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tv   Fox 8 News at Noon  FOX  March 4, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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a heated gop debate last night, recap some of the load was . the man accused of shooting and killingt canton k-9 officer jethro is in court tell you how he planned to a number of charges . another round of snow is snow is on the way tonight and then a
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noon starts right now .f it didn't say kent roosevelt high school have been dismissed or what they say a written threat was discovered on the wall inside the high school .nn it was very wicked into some snow this morningng expected to get warm-up in the coming daysec as we show you and live look from roof-cam .m get the first look at the weather with jenn harchere . it we got upwards of 2 inches some
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western and southern counties . another clipper, late night . but this one, will have some rainfall tomorrow with temperatures warmed above the freezing point and the mid to upper 30s . snow will be gone by monday . it's going to take a whilei for the clouds to break up do have a low cloud deck . you see casitas claret towards detroit, chicago likely get some sunshine before sunset . thin clouds will thicken into tonight . currently 31 degrees in cleveland . those same job stormfox there are some flurries along the lake sure . . to the north and west towards minnesotato and the
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you can see some shades of blue and some pink is a rain/snow mix will let you know when that gets her and then we're looking forward to the spring-like temperatures next week . the gloves came off, last night as the candidates faced off in the fox news republican debateti, they traded barbs, increasing the contentious tone and a nontraditional race, reid binion reports. >> john kasich, try to stick to a policy discussion in a debate that was more combat than substance, but anger focused on donald trump and clean when but he defended the size of his manhood in response to marco rubio's innuendo days earlier. >> he referred that that my
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else was small and i assure you there's no problem. >> referring to decisions he has changedd since his flexibility is an asset . >> i've never seen a successful person, who is not flexible. >> that came back to bite him in thehe extensive drew laughter from the audience. >> then bustamante and touching on thehe establishment effort to keep them from from the nomination at almost any cost that effort complicated when his rivals were asked if they would support him if he winds. >> yes i would because i gave my word for. >> i would support the nominee for president.a >> reid binion reported.
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before. >> i am feeling good because jo i sense that the people of ohio, are proud of me and that means a back there and backers say that he is our boy, that is just a great thing oy. >> gabe spiegel was the only local anchors to sit down with the one-on-one interview with governor john kasich will have more of the exclusive interview today at 4:00 p.m. : on fox 8 news.kofin hospital after an intoxicated womanic rammed her car into them, jessica dill is that you could hospital with what we knoweril. >> the two officers were taken here after being injured by a woman who rammed her car into their police cruiser overnight .me she was arrested for operating a vehicle under the influence and speeding, bratenahl police said
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lakeshore boulevardd in a the patrol car around 4:30 a.m. i got aro radio call . the police officers pulled off to the side of the road to take the radio call, that's what richardson ar struck the back of their patrol car, she was arrested at the taken to the hospital with injuries. b >> for both officers were transported to local hospitals for seemingly minor injuries but i can speculate.. >> police officers were the ones involved in the accident, press officer did the arresting could have been on the border,ssss we will keep you updated at fox 8 and fox >> three people recovering at
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crash in clevelandp where interstate 71 south splits with i-90 aroundd 3:00 a.m. today involving a car and u-haul truck they say that believe alcohol was a factor, ems crews say that three victims were taken to metro in stable conditionon the police are trying to determine why the car was heading in the wrong direction the wreck police and one half release video showing a former charter school oo employee assaulted an 11 -year-old girl, the employee can be seen slamming sophia sweet against lockers and then dragging her down the hall,, the assault took place after the girl put aa kitty headband on after she was told tuesday to take it off, and her mother says that she suffered a head injury
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15 days in ama jail or to mentor program 480 years duty service in three years probation . the man accused of shooting and killing a canton k-9 officer jethro robbing a robin meade grocery store appeared in court today, kelontre barefield faces six charges includingooj robbery, assaulting a police dog in and shooting at police he pled not guilty , he could get more than 50 years in prison if convicted on all charges, 3-year-old german shepherd jethro was shot three times during the january . the january confrontation and died the next day . place of smash our windows on the cleveland west side, pictures taken from a home security system of a car the police believe is connected to dozens of these cases of vandalism since lastnd weekend more than 50 car windows had been shot out were smashed smashed with breaks mostly trendy tremont
