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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  September 22, 2009 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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ready to learn grant. chuck e. cheese's, proud supporter of pbs kids, who know kids should act their age, especially when they're having fun. pbs kids, where a kid can be a kid. and by contributions to your pbs station from: artha was an average dog ♪ pbs kids, where a kid can be a kid. ♪ she went... and... and... (barking, growls) ♪ when she ate some alphabet soup ♪ ♪ then what happened was bizarre... ♪ on the way to martha's stomach, the letters lost their way. they traveled to her brain and now... ♪ she's got a lot to say ♪ now she speaks... how now, brown cow? ♪ martha speaks, yeah, she speaks and speaks ♪ ♪ and speaks and speaks and speaks... ♪ what's a caboose? when are we eating again? ♪ martha speaks... hey, joe, what do you know? my name's not joe. ♪ she's not always right, but still that martha speaks. ♪ hi, there! ♪ she's got a voice, she's ready to shout ♪
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♪ martha will tell you what it's all about ♪ ♪ sometimes wrong but seldom in doubt ♪ ♪ martha will tell you what 's all about ♪ ♪ that dog's unique... testing, one, two! ♪ hear her speak ♪ martha speaks and speaks ♪ and speaks and speaks and... ♪ ♪ communicates, enumerates ♪ elucidates, exaggerates ♪ indicates and explicates ♪ bloviates and overstates and... ♪ (panting) ♪ ...hyperventilates! ♪ martha, to reiterate martha speaks! ♪ martha speaks. (mimics electric guitar) welcome to our talk show, where we interview different guests. our first guest today is martha. so, martha, i understand you have a new show. i thought i was going to do the interviewing. that was not my understanding at all. in today's show, you'll hear all kinds of talking words: words like "conversation" and "comprehend," "quarrel" and "negotiate." ah! enjoy the show!
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(barks) daniel, skits is doing it again! did he start when you entered the room? sí. why is he doing that? itchy back. only when we enter the room? showing off his new worm imitation. hi. (barks) helen, can you interpret this? interpret? you mean you want me to try to explain what he's doing? yes. i can't tell what he wants, but whatever it is, it's pretty cute in a skitsy way. i'll call the vet. maybe she can understand skits. you know, martha could just ask him. of course! that's even better, and it's free. martha? no problem. interpreter dog on the case. skits? the people can't comprehend why you're doing the, you know, the doofy rolling. (barks) comprehend? oh, comprehend is when you understand something. it makes sense to you. they don't understand what you're doing. uh-huh. yeah, i see. okay, i understand.
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is it worms? do we have to deworm him? ay! no. he says he used to have a rubber plum that he played with upside down. oh, yeah, plummy! he thought if you saw him doing this, you would interpret it to mean he wants a new one. you want a new plummy, skits? (barks "yes!") wow. once it's translated from dog language to human language, it seems so obvious. (barks) want to carry it home, skits? (barks excitedly) you're welcome, skits. helen, your dog's tongue is all swollen, and it's squeaking. that's a rubber plum, alice. dog toys are weird. (squawks): weird! well, i'm here to buy something non-weird. polly wants a seed stick. seed stick! uh-uh, no, he doesn't.
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allow me to translate from parrot into english: (squawking, whistling) "me want a mirror." eesh. awful grammar. alice: he said "seed stick." he was parroting you, and then he squawked, "me wants a mirror." you know, martha can translate animal talk, alice. she told us what skits wanted, and look how happy he is. (barks) there is such a thing as too happy. uh, young lady and talking dog? oh, he probably means us. hello. i'm laslo huckey and this is my dog slappy. is it true your dog translates what animals say? martha understands most animals. could she tell me what's bothering slappy? she seems even less happy than usual. slappy, let's have a conversation. (weary growl) a conversation is a talk between you and me. what's the matter? (low growl) slappy's unhappy because her ears dip
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in the water when she drinks. she needs water at tongue level so she won't have to hang her head. (barks) ah, i get it! that makes sense! i'm a producer at all fours tv network. you should be on tv helping people to understand their animals better. tv? me? if martha's interested, come to this address with her parents or legal guardian. what do you think? interested? people have trouble understanding animals. i could really help. are you sure this is it? "alby's shoe repair, alden's barbershop, all fours tv network." there it is: suite b-2. so glad you came. martha's obviously a very special dog. the all fours network shows only animal programs, right? down here on all fours, we focus on four-legged animals. therefore, we enforce a strict no-monkey policy. i like it so far. what's my show? you chat with people's problem pets,
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then tell people their pets' thoughts. i chat with pets, and then help people understand what's on their pets' minds. (barks) huh? no, "understand." if you understand someone, you know what he or she means. she thought i was going to stand on her. well, you certainly helped me understand slappy's drinking problem. i'd like to help people understand animals' thoughts. so, does that mean you'll do it? you bet. good dog! having trouble comprehending your pet? i'm martha and i can help. ♪ conversing with a camel or comprehending cats ♪ ♪ translating things for turtles or having chats with rats ♪ ♪ conversation dog! conversation dog! ♪ ♪ con-ver-sa-tion dog...! that's me! (barks) hmm, here's how i'd translate caesar's thoughts: you snore like a foghorn factory, and he can't sleep.
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(barks) let's chat, cleo. what's on your mind? (meows) hmm, try to comprehend this: cleo doesn't want to be an indoor cat. she'd like to run free, get fleas, eat from trash cans. cleo! cats and trash belong together, am i right? (audience laughs) (whinnies) okay, relax. i'll translate. tom, here are tony's thoughts: he doesn't like you making him work. he's only two years old. but everyone races two-year-old horses. (chattering) i'm very sorry. four-legged animals only. (sighs) (bleating) murray, i don't think camels are more popular than llamas. do we love llamas, people? (cheering) that's all the time we have for today. i'm martha the conversation dog saying good-bye and keep wagging your tail!
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what did you think, mom? i can't say i've ever seen a llama interviewed before. he had a lot on his mind. can i be on your show? you don't have a pet. can i bring a parent? sorry about that, td. aw, what is the use of knowing somebody famous if you don't get anything out of it? truman, why are you staring? you know martha. but now she's famous martha! on-tv famous! can i have your "pawtograph," martha tv dog? now i know how santa claus at the mall must feel. helen, is everything going to change now? what do you mean? i mean, with me becoming famous and the rest of you, you know, not. i don't know. people may treat you differently. it's hard to know what people think. but nothing will change with you and me, right? no, martha.
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we'll always be us, no matter what. i only want good things to come out of this. good night, helen. good night, martha. i'm going to ask mr. huckey if i can bend the rules and chat with that ostrich. hey, where is everybody? good morning. i have news about the first week's shows. mr. huckey, where are the cameras, the problem pets, and that woman who combs me so well? i didn't say i had good news. i just got our first week's ratings. you know what ratings are? isn't that how they count the number of people watching a show? yes. here on all fours tv, we even know how many animals watch, broken down by breed and weight. wonderful! so we know exactly how many animals i'm helping. yes, we know exactly how many. overall... how many collies watched? i like collies. collies? uh, zero. look, overall... what about labs? they're smart! you had zero labs. you didn't look at the ratings. i, uh, don't have to. according to the ratings, only you and your friends watch your show.
