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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  February 8, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. on this monday, february 8th, i'm george stephanopoulos in new york. and i'm robin roberts in miami. it's all saints day! >> mardi gras is about to break out here in miami! >> the saints sock the colts to win the first ever super bowl title. we have the mvp live this morning and behind-the-scenes coverage. >> snowmageddon, the sequel. washington and the east coast brace for another blizzard. sam is on the storm track. >> jenny stanford, the wife of the scandalized governor.
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why she left. why she wrote about it. and what she feels about the other woman. the exclusive, live interview. and oprah, letterman and jay leno. one of the super bowl ads, which one were the real winners. stay tuned. i cannot get over that picture of betty white getting itzed. but this morning, dreams do come true for the saints and their city. we'll get to all the news this morning, but we have to begin with the saints. the first trip to the super bowl, they win it all against peyton manning's indianapolis colts, robin, you could not have scripted a better fairy tale winner. i feel like it's you. >> people are saying congratulations. i hate to have missed the
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commercials, but i had an excused absence at the game. george, it's hard to put in words what it was like at the stadium. and to be on the field at the end of the game with the players. emotions running high. demario pressley lifteded me high off the field. it was the moment to say the least. we're going to have the mvp drew brees, he's going to join us live in just a moment. we're going to have heinz the scenes for you because it was a game and a night to remember. >> reporter: as the saints captured their first ever super bowl title, the people of new orleans erupted. >> whoo! >> reporter: it was that spirit and the memory of what they endured in the wake of hurricane katrina that pushed the saints to victory. >> we played for so much more than ourselves. we played for our city. >> reporter: the emotional win for the city and the beloved black and gold. >> four years ago, who ever thought this would be happening, you know, when 85% of the city
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was under water. all of its residents evacuated to places all over the country. you know, most people not knowing if new orleans would ever come back. >> reporter: 75,000 strong, packing miami's sun life stadium. and more than a few celebrities, too. john travolta. ashton and demi. on the field, the colts dominated the first quarter, leading 10-zip, after peyton manning's 96-yard touchdown drive put them in the driver's seat. but the saints were not going down without a fight getting back to within four points by halftime. and it wasn't who dat -- it was just the who. ♪ who are you who are you >> onside kick to start the second half! >> reporter: and then a well-timed onside kick, and the momentum was all with the saints. peyton and his colts tried to battle back. but tracy porter's 74-yard interception return for a
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touchdown sealed the deal. and from miami, all the way to bourbon street, you could hear who dat nation! >> who dat! who dat! >> wait a minute, i think i can still hear them on bourbon street. they've been partying all in night long. there with them is our ryan owens. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning, robin. i know you guys had a few little parties down there, but you know as well as i do, nobody, no place knows how to party like bourbon street in new orleans. right now, the clean judge crews are hard at work, boy, do they have a tough job to try to get this place cleaned up. just an hour ago, there were hundreds and hundreds of fans still on the streets. right now, of that been replaced by trash trucks. they know parties in this town. they've seen plenty of them from mardi gras and you name them.
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it wasn't just drunk kids partying on the street. we saw 70 and 80-year-olds with tears rolling down their face. just a few years ago, you cannot underestimate what these people were thinking. they thought they might lose their team. many thought they might even lose their city. and this morning, robin, they are world champions. >> you bring up good points there, at one point, they thought about tearing down the superdome and they thought about moving the saints to san antonio. it's quite a fairy tale ending to season. drew brees, the mvp is going to be jning us live in a few minutes. who can forget this shot with his baby boy. >> we are looking at it right now. what a fantastic sight. now, to the other big story of the weekend. thweather, the federal government is closed after that massive storm that crippled the capital dumping a record 32 inches of snow. the airports were closed, roads
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blocked, trains stopped. sam, let's bring new here, the planes and trains start running through today, but they better act fast because a storm for tomorrow. >> that's right, george. looking at another event on the board. but look at the totals from the weekend. second or fourth largest snowstorm ever. washington, d.c., 17.8 inched. baltimore, 24.8. philly at 28.5. that's officially. in a little city called colesville, maryland. 40 inches. and from st. louis to des moines, that system makes a move to the east from tuesday to wednesday, and a heavy hit west of us looks like new england through the day. what's it like for 2 to 3 inches an hour and the digout that follows.
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our david kerley is in washington with more. david? >> reporter: for the first time thirst morning, the big picture view of the scope of this historic storm and the struggle to dig out with 15 million americans. with government workers staying home and schools shut down, officials hope this will be the day they can get washington, d.c. up and running. major airport's closed for two days, hope to start flights later today. it's not just the nation's capital, baltimore and philadelphia are struggling with 2 feet of snow as well. in 150,000 homes in new jersey and around d.c., residents are waking up to their third freezing day without electricity. margaux snyder tried to stay warm, bundled up, reading by candle light. >> it's 40 something. that's uncomfortable really. >> reporter: over at her neighbors, the conleys -- >> we wouldn't be here. >> reporter: they had enough power to invite another family over for the super bowl.
