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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  December 19, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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"the electric company" is brought to you by... find your voice and share it, american greetings, proud sponsor of "the electric company." agreement from the u.s. department of education's ready to learn grant, and viewers like you, thank you. - shock, my good man, a glass of your famous fresh-squeezed orange juice, and don't skimp on the pulp. - sure, danny. - hey, danny. what have we got there? - it's top secret. i can't tell you. - what, that you're dragging around...a painting? - shhhhh! it's more than just a painting.
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it belongs to the great calvero, and of all the people in the neighborhood, including you, he trusted me and me alone to deliver it safely to his door. - hmm. - ok. cool. - this painting was made by his brother bandini. - what is it? - well, there's a word for it which i doubt you'll know, but let's just say it's an outdoor scene with lots of grass and hills and trees. - a landscape? - yes. a landscape. very good. i was testing you. - [gasps] oh, danny, it's beautiful. - beautiful and dangerous. - oh. - dangerous? - well, this painting is magical, and if someone says a certain word near it, pah, they're whisked away into the world of the painting. - well, what's the word? - well, i'm not going to say it, but it's a tropical fruit. - oh, like a pineapple.
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- what happened? where'd she go? - she said the magic word. - what's the magic word? - "pineapple." oops. - lisa? danny? - wow, we look like we've been painted. - i think this is a good look for me. - danny... - hmm? - is there a magic word to get us out of here? - no! that's why it's dangerous. - jessica? - jessica? - j-j-jessica? - help! - i don't think she can hear us. - oh, no. then we're trapped here forever. - well, we'll see about that. - "hey you guys!" hey, you guys!
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- ♪ oh ♪ oh, come on, yeah ♪ feel the power, feel the power ♪ ♪ feel the power, yo, and plug it in ♪ ♪ it's electric, electric company ♪ ♪ get connected, electric company ♪ ♪ it's electric, electric company ♪ ♪ get connected, electric company ♪ - ♪ yo, the power we perfected is electrically connected ♪ ♪ so use it as directed and expect to be respected ♪ - ♪ turn it on, and you will see ♪ ♪ that you belong in the company ♪ ♪ feel the power, feel the power ♪ ♪ feel the power, yo, and plug it in ♪ ♪ feel the power, feel the power ♪ ♪ feel the power, yo, and plug it in ♪ ♪ electric company ♪ electric company, yeah ♪ electric company ♪ elect ngs] - i sure hope calvero is home. - the great calvero will be with you in a moment. beep.
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- whoa. - that was a good trick, calvero. ok, so danny-- - now, don't tell me. he said the magic word, and he's trapped in the painting. - yeah, and so is lisa. - can you explain this to us? - my brother is a painter, but he's also a magician. sometimes he uses a special kind of canvas. - that's the cloth that they use to paint on. - yes. it's a magical canvas, and on this canvas, he'd paint a landscape, and he'd say the magic word, and, poof, he'd go into the painting. he'd spend days in there enjoying the scenery he painted. - but how would he get out? - well, you see, this painting is part of a series of paintings. - a series? - a group of paintings that all go together. this first painting is the doorway in, and the last painting of the series is the doorway out. - so, how do we find the doorway out? - you'll have to ask my brother. - ok. where is he? - there's the rub. two years ago, he disappeared.
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i searched far and wide for him. i do wish he'd come back home. it's terribly lonely at thanksgiving. - where are the rest of the paintings? - at his studio in the old castle in the park. - then that's where we're going. - hmm, good luck. - all right. thank you, calvero. we're gonna need it. - so, when does your famous electric company come to the rescue? - don't worry. they'll be here. - well, they better hurry. i'm getting hungry. all i had was a muffin for breakfast, and it wasn't even a very big muffin. - hey, i think i just saw someone. - where? - over there. do you think maybe he knows the way out of here? oh, ooh, let's go. come on. hey, wait up! - wait. what about the electric company? - oh, yeah. oh, i'll leave a note. - "gone to find a way out!" hey, wait.
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why didn't you tell them to send some food? - look at this-- bandini's art studio. - well, there are a lot of easels, but i don't see any paintings. - just one blank canvas. - look at this. wow. his paintings are really good. i wish i could paint like this. - these landscapes are a lot like the one we have. this must be the rest of the series. - mm-hmm. - hey, look. these two go together. see, the picture keeps on going from this painting to this one. the picture is continuous. - oh, those are continuous, too. - yeah. they're all continuous. if we put them up in order, then the last one should be the way out. - let's go put them on the easels. - all right. let me put-- -ok.
