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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  February 8, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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effect band . . visibility has become an issue, much forecasts into the upper 20 s and then it runs into high gear tuesday night . fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. and fox 8 news is the only local mornings show starts that starts at 4:00 a.m.. >> tonight for the first time, the i-team exclusive report on the basics fired officers tells his story and. s
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exclusive interview. >> i-team learned that one of theh six officers fired, 34 -year-old freddy diaz was given high praise for his job performance just before he was let go, tonight we take you insidestst his story with this exclusive. it is worth is worth a come on don't want to live it, i do want to think about it but it is embedded in my heart and mind hispanic former cleveland police officer freddy diaz talks about the november 2012e shooting that left two suspects dead. >> 13 officers fired their weapons that night, he was the first, he said he fired his weapon after the suspects car wasas coming toward him. >> in a position, thinking about my wife who was eight months pregnant and not knowing if i
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was to be borne. >> six officers including him were fired he told his wife of 15 years and three children he was no longer employed.ld >> city officials said that he was found guilty of several administrative charges including failure to request permission to join the pursuit. >> union leaders and he were still in the. >> never had a complaint ever been disciplined.ev >> even says that he was was priced at his disciplinary hearingwa the i-team obtained transcripts of the hearing, spending. >> he is on the promotion list and consider for assignment to the financial crimes unit thinking is probably a success story coming from the projects and making something out of himself instead of remaining in the projects. >> michael mcgrath said ---- i
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eventw of something to any of us wanted to happen but i know that k when you get promoted it will serve you well throughout the rest of your career.l >> growing up in the committee i felt that i could be an asset. >> the son of a missionary grew up in the projects in cleveland says that his background to serve him well because he understands not having enough food or money andnd he would often buy happiness for children and never went to work without his box filled with stickers and badges for kids.i >> he says a few years ago when he was trying to decide his career path, his wife gototf decorated the cake got a magazine from the year he was born inw 1981 in the picture inside show him all he needed to know.i >> it is my my calling compass of my success story my dreamc some some people dream about
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this is my dream. >> city officials would not discuss his case with case with us since the union has filed an appeal of his discipline, for now she remains fired, he is hoping to get his job back. >> important to point out that he cannot talk about the t details with us simply because he can't.t >> right now it is under appeal the union has filedo they want to get back his job so his attorneyw advises tos not discuss details details of the eating. >> investigation of of local college student was shot and and killed in an off-campus apartment on sunday they believe that he may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time as
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ivic om hort time that he had been here he had madea significant impact. >> on sunday afternoon,, a 911 caller someone's police to the ryan's place apartments. >> information received from the 911 call described it as a home invasion and.d >> three men wearing bandannas burst into an apartment demanding money > . >> altercation ensued 18 -year-old kent state student nicholas massa was shot. >> the freshmen who live in on-campus dormitory may have been visiting friends at the building when he was shot. >> i cannot believe that i was
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and asked if i heard what happened and i had no idea. >> people i see see daily and never thought thateo some live of them live next door to wed be a victim of this. >> starting his second semester, he was described as a young man who hasas making an impression on campus. >> one thing that impressed me of him was that he was one of the first agents to get involved to joinhr an organization he was very passionate. >> the police are uncertain of the mode of thought they were able to identify a sentinel suspect arrested later with the assistance of stow police. geawili
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or i that 17-year-old suspect is a student at stow high school and expected to be arraigned in juvenile court tomorrow .ol some breaking news tonight the affidavit of johnny manziel's ex-girlfriend has been released detailsht friday night last month when he threatened to kill her and hit hard enough to render her death several days of one-year is this bill sheil joins this. >> colleen crowley's affidavit describes a night in dallas and the confrontations grew more dangerouss describing her relationship in which they dated two years until december last yearw said they lived together in clevelandsa for months prior to the breakup and describes the details of the dallas night that
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>> said she was going to spend the night with him in his hotel o hotel room to want to talk about a woman whob cause problems in their relationship she said that he threw threw her out of bed that would not letr her leave then took her down back stairway to a carhe. >> she rides that he ran to me and turning into the car then he hit me hard enough enough that two days later still cannot hearo out though that year said that she said she stated she hated at him and he responded that he was going to drop me off and kill himself . she said that she tried to calm him down driving on i-30 in dallas, texas he said , shut up and i will kill us both and then he then said, that you do not deserve that i would only kill myselfty once inside her
