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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  May 10, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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hello again, it's a cool, but clear day's start and traffic hasn't been bad as well. we'll have an update after the first warning weather. let's look at the day part. clear and gorgeous as we start this monday. we're looking at generally sunny skies and we're in the 30s right now, it's a chilly morning and no getting around it. we'll have a high of 66 and it will be cooler by 5 degrees. the mid-50s this evening. that's the beginning of the week's weather and we'll explain it all coming up shortly. >> how about the commute,
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here's sharon. well, still looking good and one accident to get in your way. one accident at i-75 and thunder hill road and otherwise, there's construction on the city block and that's on hairing run. you can take cold spring lane to get around that and it will be there a while. and otherwise, there's a beautiful sunrise and traffic moving below it. and no issues on 95 and mountain road. there's 83 and harrisburg. and at least, that's busier than 15 minutes ago. wjz-13 is always on, for more, go to don, back to you. here's what people are talking about today. an off duty police officer was attacked and you're about to hear the nintendo call that the officer placed. >> reporter: don, good morning, once again and good morning,
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everyone. during the four minute 911 call, someone can be heard yelling racial slurs at the detective and the mother of the man charged says that's not her son's voice. >> i can't see anything, i was struck with a bottle and i'm a police detective. >> what agency? baltimore city police. >> reporter: he's accused with attacking an off duty police officer while the officer was on his way will home. the officer was on his way home and speeding and -- that's what the man says. >> the detectives account is inaccurate, she says. on the 911 tape, he says he can barely see and he's calling for backup. >> reporter: someone can be
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heard yelling racial slurs as he spoke to the 911 dispatcher. >> i'm unarmed, not even carrying a gun and there are like eight guys out there. he cut me in my eye. he's a white male, heavy set. i can only see out of one eye right now. >> the language that was yelled, that's not my son's voice. >> reporter: she says it was her son's friends and that he attacked her son with a knife before he struck him with self- defense. >> he was released from the hospital over the weekend and he could lose all of his site in that one eye. a judge denied to set bail for him. and a city man is behind
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bars charged with murdering his pregnant girlfriend. andrew jackson is accused of strangling his girlfriend that was five months pregnant with his baby. the family of yeardley love lays her to rest this weekends before she was set to graduate. thousands paid their final respects. the police charged her exboyfriend in her beating death. any time you hear about, you know, someone who is suddenly taken, you know, so young, how could you prepare for that? i mean, you cannot. there's nothing you can do but show love and support for the family. >> the lawyer for the accused says that it was an accident. and it was a ride to
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remember. hundreds hit the road on mother's day to remember fallen police officers. the journey pays respect to officers around the country that have died in the line of duty. >> what's really impressive is that the police motor officers from as far away as from san francisco and new york and down in florida and they have 20, 30 bikes from each unit. >> it started in 1996 and this year, 125 fallen officers were remembered by the riders. >> there's history in the making president is prepareing to name his nominee for the supreme court and everyone seems to know who it is already. here's tara mergener with more. >> reporter: this morning, president obama is going to
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nominate elena kagan. if confirmed, she would replace the retiring justice and put the supreme court on track to have three female justies for the first time in history. she's done a wonderful job and i've known her since the clinton years. >> at 50 years old, she would be the youngest of the 9 member court and she's arguing the government side and she's the first female dean. she's a liberal and republicans aren't expected to block her nomination, they're expected to give her a tough grilling. the republicans will show that the court should be a more narrow role. >> and she has a track record of winning over liberal and conservative faculty and one thing that could hurt her is lack of time on the bench.
