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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  September 21, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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unded in part by... the corporation for public broadcasting, a cooperative agreement from the u.s. department of education's ready to learn grant and by: thank you! thank you. but wait-- there's more! why are cows everywhere such strong supporters of chick-fil-a? perhaps it's because chick-fil-a supports quality family programming here on pbs. ♪ hey, now ♪ hey, wow ♪ here's how ♪ ♪ come and read ♪ between the lions ♪ come on ♪ come in
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♪ begin ♪ the world awaits ♪ between the lions, between the covers of a book ♪ ♪ it's time to look between the lions ♪ ♪ behold the tales beyond the tails ♪ ♪ behind the door ♪ become, explore ♪ come in between the lions ♪ begin between the lions ♪ be here between the lions. lionel and leona: night shift. (own hooting) get your ice cream! ice cream here! (chuckles) it's the ice cream monkey. gosh-a-roonie! the best ice cream in town, and nobody's buyin'.
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ooh! (brakes squeak) maybe this big library here. ice cream! i scream for ice cream! ice cream. ice cream! monkey: ice cream! ice cream? ice cream! monkey: ice cream! (purring) ice cream? at this hour? oh, lambsicle. good choice. and you? none for me, thanks. what on earth are you doing selling ice cream at this time of night? it's 3:00 a.m. everybody says that, man. i can't figure it out. you're my first customers all night. (slurping) well, that's because selling ice cream usually isn't a middle-of-the-night job, mr. ice cream monkey. surprisingly, neither was surfboard salesman.
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surfboards? for nighttime surfing? or sunblock salesman. lions: sunblock?! mm-hmm. no wonder you've had a tough time, little monkey. none of those are nighttime jobs. and a nighttime job is...? boy, have i got the book for you. hey, i tell you what. how about we all finish our meatsicles and our ice cream while we read the book, and then we can all go back to sleep, huh? come on, right over here to the comfy chair. that sounds cool. cleo: good idea, honey. (grunts) (slurps) okay. now. the book is called night shift, and it's written and illustrated by jessie hartland. okay. theo (reading):
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it's 11:30 p.m. and 53 degrees. (laughs) is anyone out there listening?
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(ship horn blows)
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that's a global positioning system. bring it down!
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so, was that at all helpful? helpful? are you kidding me? that was life-changing! i know exactly what i'm going to do now. exactly. (sleepily): get a day job? no, something even better. bye, you guys. get some sleep.
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thank you for everything. good night, monkey! good luck! come on, cubs. let's go to bed. hello, everybody. please welcome my guest, theo lion! hiyo! what's coming up on between the lions? well, let's see. oh! plumbers, pilots, truck drivers, all kinds of jobs. ooh, and a song about jobs, too. audience: ahh...! hiya, there. veloci and i got a job watching a pipe. that's right. we're pipe watchers. hey, look, a sign. "if the pipe leaks, call a... a..." what's that word? i don't know. it starts with a p. p... p... that word is too hard to sound out. (creaking) quick! we need a word that starts with p! porcupine. "porcupine" starts with a p. hey!
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it worked. like a charm. (creaking) (porcupine screaming) i'm thinking that word isn't "porcupine." "if the pipe leaks, call a pluh... pluh..." wait a sec. who do you call when you need help fixing pipes? plumber! a plumber is a person who fixes pipes. look at that porcupine swim. people do all kinds of interesting jobs. i'm a pilot. i fly airplanes. i'm a pilot, too. i'm an artist. i paint pictures. i'm a artist, too. i'm a truck driver, and i drive trucks. i'm a truck driver, too. i'm a fisherman. i catch fish. i'm a fisherman, too.
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i'm a director. i direct tv shows. i'm a director. cut! chorus: ♪ what's cookin' with theo and cleo ♪ ♪ check out what's cookin'. ♪ (both sigh deeply) oh! welcome to a special midnight edition of what's cooking? tonight's recipe is... and, with permission to stay up late, our surprise guest chefs are lionel and leona. good evening, folks. he's been wearing that helmet all day and he doesn't want to take it off. uh-uh-uh. one-- put on chef's hat. chef's hat. uh, do i have to? well, if you want to be a chef, son. okay. two-- get meat. oh, yeah, dad, oh, yeah. oh, boy, oh, boy. three-- yell, "surprise!"
