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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  March 21, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> riccio . you kenny ray junior outside of the department where he served. >> the company was so low that supplication can occur ocean ensure that it is safe and going to the lengthy record, decided a year ago by another incident replacement program for
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other plants including amputationan and companies working in the investigation and mourn the loss of our colleague. a long time firefighter indiantown and a creston officer they would have celebrated two years of marriage instead planning his funeral . >> if such a tragedy . he was a great guy,. >> stark county coroners office said an autopsy is scheduled tonights is funeral is planned saturday in akron this and his
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will be deeply missed in asking for prayersrs. got harder for criminals with guns to get a break in court i-team report ed gallek here with what he's found out. >> strict limits on plea deals in gun casesct with the i-team found should change, new policy for cuyahoga county prosecutors handling gun cases doesn't doesn't much better chance to be arrested for gun crime found that many convex in cuyahoga county received probation for gun crimes now being prosecutors office says a new policy putting strict limits ons plea bargains encouraging is through the
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in the crime never solve. >> anything that we can do to allow another family to not go no through this to spare them the pain two years later toto. >> the i-team reviewed about 90 cases from 2,014> those were the most serious charge of concealed weapon or having a weapon as a felone about half of the suspects e got probation about one third ever got locked up including some given time served a few daysme under investigation. >> got massillon into homes killed the childrenn cuyahoga county tim mcginty put limits on plea bargains for concealed weapons chargesesit and the new policy says her regardless be
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for other cases. >> the prosecutor will be taken this elevator to the ninth floor to take over the office the office of the i-team wondered if the new prosecutor will follow this policy? >> are anxious for the increase in testing to spark a break. >> anything that will bring her case to an end and hopefully it doess. >> they say they're working on the new policyy cover a broad review of gun cases reached out to mike o'malley,se he says has not had a chance to review the new gun policysa. judges point out on the coast of these cases they had to sentence on the deal made they can sit this one on the because it was
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deal that was made. >> details emerging about a murder suicide involving hudson couple that stand friends and neighbors as jack shea joins us. >> investigators say there was a history of domestic violence and family members said the victim sought the help of the court system. >> hudson police are calledfa to a home on ravenna road on saturday after a teenage boy discovers the bodies of his parentsaf . material christie candy eyes shot to death by her estranged husbandnd, 53 of stephen glasser took his life . her brother who asked that he not be identified says there was a history of trouble involving stephen bice. >> by sister toldwas family members and coworkers that she thought he was going to kill her s we
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that separated and hoverboards had three sons to gather. >> they were her world one of the biggest reasons that she did not leave because she did everything to protect them and they try to do everything to protect her. g >> family members say that stephen bice arrested in january for domestic violence,ar christi buys god a civil protection order . a lot of victims feel a draft that they have nobody,a
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help the victims and to let them know that they have outlets to do better keep track of the suspects. >> they have have have established a go-fund-me accountant account to assist the three children left behind.ast >> it has devastated so many lives we have three young boys who don't have their parents and not trying to struggle with, and to make sense of it. >> family not trying to make arrangements to take care of them, they're grateful for the donations made by people across greater cleveland. >> 51-year-old woman found murdered in her garage type is trying to determine who killed her, officers were called to a homeo at east 102nd and folk avenue 7:00 a.m. today found the
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waiting to hear how she died but if you know anything you wear urged to call the cleveland police. >> class reminder of a tragedy is called in northfield center township they demolish what's left of the home were a family of four died,ft lorrie taylor joins us from that neighborhood. >> all that's left of the home where the mather family lived . remains of the house shared by jeffrey mather and his wife and two daughtersed has been a reminder of the painful chapter
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in this neighborhood . the milk is ever said that he committed suicide . use the gasoline to destroy his home on skyhaven is wife's body or body, dead from a prozac overdose, but the two girls were killed before the fire started from asphyxiation . the township trustee says the burned-out shellll would have been looser if not for delays of the bank tells the tales of. >> now people can start to recover. >> both the neighbors we spoke to were not into to talk on
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final chapter in the story. >> don't have to look it at it to be reminded of the time they see say unclear which kurt was responsible for the deaths of the two girls. >> seemed like such a nice guy. >> too soon to tell what will happen with the property has been some talk ofha perhaps turning iter into into a park the land now belongs the bank, it is they will no doubt have some say .e >> investigators trying to determine the cause of a fire at massillon wendy's, 9:30 a.m.
