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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  March 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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injureman teacher but that changed after allegations emerged from a trip he organized in 2014. fairfax county public schools called for the teaching license to be revoked. documents obtained by abc7 news from the department of education relating to that license review state -- during the trip, mr. rademacher alleged to have supplied alcohol to the students, encourage students to drink to the point of intoxication, instructed students to strip naked and drink together and instructed two students to engage in sex acts while he watch and participated." a spokesperson said the trip was not captioned by the school system and as soon as the allegations of the parents that went on the trip, and the authorities were notified. the state authority did not under take an investigation as the alleged conduct occurred outside of the united states and their jurisdiction. the teacher re-signed in zent of 2014. the
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resigned in 2014. as part of the school system interim investigation students on the trip confirmed most of the allegations leveled against rademacher and the teacher refused to cooperate with the internal investigation. a couple of things to stress. the teacher has not been charged with any crime due to the allegations. attempts to reach him have been unsuccessful. we should stress prosecutors are now aware of the allegations. they are looking into them. in lanier, jay korff -- in mclean, jay korff, abc7 news. michelle: updating a story we brought you yesterday. leroy daily arrested in connection with five bank robberies in prince george's county. the arrest happening after police say he targeted a bank in new carolton. the detects had a
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name for the heist. >> he would write notes to the teller and then write notes #nopolice. he became known as the hashtag bandit. privately. this wasn't revealed to the public. yesterday right here, the t.d. bank is where his robbery spree for the day began. as we reported yesterday on abc7 news he moved over to montgomery county where he did three separate bank robberies in quick succession. really just minutes apart. is it alleged that the man did this, leory daley. you see his mugshot after the arrest. the arrest coming in an unusual way as well. police were looking for him. he had a description of a car, beat up old toyota. yesterday o
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and company restaurant in largo for lunch. when he came out, he spotted the suspect's car parked immediately next to his police cruiser. >> i parked first. i walked out and i saw the vehicle next to mine. i saw the bumper and the color of the car and the other identifying feature. i said there is no way this is right. >> well, he couldn't believe it could be so easy to solve the crimes. but in fact it was. he stepped away. they brought in a surveillance squad. they only had to wait 15 minutes for mr. daley to appear. it looked like he was out runninger rabbleds after robbing -- running errands. after robbing four banks. he was at a vision store. the f.b.i. and the chief of police calling the young sergeant a hero for stopping the alleged serial bank robber. in new
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abc7 news. leon: what a story. thank you, brad. look outside this afternoon. beautiful out there. we have been spoiled this week. let's see whether or not that is going to come to a stretching halt. we have the weekend ahead of us now. chief meteorologist doug hill has the forecast. doug: sure getting off to a great start. this is beautiful blue skies. temperatures are cooler than yesterday and wednesday. reagan national airport at northwest winds at 13 miles per hour. comfortable afternoon indeed. look at the numbers around the rest of the area. lower 70's. north and west. leesburg, manassas, 72. 73 in fredericksburg. cooler air to the west. that is what we will deal with. over the weekend the cold front will approach from the west. we have a chance of a stray showeromorrow. better chance on sunday. cooler but it won't get
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terribly cold. the timing an the impact of the weekend showers will come up in a few minutes. leon: we have must-see video this afternoon. high-rise rescue in arlington. this is a few feet from the studios in rosslyn. this is around 7:00 this morning, a construction worker there was injured. five stories above the ground. he is up there working on one of the high-rises going up in the neighborhood. crews had to maneuver the basket stretcher by crane to get up and lower the man to the ground. they were successful. he will survive. michelle: d.c. police searching for a gunman, a shot spotter activated indicating somebody fired a gun on 44th street in sheriff roads in northeast. someone reported a body nearby. so far they haved no identified the victim or a suspect. leon: an 83-year-old man found shot to death in his
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jeff goldberg is standing by and looking on as the investigation continues. what do we know at this hour? jeff: this does remain a true murder mystery. the fairfax police with no suspects, no motives. the source telling me shots in the crime were fired outside the home into the room where the victim was sitting at 1:00 this morning. this is a look from the chopper. on the bank of the potomac river. the wife of the victim called 911 after hearing gunshots and finding her husband in the rear of the home. fairfax police found him with multiple gunshot to the upper body and was rushed to a local hospital where he died. the police canvassed the area but fou
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the neighbors say he was retired economist with the world bank and lived here with his wife for 16, 17 years, he was a father, grandfather and a kind and peaceful man. >> i don't recall any other incident of violence. there is no explanation for why it happened. jeff: we is not heard of any family members. but we're told by police the wife is cooperating with the investigation. coming up in an hour we expect to have new information from police as well as what one neighbor says she talked about with him yesterday in her final conversation with this murder victim. until then live in lorton, jeff goldberg. michelle: thank you. coming up at "abc
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4:00" -- the $7 million mistake. leon: how d.c. accidentally, they say, took that amount from taxpayers bank accounts. look at the video. heroic scene. officers running toward the burning car followed by others. the person inside the car with the officers being honored today. they open up. sam: this is sam ford in northwest washington where workers are boarding up a building with the building condemned and putting the residents in hotels. that's next. michelle: but first, remembering nancy reagan. the funeral. we'll take you to simi valley, california, where those who knew her said their final goodbyes.