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oh, we can do that. yeah. surprise! surprise! what? where? lionel: dad, it's okay. four-- eat meat. wh... really? that's what it says. midnight snack! surprise! all: yeah! (all growling and chomping) (teeth rattling) man: okay, aaron, take one. ♪ it's my job ♪ ♪ and i love to do it every day ♪ ♪ a very fine job ♪ it lets me shine in a special way ♪ ♪ a very fine job ♪ i want to share it with the world today. ♪ ♪ scooping ice cream, you can scoop, scoop ♪ ♪ snipping hair, you can snip, snip ♪ ♪ sketching cartoons, you can sketch, sketch ♪ ♪ come on, everybody, do what you do best ♪ ♪ it's my job ♪ ♪ and i love to do it every day ♪ ♪ a very fine job ♪ it lets me shine in a special way ♪
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♪ a very fine job ♪ i want to share it with the world today. ♪ ♪ teaching kung fu, you can kung fu ♪ ♪ grooming dogs ♪ you can groom, groom ♪ singing songs, you can la-la-la-la-la ♪ ♪ you can do what you do like a superstar ♪ ♪ it's my job ♪ ♪ and i love to do it every day ♪ ♪ a very fine job ♪ lets me shine in a special way ♪ ♪ a very fine job ♪ i want to share it ♪ with the world today. kids: yay! (truck playing jolly tune) ice cream! ice cream! workers: ice cream?! oh, wow! come get it, boys! what can i get you? (all talking at once) ice cream! thank you. you're welcome.
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ice cream on the night shift. genius! (slurping) this is your announcer bunny. coming up next, construction. (smack) ow! hard hat. (groans) leona and lionel: under construction. vroom! vroom-vroom! backing up. beep, beep, beep... oh! good morning. i thought i'd wake up a little early and take the old dump truck out for a spin. vroom! vrrrrr... across the valley of the dust bunnies, vrrrr... straight to desk mountain. ha, so we return to desk mountain. up to the kingdom of the computers! vrrr... and now we cross the branches, up the entire length of the tree. the tree? huh? what's a tree doing in the library? hey, everybody! there's a tree in the library! we don't have a tree in the... oh, my goodness gracious!
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look at that! this is cool! a tree! it must have crashed through the skylight during that storm last night. everybody just stay calm. i think i can fix this. all i need is, uh... duct tape! of course! mom thinks she can fix everything with duct tape. pause! duct tape will not be sufficient. you need help. got it. huh? help! help! lionel: dad, dad, dad. i know what we should do. we should look for help on the internet. that makes a lot more sense. excuse me, leona. let me pull out the drawer. here's the keyboard. i'll type in the words "broken window" plus "building." ta-dah! ooh, look! it's a web site all about construction. leona: and look, there's a video. let's watch it. okay. yes, let's. ♪ under construction ♪ push, move ♪ move and push ♪ pile gravel
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♪ pile gravel ♪ under construction. ♪ bulldozer be careful up there! be careful! i got it. (backup beeping) ♪ back it up! ♪ dump and drive ♪ drive ♪ dump truck ♪ swing ♪ swing, yeah all right, guys, let's get a hold of it. okay, we need to hook it up and move it over there... ♪ with a crane that's right. that's how we do it. ♪ put it together ♪ roll, roll, round and round we go ♪
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♪ roll, roll, flatten as we go ♪ ♪ roll, roll, round and round we go ♪ ♪ steamroller ♪ under construction ♪ dig it ♪ dig a deep, deep hole ♪ backhoe ♪ excavate ♪ lift it up ♪ and set it down ♪ forklift ♪ mix, spin, do it all again ♪ concrete mixer ♪ my pickup truck ♪ under construction. mouse recommends utilizing help function. mmm... oh. help. (clicks key) you ordered handy monkey? what took you so long?
