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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  December 20, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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"the electric company" is brought to you by... find your voice and share it, american greetings, proud sponsor of "the electric company." agreement from the u.s. department of education's ready to learn grant, and viewers like you, thank you. are your 5 words. if you're selected to do something, it means you are chosen to do it. knowledge is all of the things that you know. rules tell us what to do. if you are correct, then you're right. but if you're incorrect, then you're wrong. all right. so we have... watch out for them in today's show.
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- hmm-hmm-hmm. - hey, paul. thanks. - mm. - ♪ oh, yeah, you got it, yeah, wh-- ♪ "congratulations, annie scrambler." - "congratulations, lisa heffenbacher." - "bob bobson has selected you..." - "to be a contestant... - "on the next episode of the well-liked game show 'friends or aunts.'" - aah! i got it! i got it! oh, i got it, yeah! - hector! hector! - what? - hey, aunt sandy, aunt sandy, aunt sandy. - check it out. - "friends or aunts"? you got selected? - yeah. bob bobson, the host, chose me. "friends or aunts" is, like, it's, like, my third or fourth favorite game show. - i have been selected to be on the game show "friends or aunts." can you believe it? - oh! that's wonderful. "friends or aunts" is a pretty watchable game show. - i know! i mean, it's like kinda sorta ok! - um, since you're my friend, do you want to be my partner?
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- seriously? - yeah. - you're selecting me to be your friend on "friends or aunts"? - what do you say? oh! - [singing indistinctly] yeah! - [laughs] - and guess what? i get to choose a friend or aunt to be my partner on the show. and guess who i select? you! - oh! it's the proudest moment of my life. - [indistinct chatter] - ok. i'll remember that. - we just got selected to be on "friends or aunts." - wait. - what? - we just got selected to be on "friends or aunts." - stop that. - no, you stop that. - you stop that. - so, i guess it's us against you.
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- yup. oh, you guys have never met my aunt sandy. she's a hypnotist. just like uncle sigmund. - i'm very good at what i do and i also like to do what i do, so i do that thing that i do a lot. just so you know. - hey, you guys! ♪ c'mon yeah! ♪ feel the power! ♪ feel the power! ♪ feel the power! ♪ yo! and plug it in! ♪ it's electric... electric company! ♪ ♪ it's electric... electric company! ♪ ♪ it's electric... electric company! ♪ ♪ it's electric... electric company! ♪ ♪ the power we perfected is electrically connected, ♪ ♪ so use it as directed and expect to be respected. ♪ ♪ turn it on and you will see ♪ ♪ that you belong in the company! ♪ ♪ feel the power! ♪ feel the power! ♪ feel the power! ♪ yo! and plug it in! ♪ plug it in, everybody!
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♪ electric company! ♪ electric company! ♪ electric company! ♪ electric company! ries to hypnotize us, we know the plan, right? - right. - so, why are you guys so confident you're gonna win? - well, because the show is all about the knowledge that we have of each other, and we know a lot. - yup. - yeah, yeah, sure, sure. - test us. - all right. uh, what is hector's favorite breakfast? - don't look. - ok. - i think she'll get this one. - all right. done. - ready? - yeah. - my favorite breakfast is 12 pancakes. - you got it right. - [giggles] yes. - or as bob bobson would say... - you...are correct. - lisa, hector. fancy bumping into you guys. well, we just wanted to stop by and wish you luck.
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which reminds me that my watch is broken and maybe you can look at it very closely. look at it. look at the watch. you are getting very....sleepy. sleep--sleepy. [snoring] - aunt sandy. get away from them. - oh. mama. - wake up, aunt sandy. - [no audio] - wake up! we need a new plan. - here's a wacky thought. what if we played fair? just thinking out loud. - um, i don't think we have enough knowledge about each other. we would get all the answers wrong. - yeah, and then bob bobson will say, "you are incorrect." i can't do it. - i think...we need to bring in some help.
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- [laughs] who? - thanks for meeting us, francine. - of course. what do you need? - you watch "friends or aunts"? - ha ha ha. it's my fifth favorite game show. - we need your help to win. - what's in it for me? - beating the electric company. - that's a nice start, but i want a piece of the grand prize. what is it? - a washer/dryer, a subscription to "modern aunts" magazine, and a small bucket of money. - how small? - we don't know. - if you win, i get the washer, the dryer, and the small bucket of money.
