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tv   Fox 8 News at 8AM  FOX  March 21, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, cleveland and all of northeast ohio. it is coming up on 8:00 o'clock it is kind of cold out there we want to thank you for joining us. >> happy mondayfo help you had a great weekend. >> we want to get a check on the forecast thank you for joining us this morning. >> yes a nice spring color we are talking winter temperatures unfortunately. around here is where you will have 34 and a mentor y barberton good morning to you your in the upper 20s as well you factor in the winds the wind chill feels more like the teens and 29 and 31 degrees in northee olmsted. and then a jacket is needed a week
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few isolated snow showers in ashtabula this morning take a look at the snow out towards new england, boston, portland getting hammered is that cool so, i the clouds are at their with there with the sunshine pretty nice a 40 degrees today through your day today and it will feel more like that 30 but not a lot of snow 3 by the afternoon commute really looking good you will need sunglasses, so cute keep those see a d+ coming up i will have the eight day forecast coming up in a little bit including a nice little warm up patty, how is the morning commute looking? >> thanks a lot. good morning.
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east side with east 100 second they do have police crews on the scene here as well.e and they do have some kind take the set up we are not aware of what is going on other than there iss something going on it talk to cleveland fire they say they had to call it in a medical emergency obviously police are not giving out any information, but they do have this house your taped off east 102 not a heavily traveled area residential butbu south of st. clair won't mess up your morning meal but police are on the scene we will give you details as they find them out. we send it back inside. >> thank you. another news we're getting closer now to hosting the republican national convention in cleveland, and as it approaches, it promises to be
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recent history. >> the nomination is up for grabs number one who can win in the fall and i am glad to hear wednesday say casey is the best
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the other two can win. >> they said john casey could be the most viable candidate but he is campaigning and fundraising is improved when they arrived this summer it could be one of the most interesting political conventions ever. >> that is for fire crews and massillon are still trying to determine what sparked a massive fire at a wendy's restaurantspsp they are located on linking west east it burn for hours as cruise from massillon and others worked on it. managers was o thankful know a place are hurt. >> smoke coming from the back from the dryhe good storage room quickly got up into the wall and spread. >> the assistant fire chief says it is so too early to know exactly how the fire started. >> we are now learning the workers found dead yesterdaye was
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question police officer a how a man discovered that in his driveway passed away cleveland police say the 80 -year-old man was last seen early in the morning at this apparently a history of alcohol abuse they say he has bruises and abrasions and was found along with this eula avenue. >> the search and rescue endsi for the missing kayaker we have the latest on the investigation. >> rescue teams were busy here at the state park and portage county on sunday recovering the body of look collins from the water officials say the 20 -year-old from medina ran into trouble while kayaking with friends saturday night.
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and iser kayak my into water the second offered assistance with his personal flotation device in the process of telling him back to shore when hisio kayak went under underwater and capsized and he went down. >> he is a law enforcement management and says his friend eventually made it back to shore and seen by a couple of bystanders who then called 911. the law enforcement agency came to the scene and began searching for collins but could not find them we were not going to be doing any dive operation. >> david was part of the crew thatew found: c says they were able to locate them using solar solar equipment. >> that is when we investigated with divers with the victims. >> 's friend was taken to the hospital for high for hypothermia and has since been released because neither of the
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>> the personal flotation device g is why you should wear them whenever s you go boating like i said, no one expects to this woman when they go boating if you find yourself in the waterxp any don't have it on a maybe it may be too >> sherwin-williams is fine the house fire they will take it over the president says he will give them increased change. >> and the cleveland rta considers a close fair they say
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$7 million operating budget that is 25 miles to the seed of the east apparent response to ongoing south korea and us military drills. the north sees it as a provocation it is a joint drill and the largest ever with 300,000 south korean troops in at least 17,000 from the united states.. missile tests are clear violation. >> it is eight minutes after 8:00 o'clock on this monday morning still ahead - - donald trumpth heads to dc. >> also find out what is on the president's agenda president's agenda today in cuba.