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they say the vandals were strikings at various times of the day and night live the suspect may be teenagers who may be bragging about what they are doing .. >> a very vigilant, know your though your neighborhood and what is happening,r even at this at something that you think is small, just call again and let the detectives know that this asking people in the area to check surveillance cameras as they have been, for any suspicious activity or the car that may be involved .urveor the zika virus and some people
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google is doing its part to help the fight against the zika virus they have donated $1,000,000.2 unicef, they're working with the agency to map the spread of the zika virus, they says that it is not easy many people who've contacted don't show any symptoms the outbreak was declared a public health emergency last month by the world health organization .pdoeala new england college has banned the sale of energy drinks on campuse middlebury college in vermont say the move is an an effort to keep students safe as chet hershey and explains the alcohol use ish playing a part in the ban .. perfect combo for a midnight
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>> starting in march seven, students will deal to get have that combination, energy drinks on campus. >> were not trying to then energy drinks are free to purchase untotogy bring them on campus but we will no longer sell them in our own stores .. >> said they college made the move because they can be dangerous toy students help or risky when mixed with alcohol. >> a google search applies to a lot of research about negative health effects of energy drinks and questions about thech o helpfulness oft them and it was not the greatly to come to the conclusion that it's a good decision not to sell them. >> bussed studentsl don't seem bothered by the decision but some do not understand restrictions on what they eat or drink or needed. >> it is characterized as generally safe so that categorization is not changed
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us feel that we can make moral decisions our own decisions and we are responsible enough to know how to handle caffeine. oisio >> they believe that the new energy drink stands as a symbolic move. >> this is a moral stance toward this will not change behavior and i don't think it is intended nd to change behavior, and if you need to stay up, you'll find an energy drink and you will stay uper. >> on campus, does not seem to be such a big deal . >> there's been very little reaction from students, has been a lot of reaction from the medium who seem kind ofct fascinated with this story but but on campus it has not generated much discussion. us soccer icon brandi chastain has promised to donate her brain for for concussion research, the world cup champion will donate her brain to boston's university
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tissue to hopes ofo diagnosing by blows to the head, a clinical study showed that girls soccer has the second highest infection rate among high school athletes. >> president obama and the first family will likely stay put in dc after his term expires in january, and while having lunch at a milwaukee cafe yesterday he said that they would probably stay a few years so that sasha can graduate high school, and y she's a sophomore, when asked about plans after she goes off to college she said that we have not figured that out.. >> political pundits were stopped on one topic from last nightsli republican debate, what was on ted cruz his mouth and people were wondering how inh he never wanted away or acknowledged it, and he just waited until it's worked its way
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peoplets speculate that it was a crime . in true political form, there is no straight answer. nobody really likes having to use thee restroom on an airplane
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clouds are hanging tough right now, with a few flurries government you probably noticed that with the temperatures are in the lower 30s . drop to the upper 20s overnight .
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but right now, just a few flurries, it is the system near minneapolis in the dakotas, a mix of rain and snow . that is covered in our direction coming here likely after midnight tonight to continue tomorrow,w, the area of low pressure,om moving south and east tonight and tomorrow . i think, it will be just i click in the south and west moving through indiana . we will be on the warmer side, with temperatures above 32 degrees . tomorrow afternoon, rainfall changeover to snowfall so not much of a big jail, we can
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this lines down . out at least in the traditional snowbelt,ut a trace of twot, 1 inch . we'll start to clear some of those clowns, then i can't likely see those back in ahead of the clipper, snowfall tomorrow morning and quickly change over to rainfall by nin continues that before it winds down on sunday high pressure moves in . we will see sunshine in starting warm-upe . but tomorrow, and sunday back into
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monday,e it's going to be pretty today some of us might hit 70 degrees .f today a high of 34 degrees with flurries tonight 24 degrees, a snow shower late and for tomorrow, 38 degreesa on enough snow showers nixing into rainfall in the afternoon up to 1 inch . low 40s on sunday, lots of sunshine '50s on monday and 60s on tuesday . wednesday thursday friday, will be some heavy rainfall at timesrs
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goodness for those who work work at costco, there are increasing entry-level wage for the first time in nine years.
