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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  June 21, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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about the post office. then the man on foot grabbed her and she screamed. the men fled and police are wondering if they were working together on an abduction. >> we do not know definitively, but it is unusual. >> and interviews with the victims has yielded these drawings. police say the victim is physically ok, but clearly damage has been done to the sense of well-being of those who work here. >> you expect to be safe in your community. i hope they catch the people. >> it scares the heck of me because i have two daughters who lived in this area. that deeply concerns me because we're not used to that kind of problem in this area. >> at this point, the men remain on the loose. it is impossible to say what their intentions were. police characterize this as a fourth degree sexual assault because the woman was
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inappropriately groped during the incident. here is one more look at the composite sketches of the two men. police are looking for this man. if these men look familiar, please call police. a hate crime investigation is underway in prince william county tonight. they believe the men inside this vehicle shouted racial slurs at a family walking across the street and threatened them with a gun. >> people in this community are absolutely stunned this kind of thing happen. they have never heard of any thing like this before. police say they got a good description of the suspect and the vehicle but they are working with these surveillance images captured as the car drove through the parking lot. his family, wife son and granddaughter strolled through this shopping center parking lot on their way to lunch when a red jeep full of young men rolled
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past. the short list driver shouted racial slurs. the moment was captured on surveillance cameras. the man says the red jeep made another pass by the family and the driver yelled essential -- offensive as a concert and they waved a gun at the family in a threatening way. the deep drove away and the man's son tried to catch them. prince william county police consider what happened here a hate crime. they pulled surveillance images from several cameras and came up with a distinctive vehicle -- a '90s model red jeep grand cherokee. outraged neighbors say he is hunting for it. >> i saw the picture of the deep and i'm looking for it. >> others say they have never had problems of this nature before. they say adding a gun takes it
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to a dangerous level. >> i feel sad for them. prince william county police say the surveillance of images are very clear and the vehicle was distinctive. they expect to hear very soon about some clues that will lead to an arrest in this case. not a bad day around the metro area, but more storms are in the forecast. >> it is now a summer, the summer solstice, the astronomical sum began at 1:16 this afternoon. the past few hours, temperatures have been climbing quickly. on the chesapeake bay just a few white caps out there from the southerly breezes. a very pleasant day with lots of sunshine. 91 of around gainesville but it
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feels like 102. high heat, high humidity. feels like 95 in alexandria. one storm area in loudon county and that will drift south and west of the district. the story will be temperatures -- warm through the evening with temperatures holding into the '80s. tomorrow we could have a tough thunderstorm activity to deal with that -- to deal with. we will explain that coming up. the last full day of spring spawned dozens of tornadoes across the midwest. while many buildings were damaged, no serious injuries or deaths have been reported. let's go to the satellite center for more on the latest. >> storm chasers are resting after a busy night. on top of severe rain, it was a barrage of twisters that snapped trees and power poles and even derailed freight trains. >> it is coming right at us.
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>> imagine looking up and seeing this mass of twister roll across the horizon. >> that the thing is incredible. >> last night 43 tornadoes were reported and funnel clouds were spotted across five states. the worst of the damage appears to be in west central nebraska. this man's home is one of several damaged in the storm. >> it did not last long. i don't want to repeat it. >> that is a tornado warning. >> frightened fans scrambled out of the world series baseball game as clouds surrounding the stadium. >> [unintelligible] >> this massive tornado touched down just south of omaha. watch closely as 13 cars of this freight train are derailed in the dark twister. in kansas powerful winds it flipped this tractor trailer.
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>> he's very fortunate this is the only vehicle involved. >> a large part of the country will see severe weather again today, with tornados possible from dallas to minneapolis. >> the national weather service is trying to confirm how many tornadoes touched down. the man in the story has no doubt a twister destroyed his home. he says the family dog warned the family by acting agitated. moments later the sirens went off. >> thank you very much. the word is already out that president obama is planning to drawdown troops in afghanistan. he is expected to announce 10,000 american troops will come home this year. 5000 will be withdrawn this summer and 5000 more later in the year. the timetable for withdrawing 20,000 other troops involved in the 2009 surge will be revealed by the president.