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- hmm... - no, no, no. you guys' go together. try those at the end because-- - no, no. you go that way. - i got it. - put that one here. not sure-- all right. let's try it. and then--uh-oh. - they're gone. - well, at least they left a note. - "gone to find a way out!"? rrr. [buzzer] - you are getting sleepy, sleepy.
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ok. now meet my friend bossy "r." whenever you come before the letter "r," you will change your sound. "a," you make the "ah" sound, like in "cat," but "r" will change you to "ar," like in "car." "e," you make the "eh" sound, like in "hen," but "r" will change you to "er," like in "her." "i," you make the "ih" sound, like in "sit," but "r" will change you to "er," like in "sir." "o," you make the "ah" sound, like in "spot," but "r" will change you to "or," like in "sport," and you, "u"--yes, you, "u"-- you make the "uh" sound, like in "fun," but "r" will change you to "er," like in "fur." everybody got that? ok. now, when i snap my fingers, whenever you come before an "r," you will change your sound forever and ever, no backsies, no kidding. [snap]
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ok, "r." now you can boss all the vowels around. - ♪ now, once upon a time, not long ago ♪ ♪ when people read books and lived life slow ♪ ♪ there was a bossy letter by the name of "r" ♪ ♪ and anywhere she went, vowels acted bizarre ♪ ♪ she was sitting in the park with her friend letter "a" ♪ ♪ and when it got dark, this is what she'd say ♪ ♪ "i think you need a brand-new start ♪ ♪ "you sound different in "cat" than you do in "cart" ♪ ♪ "when we stick together, we can go so far ♪ ♪ as you go from "ah" to "ar" ♪ letter "a" turned and said, "i see. ♪ ♪ "wouldn't you rather be with your friend letter "e"? ♪ ♪ "she acts so different when you're with her ♪ ♪ so instead of "we," we got the way we were" ♪ ♪ from "eh" to "er" from "ah" to "ar" ♪ ♪ then they turned around, and guess who they saw ♪ ♪ "o" the vowel on a nearby towel ♪ ♪ with the round, little face and an angry scowl ♪ ♪ she said, "no, no, "r," can't take any more ♪ ♪ "i sound so different than i did before. ♪ ♪ "i was "oh" for "show," now i sound like "or" ♪ ♪ please go away, you are such a bore" ♪
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- [beatboxing] - i'd like a pet, please. - how about a nice bull? i'd like something that doesn't snore. - well, here's something that doesn't snore, huh? - that's not a pet. that just keeps score. - keeping score is important. - are there any normal pets in this store? - yes. i'll give you the most normal pet in the store. ha ha! there. your very own shore. - i can't take care of a shore. - oh. here, shore. here, shore. good boy. come here. come here. - we got nothing. - we need to get lisa and danny out of wherever they are. - the answer has to be somewhere in these paintings. i just-- - wait. i see them.
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- of course. to us, this is a series of separate paintings, but in there, it's all one continuous world. - and if they start here, then they end here. - so, the way out should be through this painting. - ok. throw a word ball. maybe we can lead them out of here. - right. - it didn't get through. - so, we can't communicate with them. - it's all right. the paintings are continuous, remember? so, someway, somehow, they'll end up in this last painting. - unless they go out the back. look. - ooh... - i wonder where that guy went. - i don't know. [stomach growling] wish bandini painted some pictures of restaurants or at least a bowl of fruit or something. - or a pizza. - oh! yeah.
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- you know, this place seems really familiar. - what do you mean? - i mean, i've been here before. we're in the park. - it's not the park. it's a painting. - yeah. it's a painting of the park. we're near that old castle, which means down the hill, there's an apple tree. - oh, well, then forget about that guy. i want an apple. - ok. first apples, and then we have got to figure out a way out of here. come on. - wait a minute, guys. there's somebody else in the painting. - he looks just like calvero. - it must be his brother bandini, the painter who disappeared. - he must know the way out. let's ask him. pineapple! - ok. we better get in there and help her. - one of us better stay here. - you're right. you stay. - i was thinking more...
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pineapple. - ok. i'll stay. - jessica, wait up. - keith, what are you doing here? - i thought i could help you, and i wanted to see what it looked like in here. it's so cool. - yeah, unless we have to spend the rest of our lives in here. now come on. let's go find bandini. - hmm. you know, this apple isn't half-bad. - well, grab a couple for the road. we got to get out of here. - don't rush my meal. - lisa? lisa? - jessica.