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by miamier it is cold outside when will we get these spring temperatures? around the corner but in the meantime in the lower 30she to the late morning hours. 40 degrees with sunshine today i don't you worry we will get this warmer temperatures coming up. >> good morning. this art gallery right here when we come back, we will show you all kinds of things especially with our children. when we come back. kicking it with kenny stay
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in the southwest far and
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everybody's there seeing a good time that knows all do it right. we are breaking the rulest walk right up and talk to you with me and we are going for tonight going for tonight or going out tonight were hoping another buying a bottle of wine yes were going out tonight
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sound amazing you can catch them saturday, march 21 at 7:00 p.m. at the ballroom what a way to start your monday rocking it out. here is a look at your temperatures@ with a chilly, chilly day today. now making it out of the 30s for long. n not like yesterday not a big deal and hopefully as the days go on
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with the showers over to monday. right now we are looking at a passing snowg shower out in ashtabula county with a few flurries. just to the north of us a very weak cold front) sitting to the norths with that chance of the snow showers boston portland out towards main wrapping itself up adding through the day today there is our little friend time diane through the area winds will be coming out of the south on tuesdayll actually push it more to the north. mainly along the lake l lot warmer than what they are today.p twenty-seven chagrin
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into ravenna so grab those sunglasses this morning if you are heading out. thirty-four tonight mostly cloudy a southerly wind that will drive the temperature to 55 tomorrow afternoon with gusts up to around 25 though. mainly dry with a slight chance of showers remember we are your official school closing station online or on your cell phone. >> we appreciated. we've got breaking news to pass along on
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to patty harkin with the latest information with any jealous? >> good morning. we are on sky fox over east 102 and 12th avenue police tell us a homicide investigation they are focusing the center of attention on his homefo it is a new are looking home but theg home as i said many windows and doors have been boarded upp is to 102 and park avenue police are on the scene they tell us it is a homicide investigationn they have the house and the garage in the back walking the area conducting their investigation. any more information west get we will certainly pass along to youo guys. back to the studio. >> making headlines this morning - - history and havana president obama touching down in cuba for the firstin time and 88 years the president of the united states
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nation.n >> it is a moment many treatments upp would never, current us president president touching down and havana. rain did not keep the president from taking ath tour of old havana walk in the cobbled streets of ordinary cubans. >> this is an historic visit and a great opportunity to engage directly with the cuban people. >> almostst immediately after landing among the first was cardinal ortega who went to prison for his catholic faith put a critical role between negotiations between the united states and cubaol the day was not without protest female family members dressed in all at were arrested and havana just hours before the president arriveded and
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in miami with theem largest cuban population of exiles a difficulty that remains in this relationship. after meeting with castro today obamarr will speak more later this week. >> republican candidates and donald trump will head to the capital to meet with gop leaders designed to try to smooth over the relationships with the republican establishment trump will be in washington dc yet to it to speak at an annualal pro is really campaign. >> a strange story out of pennsylvania to start even more shockingto a man the 55 -year-old near harrisburg yesterday morning he tried to tie them up
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one officer showed up t he was shooting and they returned fire and he was killed h h they say he were retired in 2012 after serving 26 years as a state trooper. >> several days after on team was involved in a crash. police says they were reaching for us build drink when she sideswiped them as they were fighting today from the high school bus rolled over with 29 on board incredibly, no serious injuries. >> eighteen minutes after 8:00 o'clocknu so to come - - an announcement from apple find out what the company is expected to reveal and why it did not get anyct fanfare. >> adorable and very rare take a look at these inside the unique way these little changes came into the world that is right
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his theatrical sound and then elton alton john right here in clevelandhe celebrating the release of his brand-new 16 piece band the show tells the story about a boyel following his dream thank you so much for coming in with another young man
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going on? they are really cool they have bit was a come on out from that get and biggere and then what is this about? you can have these for years the one you're looking at here is about three or four years old and it comes with all the different rocks and sand spend everything you need yes. these are hot.
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>> these are in the last ones look at these little guys. and then the container this size still won't get to be wanted to
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and these la white cubes are elliott like you are really nice. we will show you the other conference room and the biggest with the air hockey and ping-pong a lot of cool mess. >> the coolest place ever right? >> yes it is i remember the old place this place blows it away. >> tell grant hello. >> thank you so much. our kids
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eight years his daughter is absolutely adorable very cute coming up - - we have more of what governor john kasich is saying about donald trump and the gop convention.o >> taking down by miami in a big coach mike fratello is here to discuss. >> we are here after a chilly weekendr these chilly temperatures are sticking around for one day with a nice little
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turning out to be a pretty nice day weatherwise a little chillytu outside but the still we had a littlee bit i guess but nothing happening right now which is aich good thing. check in with jim in a few seconds.
