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tv   Fox 8 News in the Morning  FOX  January 25, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EST

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it's january 25an can you believe it temperatures are much better start this week's still a little chilly out there at almost 6:00 a.m. things are waking up office. my name is wayne dawson. let's get right to scott and see what's happening weatherwise. calm is the name of the game. it's going to stay that way for a while. but nothing that is super significant.s we'lli check out the temperature strongsville 26 hisat cuyahoga falls up to sold same in ravenna in the rural countryside of geauga county to include ade chardon up to new very it's in the lower and middle 20s t cannot 25 was to right now at 23 it looks like into ashland and out into north central ohio we're soaking it temperatures in the 20s not bad. leftover light snow near boston. through dc. there weather pattern iser shifting its for the next
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instead of having his is panhandle lows these systems will be moore'sis pacific in origin won't have a whole lot to work at.wo the winds will jump the temperatures up near 40 plusus later today followed by ling off slightlyte tomorrow. even though the temperatures will trap they will be all that significant see some breaks of sunshine otherwise mostly cloudy later on in evening child mid-to-late evening shower temperatures running about 5 degrees above average traffic a time with patty harkin it is 6:01 a.m. we're off to a great start on thee freeway. it's even looking better only 70 days until opening date that would be april 4 were lookingng forward to nicer writer and hopefully we'll see it come
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it's little thin gorgeous that's for sure. if you are traveling in brunswick they do have a water main break. south of wilson street wayne and kristi back to you in the studio. the massive t winter storm in the northeast has wreaked havoc on a large portion of our nation. twenty-nine people are dead of the conditions have caused majorjo type and that the good at morning. things are moving along fine hair hopkins national airport there are some cancellations and delays as people try to head to with airline snow covered roadways blocked train track it's really threatening travel again today the blizzard is dropping so much snow on such a region along the east coast as i c said many cancellation is delays but i you need to be patient with all of this and even though the
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mean that everything is back to normal everyone can send we say that so people can have a clear understanding thatea this is not business as usual.g expecting to do so much the than 2 feet on the ground in some areas they haven't even calm down the streets yet. they saw good amount ofn accumulations not exactly what was forecasted that didn't stop people from' having a good old-fashioned snowball fight your beautiful white winter landscape is expected to last with temperatures warming up into the 40s until it disappears everyone justl having to do with it as best they can.yo i love it. it's an inconvenience trying to get around and take they cars out and stuff other than that i
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another drill here in the areare likely we weren't the ones who are slammed by the still some cancellations and delays in reagan international also philadelphia i'm sure people are fully aware they need to be checking for they come out. a couple whosese lives for their wedding were nearly derailed. stacy fry reporting life from theif airport. thank you. such a group of john carroll students arel back out after being stranded at a pennsylvania highway for 14 hours. students were part of them respect for life group and were returning from washington dc after the march for life they left earlier that had planned hoping to beat this this took that stuck in pennsylvania were told that theyin pass the time by watchinghe movies play games and holding a mess on the side of the reps at all worked that's a
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castles clean so jessica dill joins us live with more on what was founded who is now facing consequences. the ohio epa's says they plan to revoke the license for the treatmentps plant operator they say that he did not perform his jobo correctly and they have falsified reports there's not an opening and criminal investigation aso well but the most important issue to deal with the safety of the people. the water was tested at 40es locations they say that in seven of those 40 location copper and lead levels we're detected they believe that the source may be older pipes under some of the homes in the village classes at the schools were canceled but what was not found in water at the n school but they were closed as a precaution sunday morning the school district saidth schools would be open today but once again the epa said he wanted to do more testing the
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this is the first time i have heard of the schoolis closing because of this. what my family does he buy bottled water. t we take a bath with water and do our dishes but we don't drink it. d because we're afraid of what's ins it. what should you do if you live here. the health commissioner says you can use cold water you can pave and cook with that is the suggestion not tohe use hot water because it tends to hold the lead also pregnant women are askedme to use a different water source for all of this is on our website as well. jessica dill reporting life in other news police investigating the death ofh the 34 -year-old man assaulted at an east side bus stop trying to return home from work family members that held a visual last night where
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thursday he was headed home from work as a cashier at the nearby family dollar stores two men wearing all black attacked him resultingac in severe head trauma he died a day later on his birthday. >> it's pure evil to do him like that.>> >> anyone with information is urged to call the cleveland police department and investigation is ongoing in the cleveland metroparkcet south that 6:07 a.m. weather and traffic every eightff minutes is still seal still ahead, three prisoners are on the run after breaking out at a
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how did they escape. andh a very big day in the presidential campaigns it's just one week away were going to see how they're gearing up for the iowa caucuses.u good at morning. were lookingat up lower and middle 20s cloud cover increasing from the south no snow and no rain in the forecast for at least a little while we'll talk about the forecast showing no signs of arctic air. thanks a lot, scott we are in sky fox nice and warm and toasty we do have a theater. will give you all the details in just a month for your morning
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aj put together a couple of these yellow indications are bull's-eye are between 30 and 38 inches of snow from the snow that's all this past weekend. away from cleveland so we dodged
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will start to see the showers and western ohios and break tomorrow will if
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that left 130 people dead in the videos one man says it was to bring france to its knees the m also shows that they suggest the
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target. i will will conduct the first contest of the 2016 presidential
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of a tocqueville said to see some ofoc the people actually want to read opinion shows the latest developments of the canons make a big pushniev the des moines register endorse hillary clintonm
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you're just getting up 18 minutesst after 6:00 a.m.