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- it's about time the superheroes showed up. - we saw bandini. he's around here somewhere. - wait. so, that guy we saw is bandini? - yeah. - at your service. [beep beep beep] - she's so bossy. - ♪ i never met a vowel ♪ that didn't like my swing ♪ is it because i'm so sassy ♪ the way i do my thing? ♪ i like to shake things up ♪ i like a sound that's new ♪ ♪ i ain't satisfied with changing "a" ♪ ♪ i want "e," "i," "o," and "u" ♪ ♪ that's why i'm bossy - ♪ oh, yeah, she's bossy "r," you better do what she says ♪ - ♪ yes, and i'm a star - ♪ little miss bossy "r," her way is the only way ♪ ♪ wah-oop, bossy "r" ♪ she's got a brand-new sound ♪ little miss bossy "r," she'll turn your lives around ♪ - ♪ let me introduce my background singers ♪
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♪ each one has a gift ♪ but they all sound so much better with me ♪ ♪ ha ha! you catch my drift? ♪ without me there to make them pretty ♪ ♪ they would just be lost ♪ a consonant like me ♪ to show those poor vowels who's the boss ♪ ♪ that's right, i'm bossy - ♪ standing in the back, i'm on the short-a track ♪ ♪ but next to bossy "r," my sound changes from "a" to "ar" ♪ ♪ so, now when i sing my part ♪ i sho'nuff sound smart ♪ in my car, it's an art - come on, "o." - ♪ ah, it's simple, yes, sirree ♪ ♪ i like my sound a lot ♪ till bossy gets a hold of me ♪ and i change right in the spot ♪ ♪ i got a score of sounds galore ♪ ♪ i had to run and tell my neighbor ♪ ♪ that this "o" has got a brand-new flavor ♪ - you see how i change the sound from "cat" to "cart"
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or from "pat" to "part"? oh, you'll get it. this is so much fun. - ♪ oh, it was set, we weren't a hit ♪ ♪ you can bet we didn't fit ♪ our hands were tied, but still, we tried ♪ ♪ to make the best of it ♪ then bossy came around and changed our sounds ♪ ♪ and put us on the mike ♪ now when we're next to her ♪ "e" and "i" sound just alike, yeah ♪ - "e" and "i" make two different sounds till i come around. i change the "i" sound from "fist" to "first" and the "e" from "gem" to "germ," you see? - ♪ pardon if i blush ♪ but i can't help but gush ♪ 'cause i'm so thrilled with bossy ♪ ♪ that i swear i might just bust ♪ - or burst. - ♪ changes "uh" to "ur" so "bun" can become "burn" ♪ ♪ yes, with that "r," i'm happy ♪ ♪ that i always get my turn - ♪ ooh, i'm bossy - ♪ oh, yeah, she's bossy "r," you better do what she says ♪ - ♪ yes, and i'm a star
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- ♪ little miss bossy "r," her way is the only way ♪ ♪ wah-oop, bossy "r" ♪ she's got a brand-new sound ♪ little miss bossy "r" - ♪ i'll turn your lives around oh, yeah ♪ [animals screeching] - uh, uh, uh, uh. bbb, bbb, bbb. st. - rrr. - [whoosh] rrr. [imitates explosion] eh, eh, eh, eh. ggg, ggg, ggg. mmm. - rrr. - [whoosh] rrr.
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- [slurping] [siren] [animals screeching] - bandini, are we happy to see you. - i'm pleased to meet you, too. - so, how do we get out of here? - that's an excellent question. - i hope you have an excellent answer. - i'm afraid i don't. i've been in here for two years, and i'll tell you one thing. i'm tired of apples. - but isn't the sixth painting the exit painting? - no. the seventh painting is the way out. it's supposed to be a painting of the castle. that's the exit. - so, where's the seventh painting? - i never painted it. i was about to when i accidentally said, "pineapple." - lot of that going around. - so, the blank canvas in your studio was supposed to be the last painting?
6:19 am
- yes. it's a magical canvas. if someone could only paint the castle and complete the series, we could all go home. - how about hector? [splat] "paint the castle!"? huh? "complete the series!" oh. ok. uh... those hills, the trees, the landscape. it's all in the paintings. - that's where the castle should be. - and this is our way out. - so as soon as hector paints the castle, then we can leave.