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wayne j dawson. happy monday and stefanie schaeffer. let's get a check on that forecast stst the sun is out which we alwaysis love to see. i'm in for scott sabol this morning speaking of god he is awesome and he supposed be on vacationos pics to me how is the h morning going what's goingo on to on to you have any questions.ons love him. always great to have your back. monday forecast this is what it looks like lots of sunshine with a few clouds mixing in this morning. you'reh going to need the winter gear. it is feeling more like winterke nt out there. windchill 22 degrees. 1:00 there is a slight chance of a snow shower. late morning early afternoon andoand for eastern areas and by 5:00 upper 30s.:00 pp speaking of snow showers could see a few light flurries right know along route six. north oflknow orwell light flurry towards and over and bats about it on storm fox. about 20 percent chance dot
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31 in cleveland 31 in lorain. mid to upper 20s akron wester butup factor in the winds it feelsfees more like the teens. a nice warm up coming tomorrow we're going to at least be 15 degrees warmer than what will be this afternoon temperature high today 40. stacey and wayne. your your official school closing station get it on there online and on your cell phone. po now will toss it to you guys.guy thank you so much hopefully we won't have to h use that muchat mh longer. wewe can get that week stuff out of here. got some breaking news with following this mornings out of the cities eastside. police have converged on a home on folk avenue this morning. that's where we find dave with the latest right now what can you tell us.e fihe i can tell you this is an activee crane scene i'm standing at east 100 third in folke i' this is on cleveland eastside. e looks as though some detectives
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started arriving here at the scene maybe you can see behind me a what we understand is that this is apparently a homicide investigation. we understand that the victim may bebe d in the garage of that home behind me. skyfox overhead let's go to skyfox and l see what we can see s from up there.. i have talked with a neighbor a who lives ne very very close to this home. and they told me this is a rough neighborhood. theyy describe the neighborhood having a lot of drug activity. that particular property has apparently been vacant for about a year.p the lasta yea they say was anyany activity may have been about five weeks ago when a realtor was there showing some people through. they tell me gunfire is not at all unusualug to hear in this neighborhood and t at times and so they didn't wouldn't have knownt
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or unusual or out of the ordinary over there. the property they say has been used as adinthere cup through apparently just kids in the neighborhood young people in the neighborhoods is not walking the sidewalks butewal just coming through the neighborhood going through that ta property. and the garage where this body is apparently has been closed for some time. there's no bn nothing to say yet we don't know anything yet exactly aboutut the circumstances here. will may be they're even weathervew or not there is more than oneoreth individual and doesn't seem to be the case.ase. but again police are just arrivingng and so they're just gathering their factsa. so they really have nothing muchng more than that to pass on to us as of right now.ow. i can tell you that maybe you can see behind me that particular house u is boarded up
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boarded-up homes of this neighborhood andthe it is just from people who live here this is a rough place to i can imagine that. reporting live folk avenue on the cities eastside. es thank you we'll check back with you. in other news on this monday morning.. memorial services will be held tomorrow night for the late mayor of willowick. richard bonde died saturday al seeld day morning. according to the news herald, bonde was diagnosed with hodgkin's lymphoma several months ago. visitation will be held tomorrowwbode seddhod from noon until 6:45p.m., at st. mary magdalene church. his funeral mass will then take place at seven. his burial will be private. richard bonde was 65 years old.m noon .m.atmaryais en it's a place where anyone in need can get a meal and now theyand w need your help to make it happen. the people at saint augustine hunger center are gearing up for easter sunday..t p aug they normally serve about 10,0000
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the meals will be served at 16 different sites, plus they deliver to people who can't leave their homes. with easter just six days away,y, ple who c the center still needs food awa donations and volunteers to deliver the mealss we've got about 4,000 deliveries we're going to be doing this easter sunday. ok, so i do need people who are willing to come and take the food to the shut ins o.k., i dneeo ar e whoever they may be, where ever they are.sut i i that's on east side, west side, south side. anyone willing to deliver, pack food or anyone requesting an easter meal should call saintwillin augustine church.h. g toonal shul year during the holidays and all throughout the year.e their fabulous. what a wonderful lady she is. she hasn't changed in 22 years. still looks the same. young.
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anne's. and twitter turns happy birthday twitter. wants you to help them celebrate. hapr. howial twwan what's up with our cavs? here to weigh in after that hey kenny. o weig we're looking at theking at decision-maker's year. put this thing around here tells he t you what to do.e when we come back we are in there third working spaceack we see what it says when the third the working space we'll talk about product it saysa definitely. that's df what we're going to do. kicking it with kenny.