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most people get grossed out by airplane bathrooms, boeing says it has developed a self-cleaning ultraviolet lightn hits the bathroom cabin for just three seconds, killing 99 percent of germs,99 and it could even help get rid of odors, the company saysve the technology is still in the testing phase, when approved it can be added to existing airplanes . costco is increasing entry-level wage for the first
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employees will notontfo be paid $13.50 an hour or $13, to starting this month, that's an increase of 1 dollar from the previous starting wages the he company cfo says it was reported thing to do considering the physical demands of entry-level >> before you drink your cup of coffee, ceramic mug sold at target are being recalled they say that the 8-dollar valentine's day themed cups were mislabeled as microwave-safe, so far there have been three reports of sparking during microwaving, target customers can return them to the store for a refund.spsp >> on the clock, and on the
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two cleveland police officers or in the hospital after an intoxicated woman rammed her car into them, jessica dill has more .h >> the two officers were taken here after being injured by one who ran into the cruiser overnight , shawnta richardson was arrested for ovi speeding,
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officers were on lakeshore boulevard around 4:30 a.m. they got a radio call, and they pulled over to decide to take that, call that's when richardson struck the back of the patrol car, and she was arrestedsso and both officers were taken to the hospital with injuries to click the were transported to a local hospital or minor injurieses. >> they say she's appeared appear to be extremely intoxicated and was worried about her car being totally stay with us for future updates. >> the i-team learnedor nearly entire suburban police department under investigation for browsing the web instead of on patrol here is ed gallek.e >> be some suspense much time watching things on the computer?
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the i-team obtained records showing computer sites sites visited sites visited by olmsted police officers,ol showed you an olmsted falls lieutenant retired after the mayor says she confronted him with computer records,ore their says the lieutenant claimed he was doing police work when records show but records show that he was on websites including one for cheerleader wardrobe malfunctionsceor s and several more are under investigation for computer use,m the i-team has done more research than the chief. police computers shows websites for watching episodes of the comedy modern family, shopping, sports reports and even one for an alligator into python, we met this olmsted falls detective in the hallway. >> i came into to the grand jury
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upstairs in the mayor's office network olmsted falls only has a few police cars, and seven full-time officers, p more than half our supervisors and now an investigation into the use of police computers. >> with all the supervisors how does that happen?>> >> sometimes we don't have supervisors on duty every day of the week because we don't have enough to cover all shiftsca. >> are supposed to give an honest day's work for an honest day's >> bad blood between the olmsted falls police and the mayor, not commenting until any discipline is handed out, ed gallek fox 8. >> the cleveland national air show will have some new additions to go with the navies blue angels this year, might include the air force f. 35 lightningng to heritage flight program including a modern jet with a world war ii era plan
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f-22 raptor tactical demonstration which will perform daily in their show takes place between september 3 through september 5 at burke lakefront airport. >> plans for iraq on things that are things that are not getting a green light,aq this lengthy rock 'n roll hall of fame shared sketch plans for a major outdoor plaza renovation includingnga a large stage, dining area, beer garden and parking but the city design review committee tabled consideration of the proposal until march 18, the president and ceo of museum sayshe they got great input and look forward to getting final approval.. >> burger chain founded by mark wahlberg and his brother is coming to cleveland,d,ha wal martyrs only has seven restaurantsd, but it announced that an expansion plan would 30 new stores across seven states, a total of six locations are planneded in
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word on where they will be and when they will open, and they have their own reality show on a&e dealing with the restaurant business . surely another live look from the roofcam . as we take a look outside sent into the weather center for the very latest from jenn harcher . se nothing like sitting on a patio eatingo a good burger with fabulous temperatures and were ever going to get those next week .g it is chilly out there currently withit low 30s were headed to the upper 20s this evening . some breaks in sunshine, late
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flurries . those will continue about 2:00 o'clock in the out of here with lots of sunshine later in the day2: to clipper system tomorrow will be the next one pushing andro started out as no fold them changeover to rain fall, next week's warm-up, is started on sunday and tuesday mid to upper '60s and some of us might even hit 70 degrees and it will be windy gusting upwards of 45 mph and rainfall could be heavy at times was the next system comes in . started off with some sunshine before sunset .
