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tv   Fox 8 News in the Morning  FOX  March 10, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EST

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around the q today. town in brunswick they haven't really apartment fire this month along the lower growtht has been reopen station get through the
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scene 90 at west 250th little more volume out there you can see the roads are went this factor this and to your morning commute. no issues whatsoever. i've times, let's take a peek over up were doing a lot 90 comingre in from ignorance to the 16 right topping our headlines the manhunt is underway in pittsburgh after at least two people were on a shooting rampage. jessica dill has more on the search for the suspects that shot eight people killing five of them. heartbreaking news to start the day as multiple shooters were aiming forul different sites even runninges away would not have run away
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a backyard party five people were killed three in the hospital two of them are aiming at the back porch. we do believe there were multiple gun. >> seven ambulance were brought to the scene three woman died on the fate on the back porch of the fifth persons a woman type later at the hospital. sad, sad story for jessica dill reporting the from the newsroom. back home in mid news around the nation two days after we met the
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the transplant had failed. she was so excited. her childhood they announced that they had to remove that. it will try on my more women.
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select the next candidateee who really great that experience thee three children that they have adopted.eyee it's heartbreaking. the suspect is behind bars. accused of carjacking and inside of such strong salt he was parking his suv as to when the suspectwh approach with a cut the victim got up andcu the suspect
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the parking lotg they have not released the names of the suspects at this point. administrators are on the district facebook page for bugs have been found at the school and the last four days they will be treated during today's closure.b 6:06 a.m. see why the rated his home and what they
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will we see this pattern
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we will have another system developing over the weekend and that will
6:11 am here's the radar widespread rain. through cuyahoga falls even down intoto akron in canton it massillon. they extend although it down into eastern texas they have had flooding rains this low is starting to lift.
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of the by early evening we start to see the showers lesson in intensity to the west. for tonight it consists of rain southst with bringing in another system that will increase those showers on saturday. that will stay cooler with rain chances on saturdayt will be very small in the evening and widespread showers into sunday into monday. since then repeat this overall pattern the next three or four days 1-2 inches of rain. the break tomorrow and the additional rainfall over the weekend as you look ahead to theth
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no accidents out there. we had an apartment fire down and brunswickwe west of 42 the is2 out crews remain on the things t for more road is open even better news no injuries reported in that apartment fire go to our website click on the traffic tab
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scheduled debate i won't match my record against showers any day of the week. hillary clinton in bernie sandersof t today's stop in miami she was driving down the highway with her shot her in the back she's in the hospital in stable condition. she runs a facebook quotec one of the last post she says even my
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target shoot the 22. and on her twitter feed she really recently posted it's not clear how he got that on that gun. he says if the knife is common got gun month it's too small to make it was like of the victims results should be back in three weeks. a caps on pawn stars they found meth andhe at least one gun. his not been charged in
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that they are still looks take a look at the display outside a hair salon. it says make your hair great again.a early yesterday morning that shows three people struggling to read the 100-pound have to three months ago it was vandalized but the things been a target for the last 30 years the video shows who they are perhaps though get caught perhaps they won't.o in the meantime were going to stay herein trying to stay here and make people's harris great. police have made no arrests in the case. it is 6:17 a.m. stay with us an update on your weather and traffic just ahead a lot of changes for the browns
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in this morning's plugged did were going to brecksville for today school school. see what makes this school eight
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this is for 90 as your approach 77 months forget we have an accident reported in this area near broadway plenty of what roads out theree this is 71 starting to slow as you make your way up to the in about bridge there are a few construction projects out there and whispering the corner there will be a few more.e two way traffic is maintained that that is a construction scott is here with a look at our wet thursday. this is widespread up moderate rainfall the ceiling is lowering there is some low visibility in some spots with good hydroplaning reported out along for 80 and further west further strengthen more extensive the last hour in the half.