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a south of wilson street that's all south's of 303.
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forecast.0 a little bit stronger this
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temperatures will jump early with any showers not develop until sometime too late evening.
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it's like a steady stream you walk fast each other what did you do. as i was going back out for anotherng trip over to the grocery store interesting thing. here's a group of like 50 peoplee
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15th s and take the subway ticket close enough but none of the workers could get get to the arena that's how my weekends finished in it nears any any word on when you can fly out of that.t.
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scheduled to get out of there.
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coaching position. into sound and up to way i interpreted they felt that they gotd to the end of the year and didn't reach the ultimate goal the players were going to point fingers and say it was because of the coach therefore were taking away any excuses.
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good job for us here's the guy
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thank you very much. this morning a fight has been canceled but are they doing stacy fry is that added airport
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much going on. there's the movement on the cloud cover. i'm stillt having breaks of sun late there will be a few of those intermittent showers
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will get you temperatures that are possible. that takes us through the end of january with no pics does. clear. to speeds were just in the clear for the rest of the month. we appreciate it. 6:37 a.m. is your time.
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is flowing wellst to watch your speed we don't want to start your workweek a little lighter in the wallet. we haven't let up and blue this morningn top end of 71 is busys approaching the in about bridge. we still ahead into downtown first exit his ninth off the in about.t. back to face in the studio the east coast blizzard has ended and a lot of travelers are going to be affected today. we're there are cancellations at morning. will be a handful of cancellations and delays area places you would expect along the east
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all morning long all the places that had record snowfall it turned to ruin the wedding plans of one couple from twinsburg their plane find to put a connotative meeting up with relatives and friends a for their ceremony. it's we call the other people who are coming with us today and suggested change of flights right away 15da
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fighters through chicago we managed to get through to chicago. we need to get on with our day. it's a nice troubles are able to get up and north is always there to east coast. i because they still have some pretty big restrictions schoolsol are closed again today after levels of flood were found in water supplies there the ohio epa s place to revoke the license of a water treatment plant operator.
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joins us live on the situation. >> good at morning.rn it's been an up-and-down motion which has caused models to come out of the supply spite andte older homes they were built before 1975.
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supply itself is not dangerous.te you can use water to bathe and coke. there's a suggested not to wear while hot water at all it tends to hold the lead. if you have fled soldering on my pipes and any pregnant woman in young children are to use a different water source. >> they also say that they played to revoke the license up the treatment plant operator for not performing his job and falsifying reports there's not an open criminal is at the
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years. so lot. 6:42 a.m. is your time an updateda on weather and traffic every eight minutes post creative to beating address tennessee with people are using and if it
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voice under we've been
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morning. w no major accidents are being reported on road conditions are perfect they are nice and dry
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and the coffee quiz.
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so far.
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the back in 2001. i was in diapers. i don't't remember that come on 60 tome come on man. anyway.
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goodbye. he might remember that.t. stacy is at huntsman hopkins airport with an update next.
