chris, do your climbing thing. oh, who am i kidding? just thinking about climbing is making my knees lock up.
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i've lost my climbing mojo. i've come down with-- a fear of heights? hey, chris, i know a lot about fear. i'm afraid of the dirt between my toes, losing my controller and heights too. but check it out. that's why i play with this. chris kratt's climbing extreme. i programmed in all your moves. that's the swing, the flip, with a lemur landing. just play this, see? you'll get all your moves back. oh, yes! (sighing) nice one, jimmy. you just made him feel worse. i'm going to go for a walk, not a climb, just a walk. control tower to pilot, you're cleared for takeoff. zippy the draco lizard is lining it up. face down is the takeoff position. are you kidding me? that tree must be almost 200' away. can you glide that far? a little breeze coming in from the east.
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can you handle it, zippy? okay, now show us your creature power, little buddy. what's your secret? what? you've got wings! where did those come from? huh? that's not gliding. whoa! as long as my feet are on the ground, i'm not going to bang my head. but i've got to get back up there. huh? boots? boots live in trees? all right. i am so ready to max out the creature power suit with draco powers. i just need some data. okay. i'll bring up martin and his little buddy zippy-doodle zip-up-pants, or whatever he's called him this time. hey, martin, where are you? huh, that's weird. i'm not even getting a signal. do you think he fell? his boots did. but where's martin?
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huh? hmm. uhh, donita, there is clog. so, unclog the clog. (grunting) here is clog. hey, i've been called a lot of things: animal lover, tree hugger, but never a clog. (gasping) huh? what? what are you doing to the draco lizards? and where's my zippy? oh, so spunky. i like that. you know my style, martino. i take the jewels of nature to make fabulous accessories. and this fall, these precious gems will be frozen in suspended animation and crafted into luxurious living jewelry. dazzling, no? no! i'd describe it as mean, cruel, unkind, or maybe twisted. those lizards are living creatures,
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with feelings and thoughts, and maybe even plans for the weekend. you've got to let them go! oh, i love his passion. zippy! oh, that is elegant design. the angular features of lizard and man-- oh! a man's collection! martino, my darling, i have plans for you and your little friend. uh-oh, zippy, something tells me we're in real trouble. martin? martin, can you hear me? ugh, maybe he can't. the trees in the indonesian rainforest are some of the tallest in the world. but i've got to get up there and look for clues. i've got it. aviva, let's activate the tortuga wings and fly the hq up to the canopy. well, we could, except we can't. i pulled out all the solar panels this morning. nobody told me we'd have to fly in an hour. tortuga is terrestrial today. and so am i, grounded.
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(gasping) eggs! and they're hatching! mm-hmm, mm-hmm. hmm. now, my martino, wear this. are you kidding me? those aren't my kind of duds. don't disappoint me, darling. no way are you getting me into that costume. oh no? (snapping) oh yeah. unless you have some kind of manikin pose beam. now, let me help you into this while your little friend takes a trip through my jewelry-making machine. zippy! no! now, let's see what you are. a draco! eggs are laid in that moist, lonely soil.
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32 days later, they hatch. what's the first thing you guys do? climb, off the ground to get away from the predators, like wild pigs and clouded leopards. to survive, dracos have to get into the trees. guided by instinct, they climb. instinct, that's it. they don't learn it, they don't think about it, they just do it. they climb. wait up, guys. thanks to you, i'm me again, chris the wild climbing kratt. yoo-hoo! nobody's picked out my clothes for me since i was five. and see? your little lizard friend makes a lovely headband. how can you do that? you've taken all the life out of him. there's no zip in zippy. now, strike a pose. i don't want to. (beeping) what? (grunting)
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prowl the catwalk, now swings those hips. no cat walks like this. spin, and pose. now, smooch-y face. now, silly monkey. smooch-y face, silly monkey. smooch-y face. you will be my top model this year. i will make millions with my living lizard collection. and martino, your new career, you will learn to love it. hey, it looks like we're nearing the top. i can see how this kind of forest canopy gets creatures gliding here. tall trees, spread out, it'd take too much energy to climb up and down to get around. to get from here to there, they glide. and i think we're nearing a launch point. fantastic. and we're all ready. we know what gliding is and how it works. so-- we do? yeah.
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yes, you do. here, take a piece of paper, crumple it into a loose ball, throw it as far as you can. it goes that far before it falls to the floor. not too far. that's because you throw like a-- don't you say it. it's because it doesn't have any parachute-like features to keep it floating in the air longer. but if i design it like this-- that's a paper airplane. exactly, with these features: wings to keep it from falling. that's gliding. awesome! but the question is, what parachute-like features does the draco lizard have for gliding? here comes the answer. this one's ready for his first flight. stations, everybody. if we get the secret, i can modify the creature power suit with draco power. and i can glide through the rainforest and find martin. we're recording. oh yeah, a draco hatchling's first flight, this has never been documented before. he's getting into launch position. head down, eyeing his landing spot.
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okay, get ready. and he jumps! unfurls his wings, whoa, i don't believe it. his wings are ribs that stick out from his body. with skin spread in between them. like opening a fan! chris: yeah, and he's dropping at a 45 degree angle. he's still falling, but the wings are catching the air, so he's moving forward while he's falling. that's gliding. that's incredible! data capture. okay, he's nearing the tree. whoa! perfect landing! data replay. got what i need. rib extension into wings, that's the secret. draco disc complete. jimmy? energize teleporter and zap it. coming at you, chris. chris, can you touch one of those baby dracos for dna activation? not a problem. activate creature power suit!