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oh, i see your problem. you got a tree in your library. don't worry. everything'll be fine. i got a crane out back, and i got a dump truck and i got a backhoe in case we need to dig some holes. rely? everything will be fine. i'll get started. (power saw buzzing) ooh! that monkey seems to know its business. ha ha! monkey business. you see, um... the problem is actually in the ceiling? ooh, ah, let's see what we got. ooh, look at this. a backhoe! audience: backhoe! yes. let's see what else we got. let's see. look-- a cement mixer! audience: cement mixer! stay tuned for more exciting construction vehicles. arty smartypants, backing up. beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep! announcer: and now, joy learno! my next guest is
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one of the hardest working pieces of equipment in the construction business. please welcome backhoe. thanks, joy, i really dig being here. right. because you have a shovel. now, i understand you just finished making a new movie. actually i helped finish a new movie theater. i have a photo. nice work. who were some of your co-stars? well, there's excavator, bulldozer, cement mixer, crane. it takes a lot of us working together to build a road or a bridge or even a movie theater. ooh! what's your big scene, backhoe? i help dig ditches for all the pipes. we pick up the dirt and put it into dump truck. i love dump truck! that's my favorite truck! yeah, he's great. can i meet dump truck? uh, joy, he's kind of busy. what about an autograph? i'll ask him. tell him it's for my nephew. please! narrator: ladies and gentlemen, the annual construction vehicles race is about to begin.
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all the pigs are climbing into their vehicles. ready, pigs! start your engines! (sputtering) narrator: uh-oh. nobody can get their engines started. everybody is getting out of their vehicles. all right, pigs! start your engines again. and they're off! down the stretch, it's bull dozer, crane and steam shovel. it sure looks like a close one! oh no! all the vehicles have broken down! can they push them to the finish line? but wait! what's that pig doing? can he hold on? and the winner is pig on the crane by a pig tail! (oinks) announcer: look! hopping out of the bushes, is it a bug? is it a squirrel? no, it's opposite bunny! (drum roll)
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the elephant has built a tower. i built it! (laughing with delight, ground rumbles) announcer: the elephant has demolished the tower. all: oh... demolished. announcer: the elephant is sad. (crying) i'm sad. ♪ here he comes ♪ the opposite bunny. mmm... announcer: now the elephant is happy. the elephant was sad, and now he's happy. how does that bunny do it? who was that cute bunny? ♪ that was the opposite bunny. ah, hello.
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reginald livingston seagull here. i'm wearing a hard hat because i have a poem for you about a construction vehicle. (chuckles) it was written by charles malam and it's called "steam shovel." bring it out! beep, beep, beep, beep, beep... leona: hmm... i wonder what i should draw today. (gasps) yes! that's it! leona: a cement mixer is a kind of truck that makes concrete--
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you know, the hard stuff that sidewalks and streets are made of. it has big wheels and a cab the driver sits in and a big round part where you pour in sand and stones and dry cement and water. it spins and spins to mix everything up so the concrete doesn't get all hard before you pour it out the back. then you cover it all with pink and purple stars. (giggling) i made that part up. very interesting. indeed. quack! chorus (singing): announcer: today's adventure... we find cliff hanger where we left him last, hanging from a cliff.
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suddenly, cliff notices that a big construction project has started up in the valley below. wow! maybe they're building a skyscraper so tall i'll be able to jump onto the roof and ride the elevator down to freedom! say, fellas! you aren't by any chance building a tall skyscraper, are you? 'fraid not, pal. but let me know if there's anything else my crew can help you with. hmm. let me consult my survival manual. announcer: using his amazing decoding skills, cliff begins to read. (reading) say, guys, can you use your machines to get me off this cliff? well, i'm not sure the dump truck or the steam shovel will be much help.
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but, this crane here, with the electric-powered magnetic lifter? it's got some promise. maybe. the magnetic lifter can only lift metal objects, and i'm not sure it can reach high enough, but we can try. don't worry about the metal objects. i just happen to have this large iron anvil here in my backpack. well, all right, then, let's give it a go. ♪ and that's why he's called cliff hanger! ♪ wow, that looks so much better without that big branch sticking through. it is better than michelangelo! and then we've got talc... hey, you did a great job! the skylight's all fixed, and the tree's gone.
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yeah, i can't wait for mama to see it. did you just say $500? because... (shouting): duct tape!! (laughing) oh, excuse me. look, i found it! yeah, it's a little too late for that, cleo dear, but, uh, maybe you can help us with the bill. (screams) oh, i tell you. these darn glasses of mine. they keep falling off my face. oh. um, have you tried duct tape? well, good-bye. hey, thanks again for not charging us. well, you fixed my glasses. it was the least i could do. glad to help. duct tape-- it really can fix anything. yo, check it out. we're going surfing without a board, dudes! okay, because we're surfing between the lions' web site. okay! go to whoa!
