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tv   Right Side With Armstrong Williams  ABC  December 11, 2017 2:00am-2:30am EST

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♪ [applause] >> welcome to the show. thank you so much for joining us. pastor bernard, do those individuals in
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>> everything rises and falls on leadership. so, the moral, spiritual conditions of the leadership does affect the society at large. absolutely. that's the story. >> dr. carson? >> absolutely. and interestingly enough, if you go back and study the history of our country, and you look at the founding fathers, they relied very heavily upon the bible. in formulating our constitution. and, judeo-christian values have played a strong part in the foundation of this nation. >> so doctor, how do you feel the leadership that's in power today impacts the things that are happening? it it's a larger issue that's been gathering the storm for some time. what does it say about the moral character in the struggle of our country? >> thank you. i would say let's go to the pinnacle of leadership and that would be of course the bible
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the bible -- the founding of our nation as dr. carson just mentioned, it influences our culture. in fact, we have the whole floor on the history of the bible and one section is called bible in america. and it tracks the influence of the bible in our culture as we have it today. you cannot imagine how many biblical texts and monuments in the capital and library of congress, it's all over. pervasive throughout our culture. >> this is a show where you have time to talk. i know you probably think you could talk for two or three seconds or 20 seconds and you'll get cut off. you aren't going to get cut off. we want you to go deeper. >> we look at the condition of our nation right now and we want to point to specific people. i think it it's beyond individual leaders. i think we are seeing the exposing of the spiritual and moral condition of our nation. op
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foundations of their personal life and the foundations of societal life. they are revisiting the structures and the systems that have been in place for so long. we are at a place that is called futureshock. where there's a breakdown in social values and systems and people experience disorien disorientation. we are in a moral crisis in our nation. >> dr. carson? >> well interestingly enough if you look back historically, you find i like history a lot. go back to the roman empire and, they reached a point where they had these long bearded men with flowing robes who were supposed to be the great intellectuals. and, they could wax eloquently on virtually any subject. and, they began to say well, there's nothing that's
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right, there's nothing that's really wrong. everything is relative. and relativism began to take over. they began to lose their sense of who they were and what they represented. now interestingly enough, you
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that place in our
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>> so doctor, help us understand sexual harassment and, um -- men, truly under the radar because it it's really about men, men and their behavior, things that have gone on. it happens in the newsroom, in the church, it happens in corporations. it happens in high schools. it happens everywhere. everyone knows someone right now that's just about to have their name mentioned. and yet, we look at this sometimes maybe not to our spiritual lens, and maybe we should. so what i would like our panelists to do is help us to understand what this means on the deeper dive, what does this really mean for us at this time in our history? this thing that we call sexual per version, sexual harassment, sexual assault? what is it in the spiritual con text? >> well, we were
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ago about leaders and how they affect morality in the nation. it's much more than that. it it's basically human natures are egocentric. we want to do what we want to do as opposed to following some moral authority. and the same thing with the sexual harassment. ful i think just listening to some of these folks, you know who they are, have been talking about it. they felt entitled to do what they were doing and, i think when we move away from the bible and we put all the morality in the hands of men, it reminds me of that old song when you believe in nothing you will fall for anything. and i think that's sort of where we are. >> i'm armstrong williams. we are at a museum, this is our town hall meeting. we welcome you, thank you for joining us and we will be back. ♪
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>> pastor, i know you have a word on this. >> well, i mean if you take an aerial view of what's happening in our nation, there are several ways to look at it. two important things. because what's going on with regard to sexual harassment and these revelations that keep coming up, whether it's power from hollywood or politics or education or corporate leaders or even clergy. you have to understand that america is being re-evaluated. the american narrative is being re-evaluated. history is not written by the victors. it it's written by the victims.
