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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  March 17, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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surrounding the death of 22 -year-old cory barron,det who died after falling down a garbage chutete at progressive field during the jason aldean concert in 2014 . it shows the 24-inch by 24-inch trash chute, that the 6-foot 2-inch, 225- pound cory barron is alleged to have gotten into the night he died . circumstances, of a young man,ci who discredit from college, he had a great jobw, family and no sign of respondents he or depressionfa . >> a team of retired federal agentsof asked by the family to investigatesk not believe that his death was accidental, they said they had bruises to the head and
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death. >> who believe that the injuries to the head and rims indicate the probability that he was hit checked and then sent feetfirst down the garbage chute doesn't does a link to the conclusion our discussions with his family, police and the coroner's office as well as a witness in section five . oneel who gave this account . >> sometime between 945 and a concert again and 10:00 o'clock, cory barron was seen in in section 541 perhaps in an argument with a young man there,oas he turned to leave and was followed by several individualst in and also last night he was saying.. >> glynis provided pictures the show and in the section, and they are just witnesses, and i hope to talk to them. >> these are photographs of people therere and hope that they
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.d >> the family talk to us before and said they just want to know what happened. >> they don't know, but we hope that someone out their knows something. >> calls can be made to the tip line. >> reward of up to $10,000 is offered for information that leads to an arrest and conviction of those involved in >> 's body was found a few days after he went missing and a lorain county landfill the county coroner ruled the death undetermined,, the investigators and family hope to get answers. >> soil as far as the police this is officially over? >> the police cannot find any foul play so they ended the investigation so now these investigators have picked this up and try to get the answers if
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8.comhe sumac but killed a family whose home was quotedil report revealed details about what happened before hand report states that they believe jeffrey mather was responsible for the fire and then the explosion which his family perishedd but what they report revealed also makes it much more tragic. >> the explosion in january rocking the neighborhood where jeffrey and cynthia mather and their two girls lived . >> it did not take long for investigators to ruled the fire as arson, the gas can was found near the body of jeffrey mather, but little else about the deaths of his wife and two girls made sense.r
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the reportrt is that both the mother and the children were dead prior to the firet. >> they can now say that jeffrey mather is believed to have spread gasoline and ignited it, taking his own life, the report reveals that her death was not from the fire. >> that she died from an overdose of prozac, that they had prescriptions for. >> the most difficult revelation is that>> the report concludes that the couples 12 and 8 -year-old daughters died of asphyxiation at the hands of one of their parents .t though it is unclear which. >> i feel that if there were any warning signs, someone would have reached out to help these peoplesld and unfortunately that was not the case.
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not be answered because the only people with the answers died in the firere . from investigators point of view, this case is not closed, in northfield center, dave nethers fox 8 news. i-team learned a clear but clinton keener supervisor has been fired. >> after facebook posting we exposed last month about the shooting of children to rise as ed gallek wrote these new developments on fox >> a clue that ems captain fired f after investigation into a facebook post exposed , with harsh words about the killing of tamir rice, the city fired ems this appeared on his facebook
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. because that someone picked up his phone and wrote that he apologizeded assistant safety director said this. >> i find it repulsive and that the average citizen would agree it does not reflect the position of ems or public safety or the city, to havesa employee in a position of authority and responsibility, to have have that content on the face of page totally unacceptable. >> we asked about a post last
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protesters in baltimore .. >> so what was done about that ended play a role in the firing ? the city not saying since this could end up before an arbitrator comeme reached out to him for comment as union president says that he is still investigating. >> madea they click review of his personnel file, several years ago because of prior disciplinary issues discipline issues that he had been on a last chance agreementrpl that hears that do not play a role here. >> a former poll worker pled not guilty to charges of pulling a gun on a coworker ongu primary day , they say allen bethea got into an argument with others on the west side and pulled a gun and said that someone is going
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elections board fired him, nd t he was given a 10,000-dollar cash bond. >> massillon woman faces charges of child endangering after her teenage daughter was injured riding on the hood of the car they say that the tosh allowing was driving 20 mph last night that they pick you up on the hood the dollar fell off police aren't given any details . about injuries . changes at the rock 'n roll hall of fame in time for the rnc. >> jennifer jordan joins us with more on this big plansns that were approved. >> a few weeks ago they presented prams for a new
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hold today they were given the green light to move forward with a multimillion dollar renovation outside gets a complete makeover withh an outdoor cafe and lifestyle speakers and concert stage allow them to hold outdoor concerts also were, also 6-foot high letters that spell out long live rock the first phase of museum 2.0 redesign including the main exhibit area. >> who want to create a space where people can hear live music , they can come together there will be a beer garden and to bring people together on the
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to make sure that the plaza is an active place. >> the update renderings were presented to the class design review committee and were approved si the outdoor space well be able to accommodate up to 3,000, they hope to get everything complete just in time for the rnc .