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huh? no animals? well, a gerbil in our control room would've been the only animal, but he turned his back and ate paper. so that's it? it's over? no! i have changes here that will save your show. we're ready to go! it's time for martha's show. change the channel. helen: this is martha's show, mom. they made some changes. (rock music playing) i don't know how to interpret these clues. mind if i chat with the witness? ma'am. can we have a little chat about what happened here? (teeth chattering) (baaing) mm-hmm. mm-hmm. (baaing) i understand. she says someone sly sheared the sleeping sheep. if we don't catch them, sheep everywhere will feel... shear terror. (martha howling over tv) mom: crime scene doggie? ¿qué es esto? turn it off. someone shy sleared the sheeping shleepsh.
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hmm. not easy to say. (toy squeaking) (panting) (martha groans) why can't i be happy like that? he's happy because of you. that's why you're doing the show, so more people will understand animals. but now it's just a show about driving fast, and they wouldn't even let me stick my head out the window. maybe you should chat with mr. huckey about it. hmm. tomorrow, i'll tell him i either interpret what people's pets are saying, or i quit! martha: we need to talk, mr. huckey. (cell phone ringing) oh, just a sec. the crime scene doggie ratings are in. oh, my. what are they? the same: zero. research shows people don't want to watch any show with a talking dog. i find that impossible to believe. csd is canceled. they canceled my other shows, too: csc, cso and cssw. what are those? crime scene clam, crime scene ostrich, crime scene sperm whale. so is my tv career over?
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that's how i'd interpret this. all right! let's go home, helen! (skits barking) (toy squeaking) so martha's not special anymore? nope. i'm back to being just your friendly, neighborhood talking dog. crime scene clam?! who wouldn't want to see a clam solve crimes?! uh, people who own televisions, apparently. if the network got 30 million e-mails, they'd bring it back? i guess they'd have to. i'll see you two weeks from wednesday. hey, where are you going? home. i've got 30 million e-mails to write. let's see what show they put on instead of you. announcer: and now, three more hours of twine kitten. (gasps) twine kitten? who would watch that? let's go out and play catch. (soft whining) (kitten meowing on tv)
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ahh... (purring) wow! so this is where television comes from. so do you want to interview me? sure. you start. do you know whatinterview means? no. an interview is when one person asks a lot of questions and the other person answers them. understand? uh-huh. like on martha's talk show. or how i'm asking questions and you're answering. hey, doesn't that make me tv interviewer guy? no. you just answered another question. this interview is over! i'm a good interviewer. except who do i interview now? me! who's more interesting than me? good question. i can't think of anyone. can you tell me your thoughts about how ants communicate? helen & alice: strawberry shortcake, huckleberry pie,
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how many letters till your luck runs dry? a-b-c-d-e... f-g... how does she do it? h-i-j... what, jump rope so long without tripping? k-l-m-n... no. jump rope so long without getting hungry. o-p... shortcake? pie? q-r... let's eat! whoa! that was great. who wants a snack? td: hey, guys! look what i got martha and skits. isn't it cool? oh... yeah... cool. food? trust me. wait till you see this in action. it's a flying squirrel toy. i got it at the air show. (sniffing) i can't stand squirrels. you're going to love this one. look. you put your fingers in here, pull, and... off he goes! (chittering) (gasps) holy hot dogs! wow! (excited barking) i think it's a hit. (chittering) (laughing and barking)
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skits, give it! my turn! my turn! helen! skits is hogging the toy! (growling) my turn! you guys, you have to share. hear that? you're supposed to share. (grunting) ouch! td bought that toy for both of us, skits. when he saw this toy, do you think he said, "ooh, i hope this toy makes skits and martha fight"? no. i think, if i may speak for him, that he really wanted us both to have fun. he wanted us to share this toy. because in the end, that is much more fun than being a big, stinky hog, isn't it, skits? (low whining) gotcha! (angry barking) (barking in distance) (groans)
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i wish they'd call a truce. it's so hard to concentrate with all that noise. so, turn off the tv. turn off the tv? how am i supposed to do my homework without tv? (sighs) it's still my turn. (barks) is, too. (barks) is, too. (barks) is, too! helen, tell skits it's my turn. hey! why did you take it away? we were having so much fun. skits wasn't. that was the fun part. martha, i can't believe you're being so selfish. the toy is going up here. (whines) till when? till you learn to play nice. what?! that could take forever! i'm sorry, but your bickering is really annoying. bickering? we weren't bickering. bickering means you fight about silly things. that's what you were doing. was not. were, too.
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was not. were... (sighs) now you've got me bickering. do not. do, too. (groans) we have homework. you guys go play outside. td's just watching tv. outside. (barking) martha:no, it's your fault. hey guys, check this out. (angry barking) because you wouldn't share. (sighs) excuse me. i have to break up a quarrel. if you're going to act like babies, i'm going to treat you like babies. hi, truman. hello. mine! mine! mine! mine! hey, you guys, let's call a truce. you know what a truce is, don't you? a truce is when people who are fighting agree to stop fighting. why are we watching this baby show? shh! watch. thank your mom for letting us watch this dvd.
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(music plays) ♪ when there's more than one ♪ playing's more fun ♪ when you share ♪ when you share. i'm glad helen took her quarreling dogs somewhere else. now maybe i can concentrate on my homework. it must be hard to be a dog, especially if the other dog is selfish and doesn't take turns. i know. i can't stand when someone thinks they're the boss of you just 'cause they're bigger. yeah. wait. martha is smaller than skits. exactly. skits is probably three times her size. wait. you think skits was the selfish one? yeah. who else? well, you guys? truce? (groans) i won't fight if he won't fight. (groans, barks agreeably) what did he say? he said, he's... alice: skits is a big bully! yeah, well, just because martha's older doesn't make her boss. you're only sticking up for skits, 'cause he's a boy. (gasps)
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what's going on? td says martha's the one who won't share. you're quarrelling because of a dog toy? we're not quarrelling, we're fighting. that's what quarrel means. it's when you fight. it's not about a dog toy. it's a matter of principle. oh, yeah? ell, might does not make right. oh, yeah? well, age does not make... well, i can't think of a word that rhymes with age, but you're wrong. martha: stop it! stop it! what is it, martha? oh, uh, not you guys. i'm having a quarrel with a flea. and i'm losing. who do you think is right, helen? whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! you can't ask her. why not? 'cause she'll take your side. why? because i'm right? no, because she's short, like you. you all stick together. you guys are being ridic... short? since when am i short? i'm just saying. plus, martha's a girl. of course you're all going to side with her.
