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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  February 10, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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began beginning to look like february, people were b spin of the day shoveling snow and there's more coming . we are on snow watch with team coverage including some trouble spots let's get to melissa mack with the current conditions . we had snowbands earlier today, now they are becoming once again defined as
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northwest and it there will be shut it off tomorrow about this time still full from cleveland on 77l have been 480 . it also on 422it and to send along and into lake county in some pockets of low visibility and geauga county . this band from wooster, looking from canton into tuscarawas county it is reducing visibility . and this between akron,
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a three-hour loop sos this is not over . it is reducing visibility in some areas . a winter storm warning in effect . until 4:00 p.m. tomorrow . overnight tonight and between eight and 14 inches in the warning areas outside of the snowbelt up to 2 inches . tonight 10 degrees tomorrow, it will be below zero at times .. >> the weather blamed for a accident on i-90 near mentor today with jennifer jordan now and groundfox.
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earlier today, this was a large racketeer . it's always that were shut down have been reopened, and expected to open up one westbound lane in about 30 minutes to one hour from now .e because they are still removing wreckage . today, viewers have been sending us photos of the wreckage . 15 large trucks and multiple vehicles were involved and 15 people injured with three people taken to metro, life-flight was grounded because of the weather . rutgers mischievously injured,
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case . there is is one-person in serious condition,he the good news is that eastbound lanes have reopenedea in one westbound lane should reopen in about 30 minutes. >> also it was making a mess of the commute on the side is where we find roosevelt leftwich on i-271 how is the traffic moving? >> lots of snowfall, the traffic is kind of cleared out a bite it is still relatively slow because of snow covered roadwaysv and are driving slower . lots of odot crews along i-271 you can see them as they are treating the roadways and some snow plow and the lake effect snow lake-effect snowfall is moving throughefe that video from earlier
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people were copying, andu earlier era willowick, those were still digging out with snowfall coming in off the lake with lots of snowfall and strong winds for maybe 30 minutes then it cleared out . sometimes that we saw sunshine . it then a break and then some more snowfall, lots of snow plowing and lots of people trying to figure out how to get around . you can see lots of daylights here as you try to get out and allow extra time . if you get a chance to stay at home, because the snowbands can make white out conditions quickly so it if you
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stay indoors and watch tv .. >> with more snowfall coming up any closer to the latest night of fox 8 news at 10:00 p.m. and then then tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. you can find a list that fox >> my cameras were rolling as thehe cleveland police chased after armed robbery suspects as tracy mccool joins us with the latest.. >> officer tried to stop the suspect but they got away now the police are asking for helpot to bring them to justicelp about 2:00 a.m. they robbed a woman at gunpoint at east 90 3rd street near carbon road and followed the suspect vehicle and the cameras were rollingan nature to keep a safe distance as they tried to pull the suspects they called but they called off the pursuit after twoe cruisers collided causing minor damage .
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carlo spotted this afternoon.e >> dc something say something is something that we rely upon the need peoples eyes people's eyes on on this . they say the suspect may have stolen an suv monday with a 3-year-old girl inside who was not injured and anybody with information on either crime is asked to call police. >> the how to find who assaulted the woman and stole her car happened at the parkview motel on on west erie avenue the cellular victim was tied up in that he stole her toyota camry similar similar to this woman asked the police are looking for that car .s. >> she is absolutely lucky to be alive,
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70-year-old woman . that's what prisons are made for not quite sureat that we're going to do everything we can to catch this ch young man. >> victim was treated and released he said the suspect could be could be armitage or so call police if you see the carou. >> us marshal searching for a con artist accused of impersonating a former nfl quarterback company say 30 -year-oldld stephan pittman has returned to be vince young, on more i'm more than a dozen occasions , 2,009 pittman convicted of rape in texas who lived here huguenot bridge registered sex offender now investigating not investigating him for a string of thefts and fraud cases..d river is dirty and does not know his history orrt what he could do
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danger that we are worried about . >> marshals service offers a reward for information leading to the arrest of >> stephan pittman , you can remain anonymous andtetm to brass players rested on christmas day now facings drug and weapons charges, the grand jury indicted armonty bryant on felony drug possession charges, he was a passenger anda t&a de'ante saunders cart when state troopers stopped them on i-71 christmas morning they say bryants had prescription medication that do not belong two him io and saunders charged with a felony for improperly handling a firearm in the car can read more at fox >> countless host of the lake tonight is it is kobe bryant ob final appearance in cleveland the champions go to the media a few moments ago as the john telich joins us with the comments backa on the bright remembered seeing a high school
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his stickers he also gave the lebron james and vice to stay true to your craft. >> as he winds down a hall of fame career, he can reflect upon the intensity that he played with, earning five nba championships, he probably cannot fathom that his two decade long career is winding down,, just yesterday that he hit the nba out of high school ? this is what he said in a pregame interview when he was asked abouti putting himself in the bronx shoes as he plays in hisbr 13 nba seasons he is a veteran, a true veteran, it is strange to me, he still seems like he just got into the league . .
