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tv   12 News This Morning at 530  ABC  October 3, 2016 5:30am-6:00am CDT

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effort especially complicated. we're tracking conditions as people head outside to help look for the missing boy. >> it has now been more than 12 hours since the boy was last seen. >> come to your tv and take a look at his photo. this is 10-year-old andrew ounkham. thema is live in waukesha now following the very latest developments on this story. thema? >> well, melinda and ben, the fog and the layered up and it is not warm out here. i will step out of the way. this is the staging area that the authorities set up yesterday. andrew has autism and is nonverbal. so this search is made all the more challenging for authorities as they look to find this
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blue shirt and gray shorts. we have his picture for you and we have put it on the wisn 12 facebook page and you can share it. the police and fire crews are searching for this little boy. >> in the case of something that's a very negative thing when a child is missing, it's very positive to see the kind of community response that we have, i'm very encouraged by that at least. >> if you would like to help in the search for andrew, they are asking for volunteers and welcomed this morning at 6:00 a.m. at waukesha west high school. we just went over there and they have a staging area set up and they are give you a place to search to find this missing boy.
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andrew was last seen running into a cornfield behind his house at stillwater circle and oxbow drive. that's where the search started. then overnight, authorities set up a command post at the nearby rivers crossing park. a lot of people want to help. police say anyone who would like to search can meet today starting at 6:00 a.m. at waukesha west high school. enter through the pool doors. then you will be given an area to start searching. again, waukesha police are trying to find 10-year-old andrew ounkham. tv screen and also wisn 12 news facebook page if you'd like to share it with your friends. >> wisn 12 news time now is 5:32. >> a lot of eyes are on the forecast as the search for the missing boy continues. >>it's a cool and foggy morning, sally. >> early morning temperatures 50 degrees in waukesha. we have reports of patchy fog
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there as well. here is a look at the visibility in the city of waukesha. less than that in the counties to the north and west. patchy dense fog in place and fog advisory covering a number of the counties until 10:00 this morning, not including milwaukee, racine, kenosha or walworth counties. for today, temperatures, well this morning holding in the 50s. we climb up to the 60s we take a look at the patchy fog later tonight. >> sal, thank you. traffic watch now. >> here is matt salemme.
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eastbound. options are watertown plank road or blue mound and get on at 84th street and take that to i-94. if you forget and pass the area, continue south, exit at greenfield and take that over to 84th street. i will keep an eye on it. >> this morning, thousands of waukesha county students will be riding different buses to school. that's because a fire destroyed more than 30 buses used across the county yeste the dousman transport company in hartland serves eight school districts. the smoke was visible from miles away as the buses burned. no one was hurt and the company says all students will have a bus this morning. investigators are still trying to find out how the fire started. >> looking ahead, a special meeting at city hall asking for your input on crime in milwaukee. the public safety committee is asking local organizations to give feedback on a plan to make milwaukee safer.
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at city hall. there will be more meetings throughout october. >> >> turning to commitment 2016 coverage, the campaign trail will pass through wisconsin this week. representatives of both major candidates will be in wisconsin. donald trump junior will campaign in brookfield on wednesday standing in for his father. tickets to the coffee and roundtable are free and first-come, first-serve. and bernie sanders is hitting the campaign trail to support hillary clinton. he will hold a rally in green bay also on wednesday. sanders is also supporting russ feingold in wisconsin's senate race. >> and you'll have a chance to hear directly from russ feingold and senator ron johnson. wisn 12 is teaming up with marquette law school to host a live debate. mike gousha will moderate the discussion. you can watch it live on tuesday, october 18th right here on wisn 12. >> governor scott walker is asking for help after serious
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crews inspect the damage. severe weather last month caused around $14 million of damage because of flooding and mudslides. fema inspectors are expected to arrive on wednesday. >> 5:36. >> and we want to get back to that breaking news in waukesha. police are looking for a missing child. take a look at the screen. 10-year-old andrew ounkham was last seen yesterday afternoon running into a cornfield behind his house. that's near stillwater circle and oxbow drive. authorities and members of the community have been looking for andrew ever since. crews are on the ground and in the air trying to spot him. the 10-year-old has autism and is not able to talk. anyone who thinks they've seen andrew is asked to call 911. wisn 12 news time now is 5:36. >> it's supposed to be a celebration. >> but a hot air balloon festival turned into a disaster for one pilot. how his balloon got caught in live power lines.