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captioned by media access group at wgbh ♪ between the lions ♪ between the lions ♪ come in between the lions ♪ begin between the lions ♪ be here between the lions. between the lions is funded in part by... the corporation for public broadcasting, a cooperative agreement from the u.s. department of education's ready to learn grant and by: why are cows everywhere such strong supporters of chick-fil-a? perhaps it's because chick-fil-a supports quality family programming here on pbs.
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woman: you know what time it is? rhyme time. there was a silly man who had a... can. and he liked to eat... meat. and he had really big... feet. you can rhyme anytime. games like this build skills for life. because he was hiding from a... fox. for more fun and simple ways to turn any time into learning time... bee. ...visit girl, rhyme time is your time. you are so good.
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mmm... mmm... ( fish burbling ) ( quacking ) ( chirruping ) ( growling ) ( group chattering ) oh! mmm... ( sputtering and zooming ) ( group exclaiming ) zoom! boy: reading is fun for everyone. get ready for an awesome adventure. "cyberchase" starts in one minute. let's do it!
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the cybersquad's on a mission to stop the hacker. [ laughs ] jump into cyberspace with the cybersquad. that's it! stay tuned for "cyberchase." the national science foundation -- where discoveries begin. ernst & young. we're teaming up with "cyberchase" to help kids take off in math. our volunteers bring learning to life so kids can achieve their potential, opening up a whole world of possibilities. with additional funding from the corporation for public broadcasting... anby contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. eatin' hacker at his game. ♪ ♪ don't tell me that he's trying to hack the motherboard, ♪
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♪ we'll get him every time. ♪ cosmic worlds, freaky places that we've seen, ♪ ♪ we got the power of one, two, three, four! ♪ ♪ runnin' in a cyberchase, ♪ we'll meet him face to face. ♪ we'll stick together all the time! ♪ ♪ adventures in cyberspace ♪ the chase is on! ♪ just wait and c-y-b-e-r-chase! ♪ hacker: soon my magnificent magnitube will beam a signal into motherboard that will bring her circuits to a complete stop! but boss, if you do that motherboard won't work anymore! ugh... lower the golden conduit! delete: you mean this golden tube thingie? yes, that golden tube thingie! lower it! delete: right away, boss! no problem.
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now let's see. the boss said to plug this in here or was it in here? ugh! delete: yikes! my plan is ruined! my golden conduit is shattered! where will i get another one? mc: and anyone who can out-cook the fearless chef will win the golden cyberchef award! hmmm. that golden hat just might work! mc: strap yourselves in, cooking fans, it's time for the fearless chef! top chefs from around cyberspace compete by cooking fantastic cuisine in perilous places! now here's your host, chairman delicacy! (clapping and cheering)
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today's contestants will be cooking from outrageous places, where our special borg-cams will bring all the action right into your living rooms! they'll be cooking at: windjammer plateau! glacier pointe! and volcano island! let's meet our courageous contestants. the challenger is a borg we all know as chef hacker! and his assistant chef, buzz! hacker: surf's up! buzz: whoa! oh! aie! ow! squaring off against chef hacker is the reigning champion, the fearless chef! hacker: well, i guess he's not here. too bad, i win. the hat's mine! oh, not so fast!
6:34 am
i've just been told we have a last minute substitution! direct from motherboard control central, we have chef digit le boid, and his assistant chef, mathew... matt: hang ten, didge! digit: i'm hangin' everything i can, matty! crowd: (cheers) what are you doing here, you seasick cyberturkey? hee hee. for those of you who don't know, digit is cyberworld's latest cooking sensation. his book, "cookin' with the didge" is currently topping the charts! hacker: what? he couldn't fry an egg! matt: we'll see about that, hacker! oh well, well. looks like our competition already has a little spice added to it. let the culinary battle begin! you each will have sixty-two minutes. that's one hour and two minutes to cook a delectable dish from each site and present it to me.
6:35 am
at the end, i will taste the food and declare a winner! the first dish is a stew, and you will begin at windjammer plateau! the clock is running, and it's time to cook! cooking and racing... i love this show! jackie: cook up a storm, didge! now, let's find that fearless chef! both: huh? motherboard: fearless chef located... jackie: where is he, mother b? motherboard: grim wreaker, northern frontier. figures! hacker's got him! motherboard: must rescue. not much time. no kidding! gotta portal! inez: next stop, the northern frontier! how much time has passed since we left? it's 10 after 9:00 (9:10) now.
