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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  March 21, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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he was a lot of fun very outgoing, with a great sense of humor. >> finished the statement said that they are working with officials in the investigation , security, parenting and company is one of the loss of our colleague,, his family also in morning, his wife of assistant saidwi said that they are saddened by his loss in asking for prayers for the coroner's office will conduct an autopsy tonight. >> matt wright, fox 8 news. >> details. >> details emerging about a murder suicide involving the couple that stunned friends and neighbors as tac lou maglio report. >> they say it history of domestic violence in the homes and that she sought the help of
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were called to the home saturday after a teenage boy discovered the bodies of his parents they say that 42-year-old kristi kennedy bice was shot to death byh her strange husband husband 53-year-old stephan buys who then took his own life .d they had recently separated, family members say that he was arrested in january for domestic violencehen his wife received a protective order records show that stephen bice was arrested a month for violating the court order by trying to contact her several times, her brother says last month that she was asked by officials to allow him to pleads guilty to a lesser charge of disorderly conduct and she agreed to. >> i know that she that she felt trapped a lot of domestic of violence victims who feel trapped like they've got nobody ..ti bill that the state could do more to help the victims and to
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outlets to do better to keep track of suspects. >> the family is now trying to make arrangements to take care of the three boys they appreciate the donationsnnhe that are being made. >> today they began demolishing a northfield center home where my family died in a multiple murder suicide is all that is left of the home where 43 -year-old jeffrey mather come his wife and two daughters were found in januaryy the medical examiner's office says that he burned himself to death with gas used to destroy the home, his fourth real-lifefese was found dead from an overdose of prozac, his two daughters were killed by associationii before the fire started the township trustee says the house would've been removed sooner have not been for been for delays for the bank to own the property. >> just a physical reminder of
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hit our community .re place trying to solve aa new site homicide called to the home at east 102nd and folk avenue and 79 a pitch and 51-year-old woman was found dead in the garagepipi with signs of head trauma her name has not been releasedth and no suspect is a test. >> they're still trying to determine the cause of a fire at the wendy's massillon, and the cop fired his 4:10 o'clock yesterday the restaurant was close close but so employees were doing prep work and they dig it out safely. lincolnway
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it just feels cold you did need a jacket today, on top top of that north northwest windop come, at times with a few flurries especially the snowbelt earlier today . since then high pressure for the south is starting to move it to the north so we will stay i cloudy tonight and cold .
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the next day to be dry for most of ohio,da the man's increasing tomorrow from the south and west , with that wind, ice above normal in the 50s . the chance of rain in the 8 -day forecast coming up in just a few. >> a fugitive remains at large after ramming a marshall's vehicle to escape they try to arrest maurice sinkfield and home in euclid they say he slammed into the marshall's car damaged car was spotted at eddy road and st. clair avenue and .
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violation .. when accused of operating what they say was one of the most sophisticated prescription drug rings they've seen o that in the next 11 years in prisont, allegedly guilty to five counts ., they say it was a very elaborate scheme and had several codefendants that helped her illegally obtained prescription drugsgsv, she apologized and said it was her drug addiction that led to her action.edt >> got addicted, and in any person i am not they have never hurt nobody and anything like that it's just the drug,thve once again i am sorry. >> assistant prosecutors said that her criminal activities spanned six counties for more
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employee who made claims of executives executives getting improper payments and perks admits it was a lie as dave nethers report.ett >> the false allegations filed a lawsuit by a former internal auditor for metrohealth medical systemud, simpson huggins iii claimed information about improper payments for travel and free botox, in a statement he admits that the allegations were untrue and he has now withdrawn his suitre coat the hospital released a statement of its own that says accept the apology . in january, the chairman of the hospital board denied all of iti. >> we have reviewed the report and are confident this exonerates our seo dr. boutros called the allegations that metrohealth system pay for his personal travel are not true, and also there is no evidence ofof theft of property or services
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treatments.. >> in a statement the hospital says it has agreed not to pursue defamation claims against hugginsegr , dave nethers fox 8 news .t >> president obama making history, look at his trip to
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they felt they would not see, american president visiting cuba , president obama spent his first day in cuba has not happened in nine decades, todaypr he shook hands with raul castro in havana cuba the first president to visit since calvin coolidge in 1928. >> as is true in countries around the world we have normalized relations we will continue to stand up for basic principles to believe it, america believes in >> president obama also taken part in an entrepreneurship eventnt and will attend the state dinner tonightan, tomorrow expected to address the cuban people in a speech . the us military place a small group of marines and a small outpost in iraqo to protect iraqi military
