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tv   Good Morning Washington 430am  ABC  July 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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an extreme heat alert this morning as we brace for higher humidity and temperatures feeling like its well into the 100's. and the rnc closes with the formal acceptance of donald trump of his party's nomination for president. good morning washington. quiet ride so far. really, not much to worry about. overnight road work still in
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minutes on 95 in maryland between the beltway and route 212 with 2 lanes blocked. not seeing a backup because of this. no
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right now. heading to the airports? there aren't any issues right now on the baltimore washington parkway or 95. you look good getting to dulles on the toll road. heading inbound gw parkway, up to speed, too. that's a look at traffic. back to you! the cap is on the republican national convention. a wild the party's nomination his family beamed on the convention floor. a presidential candidate at one point considered a joke, now one step closer to
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ramos reports from cleveland. supers: donald trump / (r) presidential nominee kathleen burgin / trump supporter stephanie ramos / abc news cleveland source: vote2016fripkg (downloaded) trump's win has some republican's across the country
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kaine - is leading a group of nine people believed to be potential running mates for hillary clinton. five, are on that list of speakers so far. four senators and a governor. three cabinet members and retired navy admiral james stavridis are not on that list -- yet. more names will be released soon. clinton is expected to name her running mate today or saturday in florida. we caught up with senator kaine yesterday in arlington, at a roundtable discussion on immigration. he said- don't believe the hype. kaine is rumored to be bill clinton's top choice for a running mate. we'll find out soon - how he rates with hillary. be the first to know when clinton makes her pick. sign up to get breaking news text alerts at wjla dot com - slash - text.
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and newschannel 8 will have complete coverage from the d-n-c with chief political correspondent scott thuman and maryland bureau chief brad bell. live reports begin monday from philadelphia. breaking news this morning.. a chicago police officer is recovering after being shot near the city's south side. just after 8 last night officers responded to a call about a man acting erratically. officers approached him while he was talking on a cell phone. when they asked him to hang up, the man grabbed a gun from a backpack and opened fire. several officers fired back killing him. the officer who was shot in the leg is expected to be ok. chicago police have been working in pairs for safety
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this month of five dallas officers. the head of miami's police union, now says the police officer who shot an unarmed black therapist outside a group home monday - missed his target. the officer actually intended to hit the autistic man, who charles kinsey was consoling, because he thought kinsey was in danger. it all happened when police responded to reports of an armed man threatening suicide. florida's department of law qenforcement is investigating the shooting. up next on good morning washington -- a call for answers. two incidents involving bullets flying into homes in a northern virginia neighborhood - residents meet with police about the investigation. and you thought it's been hot before --the dog days of summer are coming this weekend. eileen whelan tells us how high the temps wll
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sullivan, getting you where you need to go with her traffic report.
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we begin this morning eileen without any big
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always great to hear as we get into our last day of the work week. smooth sailing on our interestates. our side roads look good too. we'll start off in maryland on the beltway. i-95 moving well even though some overnight road work is in place north of the beltway and a live look at 270 shows you that stretch heading south from gaithersburg moving well! back to you
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questionable incident among the university of maryland police department. details on the act by one of a member of the department on social media that cost him his job. and it could be the hottest weekend we've seen in a few years -- eileen whelan is back to tell you about the dangerous heat would could be facing.
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here's what's happening behind the headlines. when asked if i was going to the conventions i answered: i wasn't important enough. to be honest, i made a strong case not to go. political conventions are crowded sea of humanity. security makes moving about difficult. transportation is iffy, there are lines everywhere, food's expensive, and it's full of people who can be obnoxious. many of the 50,000 politicians, lobbyists and others in at
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important people on the planet. it's not just the political types. it's everyone. there are more than 15,000 journalists in cleveland. that's nearly six times the number of delegates. 25-hundred. just think. every single delegate could have his own little posse of five journalists. and there'd still be 3,000 left-over to tell stories at the hotel bar. don't get me wrong. there are legitimate reasons to cover the event. but many journalists concede there's not a whole lot of unique news gathering going-on. conventions are highly-scripted productions and there are very few surprises. some reporters recognize there's media overkill. one magazine editor remarked it was "preposterous" how many journalists were in attendance. it's ironic that he made that observation while standing in the convention's media row. see? i'm not as important as that guy. to comment, go to behind the headlines dot net. i'm mark hyman.
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a push for answers, in a terrifying story we've been following for two weeks. twice, a gunman has opened fire on a herndon family's home. the first time, a bullet hit the mattress where a little girl was sleeping. and a week later - bullets ripped through the walls of a home on monaghan drive. roz plater has details on new evidence that's emerged. source: th 11p n pkg home shot meeting+ gmw roz tag thsite1feed9pm tc 22:06:17 the university of maryland police department has fired a police
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after he shared a provocative post on facebook. the post implies black neighborhoods would fall apart without the presence of police. the post reads, quote.. "if we really wanted you dead -- all we'd have to do is stop patrolling your neighborhoods.. and wait." university police say they were notified about the post on sunday. they say after an investigation, the person was immediately relieved of his duties. you might have heard about facebook's algorithm change. we want to make sure you keep getting news and updates from abc7! if you're on your computer, go to our facebook page - wjlatv- scroll over the button that says "liked" and click the pencil icon next to "in your news feed". then switch from the default option to the see first option. next, click the notifications, then click the box next to all posts and click done. this will ensure you are notified when
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post. if you're on your mobile phone, visit our facebook page, click the following button and switch to see first. to update notifications on your mobile phone click the more button and select notifcations. with extreme heat expected over the next couple of days.. the district and surrounding areas are urging people to cool off at cooling centers. they include public swimming pools and spray parks. a hypothermia hotline is also available for people in dire need. officials in fairfax county have set up cooling centers in libraries and community centers. at xx time for weather. toss to eileen
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not much to worry about. overnight road work still in place for about the next 30 minutes on 95 in maryland between the beltway and route 212 with 2 lanes blocked. not seeing a backup because of this. no issues getting to baltimore right now. heading to the airports? there aren't any issues right now on the baltimore washington parkway or 95. you look good getting to dulles on the toll road. heading inbound gw parkway, up to
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traffic. back to you!
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morning, a driver trying to locate a pokemon gym struck a police car in rehoboth beach, delaware. police say the man's wife was actually playing the game, and told him to pull into a parking space on rehoboth avenue. they say he followed her instructions, but failed to check his surroundings. both vehicles were damaged it's xx. stay with good morning washington at 5 as we remain on extreme heat alert. suzanne
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the temperatures could feel as high as 108 degrees outside. the preparations going on right now across the area to keep you safe in this dangerous heat. breaking overnight a fatal accident overnight in accokeek. new details from police. the republican national convention


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