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it's going to stay breezy with a southwest went criminal for high above 60 might have to drop those temperatures given the extent of the rain if we do see a break in the ring and there will be a few areas where the rain lets up a little bit the temperatures might have a chance to reach about 60-61. which you see is what you're going ticket w 6:23 a.m. we are talking sports. johnny mans out. just your cleveland browns. i'm sure a man cell, will come off. it's an exciting time in football because it's the start of free agency. we lost for starters. there was not a great day. i need to mess with ten. he hits the cavaliers but he
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let me run down that free agent signingsn travis benjamin with the four-year deal. alex mack. he signed with the abandoned falcons.a and it free safety signed with the jacksonville jaguars hit a five-year deal as well.ks by the way we didn't signdn anybody in case you're wondering. we lost for starters and now we don't have anybody to replace them. but i river but joe thomas thinks aboutt losing two guys ono the line. the has not been cut. i am here. i'm still here.
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supposed to the new management and then finally get some results. if in waiting long.. what exactly did they do thatth make this teams are great. that's a great point. we are bad with them could we be worse without them. while..
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somebody. all find out who's unrestricted free agent. the draft is coming up. we appreciate it. there time not is 6:26 a.m. have an update on your traffic and weather plus an update on your breaking news and mass shooting overnight in pittsburghh leaving five people dead and the shooters arere still on the loose this morning. this massive piece of space history is now on its way from alabama to our area.
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you will be able to see it.
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hard to car accident for 90 eastbound near broadway earlier down and brunswick this month they had an apartment fire in the 4500 block i have severe that was shot earlier with the flames were growing fire is out. crews remain on the scene no injuries three ported in this apartment five this is early this morning let's take a peek at the freeways top end of 77 south starting to see some slowdowns as you approach i 90 as this90 up by east 22nd. yes, we arty have delays from 90
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thought that you can see above the speed limit for sure. and 77 northbound still a nice, smooth ride into downtown but the roads are wet and imo will slow you down this morning. wayne and kristi pack to you. >> five people are dead after a mass shooting near pittsburgh it's breaking news jessica dill joins us more on what we're learning about this shooter. spirit good morning wayne and. kristi are just on stoploss fight crime scene check has left the crime scene. there's not a manhunt look for multiple shooters investigators believe there arem at least two people involved but no one is in custodyo they got reports of the shooting around 11:00 p.m. in the backyard of a house for there was some sortck of a cookout or backyard party authorities believe there were at least two
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for shots were fired from an alley behind ther home in the backyard people then tried to run away blimp someone on the outside of the from fired into the back porch for died on the back porch for died at the hospital. we have a few wee have a total of five people deceased into the other people withe the jet was twohe in critical and went in stable condition. the four people at the scene at the dead tree are females one is a male. we confirmed the person who died at the hospital is also a female police have been on the scene all night and asking people if please come for this is happeningowto i tell called wilkinsburg which is eat 8 miles east of pizza for m keep us posted, jess. three huge setback after a groundbreaking surgery the first
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they uterus that was transported to a young person has there it had to be removed. let's checkd. in with stacy fry. we were here on monday as doctors at the cleveland clinicc celebrated the transplant it was a special moment that something went wrong is very quickly on wednesday the cleveland clinic announced that lindsey experienced a sudden complications and they had to remove the transplanthe organ. though.