6:20 am
- i was in art class with hector. hector doesn't paint like this. - hey, doesn't matter how he paints, as long as he paints a castle. there's no right or wrong in art. it just requires that this hector fellow put his heart into the work. - well, you better tell him that. - ok. sure. paint the castle, just like they said. i can't paint like this. "there's no right or wrong in art." right. here we go. come on. - ♪ there's a lot of things that we know are true ♪ ♪ like the earth is round, one and one makes two ♪ ♪ when you're drawing a picture, it's like singing a song ♪
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♪ there's no such thing as right or wrong ♪ ♪ we all make mistakes when we add and subtract ♪ ♪ or we get mixed up on a scientific fact ♪ ♪ and here's a little fact that you should learn by heart ♪ ♪ there is no right or wrong in art ♪ ♪ so, let it all flow, let your mind be free ♪ ♪ go on and show the world what it is you see ♪ ♪ let it all flow, let it come from you ♪ ♪ the key to making art is to keep it true ♪ ♪ paint the moon purple, all the stars red ♪ ♪ if that's the kind of picture you got living in your head ♪ - ♪ make your own rules, draw whatever you feel ♪ ♪ when it comes to art, hey, that's the deal ♪ ♪ go on and scribble, scribble, like, 1,000 snakes ♪ ♪ draw anything you want, there are no mistakes ♪ ♪ and here's another fact to learn by heart ♪ ♪ there is no right or wrong in art, in art ♪ ♪ so, let it all flow, let your mind be free ♪ ♪ go on and show the world what it is you see ♪ - ♪ let it all flow, let it come from you ♪ ♪ the key to making art is to keep it true to you ♪ - not bad. ha!
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- [beatboxing] - [imitating trumpet] - yeah. it's that other o-o sound. - [beatboxing] - ♪ ow, ow, ow [imitates trumpet] - ha ha! yeah. see you.
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[beatboxing] - today on... it's keith versus annie. - in this duel, i will use the "oo" sound of double "o." - i'll take double "o," but with the "ooh" sound. - time to give you the hook. - and i'll just have to put you through the hoop. - try running around in the woods. - whoa! well, at least i brought some food. - yeah, but how are you gonna cook it? - i have a magnifying glass in my tool belt. - ha! a lot of good that does. - just admit defeat, and i'll give you some food.
6:24 am
- never. looks good. i give up. - cool. let's eat. mm. what? - you know, "oo" isn't the only sound that double "o" makes. - yeah. it makes the "ooh" sound, too. oh, yeah. - i'm pretty cool. - you're too cool. - what's the game? - i don't know. - ooh, i got it. let's do "oo," like "balloon." - cool. - nice one. - what? - "cool." that's an "oo" word. so is "food." - ooh! - food! yeah! food! i learned that in school.
6:25 am
- ooh, ooh, here's a good one. "cartoon." - oh, i love cartoons. - me, too. - wouldn't it be cool to be in a cartoon? - uh, guys, we are in a cartoon. - oh. ha ha ha! - what? we're not. that's crazy. - i don't know. - ♪ ooh, i'm in a cartoon - they're coming. they're coming. - what is it. where are we going? do you realize how painful it is to be reminded of my brother? - ssh! ssh! - hey! what? - senor calvero, this won't hurt a bit. - bandini. - calvero. - brother. but how did you find your way back? - behold hector's masterpiece. the series is complete. - now let's remove these paintings
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before somebody says... "pineapple." - oh... oh, i got it. pineapple. [laughter] - ♪ 'cause the time is now, the day is here ♪ - ♪ here ♪ the rhythm that you're feelin' ♪ ♪ the music in your ear - ♪ ear - ♪ the charge is electric, and all you got to do is ♪ - ♪ yo, ha - ♪ plug it in ♪ plug it in - ♪ 'cause that's what we do, we're the electric company ♪ ♪ inviting all of you to all the possibilities ♪ ♪ learning to write and learning to read ♪ ♪ we have a good time while we plant the seeds ♪ - ♪ seeds - ♪ and once you get it, you have to share it ♪ ♪ discovering your power ♪ you own it, you wear it - ♪ wear it - ♪ proud, and you shout it out loud! ♪ ♪ electric company ♪ is in town - ♪ town - wyclef. crazy.
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it's about to explode and i can't crack the code to get out, help me read this... my brother said, "i prefer a huge turnip to peanut butter!" announcer: your pbs kids go! friends are ready for anything. ready to fight a little crime? oh, hi! this is a pretty big deal, huh? presto! announcer: and now they're ready for you weekdays on pbs kids go! or anytime you want at "the electric company" is brought to you by... find your voice and share it, american greetings, proud sponsor of "the electric company."