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i can't believe what i'm hearing. helen, what do you think? ♪ when there's more than one, playing's more fun ♪ ♪ when you share (cooing, giggling) ♪ when you share. now, what did you learn? i learned that girl puppets are selfish, too. i learned that boys need someone to make them take turns. (helen sighs) helen: and now, td and alice won't even speak to each other. i can't believe my friends are quarreling about a dog toy. that's too bad. i remember when i was in fifth grade, i built this model airplane with dave delashaw. when it was finished, we couldn't decide who got to keep it. boy, did we bicker about that. how'd you make up? hmm, we didn't. where are you going? to call dave delashaw. he's had that plane for 25 years. it's time that guylearned to sh. (skits barks)
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back off! hey! what happened to your truce? it broke. (whimpering) stop breathing on it. aw, you're still doing it. helen, skits is breathing on the squirrel. (barking) were, too! you guys, please! sorry. we're all ears. good. let's talk turkey. turkey?! i love turkey. it's an expression. it means to get down to business and talk about what's really going on. (groans): oh. okay. so what's your beef with this toy? beef?!(groans): it's an expression. it means what's your problem. sorry. one-track mind. the problem is, we both want it, and we don't want to share. well, you have to negotiate something or else i'm giving thisback to . (barking) no! don't! we'll, we'll negotiate! i swear, we'll negotiate. what's negotiate? "negotiate" means you talk about a problem
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and agree on what to do. okay. we will. we promise. (giggling) okay, skits, i'll trade you my favorite squeaky baby for that squirrel. (toy squeaks) skits! we can't negotiate if you leave the room. alrighty-roo. how about two squeaky babies (squeaking) and a rope toy? martha, are you bartering with skits? no, i'm not bartering. i'm trying to trade toys for the squirrel. that's what bartering means. when you barter, you offer to give someone something if they'll give you another thing. oh. well, then yeah, i'm bartering. but so far, skits doesn't want to trade. this is my last offer, and then i'm not going to barter anymore. i'll trade you two squeaky babies, a rope toy and...
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...a rawhide chewy. (barks "uh-uh") (sighs) okay. okay, i get it. you're not interested. but how about if i throw in that! (martha laughs, skits barks) hey! wait! wait! (gasps): whoa! martha! you guys! you're supposed to negotiate a way to share that toy. we did. i mean, we have. how? by not sharing it. what? hey! (skits barks) (skits barking) martha? (both growling) (toy chitters) (td and alice gasp) did you see that? i told you he was a selfish bully. skits isn't selfish. he's just trying to get his turn. (both growling) helen: no, you guys, they're playing. at least, i think they're playing.
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(toy chitters) you are playing, aren't you? yeah! it's a little game i invented. i call it steal the squirrel. but you're tugging. that's not sharing. (toy chitters) we're dogs. this is about as "sharey" as we get. you should try it. give it to alice, skits. (barks) you grab the other end. now pull. and remember, no biting. (toy chitters) well, don't just stand there. run! go get it! (td and alice laughing) (toy chittering, martha giggling) fun, isn't it? (both laughing) of course, you shouldn't play steal the squirrel with a dog you don't know. they might try and steal your hand. i'm glad everyone's called a truce. there's just one problem. what? i want to play, too.
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(laughter, skits barks) (toy chitters) can i have a bite? nope. now, wait. don't be hasty. let's negotiate. i'll do whatever you want. i'll sit. please? (gasps) i'll lie down. i'll roll over. i'll list off all the meats in reverse alphabetical order. i'll beg. (whimpers) come on, helen. what do you think? it's not negotiating if you don't say anything. (sighs): okay. here's what i think. you eat your food, and i'll eat mine. mmm. (martha whimpers) here you go. i'd have eaten it all myself, but you're a very good negotiator. (truman and td chattering) oh, hi. i brought some clips from my show. oh, well, roll 'em. comprehend? oh, "comprehend" is
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when you understand something. it makes sense to you. "interpret"? you mean you want me to try to explain what he's doing? "negotiate" means you talk about a problem and agree on what to do. "bickering" means you fight about silly things. sorry. big negotiation. we decided i get to ask the questions, and he gets to say good-bye. too late, the show's over. oh. good-b... to dig up some more fun words and games, visit or check out your local library for the "martha speaks" books. skits, when i said "dig," i didn't mean in the yard! hi there, dot here. creative kids just like you have been making cool things at take a look. konnor, a pbs kid just like you, sent in this story with these great pictures. you can do it, too, but first let's see what konnor made.
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dot: it sure must have been hot out! great story, konnor. you can make a story like that, too, by going to: we've got one more, from grace. that was fun. you could do great things, too, at captioned by media access group at wgbh
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there you go, george. man: easy. where's mrs. renkins today? oh, she's around the other side of the barn with her balloons. huh? narrator: balloons? this day just kept getting better. (chattering hello) hi. some balloon, huh? was bill joking? no one had any balloons. you're just in time to help inflate it. that sounds like fun. you want to help inflate the balloon, george? (excited chattering) inflate it? where was it? grab a hold there and lift 'er up. oh. it was right here-- one great big balloon, as big as a barn. you can help too, george. uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh.
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(blowing loudly) george had a feeling this was going to take a long time. (click) (whirring) or was it? (chuckles) stand back, george. great, huh? hot air's lighter than cool air. so when the air inside is hot, it lifts the balloon up.
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mrs. renkins is letting me go up in the basket with her to photograph some scarlet tanager nests. (chuckles) huh? they're birds. i'm pretty much an expert about 'em. (imitates bird call) you can join us if you like, george. um, will you be going far? no, just straight up and down. we'll be tethered to this spot. huh? the tether's that rope. it ties us down so the wind can't blow us away. oh, well, if you want to go, george... (excited chattering) (chuckles) okay, i'll be right back, boys, and then we'll take off. hmm...
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you're pretty agile for a city kid. uh-oh. we're not supposed to go up without mrs. renkins. there are regulations. (birds chirping) oh! uh... mrs. renkins, we may have a rules violation here. oh, my gosh, we got to follow them. man: oh, boy. oh, poor george. i hope he's not too frightened way up there. (ducks quacking) whee!
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oh! george could see his house from up here. no need to panic, george. there's a proper method for getting a balloon back down on the ground. i just wish i knew what it was. mrs. renkins: they're going to go wherever the wind takes them. lucky there's only a soft breeze today. i... i... i'm coming, george. (brakes squealing) why'd you stop? 'cause this is a truck, not a duck. oh. ahoy. oh, oh... row, mr. quint. row like the wind. but i have a motor. then you motor like the wind. i'll row. as a city kid, i guess you're used to tall buildings,
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but i've never been this high up in my life. it sounded like bill wanted to go back home. hmm... this sure looked like a steering wheel. uh-huh, uh-huh. so george decided to steer them home. (hissing) whoa. oh, no. it's going higher! george, that increases the flame. heating the air makes us go up higher. george, right now the important thing is stopping this balloon.
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maybe those sandbags were the balloon's anchors. whoa! whoa, whoa, steady, steady... well, i'm trying, but i don't want those bags to hurt my boat. hey, clint, you know you can't park here. loading zone. don't drop anything else. it makes us lighter so we go up. we need to be heavy to go down. oh. officer wint, my monkey is floating away with the boy next door. climb on.
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(chattering hello) it's okay. i'll get us down. (shouting): just stay calm! (siren blaring) okay, they're just ahead. easy. let's try again. got it! whoa, whoa... well, good luck then. oh, whoa... oh, oh! i've got you, george. that's not a safe and approved manner to ride a balloon. i know, bill, i know. now don't worry. i'm going to help you... ow. (nickering) this is what happens if you don't follow the rules. uh-huh.
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(excited chirping) (gasps) the wind's getting stronger. you can tell from that flag down there. it could be worse. at least the wind's not blowing us toward the ocean. huh? oh, no, the wind changed. it's blowing towards the sea. do you know what that means? uh-huh. (imitating sea gull) well, yeah, sea gulls. but also, we're gonna float across the ocean, and i don't know how to stop us! we'll probably land in some other country where i don't even speak the language and hate the food. (sobbing): i want to go home! i wish i knew how you city kids stay so cool under pressure.