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>> it keeps us safe. the most important thing are the cable is on. >> just to remind you, the headlines, more snow from the middle of the country all the way towards washington. then possibly into the new york area by wednesday. a foot of snow is likely here, george. >> thanks sam. itas a tough weather weekend out west as well, 7 inches of rain triggered massive mud slides west of los angeles. lisa fletcher is in la canada. >> reporter: good morning. this is onof a dozen homes that was destroyed by mud that came cascading off hillsides. you can see from this house, when it hit it, it took out the exterior walls. this used to be a bedroom. this used to be somebody's bed. what happened was, i'm on three feet of mud, by the way, all the mud filled the house and pushed its contents out of the weakest areas. this looking like it would be a living room or another bedroom. the force of the mud shifted the
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homes on their foundion, look at this, three feet of mud right through the front door. i wish you could see inside here because the entire house is filled with that mud. the homeowners fell us they don't have that insurance. they're hoping it could be covered under wildfire insurance because the fires caused it. and now to politics. the president said he wants the deadlock on health care aired live on television. with sarah palin leading the charge, jake tapper is in washington with more. jake? >> reporte good morning, george. that's right in an effort for the health care reform legislation, president obama has invited republicans and democrats at blair house across the street here for a televised summit for health care reform. the invitation comes at a time when democrats are feeling and
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republicans are feeling that. >> what i want to do is look at the republican ideas out there. >> reporter: the president was praised for engaging republicans a couple weeks ago. the white house wants to replicate that scene. and the president cold katie couric he will challenge that. >> how do you guys want to lower costs? how do you guys intend to reform the insurance markets so people with preexisting conditions, for example, can get health care? >> reporter: this invitation comes at a time when republicans and conservatives feel they have the white house on the defensive. at seen at a tea party where sarah palin gave a campaign-like speech. >> now, a year later, i've got to ask supporters of all of that, how's that hopey, changey stuff working out for you? >> reporter: and chanting "run,
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sarah, run." >> when he's up there, i'll call it a lectern, when he's up there and he's telling us basically, i know best, we are going to tell you that, yes, you do want this essentially nationalized health care system. >> reporter: the president is taking another crack at health care reform. but he compares the forces he's facing to the winter storm called in d.c. the snowpocalypse. >> some say we may be moving forward against the prevailing winds. sometimes, it may be against a blizzard. but we're going to live up to our responsibility to lead. >> and there was an interesting moment, during that tea party convention, george, sarah palin, during the q and a session looked down on her hand, if you look at a photograph, she had written crib notes. economy, the word budget was crossed awe. tax, lift american spirits. there was a lot of negative chatter on the internet. sarah palin in response
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yesterday wrote on her hand, hi, mom. george. >> that's a pretty good way to respond. everyone has cheat sheets, right? thanks. juju chang is here. we begin with breaking news from the scene of that power plant explosion in cnecticut that killed five people. after first saying nobody was missing after the blast, fire officials say it's not clear if everyone has been accounted r. stephanie sy is in connecticut. >> reporter: good morning, juju. the explosion happened right behind the smoke stacks behind me. a fire official does tell us that they can't be certain that no one else is trapped beneath the rubble, but they did call off the search and rescue in the middle of the night because they had searched most of the building only the more dangerous parts remain. they're trying to determine whether to continue the search or go into the investigation. as part of the investigation, we
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are told that they are looking into the possibility that some sort of flame device might have ignited that explosion. they are not giving us specifics on what type of device that might have been. but we do know that the explosion happened when workers were performing a test. they were purging a natural gas line. doing something called a blow-down, and federal investigators will look into that. iran announced plans to step up its nuclear program. president mahmoud ahmadinejad wants to boost uranium enrichment and build ten new facilities in the coming year. one foreign diplomat calls it a serious provocation. in florida, a perfect liftoff for the space shuttle "endeavour." the six-person crew is delivering the last major piece of the international space station, and there are only four more flights that are planned as the shuttle program winds down. toyota is on the verge of announcing yet another recall. this time the 2010 prius. by wednesday, the company is
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expected to recall 100,000 of prius in the world. 100,000 in the u.s. alone. toyota blames the braking problem that may affect other hybrids like the lexus model. and finally, it's the super bowl ads getting the most buzz this morning. take a look. >> this is the worst super bowl party ever. >> now, dave, be nice. >> you're just saying that because i'm here. >> he's just saying that because i'm here. >> now, you might think that special effects would be the only way to get leno and letterman together these days. but letterman came up with the idea. then leno and oprah immediately jumped on board. it was a top-secret operation where they smuggled letterman in. >> lots more in the next hour. >> he actually went in disguised with a mustache, jay leno. >> who would expect he would go into letterman's studio, right?
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>> exactly. >> you'd never notice the chin. it's the mustache. let's get to the boards. we'll call this digout day. 37 in richmond, 35 in washington, d.c. atlantic city, 32. philly, 32. it's a dry day. also on the west coast a dry day. 62 in l.a. 60 in san diego. phoenix, 63. here's a look at the big board to show you where the snow and ice is falling today. it's right in the middle of the country. idea is to move this north and northeast.
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>> good morning, we are taking a look across the area, a sunny but cold afternoon. looking at the weather network, 50 degrees them winchester, the forecast and sun shine through the afternoon, temperatures in the mid 30's. add to the next system tomorrow, we will have mostly cloudy skies, immeasurable snow o >> and now y >> and now you robin, the interview we've been waiting for all morning long, 72 in miami, by the way. it's not 72 now, by the way, sam. i know it's going to get to be 72. yes, the interview we have been waiting for. and this, can you see it on the
7:17 am
coverage of the "miami herald" "ain't dat something!" you see the mvp, drew brees and his beautiful wife brittany and son. have you had any chance to rest at all, to sleep at all? >> it was a late night. obviously, a lot of celebration going on inside the hotel and afterwards. what a surreal moment. just trying to take it all in and realize it really happened. >> it hasn't sunk in for you yet either? >> no. i think you just, you plan your whole life for a moment like that. it's something that we dreamed about ever since coming to new orleans four years ago. now to be sitting here as super bowl champs, there's no feeling like it. >> i don't have to tell you, you all were decided underdogs. with peyton manning and the colts. all the credit to them. fantastic season. the game, you start the second
7:18 am
half with an onside kick, are you kidding me. >> we knew we would have to pull out all the stops to beat those guys. nobody had really beaten them in the last two years. on all the books they were undefeated. if there was ace team to defeat them, we knew we could be that team. it was up and down. had a slow start. able to pick up that momentum with the two-minute drive. to start the second half, the onside kick, that goes to show you we were there to leave it on the field. >> the story is you were at san diego, you had the bum shoulder. no one's really coming after you. sean payton and the saints say, hey, you're our guy. you're the one that's going to lead to us a super bowl title. and here you have, two years later. what is it like for you, personally? >> it's just this unbelievable feeling, just knowing that -- you know, just those few people that believed in me, sean payton, mickey loomis, and tom
7:19 am
benson, thowner. and my wife. and all i wanted to do is win a championship for them. we know what it means to those people, those people w have been through the hardships. >> you hit it on the head there. not just people for the new orleans area but across the country. this is a thing, i've covered sports for a long time, you really wanted to do it for someone else other than yourself? >> absolutely. we gained so much strength from the people of new orleans. knowing how much they cared about us. they willed to us win. >> to be there on the field. i've got to tell you. the iconic shot. you with your son. he had the earphones on. you were getting very emotional. what were you saying to him, what were you feeling at that moment? >> oh, man, i get emotional when i talk about it. i told him how much i love him. he's only a year old.
7:20 am
he was born on my 30th birthday last season. he's been an inspiration in my life. there's nothing like being a father. there are so many that can attest to that. it puts life in perspective. he's one ever my inspiration. >> thank you, drew, congratulations. you and what you have done to the city. >> thank you. >> a little behind the scenes. we'll see you in the second half. let's go back to george. >> you're so right, robin. coming up, jenny stanford. she's no longer standing behind her husband. the scandalized governor. she'll join us for a "gma" exclusive.