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[music playing] [music playing] all right. the cavaliers return to action tonight when they host thehe val denver nuggets and they're
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lki it was really a blowout to the heat. pretty much.a right after clinching a playoff spot. fell to miami a loss that even seemed to concern lebron james. former coach mike fratello is ll tto ccern here with us to break it down. there is cause for concern.. of course there is. you would think at this time of the season they wouldn'thisti want to have the momentum going into the playoffs but when importantly what they've allowed his torontout en to be right next to them toronto one yesterday so one game difference between the two teams and what does it mean it means toronto could have home-courturt advantage come playoff as you meet them in the finals of the eastern conference game sevenga goes to toronto if they should move ahead of clevelande being bi here in cleveland i don't know any coach that wants that toh happen. tt break down with a game with miami seems likee br they didn't dd bring it seemed like no effort and they change the starting lineup rt soon before the game does that happen at why did they do that.
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seven games t and it was the tail end of the west coast trip to la and on the way back utah and thee fly back to cleveland and go down to miami and come back to cleveland. five and seven changing time zonessc perhaps a little bit of an excuse miami is waiting for them they are loaded. and faithy lost 11 in a row in miami.l but just before the game started they noticed that the center position move small than normal guy so we take him out move love over to the center position and move m into the starting lineup. is that unusual. let'ss think about it. san antonio did it in there game the other night before they beat golden state. t minutes before the game they took duncan out of the lineup he gets pulled from the lineup and they startt ofh d in his place a smaller guide to play small
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a lot ofld people have beenve be criticizing on then national nt level for not having a lot of assists. not being thet true point guard. what about you what you think about thatn. 34 points and one on assist one night.igh. what do you think about that. a couple of factors go intonto assist one is a willingness to share the basketball. create a shot for your teammate make y the past to him the other part of it is that he made has to make a shot. i could past 25 times tonight if nobody makes a shot i have no assists.i ass little bit of blame the game they werelam talking about you were talking about he only had one assistaut but i think they had a static nine different types hehe on shots. instead of having nine assistsy49 he winds up with one assist. the point for me i would rather seee him take that last shot than lebron. that's just me. i agree with you though.oug i agree. i'm just saying i don't know
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everybody has an opinion. that's what you have to figure out as a coach of 18 who am i putting with hands in my putting the ball in at the add crunchcrunch time if you happen to watch the ncaa tournament gameha last night that took place withl a northern iowa team going back and forth and that coach gave it to the same young manat. 36 or 37 whatever it was but nobody else that he wanted to throw the ball to even though some of them were bad shots he he kept going to the same guy. what is the bigger problem.g to is there just not clicking they're not preparing or is there too much internal stuff going on. a little bit of everything happens but not just the cavaliers. their problems going on with every team. they kind of cover them over winning makes them go away muchmuch quicker than losing a lot and there are 11 and six since thesinc all-star break.
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would give them about 54 or 55 wins over the whole course of it and that's who they are. eleven and sixwrse of kind of how they have been k all through the season. two-game homestand starting tonight against the denver nuggets hopefully we can do this. 13 games left td stst six of them are against teams below 500f. one against a 500 team and fixed above 500 teams but they come in last seven games six out of the last seven games those teams are about 500. hopefully m clinch the number one. then we have the playoffs right into the very end. coach thank you very much. for the expertise always good to talk cavaliers with you. as you know the coach once a week through the rest of the regular season and into the playoffs w this year. we'll toss things out to kenny crumpton t. having a great time this is a place that everyone would see themselves working out.tyon pretty awesome.
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other side ofpresom the office building here is the air hockey table and a ping-pong table we know fun can be the spark of creativity. definitely. you settle some creative disputes on the ping-pong table.. we'll take it out here. no.ll is a good way to break the ice and let out some steam.ak we're on the other side of your office space. tell us where we are and what we are seeing here. this is the biggest pot pond here back in my meeting room where i meet with people and we have the biggest pond here which is fun. sitting area and ping-pong and air hockey. this is your meeting room. yeah. pretty crazy i see you have a nice littleo lounge area over here. this is kind of a fun way to i
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right. and then four people just joining us you havee close to how many. 100 in this room.o look at them they are looking at me. okay. you guys ready. here we go. they're going to go to town. we're going to feed these guys. guy and how many different plans do you havess in your office space. about 60. i and what you do is you guys make sure areasu so having this tropical setting is pretty cool. and weprty do have some new habitats out now that you can have fish in as well. excellent. look at these guys they're going crazy. has a great fundraiser coming up you guys some of your philanthropic endeavors tell folks about that. april. sure. my wife and i are the chair of
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and we're having the benefit here atii these offices. this is where we will be eating eating dinner in here. ai performance in the warehouse and a lot of other fun surprisesfor and things going on at the party.y. tickets are about $100 a piece. go online and get more information and buy beautiful thing about them they do have a lot of outreach in cleveland they reached over 8000 people with a different outreachnt ore programs and that's where that money will go towards to help the outreach programs. exactly.towhe herbs in the outreach and the overhead in everything else with running the company. you know about that. tm congratulations on the newnew space. we're just hanging out at the headquarters. when we go back lots more fox8 news.