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open,y they burned as nearby townships doused it with water grateful that everybody was unharmed. >> they saw smoke coming from the back storage room,m, and then quickly got up into the loft and spread. >> the two crews about four hours to put out the fire. >> that considered violent and dangerous is on the run after escaping custody us marshals trying to arrestan more recent field at home in euclid today that held got into a car slamming into a marshals car that took offg later found the damage getaway car but citi field was gone because he doesn't a former r hospital employee who made claims of executives getting improper payments and perks admitting that he made it up as
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>> allegations filed by a former , simpson huggins iii claimed he had insider payments were, for some travel entry entry botox injections s botox injections, and restatement huggins now admits that the allegations filed are untrue and inaccurate and has not withdrawn his sued the hospital released a statement that says it accepts the apology . in january the chairman of the hospital board denied all of >> we have reviewed the report and confident that this completely exonerates ceo dr. boutrosnt of the allegations thatal metrohealth system paid for his travels are not true and also there is no evidence of theftt of property or services related to botox or other treatments. >> in the statement, the hospital says it has agreed not to pursue defamation claims against hugginsed, dave nethers fox 8 news. >> school district is
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administrators to make up for declining enrollment the cleveland heights university high school district lost about 900 students since 2,007, there are just fewer families with school-age kids,he the result, the district is cutting 52 jobs including teachers and administrators before the next school year that works out to about 9 percent, the superintendent says that it boils down to trying to use the staff more effectively.o >> we have, operating dollars used to operate the district last . who do not have an operating levy . this decision was primarily based on our declining enrollment and want to get ahead of them because continued to see if the client
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effectivelybe moving forward. >> this will save about three . $5 millionn each year as a result
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sunrise on sunday, will be 7:17 p.m. .nr the white house will have their egg roll that was started by thel ohio president, rutherford hayes in 1878 . and, if you figure figure to buy a really into having a pet in the house you may want to reconsider because lilies are very toxic and,, the leaves are tempting for especially cats . your cat could be poisoned by
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looking at, snowfall that is very light . some of us had a few flakes earlier today and this is the view from new york, pennsylvania pennsylvania, of snowfall but then you have to go to the far westp to see another stall situation . here is the cloud cover, right by the areas ofr . the flooding is in southern indiana and to points south with freeze warnings in parts of iowa , wisconsin, western michigan, but not for usss, it will be pretty snappy . currently 40 degrees we made it into the low 40s .
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49 degrees findlay and ashtabula and youngstown upper 30s the high today was 42 degreesul, six below normalde . the miami 64 degrees, and 52 degrees washington, d.c., chicago 48 degrees and campus 51 degrees, denver colorado 72 degrees, tonight mainly cloudy and the overnight low around 32 degrees some
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probably . probably upper 20s and tomorrow partly sunny and later in the afternoon, especially to the north or could be an isolated light showersal with a high ofow 56 degrees . looking at 30 degrees wednesday and thursday a cooker type r system with highs in the low '60 s a chance of rain or snow and early fridayhs is still a chance with 45 degrees, for the weekend, saturday looks good sex-ed agrees with sunshine than mid '50s on easter sunday about a 50 percent chance of50 should be okay for churchgoers . by monday and another clipper type system a chance of rainfall
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and sunshine .t be circumspect if you have a lily in the house with pets .rc they could be fatal to them,h the lily plant is very toxic andt some animals apparently love the taste especially cats, so be careful. >> march madness continues, 16 college basketball teams
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any word on josh gordon and what about rg3's claim that i counted onw gordon they will rule and link reinstated the team would have to see where his head is at, and for rg3e they had a visit with the former redskins quarterback by all accounts they remain interested, they surmise that perhaps could even sign him but aside from that,e essentially
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stone unturned to determine which cornerback has the benefit for the teamam he said a donors meeting that rg3 is a tremendous talent . sashi brown says the team is not looking to trade joe thomas is the left tackle . i said too early to tell the joe haden,d who had surgery last week will be ready for the start of the regular season . and watch the game against miami over the weekendg and it was tough to watch can you figure outt the cavaliers scram the law not have cable love he is out tonight still the best team but cannot login for stretches of games issue in a
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saturday night, they played against the heat lead you to think that there are perhaps bored waiting for the playoffs this morning the wine and gold,, with the first of two home games take it offe the nuggets within richard jefferson said the team is not boredrd. >> we have to lock in a little bit more but have not been in focus,bu me included, famous essay professional i need to do better that . was not pretty that saturday night now talk about a nice welcome for a future olympianak . >> charles conwell junior of cleveland heights high school. he returned today after a spot on the us olympic boxing team