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leon: former first lady nancy reagan now resting beside her husband, former president ronald reagan. michelle: after the last few days thousands paying respects to the library in simi valley. we are at the library where those who knew reagan had a chance to give their
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goodbye. >> the funeral just wrapped up. nancy reagan was involved the planning of this service for years, even decades. she wanted something short and sweet. but memorable. given today's touching tribute, laughter and a love letter it was exactly that. >> i am the resurrection and the life, said the lord. >> a solemn procession. ♪ amazing grace >> and a crowd of 1,000 guests here to memorialize first lady nancy reagan. >> accept our prayers on behalf of thy servant nancy. >> family and friends remembering her life from hollywood to the white house. and more than five decades by beloved husband ronald reagan's side. >> she really was always on his mind. >> that love playing a role in the services. former canadian prime minister brian mulrooney reading a love letter that
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wife. >> i love the whole gang of you. mommy, the first lady, the sentimental you, fun you and the peewee powerhouse you. >> the guests including first lady michelle obama, hillary clinton, george w. and laura bull. former governor arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver. there was a long list of celebrity guests from wayne newton and tom sellack to gary sinise and mr. t. even diane sawyer gave a reading. >> i come back to take you to be with me, that you also may be where i am. >> after the funeral mrs. reagan will be laid to rest next to her late husband in the hillside tomb. reflecting on mrs. reagan's life during the service, her daughter patty davis and son ronald reagan, journalist tom brokaw and p
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chief of staff and treasury secretary james baker. live in simi valley, california, lauren lister, abc7 news. leon: thank you. maryland state lawmakers are working on a way to curb the use of a device that police use to track cell phones called the stingray. it mimics the cell phone towers and tricks every cell phone in a certain area to connect with it. the aclu says it's being abused by the police. in baltimore alone they have used stingray 4,000 times in recent years. state lawmakers are pushing a bill to limit the use. >> this is a search when they put the devices on. therefore i want to make certain if used, our police officers are using search warrants. leon: officer ospose the bill. they argue it helps them capture an convict felons. appeals court said the city police overstep the legal authority using the device. michelle: new information on the death of a former vladimir
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russia's government says it is having a hard time getting an update on the case. autopsy reports show lessen died from blunt force trauma. i took months for this to come out. he was a founder of the news service russia today found dead at the doyle dupont hotel circle in november. leon: man posing as a banker in new york admitted in federal court he was a russian spy. he is now facing five years in prison when he is sentenced in may. michelle: back in district now, eviction orders carried out at an entire apartment building in d.c. the building in northwest condemned the conditions deteriorating since the landlord passed away. bureau chief sam ford is in northwest for us. despite the conditions the place was still home and hard for many folks to move out. sam: indeed.