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patrick's day, this video ofof the terminal tower and innerbelt bridge were going green . downtown cleveland is known for its massive celebrations and one of the best. >> thousands turned out for the parade as brittany harris tells usa how everything went. >> it was fun to see everybody dressed up in green celebratingse st. patrick's day for many it is a family tradition. >> cannot could not have asked for better weather on st. patrick's day. >> it feels great to see they might check it it isn't little windy but that's okay. >> thousands lined the streets of downtown cleveland for the city annual paradede started at 1:00 o'clock it lasted two hours
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>> sights and sounds were incredible, there are all kinds of clubs paying homage to the irish culture . there were tons of marching bands and dancers doesn't the dancers, the animals it's all fun to seean its combination of everything. >> floats everything everybody have a good time. >> she got to be in the parade with her mom, who works for metrohealth,e. >> the parade isn't just for show these groups are also competing . >> she is confident that her team will win. >> they were parked in the morning is church but after this week are back to the club and wait for the results and hope that the us take first place. >> everybody was having a great
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people come together. >> it's great when everybody gets together to celebrate and have a good time. >> sounds like everybody well behaved there was a large police presence downtown seoulth sure that helped. if you do not make it to the parade, if not a little corned beef, there was a long line outsidet slyman's on st. clair avenue they have the best corn beef sandwich in the world,t and for some people want is not enoughgh. >> we have been here for 90 minutesee .. >> we have waited all day.
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slyman's?? >> my dad is a big fan. >> is the best corn beef in cleveland. >> we never had one before so decided to try and. hard to say say how many sandwiches that they makes that they will not close until they run out to the world famous corned beef. >> clip and has hosted some major blockbuster movies downloading a permanent production site may be in the
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severe weather hit in the southeast. >> louisiana are working to recover dozens of caskets that floated up from cemeteries,re and iowa tornadoes ripped through townsd leaving a path of
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they were evacuated as the sabine river rises. >> . everybody chose to leave, they hold and waited too long to evacuatete now they are stuck so they moved to the roof,th they have a microwave, washer driver big screen and satellite tv powered by the generator, three cats and a dog are also up there . when people tell you to evacuate ,, since they are the experts, just get out !!! we have the luck of the irish on this great day .w it has been a beautiful day, cannot ask for better weather for theo parade that started at
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people showed up for that parade , they say one of the best in the nation . the beautiful luck from the 5-mile crib cam . most of the clouds are not productive . last year was 60 degrees from this day . did some investigating and less measurable snowfall was in 2,007 the highest and 77 the coldest
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record high was 77 in 2012 . a strong wind gusts between 30 and 40 the wind will be active tonight and tomorrow, tomorrow, we'll have colder air, tomorrow and the entire weekend .
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systemt to the south west rainfall will continue through tomorrowco, after noontime will be partly sunny . and snow in the forecast for sunday, the 30s tonight and tomorrow low 40s with windchills an issue tomorrow . then sunday, with some flurries and upper 30s more snow monday and then recovering nicely next week with '60s .
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cavs and most importantly they
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drama for the cavaliers after a victory last night. >> the cavaliers blew two, 20 playmates but beat the mavericks last night without lebron james, they went into more drama, last night kyrie irving was asked by coach tyronn lue to step up without lbj while he rested, kervin scored 33 points with one assist and 39 minutes, drink plenty of criticism for just that one assist, the coach was okay with that. >> told him to be aggressive, his aggressiveness would open up the passing and with lebron james out, losing two of the points needed them to step upof and that's what they did.