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she's never served as a judge. but the white house is going to put a positive spin on the lack of judicial experience, this' more than one career path that leads to the supreme court. >> if i proved, she'll be on the court with three women. wall street is having a big day. all signs are pointing for the wall street to open highier and the s&p opening highier and the european union put up $1 trillion to help the economy. and nikkei surge overnight and the european markets are trading highier. all up 4 1/2% to 8 1/2%. >> the orioles are back after a
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rough day in minnesota yesterday. and they struggled and gave up six runs and they're shutout losing 6-0. meanwhile, out in oakland. there were no problemsonn the mound for braiden. he pitched a perfect day yesterday. that was the 19th perfect game in the history of major league baseball. >> all right, that's a beautiful sunrise and that's beautiful. and we brought up the preakness website. [ indiscernible ] five days to go and 11 hours and 56 minutes and 4 seconds until the people's race and the people's party. getting ready to get our preak
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on. it's preakness, 2010. >> let's look at the graphic. i mean, it will be a clear day. we have an april like chill, if you will. we have temperatures hanging in the 30s and we'll go for a high of 66 degrees. let's go to the ronster. ronald reagan in the -- ron matz in the middle of a love fest. we're kicking off preakness week here in the morning edition with a manic monday from the site of what this year will be the single most important race in the triple crown. ronnie, take it away. it's a beautiful day's start to a great week. >> and what a mornings the. it's gorgeous out. preakness 1:35. coming up on saturday, we're
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kicking off here in front of the grandstand. it's manic monday at pimlico. that's when thth,,,,,,,,,,,,
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75% humidity and westerly breeze and barometer up to 32 and 31. 36 downtown and 40 elkton and 34 and 46. and look at western maryland. 32 degrees in cumberland and 37 in bel air and 37 westminster and 44 annapolis and 45 on kent island and rock hall. we have high pressure running the show and as the high slips to the south and east, it will push the air our way. that will give us a gray day tomorrow and a chance of rain and frankly, to be honest, we'll just get 66 degrees this
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day and mostly sunny skies. and tonight, 43 and that umbrella effect. we'll just go to 56 degrees. for you see clouds tomorrow and showers and you know the forecast is on track, give us, well, really great weather for the preakness stakes. and wednesday, clearing and sunshine, afternoon and 77. for the belie eyed susan, that's a great day for susan g. komen. what they've done for the friday race, nothing short of chamber of commerce spectacular, what a great day with a high of 80 degrees. saturday, preakness day holds out one of the finest we've had in a while and sunshine and temperatures in the 70s. the weather will cooperate for what this year will be the single most important race of
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the three triple crown events. it should be a pretty morning to take a ride right now. well, just a few issues to get in your way. we have an accident in columbia and watch for that one on thunder hill road. one new problem coming in. that's a fire, a building fire and a two alarm reported on frankfort and possible lane closiers there and nearby, argon, that's closed and cold spring lane instead. and there's a look at 95 and sun glare could be a factor and there's a look at the westside. and 97 looking good at bensfield. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. toyota, buy right the first time and save more in the long run. now, it's time for manic monday. ♪
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>> you know, i completely love what the folks at the jockey club have done in framing preakness and turning it in and taking it out of royalty and turning it into the people's day and the people's race. when supersaver, a national unknown if you will, outside of the industry. he's won the kentucky derby, it made preakness the race, could this horse do it again. not just a door mat, this is going to be one of the finest preakness events on track we've seen. off track, i think get your preak is fantastic. why not frame it and use a popular song as the bide post.
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we're with the ronster, live from old hill top. >> all right, don and marty and everyone. preakness week in maryland, starting today. it's manic monday in pimlico. we thank everyone for coming out. that's going to look great in my living room, i tell you. karen, great to see you. >> good morning, happy preakness. >> we have a lot of things going on. we want to talk about friday, first. what you've done is nothing short of amazing. you turned the day into the people's pink party. that's correct. we partnered with susan g. komen for the cure for the first inaugural party on friday to raise money for susan g. komen and it's been a wonderful partnership. we have a lot of cool things going on and probably the