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we'll have more on the story at 6:00. a memorable moment -- a memorable moment with the first lady -- a private meeting with nelson mandela. it is the first time she has met such an iconic figure. nelson mandela is 92 and in frail health. the photograph released by the nelson mandela foundation shows in sitting next to the first lady signing an advance copy of the new book. mrs. obama and her daughter are visiting south africa and botswana this week. accusations tonight as the metro access drivers are falling asleep at the wheel. their union says they are simply overworked. let's go live to northwest washington with what the union is fighting. >> the union is fighting the company that runs metro access fans to stop them from extending the drivers work day. they say the drivers are already falling asleep on the wheel and extending the shifts would put
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everyone in danger. >> metro access is a door to door [unintelligible] the union represents 1500 drivers that assists with heavy lifting on top of the driving and they're fighting to keep their drivers alert and awake. the metro contractor wants to extend drivers shift its to 13 hour days with a one hour lunch break. >> this is a safety issue that amalgamated transit union will not allow. someone is going to get injured or killed. >> the union obtained documents showing that since 2008, when hundred 13 drivers were cited for fatigue. of those 87 were caught on surveillance cameras. >> [unintelligible] >> driver safety has to be the number-one priority because
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access customers are limited in mobility. >> [unintelligible] >> we stopped at a transportation facility to see if it speak with the general manager about the unions concerned that 13-hour shifts were a potential safety hazard. we were refused. >> i pleaded with them over and over to find another way. >> we did get a statement just about 30 minutes ago. the company says they are committed to safety and these new schedules will be implemented in the coming weeks and they are trying to provide for adequate time off between shifts. a forensic botanist came to the defense in casey and the murder trial today. she testified the girl's remains could have been in the woods for as little as two weeks when
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there were discovered in 2008, a shorter time prosecutors were alleging. during cross-examination, prosecutors tried to punch holes in the testimony. >> the hip bone was buried in 4 inches of mud, which is what i assume you call what humus. wouldn't that indicate conclusively that the skull had been there longer than two weeks? >> or a dogberry it. >> a dog -- >> a judge canceled court early yesterday after admonishing both sides for constant bickering. coming up, a maryland woman attacked in her home. could this be the work of a serial attacker? if airline fees are bugging you, wait till you hear about one airline plans to charge you for. [unintelligible]
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>> we will tell you why this man robbed a bank for $1 and then sat around and waited for police to arrive. take a look at the new graphic warning labels for cigarettes.
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defend drug administration has announced a new plan that will hopefully cut down on smoking. >> the images on the smoking packs are very graphic. >> there are nine pictures and some of them are very disturbing. today, the public saw them for the first time. >> i think it is too graphic. this one with the hole in the throat. >> the labels show real cancer victims like this man smoking despite his tracheotomy. >> especially this one -- the guy with the staples in his chest. >> this post-surgery victim also provoked a strong response. >> the guy with the tag on his foot -- that is more to the point. this is where you are headed. when it comes to life and death you cannot go too graphic. >> all of the images are disgusting.
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>> if that is what it takes to get people to stop putting poison in their bodies, all for it. >> before taking that next drag, consider 46 million americans are smokers. every year, 443,000 die. the fda estimates these labels will encourage 213,000 smokers to quit in the first year alone. every label with a national hot line. >> is shocking. i don't think anything is going to stop people to want to smoke. >> they did not faze this smoker. >> traveling in europe, you see them all the time and i'm still smoking after way to many years. i think it is more of a scare tactic than anything else. >> to scare people away from smoking is exactly what the fda wants. cigarette makers have until mike september to put these labels on all packages of cigarettes.