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medal in thee qualifier in argentina for the weekend is a senior at cleveland heights and the youngest boxer on the team usa squad .ht had to take the top three, beginning i knew that i would go home with the gold .k. the champion returned to town. >> the cornerstone of willoughby enjoying the spoils of victory . the school recognized the team they want division for championship in columbus beating the top ranked team in the title game by 18 points . cornerstone is a small school most of the
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the hoops team .h is a sophomore and an extended run could be in the cards for them.en >> it was our goal this season we knew that if we work hard we could accomplish .. >> congratulations and also to baldwin wallace women's indoor track and field team got home with a national championship and , charles conwell has to worry about going to things like the proml and also representing united states and the 2016
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local woman accused of s operating sophisticated prescription drug ring that they investigate is a this essay will spend the next 11 years in prison and.. >> karen is there courtroom for the sentencing as peggy gallek joins us with more on what happened
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but the judge says it is too late. >> 41-year-old heather matt schaub stood in front of a judge monday for sentencing on charges including engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity and traffickingeup to obtain a dangerous drug . said it was her addition that led her to organizeid what it was called one of the mostwh sophisticated fraudulent prescription drug schemes the same. >> i got addicted and that many person i am really not, i have never heard anybody is just the drugs once again i am sorry. >> she was sentenced, 11 years present . >> they say mitchell had several codefendants to help her legally
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doesn't show which shidea which force you to go to and had about three cell phones during the time doesn't knows it to say that it spencer counties for more than a year doesn't knows him that cost more than 5,000 narcotic pills to be legally distributed nodes chosen one the most sophisticated cases into our office, due to the level of regulation by heather mitchell as well as the amount of people involved .ch >> beside the prison sentence she is ordered to pay thousands of dollars in finesid and restitution, several other codefendants have been sentenced
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video shows baseball man doing manual labor despite claims of total disability, mark walker play guilty to felony count of workers er comp fraud in december, last week sentenced to one year in jailce which was suspended for three years probation, he is ordered to pay backio some $4,000 to the state how much he got in five years he collected disability. >> place looking for the robbers who smashed through a rite aid then took off with atm, 6:00 a.m. today on harvard, a witness said he saw two men loading it into a man, officers found the atm behind a vacant house tribe time innocenti if you know anything called cleveland policean.
6:36 pm >> your major winter coat out there. >> this morning it was in the 20 s, who will do better tomorrow. >> our sunset will be about 7:40 p.m. in> in the clouds usually makes it more picturesque sunset . we have cookies and some 60s this week . rain chances increasing thursday for everybody . but easter weekend have that
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most of us have been around 40 degrees the past hour and 50 to the west and southwest also 50s,t including cincinnati . tonight, pretty calm winds the tomorrow increasing winds, they're from the south or west beginning the warm-up processss, just like in the 20s and 30s just a cold monday evening for our second day of spring . lake effect snow has been occurring there erie
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, northern and southern new englandn got a decent decent amount of snowfall from a nor'easter with about 6 inches, high pressure to the souththw will be enough to keep this front to our north over the next 48 hours . low pressure area connection to a front driving up from west to east on thursday for everybody that is the best chance of rainfallll until then most of us will be dry sump advisories warnings across the southeast . toward florida and the carolinas are getting also very cold temperatures, here is that stalled front states of the
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clouds along the lake shore . tonight low 30s, mostly cloudy . tomorrow mid- 50s about 8 degrees above normal, a raindrop possible in the afternoon or evening only to the extreme north otherwise all clear .i thursday a front comes through with some showers the back edge of their precipitation could have a rain/snow mix early friday,ec near 60 on saturday, on easter sunday, could be a chance of afternoon rain time so easter
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be in the mid- 50s. >> the summers rnc is looking to be one of the most interesting conventions,s, john kasich continues to lag to lag behind both donald trump and ted cruz in the delegate count but he says everythingaa could be completely turned around by the convention . he made the rounds on the shows for the weekend believing that nobody is going to arrive in cleveland with the majority of the delegates that means ivt he is certain that their headed for an open convention in which he still has a chance to become the nominee. >> everybody has to face the fact there were going to have an open convention,er and it is an extension of what we're going through right now . i've been to a convention that was contested in 197676 . what happens is the
