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tv   Fox 8 News at 430AM  FOX  September 6, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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for 31:00 a.m. only 73 degrees by noon. hope you're wishing is getting ready for work it's going to be a good day.e o b my long could use a little bit
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i have a dozen row. scott sabol mows it on purpose just to get out of the housescoe need some rain things will green out pretty quickly to get some rain that end of the week is looking pretty favorable for several chances ofty a couple f different fronts temperatures ahead of this next front from strongsvillehis in of that happens the humidity is going to point at 59th he will be near
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indices in height 90s tomorrow and maybe i get in the end of the weekof maybe as a pretty god that here. mostly sunny and a little bit of humidity with the west when that will relatively lighte b t trafc time with patty 4:32 a.m. h hopefully we can get back in the winning couple h don south of us we do have an asset tohave good news on both of thoe
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worcester road is regulated from centereg bridge to detroit southbound traffic has been detoured in the -- are signs are todd and i back to you. brian burns facing a number off charges including aggravated vehicular homicide they believe he wrapped in it outside that rocco's festival anduts stole tt car.o the stolen car hit another vehicle force it intot a the building killing the driver. labor day cookout took an exciting turn this weekend whenn a man storm ambulance and crashed the party mr mrs. interesting.
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unlocked ambulance at a gas stationun but what he did not ne was that i had a gps tracker. police are hot punished for some strange region he decided to drive it will cookout. that's only found out i was thinking. he didn't triedw to run a part of that point we surround it. no one knows why he went to the cookout he didn that police arrested a man he's being held without bond. scary. scene at the labor day traditioncene apparently somebom felle during monday's competitin this video of an accident sent to us by if you're trying to pull himself out on another competitor apparentlylf slips al falls.i
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of her we hope he is okay.dit that's a special he was released from the california jail on after sexually assaulting a woman who was unconscious.exuass manziel spokespersonba says the heisman trophy winner has in his old colleges health still live in la and 10:00, (-left-parenthesis fl all those -- >> it appears lebron james is gone hollywood again. it's a mystery why they werey
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turning off the engine. blue angels are headed home but notff tu before they delighted thousands thisw authorities are reporting a tes from storm her mean.te herman. we'll talk more about this and
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that changes changes by saturday. 'uhhhh i don't know what i said, i don't remember.' he's going like 'i don't remember'." "putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. i don't want to sound too much like a chauvinist." "you have to be wealthy in order to be great. to say it." "he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured."
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his
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there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while he's taking the shirts right off our backs. golden outside or fluffy inside. deep pockets or delicious ridges. tasty egg or savory bacon. experience dunkin's new belgian waffle breakfast sandwich. it's not this or that. it's all of it.
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i'm finally have been located he was inducted in 1989 they released a famous think they're notey yet ready to -- the needed thatat a person ofe interest is being how thatr person's been in jail since october.bee
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carolina is trying to lure children we reported on this on sunday may another report was found in salem they saw person in a clown cost him who tried to do withm them into the woods bo offering themo treats there goig door to dooreat warning parents. a bus driver has been firede after confrontation with the student.e the video captured by another pouring water on an eighth-gradeg of florida won trying to get revenge on her ak boyfriend ends up behind bars she thought she was that his car
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got the wrong the 19 -year-old was caught on camera before and after torchino a car. they sell her right away on a bicycle the owner says he tried to put the flames out with wate but it was too late. she's been charged with second-degree arson. get ready for the cutest store the story that you see all day.e his five -year-old saved of his and took the officers to lunch. in his bomb brought and subway is in for a surpriseu it was on hisrp given up police departmenten sure and other gift they shared their photos on and we haveok pagee this video committing his acts
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4:48 a.m. have a look at what many people are gearing up for next year's a shower.
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it's almost 4:54 a.m. we do have some 60s theh humidity is building temperatures today and tomorrow will be very close to 90. if you do so. middle and upper 90s tomorrowt willo be the last hot and humid day for all while. the temperatures with rain
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the front will stall out and we could seend additional thunderstorms late friday into saturday. 30 percent doesn't mean the flip of a quite 50 percent coverage maybe there willen be many areas that are not seen. again the chances will start to climbmb rush are i here are going to the game we're traveling route to eastbound thosel ramps up 45th remain closei r through the endf
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which means the end west 44th todd and nataliees pack to you.o all goodu things must come to an end a performance packed weekend wrapped up yesterday afternoon this serves as a critical pointo to lunch new careers spent
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people i talked to set their scholten of disappoint.s the stars of the show were the blue angels putting up an hourn long show each day there impressive performances created new admires that aviation. the foundation has awarded more than $120,000 to local students in cleveland, maia belay, fox 8 news. >> this is the planes flying overer i have not been.
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people. his client had some banks with me i would okay s just aboutab 5:00 a.m. weather and traffic every eight minutes.s. both candidates taking over the buckeye state it was busy thisu went presidential.s but each had to say and we're they spent the holid we're they able to get it done against the astros.
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it's so quiet and so still there. you can see the entire city. it's tuesday, september 6 it's time to go back to work and squat that's a short weeko it's almost friday. my name is nataliea herbert filling in for kristi capel. it's going to get hot again.ti with two more days of hot anda humid andn that will be it's worth a and not only that actual weather pattern but when youua look back historically very hard to get a temperature above 90har it's ony happened three or four times we will transition away from thatpe type of people who are transitioning into it now we start to fall back for all the way through cuyahoga falls in canton and new philly.


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