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tv   Today in Iowa at 5  NBC  October 16, 2015 5:00am-5:30am CDT

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a look inside the big top at wells fargo arena and how this show continues to evolve over the years. deer season.. why police say more drivers are hitting them... and a reminder of what to do if you see one on the road. corrections changes.. hundreds of sex offenders are being moved to a central iowa facility. why city leaders are reassuring the community that this will not put the community at risk. it's friday... october 16th... today in iowa starts now. first on 13... a surge headed
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morning. sex offenders are heading to town... lots of them. some 200 initially, then hundreds more after that. the newton correctional facility will be their new home. it currently houses inmates of all kinds. but a major transition will send general population inmates out... and sex offenders in. it's a move that's leaving
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people there feeling a little uneasy. 13:41:06--18 'theyre going to be released out to the public wherever they go , and youre probably going to get a hand full of them here but if they follow the law, theyve got to register , that should give us some peace of mind with that but you know how that goes.' the sex offender treatment program -- will move from mount pleasant to newton soon. it's all to protect the safety of the sex offenders. the department says newton's facility does that... with its individual cells. meanwhile city leaders say the general public doesn't have anything to worry about. sot: the mayor of newton, michael hansen 13:35:04--16 'ive checked with my colleagues in the mount pleasant area and have found out that there has been no issues or incidents from that particular population that put their community at risk.' they'll start moving sex offenders into town beginning
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the trial of a pleasant hill man who went on a shooting spree could go to the jury today. 33-year old pete polson is accused of randomly shooting at people last november. two victims were hit. the bullets narrowly missed a third. he's now charged with three counts of attempted murder... polson admits he did it. but his attorney says he was on drugs at the time... and didn't know right from wrong. 1218-i don't remember anything from that point on until early morning until the cops were all around me, i just know i would never intentially do any of this i'm sorry from the bottom of my heart i apologize, it isn't me i would never hurt anyone like that 1240 the prosecution rested its case yesterday.. today the defense is expected to do the same. police in western iowa are looking for a suspect that hit an officer with a
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truck. council bluffs authorities tried to arrest adam thomas wednesday on suspicion of fraud. but as they were investigating, thomas escaped the squad car and got into his truck that was parked near by. an officer tried to stop him from diving away but was hit. the officer was taken to the hospital with injuries to his stomach. officials also shot at the truck...which was later found abandoned. investigators now say he could now be in a chevy malibu that he stole from his mother. thomas faces charges of attempted murder, theft, and escape from custody. if you have any information you are asked to contact authorities. iowa seniors are being forced to decide how they'll do more with less this morning... yesterday it was announced social security benefits will not be going up next year. many recipients on a tight budget depend on a cost of living increase... but that... won't come this time. that hits as medicare premiums
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third of beneficiaries. today the news is leaving some iowans worried about their future... "it's gonna be real tough. because the way it is right now i've got a part time job just working two days a week to hold us over until we get our social security checks." "they're raising our medicare without us getting a raise. and i think that truly sucks myself." local financial planners have a few tips for seniors to help manage the local financial planners have a few tips for seniors to help manage the change.... first... don't panic...this is only the third time in 40-years increase. second... diversify your portfolio... but not with riskier investments... finally... recipients will have and cut back on unnecessary expenses. this year social security recipients saw a 1.7 percent increase. open burning is now banned in 12 iowa counties... and this is the reason why...
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firefighters have faced field fires across the state this week because of dry conditions. all of the counties under burn bans are in northern iowa. those dry conditions may also have helped send smoke throughout an entire northeast iowa town... it started yesterday afternoon when a new hampton gain bin started on fire. the fire blew smoke through the streets of town leaving a lingering smell. no word yet on what caused that fire or if anyone was hurt. the change of seasons is also pushing an uptick in deer on the roadways. one of them sent two motorcyclists to the hospital last night near hazleton. you can see the motorcycle here following the crash. it's just one of many deer collisions lately. something experts say is common as we head into mating season and harvest time. to avoid an accident, authorities ask drivers to go the speed limit and if you do see a deer in the road... don't swerve. sot: 16
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"when drivers swerve, their car goes onto the gravel shoulder, so your car is half on the shoulder, half on the pavement, you feel like your out of control. so what happens is that a driver's normal reaction when they feel like their out of control is to overreact, and their vehicle ends up going sideways into a ditch, rolls over." authorities say if you do hit a deer, the best thing to do is pull to the side of the road and call police. a troop of runners will create
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weekend... the des moines marathon kicks off sunday. here's a look at the roads that will be closed to make way for runners. it includes a good portion of grand avenue and fleur drive. drivers should anticipate some extra time to get around those areas. the circus is set to take over downtown this weekend. ringling brothers and barnum and bailey bring their "built to amaze" act in town for a 3 day run. josh nguyen is live from wells fargo arena early this morning to give us a preview of the show... josh,
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students spend most of their day inside a classroom. but in one district... the classroom isn't actually a room at all. coming up... why teachers are taking the lessons outdoors and what
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the classroom is evolving in one
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where teachers are taking students.. and what they hope students can
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with the pressure of school tests and statewide assessments, it can be hard for teachers to find time to get kids outdoors. but some ames high school students are spending more time learning outside...than in the classroom. channel 13's megan reuther has the story. @31:34 "each of these is a different micro- habitat where you might find some things." it's nine a-m on a weekday... @31:25 "rootwads...fallen trees...silt mucks." and these ames high school seniors... @37:17 "underwater caterpi." are hard at work.... nats@38:51 "i'm looking for some bugs." outside. justin@15:06 "we're testing the water here to see the differences between school quality and actual water people think is clean." squaw creek... alexia@34:20 "we're in a little bend at the creek behind the school." has become their classroom. justin@16:14 "they're focused on outside learning. all they want is to get us outside, not looking at textbooks, actually get to feel the plant and see what this waterway is like." this is the first year for the bluestem institute. it's part of an integrated capstone seminar. it meets 2 and a half hours a day with three teachers tackling several topics. mike@21:10 "it's an integrated class between environmental science, english, us government, sociology is what the kids get credit for." mike todd handles the science. he's a graduate of iowa state university and crafted the class
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spend most of the mlearning tside. mike@20:18 "the book, 'last child in the woods' really spired a lot of the operations this ass, so we try to get studentst as much as posslotheir breaks. we courage them to go outside." megan standup@44:57 rofessors at iowa state universits this hands-ontdoor learngs ally beneficial, but you don't ve to have a cre hind yourgh school tmake it happen."anne@7:29 ur secondary science teacher eparation prrampendstensive time working with our perspective teachers on using how to conduct field trips, how work with students outdoors." experts say it can be as simple as taking a little break outside school. d nature don just offer ucational benefits. ae@5:35 "students need, rof health andlleing, to be in nature.eyeed unstructured time, they need to be tdrs, and increasingly, day kids are indoors, and they don't have ose experiences." ts @40:57 is is an experience these students will nevefget... ex@:32 "i never could have
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if you think storm damage is the only cost of climate change, think again. from the rising price of food to higher insurance rates for homes and businesses, the economic damage will only get worse. but with american-made clean energy, we can save money on electricity and spur innovation to create new businesses and jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030.
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will be sunny with highs in the 50s. saturday will start out even colder with temperatures around 32. a freeze warning will go into effect saturday morning for northern iowa with a frost advisory across the rest of the state. next chance of rain returns by tuesday. runners from all over the country are in town for the des moines marathon.. and one of them made history at
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runners from all over the country are in town for the des moines runners from all over the country are in town for the des moines marathon.. and one of them made history at the country's most famous marathon.
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what she accomplished... and the message she's bringing with her
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