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biggest feature is the legend for the cure with retired female champions coming to compete in the race and it's exciting. there are fabulous riders and everyone's looking forward to it and it will raise a lot of money for the breast cancer awareness and breast cancer research. we're privileged to be a part of that. >> what a great idea, you should be proud of that and of course, the 135th running of the preakness saturday. >> yeah! >> infield will be great. it will be wild, we have a fabulous festival planned and two stages and the head liners are oar and zach brown band and mr. green jeans and collective sole and a lot of activities and it's getting better and better and we invite everyone out for the pink party friday and saturday to get their preak
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on. and it's a great race and we'll have 14 sprays and a full speed -- 14 entries and a full field and a great day. >> and baltimore in the spotlight, worldwide. i'm bringing over dan, he's with espn 1300. stan, you have a big show. >> tomorrow night, 6:00 to 8:00 and in addition to giving away two infield tickets, we'll give a listener a $1000 win place or show win on the horse and we'll have dee wayne lucas and that's from 6:00 to 8:00. >> thank you for coming out. >> that's sharon and d.j. in the back. good to see you and ladies and
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gentlemen, come over here. blinkers is here, too. we couldn't do this without blinkers. >> hey, ron? >> only on this show would a real thoroughbred up stage the most valuable trophy in all of sports >> oh, i get to do the cueing this morning. right? >> all right, let's do it. >> queue, melvin >> hey, ron, are you spinning at the people's party saturday. >> i'm going to be spinning in the infield saturday. [singing manic monday]
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and you're invited back in november. guys, does it get any better. >> yeah, it does, hey, ron? it does, in five days, 11 house
6:22 am
and 39 minutes and 58 seconds. >> let the count down begin. >> thank you, everyone. and thank you, preakness saturday at pimlico. >> be there! all right, look, i have to tell you. i think what they've done is fabulous. look, as a matter of fact, i was signature here, read -- i was sitting here, i'm a little taken back by the get your preak on. and we have the second jewel of the triple crown, it's our party. >> it always has been. >> no, it hasn't. >> sometimes -- this is the framing of this has been for the world. >> oh, i see. this is our party, let the world come to our event. that's what they've done. the people's race and the people's party. welcome to baltimore's day in the sun.
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we have all of that. >> that's brilliant. >> brilliant. we'll take a break, we'll come back with more of the eyewitness news morning edition. ,,,, i'm going in. troubleshooting runs on dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. with our new iced dark roast coffee. grab a delicious cup today. america runs on dunkin'.
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we'll be back to above normal by midweek. and yet to come on the morning edition. >> i'm in venice, louisiana. british petroleum is looking into different ways to stop the massive oil leak. what they're considering, coming up. a possible hate crime against a city detective and some is caught on a 911 tape. that's just ahead. and a big money day in the making. major news from overseas and we'll explain that. an so far, no delays on the roads, but we have a few other problems that could get in your way. right now, we'll send it to
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marty. the big bang theory, it's a bone fied comedy hit and the actor that plays shelldon is joining us. i asked him, you go rolling into vegas with that nerd persona, does every hotty try to set you on the real way of life and see his reaction. do you know what's in your spread ?
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hello again, it's 6:30 and you may need a jacket this morning. >> sharon has the latest on the traffic after marty's first warning weather. what a beautiful shot of federal hill this morning. man, that was just great. >> yeah, that's spectacular. we're sitting here looking at the left side of the screen, a fellow had a hoodie on and shorts.
6:31 am
that's about right. temperatures in the mid-30s now and 62 by lunch and on its way to a high of 66 and 55 degrees this evening and sunny and cooler. >> what happens as you leave your hood, here's sharon. well, the good news is, we're not looking at delays and we have a few other problems that could cause some delays. one in columbia, an accident on west 175 and thunder hill road. a two alarm building fire. possible lane closiers there and we have a construction leftover. and take cold spring lane instead and a vehicle fire coming into us, this on dorsey road. and otherwise, there's the beltway and everything's full speed at liberty road and 95 southbound is slowing down as we speak there. we'll try to get you speeds on that and there's a look at 97.