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seriously . to take a look at people's experience and electability l and i don't know why everybody is so panicked. >> he still has people within his own party trying to convince him to bow out, and that is thus a likely come up by time the convention arrives here this summer. >> activists made on the steps of cleveland city hall tonight to talk about concerns of how the city spends its 15 million-dollar federal grantnt power to make sure the rnc goes off safely, andt mainly what kind of military type equipment they plan to >> are concerned about that equipment, want to have some public input and the city council should be kept on what it comes into the city. >> who says they don't want to cause problems just to make sure that city leaders are open and honest about their security plans , the rally rally is scheduled to start at at 6:15
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attacks november could have been worse , but suspect taken into custody friday thomas plans to carry out more attacks here is kelly wright. >> the suspect arrested in connection to thear paris attacks may have been planning another attack the belgian government says that he had been cooperating since his arrest on fridayr tys. >> you want to go to paris and wanted to be a suicide bombing but he stoppeda and we don't know why he stopped . >> were 30 people were killed in the attack in november in paris they captured him after four months of hiding out in belgian after finding weapons in an apartment, he had ties to other criminal organizations. >> there so many links links between the so-called terrorists and criminals they use the same
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locations. >> told reporters that he had planned to blow himself up duringep the november attacks in the stadium but backed out . >> i think that the french prosecutor violated the secret investigation in belgian cup he is not a part of this belgian investigation he is a part of the french investigation. b >> he says that releasing details of his clients interview compromises his caseha and any collaboration with the police. >> lie under this complaint is because the fact fact that in the near future, he will be hurt again by the police or judge cannot, he is collaborating with the justice.. >> france is asking belgian to extradite him to paris but his lawyer plans to fight to keep them in brussels, kelly wrightto fox news.
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and russia while awarding you have for iphone 6 burst into flames on a flight midair to allied. >> she's watching a movie on the phone during the flight to honolulu, halfway to the plate
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put the fire out before anybody was injured.d >> also there was eight and flames coming out of the phone and put it on the ground and got under someone's seat and the flames were just getting hired a bunch of people stood up.n >> it was the battery basically the same reason that hoverboards kitchen fire,as experts say that it was a freak accident but they t say that you should keep your phone on airplane mode when you areu in the air that way your phone is not constantly searching for a signal, either way the faa still investigating. >> defense, small packages that small packages that is what apple banks on, they unveiled the new products including the iphone s-ei it is smaller, a 4- inch iphone with 16 gigs memory, the ipad and ipad a pro feature a nine . seven in screen, even though smaller it will include many of the same features as the larger model,tin
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watch. >> if you have an older candle you need to update before wednesday, if not, amazon says it won'tefef be able to download books from the cloud or the kindle store, and won't be able to connect to the internet . the update affects models made in 2012 and earlier, if you wait till after tomorrow you will have tow manually add the update using a desktop computer to regain access. >> city issues as some people think twice about using ubers now the ridesharing app is working on a new emergency in case you find yourself in a dangerous situation asaso alexis mcadams explains. >> the hotline is being tested, giving riders and drivers an extra line of security.
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other line call thehe uber emergency hotline and you feel you are in a dangerous situation . >> i use uber pretty frequently i have never had a situation that was roughgh align tested in 22 cities put you in touch with customer support. >> safety issues have not been uncommon for the ridesharing company, this weekn, the indianapolis woman said she was held against her will win an uber driver would not let her out of the car, she called 911 for the backseat and had no idea there was in uber emergency hotline number. >> last month, jason brian dalton shot and killed six people and injured two others
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in kalamazoo, michigan .h many passenger tried to report his erratic behavior and were only able to write in a complaint.asd >> to work in a more safety features to it you know that you that's missing to talk to a person issued. >> i have a lot of friends that use overnight fake-out a safety precaution a hotline in case of an emergency. >> it will be tested extensively before being made widely available. >> the wild scene drivers and riders to know that it is only for emergency reasons only. >> it is only being test marketed but if successful it could make its way to other
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while the most popular online the second baby eagle hatched at the us of freedom. >> the second baby born
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its sibling who asked on friday, enes kanter live on the eagle cam the parents known as the president and first lady . they both live and a tulip tree at the arboretum . the little ones will eventually be nameded during an online contest. >> people would often get the wrong number of these days were likely to get a wrong number or text. lindsey knox sent out a group text to tell that she was going into labor but in the excitement she messed up one of the numbers
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wrong number,k they kept responding anyway, it went on for hours with intimate details about the birth to a picture of the boy, he said that he enjoyed been part of itid to be a connection to her and baby carson tracked them down at the hospital but given the gift she says that she now has france
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