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(announcer) learn more about careers with today's va at >> good morning, everyone. welcome back. 7:22 is the time this monday. we are digging out of aeekend blizzard. snow white the following again before the snow plows even get
7:23 am
to some of the neighborhoods. we will get to the weather in a minute. first we have a look at traffic. you saw how dangerous it can be. >> the only reason i could make it out of my neighborhood was because of the kindness of one of my neighbors who had a fron end loader, so thank you, bobbie and dana. on thenterstate i usually have a 55 minute commute and today it was one hour and a half. it is extremely dangerous on the road. packed snow and ice and it will take you much longer, there are numerous accidents. the beltway has been closed for an hour and a half because of a jackknifed tractor-trailer. a dump truck driving in an upright condition and it did not realize that the bed was up right when he hit the overpass. the tractor trailer then fell over. that accident is complicated and
7:24 am
on the left side of the highway. we will be bringing you the latest on a new storm after this. >> good morning. cold temperatures in the 20's to route the afternoon, 30's in the sunshine. they will form the next system coming through tomorrow afternoon and wednesday. taking a look outside, we have teens and low 20 pause. 14 in fredericksburg right now. throughout the afternoon and evening on wednesday, winter storm watches are going into effect starting tomorrow afternoon. until then, sunshine and 30's today. cloud cover increasing with fluffier flakes later on tomorrow, cutting down on the
7:25 am
accumulation. we will bring you updated information. >> the federal government is closed today except for emergency employees. major districts are closed today including washington, d.c. schools. school closings are running at the top and i think, for the most part, traditionally men have ruled the world. i think that they're in control. womerule the world. men are just here for the company. really? ask your wife. depend brand. for women and men.
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>> we continue to follow developing news out of falls church, the news of a firehouse partially collapsing under the weight of heavy snow. courtney robinson has the latest. >> fairfax county is trying to
7:27 am
determine the extent of the damage. you can see where the roof collapsednder 24 inches of snow, snapping into and caving into the bay. you can see the garage doors have not been able to be opened. there are three medic units, a ladder truck, and engine truck, all inside. inside those 16 men and women, at the time that there were better ways, compromise, coming out through a different door. that is the news from fairfax county. >> thank you very much. we will have another check on the weather and road conditions at 7:56 this morning. for full coverage, tune -- turn to our sier station, news channel 8. hope you have a great snow day.
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♪ who dat who dat to everybody back home in new orleans, i love you guys. we'll be home soon. we're going to party like we're supposed to. mardi gras is going toe the best mardi gras it's ever been. >> drew brees and you around the new orleans saints are celebrating your first super bowl win, what are you going to do next? >> i'm going to disney world! >> not before he stopped by here. drew brees, the mvp. when-i wassen out field, i saw they had a plastic card that said "going to disney world." they had a card for him to read. i have to show you this again.
7:31 am
picture with his son. he said his son was trying to feed him confetti. that's why his mouth is open like that. just over 1-year-old. that's adorable. we'll have behind the scenes action from super bowl xliv coming up. >> we cannot wait. i'm george stephanopoulos here in new york. also coming up, monday morning quarterbacking with the super bowl ads. but, first, the exclusive interview with jenny sanford that gives the inside story to one of the most sensational scandals in memory. it also tells us how one woman sought to preserve her private dignity. we begin with the look back at the events that led to her new book. jenny and mark sanford seem to be the ultimate south carolina power couple. she was once a successful investment banker. he's the governor. married for 20 years.
7:32 am
four beautiful children, but last june, that facade began to crack. governor mark sanford went on a hike along the appalachian trail. soon the world would learn the whole truth. >> i spent the last days crying in argentina. but the bottom line is, i've been unfaithful to my wife. >> he said he would end things but that didn't happen. >> he said, why can't you give me permission? i said why would i give you permission? who gives their spouse permission to see their lover? >> reporter: it began with an argentinean woman. >> it's a love story. a forbidden one, a tragic one, but a love story at the end of the day. >> reporter: e-mails between her and sanford began. i wish i could wish it away.
7:33 am
but it was real. >> for jenny sanford, the e-mails were the last straw. in december, she filed for divorce. now with our four boys at her side, she's ready for the next chapter. here's jenny sanford, the author of the new book "staying true." good morning. >> good morning. >> let's go back to last june. the most real press conference i can remember, you weren't there, because of that, you became somewhat of a feminist heroine, that what you expected? >> not at all. i was doing what was right for me and my children. >> recently, women reviewing this book have looked back and said, what took you so long? by that time, you'd known about the affair for months. your husband had requested a week-long separation, he asked permission to see her. you gave it. you asked him to sign a contract.
7:34 am
>> he wouldn't sign it, right. >> you said you'd be silent if he'd give up the affair? >> right. >> and he wouldn't do it? >> right. >> it was a long time coming. i think in june at that time, as you point out rightly there had been six months of a lot of goings-on. during those six months i did everything i could as possible to try and rectify the marriage and break off the affair. i'm a staunch believer in marriage. having said that, like many women out there who are trapped for many reasons, i felt very trapped because of the job that my husband had. it would have brought serious scrutiny from the media. >> against you? >> no, against my husband, ultimately. in other words, i would have rather kept it quiet if i could, and resolve it peacefully and privately if i could. what that meant, i couldn't kick him out of t house because it was the government's house.
7:35 am
it wasn'tous house. i did whatever i could behind the scenes and it was summer, the kids were out of school, i moved to the beach. and i asked him to leave. >> even after that, when there was talk of impeachment, you called legislators to save your husband's job? >> not to my job. >> that's not true? >> i don't recall calling anybody. not to my knowledge, no. >> how about your kids. you told barbara walters that it just ripped you up to see your boys reading the e-mails and see them have to grow up so fast. but how is writing this book right for them? doesn't this bring them through it one more time, rip them up all over again? >> no, george. it's a book about how you connect and stay true to what matters most in life. your faith, your family. your friends, your relationship, how you act in life and how you conduct yourself.
7:36 am
how you instill character in your children. how you stand up to what's right the world and what's wrong. >> but they have to read all of these things about their dad one more time? >> you know what, they've read ju about their dad for years. the good, the bad, the ugly. that's what life is. my hope is it teaches them what matters in the world. the simple reality is, their dad stayed true to a set of political principles. for that, i will always admire him. i speak of him in that respect. perhaps what happened adhering to those political principles he lost sight of the values that i think matter more. but i think it's important for those kids to learn that. and to learn what matters to me, what matters in life. >> do you think you can be father to them? >> i absolutely think he can get them back. if he recenters himself back on his moral values he can show them we all make mistakes in life. yes, he can.