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and during the course of time, if that history allows for those who were disenfranchised or confined or discriminated against or powerless to rise up within that society, in those positions of power they begin to re-evaluate that narrative. women over the last 50, 60 years have experienced unprecedented wealth and education and upward mobility. 60% of college enrollment today is women. 40% is male. so, there's new female power clash that has emerged and they are re-evaluating the social norms that we used to turn away from, tush a blind eye to and they are saying we will step forward and begin to rewrite this narrative going to the future. the problem, because it's a double-edged sword is if it becomes so large and
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credibility to suspicion. and that's the greatest concern that i see happening with all of this. >> dr. carson? >> well, you know, things between men and women have been going on since there were men and women, you know. in terms of whether it's, you know, a lack of morality, i guess you can sort of say if you would do it when no one else is watching, would you do it when people are watching? if you would do it when people are watching then it's probably ok. we don't want to get to the point where we are too sensiti sensitive. i was with two people today, if i mention their names you would all know them. and, when she came in, you know, he was glad to see it and he touched her on the shoulder and then -- is that all right? i mean -- we weren't like that before. and we a
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nonsense, quite frankly. but this isn't to say that things don't really occur. and this is an opportunity i think for us to better define what real sexual harassment is. because, people have a tendency to get carried away. whatever the subject happens to be. and what i am afraid of is i don't want women to be hurt because people don't want to hire them because they are afraid that they are going to wind up with one of these situations going on. and, we do have a tendency to overreact sometimes and we have to stop and be logical and ask ourselves logical questions. is this something that you are ok with in public with everything seeing? then it's probably ok. if you would only do it if you were by yourself, i would question it. >> but then pastor, how do we
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because, there's probably, the way we see it now, -- before we wipe out all the institutions what do we do? do we ask that the accuser goes to the victim and say i'm sorry, forgive me, do we want to punish everybody for 30 years ago, five years ago, what is the moral equivalency here? how do we bring some kind of closure, understanding, or satisfaction to this issue before it really just blows the roof not just off the lid, but off the entire country? >> the prophet jeremiah said, you cannot heal a wound by saying it's not there. so, we cannot continue to deny these realities. we have to take them on and begin to start talking to each other instead of at each other [applause] in order to make a difference in what's happening in the world. >> and we will be back. [applause]
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♪ [applause] >> and welcome back to the armstrong williams show as we discuss the moral character of our nation. thank you for joining us. pastor anderson is joining us. welcome to the show. and rabbi, thank you for joining the conversation. you know before we even go to the next phase of this, pastor, your comments after sitting back and listening to all of this? >> well, it's pretty amazing how we walk into issues of morality, which is basically a system or a product of beliefs for a particular person and their behaviors. and, we not talk about the golden rule. do unto others
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them do unto you. but, my older sister would put it this way. you teach people how to treat you. which is integrated into the golden rule. but, when we talk about morality, morality is basically what a person does or what a particular form of society does. it is not something that's monolithic. one culture may do one thing and another culture may do another thing that's acceptable. i was sitting back listening to the sexual issue about sexual harassment. that is never acceptable. when you grow up in society, i grew up with four brothers and nine uncles. so, we didn't have that issue in my house. you just didn't come to our door. so we had protection to that end. but, when you talk about infiltrating our society, we have looked at the entertainment industry, we have lood
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political arena. we need to look at all of the arenas, including the religious community. we don't have conversations. we don't make space available to have conversations about hard issues like racism, sexism, we have peripheral conversations and we really do not discuss it in the sense where we are looking for revolutions. -- for resolutions. we are just talking about it. i don't see anyone coming up with any viable solutions about what we should do or how we should do it. quite frankly, i am really tired of hearing about all of these issues that we aren't -- that we have been talking about forever. we can go back to biblical times with esther and the parties that the kings had and he brought his woman before the other men so that she could probably show herself as we would say, from a biblical