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hopeful. they released a statement that they want to take a moment to express my gratitude towards all of my doctors they acted very quickly to ensure my health and safety i'm doing okay and appreciate all of your prayers and good thoughts are a popular among because they have adopted three little boys shoes going to be very busy.e a challenge that they knew that this is going to be a challenge of ten women ande all that they will be performing these on the study continues here at the cleveland clinic. and then rate was able to escape from a chip in tremont is back behind barsem they just part the
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second day of training on it.t. there's character and recreational have been charged with b assaulting an officer receiving stolen property and other charges crews are moving was called our rocket stage there was the first of fletcher after the challenger accident that the mission was canceled it's been a longtime fixture at the rockets andwa that now on its way to mexico were on display. we developed the upper stage is still fun and other missions and were looking forward tod which
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at roughly 12,000 pounds or one of two in existence an update on your weather and traffic every eight minutes some students of physics quiz score are excited about learning they give up
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the fox 8 hour outlook keeps us in the middle and upper 50s we might touch 60 if we get enough of the wolves later on typically in a pattern like thiswo sometimes you get a little bit of february. in any sort of break you might see within them. there's a quick look at the fortunate that doesn't change toe
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will start to see pick conditions drive from west to east with the northwest wentnt that will start to cool us down traffic time with patty harkin it's about a team fell. we do have one accident off the two vehicles involved it's for 90s over part broadway there will be a lot more volume around the q parking may be hard to find as folks are working to help rta is a great t a return of what movie east of the right lane as blocked over by broadway with that accident. expect some slowdowns. traffic is moving well as we dodge the raindrops. state law says if you're when show wipers are in yourrs headlights must be on. very slow right.
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drive times overall are not as we are starting to see delays. fifteen minutes between 82 and 1990s the ball from dennison as you head into downtown wayne and kristi pack to you. it is one of three elementary schools in the school district. the home of the peace and students and staff are buzzing with excitement for being named the close ". sports illustrated breath of the students at highland drive elementary school and brecksville start their day. highland drive has embarked on a one schools one book for all students kindergarten through
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bug the chocolate touch this encourages rethinking cause and at home.e. and every date you read the chapter.yo we do projects and are computer.
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spared they have fun and specials and in music. they are taking their first steps towards learned how to play the recorder. in the person join jonathan they askedth future five of them they they say yes. t without little one in front. there also two we have to congratulate our next". memorial middle school and mentor.
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them right here on fox 8 news in the morning. will play the coffee quiz with two really close students when we come back it's time for the career job board of the day. the centers for dialysis care hiring an internal auditor for
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roads are in. absolutely. the forecast and the rainfall heavy rain region wide we might see the rain thin out a little bit and spots from when the rain started which is like to our circle we are anticipating a good three quarters of an inch to an inch of rainin news that eight-day forecast of a breakf tonight a look at court's wife of 40 some lower 50s and another chance of frank as we turn the clocks ahead an hour good chance did you just at the did you hear that squaring. somebody fox 8 out of the garage. highland drive bedroom dark and savanna. hi.
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how school they shared need to. there is a test of the best. every now and then during the summer i go play golf on the course of my death what do you like to do. good stuff. to think of the on the 17th thehe good, how are you. a couple days ago maybe last week they're talking about what was the state beverage.e lk tomato juice. i got the i did get that right. what is the official state
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as if the deer. we see a lot of deer what do you think, died. where going with a though white tailed deer.w
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he has a crush on kristi. give him a big hug for me. we will talk to you later, james. uses get this for winning you might have to ask our principal. there she says you can't put it out tom to cause tell them to call us. there you go.e you guys were great. thank you for coming. good luck. his got a nice firm handshake. that's good stuff. goodbye.e.
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southeyy right now were going to good at morning when and kristi you know with who needs an expert from a basement when you cane go old school and get a pinball machine. when we come back we will talk about this pinball parlors that's making hisr burial vault wizards out of all of us. kicking with kenny, stay with us. if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people,
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i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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and we need voters and who are disappointed in leaders who stand in their way to remember come election time. i share president obama's outrage. it's time we had leaders with the courage to stand up to the nra. i'm p.g. sittenfeld. in the senate, i'll fight for commonsense gun safety, criminal background checks, ban assault weapons. i approve this message because ted strickland will never stand up to the nra.