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showing against some of the ice developing close to the shoreline it is breaking up c as the overnight temperatures begin to climb especially to the west with the middle 20s and then sandusky in the middle and upper 20s there is the next systemys we shut down any sort of significant rain or snow with a pretty good band up behind it. by that time of pushes into michigan (a bit breezy tomorrow and 35 at noon cloudy and breezy witht highs around 40 traffic timefi with patty it is 7:01 a.m. >> good morning on this monday things are looking up . i 90 and
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merged together as you head into downtown.e seventy-one is starting to back up we send it back to wayne and christie. >> the winter storm in the northeast hasn wreaked havoc on the last portion of the united states.ocn >> twenty-nine people died causing major caps on roads and airports we are live at hopkins with the latest. >> people are backed up at the checkpoints but that is more due to changes at the airport more than anything else. i icy roads snow-covered train tracks have
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that dumped record-setting snow with major cities in philadelphia and washington dc as well a stop sign doesn't mean it is normal. >> everyone keeps saying this is historic we say thatalry so people can have a clear understanding this is noto business as usual. digging out beneath the record snowfall.f parts of the region have more than 2 feet on the ground. some areas snowfallt has not even made to the extreme. the winter landscape is not expected to last temperatures to be up in the 40s until thenem they will have to deal.
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trying to get around other than that i am enjoying it. >> and we got to wake up this morning and travel on dry roads. if you're heading somewhere along the east coast check aheadu' with so many cancellations and delays getting back too a regular routine stacy is reporting live meanwhile a group of students are coming back from this about pennsylvania highway for 14 hours they were part of the respect for life group the left
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that stockman pennsylvania they ended up holding a mass on the side of the road. and that shut down once again after they requested more water testing a what this means for people that are living there. >> good morning everyone. officials insist the water supply is no longer dangerous you can use cold water and bit him cook with the water, but there is a suggestion not to use hot water since hot water tends to hold the lead. schools are canceled i can after levels of lead were found from several homes in the village. this is at the.where it comes out of the
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older pipes from some of the homes in the village. the closed score friday for testing but yesterday the epa requested testing was done by taking samplesti of a few areas in the building. it is just exceeding what they consider those for particular. >> per for as much as you pay for water, we should be able to drink. we paid a lot of money for the water. >> the ohio epa says the town is makingwn progress. twenty-five of 28 home samples were found with an federal fifty 15 water samples were taken from schools all but one have an issue all but one were fine
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appreciate itn. >> cleveland police investigating the death of a 34 -year-old man assaulted they say someone has to know something about what happened just days ago. >> this family surrounding this grieving mother. it is pure evil to do him like that. >> sadness and anger through cleveland police say died after being assaulted on january 21 out this bus stop. not far from his cashiering job at family dollar. >> he had left work and get a little shop in and came to this bus stop right here he was sitting there eating popcorn and talking on the phone. >> it happened at the intersection lovely around 430
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men wearing all black assaulted and resulting in severe head trauma police say he died one day later. it was his birthday. >> he died on his birthday. he just wantedd to celebrate his birthday. on sunday people gathered with a candle demanding justice the girls family especially his 12 is 12 and 13 -year-old children.. >> and now the group wants to protect anyone else from being he can't ride in your car you can't be safe inou your house at night. >> they are breaking the people responsible to come forward. >> to speak up it can be
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just bring justice for my child. >> again couldn't police looking for two men please say it is still unclear for the motive. >> it is 7:09 a.m. keep it right here. dangerous prisoners still on the run after breaking out of a prison. how did they escape? >> candidates are getting ready for the iowa caucuses. >> it is about ten minutes after 7:00 o'clock. there is very little chance of the way of snow this week. we check it out we have the friday eight-day and
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>> stick around find your way to the best care at cleveland
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isis are sent out has sent out the video that claims the video on the screen showing for don't messages hiding hostages. the identities of the victims are not known. they left 130 people that in the videohe this is the goal was to bring france to its
6:50 am
suggested the united kingdom could be the next target. >> three escaped inmate the orange county sheriff says they are armed and dangerous they broke out of our maximum-security jailr they worked their way through tunnels one is charged with murder and murdering another with attempted murder a in the other accused of kidnapping and torture. >> you know, with any investigation we are always going to approach any investigation very objectively without bias we willat take a look
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caps like the $50,000 a $50,000
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>> a motion that she felt threatened. >> i might consider about i will give the nomination relieving that. >> bernie sanders using it to further his popular message. >> bloomberg became an independent candidate who was a multibillion are saying this country is moving away from democracy. >> fifteen minutes after 7:00 o'clock the beginning of rush-hour traffic on a monday morning.f >> patty has a look at sky fox.