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welcome back. a modest announcement from apple, is expected today. after years of devices becomingga odod larger and larger the latest additions are expected to be smaller. arger the headliner of today's little buzzed about show is expected to be a smaller version of thehebue iphone, followed by a smaller version of the ipad pro.hon f even the venue will be smaller than normal it's taking place atthe en apple's main campus, at 1p.m. this afternoon. the world's first touch free smartphone is opening up the world for people with disabilities.s. rather than swiping or touching, sesame enable works by letting the users control the phone with voice commands or the use of small head movements. sesame enable was created in part by app developer giora livne, who is also a
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eloper right now sesame provides touch free accessibility for google's existing nexus 5 provid bad news for android devices you could be susceptible to getting hacked. security researchers at north be bit have discovered a hack that could 'compromise an android phone.cou 'hone. it apparently is a variation of another unsuccessful hack, whichly a was first discovered back in 2015. the hack could allow a perp to w dis15. and control key operations. it's not clear if a security google will protect users. rolkcuriri twitter is celebrating a decade of tweeting by staying the same. the social network cofounded, and now led by jack dorsey kicked off its 10th anniversary celebration sunday. the social platform has become a go to for following world events in real time. styinhe siafoununnd nicked c dorsey is inviting everyone toebratime. tweet out why they love twitter, using the hashtag love twitter. meanwhile he also said the ofteninghe debated 140 character limit will not be expanding..
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cinnamon rolls and ice cream and eat them too. now y the popular east coast ice creamrea chain carvel is planning a major expansion to the west.o the we it will start serving ice cream at auntie anne's pretzel shops, and cinnabons across the country. all three are owned by the same at auntd company.cionthesa comedian amy schumer is making headlines for leaving a very generous tip. the funny lady went with a group of her friends to see the broadway blockbuster hit hamilton on saturday night. they also enjoyed a few rounds of drinks. ro hit on schumer paid the 77 dollar bar tab with a credit card and lefta a whopping thousand dollar tip. five bartenders were working so they split it seven ways, eachen , collecting about $160. this fantastic. wish i was to do that. i used to waitress once in a while you get waies a very generous tip but never one that big.a that hist days. good for her. grade. f still to come on the morning show.
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plus, 50 cent is hoping to cash in on a new tv show. we have the details about his new venture. tman hitt and we'd like to thank tim moonve thta moo for joining us this morning. you can see him perform on saturday at 7 at the beachland ballroom. we have more information on our website just click under the u morning shownde tab. take it away one last time. [music playing]i
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[music playing] rihanna is shutting down recent rivalry rumors between her and fellow singer beyonce. during an interview with vanity fair, the pop princess denied having beef with queen been iervie po saying the media is creating a conflict. a rivalry would be bad for business because beyonce's husband jay z signed rihanna to his label back in 2005.5. rifor s bankrupt rapper, fifty cent, is turning to tv to make a he's signed on to executive producer and host a variety show for the a&e network.k. to e the show titled 50 cent presentsresent will include music, comedy,s magic, dance, skits and celebrity appearances. magic no word on a scheduled premiere date just r stars from the highly anticipated new movie batman versus superman dawn of justice hit the red carpet over the weekend.icipteded erma 2013's man of steel, which was strictly a superman movie.e.the fo it stars ben affleck, henryben cavill and diane lane.flec batman v. superman hits theaters
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b i kind of don't get that whole h good superhero versus good superhero thing.. it will make sense when you see the movie.e. everyone is talking about it. the trailers look great.lkin who's the villain batman. i think so. he can't be. it changes everything. it does. all right. got to wait and find out. thank you very much.muc. good morning everybody it's 9:00 on the morning on a monday morning the 21st day of march i am wayne o dawson todd has the day office money. i'm stefani schaefer great to have you sitting here again. like old times.ttinge right. 30 years.t not thatt3 long. feels like 60. good morning everyone glad you could be with usfd mor hope you had a terrific weekend on this daye afterknd the first day of spring. following some breaking news onewo cleveland's east side thiss monday the latest after a body is found dave standing by live with more on what is happening


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