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you can see all of the fda cigarette warning titles on our website. there is a new fee at the airlines -- spirit airlines will charge $5 for a ticket agent to puncher boarding pass. printing tickets at a kiosk at the airport will cost $1. they say the are trying to save a few dollars for customers who buy tickets online. it will cut their solemn all nonstop flights by $5. pc restaurants want to help you beat the heat. -- dc restaurants want to help you beat the heat. they handed out popsicle spanned a food network contest and was giving away free treats. it is the first of four pop-up events at safeway's in the city and to promote deals and discounts at d.c. restaurant
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over the summer. we had such a summer solstice party in the newsroom. >> they took all of the furniture in the newsroom and arranged to look like stonehenge. >> they were doing in the tango. >> it was unbelievable. >> it is the official beginning of summer and we are here with the heat and humidity. let's get started with a live look at super doppler radar. we are looking at a thunderstorm brewing out of the southeastern loudon county drifting to the southeast for the past -- to the south and west of chantilly and with it will make its way further south and wind its way down the potomac. we had another one that has dissipated. this is the only game in town right now. isolated showers for the next hour or two.
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here is another one we've found in pennsylvania just across the border. there are a couple, mostly staying west but tomorrow and thursday, more widespread around the area. martinsburg at 88 degrees. feels like it is 93 in falls church. it is the heat and humidity though. 88 degrees right now in quantico. 87 at reagan national. these are the do points. if the temperatures are in the '80s and the dew point is in the '70s that's an uncomfortable combination. the higher the temperature is go, the more so. we will see the heat index continued to rise over the next few days. it feels like 95 in gaithersburg and 102 degrees in culpeper. air temperatures now, 93 in
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raleigh. in the higher elevations, 93 degrees. it will be moving in the next few days. 94 degrees in atlanta. 90 degrees in texas. increasingly unstable air and showers and storms will be popping tomorrow and thursday. some are severe and storms on friday will be caused by cold front. here are the showers and storms to the south and west. a lot of action boiling up here. this is the air mass we will deal with tomorrow. the next couple of days, the warm front moves north. very hot humid and unstable. showers and thunderstorms with more thunderstorms getting into the act. how far east and south will this cold front go? if it blows completely off the coast, we get a big break in the
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humidity. if it just goes so far and stops, then not so much. in the meantime, partly cloudy, hot and humid with thunderstorms likely. for the next seven days, we will keep it in the 90 degree ballpark. temperatures cooling-off over the weekend but it will move completely through the area and will turn down the temperatures and humidity quite a bit. it's never a problem to catch up on the weather at i would suggest interactive radar and you can track the storm is yourself. >> we don't want to do that too much because we need you to do that. >> he's always updating the weather. go to to sign up
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for your chance to win a new ipad. we will announce the winner on friday right here on abc seven news at 5:00. coming up, and elaborate counterfeit scheme involving a walmart employee. and you will meet the dog ran away from home into the path of a marathon. his journey to the finish line is straight ahead.
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a guilty verdict for the man who claimed he was having sex in the back seat when his car slammed into a vehicle. >> today, he did not stick around for the latest verdict. what is the reaction to the verdict? >> the crash occurred in may 2010 here on telegraph road. the defendant says he's surprised by all of the attention the case getting but acknowledges the circumstances are unusual. on the way home from his 21st birthday celebration, he slammed into a cab. >> i was a little intoxicated. >> he apparently told responding officers that he was having intimate contact. >> i was in the back seat with a female passenger.