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after that warm-up, who will back into the low 40s which is average with lots of sunshine . '60s on tuesday chance of an evening shower . strong winds wednesday and thursday. the king is defending his trip to miami and other travel plans, alsoso in head coach hue jackson draws a crowd at the auto show and talks about the draft, here's john telich with sports. hue jackson, the browns head football coach drew a huge crowd last night at the i. x. center . he was at the auto show at the
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meeting fans, and prior to that sessionn he repeated how the draft process, it's going to take some time, do not handicap . he said that he would love to keep on other free agents such as alex mack,ldld as are some after some assertion that the center is just the center, he thought that was silly. >> you have a guy like that who has played so well, for so long, and understand the situation and he is right to do what he is doing. >> lebron james declined to shed light on his tweet sent out a couple days ago causing a stir on the internet he wasou insisting that he had the right to fly to miami during two days of. >> i love la, but it made more sense to go south and to go to
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lebron james, the head-coaching curving said that they do did not have an enforcer for him to make up for that they have not been consistent this year in that regardon. the indians danny salazar got his first work at the cactus league schedule facing the reds and goodyear arizonaa he went two innings, struck out five, took him with them gave up three runs , he gives up a two run, single to the ball and it is a
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winning nine -- one . so when facing at euclid, the tigers player and smith with the easy basket, watch out mr. kerry goes to the bucket,, ben smith slams at home with his left hand,s then jason steele, the, scoring and winning events in the final was 67 -- 59 . the video from texas played alongside tiger woods on the first shot he had a hole-in-one .ol he is 11 years old, tiger woods1 got a three on that same
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>> still to come,d just living
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it appears that being too happy can be heartbreaking, broken heart syndrome is when the heart muscles, rapidly pi weakened it is brought on by emotional stress andnd can cause to death, swedish researchers discovered about one out of 20 cases h are actually caused by joy , researchers say that they need to be aware of thatre s of joy as well as sorrow can cause a broken heart syndrome, especially people arrive at the
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a possible heart attack . . and are about attracting her father 's killer, here's the story of t joeslyn martinez database crime watch daily .. joeslyn martinez, a senior n actress, a shining star who had a doll concluding a dark secret. >> i was nine years old my father was killed.. >> she spent quarter of a century hunting down the man who >> did not matter to me what i had to go through,h, while what i had to look like as long as i made it happen.l and husband, was front of his family's restaurant .n >> detectives track down the killer,, justo santos, the city
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the shooting but please to the dominican republic.u >> the nypd could not extradite him. >> unable to extradite him, the nypd closes the case. >> pedicab driven because it was personal, was also anger. >> took 20 years but she hunts down the man who kills her father and duopoly where she finds them. >> you can see crime watch daily here on fox 8 at 2:00 p.m. today
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if you plan a ski trip this season there arey season there are some great after donald first in today's tech report rich demuro has been tacked to check before yououon read the ski lift .. >> whether a beginner, or a pro the snow is a great wayo to spend t winter fun but before you go check out these apps to the. >> before you hit the slopes, you can skip the / big issue snow reports and detailed information on conditions at your favorite ski resorts see the light of snowfall and how manyy lives and runs are open also user submitted pictures for visual confirmation and webcam for a live feed it is available
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runs with slopes, and virtual advantages for scheme data from your hill hill to automatically detect left and runs it tracks the number of runs, mouse elation top speed inau with an apple watch you can share a ride from your wrist is available on ios .fr want to save on lift tickets, they have amazing prices on tickets for a 250 resorts see those versed with the best deals or search for your favorite mountain,t is available for ios .in you can also enter ski stuff, offering high-quality equipment there is free shipping back and forth just have to pick out your outfit, rental starting at $20 for kids and $33 for adults you can even get ski delivered at participating resorts.. >> those live webcams come in
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much snow coverageou or how busy it is at any given time, and to learn more about these go to
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kendall jenner says she wants to be the trans- ambassador for republican candidate ted cruz if you win the presidency caught calls him a greatid constitutionalist and articulate , despite this, she has not officially endorsing,th the olympic champion and reality tv star is a republican, if given the opportunity would love to advise ted cruz on issues regarding the transgender community.d vi >> actor sasha baron cohen is endorsing donald trump, kind of.. >> it was his rallies and one me over there like soccer matches in england, shouting, violence and abuse, and the the only difference is that we don't throw the black people out.ndif >> he was in character during his movie premiere in la last night he plays a british soccer s
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brothers grimsby, he dressed and talk like in character, and he said that war a donald trump, make america great had he jokingly endorsed donald trump for president. >> more than a year after bobbi kristina brown was found unconscious in a bathtub, and her autopsy has been revealed, and says that herh face was immersed in water along the drug intoxication that led to her death last year, she was the daughter of whitney houston and bobby brown . she was foundt unresponsive in a bathtub in her atlanta townhome on january 31, 2015 and died in hospice care july 26n the examiner's office says that marijuana and alcohol were involved in the death along with medications used for sedation or
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and she was 22 years old. eric jones honey boo boo star momma mamma june shannon is hospitalized after collapsing george hobica 36-year-old fainted several times after complaints of not feeling well, doctors aren't running test to find out what is wrong,re she reportedly told tsg that she has not eaten much before the class
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today on "the real." >> some girl chat. there is a reason why we have a logo. >> what is better than chocolate? >> a chocolate bar with our special purple ticket. >> we're kicking off our purple ticket contest. >> first, very funny and inappropriate marlon wayans. then we're taking you inside our journey to the capital. >> only on "the real." this is our time right now


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