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♪ let's do it, draco. swing those arms, silly monkey. hey, donita, i think i'm starting to feel this. you are? yeah! you? yeah! oh yeah! these clothes are so hot. i'm feeling the beat. let me loose! i knew you would! release him! in just a few hours, you will unveil my living lizard collection at the treetop runway. wearin' living lizards and loving it. time to find my bro. let's glide! whoo hoo hoo, this is awesome!
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muscles pull on the wings, giving them steering control. so i can head right to the landing pad. wait, how do you land!? i don't have the instinct, what's the technique? how do i land!? oh! oh, not like that. ♪ okay, i got it, more of a quick swoop up and land. now i've just got to find out what happened to martin. ♪ any sign of 'em, zippy? what, you don't think i was seriously digging being a model? i was just acting to trick donita. so... i could do this! wild kratts, come in, quick! martin! what in the world are you wearing? you're at a halloween party and you didn't invite me? no! it's a fashion show, and-- a fashion show?
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what are you doing at a fashion show? i'm trying to tell you! it's donita's fashion show and she's selling living lizard jewelry at her treetop runway in 30 minutes! sending co-ordinates. got to go rescue release these lizards from madame crazy clothes. i just wanted to let you know, in case i needed back up. actually, martin, don't back up. why no back up? because of the outfit? i don't mean no back up, i mean don't back up. uh, look behind you. heh. aviva: chris! donita donata's got martin. can you get a visual from up there? scanning-- there! five degrees south by 120 degrees east. i'm on my way. with draco power! (cheers and applause) you're lucky you hired my zach-bots. best security force in the universe.
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your fashion show will go seamlessly. (laughing) get it? fashion? seamless? huh? get off my stage. welcome to the heights of fashion. tonight, i, donita donata, present you my living lizard collection for men. (cheers and applause) ♪ hey! that's a wild ratt! chris: oh, that's cold. making my brother wear that outfit, ouch. and throw that move. 10,000 pairs of earrings! give me 500 headbands! i want all the draco belt buckles! but worse, making him sell living draco lizards? at this rate, she'll sell up all the dracos in the forest.
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tonight! i've got to stop that show! if i could take out that beam controlling martin. oh, but it's too far. too far for me to glide to. how am i going to get there? i would be such a better top model than that! what!? the other one, too? something's wrong here. get him! oh no! oh yes! zach-bots are exactly what i need! i'm gliding to the creature rescue, draco style! whoo hoo! (beeping furiously) oh boy. (muffled) go chris! (beeping slowly)
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zippy, i'm free! wha!? and now for you and the rest of your kind. you're much more beautiful unfrozen and alive. (shattering) dracos back where they belong. (screaming) fashion may be fleeting, but i'll be back. next season! gliding free and in the wild. zach: hold it, wild ratts! i am not going to let you ruin this fashion show. mommy? get it off! its sticky feet are scratchy! (laughing) ♪ now that's what i call flying off the rack.
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and way to work those threads, m.k. it's the new you. aww! i like chris' outfit better. yeah, you did it again, aviva. all aboard. ♪ nothing like gliding around on a moonlit night making lizard jewelry out of tree resins and flower pigments. now that's real attractive. and we invented a new sport: lizard glide! it's the height of adventuring. did i mention i love heights? hey, zippy, what did the draco lizard say to the flying squirrel? "you want to play glide and seek?" (chris and martin laughing) gliders glide to move from tree to tree.
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and we're zip lining through a glider's habitat, whoo hoo! ♪ looking for the cutest gliding creature in the world! ♪ chris: gah! martin: whoo hoo! ahh! martin, where'd you go? over here, chris. i found her. a flying squirrel. she has all the features and abilities a glider needs. she's light, only weighs about as much as a donut. lightness, plus the parachute-like feature? she has what it takes to glide. fuzzy tail. (laughing) chris: looks like it tickles. oh yeah, and she's cute, too. what does that have to do with gliding? nothing, but you can't hang out with a flying squirrel without noticing how cute she is. a flying squirrel's parachute-like feature
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is the skin stretched between her front leg and her back leg. that's all the loose skin that stretches out between her legs. you see it right there? wow. oh hey, she's ready to do her gliding thing. all right, let's see her do it. yeah, go for it. (drum roll playing) what, is that all you've got? oh, i forgot, you're nocturnal. flying squirrels glide at night. flying squirrels are awesome gliders. now that was just a short warm-up hop. a flying squirrel can easily glide 60 feet, about 20 meters. wow. he moves so easily through the trees. head down, he picks his landing spot...
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and jumps! awesome! the skin between his legs acts like gliding wings. amazing creatures are all around us. yeah, keep on learning about creatures and we'll see you on the creature trail. ♪ the beaver. this creature is built for the water. check out these cool features. the webbed feet. they're huge. and they help propel the beaver through the water. and there's the classic flat beaver tail. the tail helps the beaver steer by tilting from side to side. and that tail is also a warning device. they slap it on the water to tell other beavers when danger's near. i love beavers. all right, chris, you ready for another creature challenge? i am ready! something was splashing me before.
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is it a bird? no, but it's an animal that made me really muddy already. warthogs like mud. oh, this is bigger than a warthog. is it a hippopotamus? nope, not a hippopotamus. a much longer nose than a hippopotamus. oh, a long nose. does it have a trunk? it has a trunk! it's an elephant! you got it, bro! an elephant having a mud bath. announcer: it's "word girl," word-minded student by day and crime-fighting superhero, well, during the day, too. word up! "word girl," weekdays on pbs kids go! or watch anytime you want at wild kratts is made possible by announcer: at, we believe in letting imagination run wild. early learning academy. proud supporter of pbs kids and wild kratts.
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the corporation for public broadcasting and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. ♪ to find out more about cool animals-- and collect your own wild kratts creature powers... go to the wild kratts website at both: we'll see you there!
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