6:36 am
we left at 9:00 sharp so that's ten minutes. we haven't even cooked the first dish! matt: what kind of stew are you going to make? digit: my famous cyber-beet stew. uh, make that just plain stew. hacker: a bit blustery up here, but a lovely view, don't you think? boss, uh, shouldn't you start cookin'? cook? me? (laughs) boss, if you don't start cookin' how you gonna win that golden hat thing? hacker: by cheating and sabotage, my dear buzz! i already ordered from stews-to-go!
6:37 am
tantalizingly tangy! now it's time for a little sabotage. i was hoping you'd say that! cool blender, didge! mm. perfecto! give me a pot! i have to cook this baby for five minutes. this ticker-clicker measures my cooking time minute by minute! when it reaches zero minutes, we've got ourselves a cyber-stew! mm. better kick it up a notch. bam! bam! bam! didge, why do you think hacker wants that golden cyberchef award so badly? digit: motherboard doesn't know. she just knows he wants it and we gotta stop him. how long has this been cooking? matt: uh! the timer's gone! it must've blown away! now my timing's off! we gotta start over!
6:38 am
but without my timer, how will i know when five minutes are up? we can use my clock. that only tells us what time it is now! yeah, but the hands do the same thing a timer does- they show how time passes. they do? matt: sure. when the hands move from one minute to the next they tell me one minute has gone by. i just figure the time on the clock when we start, and count forward five minutes. oh yeah? if we start cooking at 9:14, in five minutes it'll be-- 9:15, 9:16, 9:17, 9:18, 9:19! we stop cooking at 9:19! start cooking! digit: start watching your clock! jackie: all clear!
6:39 am
inez: (gasp) it's the fearless chef! digit: how much time has gone by? it's 9:18. we've been cooking for four minutes. make that 9:19! five minutes! mm. oh yeah! this is it, baby! chairman delicacy: ah-ha! (laugh) chef digit's stew is done and it smells scrumptious! and hacker's stew is done as well! the salad is next! they've used 20 minutes so far! 42 to go! faster! they're way ahead of us! not for long, boss!
6:40 am
baa-aa-aa. digit: look out! matt: the brakes don't work! matt and digit: ahhhhh! matt and digit: ahhhhh! digit: i got it. matt: now this is cool! digit: look! glacier pointe! hang on, we've got a salad to toss! if we can just get delete to come out here we can go in and rescue the chef. hmmm. i've got it! important cyber delivery for mister delete! delete: cyber delivery, for me? coming! delete: hello? cyber delivery guy? it's me, mister delete.
6:41 am
hello? where are you? good job, inez! inez: we're inez and jackie. motherboard sent us to rescue you. i am the fearless chef! i don't need to be rescued! we can see that. but let us do it anyway. hmmm. wonder what this is? delete: oh well, i guess nobody was there. inez: it's delete. come on! how rude. hey! hey, chef! where are you? digit: you dice and slice. i'll peel and puree the seaweed. it makes a great dressing! hacker: ah, nothing like a hot cup of cocoa to warm up the circuitry. cybersalad?
6:42 am
uh, yeah, i want a fruit salad! yes! to go! chairman delicacy: weatherflash! big blizzard due to hit at 9:43! you must finish your salads by then or be snowed in forever! cybersalads? make it snappy! matt: snowed in by 9:43? it's already 9:27! and i still need to frappe the puree! how much time do i have? we know what time it is now, and we know what time we have to finish by. i'll just count the minutes in between. 9:27... 9:28... oh, man, i can't count the minutes with these mittens on and it's too cold to take them off! digit: there's gotta be another way to figure out the time! matt: of course! i don't have to count each minute i just need to know the difference between the time when i start and the time when i stop.
6:43 am
i can subtract! subtract what from what? i gotta know now! sorry. matt: well, since 9:43 is later than 9:27 to find the difference, i put the stop time on the top and subtract the start time from that. 9:43 minus 9:27 is... sixteen! we have sixteen minutes before the blizzard hits. i only need fifteen! cut the carrots! matt: oh, great! hungry penguins, just what we need! digit: hey, can't let my fellow birds go without. here you go, guys. jackie: we just have to slide down the rope to the ground, and we can get out of here and back to the show! fearless chef: (gulp) that is a long way down! inez: i've seen you cook in way more difficult situations than this. um, sometimes on the show, i uh, i have a stunt double.