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particularly if you are low-income to stay in the city. we see right now that the workman are boarding this place up after the city today came and i convicted the entire building. the city told the residents three days ago they had to be out of 5509 by today. this morning they started to haul out the furniture, boxes, belongings that some of the residents accumulated over the decades of living in the building. the items were placed in storage at city expense. the city told the residents they would put them to hotels for two weeks while they find places elsewhere to live. the owners of the building are dead. the building deteriorated to the point that the intruders were breaking in windows to get inside and use the empty spaces for illegal activity. >> you have to pass up your whole life and go. i have been here since i was 17 years old. i'm now 26 years old. this is my home. >> i think put us
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not enough notice. they could have gave us a month. sam: coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- we will look at more of this building and the scene out here today. reporting live from northwest washington, sam ford, abc7 news. leon: thank you, sam. a few d.c. taxpayers may have checked on the bank accounts this week and thought they looked short. it turns out they probably are right. the "washington post" reports that the d.c. tax office accidentally withdrew $7 million from bank accounts because of a computer error. they say the tax return from the other years were processed affecting 600 people. they say they are already in the process of giving that money back. good luck. see how the luck is shaping up on the roads. watch from the traffic for us now. how is it going out there? >> hey, leon. this afternoon unfortunately lots of activity in the
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we have a closure in place on 58 street. that is shut down near burros avenue. between foot and burrows for the accident activity. watch for that closure. elsewhere on anacostia freeway southbound direction report of a crash between east capital and pennsylvania avenue. for those on northbound d.c. 295, left lane at the 11th street bridge with the crash activity in the roadway. you heard me correctly. takes you from around the dulles toll road to the maryland side of the beltway. elsewhere, if you are traveling on 66, we did have report of a tractor trailer accident. seeing delays from lorton to the prince william parkway. more trying to make the trek south to
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fredericksburg. back to you. michelle: thank you. this is in louisiana where people are being rescued because part of the town are flooded. the rain is not done down south either. areas in louisiana could see another eight to ten inches of rain. the last thing they need. at least four people have been killed so far in storms across the region. the governor has declared a state of emergency for the state. leon: yesterday we saw fish on the side walks there. the d.c. blizzard. yes, the blizzard. it's moving the end of the rock 'n' roll marathon because believe it or not the filthy snow piles at r.f.k. are still there. the race is finished to move from lot 7 to lot three in front of the d.c. armory. the marathon begins at 7:30 tomorrow morning at a metro service. opens up two hours early at 5:00 a.m. michelle: all right. let's get an update now as we await two eaglets. it's been a while since we
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they laid the eggs on valentine's day so it could happen any day now. we have have a link on search eagle cam. doug: we are in the lower 70's. beautiful day. no records but great way to kick off the weekend. it will turn cooler. we have rain chances. this friday afternoon is looking good. get you started with a look at the second, we had brand new weather cameras. this is from churchill high school. potomac. time lapse of the cloud cover from the vantage point there. 68 degrees on campus. skies cleared to allow the temperatures to rise a bit. now a beautiful sky. serious clouds and maybe jet contrails mixed in above. delightful evening. temperatures stay mild. later tonight when the skies
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temperatures to drop more noticeably. for what we have at the moment, extremely comfortable. 73 in fredericksburg, manassas. 72 in leesburg. 73 at reagan national. cooler in the bay. 70 in frederick. the air to the west is cooler. cold front that lies between the warm air. somewhat chillier air to the west. we will turn cooler. an update to heavy rain over eastern louisiana. florida panhandle and the alabama coastline. the moisture feed from the pacific. area of low pressure over texas. it drips south and it pulls more moisture up. we are not going to get that. we'll get moisture from the cold front as it moves through. the future cast spells this out. clear sky overnight. we will see icreasing cloudiness through the day. we will get sunshine. there could