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- that just leaves us with the magazine. - correct. it's a good magazine. - that ain't gonna cut it, carruthers. - fine. i get the money, and the dryer. - what about the small bucket? - it's yours. [cash register rings] - deal. - [beatboxing] - [beatboxing] - [imitating record scratching]
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[camera shutter clicks] - ♪ freedom to do what you want to ♪ ♪ play with your friends on a frosty afternoon ♪ ♪ fr-fr-fr-fr ♪ frequently, i do like to freestyle ♪
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♪ makes me feel so free, don't you see ♪ ♪ fr-fr-fr-fr ♪ whenever you are feeling frustrated ♪ ♪ remember to take that frown and turn it upside down ♪ ♪ ba ba ba... ♪ friend take a bullfrog ♪ confronting his frightening reaction to grapefruit ♪ ♪ and now they are doing just fine ♪ ♪ fr fr fr - so, what's happened so far? - we were selected to be on "friends or aunts." - you were picked, too? - correct. - what? - correct. that means you're right. - hey, you guys. - we're gonna win. we have lots of knowledge about each other. like, i know what your favorite breakfast is. my brain is just full of information about you. knowledge, knowledge, knowledge!
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- we're in trouble. we don't know much about each other. - our answers will be wrong. they'll be incorrect. - let's practice. your favorite color is red. - incorrect. it's blue. - [buzz] - we need help. - correct. - [ding] - oh, francine. - [giggles] - oh, welcome to "friends or aunts," guys. - oh. - hello. - hey. i'm lisa. this is my friend hector. - hey, what's up? i'm howie. you guys can head on back to the studio, and bob'll be right in. - awesome. thanks, howie. - um, sweet. - ahh. ha ha! that's the soundproof booth. - yeah, well, this is bob bobson's microphone. - aah! ha ha ha! - you are correct. [chuckles] - bob bobson. - that's right. say, are you the friend or the aunt? - [laughs] - huh? - hey, bob, isn't there supposed to be a studio audience?
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- you are incorrect. - oh. - watch this. little--little game show secret for you. - [recorded applause and cheers] - there's your audience. howie runs this thing. where's howie? howie! howie! howie! - howie, you are getting very sleepy, and you will listen to my voice. when i snap my fingers, you will stand in the corner and sleep for the entire show. understand? - totally. [snap] [snoring] - all right. francine. - let's do this. [ding] [ding] [ding]
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- you ready, howie? - [hoarse voice] yeah. [clears throat] [normal voice] ready, bob. - yeah. all right, let's make a game show. [microphone feedback] - it's time for one of america's game shows-- "friends or aunts." and here's your host-- bob bobson. - [laughs] - whoo-hoo-hoo! - oh, thank you. hello, hello. and welcome to the only game show that tests your knowledge of your friend or your aunt. [recorded applause] let's meet today's contestants. - is it on? - it just started. - wow. this is like my seventh favorite game show. - with us we have lisa heffenbacher and her friend hector... - [cheering] - go hector! go lisa. - and over here we have annie scrambler and her beautiful aunt sandy scrambler.
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[chuckles] ok, let's get started. you know the rules. the youngest contestant goes to the booth first, so, lisa, that means you're up. into the booth you go. now, lisa, can you hear me? [chuckles] of course she can't. she's in a soundproof booth. - [laughter] - all right, hector. you know the rules? - yeah. - then here we go. hector. what is lisa's favorite animal? write your answer now. - totally dogs. lisa loves dogs. - done. - done. that was quick. let's get lisa out here. lisa, come on out. lisa, tell us, what is your favorite animal? - oh, easy, bob. dog. - dogs. ok, hector, show us what you wrote.