7:37 am
>> how are your boys reacting to all of this? >> you know, each one differently. kids are very resilient. i think my hope is in the long run, they'll be better men for it, hopefully better men and fathers in time. but there's no question that it makes raising them to be great men and men of character more difficult because there's a lot they have to digest. >> do you think they've forgiven their father? >> i believe they have, yeah. >> and you have, as well. >> i've definitely forgiven him. interestingly, these are weighty subjects that you have to speak about with children. yes, i think forgiveness is freeing. but reconciliation is different. that's a difficult concept for a child. >> there's one of the most surreal moments in a book of after that press conference, the governor calls you and asks "how did i do?" how about in the book, have you asked him what he thinks about it? >> he hasn't read it yet. >> at all? >> no, when i was writing it, i
7:38 am
did show him a couple chapters in draft form. he generally knows what's in it. i think generally, he's okay with it. >> he's okay with it? >> i think he is in a certain way. >> one woman who may not be about is the governor's mistress, ma marie. you wanted to find out hour about her, you googled her? >> i think my kids were googling her. >> once they found out what they are name, was certainly, yes. >> did you? >> no, i don't know what i did. >> what did you think when you first saw her picture? >> you know, she doesn't look too different from me. dark hair, whatever. >> do you think your former husband -- your husband is going to get together with her? >> i have no idea. that's about the least of my concerns right now. >> you don't care at all? >> i don't care to know who he's talking to on his personal side. i think he needs to figure that
7:39 am
out on his own. >> what's next for you? >> you know, obviously, i've written this book which was a good process for me, it helps me bring closure and peace, i do hope it helps other women out there and i hope it helps my children in time. once i finish with the book, i'm going to go back to being a mom. i'll work in the future. right now, my first priority is to make sure -- you get one good shot to raise your kids. we've had a lot of challenges thrown on our plate this year. i think i just look forward to settling back into what is a new normal life for us. we're not in the governor's mansion anymore. we don't have security around us. i look forward to enjoying every minute with my kids. >> okay, jenny, thanks. we'd love to have you back in the next half hour. >> sure. >> you can read more at time for the weather and sam champion. >> good morning, george. it's dig out and dry day on both
7:40 am
let's show you what happens with that snowstorm once it gets its act together. both squeeze doing form what will be another system around the mid-atlantic. this one, though lrgs not leave the northeast alone. it hooks unlike wednesday. a solid foot of snow from washington to new york into boston. des moines, kansas city has some, st. louis, amarillo, texas. then tomorrow that snow works again towards washington, d.c., northern virginia. looks like northern virginia been. pittsburgh, had a big total from the last system you get more. and the system hooks up and keeps going. philly will get more and so will washington, d.c. brand-new system this is going >> thinks you so much. crist and cool outside. -- thank you so much. crisp and clear outside.
7:41 am
plenty of sunshine through the >> that' >> that's a look at the big board with snow, ice and rain in the middle. that weather was brought to you by caplan university. george? >> george, thanks. when we come back, robin is going to take us behind the scenes. her favorite super bowl ever. afoot in this country. a student-led revolution. a rallying cry for change in an otherwise unchanged educational system. people like me have something to say. people like me demand to be heard. people like me think it's time higher educatn was held to a higher standard. because it's time all people with talent were recognized. it's time technology transformed the way universities teach. and tradition no longer stood in the way of getting an education. people le me want a choice. people like me want to make a difference.
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♪ ♪ who dat? well, nobody, actually. i've got to tell you a little story. two weeks ago when the saints won the nfc championship and were headed to the first ever super bowl, the next morning, i went into the morning. and i said to my executive producers tom and jim, i said, guys, i've got to tell you somethg, i am going to miami to the super bowl. because it was four decades and waiting for this moment. and last night, wanted to savor every moment.
7:45 am
>> who dat! >> who dat! >> reporter: it was a celebrity-packed super bowl. sitting near the likes of oscar winner hilary swank and ll cool j at the end of the row. miami native gloria's instead e tries to stay newly tral. >> it's my hometown. >> reporter: the saints and i'm here. here we go! come on, who dat! >> the saints, they've had three tries to get this touchdown. >> yes! that's unbelievable. oh my goodness. pierre thomas!
7:46 am
>> reporter: as the final seconds in the game tick away, i make my way down from the stands. in the tunnel, i catch up with reggie bush's girlfriend kim r kardashian and her mom. and i witness it up close. four, three, two -- one! oh! they did it! who! >> we're the champions! >> reporter: and sharing victory with new orleans native and talk show most ellen. they did it, can you believe it! a comeback from a city that employs to do the same. >> the saints, never winning a world championship, never being able to say they're the best in
7:47 am
the world. >> mardi gras for five months straight. >> they made a believer out of us all. i think i found confetti in my hair when i was showering. i really got to learn to zoom out on the cam. the nfl and partners have to do this and they do something wonderful. they make all the gear. every year, they send it off somewhere. normally, they send it so far away so you dot see it. this year, you guys can appreciate it. they're sending it to haiti. they're sending it to the folks in haiti. all of this gear with the super bowl. more vision with doing that. >> you were watching the game, the most remarkable thing about it, how many chances the saints took. were you second-guessing any of the calls? >> okay, when they went for it
7:48 am
on fourth and goal. i've got to tell you, take the points. take the points! >> we were going nuts up there. >> just take the points. when they got the ball back and were able to kick the field goal and make it 10-6 at halftime, it made it easier. but come on, the onside kick. the first -- what are you doing -- and then great call! >> great call. we'll be right back. thanks, robin. to plaque buildup in my arteries. that's why my doctor prescribed crestor. she said plaque buildup in arteries is a real reason to lower cholesterol. and that along with diet, crestor does more than lower bad cholesterol, it raises good. crestor is also proven to slow the buildup of plaque in arteries. crestor isn't for everyone, like people with ler disease, or women who are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant. simple blood tests will check for liver problems. you should tell your doctor about other medicines you are taking, or if you have muscle pain or weakness.
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we been we been back with more jenny
7:52 am
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i said, "daddy, of course." he said, "no, no, no. daddy doesn't count." "you know, your valentine is who you want to sit by," "who you get in trouble with, who you tell your secrets to," "who you play with at recess." i said, "well, that's daddy, too." this valentine's day, wouldn't your valentine... like to know how you feel? give them a refreshingly real card from hallmark.
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7:56 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. and good morning. welcome back. i am alison starling. first the electric traffic and the weather. we start with lisa baden. we're bracing for more snow tomorrow night. >> it is too bad for the highway crews. they are still out there. now havehe added challenge of the commuters who have to get to work. it will be a difficult ride and it is extremely difficult. it is a lot of snow to move.