6:44 am
jackie: you mean someone else does all that dangerous stuff for you? uh-huh. inez: how often? fearless chef: well, all the time. got'cha! i'm ready to frappe the puree! how much more time do i have? matt: it's 9:40! three minutes left till the blizzard hits us full force! digit: the salad will be done in two. send it down now! cooking is such hard work. chairman delicacy: chef hacker's fruit salad has arrived and it looks recklessly refreshing! ah ha, chef digit just beat the blizzard! a sweet and sour salad with special seaweed sauce!
6:45 am
yum! 43 minutes have passed! only 19 minutes left! c'mon, we're just going to make it! they'll never reach volcano island now. the golden cyberchef award is all but mine! buzz: all done, boss. digit: what was that? the ice is cracking! matt and digit: help! digit: if we don't do something quick we'll both be popsicles! matt: the penguins! i didn't know you could speak penguin.
6:46 am
digit: there's a lot about me you don't know, matty. i asked them to push us to volcano island! matt: woo-hoo! jackie: you've got to let us go, delete. it's not fair! you want to be fair, don't you? if i let you go, then the boss won't win the golden cyberchef award and he needs it for his magnitube thingie to stop motherboard! jackie: so that's why hacker wants that hat! fearless, we gotta get outta here! you're big and strong, bend open these bars! fearless chef: are you serious? i could pull a muscle doing that. i have to warm up first. inez: then break the lock! you can do it! fearless chef: gee, i... i'd like to, but my wrist is killing me. i hurt it flipping pancakes last week. jackie: oh, brother! this guy is hopeless. chairman delicacy: 47 minutes gone; just fifteen minutes to go! hacker: as your new champion, the golden cyberchef award will be safe with me.
6:47 am
buzz: boss! look! hacker: what? but how? nice try, hacker, but no chef's hat! digit: yeah, the didge is back and ready to make his famous cyber-souffle! we'll see whose souffle wins the day! hello? souffles-to-go? hello? hello?! arg! what is it, boss? my phone doesn't work! so much for the call anywhere from anywhere plan! i'll have to make my own souffle! digit: sugar. it needs sugar! now comes the hard part-- cooking it. the souffle has to cook for exactly 12 minutes. not a moment earlier or later! and we have to be very, very quiet. matt: why? digit: once the souffle is in the oven any loud noise will flatten it! matt: okay, we need to know what time it'll be
6:48 am
when 12 minutes have gone by. no biggie. what time does your watch say right now? right now it's 9:50. digit: so i'll just add twelve minutes to 9:50. and that gives me... 9:62! there's no such time as 9:62! there's not? no, there's not. (gasp) yoikes! now what do we do? i was gonna count forward on the clock. don't panic, okay? the clockface may be gone but we still have the minutes marked on this strip. oh, yeah. i see. it sorta looks like a ruler, but it measures time! right! we can use these marks to show the minutes in an hour. here's 9:30, 10:00 and 10:30. we put the souffle in at 9:50, which is right here
6:49 am
and count forward, five, ten minutes... now we're at 10:00. add two more minutes... and that takes us to... 10:02! that's why my addition was weird! these are telling time numbers not just plain old numbers! exactly! 9:62 is really one whole hour after 9:00, plus two minutes. the take out time is 10:02! all we have to do is wait and watch the clock till it's ten-o-two. except the clock is busted! shhh! but this one isn't! fearless chef: there's no way out. we're trapped. the fearless chef is history. jackie: does this guy ever stop? inez: jackie, give me your scrunchie! but i just got this one! you want to stay here forever with the fearless chef? here!
6:50 am
cool. jackie: ew! inez: got it! jackie: as matt would say, "she shoots, she scores!" inez: we're out of here! so you think it's safe to leave? digit: the souffle looks great! matt: the question is, will it get cooked before we do? digit and matt: the souffle! (pfffft) digit: it's caving in! maybe there's a way to put the air back into it, like fixing a flat tire! wait! there is a way. but i need to know exactly how much cooking time is left! matt: it's 9:56! the time we have left is the difference between the stop time, 10:02, and the start time, now, 9:56! i'll subtract it! 9:56 from 10:02 leaves... oh, boy! how can i take fifty-six minutes from two minutes?