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pack mule. [buzz] pack mule. - pack mule? - that's incorrect. - no, dude. i wrote dogs. - careful, dude. you know the rules. we deduct points for complainers. - [laughs] - hector definitely has that knowledge. there's something weird about this. - we better go over there and check it out. - i have to hang back and help out my dad here. good luck. - oh, i don't trust you, letter "c." i don't trust you one bit. one minute you're making a hard "cuh" sound, like... but whenever you get in front of an "i," an "e," or a "y,"
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you totally change. you start making a soft "sss" sound, like... oh, i'm on to you, letter "c." on to you. from this moment on, i will never use hard or soft "c" again, or my name isn't... francine carruthers. there's a hard and soft "c" in my name. you know what letter i love? the letter "c." best letter in the alphabet. - oh, this is a good word, and it just goes round and round. let's see: it has 2 "c"s in it. now, that first one is a soft "c,"
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because there's an "i" after it, so it makes a "sss" sound. so, "sss," "ih," "rrr." no, it's "sir," and now we get to the second "c." this one has an "l" after it, so we know it makes the hard "c" sound. so, it's circ, circ le. circle. circle 'round folks. yee-hah! - whoo! - ♪ ooh! ♪ shock, i love that beat ♪ everything you beatbox sounds so sweet ♪ ♪ but can you see what i see? ♪ you're using the sounds of hard and soft "c" ♪ ♪ "cuh," as in cacophony or coal... ♪ - ♪ was that a canary or a crow? ♪ ♪ soft "c" is also nice ♪ at the end of words like "rice" or "twice" ♪ ♪ it sounds like an "s," but take my advice ♪
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♪ sometimes you need that soft "c" to add that spice ♪ - [beatboxing] - ♪ and when the sounds work together ♪ ♪ the circus is in town ♪ they run circles around this ground ♪ ♪ the other letters fall back ♪ this is just a little hard c, soft c, practice ♪ - sandy, come out of there. - [laughter] - oh, there she goes. ha ha. all right. we asked annie to write down her aunt's favorite snack. what's your favorite snack? - well, i--i do quite like, you know, those little, miniature pizzas. they're about yea big. - what's the snack, sandy? - pretzel sticks. - annie, what did you write? - aah! - pretzel sticks. correct. [ding] arbor day is correct. [ding]
6:18 am
zoot suit. incorrect. [buzz] turban is correct. incorrect [buzz] correct. [ding] keep trying. [buzz] that's correct. [ding] incorrect. [buzz] figure skating. correct. well, that brings annie and sandy's score to 538 and hector and lisa's to zero. tough round for the friends, but that's ok, because coming up, we got the speed round, where we find out who wins the washer/dryer combo, the subscription to "modern aunt" magazine, and the--uh, the, uh... - small bucket of money! [clears throat] [deep voice] small bucket of money, bob. - small bucket of money, yes. howie, thank you. the small bucket of money. so, stick around. we'll be right back. - that's francine. that's francine. that's francine. - [snoring] - [no audio]
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- oh. - [recorded applause and cheers] - hello and we're back with the speed round, where the rules are exactly the same except everyone talks really fast. hector and lisa, you've been selected to go first are you ready to go? - yes, bob, we're ready to go. - [indistinct] - going somewhere, francine? - go to the booth, so, lisa, plug your ears, cover your eyes, and hector, get ready to answer this question. hector... write your answer. - oh! - why does it say "return of the ninja aardvark part 3" on the wall? howie. howie! howie! howie! - ohh. bob. where are you, dude?
6:20 am
- "brunch at stephanie's" is correct. the friends are on the board. ok, here we go. cover your eyes. close your ears. - [indistinct] - what? [indistinct] - francine! - howie, let's see arbor day. incorrect. - arbor day? i don't--what's arbor day? - i thought you liked trees. i just-- - oh! - [gasping] - who are you? - long story. - hold this. - ok. - all right. - wait. come back. - francine--oh! - howie? - francine! d'oh! francine! i think. - howie? - bob. - uh... - what's up, bob? - howie. - this way, francine. i mean, howie. oops. - h--uh. ha ha. just one second, america. howie, i want to show you something over here. look at this in here. ha ha. it locks.
6:21 am
- bob, i'm trying to find my-- - yeah, back to work, real howie. - ok, bob. - ok, we're back. [chimes] - [recorded cheers] - uh-oh. you know what that sound means. that sound means we only have time for one more question, and that question goes to hector. cover them up, lisa. for 217 points and the win, what is lisa's favorite lunch? - take your time over there. any day now. - done. - he is done. lisa, your favorite lunch? - turkey and swiss on 7 grain bread, hold the mayo with a pickle on the side. - hector, your answer is... oh, turkey and swiss on 7 grain bread, hold the mayo, with a dill pickle on the side. it's correct. - yeah! - yeah! - what a comeback by the friends. they have just won "friends or aunts." i'm bob bobson saying i'm bob bobson.