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(worried chattering) what is it?! what is it?! hey! pull that cord. it will open the vent and he can fly out the top. we're dropping. the vent-- it lets hot air out! so that's how you make a balloon go down. george, you saved us. oh, no. the wind's picking up. we're gonna land in the ocean! uh-oh.
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i've got you, george. (cheering) i was a little worried, but there's a proper way to worry without panicking. (gasps) my camera! aw, i forgot to take pictures. man: that's a great one. george, you took the pictures for me. (chattering): uh-uh. if i didn't and you didn't, how...? girl: george is a monkey, so he can do things that we can't do. george let air out to bring the balloon down. we are playing with balloons, too.
7:44 am
ah! kailash's dad is filling the balloons with helium. boy: helium is a gas that's lighter than air. girl: and we don't want our balloons to fly away. it just dropped to the ground. what would happen if we tied this to a balloon? i think it would stay on the ground and go pffft, bong. it's the same thing as this except it's smaller. this is the heavy one, and this is the light one. and then it started flying away. boy: we did it. we made it float. narrator: nothing makes dusk special like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich...
7:45 am
and a lightning bug chase. and nothing slams the brakes on fun like some strange cat eating your sandwich. this was one weird cat, but it needed to know whose food that was. (chattering angrily) huh? (coughs) george didn't know what just happened, but he knew it stunk. whoa... whoa... did you meet a skunk? if it's about the size of a cat with a bigger tail, that smell, and nocturnal...
7:46 am
nocturnal... oh, sorry, that means it comes out at night. if it's all those things, that's a skunk. you won't smell bad forever. tomato juice gets the smell out. to prevent getting smelled-up again, george created an anti-skunk tool. this time he'd scare that skunk so it'd stay far away from him. (rustling) hmm? (sniffing)
7:47 am
(chattering excitedly) (rattling) this must've frightened it. skunks only spray that smell when they're scared, and loud noises scare them. if you see it again, george, run inside until it passes, okay? uh-huh. the next night, george brought tools to help him spot the skunk. hi, george.
7:48 am
i'm closing this hole because a skunk's been stayin' under the house. (gasps) don't worry. it's not in there now. (sighs) (sniffing) ahh! ooh! ahh! (both gasping) you shouldn't do that. skunks are scared of bright light, you know. oh. take a bath in tomato juice. (chattering) oh! well, good thing we're going back to the city tomorrow. we're out of tomato juice. oh! at the end of the night, the skunk was tired, but it found its old sleeping place sealed up.
7:49 am
this looked like a dark, cozy, excellent place to sleep all day. (rooster crowing) hmm. now, where did i leave that basket? (chattering) shh! we don't want to wake the neighbors. hello! welcome home. have a relaxing weekend in the country? uh-uh. he got skunked.
7:50 am
three times? say, tomato juice gets the smell out. oh. say, george, would you bring that up to the apartment while we get the rest of the bags out of the car? okay. ah! you can relax now, george. there are no skunks in the city. (rustling) (stifled scream) george almost screamed. what if it woke up? how could he keep it calm? aha! soothing music! (soothing music playing) (ding) shh! george rushed to show it to the man with the yellow hat.
7:51 am
then... uh-oh! he realized he forgot something. (grunting) oh. (growls) (chattering) george, what's wrong? (screaming) oh! someone left that in the elevator. (growling) (growling) george, did we bring the skunk home in the basket? uh-huh.
7:52 am
we have to catch it without scaring it, or... you know. oh! we can't let that happen! split up! catch that skunk! the skunk was pretty confused to wake up in a strange new place, and it really wanted breakfast. stop! come back! you're caught! oh, boy. stop! i'm organizing one elevator trip for all the floors to cut down chances of scaring the skunk. skunk?!
7:53 am
shh! don't do that! right. sorry. aha! (chattering loudly) oh! (growling) (growling) (sniffing) (barking)
7:54 am
uh-huh. uh-huh. when that skunk finished eating, it would have no choice of where to go. the coast is skunk-clear. okay. going down. wait for me! (all gasping) zoobel, don't frighten it. oh. this is jeffrey. he's a domesticated skunk. he's odorless. oh! so that's the skunk that george saw. wait till george finds out we were all worried about nothing. george's plan was working! in another second, that skunk would be captured by monkey ingenuity. (ding) george, you didn't see a wild skunk. uh... hmm...
7:55 am
oh, yes, you did. don't anyone move. it's... i mean, she's happy. as long as nothing scares her, we're okay. deejay: that ends our program of mellow jazz. and now, highlights from the 1812 overture. oh, no. (1812 overture blasting) (screaming) huh? (1812 overture blasting) girl: george is a monkey, so he can dgeorge is a monkey,do gir: so he can do things you can't do. girl 2: he learned a lot about skunks. girl: we are observing an animal, too. curious george learned a lot about skunks,
7:56 am
and we learned about squirrels. look over there! girl: fabie and ej were telling us how to look for squirrels. they have a little hole. if they don't have a nest, they'll get really, really cold. now it jumped. and, oh, oh, my gosh, he's walking upside down. (laughter) why do you think the squirrel has to live in a tree? what might the squirrel be trying to do? protect hisself. girl: he's eating an acorn. we saw them digging, 'cause he buries it in the winter so he can find it. it's good to watch animals so you can be a good learner about animals. (laughter) maybe he had too much sugar. it looks... he just, like, hopped. it looks like he's dancing. (laughter) curious george loves figuring things out, and i figured out a way to grow a garden in this old egg carton. check it out! first, we need dirt, then some seeds, and to help them grow, let's give them a big drink of... kids: water! right!
7:57 am
pretty soon, we'll have our own egg carton garden, and you can discover a bunch of new ways to reuse old things with your friend curious george at up next, explore what the big idea is with "sid the science kid." announcer: "curious george" is made possible rainforest cafe: proud sponsor of pbs kids, reminding you that reading and creative thinking are great ways to let your imagination run wild. do you know what? sunlight travels 93 million miles to ripen and dry the fruits we need to grow strong and healthy bodies. i thought you'd be curious about that. sun-maid proudly supports pbs kids. proud supporter of pbs kids. helping kids discover the fun of learning not only what the world can do, but also what they can do. pbs kids-- where a kid can be a kid.
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curious george is also brought to you scientist in the house! announcer: it's "sid the science kid," on pbs kids. did you hear the one about the kid who wanted to know everything about everything? announcer: he investigates. let's go get some answers. announcer: inquires. have you ever seen a chart? [laughter] announcer: and explores the big questions. banana, why did you have to go and get all brown and mushy? announcer: it's "sid the science kid," weekdays, only on pbs kids. see ya later, scientists. kids:
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♪ whoo-hoo music time! hi, there. have you noticed that people live in all types of houses? mr. steve has, and he wrote us this song.