6:51 am
remember, these aren't ordinary numbers they're telling time numbers! let's use the timeline. here we are at 9:56. now count the minutes forward to 1, 2, 3, 4... now, add the two minutes past the hour: 5, 6. digit: yoikes! we've got 6 minutes left! gimme some room, matty! if i put exactly one squirt of water into the souffle for each of the six minutes left, it should puff this baby, right up! buzz: bad news, boss! that silly cyberturkey is pumpin' up his souffle! my souffle will be puffier and tastier than his will ever be! in a matter of minutes, that golden hat will be mine. and motherboard will be immobilized. matt: it hasn't risen yet! and there's less than a minute to go! just tell me when the cooking time is up!
6:52 am
matt: take it out! digit: le souffle! buzz: boss, boss! what? buzz: it's past the time to take out your souffle! hacker: what? why didn't you say so? chairman delicacy: time's up! sixty two minutes have elapsed and the contest is officially over. chef digit's souffle has arrived. chef hacker's has not. hacker: but the hacker has! i'll take this! bon appetit! chairman delicacy: stop him! fearless chef: whoa! yeow! inez: time's up, hacker. hacker: yeow! chairman delicacy: ah-ha! chef digit, you have survived the dangers and your food is delicious!
6:53 am
the golden cyberchef award is yours! inez: way to go, didge! matt: cyberspace is safe! digit: i owe it all to motherboard. the recipe for the souffle is hers! and the only thing that got flattened was hacker! hacker: get off of me, you lopsided lummox! the fearless chef is back! stay right where you are. it's cyberchase for real. ♪ the breeze is less... ♪ flowers bloom... ♪ the water's clear... ♪ there might be a monsoon... ♪ great. i'm right on time with my schedule. i did the traffic report for one minute which ended at noon. then i played "black and white suede shoes" which ran two minutes, ending at 12:02. now i'm playing "whining in paradise"
6:54 am
which runs four minutes and should end at 12:06. just enough time to eat my sandwich before doing the 12:06 news. this song rocks, awesome vocals. (mumbling) a song that i thought would run four minutes, but it ran only two minutes. i made a mistake when i wrote out my schedule. i've got two minutes to make up before it's time for the news. next up uh we uh we got... we've got another really rocking tune. uh to add to the fun, i'm not going to tell you what it is. (polka music) so sorry. we're experiencing technical difficulties. mr. meanie! it's the boss! how nice of you to call. you don't like accordion music?
6:55 am
that, that's, i understand. this is a rock 'n' roll station. i gotta play something else quick. i've only used up thirty seconds. i have a minute and a half to fill. okay, i'll put this on. it's only a minute long, so to fill a minute and a half, i'll slow it down. if you guessed that was sal's pals playing that old favorite, "don't kiss me, you've got the flu" you were right. coming at you next will be the selfish brats doing, "i want my stuff back." ♪ i don't want to share ♪ why should i share... harry: hello? mr. meanie! you can dance to it. a really slow dance. yikes! it's 12:08. i was supposed to do the news from 12:06 to 12:09.
6:56 am
i slowed down the music too much. if i can do the news fast, i can get back on track. and now the news. today, scouwing-potato-with an-uncanny-resemblance to-my-grade-third-teacher-some of-us-fish-port-the-won an-the-ban-free-lunch-beer madison-last-year some-restriction-should be-expecting-free-child. and now more music, here are the cafeteria ladies singing "eat those brussel sprouts and smile." ♪ why eat cake, why eat cake... ♪ well, i am back on schedule. at least until mr. meanie fires me. ♪ why eat cake, eat brussel sprouts ♪ ♪ for goodness sake... really? don't stop? they like it? a promotion and a raise? thanks mr. meanie. ♪ hey guys, you could join the cybersquad on some awesome adventure and find really cool stuff
6:57 am
watch full-length episodes anytime. tons of games. play the quest. kids: awesome. get online with "cyberchase." it's all on the national science foundation -- where discoveries begin.
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ernst & young. we're teaming up with "cyberchase" to help kids take off in math. our volunteers bring learning to life so kids can achieve their potential, opening up a whole world of possibilities. with additional funding from the corporation for public broadcasting... anby contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you.
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