7:57 am
there was a jackknifed truck at branch avenue. they managed to straighten it out. only two lanes are getting by. >> we're in the teens to near 20 degrees. there is a lot of snow on the ground. some snow melted yesterday. some extra ice is evident. look at the big picture. we have more moisture off to the west. two systems will stream together and move eastward. we have the potential for some wintry weather coming down the pike tomorrow afternoon. the clouds will thicken up and the moisture will start to move in. south and east of the area, you may see some rain and sleet mixein. a storm watch will go into affect tomorrow. get your prep under way and get evything cleaned out before the next round moves through. >> thank you. d.c. government is open
7:58 am
today. d.c. schools are closed. the d.c. government is operating on a oneour delay. the federal government is close. the full list is running at the top and bottom of your screen throughout this morning.
7:59 am
terrorists. they're trying to kill americans at home, and our troops abroad. and who's footing the bill for the attacks against us? oil money. filtered through secret organizations in the middle east, and countries like iran. when oil money ends up in the hands of our enemies, americans pay the ultimate price. we've got to protect ourselves. and do all we can to end our dependence on foreign oil. tell congress to pass the clean energy and american power act, now. this hour
8:00 am
this hour on "good morning america" -- the big showups at the big score. and more with jenny sanford. the wife of south carolina governor mark sanford. politics and her marriage. the "gma" exclusive. and heidi klum joins us for new fashions for the runway. a new line of maternity fashions. good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos in new york. on this monday, february 8th, 2010. >> and i'm robin roberts, here
8:01 am
in miami. yes, there's got to be a morning after. and so many people the morning after a super bowl, they're talking about the commercials. we know who won on the field. but what aut off the field? we're going to take a look at some of those ads, including oprah, jay and dave, jaw-dropping commercial. what did you think? we'll find out. >> that was a huge surprise. tim tebow had a surprise as well. also ahead, how to win someone's heart without losing your paycheck. exceptional valentine's day's gifts. less than $25. and "consumer reports" here with the five of the favorite low-calorie meals. juju chang first. good morning. another snowstorm on the heels of what's now being called snowpocalypse in the d.c. area. in southern california the concern is about more rain after a weekend storm triggered mud
8:02 am
slides, damaging 43 homes north of los angeles. well, president obama has invited members of congress to a bipartisan health care summit later this month, to voice their ideas on how to lower health care costs. the summit will be televised live. and republican leaders are demanding democrats start from scratch on health care. in haiti, most of those ten missionaries under arrest could go free today. after accusations their lawyer tried to exploit them and accusations their leader deceived them. david wright reports from port-au-prince. >> reporter: the new images obtained by abc news could be exhibit a in the trial of the americs. documents filmed by the haitian cameraman. the day the americans were arrested. >>e is the only one in haiti who is allowed to give you this authorization to travel. >> reporter: the missionaries
8:03 am
are still with the 33 children. some happy. others clearly upset. this girl keeps asking for her mother. >> where momma? >> reporter: but the group's leader insists most of the children are orphans. >> their parents died in the earthquake. >> reporter: she showed the authorities a handwritten note signed january 28th from a pastor at a port-au-prince orphanage. >> sir, i had a signature from the pastor. i thought that would be enough. >> reporter: today, the missionary's trial resumes without their haitian lawyer. the families in idaho fired him after claiming a malicious attempt to extort u.s. funds. today if the judge decides not to free them, they will be transferred to different jails. the women will come to this women's prison. the men, transferred to the national penitentiary. >> we simply wanted to help these children. we did not understand all your rules. >> reporter: for "good morning
8:04 am
america," david wright, abc news, port-au-prince. in medical news, researchers have found a link between drinking nondiet soda and pancreatic cancer. researchers found drinking two or more nearly doubled the risk. and people who drink society daf often have other unhealthy habits. and now for what's coming up on "world news," here's diane sawyer. >> good morning, juju and thanks. tonight on "world news" -- all the day's big stories, plus how much do you really need to be happy. one little girl convinced her dad they owned twice what they needed. so he sold their house and started with something big. see what happens with the power of half. that's tonight, juju. >> that's what happens when you listen to your kids. that's the news at 8:04. and time for sam. sam with more epic weather coming our way, right? >> it's going to be a very busy week. good morning. big crowd. we've got a lot of cheerleading groups lately.
8:05 am
that's why we've been so cheery downstairs. let's get to the boards because there is so much weather to talk about this morning. we're going to show you a picture out of chicago this morning. chicagoland is getting snow later today. there's a possibility for a real collection here. chicagoland say up with wls like you always do and you won't be surprised by the storm. the snow moves east tomorrow. one of the area that will get it, northern virginia, certainly in the mountains. d.c., baltimore as well, philly. take that further into the northeast. this is a wet wednesday, probab into thursday. we think we'll see blizzard warnings in the new york city, long island area, all the way to boston, with a heavy collection of snow. that's where it is today. you've got a d >> thank you so much. temperatures are in the teens. it is crystal clear and cold. we do have a nice day.
8:06 am
temperatures are not that warm. we will see some melting. i will tell you as we go through tonight, we will see some clouds start to move on entered our next system will start to approach. they will merge together. self and east of >> ful >> fully prepared to either wear the bear head or just wear the bear ears. very nice. george? >> i know you're not putting that on. thank you very much. >> no. we're going to return now to jenny sanford who has written a new book called "staying true." about how she survived her husband's, south carolina governor mark nford very public affair with his mistress. so many focused on the revelation in the book when you first got married to mark sanford and you were preparing
8:07 am
your wedding, he want odd strike the vow about being faithful. and leah warner of huntingdon, west virginia, wanted to know about that, since you knew from the beginning that he would not promise to be faithful, why did you go ahead and marry him? >> it wasn't that he didn't promise to be faithful. i took it as a very honest, expressing a doubt. kind of your last-minute doubt before you get married. >> but to strike the vow? >> no, no, hear me out on this, please. you know, when you go, there's a menu of different vows, with all due respect, let's maybe not choose one that has the vow of being faithful. i said, let's talk about this. we talked at great length about it. he said i had nagging doubt about whether i can be faithful my entire life. you have to remember, this is a guy who was naive with woman. he could barrel kiss a woman. he wasn't a suave, debonair kind of guy.
8:08 am
having said that, we talked long what marriage is what the vow is. in my mind, i was very clear. i said i don't care what the words are. marriage is a vow of fidelity. that's what it is. you're pledging your life to one another. it takes a leap of faith. there are things that you aren't que sure of. marriage is a life long commitment. it is a commitment, nonetheless, it is hard work and there are things that can come up that can throw you off track. we spoke about this at great length. i said, maybe we should call off the wedding. that's what marriage is, a vow of fidelity. he said, don't call off the wedding. i'm committed to being with you. >> you took it as a positive sign that he was so open? >> i took it as a very honest sign. i know people right and left where the guy frankly is -- you know, has a history of fooling around. and yet, he's, you know, totally
8:09 am
pours it on for his girlfriend and they get married. that kind of a guy, that typical guy isn't going to be honest and forthright. as my sister said, if she had to write down a thousand people who would be unfaithful to their wife, mark wasn't one of those guy. mark was a kind-hearted, you know, innocent in the way to women. i took it as very honest. and we spoke about it. he was unkwequivocal in that. the words didn't matter. >> when did he change? we see stories about politicians who end up having affairs. i'm sure it's not limited to politics, do you think it's the political life?