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sure. and then you had around the curve taking that around the bridge. and then i 90 west 44th and then you see the one lane and then it will take you over to 490 and we do not have any accidents here is a look out the forecast. >> we are losing some we're losing some of the snow cover as daytime highs for most of the days now it not will be well above freezing later on this afternoon check out some of the numbers at the time lapse we saw
6:54 am
this is mary bruce's photo all the way up to central virginia with spots of more than 35 inches of snow notice the package of the snow are not
6:55 am
panhandleo such tests that are very common eventually you will see another will face another one of these developing the the the middle of february the fifth the first time pattern has f right now it is normal snow west to east. shutting down the moisture in the golf want with highs in the 40s if anything develops, it would be a late evening shower temperatures between 38 and 40 overnight the biggest threat is rain, not snow. lowe's with the daytime high` as we see the temperatures fall in the lower 30s then we get a break and watch again as we barely make it out in the
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some breaks of sun early wednesday right there and then we have accumulationon from on the eight day forecast staying right about normal averaging 35 s hopefully near 40 and again an uneventful forecast pretty much for saturday fox eight news is your official school closing station. and then we have a whole bunch of different weather tidbits you can check out when we are not on the error. >> 719 this morning. they were on the run from police. and they had to call 911 when we come back. >> and it is getting a lot of hype todd takes us behind the scenes to find outti why early
6:57 am
called 911 to surrender. >> the weather traditions said yes there is a very high likelihood they will not survive very long i've never seen two people happier to go to jail because they knew they would you dry and warm. >> they were taken to a hospital for treatment of hypothermia and are backed now back now warm and jailfot .
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inside the outsiders. wgn america's outsiders. >> look at that they don't see us. for them there is no respect or even t those outside like us. >> we have a billion dollars. >> and in the options of kentucky and i said it is the most compelling script of ever in years.t calls that i'm doing it i want to meet'm up with the guys. >> the executive producer cannot wait for the season premiere he has put together an all-star castwa p including saint elsewhere is david morse. >> it does feel like there is something new about itt with all kinds of people. >> david place big foster along with the subtle fosterig played by sons of anarchy star ryan
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>> there is a lot going on with the brilliant part of the show. and when they do it sets up drama in the small town of blacksburg. >> i waited like five monthstn for it a two it to happen nfl players is happening they are behind him they are robbing the store this happening. >> it is nothing like you have seen on television the dcfs. >> that is allowing official places other faces other shows i thought that it is a battle trying to evict them from their home continues some of the outsiders start to venture away from the home. that is where the real drama begins. >> i think it will beror
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will definitely be in a way you have never seen before. >> in new york city with the cast of outsiders and it premieres tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. on wgn americaor 7:26 a.m. is your time right now. no school they can today. >> the latest on the weather crisis hitting the northeast ohio community. digging out - - we take a look the setting out
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will come back to fox eight news in the morning it is 7:29 a.m. we will check in with patty and a bed. >> let's check in with scott on tuesday what is happening weather wise on this monday morning.
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is 7:30 a.m. look at the sky here this morning. we are not anticipating any significant weather,an but some precipitationio to develop in the form of rain there is a little bit of ice cover on lake erie as well. here in cleveland we are have about 26 degrees celsius to the last thing with a look at a - - 22 temperatures 15 to find his feet below the city most of us. that will open up with the southwest went and that moisture
7:03 am
then there is snow keeping us it in the mid 30s u at five or 7 percent and then it is relatively, scott is and that is going up to i 90 i the first one is starting to slow down. and we are still dealing with this water main break south of 303. it is closed cleveland water is on the scene. we are looking
7:04 am
back on the road as about 615 this morning they r will help another flight down to do, good conditions in the cleveland area that a is good for us so we are not adding to the delays and cancellations that is always you will want to check ahead of timens >> our top story this morning more water testing. >> jessica is joining us live now with more on the latest and who is now facing consequences. >> good morning, everyone they say they plan to provoke we revoke the license p of jim bates they say he did not perform his
7:05 am
investigation as well they believe it may be with pipes and homes in the village. they were canceled friday very were closed as a precaution the epa said they wanted to do more testing for the epa. >> this is the first time i have heard it. i >> what my family does is we just actually by bottled water we take a bath and do our
7:06 am
don't drink it. and this week they did test blood samples five of those tested positive for lead exposure. it happened around 11:00 o'clock saturday night the for cruiser sustained major damage. including a dislocated shoulder and police later arrested the a suspect. >> a car crash into a building