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the move comes a day after a staff sergeant was killed by rocket fire,n several others were wounded, the pentagon released a statement announcing the deployment but do not say how many,, two officials say it is between one and 200 t . u.s. bancorp rejected a challenge to colorado's pot law basco anoka wanted the colorado marijuana legalization to be declared unconstitutional they argue that allowed the user to get around federal antidrug laws and claimed it was complicating antidrug efforts but it was dismissed without comment, the supreme court here aame patent dispute between apple and samsung, samsung hit withut a 399 million-dollar judgment against him for copying aspects of the apple iphone they have been embroiled in bytes for yearsrsee they will decide if a court can order samsung to pay for every penny he made from the phones even though the disputed
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>> michigan governor says there isn't a planan to help lead flint recovered from the water crisis governor rick snyder says it with infrastructure in this employment including replacing drinking water fixtures and some leadwa service lines boosting health and education resources developingin mortgage options he addressing concerns in finding long-term solutions to improve the quality of life for the people.ttslo >> jerry in nepal colgan and doctor trout today to consider paid to damage against the media company they have awarded him $150 million in a lawsuit over a 16 bit posted they posted an online event having sex with ai life of his best friend at the time,i he maintained he did not
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were innocent clouds and sunshine, today i am 42 . we're going to be above normal tomorrow, . rain chances increase thursday and easter weekend forecast, pick day saturday . on sunday chance of showers . it felt like it's in the mid- 30s if with
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will have your winter coat the . doing and get a break from the snow that fell with about 6 inches and also looking at the high pressure that should keep it to the north next few days until, the low pressure that will move across the state thursday . with this fund to the north bring about some clouds . and at times between tomorrow and wednesday could come close enough to support if you spotty showers . tonight cloudy
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shower especially in the snowbelt, and wednesday, best chance of rain early to the north . it allows for a mild day wednesday ahead of a cold front . tonight low 30s . it is mostly cloudy tonight tomorrow mid 50s the wind from the south and westid becoming very windy and partly sunny . showers likely thursday
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rain/snow mix early friday saturday sunshine and and 16 on sunday but only chance of rainfall would be late day . a cement truck joyride leads police on a wild chase the surprises that he reached the gas pedal that tonight at 10:00 p.m. . the newest apple items can expect to be smaller including the iphone s-eex is a 4-inch iphone with 16 memory gauge the ipad 3 will feature a nine . 7-inch screen it will
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features as the larger modelii is also updated the apple watch . if you have a candle you may need a day before wednesday if you do not update you will not be able to download books from the cloudud and not able to connect to the internet is affecting those made between 12 and earlier if you encounter tuesday he will have to manually add the update using a desktop computer to regain access. >> two major fantasy sports sites celtic events in new york state attorney general reached a deal withl draft kings in fan duel the state has gone to court to trys to shut down the operations of new york said that they violate gambling lawsth not clear if they would leave indefinitely or continue the battle.ea >> putter is turning 10 years old today it began with a three
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character formatat users to express themselves with brevity became became a mainstay in the affected impacted everything from politics to culture and style ..t the road to review runs through cleveland, to reduce you to view young athlete making
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. teenager poised to bring home gold for the summer olympics, charles conwell junior return after a spot on the olympic team in la qualified and earned a gold medal at the qualifier in argentina . a member of the boys and girls club's of cleveland and a senior at cleveland heights is the
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the us boxing team. maquaila turner i knew that i was going to go home with the gold. >> represent the country as a 165 fighter and to bring home the gold. >> before that, he has prom and graduation and lots of training, the young man's heroic actions earned him a job and rulings he interviewed for a job at popeye's fried check in with a safe tried to steal the cash register, he jumped up and grab the land, and able to detain him for the help of some of the workers until the police arrived , the manager had planned tol hire him before that but they say that his actions confirmed he was the best candidate for
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oh, hey, we ran into your mom at benihana last night. uh, yeah, she loves that place. every time they flip a shrimp in the air, she practically leaps out of her seat to catch it. th's why i don't take her to seaworld. i know you-you don't want to hear it, but she was there with sart. that's fine. i don't care. it doesn't bug you when they go out on dates? they're t dating. they're just two friends who went out to dinner. and then went back to the home they share where they probably fell asleep in the matching pajamas she got them becausthey both just lovpenguins. hey, lots of people


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