8:10 am
being a governor that pushed him in this direction? >> i think it's a combination of thing. there's nothing -- you can't put the blame somewhere else. the blame rests, his decisions he made were his and his alone. but there's no question of the political life. the moment he became a congressman, the ego-stroking is transformational. but so is -- it's not just the ego strong that goes with the job, the demands on your time are significant. thedemands on your time are significant. in addition to the lobbyists and the attention on your time, there's a lot that comes with it. on the flip side is, there aren't many jobs in the world, when you wake up every day, in our state, half the state hates you. they want to rip you up. then you have enemies, people whose sole mission is to twist what you say and come after you. how many jobs are like that. how you emotionally respond to
8:11 am
it all as you rise up to it. it takes a to. you deal with your family as well. >> that leads another question from marilyn brink of summerville, south carolina. you don't know her, do you? >> no. >> have you thought about running for governor? i believe you would make a good on you have my vote! >> thanks, marilyn. i'm going back to being a mother. raising my kids. i don't know that i would do that. >> finally, deborah hoffman of abilene, texas. as someone who has had the rug pulled out from them after 31 years of marriage, like your faith in marriage, is there a hope? >> i believe, what can be pulled out from you because of choices that your husband made. your husband could die one day. there's lots of things that
8:12 am
could happen. it's very important you that keep in relationships with your friends, your family and your god. your relationships with those very important things in your life. as well as the character -- your own character. the character of your children and those you surround yourself with, those are things that ed constant cultivation and work. you have to keep working on those in your lifetime. if you do, they do help. they help you when things are tough. >> jenny, thanks very much. the book it called "staying true." when we come back, the best and worst super bowl ads. >> everyone, listen up! perfect. put your milk in. okay. ♪ whoa. okay, that's good. [ female announcer ] at the end of the day, a bowl of rice krispies... what do you hear? i hear..."pop." i think it's saying, "night night." [ female announcer ] ...soundpretty good. all done. good job. mustache.
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for a limited time, you can earn dcks prescriptions and onvs/pharmy brand items. ♪ gonna double your lovin', double your fun ♪ ♪ you get two for the price of one ♪ double bucks means double savings! sign up for double bucks today, only at cvs/pharmacy. we kno we know who won the big game. who won the battle of the ads? 100 million people were watching last night. this morning, we're joining by "wall street journal" advertising reporters suzanne
8:17 am
fernitsa. you guys conductsed an overnight poll? >> it looks like snickers with betty white. >> definitely my favorite. let's take a look. >> ahh! >> mike, come on. mike. what's the deal, man? >> come on, man, you've been riding me all day. >> mike, you're playing like betty white out there. >> that's not what your girl fred says. >> whoa, whoa. >> better? >> better. >> oh, man. ahh! >> that hurt. >> you're not you when you're hungry. snickers satisfies. >> boy that work. >> yes, abe vagoda is still alive. this is a great comeback for snickers. it's basically two mechanics who end up eating a snickers ad. and it turned out to be
8:18 am
anti-gay. this is gay for the mars company. violence wins hands down. >> i was at a super bowl party, and everyone was talking about the letterman ad. let's take a look. this is the worst super bowl ad ever. he's just saying that because i'm here. >> he's just saying that because i'm here. >> now, technically, that wasn't an ad, that was a promo. >> promo. >> but they have a long history of doing this, they surprise us and steal the show. if i were an advertiser i'd be upset. everybody is talking about cbs instead of the anheuser ads. classic. what a great story. people were saying this is great for jay leno's image. he can make fun of the situation. he was taking a real hit in terms of the popularity and pr.
8:19 am
>> no doubt that helps. and david letterman makes everything better. i didn't think the ads were stellar this year. i didn't sit there and go, wow, what ads were great. what ones flopped? >> i think madison avenue is under pressure. went know the country. one day there's a recession, the next days they're saying came ouof it. the one i thought flopped was taco bell. >> it rocks, it rocks with lots and lots ♪ it rocks on guys with dreadlocks ♪ ♪ this box rocks ♪ and cheesy gorditas. ♪ a nice cold drink only five bucks ♪ >> yeah, you know, just lacking a little energy somewhere in there. >> you just expect more. you got charles barkley, he just
8:20 am
didn't come off well. a lot of the experts we talked id taco bell didn't show up. >> what about anheuser-busch. >> they're the king of super bowl. they spent a fortune. millions and millions. they didn't okay. better than last year. the new winner's have an advertising problem. the "lost" ad did well. some of the viewers were saying, some of the fun was back, the clydesdale act -- it wasn't up to clydesdale snuff. they were back and forth, if they were going to rung it. at the last minute, they decided to run it. i think the horse should have stayed in the barn. >> last year, the recession changed the tone. do you think it's come back this year or we're sort of in limbo? >> i think this year's advertisers tried to be funny. you had the denny's grand slam breakfast which did really well.
8:21 am
a bunch of screaming chickens. they're trying so hard. that's what happens, they overtry. >> trying too hard? >> yeah, some of those ads took time to get anywhere. >> how about tim tebow. all the buzz going in, all the focus on the family. >> it the problem is, it doesn't matter what it looked like, right? they got hundreds of millions of free publicity and didn't have to talk about abortion. >> what did the audience think about? >> they were surprised. they were like, this is nothing. what's the big deal. a lot of people were media craziness over absolutely nothing. for that organization, what a super bowl story, they got hundreds and hundreds -- >> yeah, for days. >> for weeks. they dominated the headlines for weeks. i think advocacy groups basically say this is an opening for them to get into the super bowl. >> we'll see if they can come up with the money. thank you very much.
8:22 am
which ad was your favorite. tell us on our shoutout board at when we come back, heidi klum is here with the new maternity fashion line. her husband seal and there's the line. ♪ in recent days, our company hasn't been living up to the standards that you've come to expect from us or that we expect from ourselves. that's why 172,000 toyota and dealership employees are dedicated to making things right we have a fix for our recalls. we stopped production so we could focus on our customers' cars first. and technicians are making repairs. we're working around the clock to ensure we build vehicles of the highest quality... to restore your faith... in our company.