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this is over on west of 42 good things everyone did make it out okay in the apartment fire the road is open you will be able to get through. take a look at the freeway this is to 71 broadway north and southbound a little delayed as you make your waye along the road. we have an accident along route five between 225 at 534 a commercial vehicle to roll over minor injuries but so far the road is open ifa will keep you updated on that. back to you. >> breaking news overnight we want to tell you about what is going on in pennsylvania right now tragedy in the city of pittsburgh for people did three
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after a mass shooting. we are w live with what we are learning about the victims. >> good morning it is really tough watching this unfold forol the outd of mothers and family f art of mothers and family members inconsolableamam as a find a out their loved ones are involved names of not been released but everyone who was an adultut we are learning some family members don't even know this is a city just outside of pittsburghs four of the man shot to death in oneu for women and one man f police are looking for at least two shootersa they say there was a backyard party or could your cookout going on and shooting from two different areas around 11 mustang when people started running for their lives only some getting away
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>> the street is always quiet there is something the kids on the street so to see that as totally shocking to everyone also appear i'm shaking, soo iti is pretty bad. >> police p sayre as shooter firster f fired from an alley behind the home when people started running a toward the home and back porch then someone next to the porch started shooting all for the passed away died on the porch. they say they do not know who the shooters are there were trying to run away but there was a another shooter. >> an update on our breaking news right now the first uterus transplant ever performed in the united states . >> we have earned learned the transport has failed. >> on monday the woman who
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was wheeled intoto the room she was so excited to share of thee chart overlook the possibility she could carry on child issued a refund of doctors had too remove the uterus because of complications.h >> that was once it was her husband behind her as heartbreaking as this is the work tong stop stop that clinic study continues they will try it aroundti uterus translates online more womens from a half successfully voted on what's will work five woman became pregnant for healthy babies were bornor that is three -
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of women all around the globebe-. >> women crave that experience a feeling the baby grow and cake and moveg without biologicallo pregnant see themselves. >> lindsay and her husband released a statement yesterday they are so grateful to her dr. dr. am very thankful for everyone's prayers and positive thoughts ten women in all will have the uterus transplants and then they go from there.h >> an update on one of our top stories this morning from the cleveland clinic. newew police are investigating an hour and a shooting in theig city's west side around 2:00 p.m. at daley'st lounge on more rain road. two people reportedly shot and taken to the hospital police say they're injuries do not appear to be life-threatening. and a busy nighteate for cleveland police as they investigate a pair of deadly shootings once again on the west side about a mile apart
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and clerk shortly before 8:00 o'clock last night one person died one here in the leg a l short time later three people shot at west 58th in store. one person killed.t the other two were taken to metro. despite the close proximity police did not believe the shootings arehe related. >> mayor jackson will deliver his comments from lakeside avenue residents are urged to follow on twitter and yearss thehe #state of cle. >> the time is 7:07 a.m. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders wanted to want to do it to again last night once again how theyeya are just e-mails and the republican. >> american ehe special forces have contacted a high level for isis. what he was working on.