8:00 am
♪ houses ♪ houses ♪ i grew up in a simple house ♪ ♪ with my brothers, my mom, and my dad ♪ ♪ my friend's house is an apartment ♪ ♪ he likes to call it his pad ♪ ♪ there's an upside-down house ♪ ♪ at the big museum downtown ♪ you can walk around on the ceiling ♪ ♪ look straight up at the ground ♪ ♪ and there are houses made of snow ♪ ♪ and there are houses built in trees ♪ ♪ and there are houses that are boats ♪ ♪ out sailing on the seas ♪ ♪ houses ♪ houses ♪ so many different houses ♪ built every which way ♪ houses ♪ houses ♪ some are made of plants and grass ♪ ♪ some are made out of clay ♪ houses ♪ houses ♪ they seem to get a little more different ♪ ♪ the further you roam ♪ houses ♪ houses ♪ so many different kinds of houses ♪ ♪ that people call home ♪ whoo-hoo
8:01 am
>> hey, scientists, it's me, sid. i want to know why i have to wear sunblock when i play in the sun, so my friends and i are gonna investigate all kinds of weather. come explore with me, sid the science kid, coming up next. >> "sid the science kid" is made possible by... first5 california is a proud sponsor of "sid the science kid." >> at boeing, we believe the best way to prepare children for success is by nurturing their curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, and letting the future of our children take flight. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from...
8:02 am
>> hey, is this thing on? >> ♪ hey, sid, what do you say? what you want to learn today? >> i want to know why things happen and how and i want to know everything now, oh, yeah how does this thing work? why does that stuff change? how does that do what it just did? hmm what's up with the sky? you think i could fly? the world is spinning and i want to know why i've got a lot of questions and big ideas i'm sid the science kid ♪ [captioning made possible by the jim henson company and friends of nci] and he dribbles the ball around the field. can nobody stop him? oh! somebody tries, but he fails, and sid gets past, goes for a goal. yay! oh, hi. i'm sid. i'm just practicing because today after school, my dad and i are gonna play soccer, and he's gonna teach me some super cool new moves. yup, we're gonna have a special dad day. whoo hoo! and
8:03 am
look. it's a perfect day for soccer. nice and warm and sunny outside. hmm. oh, but that means mom and dad are gonna make me wear sunblock. whah, bam! isn't that right, dr. beaks? ooh, it's all ooey and gooey and slimy, and it seems like it takes forever to put on. you know what i'm talking about, right? hmm. and no matter how much i try to get away from dad's sunblocky hands, he always catches me, and then i have sticky, icky sunblock all over me. hmm. i just got to know--what's the big idea with the sun? why do i have to put on sunblock? [echoing] >> sid, breakfast time! >> oh, boy! i can't wait for breakfast time! good morning.
8:04 am
>> sid, you're just in time. i've got some sunblock for you. >> oh, no. >> here i come, mr. sunblock hands. grrr. >> oh, no. stay away. >> ah, gotcha. >> aah! >> sorry, sid. i just don't want you to get too much sun today and not feel good for our special day outside. >> oh. >> after school, i'm gonna show you a new move that i call dad's dy-no-mite dino-stopping kick. >> ooh, that sounds cool. >> yeah. >> hey, wait a minute. one time, you told me that the sun is good for me. >> well, some sunlight is good for you, sid, but too much sunlight can be harmful. >> ok, but i spend a lot of time under the lights at home and at school, so why don't i have to wear sunblock there? >> oh, good question, sid. at school and inside the house, we have a roof that blocks the sun.
8:05 am
>> that's right, sid, and the light from the sun is much more powerful than light from a regular old light bulb. >> oh. i thought light was just light. hmm. i'm going to investigate more about the sun at school. >> well, before you go, you'd better have some breakfast. you're gonna need lots of energy today for our... >> special dad day! pow! ha ha ha! >> it's gonna be so great. ♪ i love my mom >> uh-huh >> my mom is cool >> uh-huh >> but now it's time for having fun in school yeah ♪ >> hi! >> ♪ i'm looking for my friends i'm looking for you there's gabriella
8:06 am
>> watch what i can do ♪ ha ha! yeah! here we go! >> wow! ♪ i'm looking for my friends i'm looking for you hey, there's gerald ♪ >> yeah! check out my moves! ha-ha! yeah! i'm a dancing machine! >> cool! ♪ i'm looking for my friends i'm looking for you hey, there's may ♪ >> may i show you how i groove? whoo! cool! >> groovy! >> ♪ we're looking for our friends we're looking for you hey, there's sid ♪ >> did you hear the one about the kid who wanted to know everything about everything? >> that's you! >> ♪ you got me >> yeah! ♪ we're looking for our friends and look who we found
8:07 am
we found each other friends! ♪ [laughter] >> and now it's time for the sid survey. hello. i am sid, roving reporter with today's survey. the question: what does the sun do? and maybe you can think about what the sun does, too. let's go get some answers. hey, gabriella. >> hello, sid. >> i have a question for you. what does the sun do? >> oh, uh, hmm. i think the sun makes things hot because whenever i go to the beach, the sun shines on the sand and it makes the sand hot, and it's hard to walk on. >> uh-oh. what do you do? >> oh, well, i just walk on the sand really, really fast like this. ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh! hot, hot, hot, hot, hot sand, sand, sand. hot sand, hot sand. oh, but now i wear sandals at the beach so i don't feel the hot sand.
8:08 am
>> that's a good idea. thanks, gabriella. >> sure thing. >> biggest sand mountain in the world! >> hey, gerald. >> oh, hi, sid! >> hey, i have a question for you. what does the sun do? >> ok, so i think the sun makes plants grow, because my mom put her geraniums in the window, and then the sun shines on them, and they get bigger! >> cool! good answer, gerald. >> thank you, sid. >> hey, how about you, may? what do you think the sun does? >> oh, i think the sun melts the snow. when i go to my grandma's house in chicago, it's really cold and snowy there. brrr. and when the sun comes out, it melts the snow. >> hmm. melting snow. cool. thanks, may. >> you're welcome. >> and now the results of my survey. gabriella says the sun
8:09 am
makes the sand at the beach hot. gerald says the sun makes plants grow. and may says that the sun melts the snow. maybe you've thought about what the sun does, too. well, there you have it. i am sid, roving reporter and sun expert. >> everybody, rug time! >> ooh, that's teacher susie. >> ♪ it's rug time, come on in rug time, take a seat rug time >> we're ready >> everybody move your feet rug time >> teacher susie >> good times on the way rug time, come on in we've got a lot to learn today! ♪ >> surf's up. yeah, i'm surfing! >> come surf on over to the rug. >> ok! whoa, whoa, this is a big wave. watch out, everybody, here i come! wipeout! >> splash! >> ok, does anyone have anything
8:10 am
they'd like to share with the class? >> ooh, yeah, i do. >> go ahead, sid. >> well, i'm really excited because today is a special dad day. my dad's gonna teach me some new soccer moves after school. >> soccer? >> oh, it sounds like you're gonna have a really fun time with your dad today. >> yeah. the only problem is, before we go out to play, my mom and dad always make me put on sunblock. >> oh, no. >> yeah. >> you don't like putting on sunblock? >> well, it kind of takes a long time to put on. >> yeah, it does. susie, why can't we just start playing instead of putting on sunblock? >> well, let's see. has anyone ever spent time in the sun without using sunblock? >> oh, i did once, when my family went to the park and we forgot our sunblock. >> oh, no. what happened, may? >> well, we played in the park all day, and by the end of the day, i started feeling all
8:11 am
really hot, and then a little later, my face and neck were bright red and i didn't feel very good at all. >> oh, i am sorry to hear that, may. >> yeah. >> does anyone know what happened to may when she spent too much time in the sun? >> oh, i know. she got a sunburn. >> very good, gabriella. you see, the sun does lots of wonderful things for us, but too much sunlight can give us a sunburn, and sunblock is great protection against getting a sunburn. >> protection? you mean it's protection for our skin? >> exactly. hey, i know a great place to investigate how sunblock protects your skin. >> the super fab lab! >> that's right! grab your journals and let's go.