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agreement from the u.s. department of education's ready to learn grant, and viewers like you, thank you. you play the games, well, that's if you play for me. go to -- there's tons of new games all the time. play for me! and if you don't, well, then you do what you have to do, but don't think i won't find out. reminded of my brother! shhhhhhhh! (laughter) now we better put these -- (laughter) ♪ oh, u o-o-oh, yeah!ation ha ha ha! ♪ do la la do do ♪ use your imagination ♪ pbs kids and you
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>> hey, scientists. it's me--sid. i want to find out why my play-doh ball won't bounce, so my friends and i are going to investigate elasticity. come explore with me. "sid the science kid," coming come explore with me. "sid the science kid," coming up next. announcer: "sid the science kid" is made possible by... announcer: at boeing, we believe the best way to prepare children for success is by nurturing their curiosity and enthusiasm for learning and letting the future of our children take flight. announcer: and the corporation for pug with significant foundation support from metlife foundation... the rosehills foundation... the s.d. bechtel, jr. foundation... the john w. carson foundation... and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you.
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hey, is this thing on? ha ha! >> ♪ hey, sid, what do you say? what you want to learn today? ♪ >> ♪ i want to know why things happen and how and i want to know everything now--oh, yeah! how does this thing work? why does that stuff change? how does that do what it just did? hmm. what's up with the sky? do you think i could fly? the world is spinning and i want to know why i got a lot of questions and big ideas i'm sid the science kid ♪ [captioning made possible by the jim henson company] oh, dr. beaks, i can't just put you on the team. tryouts are on tuesday. hmm. oh, hi. this is great. you're just in time to see my new game--play-doh ball. you just hop on one foot 3 times and then scoot around albert and then make your way past ignatz, zip past louis, and then twirl in a circle and bounce a play-doh ball 3 times like this.
6:32 am
uh! oh, no. what happened? it hardly bounced at all. hmm, i don't get it. i shaped it like a ball. it looked like a ball, and it felt like a ball. so why didn't it bounce like a ball? hmm, i just got to know. why didn't my ball bounce? >> sid, breakfast time. >> coming, mom. i just got to shape this ball into a ball again. ♪ ta-da breakfast time! >> good morning, sid. >> hey, mom, here i am, ready for breakfast. >> ball. >> hey, morning, sid. >> hey, dad. wow, what a great ball. hmm, i love bouncy balls. >> hey, zekey, here comes a
6:33 am
big bounce. ba-boom! >> cool. >> mo. mo. >> ok. >> hey, dad, i have a bouncy ball question. why does your ball bounce and mine doesn't? i thought all balls were supposed to bounce. >> that's a good question, sid. well, maybe all balls aren't the same. what do you think? >> hmm, well, i guess this one feels a little different, maybe because my ball is made of play-doh clay and zeke's is made of something different. maybe that's why they don't bounce the same. >> sid, you're thinking just like a scientist. it sounds like you have some investigating to do. >> you're right, mom. after breakfast, i'm going to investigate this at school. it's the case of the missing bounce. ♪ dun dun dun ha ha ha! ♪ i love my mom my mom is cool but now it's time
6:34 am
for having fun at school, yeah ♪ >> ha ha ha! >> hi. >> mwah! >> ♪ i'm looking for my friends i'm looking for you there's gabriela ♪ >> ♪ watch what i can do ha ha! yeah! here we go. >> wow. ♪i'm looking for my friends i'm looking for you hey, there's gerald ♪ >> yeah. check out my moves. ha ha ha! yeah! uh! uh! ha ha ha! i'm a dancing machine! >> cool. ♪ i'm looking for my friends i'm looking for you hey, there's may ♪ >> may i show you how i groove? ha ha ha! whoo! cool.
6:35 am
>> groovy. >> ♪ we're looking for our friends we're looking for you hey, there's sid ♪ >> did you hear the one about the kid who wanted to know everything about everything? >> that's you. >> you got me. [laughter] >> ♪ da da da da da >> ♪we're looking for our friends and look what we found we found each other friends ♪ [laughter] >> it's "sid chat," with sid and his friends. hello. welcome to "sid chat," with me and my friends. today we're talking about something we all really like. >> bouncy balls. >> now, gerald, you like little, bouncy balls, right? >> yes, i do, sid. see, i have a whole collection of little, bouncy balls, and they're about this big. >> interesting. >> oh, sid, sid, i have more than 20. >> ooh, that's a lot.