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good night, everybody. [applause] - [cheering] - ♪ there's 2 way to see everything ♪ ♪ my grandma used to say ♪ and that rule applies to what i'm singing here today ♪ ♪ i'm talking about the letter "c" ♪ ♪ come follow if you will ♪ i learned this as a shorty and it still gives me a thrill ♪ ♪ now, when the "c" is hard ♪ it sounds just like a "k" ♪ make me wanna go... - ♪ cuh, cuh, cuh, cuh - ♪ now you say - ♪ cuh, cuh, cuh, cuh - ♪ now, when that "c" is soft ♪ it sound just like an "s" ♪ oh, oh, you'll get this ♪ ♪ there's 2 ways to say "c"
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♪ and it's always fine with me, oh ♪ ♪ there's 2 ways to say "c" ♪ and either way is cool, there's 2 ways to say ♪ ♪ now, if a "c" comes before an "e," "i," or "y," ♪ ♪ that is when you know to give the softer "c" a try ♪ ♪ say nice - ♪ nice, yeah - ♪ or peace - ♪ peace, yeah - ♪ bicycle, motorcycle, listen to me ♪ ♪ now, when that "c" comes before ♪ ♪ an "l," "r," or "t" ♪ you'llrobably want to use ♪ the harder sounding kind of "c" ♪ ♪ say clap - ♪ clap, yeah - ♪ or crab - ♪ crab, whoa - ♪ subject - ♪ whoa, whoa - ♪ come on and sing with me ♪ there's 2 ways to say "c" ♪ and it's always fine with me, oh oh ♪
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♪ there's 2 says to say "c" ♪ and either way is cool ♪ there's 2 ways to say - wet cement? i love fresh cement. you can write stuff in fresh cement. - what are you doing? i just poured that cement. that was going to be my nice, new, concrete sidewalk. you ruined it. whoooa! - [whimpers] - [beatboxing]
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[stops beatboxing] - i'm special agent jack bowser. i'm in a scoop of trouble at the ice cream sprinkles factory. it's about to explode, and i can't crack the code to get out. help me read this. [alarm sounds] - i guess when they say a small bucket of money,
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they really mean it. - mm-hmm. - but there could be a lot of money stuffed in there. open it. - ok. well, guess that's it. ha. - so, what are you gonna buy with the money? - that's easy. smoothies for my friends. - or aunts. - ♪ 'cause the time is now, the day is here ♪ - ♪ here ♪ the rhythm that you're feelin' ♪ ♪ the music in your ear - ♪ ear - ♪ the charge is electric, and all you got to do is ♪ - ♪ yo, ha - ♪ plug it in ♪ plug it in - ♪ 'cause that's what we do, we're the electric company ♪ ♪ inviting all of you to all the possibilities ♪ ♪ learning to write and learning to read ♪ ♪ we have a good time while we plant the seeds ♪ - ♪ seeds - ♪ and once you get it, you have to share it ♪ ♪ discovering your power ♪ you own it, you wear it - ♪ wear it - ♪ proud, and you shout it out loud! ♪ ♪ electric company ♪ is in town - ♪ town - wyclef. crazy. it starts with "fl" and i know that "ick" makes the ick sound,
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so it's fl...ick...flick. and there's that bossy "r" at the end, so you know that the "r" sound is going to boss that "e" there and make the "er" sound. so, flicker! check out flicker, it's flickering. announcer: pbs kids go! is exploding with shows every weekday. you're right. are you sure? why didn't i know about this? um...awkward. announcer: there's no question. see them weekdays on pbs kids go! or watch anytime you want at "the electric company" is brought to you by... find your voice and share it, american greetings, proud sponsor of "the electric company."
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pbs kids and you. >> hey, scientists, it's me,
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sid. i want to know how i can be a weather man. so my friends and i are gonna investigate all kinds of weather. come explore with me, sid the science kid, coming up next. >> "sid the science kid" is made possible by... first5 california is a proud sponsor of "sid the science kid." >> at boeing, we believe the best way to prepare children for success is by nurturing their curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, and letting the future of our children take flight. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from... >> hey, is this thing on?