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how its adventure ended after dodging traffic in the windy
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in place across southern wisconsin. the visibility near zero in the marshy areas and half mile or less in a number of the locations inland. >> an annual hot air balloon festival turned dangerous yesterday. >> one of the balloons crashed into some power lines. the balloon got tangled up there officials were able to get it away from the power lines after the crash. imagine how loud it was when it hit the live power lines. there are some power outages reported. officials say there was a man in the balloon's basket but he was not hurt. >> new this morning, a volcano in western mexico erupted sending lava flowing and ash flying. >> hundreds of people had to be evacuated. the colima volcano has been erupting since friday. it's known as the volcano of fire.
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were affected. >> a runaway lamb roamed the street of chicago this weekend. >> the animal apparently escaped from a slaughterhouse on the city's south side. the lamb dodged traffic on saturday. eventually a worker from the slaughterhouse caught up to the lamb. >> he's cruising. he's going to be made into a sandwich. poor baby. >> why not be a pet? >> he's a lamb. >> so why not? >> you could make clothes. >> and chops. it is true. >> fine, fine melinda. >> still ahead, putting more officers on the streets. >> the plan that puts more than
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enforcement and when we'll find out whether any of that money is heading to southeast wisconsin. >> plus, police arrest a woman who's more than 100 years old. why she was happy to be handcuffed for the very first time. >> and we continue to follow breaking news in waukesha. last seen yesterday afternoon. emergency crews and neighbors have been searching for him ever since. the 10-year-old has autism and is not able to talk. anyone who thinks they've seen andrew is asked to call 911.
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>> right now, we're following breaking news in waukesha. police are looking for a missing child. 10-year-old andrew ounkham was last seen yesterday afternoon. police say someone spotted the boy running into a cornfield behind his house near stillwater circle and oxbow drive.
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community have been looking for him ever since. crews are on the ground and in the air trying to spot andrew. the 10-year-old has autism and is not able to talk. police say anyone who wants to help search can meet today starting at six a. at waukesha west high school. enter through the pool doors. then you will be given an area to start searching. >> another child who went missing in a wisconsin cornfield over the weekend has been found safe and sound. the toddler wandered off saturday afternoon in langlade county. he was found after 20 hours of searching. the boy is doing okay. again, this particular search was up in the northeastern part of the state. >> weather watch 12 now, hurricane matthew is getting closer to islands like jamaica, cuba and haiti. sal, you have been tracking this storm. >> right now, a category 4
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it is looking like the storm is moving in between. it is going the scrape near jamaica. the hurricane warnings are rushed to completion. this storm forecasted to stay a four for much of the day today. weaken some as it is moving over the land and emerging into the atlantic and to the south of florida, still way too early to the next several days. >> thank you, sal. >> "good morning america" will have more coverage on hurricane matthew and how people are bracing for the storm. that starts at 7:00 right after "wisn 12 news this morning." matt? >> thank you, melinda. things are quiet across the system. 94 by calhoun road is moving pretty good out there.
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in the zoo interchange is closed until next spring. otherwise, travel times are looking pretty good... that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> a deal to end a 50-year civil war in colombia went to voters who rejected the peace agreement. now colombia's president is trying to find a solution that keeps the deal in place. he has declared that a ceasefire will stay in place. hundreds of thousands have died in the conflict with farc. people who protested against the deal say they want the rebels to face justice before any deal is made. >> right now investigators are learning more about a train crash in new jersey that killed one person. now, ntsb officials say they have interviewed the train engineer who doesn't remember the crash. the engineer told investigators that the train was going about ten miles an hour as it
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setting back the investigation one of the black boxes on the train was not working. officials have not been able to get ahold of the second data recorder yet it's under a collapsed section of the train station. >> looking ahead, the man killed by charlotte police last month will be laid to rest this week. keith lamont scott's death sparked days of unrest and violence in charlotte. authorities say scott refused to drop a weapon so an officer fired at him. scott's funeral will be held in soh morning. >> putting more police on the streets is part of the subject by attorney general lynch. they are going to add 900 officers across the country.