6:36 am
>> no, no. wait. sid, sid, i actually have more than 30. >> wow, even more. >> sid, i have 38 little, bouncy balls. >> wow. >> wow is right. ok. may, how about you? what kind of bouncy balls do you like? >> well, at home, i have a really, really big bouncy ball with a handle that you can sit on, and then you can bounce all over the place. >> wow, that sounds like the biggest bouncy ball in the whole world. >> yeah. it's pretty big. >> neat. ok, gabriela. your turn. tell us about your favorite bouncy ball. >> actually, it's over there on the playground. >> really? >> cool. let's go see it. >> ok. let's see it. >> cool. >> hmm, so, gabriela, tell us why this is your favorite bouncy ball. >> it's my favorite bouncy ball because it bounces really,
6:37 am
really high. >> hmm. let's see. oh, you're right. that bounces really high. >> really, really high. >> good catch. >> everybody! rug time! >> rug time! come on. >> that's teacher susie. >> ♪ it's rug time come on in rug time take a seat rug time ♪ >> ♪ we're ready ♪ >> ♪ everybody move your feet rug time ♪ >> ♪ teacher susie >> ♪ good times on the way rug time come on in we've got a lot to learn today ♪ >> boing. boing. boing. boing. >> boing. boing. boing. boing. boing. boing. boing. splat! >> wow. my scientists have all turned into bouncy balls. >> yeah. >> but you know what? i found out that not all balls bounce. >> they don't?
6:38 am
but basketballs bounce, and playground balls bounce, and soccer balls bounce. >> you're right, but play-doh balls don't bounce. i made one this morning, and when i dropped it, the ball bounced a teeny bit, but then just sort of went thud. >> really? >> really. >> that's very interesting that your ball didn't bounce, sid. why do you think that is? >> i don't know, but i think maybe it's because of what it's made of. like, my brother's ball bounced, and whatever it's made of feels different than my play-doh ball. >> great observation, sid. hey, why don't we pass around another ball and see how that feels? >> ok. >> yeah. >> here we go. >> oh, i was playing with that ball outside. it bounces really high. >> well, let's make some observations about this bouncy ball. everyone touch it and tell me how it feels.
6:39 am
>> ok. oh, this ball is harder than a play-doh ball, and i really have to push it in to mush it. >> mm-hmm. >> may is right. it feels different from play-doh. the texture is sort of rubbery. >> gerald? >> my turn. hey! hey, this ball doesn't stay squeezed, see, because when i mush it in, it pops right back out. >> you know, scientists actually have a word for material that can be pushed in and then popped right back out to its original shape. the word is "elasticity." >> elasticity? >> you got it. >> i guess things with lots of elasticity bounce really high, because that ball bounced way up in the air on the playground. >> now, that is a really smart observation, sid, and you're
6:40 am
right. >> so only balls that can push in and pop back out will bounce high? >> well, there are some balls that can change their shape such a teeny, tiny bit that we can hardly see them change, but they still have elasticity and bounce. >> what kind of balls are those? >> can we see? >> i love how curious my scientists are. let's go find the answers to your questions in the... >> super fab lab. >> right. grab your journals, and let's go. >> ok. come on, sid. >> come on. >> it's the super fab lab. >> outside. observe, compare, contrast, ah. >> ok, scientists. it's time for the elasticity investigation. >> yay! >> so what kinds of balls do you
6:41 am
have up there? >> hey, i have the playground ball. >> mine is a bean bag ball. >> i have a play-doh ball. >> and i have a ping pong ball. hey, susie, do we get to drop these from up here and watch them bounce? >> you sure do because you're going to see how much elasticity each ball has. >> oh, that's gonna be so fun. >> i bet these aren't going to bounce the same because they're all made out of something different. >> you're right, gabriela, and in this investigation, we're going to see if you all can predict how much elasticity something has just by feeling it. >> yeah. i have the ball that you can push in. >> well, some of the objects you'll be able to push in and watch them pop back out, and some of them you won't be able to push in at all. it's up to you to investigate. >> i love bouncing stuff. hey, when do we get to start? >> right now. let the elasticity investigation begin. >> yay! >> hey, you're a scientist.
6:42 am
you can try this, too. >> let's start the elasticity investigation. we're going to observe the elasticity of a rubber ball, a play-doh ball, a ping pong ball, and a bean bag ball. first, try feeling the rubber ball. when you push it in, does it pop back out to its original shape? yes. it does. what happens when you push in the play-doh ball? oh, it doesn't regain its shape at all. try pushing in the bean bag ball. it doesn't regain its shape, either. the ping pong ball is hard to push in, but a grownup can push it in, and look. it does regain its shape. can you predict which ball will bounce the highest when we drop it down to the ground? let's investigate and find out. ok. it's time to drop the red ball. your teacher will stay down below, and you can use her to measure how high each item bounces. so the red ball has lots of elasticity. it bounced all the way up to her waist. now try dropping the play-doh
6:43 am
ball. oh, it doesn't have much elasticity. it didn't bounce very high at all. it only bounced up to your teacher's shoe. next, drop the bean bag ball. looks like it doesn't have much elasticity, either. and now try dropping the ping pong ball. hey, it bounced really high. it has lots of elasticity. in your journals, draw a picture of your teacher. then draw how high each ball bounced next to her. the rubber ball bounced really high. the play-doh ball didn't bounce very much, and neither did the bean bag ball, but the ping pong ball bounced really high because it has lots of elasticity. >> science is fun because you get to bounce stuff. >> i agree. gerald, would you like to show us your journal? >> ok. well, rubber ball, that one bounced up to your head.