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was trying too paste on her parents she said that she pulled a knife advancing and then he ran out of the >> after she filed the affidavit , granted a restraining order that orders him to stay away from her., now they have a sworn statement that indicates there was an assaultnt, the police will investigate how they will get his side, then normally it would be presented to a prosecutor who charges.e >> the search of a missing a missing man solonl leads to the discovery of human remains inin
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county is jack shea reports. >> the ministry ofj what health and financial woman who disappeared july 4 is becoming clearer after masticationltj said that signature of patsy hudson disappeared after a dispute with her neighbors over cats on her property,, 53 water rinse rents and 57-year-old linda buckner blehar moved out today that she disappeared and left have. >> should feed the cats, ca shear-like about 20 -- 30 cats in wrecker driver you see a lot of cats and she just fed them but i think we have an argument n about all the cats in their yard and it escalated.e >> court records indicate thate after patsy hudson hudson disappeared hudson disappeared in july, someone was using an atm outside of ohio to take money out of her bank account and. >> , launching a nationwide search for water rents and linda buckner bleharwa and found them at
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arrested on a charge of receiving stolen property and sheet on a parole violation and thenpp to information gathered after the their arrest they foundinhe the suspect remains of patsy hudson scattered three crime scenes in richland county. >> those who knew her fight hard find it hard to believe that such a minor issue could lead to the crime. >> it is unbelievable i cannot believe that over the cats you know it is just kind of childish it is idiots on real. >> jack shea fox 8 news. >> water rents is being held in the russian county jail after being returned from tennessee, thenou corner is conducting tests tests confirmed that remains are of patsy hudson.f >> twizzler police investigating a disturbing case of the photos of teenagerszlzl popping up on social media, and the search
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ofed pictures posted, we have already taken to a page down but investigators are trying to get them to turn over information about who is behind it. >> which put that would set up put that out there it's always there and people can find it so so much so much about that . but that their you cannot race at. a >> is something that can follow you throughout your years impacting your educational and career goals. >> it's easy to google your name and everything you post on social media pops up so it is important to a prepare ourselves in a positive light and. >> takes work to popeye's chicken they have not made any arrests at. >> i-team is asking asking questions and tracking developmentstste in the investigation into massive overtime forhe ems supervisor. >> she nearly doubled her salary as ed gallek has the latest.>>
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said they would talk for would talk with him tonight as we spoke to them about the training boss making six digits for friday but the story about ems supervisorbu gwendolyn mccue her base salary al $52,000 but last last year to calm wanted $1,000 beat her timecard . overtime almost every day, she is a sergeant of recruitment and training today the ems commissioner would answer questions they said but later ou the public safety leaders met to talk some went to the mayor's office after thatom the acids come back to city hall tomorrow,w, the i-team filed a request asking for duty reports to find out what work was done in some of those overtime hours . the story sparking reaction as some are angry and some wonder how this could happen sincesp they
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, have that many questions asking and now there is some scrambling. >> someone has to be setting off on all of those overtime. >> that is the overriding question,, who approved it and what and what work was being done ?ed and the more that we look into this we want to ask morewe. >> she's gotten a ticket and won the northeast ohio's speed traps
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trouble getting out of bed in the morning, then blame science, in a study published in the journal, nature conditions, researchers isolated genes associated with what they call morning .ti some people's body clock and genetics make up more inclined to wake up earlier lyon to wake up earlier and be happy,rl limited women and limit adults over the age of 60 or the most common morning people .. >> a copy claims it has come up with a way to get caffeine
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joule caffeine bracelet works like a patch delivering steady energy equal to drinking a medium cup of coffee every four hours, they sayup that it eliminates energy spikes in crashes . do not know what the the price would be but it is intriguing i would be interested to try them >> in the meantime . i don't think that i would get one of of those but, i like to drink my coffee, lookout this on lake erie compares to last year, the only area last year that were wide-open was the shoreline near canada, it was 96 percent ice coverage and this year, only about 1 percent ice coverage on
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today, all 3 inches snowfall hopkins and guns down about 1 inch, looking at the pattern on the radar unit is going to be a coffin on slow week for us . looking out the rotation . low pressure in control .
