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tv   Fox 8 News at 430AM  FOX  August 11, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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thursday morning to you on this august
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night depending on where you are throughout the trip but we don't necessarily want tot i'm wayne also will still room to the 15-20 miles per the new reportsw making r its tropically humored was temperatures in the mid-seventies.wa with them moisture in thee
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if you are traveling no space to write lanesr are blocked just one
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with her charming to east side in this overnight work and overturns five to 71 (-left-parenthesis back at position those ramps are closed wayne and natalie. we bei woman as shot in the chest may
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police he did nothing i was on time to talk to us as a witness to the shootingw fox 8 i think why a family call 911 for an aim never arrived at the same.
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in just a few blocks away started checking about been no paramedicsted in an ambulance. through the roof 40 minutes from past.rou let's show you this is happened before s that acidic out the wod on this oneout to fit enough ambulance on your street one cleveland ambulance were forced to use an suv able to go to
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hospitals that happenedd at a good time e made the comment at on a confere from talking about the importance of which congress ann
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the latest on accusations are next.t. good morning everybody the rainfallnin continues up in paio most of the area getting a break
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will be cooler with the widespread rain chances in just
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how do you know backups just one lane is getting by and no word on any injuries a good thing
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hudson's''s your approach 25th andpp in about bridge it's also been a quiet right now on the eastside we have this overnight work and traffic is moving well) are close police are blocking >> as many as 25 people hurt rescuers say everyone is not
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state is raising questions se ?-ellipsis the e-mail show evidence of the clinton foundation fundshe the clinton campaign saying that they had
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as of continue his attack hehe tried to scale the side of trump he made it nearly 20 storesade
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would you buy food and that's
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>> it is the dawn of yet anotheo wonderful day ont the shores of northeast ohio. a thursday morning in the city. the 11th day of august 2016 it is 5:00 a.m.: it is somewhat comfortable right compared to prior things for join us my name isna wayne dawson bit in my name isme natalie hrbek in for kristir k capel. it is, then on.n. more rain is headed our way. good sleeping weather last night.t. they humidity maybe trust a little behind some of those storms. it's something packing going to get tropically humidid s stay thatat way through monday. are going toh get all lot of the one that we have right now which is highlighting these hite and miss you get an inch virtue or more


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