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is st. patrick's day>>. >> for hoops fans it is the beginning of march madness and the perfect brackets..oo >> hopefully bracket is not busted after just a few games, h as march madness is is is in full swing now incidentally incidentally turn for the incidentally turn for the aguilera's best content they will play in the nt nit at home home against but now the first-time visits winless team will host a postseason game with tipoff at 7:00 p.m. final four weeksst the state high school gh girls basketball tournament in columbus, villa angela beach lynchburg in a semi final game, st. vincent st. mary taking on cincinnati the irish led at the half, bay village takes the floor tonight in their semi final game . what about the browns ? is the roster overhaul
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? >> browns are tapping into the fountain of youth as they fill the roster from the bottom up more as a safety entering his sixth nfl seasonon he will replace the void left behind with tashaun gipson walking, he played with the text last year before that the browns announced that don jones and terrelle pryor have signed their qualifying offers as restricted free agentselel. >> great news for the indians as we had our first michael brantley citing does this mean he will be ready for opening day ? >> is there will not be ready for opening day what you want to do is rush back, he is rehabbing after soldier, surgery he played in a inter- squad game he grounded out in both at-bats is
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said why not?as >> bandits adding some depth signed marlon byrd to a contract pending a physical he played for the reds and giants last seasoned he hit 247 with 25 doubles, 23 home runs and 73 rbi and and he would have led the indians homeruns if he had been on the team.ns >> has been selected as the next football coach at brooklyn high school replacing jay o'hanlon
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what looks like a stray dog could be a coyotel. >> more settings as they turn up up in places you would not expect as roosevelt leftwich joins us.s >> in most cases, they stay to themselves but some see them smaller as potential food best
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them being nosy doesn't use me you could go a lifetime without spotting a coyote in an urban setting for now it is becoming more commons. >> i was over there and look like a dog at first and it was just wandering arounde he was not bothered by anybody and we followed him up the trail and went into the woods. >> there are not new to northeast ohio con they say they have been here for decades,h in fact experts say that they find their way into more close quarters with humans because they're looking for food. >> it is not the norm but it has happened that sometimes they will attack a dog or catba sometimes for food source and sometimeses they might feel it is a threat . >> he says kennedy's have found
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humans, nine times out of 10 they want to be left alonen the best course of action is to let it go its own way. >> overprotective convinces the season, the top three season there have of other puffs and the overprotective of their families in the this is time when some conference can happenth and dog walkers can be challenged by coyotes who don't want you to come close. >> there've been some cases where they have become overly aggressive and need to be done with,erer for most part they stay away from people, if you walk your dog be sure to keep it on a leash to avoid competition, and tonight at 10 personnel that having a meeting to discuss the increase in sightings of coyoteses .
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care of a deer problem, most of the voters in seven hills approved amending theo city's hunting ordinance to allow bow hunting,, also passed in broadview heights, north royalton, parma, parma heights strontium, fish fish and wildlife says they work with each settingnd to work out regulations and. >> this attribute on st. patrick's day in cleveland to pay tribute to the public servant who made the ultimate sacrifice .ote they clear the firefighters shamrock club gatheredea for the annual memorial to fallen firefighters recognized a captain richard nickels of hook and ladder number twoic in his name name added to the moral, and was exposed to biological wasted money in lighting a fire in 1983 of the illness that led to his death in 2012.. >> to be a fireman he loved the you love the fire department and i think he prayed every night
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an >> firefighters must be prepared to make sacrifices we must stand with courage in every situation that we may find ourselves. >> recognizes 77 cleveland firefighters who died in the line of duty since 1863. >> a live look outside it turned out to be a great day for st. patrick's day . a little bit windy but with lots of sunshine . colder weather for about three days then the temperatures climb quickly this time of year it is
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but not brutally cold . . looking outside from burke airport just so beautiful cumulus clouds there have been a few spot showers may be a range rover to anna laurelm temperatures above normal and windy for st. patrick's day . tomorrow, into the 40s and then 30s with 20s for the loves to weekend . welcoming spring on sunday there could be some snowfall for the first day of springow starting cold and then and a warm next week . if you're
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mid-fifties elsewhere taken over the state from 50s to the north and 62 the south . the colder air will start to move south effectiveness into the weekend . do you use . tonight's partly too mostly cloudy . we'll will be falling to the mid to upper 30s,e the first half of tomorrow could be
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.fo but it will be hopefully the last weekend with high temperatures in the 30s saturday sunshine with snowfall probably saturday night . it will be called for the arrival of spring thinking snow showers with upper 30s into the 20s overnight monday the
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enhancement possible . but tuesday wednesday, it will be dry then back up to the 60s .. >> possibility of a contested convention grows as aa former gop candidate pleads for voters to take down trump. >> john kasich is the most viablele general election candidate i don't see how he gets through the primary this is an outsider year and he is seen as an insiderde that the best alternative to donald trump to stop them ismp ted cruz and i'm going to help them in every way i, to raise money for him in the pro-israel community and if i were in one of the states coming up in terms of voting i again why trump i would vote for ted cruz. >> delivers a sign that ted cruz might be starting to gain some
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picked up his first endorsement from likely last weekved . some conservatives are calling for a convention fight as a last ditch effort to stop donald trump the way the gop convention nominationdidit hopefully to create a unity ticket involving senator ted cruz and john kasich both are behind trump and the delegate race, they say they don't rack up another vote for the conventionon it would lead to a convention fight to prevent trump from winning the nomination.let >> congressional lawmakers on both sides of grilled the governor of michigan and epa administrator accusing them of of not taken action when they learned about about the water crisis implant and things got heated.r >> hardly without a crisis of this magnitude escaped your attention, let me be blunt this was a failure on all levels.