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46 normal is 30 crude sunset at 5:52 p.m. this we have a departure as low of 32 inches of hopkins . the cold air coming in from up north . tonight could see a accumulation of a coating coating of too indentured to .ng tomorrow, 32 degrees . within 24 wednesday and then some lake effect so wednesday into thursday 18
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and sunday with highs in the teens . on tuesday next week, about 30 degreesy this will be the cold weekend we will remember and as far as snow, and for most of us will save likely several inches of snow and keep you informed . >> governor john kasich taking heat over how he he answered the
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kaczor two games from the brake. >> at the q. of a play tonight they're just two games away from
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week long not expected to have kevin lovet jessica this account back from a thigh bruise as matt delly thist will message forth in a row a row snapping a two-game skida with the pelicans . ohio governor john kasich, and new hampshire as he tries to gain a foothold in thei republican presidential race probably did not endear himself to cavs nation when he answered who was his favorite basketball player and he answered stephen curry of the lawyers and wonder how cavs nation feels about that?sywe >> candidate taking heat for his post- super bowl performance. >> he had a horrifics super bowl, against that defense, i took off of his superman cape with that embarrassing performance he
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what he showed last night's. >> had a tough time and bounce back. >> can you put a finger on. >> just got outplayed. >> everybody knows that there is probably no athlete in the world is scrutinized as much as lebron james, since he was 15, and whiles saying that he did not see the post game situation he had this assessment. >> as difficult as it is to answer some of the questionss is the last image thing that you want to talk about you have to endeavor . you take the good with the bad . i cannot imagine what happened, do did not see it . i've been in that situation before. >> looks like hue jackson has
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most part, released today eight more additions to the staff he says it is a mix of experience and a few guys who will will get their first taste of coaching in the nfl he also has a little continuity in some spots . as we continue, some video of the new coaches and a listing ofth the eight coaches that he hired and a few of them haveat experience in cleveland, champion kevin matthewsmp were here in willoughby with ray horton, kendall got over the coach of the nfl for the first time,, john holland is a member of the packers hall of fame in texas and , robert nunn was with the giants last six years. >> invited him to spring training he will compete for one of the spots>ng in the the bullpen
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my pictures from groundfox as we givep ready for a week of cold weather this is i-480 westbound near valley view
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>> who got snowfall and cold and be very cold at the end of the week's. >> seems like such a huge story we have not had much . looking at the 5-mile crib cam . look at the timestamp about 6:00 o'clock you see somebody skyline . and that it is back to zero visibility . with a low ceiling and reducing visibility,ow just east of downtown this is from last year, with 96 percent of lake erie ice covered lester thinks to a.j. colby for sending us these cool picturesto and on satellite this year, it was 1
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what a difference difference just one year makes . we had our high of 46 around midnight . says that it has been hovering in the 30s .a snowfall this month is about a 4-inch deficit, sunset at 5:52 p.m. and march 13 weeks . our clocks ahead . with sunset more in the 7:00 o'clock hour .o there are some scattered snow showers along the shoreway, i-90 and route 2 split headed towardsshi- euclid, mentor on the lake and in lake county and northwest geauga county . you get caught up to one of the snow bands and it can slow you down with
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at this area of low pressure, so this though this disorganized though fall, low pressure like a bicycle wheel, have a reinforced poke around this area tomorrow nightrc bringing lake enhanced snowfall for everybody and in the snowbelt for some lake effect . storm warnings and iowa, cape cod and new england . currently mostly cloudy sky and in the team substrate that will come in here at some pointtr with a couple c of days this week with high temperatures in the teens and
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low pressure kicks in tomorrow night . tonight upper plains, anywhere from a coating to up to 2 inches .u and then falling on into the 20 s, anda single digits loves some lake effect thursday and getting better for valentine's day and thereafter as a. >> odot has been prepping around since last night as they get g ready as rainfall transitions to snowfall. >> matt wright has been tracking road conditions as he is reporting from >> 577 northbound and cuyahoga
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are wet butei still free with traffic moving along just fines back in the the way downtown for bracing for a return to wintry conditions. >> have a new job career and lifestyle and pretty excited about the new weather conditionsif . >> he he just know to northeast ohious from alabama so dealing with snow might take some getting used to.sowi >> this is my third time to see snowfall so i amy excited looks it looks like i'm going to deal with it really well.o >> odot is reading, working around the clock ad snow plows are salting roads in cuyahoga, lake and geauga county transition from rain only rance. >> try toin keep those were enough so they do not freeze.