6:44 am
the ping pong ball, at bounced up to your belt. the bean bag only bounced up to your shoe--that's pretty low-- but then the play-doh, that one went, "neeeerowwww...doink." [laughter] >> great picture, gerald. so did anyone else make a surprising discovery about how high the items would bounce? >> i did. i couldn't push in the ping pong ball at all, but guess what? it bounced. it has lots of elasticity. >> how interesting, may. >> thank you. >> wow, so you can't always tell how much elasticity something has just by feeling it or trying to push it in. >> you're right. oh, i'm so impressed with my scientists. i think it's time to play with all your new ideas. >> yeah! >> have fun. [laughter] >> hey, everyone, try to say this as fast as you can.
6:45 am
big, blue, rubber ball bouncing by the bossy bear's butter bakery. >> oh, that's great. ok. >> all right. i'll try. [inhales] blig, blue butterball's bear is a bouncing bear on a bakery bear. i messed up. ha ha ha! >> ok. here it goes. big, blue, rubber ball bear butter is bossy-- oh, i can't do it. >> almost, sid. >> ok. big, blue, rubber ball bounces by the blossy bear's blutter bakery. >> wow, that was great, may. >> thank you. >> let's all try it together. >> ok. big, blue, rubber ball bouncing by the bossy bear's boooter buckery. butter bookery. uh, butter bakery. >> yay! we did it. [laughter]
6:46 am
>> jump, jump. >> ok, ok. it is now time for a game of elasticity tag. >> that sounds great. >> it's like freeze tag, but instead of freezing in place when you're tagged, you have to bounce like you have lots of elasticity until you tag someone else. >> come on. let's play. >> yeah. come on, come on. let's play. >> ok. >> boing boing boing boing. tag. you're it, may. bounce like you have lots of elasticity. >> ok. i'm going to bounce like a super-duper bouncy ball. boing boingy boingy. here comes the bouncy ball. >> look out, sid! look out! >> yikes! >> she's gonna get you. >> tag. >> you got me. ok. my turn. i'm a rubber ball with
6:47 am
super-duper-duper elasticity, so i bounce really high and fast. >> whoa! ok. no. oh, no! oh, no! ha ha ha! you can't catch me, sid. >> yes, i can. >> i'm too fast for you. >> nun-uh. boing boing boing. tag. you're it, gerald. >> ok. ok. i'm a ping pong ball, so i'm gonna bounce extra super-duper extra high, and i'm gonna tag gabriela. hey, guys, where is gabriela? >> oh, um...i don't know. >> gabriela? >> where'd she go? >> i don't know. >> i'm over here. you can't catch me. i'm a super bouncer. just try to catch me. come on. >> ok. here we come. >> let's tag her.
6:48 am
>> ooh, no one can get me here. where did everybody go? >> tag! ha ha ha! >> oh, you got me. >> yeah. >> and now... >> it's time... >> for susie... >> to sing. >> go, susie. >> wow, my scientists love to bounce. who here wishes they could bounce all the time really high in the air? >> me. >> me, too. lots of people do. there are so many ways people use elasticity to try and bounce as high as they can, and that makes me think of a song, a really bouncy song. ha ha ha! whoo! ♪i'm bouncing over to you just to announce it makes me so happy to see everybody bounce
6:49 am
bouncing to the mall or the park real quick on a giant bouncy ball or a pogo stick we can bounce we can bounce we can bounce we can bounce because of elasticity we can bounce we can bounce we can bounce we can bounce because of elasticity whee way up there what a world to be seen bouncing so high on a trampoline bouncing at the pool on a diving board bouncing to the river on a bungee cord we can bounce we can bounce we can bounce we can bounce because of elasticity we can bounce we can bounce we can bounce we can bounce because of elasticity bouncing up and down bouncing so free we can bounce because of elasticity bouncing night and day
6:50 am
so joyfully we can bounce we can bounce we can bounce we can bounce because of elasticity we can bounce we can bounce we can bounce we can bounce because of elasticity ♪ >> i am bouncing everywhere. look at me. i'm mr. bouncy. >> hello, mr. bouncy. i'm miss bouncy bunny. let me introduce you to my friend. >> sir bounce-a-lot. i'm here to bounce. yeah. >> and i am princess bouncy. >> all right, my bouncy scientists. time to bounce on out of the classroom and go home. let's go. a-boing boing boing... >> boing boing boing. bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, boing. >> now, where's my sid? >> ooh, right here, grandma. >> oh. ooh.