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>> ♪ hey, sid, what do you say? what you want to learn today? >> i want to know why things happen and how and i want to know everything now, oh, yeah how does this thing work? why does that stuff change? how does that do what it just did? hmm what's up with the sky? you think i could fly? the world is spinning and i want to know why i've got a lot of questions and big ideas i'm sid the science kid ♪ [captioning made possible by the jim henson company and friends of nci] hi. i'm sid. you know what could be the coolest job ever? to be a weatherman. do you know what weathermen get to do? they get to decide what the weather will be every day. ha ha! hello. i'm sid the weatherman, and i think today it should be sunny, but tomorrow i'm going to make it snow, and then it should be really hot so we can go to the beach, and that's the weather report. >> time for school, sid. let's get a move on.
6:32 am
>> oh, hey, mom. i was thinking that it would be really fun to be a weatherman when i'm grown up. see, then i'll be able to decide what the weather will be every day. >> well, sid, i think you'd be a great weatherman. >> yeah. >> but one thing. see, weathermen don't decide what the weather is going to be. >> what? they don't? >> no. they predict what the weather will be. that's kind of like making a really smart guess. and before they do that, weathermen have to know a lot about the weather. >> a lot? hmm. well, then today, i will investigate weather at school. >> that's a good idea, sid. and speaking of school, let's get going, sweetie. >> ok. hmm. so a weatherman doesn't decide what the weather is going to be, so now i really want to know, how can i be a weatherman? [echoing]
6:33 am
watch out, weather. here i come. hoo hoo! [humming] ♪ i love my mom >> uh-huh >> my mom is cool >> uh-huh >> but now it's time for having fun in school yeah ♪ >> ha ha! >> ♪ i'm looking for my friends i'm looking for you there's gabriella ♪ >> ♪ watch what i can do uh-huh! yeah! here we go! >> wow! ♪ i'm looking for my friends i'm looking for you hey, there's gerald ♪ >> yeah! check out my moves! ha-ha! yeah.
6:34 am
ha ha! i'm a dancing machine! >> cool! ♪ i'm looking for my friends i'm looking for you hey, there's may ♪ >> may i show you how i groove? ♪ uh-huh whee! woo ♪ >> groovy! >> ♪ we're looking for our friends we're looking for you hey, there's sid ♪ >> did you hear the one about the kid who wanted to know everything about everything? >> that's you! >> ♪ you got me >> yeah, yeah, yeah. ♪ we're looking for our friends and look who we found we found each other friends! ♪ [laughter] >> hey, guys. when i grow up, i want to be a weatherman. >> oh, yeah, good idea. i want to be a weatherman, too.
6:35 am
>> i want to be a weatherwoman. >> me, too. >> ok, good morning, my scientists. >> good morning. >> hi, susie. >> today is a special day. we're having class outside! >> yay! >> woo-hoo! >> yay! >> teacher susie's the greatest. >> there you go. >> hey, um, susie. >> uh-huh? >> we were talking about being weathermen. >> and weatherwomen. >> oh, you know, there's a name for scientists who are weathermen and weatherwomen. it's called a meteorologist. >> oh, a metamagobbermist. i mean, meteorologist. >> very good, gerald. that's a hard word. >> thank you. >> a meteorologist's main job is to make a prediction--that's a smart guess--about what the weather is going to be. so can anyone name a type of weather? >> cloudy weather. >> oh, and sunny weather. look.
6:36 am
the weather today is sunny. that means it's going to be nice and warm. >> right. the sun does warm us up, and it can do some other amazing things, too. the sun is almost like a superhero! >> wow. >> ♪ supersun supersun, supersun the super guy he gets the job done when it comes to energy he's number one our superhero, supersun he turns on the heat he turns on the light he shines all day never sleeps at night he does so many powerful things it would take all day to list them he's the hotshot who puts the solar in the solar system supersun, supersun the super guy he gets the job done when it comes to energy he's number one our superhero, supersun
6:37 am
his power is hot he can melt the snow he gives the energy that helps the plants grow he sends his rays for days and days to soak up on the beaches you can feel his heat and energy everywhere he reaches he's part of a beautiful sunrise that happens every dawn he's so powerful you'd better put your sun block on supersun, supersun the super guy he gets the job done when it comes to energy he's number one our superhero, supersun our superhero, supersun our superhero, supersun ♪ >> yeah! >> yay! >> wow! susie, you're right. the sun is amazing! >> yeah, and if you want to be a meteorologist, you got to be able to tell when it's gonna be really sunny and hot.