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temperatures in the middle and upper 50s the cloud deck is lower in the lowered the visibility is getting heavier and how long it will last showing very little improvement to 3:00 p.m. >> thank you. good morning. we have a couple of road closures due to an accident blocked in or o call today find your way to the
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will come back it is 7:11 a.m. take a listen. true, and it probably is, and we deserve a program that actually works and how it paid for.a >> and what you want to hear whato secretary clinton is sitting us that the united states should continue to be the onlylys major country on earth that doesn't guarantee healthcare to all of our people. >> the top two candidates are
7:12 am
their primary election. >> state of emergency in part of louisianaa with deadly flooding there a man died after his car was sparked off a flooded road yesterday it comes close to 12 inches of rainte on the statete in texas a mandatory evacuation took place. >> american special forces captured him in the rain in northern iraq here reportedly told interrogators he worked for the melter specializing in chemical and biological weapons. >> it is 12 minutes after 7:00 o'clock. we are at the th beginning of rush-hour traffic on the second to the winners letter still work weekff we check
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>> good morning to you. unfortunately we do have a couple of caution is not in cleveland but south of us we start over here on 14 that is close between 4588. state patrol is plenty of emergency crews on the scene you will have to avoid 14 between 44 and 88 a pickup of belgian of crash the other accident we havepi is along route five between 524 and 225 semitruck rolls over involved in a new vehicles they say the road is open this is 90 past west boulevard good morning thanks to mother nature coming in from the west side as it is along 71 northboundd a few drive times as itfe is to think about 18 minute
7:14 am
for 8024904802 as he look at storm fox right now we have a quick look at that time lapseve showing this right below us the altitude with the card deck beginning to lower a sign of the moisture is becoming deeper and rain becoming heavier. usuallyd end up out of make this rainfall is not heavy all they can't every once day on every onslaught you get them' with the intensity lessening and spots and temperatures running in the middle and upper 50s. the temperatures stay steady we start to see some of the heavier showers begin to listen later on especially on her shot inwe word is 57 and along route eight not much improvement i am hoping for
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but man, the way it is going, we may keep it in the 50s. rainy 5 in ready in the morning reading in the afternoon not much overall improvement they mentioned those rain all the way down into louisiana and texas that will last probably it will last probably another 12 hours soan wi i light to moderate rain we start to see the shower start to then oute wide spread heavy rain three quarters of an inch we should see breaks of sunshine tomorrow@ lower 50s in manned we've not had a day like thatik since last week by saturday, we start to build another blow with b a couple of showers late in the eveningof sunday into early monday with a three - - four 40 range
7:16 am
might this weekend l we will probably finish up with one - - 3 inches of rain and we look ahead to the rain over the weekend primarily sunday and early monday temperaturess hovered near 60 a little cooler sunshineho and we keep it in the 60s by the middle to end of next week. fox eight news is your official school closing station. watch out for hydroplaning this morning. it will be a huge problemfh i will probably continue to be a problem through the evening >> we are talking cleveland browns this morning it is an interesting topic of conversation. worse. >> we are having a very gentle conversation here initen the studio i love the browns to. >> just level hurts nobody getting upset.
7:17 am
no. listen, we are all fans for starters are upon they all signed with other teams. johnny is still on the team that a change for that a lot of people are saying the browns are three and 13 to begin with. so they were bad. maybe these guys were not the best players we had. >> did we have some good options? >> sure, the draft, but - - maybe we went to games this year. who knows. >> wow. >> have you heard of the offensenoso of line spinning nfl? you get better by subtraction. >> aaron on twitter one of the worst offensive lines in the nfl us to start is getting better by subtraction? >> i don't get it all the talk
7:18 am
and you like go to the pieces it to protect the quarterback and two others as wellqu say more prone. >> you get fda to complete a team we need to build the entire team over listen all her top of it though every though as well. >> i think we should do another uniform changenk. >> todd, this is bill from cleveland, ohio. yest browns for life. the people of catch a look at pe it and understand if got him guys un and we've got to center . we've got acquired who does nothing but we are going to be all right. we were three and 13 does it get better? i don't know me half the front office with a plan. you think they have a plan and you think they knowyo what they are doing and will carry you through the next
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the teamth let us know your thoughts and comments with facebook and instagram fox eight news and instagram .com. is our website. >> are you going? >> i am good trump the system trump hugh jackson. >> me are you? >> that is how you get a hold of us if you don't trust the system, y let us know. >> nineteen minutes after 7:00 o'clock coming up fremont police turningngne to technology for helpt in getting to sleep in may. >> and later, the rain police could use some help looking foroo the targeting local churches. >> timeme to go to the wizard, mr. kenny crumpton. good
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>> good morning, i found g a pinball machine for you for your man cave. having a good time here at the electric pinball parlor when we come back, wayne, your machine is going crazy kicking it with kenny. stay
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hello, ladies and gentlemen we areh playing pinball at the super electric pinball and parlor 65th in detroitle on the near west side. okay, sign all of europe played pinball at your played pinball at some.this this particular to another level hangingt out with the owner been. ith love these don't these don't look like they are from this decadevek that you are a pinball head right? >> yes kind of the roots of pinball if you well the machine we are looking at right now is called a yukon.lo it is a mid-sixties pinball machine. we had to do a lot of work to make itd your phone again and love that part is entirely new to.