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in the day. that is it. get to sunday, the shower chances will increase. by late afternoon or the evening, good bet will be the rain around here. in the meantime, 61 and 61 the high and the low saturday -- highs of saturday and sunday. turn the clocks ahead one hour tomorrow night before you go to bed. there is no law requirement you can do that. you can choose to ignore it. better chance of rain on monday and back for tuesday and wednesday in 70's. thursday the leprechaun celebrating in advance. jumping up and down. michelle: thank you, doug. doug: okay. leon: all right. golf courses. you play golf and you know you are liable to see any wildlife. usually a two-legged variety. but this critter calls the golf course home in ireland. the fox decided to go out and well maybe look for lunch, didn't want to catch it. pay for it. he took the guy's wallet out of his bag. that is what he was doing. michelle: of all things! leon: he went inside the bag. he didn't find any food but he
4:23 pm
what would you do in that situation? grab your phone and take pictures, right? no. the fox is out in the daytime like that are usually kind of sick. they're nocturnal creatures. michelle: he got it back, right? leon: he got it back. michelle: the fox is coming back as well. all right. next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- officers run right toward a car up in flames. today, they are honored. hear from the survivor pulled from the car and rescuers. leon: was that the best scene ever? virginia mclaurin stole our hearts when she spontaneously danced with the obamas at the white house. how do you surprise the woman who has seen it all as she turns 107 years old today? that's still ahead at 4:30 on
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adaxa, the only blood thinner that lowers your risk of stroke better than warfarin and has a specific reversal treatment. talk to your doctor about pradaxa today. leon: check this video out. car on the side of the road. if you saw this, what would you do? montgomery county police officers sprinted to the scene. michelle: they went in without protective gear to pull someone stuck inside to safety. they're being honored. leon: brianne carter has the story along with the story of the man rescued. michelle: today, montgomery county police officers cody field and brian nesbitt being honored for what is called the heroic actions in september.
4:27 pm
look at this video. dash cam video giving us a firsthand look of what unfolded on the beltway december 1, 122:19 in the morning. the officers were called out to collision on 495. as they got there, you can see the flames shooting from the car. a man unconscious inside the vehicle. the officer fields got his baton to try to break through and get the door open. he said after several sun successful attempt -- unsuccessful attempts with the flames coming toward him he was able to get the door open. then was the challenge of the two officers trying to get that man out of that burning car. they could feel the windshield and the dash of the car starting to melt. take a listen what they had to say after realizing what was happening. >> at this point in time, the flames are coming up. nibbling at our feet. coming up. we see the dashboard melting and the windshield melting. everything around us is
4:28 pm
engulfed in the flames. we could get the driver out of the vehicle and to a safe distance. brianne: the two officers never met until today. we will have more later on the first conversation and what the man had to say to the officers who saved his life. brianne carter, abc7 news. >> we buried the hatchet. that was political stuff. leon: ahead at 4:00, a big endorsement for donald trump as the candidates cam canvass the country. we're on the trail coming up. michelle: virginia mclaurin couldn't help but dance with the obamas. she turned 107 years old. how do you surprise some
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. >> hey! >> how are you? >> i'm fine. leon: i can't see that enough. the moment that just stays with you. a 106-year-old d.c. resident just dancing when she met president obama at the white house. michelle: we won't be calling her virginia mclaurin 106 years old. she is so
4:32 pm
here. she turns 107 tomorrow. john gonzalez was there as virginia got a special party with a surprised guest. >> you're best friend to the president now. >> yes. [laughter] john: for d.c. resident virginia mclaurin age is truly just the number. but the number happens to be incredibly special. she is turning 107 years old tomorrow. so the city is throwing her one heck of a birthday bash today. >> i am pleased to present you with the president's volunteer service award. john: of course it's a dance party because the whole country knows she loves to move her feet. taken at the arts theater in southeast, she started cutting a rug and we saw as part of black history month when her dream came through of dancing with president obama and the first lady at the white house. >> happy birthday. how are you? >> fine. >> happy birthday. how are you feeling today? >> fine. you know i feel better since
4:33 pm