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for pushing hard enough but not for causing the problem. t >> entire generation of children who suffer from brain damage, learning disabilities and other horrible effects of lead poisoning. >> panera flint michigan is more concerned about fixing the problem nowre than assigning blame , she's asking for money to help fix the probleme'. >> bowlby foods issued a nationwide recall of 31,000 cases of judah involving 5-ounce canned tuna in water and boil reduced in february they say that it could be slowed after noticing improper sterilization and as third-party package plan, nobody has gotten sick, a dog was a safer for more than a month is home safe and fell it fell off a boat in the pacific oceanfe
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was dead but she survived and managed to swim to san clemente island which is owned by the us navy the naval staff at the landing field there said that she approached them. >> were driving on the main road and spotted her and she jumped in everybody on the island wanted to see herev and everybody fell in love with her. >> with luck of the el nino storms, she survived eating dead seagulls fish corpse and rants. >> they orca fox 8 st. jude dream home is taking shape . . it is built by cleveland custom homes in the red tail golf community of avon ohio ballot at over $500,000 while all the ticketstty have sold out, despite
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and early juneo you will have a chance to win $10,000 of fish furniturec, the ticket is free . official dates and times of the open house will be announced in a couple monthshsm. >> still ahead, announcement
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seaworld announcing it will stop breeding killer whales also pledged to phase out all showssn involving there have been under fire since lisa mike fisher documentary about the wells treatment seaworld had planned
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san diego park for next year said david will be featured in educational exhibit.. >> world has been been filled with a soundstage be in the works. >> and his officials say it happened the first. >> one of several sides for a soundstage in ohioa but first they say that the state needs to boost tax incentives to get more movies made last year while lost $1 billion of movie production to the states, lost out to georgia for a movieo called mother's day because of a capital incentivesbe.
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hollywood backdrop, captain america account managers and drafting work on her bike but tax creditink . it is about economic development. >> cells has had a 400 million-dollar economic impact that they have to shoot scenes on a soundstage and have to leave the state. >> that additional monies spent here they come here, dislike company truckload of cashsh. >> he says that the legislature must pass a a bill to increase the incentive limit to $75 million improving a perm of the cab attracting more production and demand for a soundstage. >> reraise incentive, with a
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will want to come and stay here . >> they just need a location, and the cost to build the facilityth including six large buildings. >> the purpose of the buildings that filmmakers are used to this . that's not exist here in the state . >> sites including the former geauga lake amusement parkrk and severance towne center in cleveland heights. it could boost the local economy input clip andco on the worldwide >> want to be globally significant
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>> for every dollar spent in tax incentives for film commission says there is a 2-dollar economic return that held that theonco incentive increase will pass by may, sausage could be built within 18 months . some say that compared to larger cities likeke new york and la, we've got so much to offer because they're so easy to get
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we have molly, and rocco . it is a couple of your old american bulldog has he given up because of a new baby in the house . he has a goofy laugh fun loving outgoing well-trained eye . he is a handsome fellow . well-trained gnosis commands and most people would be a bit much for a toddler madeleine's got has got to get used to the circumstance thatat good with some dogs, cats and he is very
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he would be a handsome addition . we have a black and white, about 8-year-old rescued straight is laid-back and call . it is a snuggly lap cat is good with other cats .ug and olivier chalouhi maybe one year old and he has a wonderful tabby . they rescued straight . he loves to
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if you can can find in your
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begin with breaking news, on the scene of a fatal home invasion in tuscarawas county, and a 17 -year-old male called for help around 4:00 a.m. from then1 midvale mobile home park, he said a stranger was attackingg his dad's girlfriend and his father was out of town as a truck driver, when deputies arrived they found 39 or darlene renner deceased with multiple stab wounds or come bci is collecting evidence on the stark county coroner's office performed an autopsy tomorrow, they say this is the first time


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