6:38 am
>> you also need to know when it's going to be cold. hey, how do you know how hot or cold things are? >> good question, gabriela. does anyone remember how we measure hot and cold? >> you measure the temperature. i remember. we did an investigation all about temperature. >> oh, yeah. yeah, we used those thermometers. i remember that, too, sid. >> yup. and see? i drew them in my journal. >> i remember. that was fun. >> today we're going to do the temperature investigation. >> yeah! >> we're going to learn how to measure things that are hot and--whoo--cold. >> cold like minnesota. >> exactly. now, this is a thermometer. it looks different than the kind your parents use to take your temperature. i'll show you how it works. >> ok. >> see this red line? right now, it's measuring the temperature in the room. but when we put the
6:39 am
thermometer in something warm, the red line will go up, and when we put the thermometer in something cold, the red line will... >> go down! >> right! >> why are there numbers on the thermometer? >> ooh, good question, may. these numbers are called degrees. >> ohh. >> right now, it's 75 degrees here in the classroom. >> feels good to me. >> sure does. now look here. the numbers get higher as the temperature gets warmer, and when the temperature gets cooler, the numbers go... >> oh! oh, oh, i know. lower. >> very good, gabriela! now, i'm going to put some ice cubes in one bowl and warm oatmeal in this bowl. then we'll use a thermometer to see what temperature it is in each bowl. >> cool. >> yeah. >> hey, you're a scientist. you can try this, too. >> the red line on this thermometer tells us that the
6:40 am
room is about 80 degrees. now let's put some cold ice into a bowl and place the thermometer inside it. observe what happens to the red line on the thermometer. yes, it's going down. that means the temperature of the ice is colder than the room. now let's try something different. pour some warm water into this instant oatmeal and stir it up. when we place the thermometer into the warm oatmeal, do you think the red line will go up or down? you're right. the red line goes up because the temperature of the oatmeal is warmer than the room. now for something really fun, let's put some cold ice into the warm oatmeal. it's time to make a prediction. do you think the red line on the thermometer will
6:41 am
go up or down? draw pictures in your journals of what you think will happen. oh, you think the red line will go down because the temperature will go down? let's find out what happens. hey, you made a great prediction. the red line on the thermometer is going down because the ice made the temperature of the oatmeal colder. so ice makes the temperature colder. warm oatmeal makes the temperature warmer, and adding ice to the oatmeal made the temperature colder again. >> hey, you know, if we didn't know what the temperature was, then we might walk around in our bathing suit on a snowy day! >> ha ha ha! >> you're right, gerald. so, what else besides temperature and sunny weather do meteorologists need to know about? >> oh, i know! try to guess. whoo! whoo! >> oh. it's the wind.
6:42 am
>> it's the wind! >> you're right. >> pshhoo. >> and not only is wind a kind of weather, but it can also be really helpful to us. ♪ i am the wind i'm in the air my gentle breeze blows here and there through every corner of the sky i am the wind you hear my song i bend the trees' leaves sing along i lift up kites that's how they fly i push the waves up on the shore carve mountains from the valley floor feel my power when i'm strong the weather calls me many names i am the storm and driving rain a cyclone, typhoon, hurricane i turn the windmill for all to see turn to electricity
6:43 am
you can use my energy capture me, i'll still be free and i will shake and drum and ring howl and moan and hum and sing through summer, autumn winter, spring i am the wind i am the wind ♪ >> i am a windmill that uses the wind. >> me, too. i'm making electricity for all my friends. >> so, my future meteorologists, what other kind of weather do we need to know about? >> oh, i know. ok, watch this. you're getting wet and wet. and here comes thunder. boom! >> whoa. >> boom! >> whoa! >> you're the rain. >> right.
6:44 am
>> i love the rain. hey, remember? we did a rain investigation. i drew pictures in my journal. >> oh, yeah! yeah, we jumped in puddles and then got wet. oh, and we saw a worm. >> that's right. >> here he is. see? >> oh, yeah. i remember that. >> you know the best way to investigate rain? to go and get right into it. >> we're going out in the rain? >> yes, we are. >> yeah! >> all right! >> we're gonna take our umbrellas and all go outside and try collecting some rain in these buckets. >> neato. >> we're also going to observe what happens when the rain hits the ground. >> oh, yeah. it makes mud and puddles. >> right, gerald. this investigation will be like a rain puddle scavenger hunt. >> ooh. rain puddle scavenger
6:45 am
hunt? maybe this rain isn't such a bad thing after all. >> yeah, the rain is great. wow. there are so many observations to make. let's grab your buckets, get your umbrellas, and go outside. >> yeah! >> cool. hey, you're a scientist. you can try this, too. >> look in the sky. what color are the clouds? ooh, dark gray clouds might bring rainy weather. and here comes the rain. let's make some observations. where does rain collect on the ground? how does the rain feel on your skin? what happens when it rains on dirt? right. it makes mud puddles. go ahead and touch the wet mud. how does it feel? is it cold? is it wet? do any little creatures like to come out in the rain? yes. you found a worm!