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8:25 am
the number one jewelry store keep your heart open, and love will always find its way in. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning. i am doug mcelway. time for a look at traffic and the weather. >> it is dangerous on the highways. the road is covered with snow and so of the cars. some did not have the luxury of being able to clean the top of the vehicles. we have snow-packed roads and ice. once you get to the beltway and interstate, you will find that your lane will disappear and even run behind snow. if you want the center of the roadway, you will find it snow- packed. the federal government has the day off.
8:26 am
this is 395, down to bare pavement and then the left lane is travel because of the snow and the ruts in the ice. we take you to the beltway in maryland so you can see how they're moving at colesville road over 495. good example there. we go to brian after this. >> a very good morning. lookup beautiful it is outside. 18 degrees in frederick. clear skies overhead. it will keep us chilly. let's get to the maps. it will be a cold day, 30's. moisture from the west is approaching. will see a storm system off the coast. it will be off the delaware coast.
8:27 am
the intense spot of heavy snow will be from new jersey and north were. the develop further to the south and we would have heavier impact snow. we have a watch, five or more inches. we will update those totals at noon today. temperatures will be in the low 30's today with temperatures in the teens by to buy. we do have a winter storm watch tomorrow that runs through wednesday afternoon. we will add on some more snow. clouds will roll in tonight. a mix of snow and sleet south and east of town tomorrow. we will be right back.
8:28 am
the federal government is closed today except for
8:29 am
emergency employees. all of the major school districts also closed today. crews were at the scene of a roof collapse at a firehouse in fairfax county. it happened at the volunteer stationed in the bailey's crossroads neighborhood. 18 people were asleep but everybody managed to get out safely. the equipment in the building sustained major damage. metro rail is open until midnight but with limited service. trains were running at underground stations only about every 30 minutes or so. there will be limited metrobus service. only 18 routes will be running this morning. you can find the list at our website, the d.c. circulator is running and is free today. for continuing news coverage, you can tune to our sister station, news channel 8.
8:30 am
she is a supermodel and a supermom. now heidi klum has a brand-new project, stylish and fashions for moms to-be. maternity us the new good morning, i'm george stephanopoulos with sam champion d juju chang. robin is on her way back, talking to michelle obama. >> i can't believe we're making r work on the way back. >> you know, valentine's day is sunday. it tends to sneak up on peek. don't panic. we've got it for you.
8:31 am
valentine's day presents for $25. >> i never understood why they called them love handles. why do they call them love handles? i don't understand that. that little weight. but "consumer reports" is here today to talk about five of their -- well, their favorite diet frozen meals there that can help you on -- well, they're good on nutrition. but they can help you lose the love handles if you're somebody that loves them. >> you wouldn't be one of those people who knows about love handles. >> oh. by the way, how gorgeous is heidi klum? >> oh, yeah. >> thank you very much. >> but, wow. wow. just wow. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on this morning we want to tell you about. of course, it's a big week for weather. let's concentrate on what happens today. we've got snow all the way to memphis this morning. it has been snowing there. we've got a couple inches on the
8:32 am
grnd, memphis, tennessee. chicagoland, snow as well. then that system kicks out and moves east. yep, get all the snowfall out of the yards and driveways if you can. new england, you missed the last storm, but you get your hit. also a dry moment in southern california because there's a >> a very good morning. we look across the city at boise temperatures in the low 20s. we will see some melting with lots of sunshine. a winter >> yeah, i feel badly you guys are just like -- let's not do anything about sam. juju? well, you know, sam's not the only one admiring heidi klum. she's a supermodel.
8:33 am
a supermom. mother of four. heidi klum is adding another title, fashion designer, to her list of accomplishments. she's opening a new line of maternity clothes and she's joining us now. giving us a sneak peek. we're happy you're here. >> i can't believe you had a baby in october. the rest of us -- how do you do it? >> i have four children. they keep me very busy. i eat, i have a very healthy lifestyle. i jump on the trampoline. i ran after them. when you have three kids, 5, 4 and 3, they keep you busy. >> you and your husband seal, he's a very romantic guy. you guys renew your vows. what are you doing for valentine's day? >> nothing. i'm on the road. and he's home with the children. >> you have four kids. are you going for five, the full
8:34 am
basketball team? >> no, absolutely complete now. >> we were just saying you officially changed your name to mrs. samuel? >> i did yeah. >> people know me as hide dri klum, b heidi klum, but on paper, i'm mrs. samuel. >> what inspired you for the pregnancy clothes? >> being on stage, doing so many things out and about, always trying to be stylish. >> look how fantastic. >> that was my challenge to look good. i had four pregnancies. i learned a lot being pregnant four times. all the maternity wear that is out there. you kind of want something that is stylish. it's so hard you go in in the morning in the closet, you don't know what to wear. i wanted to put key pieces together. >> we have examples here.
8:35 am
i'm going to let you use your tag like which is -- let's start the show. >> fantastic. >> what exacting are these? >> first of all, my models. they don't look like they're pregnant. it looks like a piece stuck on. >> those are not stuck bumps. >> no. what always bothered me about a maternity pants, they always had the stretchy thing. when it's a loose top and it blows up. do you mind showing on the side here. under the belly, it has this beautiful stretchy thing. and it kind of grows on you. >> you have two different lines for a pea in the pod, right? >> right, this is called lavish, a pea in the pod. things that cover your hips, your butt, things that tend to grow a little more than other places. >> some of these fabrics, maybe not these, some of the fabrics,
8:36 am
you actually paint yourself? >> you'll see thatater. i want to do a unitard. she's wearing a unitard. if you want to show us. >> sure. >> what bothereded me -- >> you would wear a bra -- i though why is there no unitard out there. it's perfect. you put a tunic over it and you can see through -- >> is that comfortable? >> very. >> it looks comfortable. >> it's stretchy and it grows. also, what i thought was very important, you could have your maternity after the fact. people think you wear this when you're pregnant. you wear this three, four months after the fact. >> i love the animal prints. let's see things from your other line which is more affordable and more in line with motherhood ma ternt maternity.