8:12 am
>> super fab lab! >> observe! compare! contrast! wow! >> ok, it's time for the sunblock investigation. >> yay! >> we're all going to find out just how sunblock helps to protect our skin from the sun. first let's protect this paper from the sun. you're gonna take this sunblock and put it onto the paper. >> oh. susie, can we make pretty designs on the paper with our sunblock? >> yeah, like a fire truck or a baby donkey. >> sure you can! then, after you put lots of sunblock on the paper, we're going to put the paper outside all day long. >> oh. all day long? this paper is going to get a lot of sun on it. >> it sure is, gabriella. normally, when construction paper is left in the sunlight all day, it becomes damaged and its color begins to fade.
8:13 am
>> wow. the sun can make the paper lose its color? >> that's right, sid, but we're going to see what happens to the paper with sunblock on it and without sunblock. so go ahead, scientists. put some sunblock on the paper. >> ok. >> hey, you're a scientist. you can try this, too. >> it's time to do the sunblock investigation. first put sunblock on your paper. you can get as creative as you want with your designs, as long as you make sure to put plenty of sunblock on the paper. you can make shapes like circles, squares, and triangles. next, put the paper in sunlight, and we can find out what happens if we leave it there for the rest of the day. now let's make some predictions. draw pictures of what you think your paper will look like after it's been
8:14 am
in the sun all day. if paper usually fades and loses its color in sunlight, do you think the sunblock will protect the paper so it doesn't fade? ok, scientists, let's make some predictions. what's going to happen to the paper after it's out in the sun all day? may, can we start with you? >> ok. um, i predict that the sunblock will protect the paper so it stays the same color. i think my smiley face will stay bright blue, just like the paper is right now. >> great prediction, may. we'll have to see if you're right. sid, how about you? >> um, ok. i predict that these cool circles that i drew with sunblock will protect the paper from the sun, and then i also drew a soccer ball because i'm really excited about playing soccer in the sun with my dad after school. >> oh, i know you're gonna have fun, sid. ok, scientists, while the paper is out here in the sun, you can all go play with
8:15 am
all your new ideas. >> yay! >> it's time for good laughternoon. ha ha ha! >> hey, gabriella. >> yes? >> what is the best day of the week to go to the beach? >> i don't know. what day? >> sun-day. >> ha ha ha! >> wait, wait. i have another one. >> ok. >> ok, what is the sun's favorite day of the week? >> i don't know? what day? >> sun-day! >> ha ha ha! oh, wait. now i have one. >> ok. go. >> what's the moon's favorite day of the week? >> oh, i don't know. sunday? >> no. moon-day! >> ha ha ha! >> ooh, knock knock. >> who's there? >> sun. >> oh, um, sid, you're not my son. you already have a dad. >> i know. gerald, sun, like sun
8:16 am
up in the sky. >> oh, that sun. >> yeah. >> ok, yeah, i get it. all right, let's do it again. >> ok, all right. knock knock. >> who's there? >> sun. >> hello, son. daddy loves you! ha ha! >> now that's sunny. i mean funny. [canned laughter] >> and now... >> it's time... >> for susie... >> to sing. >> go, susie! >> oh, why, thank you. well, you know, we've been talking a lot about the sun giving us sunburns, but the sun also does lots of wonderful things for us and for our planet. >> uh-huh. >> in fact, the sun does so many great things it's almost like a super hero! >> whoa! >> put your sunblock on. >> oh, ok. >> sunblock. >> all over. >> rub, rub...
8:17 am
>> sunblock dance. ♪ super sun super sun, super sun he's a super guy he gets the job done when it comes to energy he's number one our super hero super sun he turns on the heat he turns on the lights he shines all day and never sleeps at night he does so many powerful things it would take all day to list them he's the hotshot who puts the solar in the solar system super sun, super sun a super guy he gets the job done when it comes to energy he's number one our super hero, super sun his power is tops he can melt the snow he gives the energy that helps the plants grow he sends his rays for days and days to soak up on the beaches you can feel his heat and energy everywhere he reaches he's part of a beautiful sunrise
8:18 am
that happens every dawn he's so powerful you better put your sunblock on super sun, super sun a super guy he gets the job done when it comes to energy he's number one our super hero, super sun our super hero, super sun our super hero, super sun ♪ >> ya ha ha! >> great. >> yeah. hey, hey, i want to be the super sun so i can keep the earth warm. >> and help plants make nutrients so they can grow. >> and shine so we can see during the day. >> yeah. >> hey, speaking of the sun, let's go to the playground and see what the sun did to your construction paper. >> ok. >> let's go! >> come on, may. >> wait for me! wait! >> ok, scientists, let's make some observations. >> ok, ha ha! >> now, this is a new piece of paper from inside that's never been in the sun. does anyone see
8:19 am
a difference between this paper and our paper? >> hmm... oh, the paper that was in the sun is lighter. >> that's right, gabriella, it faded. >> oh, and look, where we put the sunblock, the paper stayed the same. see, my square here is the same color as the new paper. ha ha! >> mm-hmm. >> hey, yeah, and the sunblock protects the paper just like it protects our skin. >> you got it, scientists. wow, it sounds like we have some sunblock experts here. >> ha ha! >> thank you. >> ok, let's go inside and get your backpacks. it's time to go home. >> yay! >> hey, scientists, let's see what happened to your paper, too. >> ok, let's discover what happened to the paper. it has been the sun for a long time. wow, the shapes on the paper with sunblock didn't lose their color. the sunblock protected the shape so the color didn't
8:20 am
fade. but look at the area without sunblock. the sun is so strong that it faded the paper. it actually changed its color. this part of the paper was covered, so it was protected and didn't lose its color. hey, if the sunblock protected the paper, think about how well it can protect your skin, too. hats and sunglasses also help protect you from the sun. now you're ready to go play and have a great time in the bright, beautiful sun. >> now where's my sid? >> oh, right here, grandma! >> oh! ha! oh! >> mm-mmm. >> now, okey-doke, let's roll. >> let's roll! >> ha ha! woo! [sid humming] >> ♪ la la la la la la >> ♪ backseat driving
8:21 am
with grandma ♪ >> ♪ oh, yeah ha ha! oh, all righty, kiddo, how was your day? >> oh, it was great. i learned that you need sunblock to protect your skin from the sun. >> oh, that's right, sid. you know, people have been trying to protect their skin from the sun for a really long time. as far back as ancient egypt, people were trying not to get sunburns. back then, the egyptians blocked out the sun by holding up giant leaves to keep themselves cool and in the shade. as time went on, people all over the world started using little umbrellas called parasols that weren't for blocking rain but for blocking out the sun and keeping their skin nice and healthy. and while women were riding in wagon trains in the wild, wild west, they wore a big hat called a sun bonnet, and my favorite way to get out of the sun--sitting under a nice shady tree. ha ha! >> wow, grandma. you know so many ways not to get a sunburn. >> oh, well, now you do, too.