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and this is brought to you by your toyota dealer and you'll find quality cars and trucks. don, back to you. bp broke the media on the oil spill saying that the cleanup efforts have cost the company $350 million the counts should climb as the crews are trying to stop the leak. >> reporter: that structure that was supposed to gush the leak is sitting far away from it. now, bp is looking for other options to cap the oil. they'll look for a smaller box and or a jug shot. >> they're going to take debris and shred it up and under high pressure shut it into the preventer and try to stop the
6:33 am
leak. >> some 5000-barrels of oil are spewing into the gulf each day and in alabama, maintenance workers are cleaning up chunks of tar related to the spill. >> this is important, it's effecting everyone in mobile. >> and with no end in site, state officials are looking into the drastic measures to keep the oil from reaching the shore. the louisiana governor wants to use dredging sand to help rebuild the natural barriers. >> we would ask them to consider the idea of using sand to help protect the beaches. >> reporter: and the government is looking into criminal charges. >> i've sent down representatives to examine what our options are with regard to the activities that occurred there. >> reporter: those that live along the coast are watching
6:34 am
closely. in louisiana, wjz, eyewitness news. >> 3 1/2 million gallons of crude leaked out of the well. if that pace contes, it could pass the exxon disaster. a developing story in washington, d.c., in a few hours, the president is going to reveal his supreme court choice. we've learned that he's closen elena kagan. some conservatives are calling her out on the mainstream and it's explained why the democrats like her. she's quit witted and fast on her feet and he's a heavyweight that goes toe to toe with the justice -- tow to tow with the justices and she's well qualified. >> she was the dean at harvard
6:35 am
law school. and she's 50 and that's five years younger than chief roberts. and back here, a police detective calls for backup on his way home after he's hit in the face with a glass beer mug. and called racial slurs. andrea fujii is live outside of city police head quarters. good morning, don and everyone. the motherthe police released the 911 call. and until in the background, you can hear the threats. >> i was struck with a bottle. i'm a police officer. >> and he's charged with attacking a police officer in joppa town.
6:36 am
his family says that the officer was speeding. >> he almost hit my son. they say that the detective's account about their son is inaccurate. the detective says he can barely see and he's heard calling for backup. >> [ indiscernible ] >> someone is heard yelling racial slurs at detective cook as he spoke to the dispatcher locked in his car. ingly i'm unarm -- >> i'm unarmed and i'm not carrying a gun. he hit me with a bottle and cut me in my eye. he's a white male and heavy set.
6:37 am
>> the language isn't my son's voice. >> reporter: she says it was her son's friends and that the detective attacked her son with a knife first. >> reporter: this morning, he's in jail after the judge denied him bail and in the meantime, detective cook may lose his sight. and if you would like to hear more, go to anne arundel firefighters battled a fire. it was in the 1200 block of severn station home. a 4-year-old spotted the flames and the fire caused $347,000 in damage though. a row house fire claims the life of a woman in east lafayette.
6:38 am
the medical examiner is trying to determine her exact cause of death now. controversial spending cuts are proposed in annapolis where they're talking about cutting the police budgets. they're talking about furloughs and cuts. annapolis is face an $8 million budget gap. the police and fire crews just agreed to new deals. and it's shaping up to be a money making week on wall street as fears about a european recession have eased a bit. investors are talking about the european union. >> actually, this debt is a debt issue covering all of the western nations and japan as well. we cannot continue to live like this. we have to be able to address
6:39 am
this. >> the european union pledged a trillion dollars to help the countries to get out of debt and that has the dow open highier this morning and the overseas markets surged highier and the nikkei closed up 2%. back in this country. leena horn has died. she was one of the first african american performers to get a hollywood contract. her rendition of "stormy weather" was her signature piece. no cause of death is announced yet. the orioles looked to win a four game series and they settled for a split instead. they're getting the third three
6:40 am
hit game of the month. the twins win, 6-0 and the orioles are back home and they'll face the mariners here tomorrow. former coffee with guest betty white made an appearance on "saturday night live" over the weekend. >> like my under wear, it depends. >> happy mother's day. i'm 88 1/2 years old, well, it's great to be here for a number of reasons. >> she was invited to appear on the show after millions of fans wanted them to capture it. >> you know, i want to do something that she would get a laugh out of.
6:41 am
it has to do with bags and old bags. nothing with betty white. we're playing in minneapolis, st. paul. that's the new ballpark, we're used to seeing the twins indoors. it appeared to be old garbage bags but it was a fence. now, i have this beautiful park and it's under the sun. and as far as betty white, she's a cool lady. and we did research, november, 2008. that's the last time that the ratings were that high. that was when john mccain was on. and tina fey did the sarah palin bit.
6:42 am
think about that. that's how long it's been since they had those ratings. [ indiscernible ] [low audio] >> we're having clear skies throughout the day and 62 on the high and 55 degrees this evening. and cruddy tomorrow and we'll turn it around and the weather will be wonderful. coming up on coffee with. tonight, "the big bang theory" one of the lead nerds is joining us on coffee with. talking about playing a brainy physicist.