8:37 am
>> this is for motherhood. it's a great store. this is a print i painted. i sat a whole weekend at home and drew thousands of little flowers. it's so exciting when the print finally came -- >> that's exciting when it came to fruition? >> it was super exciting. my daughter was saying, what are you doing, mommy? i'm making a print for my new maternity line. there's nothing that is pinchy or tight. >> these are $39.95. $34.98. these are for the motherhood maternity line? >> absolutely. >> really nice. also, you're looking for comfort in these lines? >> comfort and fun. you want to be fashionable. just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you have to wear a tent and you have to stay at home. >> you give project runway fashion challenges. what was the biggest challenge
8:38 am
for you? >> when i was pregnant? >> no, when you were designing these. >> for me, it was fun. i could go on forever and forever. >> do you get inspired by what you see on "project runway"? >> yes, absolutely i do. i was painting on the plane. >> let's get more models so we can take a look. this friday is the finale of "project runway"? right? how do you keep the winners a secret for so long? >> it's really hard. peopleo see it. we do have more designers than actually are being shown on the air. people working on the show, they're always great. they want to keep it a secret too. otherwise, it's not fun for the viewers if you already know who's the winner. >> these maternity line, i can tell they can be worn after the baby comes. thanks for being here. >> thank you. we have more of each of these styles that you can look at online at
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
♪ ♪ ♪ our special series, "gma's" "be mine." jane buckingham is here with
8:42 am
creative and fun and creative ideas all under $25. some even free. how can that be? >> that's what you want to do on valentine's, you want to say i love you but not spend a lot of money on it. what we've got for you is a great idea for your kid. >> i hope you're not watching right now -- >> you plan way ahead. you have puzzles that can be personalized with your children's names on them. they can be spending time on it. this is also something fun. it's called lovopoly. it's really fun. especially for woman, it's something that you know that you did ahead. you customize it with photos and places. >> excellent. >> this one, you can do it different ways. you can customize golf balls.
8:43 am
you don't want to get too personal. you put your initials on some. >> i like this, sam. you see this, next time you say it's sunny and it snows, and i'm heading to washington, i'm going to smack this one. >> if you thought of it as romantic, you use its you want. this is also a fun way or something to do for couples to do together. they're books, it's all be me, it's all about us together. you can do it together or do it for your mate. >> a great idea. >> and do it in advance. >> here's all the big techie ones. >> this is for people who are techie. it's for when you have your first baby, when you got engaged. >> the first show. >> exactly. you take the photos. you find the song on the site. it's only about $3. it's really nice, again it
8:44 am
captures a moment together. now, this is great. i love their tag line. it's from it's called texting with benefits. >> it doesn't do what it sounds like, right? >> what it's great, great for heidi with her husband if he's in l.a. you can send him something from your phone. movie tickets. a class. a vogyoga class. something from your phone. this, i love, now, i don't think you should do this for your wife, but this is a love poem generator. what actually it does, it fills in the blank, call it the mad lib of love poems. you sort of fill it in then you send it by e-mail to your mate, your friend. >> it's kind of like a second date. not for your wife, right? >> let's hope not. for my son when he's 8 when he's 15 trying to come up with
8:45 am
something and he wants to send something. >> but these are a little morrow ma more romantic. >> way more romantic. it's a great way to are dinner at home but spice it up a little bit. >> what do we have here? >> a great little speaker. you can make a customized play list. you can make it $5, $10, show everything all the love songs of your life and make it personal. that epic romantic movie, what you can do, have a love letter. sore write that great journal that great book. get started. >> you've got to stay at it, though? >> yeah. who doesn't love chocolates but put a spin on it. these are super cute from the
8:46 am
sugar factory from online. what woman at the end of the day doesn't love chocolates for valentine's day. >> jane buckingham, thanks very much. we have the full list of these
8:47 am
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trying to watch their weight has resorted to a packaged meal, but you may be sacrificing nutrition. mandy walker is here from "consumer reports" to talk about the meals we love best. we trust your judgment. >> we're careful with the meals. trained testers that take days to prep. what's a roasted chicken flavor versus a broiled chicken. >> and it's all -- >> double blind. >> you've brought five? >> the problem is a lot of dieters think whatever is in the box is a full meal, jethly speaking they're very loin calories, you actually augment them just a little bit, but with things iyour fridge and make them a more satisfying complete meal. >> fabulous. in the magazine, you said they all did fair to well. but shi did exceptional.
8:50 am
>> kashi did very well. very tasty. to add to this kashi meal, chicken florentine. as you can see not really a complete meal. we've added broccoli, lemon, pad of butter even and some grapes. took it from 290 calories to 460. >> that's lovely. kashi has whole grains which is nice. >> exactly. >> this is smart ones. >> the santa fe rice & beans. you want to make sure you feel satisfied. you don't want to torpedo your diets with cravings. we added a light salad, some dressing and strawberries with two tablespoons of whipped dressing. >> and you end up feeling deprived and you eat too much. >> and you want the nutrition. it was 310. made it 430. >> that's not bad. what about healthy choice? >> healthy choice, it's kind of
8:51 am
a new technology. they've got the sauce underneath that steams the veggies. 230 calories to start. a nice beef stew kind of taste. you canveggies, we've added whole wheat bread. >> but it's packaged with the veggies -- >> for the full thing, you want to add a little more. >> fabulous. and the lean cuisine? >> it's shrimp alfredo. a small portion. 260 calories. we added sliced tomatoes and cucumbers and ice cream. >> this is why people have these meals because they're convenient. >> grab something from the freezer and from the refrigerator. >> i'm willing to bet that george, sam and robin had never
8:52 am
had a lean cuisine. >> now the steak tips portabella, with the lean cuisine. >> in terms of nutrition, they've done fairly well. the sodium levels have gotn better? >> you do want to check the sodium on the box. just make sure the whole day of eating that you don't go over. >> fantastic. we rely onconsumer reports" dreams are amazing things.
8:53 am
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you know, robin roberts always at the center of the action. friday in new orleans. this morning, the super bowl.
8:56 am
she's on her way to the white house right now. she'll have an exclusive interview with michelle obama. she'll bring that to us tomorrow. >> i look forward to that. and also emeril who is going to serve up a fantastic meal. >> and more with the super bowl as well. see you on tuesday. bye-bye. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning.
8:57 am
i'm doug mcelway. all of the major school districts are closed and again today. they will be on the top and bottom of your screen. >> metro rail, only the underground system is running this morning. you will find dangerous conditions continue because that was a lot of snow to move. we will show you snow removal continues. this is beltway traffic at landover. a littleit of a clear spot near 50. then your lane will disappear because of packed snow and ice. is the beltway close to bradley boulevard. we will take you to 270. and looks like lanes are open north and southbound at democracy boulevard. this is university boulevard. riding through wheel tracks on university boulevard over for 95. more snow on the way.
8:58 am
>> we have a winter storm warning on the way. we will see measurable snow. temperatures are in the 20's and teens. our maps do show two systems moving eastward. they will develop off the coast. it might be imposed off the delaware coast. we will see a decent chunk of snow. we could have a major impact. 30's today and tomorrow. snow developing tomorrow and will change over to rain by wednesday. >> thank you. we will be back at noon. "live with regis and kelly" is next.
8:59 am
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