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soon to. >> tip-off is tonight at 8:00 p.m.m. with highlights at 10:00 p.m..l pat catan's k. lebron james and the cavaliers coaching staff got to toronto for theav nba all-star game miss the team get some time to rest the cavaliers don't play again until next thursday february 18 when the balls come
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were over but they are announcing plans to send hundreds of american troops to afghanistan,yy they say that they will be deployed to they helmand province, the pentagon says they will not takeke active combat roles, but they will help afghan forces who try to fight off taliban insurgents. >> congress were to legislation to help families affected by the flood water crisis> come, the house we told today to approve a bill from congressmany dan kilby who is a flint native, the safe drinking water improved compliance awareness act requires epa to warn the public immediately anytime to lead in the water supply reaches dangerous levels,, the congressman and the mayor of mayor flynn says it is a first have to make sure that no other town deals with this problem.o >> this was a. entirely avoidable set of circumstances of circumstances i like some of the challenges
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are specific actions that we can .2 that led to the crisis.fare >> i implore you on behalf of the citizens of flint to help us restore our city and to rebuild trust and confidence in our government, but i submit to you people. >> the michigan governor rejected an invitation to speak at the >> asked the road to the white house goes to south carolina, two republicans are dying out as chris christie finished sixth and today he made the decision to suspend his campaign since he is excited forsi the people of the garden state,l they say that he could endorse a candidate later, carly fiorina dropping out of the race , he made the announcement letter , she finished seventh in both new hampshire and iowa, said she will continue to fight
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trackoo and while they are dropping out,w john kasich is surging, fresh off of his second-place finish in new hampshire, phil trautwein thees election with 35 percent common john kasich and focused most of his energy in that statese got nearly 60 percent he says he's not surprised by his success in new hampshire and excited toes share his message to south carolina. >> andre carle i sort of felt we were going to be in second place i heard earlier thato there was some worry that we're going to be there and then when i traveled around to the polling
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chelsea clinton will speak in clinical monday to support her mother hillary clinton's campaign details are limited butut she is expected to speak to voters on how her mother will help tot struggling middle-class families, early voting here starting next wednesdayugs,. >> . but more of a lake effect event to the southwest could get a few flurries this is a salon 271 near mayfield .n this is just a three-hour live that shows it at times pretty quiet . make sure when traveling to give other vehicles in snow plows plenty of room and lake effect will persist through tomorrow
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14 inches in some areas in the snowbelt . it will be called for everybody the coldest winter day looks to be on saturday and sunday will be called around 20 degrees .a today the high was 25 around midnight in the lowgh about 20 degrees . he averages 36 . snowfall should become more organizedno . . to the west, no marketing some snowfallso also ashland and wooster, this band moving south
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countyer near dover/new philly encounter snowfall . also near barberton .. >> lake effect is in full effect with northwest winds left that such of the lens became more organizede . advisory for the snowbelt until 4:00 p.m. poirot . feels like ghostlight 5 degrees hopkins because of the strong windsee gusting up to 25 at times, . still matt siko storm bands become more organized, after new
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south and west you'll get you will get some sunshine late tomorrow . . on friday clipper system with a general snow odot lows around 0 degrees and on sunday, near 20 . at 10:00 o'clock tonight is your your family pet on the most wanted list continue our
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of dognapping inrnu northeast ohio the most most likely place to be stolen and how the dogs in a coulds help you to retain or blue shirt on forever, at 10:00
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out of india, people had to run for the lies when a wild elephant went on a rampagewi through the town he wanted into the village from a nearby forest the place i got agitated and started smashing buildings and stop in homes they had to shoot it withhe a tranquilizer, nobody was out injured,as he also will be
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saving.k >> here we celebrate fat tuesday with lots of delicious paczkis, kansas they put out for pancakes every year they host the international pancake race fat tuesday tradition with women wearing aprons and a frying pan, he won the race with a time of about one minutes. >> tonight noisemaking history for the first time in more than 50 years of the racing from miami to give icon it is possible thanks to renewed relations between the us and cuban. >> at the first race of miami to havana, make sure that we were a part of an.rt >> it is a historic race, a number decades have gone by since we have been here , it just makes it a phenomenal race. >> they travel travel the church allows a room florida keys to
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