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it's 41 degrees at the ocean this morning and 36 in
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bel air and columbia and 44 annapolis and kent island. and high pressure is running the weather and the high's ply to the south east and it will drive humid air this way and this is the great week's end. with a high of 66 today, you'll start. and that's a chilly pool of air. tomorrow -- tonight, 43 degrees and there's a chance of showers tomorrow and look at what happens on wednesday, we'll clear it out and 77. 73 degrees on thursday and friday, that day for the black eyed susan, the big push to raise money for the susan g. komen, the people's paint party on friday. 78 degrees friday and by the way, it's worked well for the churchill downs. there's a lot of triple crowns
6:48 am
falling in line with susan g. komen. 75 degrees and don, take it away. >> here's sharon. and hi, don, not only do we have accidents, we have delays as well. one accident is on westbound 32. that's on jersey run road and watch for an accident and fire activity, i should say. st. claire -- two alarm fires there and argon bridge, that's closed there and we'll take cold spring road instead and a vehicle fire. 95 southbound, slow, white marsh boulevard and that's at 9 minutes and 39 miles per hour and there's the drive times and the speeds. there's a look at the delay on 95 running from white marsh down to 895 and there's a look at 95 and 32 and the westside again, slow, about 40 miles per hour on the outer lupe.
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toyota, buy right the first time. toyota, moving forward. and this morning's coffee with is with [ indiscernible ] ladies and gentlemen, jim parsons. how are you. glib i'm well, how are you. >> man, we're fantastic. you play a nerd on the show. this these days, you walk in to vegas, you're walking into town and everyone goes, there's the guy that plays the nerd, do all of the hotties try to find out if you are or not? >> a nerd, well, no, not the hotties, regular folk sometimes ask. i can be a little nerdy, but i'm not a genius. >> i would think that would be
6:50 am
a babe magnet playing a nerd magnet on tv. >> well, maybe if you played it it would. somehow this is not translating into my life though. >> come on, you're on a hit cbs television show. you should be -- radar online and tmz should be following you. oh, curse your mouth, wouldn't that be terrible. >> well, it depends. >> no, i would have to buy better sub glass -- sunglasses and hats. >> well, knock your socks off, dude. well, you've pulled off something incredible. it's a bunch of nerds and hot girls and you're all chemistry. the writing on the show. you've taken something average and turned it into a monster. well done, man. >> thank you, thank you very much.
6:51 am
well, you say it, too. the writing has so much to do with it. they didn't look at it as the black and white issue. they tried to tap into what is this about these specialized genius minds that's so full of material. and they've minded that. well, it's almost cheers like in a way. and it's apples and oranges. but you're right, there's great character development here. >> absolutely. and i feel like, as a tv viewer, that's what itune in for. to see what these characters are doing.
6:52 am
that's great. oh, come on, you're a star, when you go into the coffee shop in the morning, do people like notice you and say, there's the geek from big bang? >> well, yeah, sometimes, people do. you know, i've taken my fair share of cell phone pictures with people. this is for my mother, will you do this. i'm like, sure, i'm do it for your mother. why did your voice go up two octaves. >> i don't know? [ laughter ] >> hey, listen, our time's run short. you're a pleasant guy and thank you for spending time with us and again, for you and the ensemble and everyone, well done. >> thank you. grand slam home run. i appreciate that. >> all right, we'll talk to you later. you, too. >> very nice. >> and we'll take a break and
6:53 am
we'll be back with more of the eyewitness news. >> we are! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we're going for a high of 66 degrees this day, tonight,
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43 is the low and a bit milder than the overlow. we'll get an umbrella effect with the clouds pressing in tomorrow. that will keep us in the mid- 50s and now, over to sharon. hi, everyone, we have an accident on broken land parkway and frankfort, there's a problem there and construction on argon and dorsey road. and 95 southbound, there are delays between white marsh and 895. there's a live look at the beltway. this is brought to you by the cochran firm. call for more information. back to you, don. and stay with wjz-13, maryland's news station. ,,,,,,,
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