see all the nice people. john: she volunteered daily for the united planning organization for the past 20 years. still mentoring children today. >> research says if you volunteer you live longer, you have a happier life. she is the poster child. >> mclaurin, grandmother virginia, as she is known born in south carolina in 1909. she has lived through 18 presidents. >> an entire truck full of furniture for your home. >> i appreciate everything you have done. i ask the lord to bless you. >> the students performed. the children nearly 100 years younger. john gonzalez, abc7 news. leon: cool. michelle: you hear the date 1909 when you get a perspective of how long ago it has been. leon: and the
4:34 pm
seen. michelle: joy is infectious. leon: love it. she also deserves good weather for her birthday, doug. doug: we'll do our best. i want the joy to overspread me, too. it's on contagious. it will be cooler than in the recent days. don't expect much rain. that works out. pollen count is high. spring. what do you expect? it's point? it's still winter but it feels like spring with high amount of tree pollen, low grass pollen. all of that will change going forward. quick look at the numbers. lower 70's across most areas. more sunshine develop this afternoon. bonus degrees added in. no complaints there. as we get through the evening we'll see the clearing process. different over different part of the area. still patches of the overcast sun shining through. most areas will turn mostly clear as we head to sunset and beyond. temperatures will drop after the sunset to the 60's. by early morning, metro area will be 47 degrees. what will happen around sunrise towa
4:35 pm
fine. a few clouds. 40's. that is good weather for running. later in the afternoon, temperatures will rise a bit. the forecast tomorrow, mostly cloudy later in the day. peeks of sunshine. highs of 61. winds out of south at 5 to 10. a chance of a stray shower later in the afternoon and the everything. as we go through the next seven days to give you a glimpse of what is ahead here. we will see the temperatures drop a bit over the weekend. rain chances on monday. warming up monday and tuesday. staying mild even through st. patrick's day next week. steve rudin will have a detailed look at the forecast in a couple of minutes. >> people calling me i haven't talked to in a long time saying, "i had a dream about you and donald trump." leon: for donald trump a dream come true of sorts. dr. ben carson today coming out with an endorsement of donald trump. the other g.o.p. candidates left to wonder if there is a path to them to the white house after tuesday with five states up for grabs. we go now
4:36 pm
trail. >> thank you very much. >> donald trump is feeling unstoppable ahead of a crucial election tuesday. >> we have to win missouri. that's what i have to win. [applause] if we don't win missouri i'll be angry. >> on the ground in st. louis, trump rallied supporters and threw out one protester. after another. after another. >> our country has to toughen up, folks. we have to toughen up. these people are bringing us down. >> trump's rally had more fireworks than the tame g.o.p. debate which focused on the issues. >> we need a president who noses what he is doing. >> marco rubio's campaign is urging all nontrump supporters to vote for him in the home state of florida. and john kasich in ohio. >> kasich has a better chance to win ohio than i do. >> they are preparing for the convention but a former contende
4:37 pm
trump. ben carson is endorsing a man who once called him a psychopath. >> we buried the hatchet. that was political stuff. >> hillary clinton was off the trail, paying her respects at nancy reagan's funeral. bernie sanders was in north carolina asking voters to deliver another upset. >> everybody has agreed that hillary clinton was the sure winner of michigan. maybe 20 points. maybe 30 points. >> he is leading. some polls have rubio trailing trump badly but kasich is closing in on the billionaire in the buckeye state. kenneth mouten, abc news, washington. michelle: there are only 27,000 registered republicans in the district but they will have a big voice tomorrow. the g.o.p. primary carries 19 delegates, that is equal to hawaii. it runs from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the lowe's madison hotel in
4:38 pm
washington. leon: former d.c. mayor vincent gray building a war chest for his political comeback. he already has $70,000 cash on hand. incumbent alexander has $50,000. gray as you recall lost his re-election bid as mayor amid the campaign investigation. a case which is now closed. gray never charged. michelle: you know we often bring you stories about government waste and layers of red tape for workers trying to do their job. there are so many stories it's now turned into a game. we got a chance to play the game and has more. >> tell n coworker to draw four work cards. reporter: pick a card. any card. >> get rid of that one. reporter: the object of the game who can do the least amount of bureaucratic work in an imaginary
4:39 pm