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>> another male and female or in a car. the man with the cab sued for $75,000. his attorney says he was going 85,000 a -- 85 miles an hour, having sex in the backseat. >> he was involved in emirates activities at the time in the backseat. >> they say the other male and the vehicle was at the wheel. but it took just minutes to award the cabdriver $22,000. >> i am happy. >> he spent much of the trial tweeting about the attention he is getting. >> it was a horrible situation until this funny twist came out and i've been having fun with it now. >> the $22,000 will go toward the medical expenses of the cab driver. in the meantime, he continues to
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tweak. just a few moments ago he talked about how he hopes all of the notoriety leads to a reality show. coming up, he robbed a bank for just $1. in the end, he got what he wanted. why did he want to go to jail? >> it is horrible. the fight not --
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after a very long fight the final school bell rang at
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kristin elementary school. >> the school is closing after 57 years and that many people in tears today. let's go to the newsroom for more on the story. >> it might have been the last day for this fairfax county school but it was not the end of the fight. while tears are usually shown on the first day of school rather than last, today was different. >> it's very sad. most of my friends are going to different schools. my best friend is going to a different school. >> losing this school is going to be hard for the entire community. >> after a long and bitter fight, making its way to the supreme court clifton elementary school closed its doors for good. >> we did not succeed. it is what it is. >> the school board described a pour well water quality and all -- >> i liken this to an execution.
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if someone is on death row and the dna evidence comes in to exonerate them, you did not go ahead with the execution because of on the calendar. >> they say their school is a community and family. bob sweeney was a student here the day the doors open. >> i opened this building, so i guess i need to close it. >> today he watched as the safety patrol fold the flag for the last time and this didn't give a last hug to their teachers. >> the school buses and drove off with kids not yet ready to take the bus. >> some parents say the fight is not over. they're attempting to reopen the school as a charter school. it would be the only elementary school in fairfax county with an international baccalaureate program. plans are already in the works. police are searching for two men who tried to abducted woman
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in crofton last night. police say the woman was abducted when one of the men -- was jogging when one of the men approached her. the second man drove up and a car and a first man to ensure an appropriately, she screamed and both men left. police say group inside a red jeep shattered racial slurs at a family walking through a shopping center in gainesville. one of the men away begun at the family. police are searching for the man responsible. the government is out with new cigarette warning labels depicting in graphic detail the dangers of smoking. some of the dangers show rotting teeth or a baby in intensive care. with the warnings will be required starting in october of next year. a proposal to limit taxi permits triggered a protest today. cabdrivers rallied outside the council building.
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the council approved doubling the number of authorized taxis to almost 1500 late last year. since then, 250 have been added but the new legislation would halt the expansion. it is leaving hundreds of families without the chance to start their own businesses. >> they are trying to pass legislation that gives the monopoly more power. it eliminates people from owning their own business in the future. >> the cabdrivers in putting a limit on the number of permits will create a monopoly. if you like to go fishing and n.c. man has a serious fishing tale to tell and has the photographs to prove it. he caught a catfish that weighs 143 pounds and 13 ounces. he caught the fish on saturday along the virginia-north
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carolina border. it took him 45 minutes to hall in the catch. the catfish is 57 inches long. if it is certified, it could be a new world record. it weighs as much as a lot of people. time now for a track -- for a check on the traffic situation. >> slow from the 11th street bridge to the 14th street bridge. lanes are open but slow to do street. northbound, the gw parkway, a vehicle brock -- vehicle blocking the right lane. okhotsk the outer loop, delays between the spur and little river turnpike. back to you in the studio. >> coming up, is the dumbest
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criminal or the smartest? why this man robbed the bank for $1 and then sat around waiting for the police. it's not every day you see a dog running in a half marathon but that is what happened when dozer the dog found his way out of his yard and into the race. new gingrich has more staffing troubles. host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? did the little piggy cry wee wee wee all the way home? piggy: weeeeeee, weeeeeee weeeeeee, weeeee weeeeeeee. mom: max. ...maxwell! piggy: yeah? mom: you're home. piggy: oh,cool, thanks mrs. a. anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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it's all mine. he says it was a crime of necessity. >> and north carolina man robbed the bank of $1 and when police arrived, he was sitting inside waiting for them. >> [unintelligible] >> that is how he said he decided to rob a north carolina bank last week. he had no gun and and a teller a note asking for just $1. >> [unintelligible] >> of the teller called 911.
