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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  May 7, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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a great entrance never goes out of style. get a free necklace with purchase. the eva mendes collection. exclusively at new york and company. announcer : from abc 7 news, this is a breaking news alert. anchor: at least four people are hurt after a car slammed into an office building. the car was leaving a parking garage when it crashed into a building. we have the breaking details. reporter: a car went into a building into a physical therapy
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office. you can see we have some members of that office building including the building manager on the scene assessing the damage. four people were taken to the hospital after a car left the bottom level of the parking garage. what we understand is that the woman driver of that car, an elderly woman, was behind the wheel. she was one of those individuals taken to the hospital. three other people inside the building were taken to the hospital to have non-life-threatening injuries. the most serious injuries, a woman that was working inside and she was trapped behind a desk as the car went through the building. take a listen to what authorities have to say. >> the office was pretty crowded. the car crashed and ended up completely in the building. a trapped one of the occupants
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they were trapped not only by the force of the vehicle and the debris. she had to be extricated. reporter: no word on exactly what could have gone wrong here with that car going into the building. when we understand, a lot of damage within the building. what they believe is that there is no structural damage. some of the other employees of the other units will be able to return to work later today. meanwhile, four people injured. others were assessed on the scene but did not need treatment. they are said to have non-life-threatening injuries. jummy: we are following some other breaking news, this time in charles county. the shares office investigating -- the sheriff's office investigating a stabbing.
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a person chased another that he apparently knew, and apparently stabbed the person. thomas stone high school was placed under shelter order but that has been lifted. nearly 50 tornadoes tore across the southern plains overnight. overturning cars and destroying dozens of homes. residents are now left to deal with the cleanup and flash flooding. elizabeth: as far as the eye can see, damaged ruined homes, a storm shelter ripped from the ground. submerged cars. >> this is a confirmed large distractive tornado on the ground wrapped in rain. elizabeth: at least a dozen tornadoes were injured when tornadoes tore through.
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>> get into your shelter immediately. elizabeth: first responders rushing to help victims. >> we had a 17-year-old male victim who was trapped under the rva. elizabeth: they issued their first flash flood emergency ever. tornadoes also ripping apart homes in north and nebraska. >> we could hear the sound of the train. our ears started popping because of the air pressure. elizabeth: sirens warning residents to seek refuge. >> you are hearing sirens, hearing the wind. they don't know what is going on. elizabeth: in kansas. >> oh, my god. elizabeth: drivers dodging debris. jummy: 51 tornadoes ripped across the great plains. there is more on the way this week.
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the storms brought hail for parts of our area yesterday. today, as you can see outside of the capital, it is much colder. doug hill is here with a first check of the forecast. any storms? doug: i think we will be in fine shape. thunderstorms over the weekend become a possibility. these little red dots, 51 tornado reports. the national weather service will confirm how many there were. it was wicked, we will still get a reading later today where there was ef3 or choose involved. we had hail reports. 75 degrees, sunshine at reagan national. the wind is calm. it is a beautiful afternoon. the areas that are dark, that is where the clear skies are. we had some cumulus clouds
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building. the temperatures in the 70 possible keep climbing to about 80 degrees. -- temperatures in the 70's climbing to about 70 80 degrees. jummy: if severe weather breaks out, stay informed with the weather alert sent straight to your home. d.c. councilmembers will discuss how to expand the use of police body cameras today. this during a public oversight roundtable at the wilson building. the council will discuss the body one camera program including policy and budget proposals. right now, police are searching for an alleged rate this in prince george's county. this is a sketch of the suspect. a 19-year-old girl was walking in the 11,000 block of lake
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arbor way when a man came up to her, forced her into a field and sexually assaulted her. a composite sketch is being shown. police are offering a $25,000 board in the case. fairfax county police released new dash cam video from the deadly officer fall shooting from 2009. david masters was unarmed when he was shot to death in alexandria. the coroner's office ruled that the officers who shot him should not be charged. now, there is a view of what happened before. >> put your hands up. put your hands up. jummy: investigators say the officer thought that masters was driving a stolen car and reaching for a god. they believe he ran over another officer. none of that was true. the officer was eventually fired but not charged. a fire that killed a woman in and around the county was
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accidental. the home on disney avenue went up in flames last night. firefighters say an adult woman in the home did not make it out. her identity has not been released. an exact cause is not known but it appears to be related to a combination of smoking products and home oxygen. a student group has fouled a title nine sex determination lawsuit against the university of mary washington. the minister united discussed its complaint during a news conference. -- feminist united discussed its complaint during a news conference. we will have more on their complaint tonight on abc seven news starting at 4:00. lumbar liquidators is suspending all sales of its chinese made flooring. the justice department is seeking criminal charges against the company, saying that they
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sold the flooring knowing that it contained a dangerous levels of formaldehyde. lumbar liquidators said they spent millions on a program to ease concerns. they face more than 100 pending class-action lawsuits related to that flooring. a u.s. appeals court in new york ruled that the national security administration's collection of american phone records is illegal. the three-judge panel said the data collection exceeds what congress has allowed under the patriot act. they declined to block the program saying it is up to congress whether and under what conditions it should continue. a busy week in the race for the white house with three new gop candidates. sam sweeney sat down with presidential hopeful ben carson to get his take on the situation in baltimore and race in america. then: i am ben carson and i'm the candidate for --
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ben: i am then carson and i'm a candidate for president. sam: today, when asked about racial tension in america, he tied it back to the economy. ben: the deteriorating situation that we see, people wrongly ascribed to race. i think the real problem is economics and loss of hope that people have which causes a great deal of frustration. sam: carson spent 35 years of his life in baltimore. he says baltimore's problems are everybody's problems. ben: baltimore is like many cities undergoing great decay. we have been throwing money at it for decades. sam: in order to fix it, he says it comes to jobs. ben: we should get the right kinds of jobs, not these chicken jobs, no benefits. sam: before heading into the national day of a are, we asked dr. carson about his views on
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homosexuality. do you sincerely believe that, sexuality is a choice? ben: i cannot do a yes or no on that, it is a complex issue. sam: dr. carson is one of eight confirmed republican candidates running for president. in the coming weeks, it is expected that several more will join the race. jummy: coming up on abc seven news at new and, the deflate gate handle gets new air. what tom brady is saying about the new report. an update on the smithsonian's african-american using set to open next year and a sneak peek at one of the exhibits. we will tell you why doctors say this year is so bad for allergies. doug hill, back with our chance of storms as we head into the mother's da
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announcer: you are watching abc 7 news at noon, on your side fo. jummy: tom brady defending himself over allegations that he knew that the football were deflated. a report found that brady was generally aware about activities surrounding taking air out of footballs. you put your children on the computer you put limits on their smart phone, but what about the xbox, the wii, the playstation.