>> do your report on the 4-year-old blackberry because the computer doesn't work. reporter: many of the scenarios laid out are anything but imaginary. >> pursue eight approval signatures from people who have no idea who you are or what you do. reporter: the game is called "government worker." and the guise behind it are actual government workers. which is why they can't show their faces. >> they do remarkably important work. life-saving work. however, the process is required for something as simple as going on a work trip. buying a piece of equipment. if people actually saw the layers of the bureaucracy required to do simple mechanisms, they would be surprised. >> so they decided to turn the experiences into a card game. >> we wanted to bring government work to the masses via parking. >> here they are explaining the rules in the kick-starter video. among the cards, ones that give you more work, get you out of work, and let you pass on work to your
4:40 pm
i decided to give at it try along with volunteers. >> everyone has all of your work cards to the coworker to your left. >> light-harded game about red tape and repetition. >> plus eight hours, take training class. teach a ph.d. colleague how to ring a bell. >> washington bureaucracy the bud of a joke and this time everyone is invited to play along. in washington, abc7 news. leon: next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the rules of facebook. according to your children. the one thing they want you to do before hitting the post button. >> i was covered in feces. >> they were blown away. michelle: this story is shocking. baltimore woman suing after her toilet explodes. you can't make this stuff up. it happened while she was on it. how it
4:41 pm
4:42 pm
4:43 pm
the police came to my door at 1:00 in the morning and my son was gone. leon: we show you the harm from the heroin epidemic in our area. at 10:00, davi
4:44 pm
on "heroin in america" with the inside look at heroin effects. michelle: when it comes to facebook which pictures should you post? leon: they are worry about the parents. nobody wants to be embarrass and many of us adults getting used to the social media. the kids are the pro. they don't know a world without it. what should you do? just ask. >> they aren't saying that parents shouldn't post about them at all but they want so to have come control over the image. michelle: what was a researcher at the university of washington who conducted the survey of 250 families. the common trend is many children are embarrassed and frustrated by what parents
4:45 pm
post. >> she was blown off the toilet. >> i was covered in feces. are you kidding me? who wants that. leon: the baltimore woman's claim and what might have caused that disgusting
4:46 pm
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
leon: a baltimore woman suing the city and contractor after she says she was blown off of her toilet. michelle: she said the incident destroyed her bathroom and left her emotionally scarred. it happened in november 2014. angela says the city contractor was using high-pressure hoses to clean sewer lines when the lines cloggedded. >> she was blown off that toilet that day. >> i was covered in feces. are you kidding me? who wants that? >> they came in here when they stopped the machine. i let them see i was covered in feces and they were blown away. michelle: the contractor who did the work and wright is seeking quarter million dollars for emotional harm. her attorney says repairs t
4:49 pm
$14,000. leon: i think she is lowballing it. she should ask for more than that. she can't stop saying she was covered in feces. all right. folks if you are looking for something cleaner to do this weekend you don't have to go far. michelle: there is a lot happening in the d.c. area. kidd o'shea has the weekend kickoff. kidd: it's going to be a busy weekend in d.c. the rock 'n' roll marathon is tomorrow. up to 25,000 runners will pound the pavement around d.c. road closures go into effect before dawn with some lasting through the afternoon. better plan ahead to take the metro. "married but single" kicks off today at the theater. there will be five performances this weekend that you can check out. limited tickets still available. who is ready for shamrock-fest? it takes place tomorrow. if you're in the mood to celebrate the irish ancestry or want to joi
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3:00 to 11:00. party responsibly. maybe you want to do this? kick up your heels and listen to good old country music. the men's chorus is performing boots, class and sass at lincoln theater. whatever you decide to do, have a great weekend. i'm "good morning washington"'s kidd o'shea. steve: we had bonus degrees. more sunshine and that allowed us to make it to 70's. if you look outside now, a lot of folks are going to go golfing tomorrow. winding down the golfing for day. leon: it will be packed tomorrow. steve: looks great. lots of green. quiet there now. this is close to the potomac river. a little warmer. 73 at reagan airport. it's going to stay dry through
4:51 pm
st. temperatures absolutely beautiful in the lower 70's. manassas, 70 degrees in leesburg. same in frederick. upper 60's in hagerstown. 68 in cumberland. for tonight if you have the dinner plans outside, firm go. if you are barbecuing go for it. 39 to 46 degrees. by the time you wake up early tomorrow morning under mainly clear skies. satellite and the radar not a lot going on. scattered clouds. the rock 'n' roll marathon tomorrow at 7:30. a big weekend. spring ahead by one hour. the sun will set after 7:00 in the evening. let's get a check on the rush hour commute. >> thank you for the reminder to set the clocks, steve. looking fo