7:24 am
one is the sames 66 on palace car the company out of chicago which is mostly the manufacturers we have here the machines are pretty well it is nice to bring them back and play them. >> and then wake up to our time warp and we find these from different decade. >> the 80s and 90sm of another rebirth in pinball itll could say companies like williams and valley and stern had a nice little section of time where theyll were able to really afford some of the things he could do with the machine and a computer and at what you areu playing right now is a really cool example but they were able to take a drag race up the side with the matrix up there for all in all a nice little fun adaptation for our grandparents to play. >> what did you find the pinball machines?
7:25 am
e to say there is probably one in every third basement and parma. it is call we are in an area that have so many at her fingertips a lot of talking to collectors and people that otherwise probably would not be involved as much is they areth inv. so we when we come back - - youou guessed also repair them. >> yes. that is part of that finding a man is an thing sometimes they are broken we find them we had to be good att bringing them back to life and repairing him. >> the people want to play pinball when i open? o >> six days a week tuesday through sunday. >> ra, wayne, you want is forf the man cave? >> you've never played pinball before. >> s i o.
7:26 am
now? really? right, our top story this morning we are learning more about a shooting that killed near pittsburgh. >> controversy over the confederate flagbur at this year's county fair out organizers are trying to get the public about. >> andr we could see some changes heading into the weekend. scott has your forecast after the
7:28 am
7:29 am
good morning, everyone almost 730 as we look at the temperatures which is been pretty steady since midnight.. the rain continues up in cleveland storm fox radarh showing into barberton and canton of 56 and 56 portage lake at 55 and there are a few little doughnut donut holes in the overall pattern an overall rainy pattern but for the most part it's not going to see all whole
7:30 am
morningll and then another wave of o rain will develop later on we will have several distinct waves developingel rainfall numbers here at three quarters of three quarters of an inch to rain and then we keep the rain going although the afternoon is looking maybeho a couple of degrees higher. the fire. the overall pattern does notes improve a whole lot here. it will be until sometime mid to late evening that the rain finally begins to shut down. a cooler day tomorrow. a day forecast comes dr up 13 - - 14 minutes traffic time with patty. >> the weather is playing a part in the morning commute and we have our slowdowns and 71 - - 90 coming up 71 that we also have a few accidents and they are closing some of the roadways. fourteen between 88 with an
7:31 am
between 224 and 525 a semi- did roll over. i just spoke with uniontown police, theyl o are on the scene of an accident mother nature not so much that so much alcohol involved.t the poll was huge.d. here. seventy-seven and onto for 80 you see it as a is a i so-called. a bumpy right after this morning and the jennings freeway getting in the game as well from for 80 as you head
7:32 am
a people were shot killing four. >> we're not gettingng a little more information from witnesses who say they heard at least 20 shots and then saw people running but some of these victims really has no chancesse of his multiple shooters were aiming at different sizes and running away a we are also not getting a photo. you can see this from a station in pittsburgh with the phototi of thehe backyard where you can see if you look closely there are cups everywhere what appeared to be bullet holes in a little bit of the back porch or four people were killeds o on the back porch there. o this was around 11:00 p.m. last night. suspects just started shooting into the backyard at a cookout party.
