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tv   Fox 8 News at 430AM  FOX  January 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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k-9 officer just throw.
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dock took is very heart wrenching to know that this scenario was the dog help the hammers the dog got the human got to come home. he died sunday after he was shot by suspect who issued a early saturday morning in canton. the suspects fence several shots. you have released jethro. hundreds of officers from all ofof the country in the sixth came to pay she reviewed to jeff here. everybody loves their dogs. were trying to support fellow police officers as soon as they heard about jethro f the new they had to come to a high. i've been in they k-9 unit for 13 years the officers for mail and m mail and i agree. issues like losing a family member. a this is a breath. that includes our four-legged
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them l we thank you in sharing of the cried in the great sacrifice of onecr of our own. the police chief says jethro will always be remembered for sacrificing his life to save his partnerbe always these reserved and remembered in the hearts of many asr the city of canton. davis became emotional as he handed him an american flight.d jethro would have turned three on thursday 50 the day he was laid to rest. this is his and of the lock. he is now out of service. jethro, you'll be mastered by all and we thank you for your service. in canton, peggy gallek, fox 8 news.
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shootout he is recovering and expected in court today to face charges for shooting a police dog and felonious assault. a lakewood woman is fighting to keep the people her daughter with special needs relies on she says scrap he has been comforting s for cystic fibrosis pick their being under six city lakewood law. f the story has gone viral online and it has many college and of nd the city to change vicious dog laws. there's nothing vicious about the stop. never bit is never attacked anybody. i think overall all say that every pitbull out of the city is really unfair. some lakewood city council members say they are willing to visit the dog laws was since you
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thinks it should be changed and even if counsel ask it could be too late for scrappy predetermination hearing is set for next month to determine what happens to the .-dot. 4:37 a.m. it's officially a presidential election you in the republican candidates are certainly acting like it. recap of their face-off in last night's gop debate. have a community is responding to contamination look at the a cloud cover in the temperatures in the 40s region life upper 30s lower 40s will have a preform up today with some rain in several chances of seeing some snow starting late tomorrow
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middle of next week. stand out. by design. powerful.
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enjoy about because there breaking out. kind of a sad day for couldn't sleep it was like a little drained. listening to the songs on their cv. you young girls are very upset.
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up. i'm just getting old. i'll let you deal with here emotions on your own time. i've got some whether to get through. temperatures in the lower and middle 40s.r winds out of the south at about ten willu have some custody approaching 20-25 ahead of the next front with greaterpp pretty quite no rain currently the cloud cover is beginning to increase south of worcester down near new philly and up with millersburg person lower middle 40s when shows will stay in the middle 30s here this
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temperatures in cuyahoga county usually that means something significant across the eastern half of the country's family when you cold air behind a lot of moisturenry usually that's enough to trigger some widespread snow fell half and unstable talk more about that in a little bit.n a this push of forms for a lot of the showers to be pulled into the region much faster i think will get reigned on this evening. and then on the backside of this there's a culture with some light snow in the upper midwest forecast today early ont looks pretty good. not as cold around 40-42 middle 40s this afternoon under mostly cloudy skies. and when the rain sensing that
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cover as we look at our forecast will be cold enough for some general light snow i don't think you're looking at major accumulation's tomorrow.w sortuof a transition day any sort of snow showers we see be pretty light not anticipating anything as easily as cold as anythingol we've seen so far vicious which means significant like affect starts on sunday night into monday as we lookht ahead to the
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and on monday left over lake effect on tuesday i try to number never each one of these thingssd think everyone lucy's note sunday and not much improvement until maybe the following weekend. we're going to get rid of the snow today rain this evening at good at morning. the can catch right now freeways cannot find any accidents over in pain vouchers continue to be on the scene of a house fire often pass it along for wrote a small residential area i and it's
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a nice start on your finally friday. defense keep on coming. before the iowa caucuses. mary maloney explains. about keeping your homes and families safe and secure. you cannot give hillary clinton a third term of barack obama's leadership.r because she is a disaster. hillary clinton is disqualified from being commander-in-chiefs
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his shoulder to shoulder hoping to convince voters by they should be the pics for president a good portion pitted the number one in the number two in the polls p not about electability put on eligibility to bet there is
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know time is ticking for voters to make up their mind. it's we've managed to damage ourselves and we lose the next election this nation is over as we know. police say edward archer locked up to a cruiser last weekend fired multiple shots inside the officer was hit three tenths archer told police he pledges allegiance to ices the snow and evidence he'sto tied to any organized terrace is the officers suffered serious injurieses in the attack and will need multiple surgeries he did manage to return fire after being shot he had the suspect once. fema reviewing a request forfo emergency and disaster declaration influence michigan. while protesters are calling for
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manager appointed by snyder switched the water supply back in 2014 and offer to say someone that's which caused lead contamination a local officials declared a public health there also doing and a spike in legionnaires disease the
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tops the model of about 30 feet. cesium pros the american idol
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the 40sok south winds starting to develop as we look ahead to the eight-day forecast. temperatures are going up the way it's going most of the ring will be gone shortly after midnight. a few little for snow showers. we do also have an accident
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police a vehicle into a tree up fulton and gifford. plus look 71 no found from west 25th around the curve and up to the interpol. there wasn't any overnight workrouan to get in your way on 71 or along i 90 and 77 is also as clear shot a nice, warm start to your friday. wayne and kristi pack to you 50s on as a the northeast ohio men earned himself a golden ticket on last night american idol. this is his first year in addition to singing during he
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song get it. good luck. you can watch american idol right here on fox 8 wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. his got the moves through 4:57 a.m.
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