4:52 pm
daylight for the rest of the coming days. if you are looking forward to make it home to fredericksburg, also look for delays. northbound 270 not fast. report of an accident blocking the right lane. this is a shot here at father hurley. you can see the slow volume to take you from german town to the truck scales. on the beltway, the inner loop delays out of tyson's to take you from leesburg to the 270 spur. we are jammed through bethesda from georgetown to new hampshire avenue. 66 eastbound direction we had a report of a tractor-trailer accident blocking a right lane. maybe to the right shoulder between the beltway and leesburg pike. back to you in the studio. leon: all right. you got it. thanks. see you next hour. coming up next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- feeling the burn at the gym. wh
4:53 pm
workout somewhere else you only worry about the muscle recovery. >> i knew she was about to jump. i said don't do it. i'll be there in a second. >> the firefighter who gave his mask to a woman to a woman inside a burning building is out of a hospital and talking about what happened. leon: coming up, new at 6:00 -- using art to promote a discussion about race. winning portrait that won the way to the national gallery. complete story coming up at 6:00.
4:54 pm
these little guys? they represent blood cells. and if you have afib - an irregular heartbeat
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4:57 pm
quitting months. but a big caution before you try to leave your club that had looked so appealing. emma wanted to take some workout classes. she signed a deal for boxing fitness club called the punch-out. she said the owners said if she didn't like it she could cancel. >> after that i could quit anytime i wanted. >> she decided to do that after the gym moved. >> i wanted to drop personal training. >> but the gym kept billing her credit card. >> on the 15th. he had charged me the full $128. again. john: so visited the gym where the owner told me the contracts are clear. if you want to break the contract early you still pay after the amount you owe. which is what he was billing in emma's gace. the better business bureau say many people are trapped this way by the contract. >> what is included in that membership, how long it lasts,
4:58 pm
if something happens to the gym, if it close what is are the agreements. john: the b.b.b.b. and says before you sign any contract ask about penalties that f you cancel early. don't believe any verbal contracts. pay the bill monthly by check or credit card. if you give a gym your checking count number billing can continue long after you cancel. emma has a string of text messages telling her no problem with canceling. there was a problem. a big problem. make sure you know what you get into before you sign on the dotted line. that way you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese, abc7 news. leon: tonight, heros who will tell you they were just doing their job. >> you may hear it was extraordinary but it's not. leon: a firefighter who gave his air mask to a trapped woman reflects on that decision that could have cost him his life.
4:59 pm
plusshow broke the internet dancing with the obamas. now a city celebrates the one of a kind volunteer. >> now, "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. >> tonight the firefighter who gave up his mask to save a woman from a burning building is out of the hospital. and talking about that decision that could have cost him his own life. stephen tschida live outside washington hospital center after hearing from this hero. stephen: his throat is singed and his lungs stung but today he spoke about what compelled him to take off his oxygen mask and put it on a woman in need. >> i have always been available to help families. when we need them. >> his throat still raw from a cloud of smoke danny spoke today. >> i knew she was about
5:00 pm
i looked at her and i told her don't do it. i'll be there in a second. >> the fire consumed a southeast d.c. building and smoke surrounded 65-year-old phyllis on an upper floor. lovato realized she was su coming to the smoke. he charged up a ladder to the thick of it. >> i knew i had to get her some air. >> he took off her air mask and put it on her. >> i wanted her to understand i wasn't going to leave her and we'd share the air. >> every second counts. >> today his doctor spoke of the seriousness of the situation and his wife expressed her gratitude. she says she knows what her husband did comes with the job of firefighter. >> he may do it again after this. >> before he left the hospital, he stopped by phyllis' room. >> she said a lot. she thanked me. kept going over and over what happened on the scene. great to see her. >> phyllis has underlying health issues. she already had problems breathing. she remains


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