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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 18, 2015 2:37am-3:01am EDT

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advance of the visit. on the pope's agenda, a possible meeting with fidel castro and current president raul castro who was raised catholic, now contemplating a return saying after a visit to the vatican in may he may even start praying again. >> it was amazing. it was incredible. from the president of the country, in this country. >> reporter: truly a new ear real estate ready to greet the pope beginning tomorrow. serena marshall, abc news, havana. >> truly a new era. china's biggest train maker is joining forces with a u.s. company to build a high speed train linking los angeles and las vegas. it normally takes four hours by car but just an hour and 20 minutes on the bullet train. construction could start in september but the project's expected cost or completion date still unknown. >> thank goodness for that. that ride feels a lot longer on the way back let me tell you. >> you've done it many times. now to a mode of
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transportation slightly slower than the train. we're talking about a horse. >> a horse and a guy in a cowboy hat named jake williams. yak hitched up sugar outside coconut willie's dairy daiquiri shoch there in louisiana. jake went inside, had a couple daiquiris. we don't know if it's strawberry. he had too many and before going back out, he tried to ride sugar home. >> a little too much to drink. why not ride a horse. safer that anway. the horse knows the way home. >> why not ride a horse? because before leaving coconut willies jake tried to ride the horse inside. not a good idea. he wound up in custody, sent home with a ticket from police. jake says he will never ever do that again. >> here's what i'm thinking happened at this. i'm not sure if you're familiar with the daiquiri shacks in louisiana but they have drive-through daiquiri shacks in louisiana. they do, yes. and the difference is, if you
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remove the straw from your daiquiri while in the car or apparently on your horse, then you can get pulled over for open container law. >> but if have a vau you're okay. >> you just have to keep it in there. it's one of those louisiana rules -- exactly. but also. he tried to take the horse inside of the daiquiri shack. it's a drive-through. >> you don't go inside. >> you don't go inside. >> sometimes when the drive through line is long, you go inside to pick it up. i could see -- i think there is a bit of logic there. thank you for that news you can use on the straw. >> or booze you can lose. the word's newest supermodels are being scouted. why midwestern guys and girls with the fashion industry's biggest asset. >> the how you can make sure you're getting the best real estate deal possible in the current market, but first let's look at how warm it's getting in dallas.
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the federal reserve isn't raising interest rates for now. the central bank thinks the u.s. economy is still too fragile citing the weak global economy. low inflation and unstable financial markets. the benchmark the federal funds's rate has been near zero for almost a decade now. but the feds still expects to raise rates before the year is out. and the fed also expected mortgage rates to keep rising. they've inched up the past two weeks in a row. >> higher interest rates will likely put a damper on market. the sooner you put your house on the market, the better it will be. rebecca jarvis has tips.
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>> this family of mount holly, emergency, eager to tell their four bedroom home initially lift you having it for $325,000. they've already dropped the price twice. but so far -- >> i don't know why people aren't looking at it enter enter home design expert christianne. step one, make a grand entrance. studies show a nice trees and shrub out front can boost your home value by as much as 17%. step two, give the kitchen and bath an inexpensive facelift. the cheapest fixes new faucets, cabinet door handles a toilet seat and neutral pallet. they'll cost you a few hundred dollars but should return you thousands more. >> white paint goes such a long way where you're allowing people to picture themselves in your space. >> reporter: finally cut the clutter and clean. this can instantly up your home's value by $2,000. >> oh, my gosh.
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it looks so much bigger. >> reporter: rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> buy that home now is the bottom line. >> yes, running out of time. >> coming up, ever wonder where new fashion models come from? >> i do. it's closer than you think.