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an 102 world in handcuffs. she had never been in the back of a police car before and this was on the bucket list. they took her to a senior center. the st. louis police were happy to help >> we are dealing with the fog across portions of southern wisconsin. it is patchy in nature and foggy tonight and early tomorrow. we have a dense fog advisory for a chunk of southern wisconsin. pretty good for the most part closer to the lake. it is inland. this is automatic update map. waukesha has gone from a half mile to ten miles visibility.
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searchers in waukesha. now elsewhere visibility a half mile or less in fond du lac. western parts of jefferson county as well. dense fog advisories are covering a portion of the area until 10:00 this morning, not included milwaukee, racine, walworth county. high pressure is influenci weather. in between, a nice warm up. temperatures, it is cooler in madison. 56 at the airport at this hour. with the patchy fog this morning. by lunchtime we are talking sunshine across the board. we mix out the fog. so from time to time, there will be a few clouds, overall party sunny skies. this is 9:00 tonight. highs today in the mid 60s tonight mid 50s.
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clouds and temperatures up to 70 and staying there for wednesday and thursday. 66 for today. seeing some clearing to a party sunny sky. 56 tonight. patchy fog again early tomorrow morning. >> thank you, sal. >> firefighters are struggling to get a wild fire under control, the loma fire is burning and destroy add dozen homes and bid the people are banding together to help those forced out of homes. they are working to get mobile homes for people that lost everything in the fire. >> it is nearly a year since the el faro sank in the bahamas. the family is remembering one of the sailors now. mike's mother got a tattoo on
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and choose the swallow that mike had on his chest. it is their way of keeping mike in their hearts. >> when a sailor drowns, the swallow will make sure he gets to heaven and that's why he got the swallow so damn big to make sure he got there. >> you might remember the el faro sank after losing power during hurricane joaquin. investigators are still trying to find out if anyone is at fault. >> a woman in north carolina run down while pumping gas. take a look at this. the crash was caught on surveillance camera, the woman is expected to get better. a pickup truck slammed into her car the woman was thrown to the ground. that driver is now facing charges, police say he was under the influence of pain killers. bystanders stopped him from leaving the scene. >> new this morning, a family in florida is furious with their local gas station after they
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one tank. they found out when a credit card got declined. they checked the statement and found out they'd been charged thousands for a regular tank of gas. somehow the pump thought they had bought 27,000 gallons. two weeks later, they finally got their money back no thanks to the manager. >> it stemmed from the glitch in his gas pump. he just wouldn't ever own up to the fact that he was wrong. them it wasn't possible to get their money back. give me a break. but they contacted the corporate owner of the station who gave them a refund. can you imagine that? >> receipt said have a nice day. come on. >> news time is 5:54. forget hawaii for a vacation. >> a local athlete is gearing up for a tropical get away and the
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>> a scary situation overnight for kim kardashian. >> we follow the breaking news in waukesha, police are looking for a missing child, come to tv now, or to the computer screen, ten-year-old andrew ounkam has been missing since yesterday
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>> welcome back. facebook is launching a light version of the chat. >> it is for those not able to run the full application. texts and photos and links, but no video calls. messenger lawn is launching. the company didn't say when it was available worldwide or on the apple devices. >> foodies, listen up, if you are used to swiping left or right for dates on tinder, now consider downloading tender. >> well, to tinder dating app.
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>> i am from texas, that sounds the same. the app has photos and recipes from people from around the world. swipe right to save the recipe or left to swip over it on your tender app. >> what number is after nine? >> ten. it is not going to end well. >> when you head out to eat, do you hate obvious. there is a no wait app. it is waiting in line for you. once the table is ready, you get a text ready. already 4,000 restaurants are using the app no wait. >> yes, blues egg has this. >> all right, good. the best part about the app, it is free.
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>> good morning. a massive search operation is underway for a missing boy in waukesha. >> the ten-year-old has autism and not able to talk. this is ten-year-old andrew ounkam. now the emergency crews and neighbors are out working and trying to find him. >> he was last seen running a cornfield. overnight the authorities set up a command post at the rivers crossing point. thema ponton is live in waukesha with the latest. thema? >> well, melinda and ben, this is all-out efforts to find this ten-year-old boy. take a look here, this is the scene in rivers crossing park.


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