6:46 am
let's make some more observations. look at the way rain droplets collect on this tall leaf. now look how rainwater collects at the bottom of this slide. let's use our buckets to collect some rain. it's not raining too hard, so it takes a while to collect lots of water. let's compare how much rainwater everyone collected in their bucket. hey, there's something else you can do in the rain with your bucket. you can play. ok, scientists, let's draw some pictures in your journals. think about the observations you made today. rain comes from gray clouds, and when rain falls to the ground, it makes puddles and mud. >> wow. rainy weather is the best. >> i like it when it's really sunny. >> i like it when the temperature is c-c-c-cold.
6:47 am
>> i love it when it's windy. whoosh! whoosh! >> i'm impressed. my future meteorologists will be able to predict all kinds of weather. ok, i think it's time to go and play with all your new ideas. >> yeah! >> ok, let's play pretend. >> ok. >> we are all sailors. >> ahoy. >> ok. >> and we're on this big sailboat on the ocean, and i am the captain. >> aye aye, captain gabriela. >> ooh, what a nice day. the water is nice and calm because there is no wind. >> ah. >> ok, now it's windy! >> whoa! >> ok, now the wind stopped. >> ah. now it's windy again! >> whoa! >> no, it stopped.
6:48 am
>> whoo. >> ok, more wind. >> whoa! >> it's making super-huge waves. >> oh, no! i'm falling overboard! >> oh, no! may! too much wind! ah, woosh! >> i can't hold on! abandon ship! splash! >> yes! the sailboat is all mine! ha ha. ah, i love the ocean. >> more wind! >> whoa! ha ha ha! >> it's time for... >> good laughternoon! ha ha ha! >> hey, sid. >> hey, gabriela. >> what goes up when the rain comes down? >> hmm. i don't know. what? >> an umbrella. >> ha ha ha! >> yeah, that's good. >> knock knock, gerald. >> who's there, may? >> weather. >> weather who?
6:49 am
>> i don't know whether it's going to be rainy or sunny today. >> ha ha ha! >> i hope it's gonna be sunny. >> me, too. >> yeah! >> hey, sid! >> hey, gerald. >> what kind of underwear do rain clouds wear? >> i don't know. what kind of underwear do rain clouds wear? >> thunderwear! >> ha ha ha! >> wait, wait, wait. i have another one. >> oh. >> ok, what kind of underwear does the rain wear. >> i don't know. what kind of underwear does the rain wear? >> rainderwear! [silence] oh, um, now laugh. >> ha ha ha! >> now, that's funny. [recorded laughter] hello. i'm sid the weatherman with the weather report. today we've got the craziest weather ever! let's take a look at our weather map. ok, first we're gonna have lots of snow.
6:50 am
>> bla bla bla bla bla. i'm a snowstorm. brrr. put on your sweaters and coats. >> then we're gonna have a crazy windstorm. >> whoosh! i am the windstorm. look out! >> then finally, don't make any special plans for a play date in the tree house because here comes a huge, rainy thunderstorm. >> thunder! thunder! thunder! rain, rain, rain, rain. thunder! thunder! >> well, that's today's weather, folks--rain. >> oh, that's ok, mr. weatherman, because after the rain comes the sun. ♪ ta da i am the sun. i'm shining my sunny rays on you. shine, shine, >> shine, shine... >> thanks. i feel much better. well, this is sid with the best weather report ever. >> shine, shine, shine. >> shine, shine, shine, shine. >> it's time for...