5:39 pm
so why so much trouble for a buck? >> [unintelligible] >> he says he has multiple health problems and no medical insurance. at 59 years old and with no job and depleted bank account, he thought jail was the best place to go. >> you wanted them to arrest you? >> [unintelligible] >> he is hoping for a three-year sentence. he would then be able to collect social security when he gets out. he plans to head for the beach. >> [unintelligible] >> he says he's getting good medical care now but the jails doctor accused of manipulating the system. >> [unintelligible]
5:40 pm
>> it looks like he may have a problem with his plan. because the only demanded $1, he is charged with larceny not bank robbery. so he may not get as much time in jail as the hope. >> a woman attacked in her apartment early this morning -- police think this could be related to almost a dozen other cases. police believe this masked man went into the apartment on nicholson st. through a window. the woman says the man entered her apartment and a suspect choker struck her in the face several times before running off with her phone. one woman says she is concerned about her safety. >> i a live alone with two girls. what is going to happen to us?
5:41 pm
>> police say the suspect has targeted at apartments inhabited by women. up next dozer the dog ran 8 miles in a marathon. how he is using his fame to help others. you are in a hurry you get your change and walk out the door. >> the counterfeit ring that stretches from chicago to
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[ female announcer ] keurig brews more than just hot coffee. now you can brew over ice for delicious iced coffee or tea. hot or cold keurig is the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute.
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choose. brew. enjoy. keurig. dozer the dog is making quite a name for himself after he crossed the line and a half marathon. >> the dog is using his newfound celebrity for good. >> on a normally uneventful sunday morning last month she called out for her 3-year-old dog. >> he never leaves. >> after a frantic e-mail -- >> i got an e-mail saying the
5:45 pm
race is going on and i saw a dog that looks like dozer crossed the finish line. >> he bolted through his invisible fence and joined the maryland half marathon, easily keeping pace with the pack. >> he was just looking around and not paying attention to anything in particular. >> he crossed the finish line. >> he was the most relaxed runner i've ever seen. >> despite his athletic feat, he found his way home the next day. >> i was really concerned. >> he quickly recovered and received a race medal for his efforts. his heroics are youtube sensation. >> we are so proud of you and the fund-raising you have done. >> the page has a facebook page with 800 fans. on another web site, he raised big bucks for the university of
5:46 pm
maryland cancer center. >> he is our top fund-raiser. he has raised over $13,000. >> finishing with a smile that can be better than finishing first. >> it is a great way for people to come in and open her heart. >> dozer's owner is already training him so they can run all 13 miles up next year. >> dozer is getting a lot of attention on our website. to see a photo gallery, just go to here is someone making history raising money for the red cross. he's a marathon runner from austria in the middle of an 11- month journey to read from this -- to run from the north to the south poles. he began his track in april.
5:47 pm
he ran into town today and got a chance to meet with red cross officials. >> tornadoes hurricanes rain, i just keep putting 1 foot in front of the other. >> he says he is able to go about 50 miles a day, equivalent to two marathons. he is trying to raise $100 million for the red cross. he hopes to reach the south pole by february. mark kelly's final landing on the space shuttle will be his last mission. he announced today he is retiring from nasa and from the u.s. navy. he is married to gabrielle giffords and says he wants to be by her side as she recovers from a gunshot wound to the head. the two are working on a memoir that will chronicle their story including the january shooting in tucson. the book's publication date has not been set.
5:48 pm
>> today is prince william's 29th birthday. he is expected to celebrate his birthday privately with his bride and then they will travel to canada and the united states next month. it will be his first official overseas trip as a married man. to new shows will debut on primetime. contestants world -- are sent home in extreme ways if they get a question wrong. that's tonight at 9:00. that's followed by "combat hostile" and abc seven news.
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hopefully our chairs don't do that. >> the business is changing. you never know. no surprise that's dozer the marathon dog is trending. also, a girl who was killed when a horse she was riding ran into the road and into an suv. pictures of hurricane beatrice are getting lots of >> tonight. let's see what's coming up at 6:00 as we all remain in our seats. a major announcement coming tomorrow from the president about the future of u.s. troops in afghanistan. some of the specifics are out tonight. see what he will say about bringing our troops home. a guilty verdict on a hit and run crash in dupont circle.