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aboutal 32 inches of snowfall but at hopkins this year only eight . 8 inches that means a lot of extra salt. >> we have these scattered events are not were not using as much .t. >> they have use about half as muchch salt in link, lake, john and ashtabula county use about 35,000 tons compared with 80,000 last year and. >> we have plenty on hand to handle whatever comes. >> what comes this week is going to be colder temperatures and he is still bracing . >> i'm not not sure if i'm ready but i have a couple of jackets i need to buy someco critics i. >> back here on here on 77 northbound> traffic routing okay to say that they're not using calcium chloride since it's just not cold enough thatc could be
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expected to drop into the teens en later this week letter this week 's.ek >> need to tracking down after he has experienced aboutto five classic northeast northeast ohio winterio's. >> i said it should not be the only person here that is excited . >> and he also skit to go to boston mills embracing it back fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online.. we are the only local morning show that starts at 4:00 a.m..o >> they say that the victims of friday double murderat in hinckley were killed by her brother asn dean sims pled not guilty in court .. she's giza shooting assemblies and bond set at $10 million backgem vacuum dragging a trooper on saturday turned himself in tom david son
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charged with assault trooper was hurt during a traffic stop his injuries were minor. >> jim jordan joins us with all of the details sounds exciting snack and event that will put us on the spotlight again with the rnc five months away is still a need foriv hundreds of volunteers rs to serve as ambassadors during this event. >> the tampa rnc in 2012 gave us insight i want to expect from airport and hotel readers to transportation host, rnc volunteers will be responsible to answer visitors questions aboutee cleveland to give advice on where to visit to places to eat and let events take place, the host committee is also on the hunt as well as the cuyahoga county republican party .l the host committee is a nonprofit that is not affiliated with any political party i and its role is
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during the convention, all entities looking for people to showcase the city of the mostti exciting way possible. >> i think it is a matter to participate . t it is the reason that we are here, the mission is to build and develop a platform from which our candidate will speak from. >> once the volunteers are brought on there will be some training before the july convention they're looking for interns, students in high school and college are welcome, there is an application deadline on friday this week, for more info, and, go to fox it does not matter if you aref a republican, democrat or an independent, anybody
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>> the hours are ticking down until the first primary candidates are crossing the state of new hampshire to get those undecided voters bernie sanders is tempering expectations with his big lead in the polls and former x president bill clinton is on the trail for his wife hillary clintonpl and donald trump is relishing his role as the front runner says that he won't be happy with anythingt but a win in new hampshire, vin number show about 3 percent of gop voters are still undecided so ifer you still anybody's race, most polls open tomorrow at 6:00 a.m.. >> white house takes aim at zika virus asking congress for more than one . eight million dollars in funding to fight it, draco di'rico, the us virgin islands
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three countries and territories where the cdc says active transmission takes placec, this gigabytes are not caused any of the cases in the united states that could change could change, the specific type of mosquito that carries the virus of common of and in states bordering mexico to make the virus is in aggressive daytime biter it lives outside and inside the home and it can be hard to control it in there working on a vaccine, a trial expected to start at the end of summer but likely take years for ye a vaccine to be very. >> five years after she was acquitted acquitted of murdering her daughter, casey anthony comes out of hiding with a new business,, reports that she filed the paperwork for a photography business in south florida kind of photography
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do but has been seen takingo photos all over west palm beach she was acquitted in 2011 of
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inside the pack's charter school in cleveland . he's eighth graders artis hughes ad trends at the height of their