6:51 am
now, okey doke. let's roll. >> let's roll. [music playing] [humming] >> yoo hoo! ha ha ha! [humming] >> ♪backseat driving with grandma ♪ >> ♪ oh, yeah >> hey, grandma, guess what? >> oh, what, kiddo? >> well, i shaped my play-doh clay into a ball this morning, but it wouldn't bounce like a ball. >> wouldn't bounce? well, why was that? >> well, the reason it wouldn't bounce is, it didn't have much elasticity. >> ooh, that's a big, old science word--elasticity. well, sid, tell me what does have more elasticity? >> all kinds of things, grandma, like ping pong balls and rubber balls. they have lots of elasticity. >> yes, rubber balls. i know something about them. did you know rubber balls have been around for thousands of
6:52 am
years? >> really? >> oh, yes. a long time ago, there weren't stores where kids could buy rubber balls. no, sirree. they say the first rubber balls were made by people who lived in central america. way back then, thousands of years ago, some smart people took juice and sap from rubber trees, rolled it into a round shape, and then tried bouncing it, and guess what? it worked. they made a rubber bouncy ball. whoo hoo! >> wow, people a long time ago liked bouncy balls just like i do. >> they sure did, kiddo. >> can you believe it? rubber balls have been around for thousands of years. my grandma knows everything. ♪i learned something cool something cool today i know it upside down and inside out i learned all about elasticity ♪ whoo hoo! boing boing boing.
6:53 am
bouncy scientist in the house. [applause] whoo hoo! boing boing boing. >> yes. ball. >> ball. >> ball. i see it, zekey. ball. ball. >> hi, mom. hi, zeke. >> hi, honey. how was school? >> school was great. hey, guess what, zeke. i learned all about bouncy balls just like this one. did you know there is something called elasticity. >> lasty. >> yeah. right. the more elasticity something has, the more it can bounce. >> hey, sid, i'm really impressed. sounds like your bouncy ball investigation was a success. >> yes. it was. i am now a bouncy ball expert. hey, zeke, do you want to see if your ball has lots of elasticity? >> ball. ball. >> ok. time to investigate.
6:54 am
here we go. bounce ball. >> mm-hmm. mm-hmm. mm, ball. >> ok, zeke. i think we discovered that your ball has lots of elasticity, and now i better go get your ball. be right back, zeke. boingy boingy boingy boingy. what a great day. i learned that some things have lots of elasticity, so they bounce really high, like a rubber ball. hey, wouldn't it be great if we could bounce like a rubber ball and bounce really high all the time? ok. i've got it. here's my super-duper-ooper-shmooper big idea. introducing super springy shoes. they're like sneakers but with big, huge, elastic springs on the bottom. you can bounce into the kitchen,
6:55 am
bounce while you eat your oatmeal, and bounce all the way to school. then if you want to bounce even higher, just push a button, and the springs get even bigger with lots of elasticity. then you can bounce up to your treehouse without using a ladder. you can bounce up to the roof and see the whole city. oh, but what if you want to bounce even higher? just push another button, and the springs get even bigger with super-duper elasticity. now you can bounce all the way to the moon. yee haw! wow, it's so beautiful up here. thanks, super springy shoes. and that's my super-duper-ooper-shmooper big idea. [applause] yay! whoo hoo! bye, everybody. got to bounce. hey, my bed is bouncy. that means i've been sleeping on something with elasticity my whole life and i never even knew it.
6:56 am
ha ha ha! ok. until next time, i am bouncy sid the science kid, and remember, keep asking lots and lots of questions. see you later, scientists. [hums] boingy boingy boingy. ahh... be sure to check out another be sure to check out another episode full of amazing science. my friends and i will explore the way things move, stop, bounce, and slide. see you next time on "sid the science kid." >> wow! ha ha ha ha. oh, hi. we're just checking out our web site. you can explore with us. >> oh, great idea! come join us. visit there's a lot of great information for grownups, too. >> i think we look pretty good in the computer. >> hey, scientists, a science center is a great place to investigate. you can explore new
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