7:33 am
the hospital.ookor they came in for the backyard allium in the crowd started runningc towards the home, and another suspect started shooting from the side of f the house. aiming at the back porch. >> there is no - - nobody in custody we do believe there was multiple guns. >> seven ambulances were brought to the scene last night. three women and one mananto died at the scene. d on the back porch. the fifth person, a woman, died later at the hospital. we will keep you updated. >> jessica levin the newsroom with breaking news this morning. >> a huge setback after groundbreaking surgery. the first of its kind in the us. if the uterus transplanted into young woman at cleveland clinic's failed and hadng w to be removed. stacy is joining usis live now at the hospital. >> we were just how money is doctors celebrated the first uterus wey transplant. woman who received it was here along with her husband. it wasrre really a
7:34 am
went wrong, and it went wrong. quickly. yesterday, the cleveland clinic announcedes they had to remove the transplant of the uterus from the woman, wednesday,the when the surgery a given up hope to wednesday and other women who thought they could never bear children of their own this is one thing on monday so grateful. >> he has provided me with a gift i will neverhe be able to repay. >> there is potential for this
7:35 am
said, it is very, very. >> this is the beginning of the study doctors will be transplanting uteruses into buying more women doctors in sweden have had some six or so they know i can be done and women canberra children. >> stacy fry reporting that thank you very much r we like to get you caught up on the confederate flag controversy going growing ahead of the summer county first recording when commissionersnt the request was denied it has been rejected once again jenny donaldson, the executive director of executive director of the area ywca changed the policy the board said it is a matter of free speech but they also say it is a reminder of slavery and still s used with hate groups todayti she is encouraging people and vendors to speak outt the share the ohio state fair as it sounds
7:36 am
>> investigators trying to track down those responsible for the damage done he sent set a camera bag and spa items are taken from the church he did not have much money on handhe this is the fourth church that is been hit in thei past month. an inmate able to escape in a jail in fremont's batman versus morning when an a officer spotted the escapeed calling in a ditch, they used to john to search for the 31 -year-old wants this but at the man officers to come back into custody the department had to finishst in second day of training with the drum before using it on the inmate in framingham.
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you look nice. all we have.
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>> and 9,000-mile postflight to auckland, new zealand new zealand took about a half hours on an airplane that is a long time. alan sawyers a boeing 777 to make the trip it will become the world's longest win itme is launched in december. >> toyota has developed weather two other technology for the blindda and visually impaired have gaps left by keynes and dogs and gps devices they uses cameras to identify objects like restaurant ways doorways and that helps navigate to there's the company says the device will go into testing soon that is great that is wonderful. >> time to get plugged in at 7:40 a.m. yes, we'reo talkingtal about the browns, so there you
7:41 am
we lost for starters yesterday and theyte did not sign anybody by the way here is the text that came in the browns with these layershe have not been able to keep a quarterback and years, so let them go. >> no offense of line - - he would it would want to play quarterback here. really, they up them back after how many years? they said the browns are going to were going to go through the drafti i put my faith in you i and #trust the system. >> you know, i've got to say is good luck to you because if you have another team that signs a gives you a five-year contract, that showste this is something that made them want you. that is my thought of not w. >> it out - - from mentor on the
7:42 am
a lot that? that is bad. >> we were three and 13. here is how to get a hold of us facebook twitter we're on instagram as well. the voicemail lines are open as well. >> thank you very much, sir appreciated. >> kenny crumpton - - the man, the myth, the fox a legend eight legend kicking it old coming up - - he will take us to a tour of vintage pinball games. hi, kenny are the electric pinball parlor one of the options they could be interesting. >> it is an 80 day outside don't go outside without a hats or an umbrella. your weekend forecast
7:43 am
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7:46 am
she left me and no will a note to write she called and left me annual to write walmart babies complicated often mail to read chased me to the station and then the old you'll just died good morning.t that is the blues project here to promote a very very important fundraiser the vernon joneses fundraiser a huge veteran of the cleveland blues scene, and we will be checking