8:22 am
ha ha! and i bet you're excited to play in the sun with your dad. >> that's right. my grandma's the best. ♪ i learned something cool something cool today i know it upside down and inside out i learned all about... ♪ >> ha ha! >> ♪ the sun >> woo-hoo! >> ha ha! scientist in the house. yeah! [canned laughter] >> all righty, i'm ready to go. >> oh, i am, too. i just finished putting on a fresh coat of sunblock. so now i'll be protected from the sun the whole time we play. >> hey, good thinking, sid. so, are you ready to learn dad's dy-no-mite dino-stomping kick? >> i sure am! i've been waiting all day. >> i know. me, too. ha ha! ok, it goes like this.
8:23 am
>> ok. >> rarh... rargh! >> oh. >> oh. >> um... >> hmm. you know, i think it might need a new rarh! >> um, hey, dad, can i try? >> oh, sure, sid. >> great. >> let me get the ball. >> ok. >> coming your way. >> get on over. ha ha. >> go for it, sid. >> ok. here we go. rarh... ah! >> hey! goal! >> yay! >> ha ha! ha, great shot, sid. >> ha ha! thanks, dad. hey, this is the best dad day ever. i really like playing soccer with you, dad. >> oh, thanks, sid. you know what? >> huh? >> i like playing soccer with you, too. >> hey, dad, here's my super sid sunblocker move. >> ok. >> ok, i'm gonna stand in front
8:24 am
of the goal and make myself as big as the sun, and you try to kick it, and i'll block it. >> all righty, you ready? >> yeah. >> here it comes. ready... ah! ha ha! >> yay, i blocked it! i blocked it! >> good job, buddy! >> wow! what a day. i learned that sunblock protects your skin so you won't get a sunburn when you play outside. you know what? i was out in the sun all day playing soccer with my dad, and i feel great, thanks to sunblock! woo-hoo! ha ha! he shoots and he scores! goal! yay! you see that, guys? i'm awesome. yeah! i just wish it didn't take so long to put sunblock on. hmm. ok, i've got it. here's my super-duper-ooper-schmooper big idea! i will invent the super sunblock blaster. it's like a
8:25 am
mini carwash that you can step into and get blasted by a layer of sunblock all over your body. and then when you step out, you go under a big dryer and it dries the sunblock right there on the spot. [whoosh] the best part is, it only takes one second. everyone in the world will have a super sunblock blaster: little kids...hi! grownups going to, business, business...guys that sell hotdogs. get your hotdogs. woo, sunblock. soccer players. kick, kick, kick, kick. ice skaters. clowns. ooh ooh, ha ha, tickle, tickle. everybody. no one in the whole world will ever get a sunburn again thanks to the super sunblock blaster. and that's my super-duper-ooper- schmooper big idea! woo-hoo! [canned applause] thank you. thank you. ha ha! hey, guys, don't forget, until i invent the super sunblock blaster, be sure to keep putting on sunblock the old-fashioned way. i know i will because i am sid the science
8:26 am
kid. ["science kid" echoes] remember, keep asking lots and lots of questions. see you later, scientists. so, did you guys use plenty of sunblock today? yeah? good job, guys. i'm proud of you. wow! oh, hi. we're just checking out our website. you can explore with us. >> yeah! >> oh, that's a great idea. come join us. visit there's a lot of great information for grownups, too. >> i think we look pretty good in the computer. >> yeah! >> observe, episode full of amazing science. my friends and i will explore the weather around us and discover the amazing things our bodies can do. see you next time on "sid the science kid." [captioning made possible by the jim henson ce science kid" s
8:27 am
made possible by... first5 california is a proud sponsor of "sid the science kid." >> at boeing, we believe the best way to prepare children for success is by nurturing their curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, and letting the future of our children take flight. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from...
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hi! so glad you're here. it's me, whyatt. [ ♪ ] welcome to storybrook village where all our fairy-tale friends live. [ cellphone ♪ ] whoa, my brother jack just got a bunch of cool stuff! want to go check it out? you do? come on! [ ♪ ] hi, papa pig. [ ♪ ] hi, mom. hi, dad. working on a new book? mm-hmm. mom's the author and dad's the illustrator.
8:33 am
come on, let's go to my room. [ ♪ ] do you like it? do you want to see my big brother jack's room? [ ♪ ] look! this is where jack does his homework. this is how he listens to his music. [ ♪ on radio ] and this is how he talks on the phone! [ louder ♪ ] whyatt? what happened in here? we were just looking around and... and you messed up my whole room! but... [ ♪ ] i feel so badly. i didn't mean to mess up jack's room.
8:34 am
what should i do to fix things with jack? hmm... this is a super big problem. and a super big problem needs us, the super readers! we need to call the rest of the super readers. call them with me. [ cellphone ♪ ] say, "calling all super readers!" children: [ in audience ] calling all super readers! [ remote phone ringing ] to the book club! to the book club! children: to the book club! come on, to the book club! [ ♪ ] whyatt here. [ ♪ ] "p" is for pig! red riding hood rollin' in! princess pea at your service!
8:35 am
and you, say your name. great. we're all here. together we will solve my problem. let's go! [ ♪ ] [ electronic beeps ] okay, whyatt, state your problem. i was showing jack's room to my friends when all of a sudden, crash! crash? oh no! yeah. i made a huge mess. and then, jack came in! and he was not happy. how can i fix things with jack? red: good question. and when we have a question, we look... all: in a book! which book should we look in? peas and carrots, carrots and peas...
8:36 am
book, come out, please, please, please! let's read the title of this book. we know what to do. we need to jump into this book... and find the answer to my question. first, we look for super letters. and then put them in our super duper... computer! super duper computer, how many super letters do we need? oh! in this story, we need seven super letters and then we'll get... our super story answer. it's time to transform. ready?
8:37 am
all: ready! arms in! put your arm in. whyatt: super readers... all: to the rescue! alpha pig with alphabet power! [ ♪ ] wonder red with word power! [ ♪ ] princess presto with spelling power! [ ♪ ] super why with the power to read! [ ♪ ] and super you with the power to help! together we are... all: the super readers! why-flyers!
8:38 am
we're ready to fly into this book! [ ♪ ] ♪ super readers ♪ to the rescue! ♪ ♪ it's time to fly with the super readers ♪ ♪ 'cause we've got a problem to solve ♪ ♪ super readers ♪ to the rescue! ♪ ♪ super readers ♪ working together with powers to read ♪ ♪ into books we fly ♪ to find the super story answer ♪ ♪ with super why ♪ super readers to the rescue! ♪ presto! [ gasp ] we're in the "goldilocks and the three bears" book! [ ♪ ] let's read. why writer... highlight! read with me.
8:39 am
[ ♪ ] [ knocking ] [ ♪ ] [ crashing ] [ ♪ ] goldilocks is making a mess! just like i made a mess in jack's room. and that, super readers, is why we're in this book! goldilocks and i both made a big mess! we should find goldilocks and see what she does about her mess. to goldilocks! [ ♪ ] goldilocks: this one's too hot!