5:50 pm
see you at 6:00. i think we have some heavy weather coming. >> a couple of storms brewing right now. let's check them out. last time we were on with you there were just -- there was just a little one and now we have a couple. a few heavier thunderstorms but they have the down 4 to the north of hagerstown. they will be isolated as we move from this region to the south and the west. we will see those storms coming into play on thursday. feels warmer because of the moisture in the air. it will warmup for the next couple of days. temperatures in the '80s. 100 degrees in culpeper.
5:51 pm
we will be headlong into the hot and humid air mass tomorrow and thursday. could be severe. as the cold front come through more opportunities for thunderstorms. some of those could be on the heaviside. temperatures overnight will be monday, only near 70. thunderstorms are likely into thursday and friday. over the weekend, a bit cooler. if it gets far enough out, it will get noticeably cooler but for now, a little bit of a break from heat and humidity. now we talk about wimbledon. >> i am checking your chair to make sure if it is ok. you remember serena williams. she returned to the grand slam today and although the defending champion won easily over a
5:52 pm
relative unknown, she was overcome with emotion. ordinarily a first-round match would not mean that much, but she's ever come a foot surgery and blood clots in her real -- in her lung that almost killed her. at the end it all header. >> i usually don't cry but it just has been so hard and i never dreamt i would be here right now. i just wanted to win at least one match. i just thought -- it was a big win for me. >> it also features the rematch of the longest tennis match ever played. you remember the match last year that lasted 11 hours and five minutes over three days. the american is 6 ft. 9 in there is a plaque commemorating the
5:53 pm
win. the u.s. champion as in northern ireland and says he will take a three week break before the british open. he is a prodigy and as great as was recognized earlier -- on recognized early. they had him control ball on the ledge and hit with all balls and to his mom's a washing machine. is that incredible? even then, they knew he would be tiger woodss rival. >> good luck. >> they knew then he would be tighter's rob -- tighter's bridle. he has not changed a bit. is that not incredible? he said he learned the game hitting whiffle balls into the washing machine. that's great stuff. i love that. the u.s. open champion. it's wonderful.
5:54 pm
coming up next, a counterfeit ring with $100 bills and a walmart employee.
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8 counterfeit ring busted in maryland. >> and this involves a lot of moving pieces, including a walmart employee. >> this is the best i've seen. >> and according to the lieutenant, there are between $3,000 and $5,000 in the community. >> it can go on and on. you can see the quality is good. >> prince george's county officers busted a counterfeit ring arresting eight people, four in maryland and four in chicago. officers caught a twice- convicted man as the ringleader. he manufactured these twenties and that a stack of $100.
5:58 pm
people from chicago would buy them and take them to buy a pre- paid the sec card and use it to get real money. prince george's county officers believe they tried this and other locations but said they hit the jack paar at walmart when they got a cashier involved. >> you are talking about swiping a lot of twenties. >> according to investigators the cashier would hand the fake 20 to change. the bills look like the real thing, but look closely and you will see differences like rough edges, smeared being and no security threat. >> as long as it says it 20 or 5 and looks legitimate, it is legitimate to me. >> now that i know if i get change, i will look at the bills. >> for the crimea, the concern is getting money out of the county some more image -- for the crime that unit, the concern
5:59 pm
is getting the money out of the county. new at 6:00, thousands of u.s. troops could be home from afghanistan. we will have a look at president's plan. a verdict is handed down in the case of a deadly hit and run in dupont circle. more problems for new cambridge. see who is leaving his side this time. live and in h.d. -- you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. our big story at 6:00 -- a major announcement about the future of the war in afghanistan. >> tomorrow night, president obama will talk about his plans to withdraw thousands of troops by the end of the year. we are wondering tonight how long that it will take. we have more on the plans from the satellite center. >> this is going to be controversial matter what. he's


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