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america . but we have been in a moral crisis in america for a very long time. it just didn't happen 30 years ago. this is something -- these kinds of issues that we are dealing with today are biblical issues. it's nothing new. even eccliastes tells us, there is nothing new under the sun. everything that's occurring now, armstrong, has occurred before. it is how we process it and it is how we deal with it. because we are all basically sentient beans with a consciousness. with a sense of feeling. with a sense of consciousness to know what you are doing it right or what is being done to you is right or wrong. a consciousness to say that's not right. but, our consciousness also allows us to not say what is right. because if you look at the
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four women have been sexually harassed and/or abused. and if we look in this room, you count every fourth woman. that's a large number. and we are talking about it only because someone decided after 30 years to come forthwith an individual who has popularity. but what about the persons who have suffered in their homes? suffered in schools? suffered on their jobs? and then you have to look at the other side of it, as well. there are women who have used their bodies to advance their careers. we aren't talking about that. of course there was some -- as a woman when you grow up, you don't know the difference or how to divide -- there's a thin line between somebody as we would say in my community -- hitting on you and someone sexually harassing you. if a man tells you oh, you look so wonderful today, is that
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sexual haras harassment? if a man touches you on your shoulder, excuse me, i didn't mean to do that. >> you're in trouble. >> i'm in trouble. but, if they touch you, there's a line between a touching and just a comforting type feeling. we can't hug our kids in school any more. we have taken prayer out of school. so that's why we have issue. we have taken god out of everything. so, god is like hey, you took me out so, handle it. [applause] [laughter] >> rabbi wineblack? >> sure. a few thoughts about the conversation we have had so far. one is, you know, the old saying that nostalgia isn't what it used to be. it's very easy for us to think back about the good old days but the good old days probably weren't really so good. and many of these same problems that we face today we were facing then. secondly one of the things i find so disturbing
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individuals who are professing morality and who become para gones of virtue yet when we find out that in their own privilege at lives they are violating the very things that they are supposed to be professing. that to me is one of the things that i find to be especially egregious. [applause] this lack of consistency. what's so important is to understand that, it's not just what we say but it's what we do. and it's not just what we tell others, but what we do for ourselves. there's a wonderful saying that says that you should be concerned about the body of your fellow human being and about your own soul and not the other way around. and too often we just worry about the other way around. so, i think that as we talk about these issues of contemporary problems in our society and the lack of morality and the lack of ethics, we have to look at ourselves, we have to look at what we say and then we have to try and be consistent with what we say
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>> don't go away. [applause]
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>> and welcome back to our live broadcast at the museum of the bible. i'm armstrong williams, your host. you know
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ever been a period let's say over the last hundred years because everyone says this is the worst decade, that was the worst decade. it seems like 2017 is like 20 years wrapped in one. [laughter] but -- is the world getting better? >> spiritually? morely? >> can we point to something and say that mankind is evolving to a better place? or has it gotten worse? >> poverty comes from personal sin. people just being stupid. and as a result, they experience a positive life. got it? it comes from disasters as what we are responding to in puerto rico, what we respond to in houston, texas and mexico . and it also comes from systems and structures that create structural evils that are intended to oppress and marginalize.
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that poverty is coming from and not relegate it to one place. we need a holistic approach to the problems in our society. >> dr. carson, there was a very famous study done by the brookings institute on poverty in this country and they concluded after the study that there were three things that a person could do that would reduce their likelihood of living in poverty to 2% or less. those three things were graduate from high school, get married, and wait until you are married to have children. just those three things and you have less than a 2% chance of living in poverty. so -- what the pastor is saying is correct, i mean there are things that we can do that affect us. we aren't all necessarily victims. and, i harken back to something my mother told me. she said benjamin, you know, there
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take. you can take one pathway and you can look at all the prejudice and the injustice and the wrongs that are done. you can put your energy into that . or, there's another pathway over here that's full of opportunities. and you can look at that one, you can put your energies in there. you get to decide which one you want to take. >> we are out of time, i get to say goodbye and thank our wonderful guests, thank you're audience and everyone who joined us tonight. let's continue this debate. thank you. [applause] ♪
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