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should say he is lionel richie. >> ussa and the commodores he did for saxophone and. >> is showcasing the original member of the rap group nwa and rock hall of fame inductee's. >> for he sounded and how his music giveaway for a lot of young rappersaw to come. >> project is the brainchild of social studies teacher to go beyond the teachings of doctor martin luther king or frederick douglass during february the. >> listed aside to perform and i said why not take that and do that into black history. >> they knew the songs but they
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far as his group nwa or lionel richie or even salt-and-pepper, first female >> others would be transformed into oprah winfrey, or a judge judge greg mathis'. >> the chance for students to discover people that they didn't know with hindsight wanted to do >> allows us to show our creativity, and to have fun funds for the project's. >> on february 16 the project go from the classroom to the stage for thehe apex academy black history month celebration, showcasing talents through the spirits of musical legendsgh, jennifer jordan fox 8 news.
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agenda state law put an end to most of the speed camerasas l in northeast ohio the speed traps won't go away. >> most department target
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taylor this week shows us were some of theta more notorious were located. >> linndale, newburgh heights, are just a couple of the well-known speed traps that catch motorists offguard but there are predictable locations that are not going to go away when of them is on interstate is on interstate 77 and independence. >> what comes to catching high-speed drivers, law enforcement officers have mastered the art of hiding in plain sightiglala case in point, the city of independence. >> they're preferred place for setting up shop along the interstate is e 77 northbound just passed the chestnut bridge overpass. >> they're hiding behind a d bridge, which kind of irks me because they're not really there to deter people but to catch the speeders. >> broadview heights personal
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travels 77 north at least three times a week on his way to court in downtown cleveland . he is certain that officers position themselves behind a bridge support columns so that they cannot be seen. >> generally, a lot of times it is driven by where there are areas for the officer can save position the cruiser to avoid av oncoming traffic and to make sure that he is far enough off the roadi. >> independence police chief michael kilbane denies that his officers are running a sneaky speed trap on 77, north of pleasant knowledge even if it the. >> we do full visibility traffic enforcement, we would do thatli, the officer in his cruiser which is,, fully marked is going to be
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>> what you focus on on 77 there'll rockside road? >> look at where the most crashes occur and focus on areasc where there is potential for injuries or fatalities and concentrate the traffic enforcement efforts.alnd >> sergeant vitte handers describes the risk risk that he seesat figures taking while shooting a laser on laser on 77 north.n >> one of them was clocked at 100 mph and then o again next week at 100. >> the chief says that safety and education is the primary reason for traffic enforcement alum i-77e. >> he says that the reason that you won't see them usinga photo enforcement. >> will discover the drivers are under suspension or have active warrants and we have recovered stolen cars and have mades many dui arrests. >> review of traffic stops over
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january showed that the cited 195 motorists were speeding, and 72 were charged withri additional crimes likeio driving drunk, possession of drugs ord driving with suspended licenses. >> you have a slowdown in traffic when you go through that stretch. >> he does not doubt the presence of the officers makes the area safer.roththt >> the chief insisting it is the only reason that they are theref. >> look at it solely from where people are going to get injured and killed in how we can stop thatkg. >> our goal is to make it a safe place to travel. o >> he says that again focusing on 77 about two half years ago, and looking at the numbers we found a higher the numberg accidents on the stretch of highwayay near rockside road he said a lot of those accidents wereks directly related to
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about that they might not be happy with thatab our time part-time work while they are located he says they want everybody to know that they are there and the point is to slow down, and if we slow down then that makes their job a little bit easier.slk
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