8:40 am
this one's too cold! this one's just right! let's go inside! ugh! what a mess! goldilocks must have just been here. and now she's gone. how will we find her? alpha pig to the rescue! with my amazing alphabet tools, i can find out where goldilocks went! okay, super readers, i need your help. we'll use my mega-magnifying glass to spot alphabet letters! what is this letter? children: "c"! alpha pig: "c"! okay. now, what letter's this?
8:41 am
children: "h"! alpha pig: "h"! and our next clue is this letter. what letter is this? children: "a"! alpha pig: "a". ooh... here's another letter clue. what is this letter? children: "i"! alpha pig: "i". and now... what's this letter? children: "r"! alpha pig: yes, "r"! what word did we make?
8:42 am
lickety letters! we made the word "chair", and now we know where goldilocks went. let's give ourselves a big thumbs up! let's look for a chair! to a chair! [ ♪ ] children: super letters! do you see any super letters around here? which letters? children: "p", "l", "a". good work! we need to put them into our super duper... computer! four more super letters and then we'll get... our super story answer! excellent progress, super readers.
8:43 am
goldilocks: this chair is too soft! this chair is too hard. this chair is just right. that sounds like goldilocks by the chairs! let's go to the chairs! [ ♪ ] uh-oh, goldilocks went up the stairs. and there is a huge pile of chairs blocking the stairs! [ gasp ] what are we going to do? wonder red to the rescue! with my wonder words basket i can change the chairs into something else. what letters are these? children: "c"! "h"! which sound does "c, h" make? child: "ch". yes, "c" and "h" make the sound "ch". and then the ending, "airs".
8:44 am
what word is this? children: "chairs"! "chairs"! "chairs" is an "airs" word. i love words that end in "airs". ♪ wonderific you're terrific ♪ ♪ wonderific you're terrific ♪ okay, let's change the chairs into something else. what word is this? let's read it. what's the first letter? children: "s"! "s"! "s" makes what sound? "s-s-s". and what letter is this? children: "t"!
8:45 am
"t"! and "t" makes what sound? "t, t". what sound does "s, t" make? children: "st". yes, "s" and "t" make the sound "st". "st". and then we have "airs". what word is this? children: "stairs"! "stairs"! so, what will happen if i change the word "chairs" to "stairs"? let's see. [ ♪ ] [ rumbling ] [ ♪ ] wonderific, you were terrific! we turned the chairs into stairs! now we can go up the stairs to get to goldilocks! [ ♪ ]
8:46 am
children: super letters! do you see more super letters? you do? which letters? children: "c"! "n"! way to go, super readers! now we need to put them in our super duper... computer! two more super letters and then we'll get... our super story answer! onward, super readers! [ ♪ ] now where's goldilocks? goldilocks: this bed is too hard. this bed is too soft. this bed is just right!
8:47 am
[ ♪ ] oh! goldilocks is in baby bear's bed! goldilocks, we're the super readers! and we want to talk to you. goldilocks needs a sleep. see my story? okay, night-night. we can't talk to goldilocks if she's sleeping! what are we going to do? super why to the rescue! with the power to read, i can change this story and save the day! let's change the word... "sleeps" in this sentence. zap it with me! ready, set... z-zap!
8:48 am
why writer... write! super readers, we want goldilocks to wake up. which word should we use? okay, let's try "snores"! which is the word "snores"? hmm, it starts with an "s". child: there! there it is! okay, let's change the word "sleeps" to "snores". ready, set... z-zap! now let's read and see what happens. [ loud snoring ] did "snores" help goldilocks wake up?
8:49 am
children: no! no, "snores" didn't help goldilocks to wake up! we need another word. super readers, which word'll help goldilocks to wake up so we can talk to her? let's try "jumps". hmm, which is the word "jumps"? it starts with a "j". children: that one! there's the word "jumps". let's zap it into our sentence. ready, set... z-zap! let's read the sentence and see what happens. [ ♪ ] jump! jump!
8:50 am
jump with goldilocks! jump, jump, jump! i'm so awake now! jump! jump! jump! did jumping wake up goldilocks? jump, jump, jump... children: yes! jump, jump. jump... okay, whew. jumping definitely wakes me up! super job, super readers! we changed the story and woke up goldilocks! goldilocks, why are you in the three bears' house? i babysit for baby bear! i've known him since he was a little bear cub. but why did you make such a mess? a mess? i made a mess? i didn't mean to! i was just waiting a long time for the bears to come home. i ate some porridge for a snack. i read a magazine in baby bear's chair. i was still waiting, so i took a quick power nap.
8:51 am
oh, i did make a mess. will you help me fix everything before the bears come home? please? do you want to help goldilocks fix her mess before the bears come home? you do? great! come on! ♪ clean up, clean up, let's clean up ♪ ♪ clean up, clean up, let's clean up ♪ ♪ clean up, clean up, let's clean up ♪ ♪ clean up, clean up, let's clean up ♪ come on! ♪ clean up, clean up, let's clean up! ♪ thanks, super readers. everything looks... children: super letters! do you see super letters? which ones are they? children: "e"! "u"!
8:52 am
okay, let's put the "e" and the "u" in our super duper... computer! we found all of our super letters. now we can get... our super story answer. [ door opening ] male voice: is someone in our house? [ gasps ] someone has been sitting in my chair! [ gasp ] someone has been mopping my floor! someone's been eating my porridge and they ate it all up! oops. that was me. but, i can make you some more porridge if you want, baby bear. [ giggle ] i like this story! me too. thanks, super readers! any time, goldilocks. bye, bears! [ ♪ ] why-flyers!
8:53 am
back to the book club! [ ♪ ] ♪ we found the super story answer ♪ ♪ with super why [ ♪ ] [ electronic beeps ] super duper computer, give us our super story answer! [ ♪ ] read the letters with me. the super story answer is... [ triumphant ♪ ]
8:54 am
but... why? red: because goldilocks fixed things by cleaning up the house for the bears. so my question is: if i made a big mess in jack's room, what should i do? red: and the answer is... all: clean up! yeah. if i made a mess, i should clean it up. come on! [ ♪ ] whyatt! what are you doing? cleaning up. look! hey... you are cleaning up. hey, way to go, bro. that's very cool of you. very cool. thanks. i'm sorry i made a mess.
8:55 am
it's cool. because you made it right by cleaning up. thanks. it worked! hip, hip, hooray! the super readers save the day! [ ♪ ] ♪ hip, hip, hooray ♪ hooray! ♪ ♪ the super readers save the day ♪ ♪ we changed the story ♪ we solved the problem ♪ we worked together so hip, hip, hooray! ♪ ♪ hip, hip, hooray ♪ hooray! ♪ ♪ the super readers save the day ♪ ♪ hip, hip, hooray ♪ hooray! ♪ ♪ the super readers save the day! ♪
8:56 am
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woman: hey, sweetie, help me make a grocery list for your mommy. ok. what do we need? we need peas... "peas." and rice. "rice." milk. mijo, do you think we need something else? yeah. i can think of something else. announcer: any time is a good time to practice letters and words. "peas, rice, milk, puppy?" for more fun and simple ways to turn any time into learning time, visit
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hi, there. dash here! i've got a great dancing game for you at let's dance along.


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