7:47 am
this sundayy you can check them out more information c about the fundraiser coming up here at we have rain and a whole lot of it here. we have some breakst with the rain in eastern ohio northern ohio separating them into southern indiana are the showers might thin out a little bit and might get a little bit of a break withre additional rain late afternoon early evening you added up the next ten hours we have a about an inch of rain fall allha lot of that is already falling here is a look at the eight daya a break tomorrow north wind 40s on the lake@ another chance of rain latee saturday into sunday as we turn the clocks ahead an hour.un iur good chance of rain sunday into monday and otherf inches of rain by wednesday fox eightnch news is your official school closing
7:48 am
have a look at traffic am sure it is a lot slower this morning. >> it sure is. >> we are seen plenty of delays we see a host drive times coming up 77 northbound the average speed is 22 on the jennings freeway are averaging 22 miles per hour 31 coming in from the west side we do have several accidents outwe there outside of the cleveland area, but 14 is close between 44 and 88 they are dealing with an accident that area as close we a also have an accident along fiber five is open between 225t and 5341 thing is semi- s1 a car with f1 a car but the roadway isemi- open this is this a peek at 271 a lot of bumper to
7:49 am
granger heading eastbound ain couple of drive times with 20 minutess from route eight and i to 71. >> it is time now 749. st. patrick's day is one week away wes have some irish recipes to show you in our studio andnd keep it right here on fox itt coming up next - - your chance to win keith urban tickets you less than an hour away. >> and it is your chance to see kenny crumpton right nowan good morning. >> you are you winning? >> i just got a bonus ball. how about that super electric pinball parlorab bringing back the old-school pinball that you did
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
>> you are looking at the inside of a really cool old-school pinball machine.o we are at the the super electric pinball parlor explain to everyone wants to to do is doing. >> he yes attack mission is reese honoring one of the coilsi back in that keeps the future clippers popping in the machine sometimes they run into a little bit of trouble were one won'tone move properly see it wasee replaced in one a little bit earlier for us and like i said this is an older one. >> and then hear the motherboard is right here talk to us about what people are seeing now.
7:54 am
say open and close and tell the machine work to do and how to operate it isor kind of like a computing system it is pretty pr interesting. >> aren't this is 1972 will come over here.2 you guys repair a lot of these two. >> yes wee have some really cool individuals like steve the that help us out l what you're seeing rightt now as the star wars. this is a computerized system the bottom of the other one is replacedot by a computer the work on it is kind of similar you have toar figure out what makes everything go and w this is the inside that we are seeing in a different way it is a little thinner because of the computer that runs.
7:55 am
between 1970 something in 1990. it is pretty wild to see the changes they made. there are tournaments and good events happening all great events happening all over the state there is a lot happening. >> when we come back, it will be a lot of fun. 65th and detroit check them out. it is a lot of fun. it is for sale. i >> those are 70. >> don't go anywhere. we have a lot more coming up for you on fox eight news in the morning. good morningin. >> the tragedy out in pittsburgh a people are shot fire at that. coming up, we have more on the shooter. >> thank you. on this first
7:56 am
has failed we will have reaction from theav woman he received amber the cleveland clinic goes from hereaa. >> the rain continues look at the visibility dropping here we have fog and rainth. at least it is not a cold rain temperatures in the upper 50s how long will this last? we will have a look. >> getting plugged in talking about your cleveland brownss with johnny manso still on the team where do you think they arey going throughout the 8:00 o'clock hour. >> wednesday - - a new weapon to fight the zika virus more trouble from flint residents stemming from that bad water.
7:57 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it is here we are getting up south of cleveland it may only last ten minutes south of akron into canton worcester look at the pretty wide spreadon as a research over a look at the composite radar we see what is happening year the temperatures go nowhere and what is going to happen later on his rain continues to the northeast with the gradual temperaturee 58 and east lake so by afternoon we are so highlighting more rainy today it will be between 58 and 60. developing from that west and southwest most areas picking up


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