6:51 am
>> good laughternoon! ha ha ha! >> hey, gerald. >> yes, gabriela? >> what does the wind do on its birthday? >> i don't know. what? >> it blows out the candles. >> ha ha ha! >> hey, gabriela. >> yes? >> how do you make sure your hat doesn't blow away on a windy day? >> i don't know. how? >> you don't wear a hat. >> ha ha ha! >> sid! >> gerald! >> hey, what do you call a cow that cuts the grass? >> hmm, i don't know. what? >> a lawn-moo-er. >> ha ha! that was really funny, but we're kind of telling jokes about the wind. >> oh. right. well, ok, let me try again. what do you call a cow that cuts the grass on a windy day? >> i don't know. what? >> a windy lawn-moo-er. >> ha ha ha!
6:52 am
>> now, that's mooey. >> moo! >> ok, i think we're ready to be meteorologists. >> yeah! >> now we just have to make predictions about the weather, so how do we do that? >> well, one way meteorologists predict the weather is by observing the wind and clouds in the sky. >> oh. >> i see white, fluffy clouds right over there. >> me, too. >> i usually see white, puffy clouds on sunny days. so i predict the rest of the day will be sunny. >> oh, that's a good prediction, may. >> thank you. >> does anyone else see different clouds in the sky? >> ooh, ooh, hey, look way over there. i see some dark rain clouds, and it looks like the wind is blowing them this way. >> yeah. yeah, i see them too.
6:53 am
>> those are big, gray clouds. well, weather experts, what do you predict those dark, gray clouds will bring? >> rain! >> good prediction. we'll have to wait and see if it rains tonight. ok, my future meteorologists, let's go inside and get your backpacks. it's time to go home. >> yay! >> ok. let's go get backpacks. >> what a day. i know so much about all kinds of weather. >> time to say good night to your big brother. >> hi, dad. hi, zeke. hey, guess what. i want to be a meteorologist. >> oh. >> that's a weatherman, zeke. >> hey, i think you'd make a great meteorologist. so, do you have a weather report for us? >> yes, i do. i, sid the meteorologist, have my first weather prediction--rain! that's because i saw dark, gray clouds in the sky when i was on the playground. back to you, dad.
6:54 am
>> well, thank you, sid. your prediction sounds right. gray clouds and rain. i'll keep an eye on it. >> ga. >> but first it's time for little zekey to catch some zs. >> ok. hey, zeke, night night. >> night. >> come on, zekey. >> so i've been thinking. i like all kinds of weather, but it's not really cold where i live, and there's never any snow, and that made me wonder if there's a way i could play in the snow whenever i want to. ok, i've got it. here's my super dooper ooper shmooper big idea. i'm gonna invent a winter room. it'll be a room you can change from a normal room to a snowy, wintry place any day of the year, even when it's the hottest summer day outside. in the winter room, if you want to make
6:55 am
a snowman, just push a button. swoosh! it'll snow the right amount. and if you and your friends want to build a snow fort, push another button. foosh! and there will be even more snow. and push one more button, whoosh! and you'll have a snowy mountain! now you can even go sledding. whee! thoomp. the winter room is snowy, awesome and c-c-cold. and that's my super duper ooper shmooper big idea! [recorded applause] [thunder] wow. i was right. the gray clouds did mean rain. >> sid. sid, did you see? your prediction was right! it's raining. >> yeah, thanks, dad. >> great job, my little meteorologist. >> good night, dad. >> night, buddy. >> whoo hoo! i love predicting what the weather will be,
6:56 am
because i am sid the science kid! [echoing] and remember, keep asking lots and lots of questions. see you later, scientists. [thunder] ooh. ♪ dih dih dih dih hello. i am meteorologist sid, and i predict more rain. wow! >> cool. >> oh, hi. we're just checking out our website. you can explore with us. >> oh, that's a great idea. come join us. >> i think we look pretty good in the computer. >> yeah. >> observe it's that time of year, when things start to get chilly... it really is cold. and oh so silly. it's "the cat in the hat" holiday week on pbs kids. well, would you look at that! let's go! join nick, sally, and the cat. so pleased to meet you. and wait. who's that? celia! cat!
6:57 am
get ready for lots of holiday fun. it's "the cat in the hat" holiday week, all this week on pbs kids, or watch the cat online anytime at episode full of amazing science. my friends and i will explore the weather around us and discover the amazing things our bodies can do. see you next time on "sid the science kid." [captioning made possible by the jim henson company and friends of nci] [captioned by the national captioning institute] >> "sid the science kid" is made possible by...
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first5 california is a proud sponsor of "sid the science kid." >> at boeing, we believe the best way to prepare children for success is by nurturing their curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, and letting the future of our children take flight. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from...
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