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reporter: this came from a very distressed mother of thinking injured. she thought she had done everything to control her son's online access. allowing kids to play with strangers online can be a predators playground. he had a pretty scary incident playing clash of clans when someone claiming to be a 16-year-old girl started asking personal questions. >> we are questions like, do you want my phone number? -- weird questions like, do you want my phone number? i got her phone number and texting her. she started saying, said me a picture of you, so i did. then i told her to send a picture of her and she did send me a picture but it did not look really real. >> kidneys to realize that whoever who use talking -- kids
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need to realize that whoever he is talking to on the phone, you don't aware they are, they could be anywhere in the world. two, you don't know who they are. jummy: the stranger in this tiny console can end up being the stranger on your doorstep. jummy: we will see the rest of your very important report, stranger in the console, tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. the african-american exhibit opens next year and you can get a sneak preview tomorrow. reporter: as we walk through this brand-new exhibit at the american history museum, you can see everything from james brown when he used to wear and play to they miss olympian carl lewis, what he wore on the track. just around the corner, you can
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learn about the history of the literal freedom fighters. this will be a small piece of a very large centerpiece at the smithsonian's national museum of african american history and culture really takes shape. >> it is important for us to understand how our history is so combined and interconnected. these stories have these overarching themes. >> at a time when race relations in this country are strained, how important is it to see the building across the street taking shape? >> i think it is critical for our society. it is important for us to have a space, to have a brick and mortar building that provides an opportunity for these critical and important conversatiace and history. reporter: a lot of construction going on here at the national mall. the 400,000 square foot facility sits on five acres of land
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right next to the washington monument. the large window overlays have been installed. the museum will open sometime next year. the exhibit opens to the public tomorrow. jummy: 7 is on your side. doctors are predicting this to be one of the worst allergy seasons in years. this tree pollen report map shows some of the hardest hit areas including the d.c. metro area. doctors recommend cleaning air filters, changing close, and showering when coming indoors. of course, taking allergy medicine when you need it. a lot of people have been complaining about the pollen and stuff. i know you are. doug: i've been suffering my whole life. some seasons are bad, some are not so bad. even with the medications in the stuff you take. so, a rainy day helps, cooler temperatures.
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a dry pattern for a few more days. this is southern frederick county maryland, oakdale high school. one of the things we have noticed about the weather conditions on this midday is the air is a little bit drier than it was yesterday. of course, a lot of dynamics have changed. you will not have any thunderstormshave changed. you will not have any thunderstorms or hail. it will start to be wendy. that is some good news for you. 75 at reagan national, 73 in baltimore, 75 in frederick. manassas, 72. 60 degrees right now in fredericksburg. the measure of moisture in the air in the 50's. this shows is that the air is little bit drier than yesterday. it will be a comfortable day today. temperatures across the region will come close to 80 degrees. the wind in the south at about 5-10 miles an hour.
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the warm air is pretty widespread. across portions in the midwest the tennessee valley. high pressure prevailing for a couple of days. we continue to put our attention down south because at this hour we think hurricane reservists the hurricane hunters, the air force reserve unit flying in and above this little blog that has been forecast for several days to develop into a storm center off of the coast. it is going to develop into a system that will spread a lot of rain northward. we will have to watch and see if some of that moisture gets our way by saturday, sunday, monday. that is certainly a possibility. our futurecast shows pretty quite weather pattern with high pressure up and down the east coast. as the storm center gets organized and starts to drift northward towards the carolina coastline, spreading a lot of moisture to the north as well. we will see our humidity levels
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increase over the weekend. especially by early next week, the combination of that wish her and that cold front likely to give us increasing chances of showers and storms. it will be lovely today, 80 degrees. tomorrow, partly cloudy, 82. saturday night, it looks like humidity levels will increase. very warm and humid, 86. monday, tuesday, warm and humid. it will feel like summer. a typical summer forecast with showers and storms. and it is only the middle of may. jummy: we will take it. coming up, your scandal scoop.
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jummy: gladiators, we only have one season left before the season finale. tonight's episode is titled "a few good women." -- gets frustrated with her vice president. kerry washington stopped by " good morning america" to say we will be taken on an emotional roller coaster. kerry when: we were done, i said, how did we survive from here? no one is safe in the finale, no one. jummy: the senate campaign hits a snag. the still has us wondering what is foxtail? you can watch "scandal" right here tonight on abc seven. doug is back with one fi
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jummy: will we see any storms like we did last night? doug: no, a couple of quiet days. temperatures in the 70's. he will hit 80, lower 80's the next couple of days. then sunday through tuesday very warm. we
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