7:07 am
happened at the shared property when an elderly driver suffered a medical condition saturday nightv he had several pillars they say the post office will be open today but it is unclear where. >> it is 7:37 a.m. we will show you how to governor now stands in the new hampshire paul and how he says he got there.n and the super bowl matchup we will tellsu you which two teams you will be watching on super bowl
7:08 am
will come back. a surprising surge in the polls for ohio governor john kasich. >> he o is higher in the crucial state of pennsylvania. >> ohio governor john kasich is the latest presidential candidate to search to second
7:09 am
>> there is an establishment and that is what we have. i don't think about anybody else. >> donald trump continues to dominate the polls the fight is on for new hampshire's runner-up. chris christie, marco rubio also can infer that she gunning for that chance to challenge trump. i >> this is 2:00 a.m. more than any candidate with the gop field. you know what i hear and it feels so good is that people better than that? >> with a little over two weeks left for primary day he keeps trading calculated attacks for decisive optimism. >> i talk about hope in the
7:10 am
can do attitude and i tell you, i love it. i am having the best time i have ever had and politics by doing this right here in this state. >> if you want to yell and scream at the other side you should not vote for me. >> just stay relaxed. >> while casey case enjoying a surge in several polls a second place is likely to shift over the next few weeks. it is 7:42 a.m. we will show you just how on prices have stumbled. >> and how shaq ended up
7:11 am
officers with youngsters who had a noise complaint. >> and a chance to melt off some of our snow in the eight day
7:12 am
will come back big cleanup in alaska this morning after a 7.1
7:13 am
one was hurtt for the ghastly called want to explode and three others to expire. >> last price gas prices getting lower and lower and they plunged more than $0.14 in two weeks the average nationn with a dollar 91 a gallon. that is the lowest in seven years. that was at the intersection are of rocky river drive it should be closer to 40 degrees later on this after nine it will get rained on this
7:14 am
through tomorrow maybe even tuesday night you may see a quick snow shower but not much accumulation look at the daytime highs freezing through tomorrow next week and then another week front coming in tomorrow with a snow shower a little bit of lake front behind out but not much goingd on with the lakefront and it kind of lingers around. heading into early next week is the big question we will figure that out later on arctic air through the end of the month we will start to melt cause some of the heavy snow cover cover from about a week and a half ago. >> fox eight news is your official school closing station. traffic time with patty. >> unfortunately if you're going
7:15 am
do have an accident. police are on the scene 71 northbound off to the right hand side so you out there. lot of volume now along i 90 as you head out towards the inner belt bridge. seventy-one northbound i 21 minute commute with the turnpike 14 minutes from for 802490 and a quick accident by route 21 it has been cleared q but traffic is still there up 77 and for 80. >> the carolina panthers made it
7:16 am
buckeyes.. >> second it down and three. this vote low done out of bed and are going inside the past. it is a block touchdown.ns 22-yard touchdown giving up the others a ten - - zero lead over the arizona cardinals. and then cam newton an inquiry brown on a palace a can with 86 yards in that meantime six turnovers with the interception and rolling to a 49 -
7:17 am
tennessee title last night. >> a brady brady in the face-off t peyton manning and the broncos. >> with the game on the line, brady and zone bound to make it 20 to 18 he lost the football in the 20 but it does not matter that left it 17 - - nine in the half. that is saw all of that was stripped
7:18 am
the early super bowl with the four-point favorite let's look at peyton manning. 751 this morning i have the latest on the blizzards coming up in the 8:00 o'clock hour. it is all caught on camera. here is what she said how shaquille o'neal ended up shooting hoops with the police, and how the crowd was in
7:19 am
will come back to fox eight news in the morning. a live look at lake erie. it looks frozen and colder. we may not get this. no. no. a lot of people battle the elements over the weekend leonardo dicaprio as
7:20 am
the force awakens $14 million and funny guys kevin are it's hearts an ice cube right along to. bringing in $13 million. >> police officers respond responded to a complaint call about a wild kid playing basketball out into the cold this is - - cam video posted on facebook by the gainesville police department. he was fouled with the complaint budget not reprimand enjoying the game he promised to bring back up the next time he showed up. and he definitely did. check this out.e >> are you guys ready did you bring a good game? are you sure you can take them? are you
7:21 am
right?re about is am. they heard about the story and wanted to join the officer. this could have been a pdf something for the he said he asked him to keep it quiet say he 75th the size the children. >> he is yes. yes. don't go anywhere we have an action packed show for you coming up with lots of news to get you caught upwn on on fox eight news in the morning on this monday. >> very little going on here
7:22 am
overnight lows of climbed into the 20s 40 today with breaks of sunshine will we see any snow this week? we will have a look. >> thank you, scott. i will have a live update from the area check it out. >> and canceling the season again today coming up i will show you the the epa is putting blame on. >> major changes over night. 1,000 feet and survived. we
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