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well, a state appeals court ruled a new jersey casino can regulate wait fress weight. the borgata for bids severs from gaining more than 7% of their body weight. they found their standards are law full. now it must be determined if the casino aired in the enforcement of the policy. it seems outrageous someone can tell you how much you can weigh. >> do you think that was a female judge? >> good question. >> that's a good question. >> that's quite a ruling. so many of the world's most beautiful people are in new york
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city this week because it's fashion week. they didn't all grow up here or in europe. >> you did grow up in new york. you might be biassed. >> a growing number from the midwest are waiting to be discovered. we're up "up all nightline" now with abc's mara schiavocampo. >> she's tall or she has long legs. she's cute. >> in the blue? >> yeah, mary and jeff clark are high fashion model scouts coving the crowds of teeny bopper concert venues and small town malls. the husband and wife team's business took off when mary discovered this guy at an iowa bar. up, that's ashton kutcher. >> so tell me about ashton. what stood out? >> i just remember thinking he was gorgeous. really beautiful. and big personality. >> and then there's super model carly closs, one of the highest paid models in the world who they found in a missouri mall model search. they run their mom and pop operation out of their basement
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in dardenne prairie, missouri. >> this is our active roster of models that we have that are traveling around the world placed in different markets. >> yeah, and probably out of those 15 -- >> probably three will work out. >> but mary and jeff say their latest discoveries 20-year-old elijah harrison. >> good. >> do you have a faerp's tan? >> and 1-year-old hazel crew. >> come on. >> are on verge of something big. >> go get it. >> sheep are so dumb. >> hazel still lives in iowa with her family on this 125-year-old sheep farm. at nearly six feet tall with legs for days, hazel just walked her first runway shows in paris for designers shap pa rely and ralph raf and russo. >> you can't hold back. you can't be that shy little sheep farmer. >> hazel is on her way. but elijah is about to take his
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first step, a trip 0 new york city. >> come over this way a little. yep. >> mary and jeff are spending months of their time preparing elijah. >> be a little more relaxed. >> all right. >> right now. >> just how you are right now. >> and investing thousands of dollars in test shoots. >> he looks tense. >> maybe dig in deep and find something that's like oh. you know what i mean? >> with no guaranteed commission, unless he gets signed in new york and starts booking work. he's so fearless. >> the stakes are high for him, too. he dropped out of school and quit his job just to give modeling a shot. >> i think we got it. >> yeah. >> good job. >> and that's a wrap. >> reporter: a few days later he boards the second plane he's ever been on and arrives in new york for the first time. his father don by his side. at so artist management, jason
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canter is the guy he's been waiting to meet. >> hi, my name's elijah harrison. i'm 20 years old from hannibal, missouri. >> he struts his stuff. >> the shape you're in is perfect. there's nothing to change. i want to know exactly how tall you are and get you rolling with testing. we definitely want to sign you. >> right on. >> cool. >> congratulations. >> thanks. >> welcome to soul. >> thank you. >> reporter: it's just the beginning for eye elijah. mary and jeff are already thinking about their next big find. >> in the back of your mind, are you thinking when is the next scouting trip like even right now on my watch it says taylor swift denver. we're always thinking where we're going to find the next person. >> yeah. >> for night line, mara schiavocampo in new york. >> it's quite fascinating. >> it is. mary and jeff, the scouting agents discovered ashton kutcher and channing tatum. >> so they know what they're -- >> oh, hey. >> they have yet to discover me.
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♪ okay. insomniacs, it's time to check out what's new in theaters this weekend. >> start with the maze runner, the scorch trials. the action adventure is a follow-up to last year's hit movie "the maze runner." dylan o'brien returns as thomas who sets out to unearth behind the organization that by the maze and he and his friends escaped from in the first film. their journey takes them into the desolate landscape known as the scorch which is filled with dangerous obstacles that makes the characters wish they were back in the maze. >> what happened? >> just calm down. talk to us. >> it's always been with you.
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>> thomas. what did you see? >> dramatic. >> the critics are split though. sam wolf of we got this covered notes the film is blatantly derivative but enjoyly silly throughout. that's what we get with these films. tim martin of the mercury saying by about halfway, i stopped counting the cliches and the derivative lifts because there were just too many. >> next up, "black mass," the whitey bulger biopic star tarring johnny depp. whitey bulger is persuaded by the fbi to become an informant and help take down a faction of the irish mob. bulger is able to take advantage of the alliance and evade law enforcement while becoming one of the most powerful and deadly
2:57 am
gangsters in american history. >> don't look to john because he's not going to help you. >> you spilled a secret family recipe today, maybe you spill about me tomorrow. is that something maybe that's a possibility? >> i was just saying. >> you were just saying? just saying gets people sent to allenwood. just saying could get you buried requick. >> wow. >> black mass already gashering oscar buzz with tony hicks of the "san jose mercury news" calling it a riveting character study and might land depp an oscar buzz. al alexander of the patriot longer agrees saying depp finally breaks out of his years long slump to remind us what a fine actor he truly is. this one looks good. >> it does look good. they've earned quite a bit of publicity for it. we'll see how well it does at the box office. that's the news for this half hour.
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this morning on "world news now," back on the trail. >> the gop contenders hitting the road after their blockbuster debate. who is gaining the most momentum and donald trump wasting no time with a new controversial statement about muslims. >> a major security breach at a texas airport. the suspect crashing a gate in an effort to steal a jet. how far he was able to get before the authorities took him down. speaking out, the women accusing bill cosby of sexual assault telling their stories on television. the difficult and emotionally charged moments as they recount their alleged experiences with the once beloved american entertainer. through thick and thin, the incredible tale of friendship. a dog trapped her friend refusing to leave her side and what their rescuers discovered that will inspire whether you have two legs or four.


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